One of the things some of the more hardcore clubs like to do during the summer is to go on a training camp – we saw it in shows like Kenshin and Prince of Tennis, two of the most hardcore shows of all time, and now they are passing the torch onto Sketchbook’s art club.

Unfortunately for this club, the sensei is a bakayarou, so the bus that’s supposed to take them to their camp location ends up taking them back to school. Going to school… during vacation? Alright, sure. There’s not much happening to speak of – everyone pretty much goes about doing their own thing – of particular interest is Sora’s stroll around the empty campus, where she admires how different it can look and feel without all the people running around.

We also find out about how the art club was formed – Asou Natsumi, member number one, bumps into random quiet girl (member number two) in the hallway. And thus, the art club was created. Yea, that’s really all there is to it, but it’s nice to reminisce from time to time.

After a round of fireworks and instant dinners, the members head to sleep – only to find the rooms infested with cockroaches. You’d think the bug girl would have a field day with them, but maybe cockroaches just aren’t her thing.

In the distance, a blonde girl in a summer dress walks towards the school…


It’s time for the art club’s summer training camp! Sora takes this time to bond with everyone in her own way. Not much direction or purpose to this episode… well, there wasn’t really much of anything, but it was a enjoyably relaxing watch anyways. What’s going to happen to those character profile eyecatches when they run out of characters?

Captions up


  1. milagro que soy de los primeros en comentar hehehe, veo que este anime está divertido y lo malo que apenas llevamos 2 capitulos subtitulados, espero poder seguir bajando lo mas pronto posible

  2. @mewmew: That may or may not be true. This type of ‘slice of life’ anime just doesn’t generate alot of discussion.

    Plus, most of the “posting fans” are usually younger fans who go after harem, action, or mecha series. I don’t think teenagers will like this one, because it’ll be boring to them. Older anime fans like me however, will be more appreciative.

  3. Are you guys serious?
    It’s breaking the tops charts on Nico each week. This week, there were so many different uploads and they were ALL making the ranking at the same time. It’s the best out of the underdogs.
    And it’s relatively easy to follow despite its Kendo theme, unlike culture-heavy pieces like Mokke.
    Are there more people watching Mokke than BB, really?

  4. All I can say is that the people who call this show lame are probably the ones watching shows like Myself;Yourself, Kodomo no Jikan, Clannad, or SNSII, and have had their tastes permanently destroyed by this entire season of crappy hyped up shows. It’s really a shame, since this is such a nice anime.


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