Hinako happily returns home from school one day to find her apartment empty and a note from her mother indicating that she won’t be home until tomorrow night because of a business trip. As a result, Hinako packs her stuff, shows up at Sana’s apartment, and immediately throws him out so that she can change out of her school uniform. Sana barges back in when he realizes that this isn’t normal, but he sees Hinako still in the middle of changing, so he runs back out. It seems that Hinako is running away from home, though she doesn’t tell Sana why. The two soon start arguing over her staying with him, and Sana manages to trip on a magazine and fall right on top of her. Of course, Aoi happens to come by the apartment right at this moment and panics when she sees them in this position. Once things get straightened out and Hinako explains that she left a note at home, Aoi is okay with her staying with Sana.

After Aoi leaves, Hinako starts studying and makes Sana study too. He quickly gets stuck on a math problem, so Hinako comes over and discovers that even she can solve it. Later that night, Hinako goes out to buy some ingredients so that she can make curry again, much to Sana’s dismay. The color of the curry is normal this time, however the taste is still really bad, and so the two of them end up going out to eat after all. When they get back, Hinako heads into the bathroom to take a bath, giving Sana a chance to look around her stuff for some contact information. He finds it in a booklet in her uniform and tries calling her home, but he gets the answering machine. In looking at her student ID, Sana realizes that today is Hinako’s birthday, so he secretly calls up Aoi to plan something for later. For the time being though, Sana and Hinako prepare to sleep, and Hinako takes his bed while Sana sleeps on the floor. Despite this, once the lights go out, she wants him to get into the same bed with her, in the place of a stuffed animal.

Hinako reveals that she has a stuffed animal that she got from her father and that she always sleeps with. It was too large to bring here, and she originally felt that she’d be okay since she’s not a kid anymore, but she realizes now that she can’t sleep without it. That’s why she needs Sana now, though she asks him not to tell anyone about this. The next day, Sana takes Hinako out under the pretense that he wants her help buying a present for a girl, and he sets up a coincidental meeting with Shuusuke at the department store. Shuusuke chips in half for the cartoon chick clock that Hinako had her eye on but that Sana had thought was too expensive. The three of them then spend the rest of the day going to the movies and hanging out. By the time they return to Sana’s apartment in the evening, the preparations by Aoi, Shuri, and Nanaka are complete, and they surprise Hinako with a birthday party. The party is a lot of fun, though Hinako knows that she has to eventually go home, and she thanks everyone. Sana walks her home afterwards, and before they part ways, Hinako surprises Sana by kissing him on the cheek.


This was a cute Hinako episode, but it didn’t really have much to contribute to the main story. I was hoping that there was a bit more to her character (maybe a secret or something related to the clocks in the OP), but there’s nothing to suggest that she’s anything more than just a girl who’s neglected by her parents and needs some friends. That made this a pretty standalone episode, so it could have just as easily gone somewhere else in schedule, and I still don’t understand why they decided to put it between last episode and next. Maybe they just wanted a light-hearted, fluff episode between two more serious ones. Fortunately, based on the preview, next week looks to get us back on track with the old lady Kajii and some background on Shuri and Shuusuke.


  1. That’s true, from the looks of it, it is completely unrelated especially since the cliffhanger episode last time where that old lady seems to be plotting something lol. In any case, I hope that is the end of all those extra stories and get to the main point/plot already. Since we still have the mystery of Nanako and Sana’s past. How many episodes is this series, Omni?

  2. Hmmm let me see what we have until now…

    The fire with the man in the OP.;%20Yourself/Myself;%20Yourself%20-%20OP%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
    Syusuke yelling something to Sana, when the train is leaving in the first episode.
    In the second launchtime in episode 2, the Wakatsuki twins are hiding something for Sana, when he ask why Nanaka has changed so much.
    The bloody knife and when Syusuke ask if Sana`s waterproof wacth is a present from a other girl, then the kicking from Syuri.;%20Yourself/Myself;%20Yourself%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2018.jpg
    Then there are also the flashback from Nanaka with the flames, when Sana ask her to play th violin;%20Yourself/Myself;%20Yourself%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2014.jpg

    Thats it i think. Am i missing something? BTW i think there are 3 problems here and that we already can guss one of them.

    1: Nanaka probaly have a hidden crush on Sana (sounds so stupid though because that is probaly the main plot XD). The waterproof wacth, could just be one of the many things to prove it.

    2: Sana has a shady past. Mabye about some acident orsomething like that. The knife could prove it.

    3: Nanaka semms to have a shady past, because of the fire behind the man in the OP, and the fire flashback.

    These are only my thoughts, no more no less.

  3. “This was a cute Hinako episode, but it didn’t really have much to contribute to the main story, so I still don’t understand why they put it between last episode and next.”

    Why, to appease the Hinako fans of course. 😀

  4. falta que hinako se enamore de este caon de Sana, no se porque pero los veo muy inocentones en los animes japoneses, en la realidad es diferente al menos en mexico u otros paises a veces pasa como school day que hay cuates que andan con 3 chicas diferentes, claro que luego se les arma la gorda

  5. I think you’re reading too much into it. Because there is a knife with fish blood in one episode does not school days make. You people need to finally put school days to rest and come to terms with the fact that M;Y is NOT like it at all.

    Nanaka is living with her uncle because there was probably a fire at her home and either she was somehow the cause of it which is why she doesn’t wanna play the violin anymore, or she wasn’t the cause of it but due to losing either both or one of her parents doesn’t wanna play anymore.

    Sana’s past is a bit tricky, he only talks with his mom on the phone, so i’m going to take a guess here and say that something happend to his dad. The watch might be his dads and due to him being dead Sana doesn’t wanna take it off. Whatever happend Sana saw it and is now sick at the sight of blood, the knife HAS NOTHING to do with it. The guy saw the blood and felt sick which is why he ran off to blow chunks in the next scene.

    We’ll know what happens soon since this show is only 13eps so they’ll get right into it starting with ep6. But I beleave that because both Sana and Nanaka have had these hard things happen to them in the past it’ll bring them together in the end. And that is the main plot of the story, not some sorta harem/SR bit like the other shows out there right now. Don’t let the ED animation fool you, there is no harem here.

  6. GP, couldn’t it be that someone stabbed his dad in front of him? Some sort of criminal. Or maybe his dad suicided with a kitchen knife?

    I agree this isn’t School Days, but I’m not too sure the knife has nothing to do with it. It’s too soon to tell now.

  7. GP i never said anything about this ending like Schooldays, i just pointed out some of the things we have seen so far. If you got something of the above wrong, then Excuse me for making a mistake.

  8. I do not want to go over the “School Days” speech again.

    I am not sure but I think the reason Sana left years ago was their parents separated, I think he had a VERY bad time to adjust were they moved and returned back for some reason.

    Nanaka … I think there are a lot of hints that her parents died on a fire.

    As for this episode … it seems to be another Hinako episode that is not advancing much of “the plot”, I do think this show is more about Sana X Nanaka.

  9. My thinking on the knife, blood & wrist watch is that maybe Sana had a go at slitting his own wrist & now keeps the watch on at all times to cover the scar…
    Possible? What do you think?

  10. the thing that i don’t like about this anime is the fact that it was released before the actual game so they might put a twist where we all have to buy th game to see what really happened. Crossing my fingers that’s not the case but w/e

  11. Wow Hinako seems developing feelings for Sana in the later end of this episode. (Good thing Sana don’t have that kind of feeling towards her)
    The fire hint is a giveaway, Nanaka’s father returned to the burning house to get Nanaka’s violin but failed and died that give Nanaka the trauma she has up until now.

  12. I think most people are comparing this to ‘School days’ because the animation style between the two are similar to each other. That and the fact that both have their own video game counterpart.

    However, that aside, I don’t see this as becoming another ‘school days’. Then again, who knows.

  13. I think we might know something about Nanaka’s past next episode, but I might be wrong.

    One thing I want to point out though is ‘Why Sana never have any friend from where he came from contact him at all?’ That would mean something, right?

  14. I think that, while it is possible that the watch might be a memento from his dad who died a traumatic death by a knife which Sana saw dripping with blood…. I think that it is far more likely that the watch is hiding something on his wrist, and that the trauma was self-inflicted.

  15. arg…i hate how they add pointless episodes about a minor character instead of developing more into the main plot, i have a feeling the ending would totally suck or probably lacks development.

  16. I think it’s so damn obvious. This is my guess, but I’ll wrap it in spoilers because it just seems really likely.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. It seems like another useless episode. I wonder why Japanese must insert a loli character in almost every show. With such fetishes it is no surprise birth rates are so low 😛

    I am really looking forward to the day when they create a good show about college/university (as opposed to high-school) life with more mature characters and without young little girls running around. I don’t see it happening soon though as producers are clinging to the same pattern for years now.

  18. What I meant about thinking of the knife and school days was just that people seem to think that this show will end in bloody murder like school days did. Which isn’t the case. That’s what I mean about giving the knife more meaning than it really has. Now, did Sanas dad die by some guy stabbing him infront of Sana? Maybe. Did he kill himself with a knife? I doubt it, but you never know.

    At this point I think the blood itself plays a bigger role than the knife does, which is what my first post says.

  19. I have been watching Moyashimon lately and although the Japanese used is a little tough I enjoy it a lot. I didn’t know about Genshiken but will give it a try. Thanks for the info!

  20. just a random thought…

    we’re entering a hinako arc here (seeing sana playing a dating sim, i was wondering if those kind of games are for the mass in japan)

    maybe we should add a word before the title… “killing” myself; “then” yourself lol

  21. just saw the ep and i gotta say. that was the most un-enthusiastic birthday celebration EVER!! good lord.. “pop,pop. . . . . .happy birtday. . . . . . . ohh. . . . you had this all planed out from the start??. . . . . . . . wow” MAN!!! does it hurt for the voice actors to show a little effort.. wish i could speak japanese, i’d put some energy in that thing

    BROOKLYN otaku
  22. Wow honestly guys, okay to this point I really felt bad for Hinako. Having no birthday because her parents were too busy to give her a birthday party. Kudos to Sana for doing that for her though that was sweet. Even the small kiss on the cheek was the sweetest thing the ending was honestly perfect. Its nice to see stand alones, hope to see her again soon. She’s really a sweet girl and Sana was just making her feel a lot better after such a sad feeling of having no birthday. Winner for todays episode: Sana! And a special winner to: Hinako, happy 11th birthday to you! =3

    Jason Isenberg
  23. Relax, this is NOT school days.

    The definitive proof is that after the first 3 episodes of School Days, I already knew it was going to be a sad anime, because at that time it already felt like a KGNE-type drama. Of course, it ended up being much more bloodier than KGNE.

    Here, we’re already at the sixth episode and it feels like a comedy with a bit drama towards the middle/late parts maybe.

    Plus, in both KGNE and School Days, the protagonist had a girlfriend early in the season. Not here!

    I think you don’t need to look very deep into those clues, they’re just here to provide some mysteries to keep the audience hooked.

  24. “I was hoping that there was a bit more to her character (maybe a secret or something related to the clocks in the OP)”
    I think the clocks in the OP just refers to the 5 years where Sana and his friends where apart, something like “time flies very quickly”.

  25. Hinako= most adorable non-loli loli ever. Seriously, she has a bigger role in this than I expected, and for that, I’m glad. In five more years, she and Shuusuke could totally end up together. Although I must admit, the way they picked out her present was pretty cheap. Bah!

    Anyways, about the topic that everyone seems to be paying more attention to. It seems like, with some of the stuff we’ve had so far, this show could turn out to be more than just your generic harm. I have a couple of ideas, although it might just be wishful thinking on my part, adding depth where there is none.

    1) Sana is crazy. Something happened to his mother, and he feels guilty about it, and he pretends to talk to her on the phone as a way of blocking what really happened. I mean, we’ve never heard her voice or anything. (Alright, so the chances of this one happening are so close to zero that it’s not even funny. I just think it would be very different and intriguing).

    2) Nanaka is in a coma. I’ve seen enough harems to confirm that this isn’t out of the question, although up till now, everything doesn’t really fit with that idea. The coma girls normally have no home, they just kind of disappear when they aren’t interacting with the lead. Nanaka has talked to her uncle…or whatever kind of relation he is on screen.

    3) Sana has had an attempted/successful suicide attempt. It sure would be interesting if the lead was actually the dead/coma-fied one. Once again, not likely in the least.

    4) I’m a complete idiot and the truth is nowhere near that dramatic/interesting. Sana, I’m sure, forgot some important things. There are always memory issues within harems. Some stuff happened in the past, resulting in no deaths or comafication (me: *yawns*), and everyone gets over it and lives happily ever after.

    I don’t think that this is because of School Days (the ending of which I loathed because of the execution, by the way. The stabbing scene made me sick to my stomach). I’ve always put more into things than are really there. I just think it would be nice for a harem to have a darker side than most without all the cringing that came along with School Days.

    Ah, and I believe that there is something going on with all the clocks. They’re too in your face to not be more symbolic/important than the fact that time has gone by. And the OP seems a little bit sadder to me than your average harem. Talking about memories fading to black and stuff…well, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. The only thing we can really do is wait and see what happens.

    Simple Conundrum

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