Remembering what Ike had said to him, Yuuji suggests to Ogata and Konoe that he not walk with them to school in the mornings anymore. This would mean that they wouldn’t need to wait for him like they did this morning, and he’d still help out at school. Konoe, however, tugs on his shirt to indicate that she doesn’t want him to stop. In class, their teacher announces an exam tomorrow, so Ogata asks Ike to help her cram. They decide to do it at Keisaku’s house, and Ike wants everyone else to come too, including Kazumi and Shana. Yuuji has to go to the roof to convince the two girls, but Shana questions why they need to gather in order to study. She also wants to know who’s coming and forces Yuuji to admit that it includes Konoe too. Shana is of course unhappy with this, particularly since Konoe shows up on the rooftop while they’re talking and holds onto Yuuji’s shirt again.

At home, Wilhelmina is worried about Shana being angry and knows that it’s because of Yuuji. He had told her about the study session, and she passes along the message to Shana that he wants her to come. Both Wilhelmina and Alastor pressure Shana about how she’s not training Yuuji, but Shana isn’t sure what to do. She ends up going to the study session with everyone after all, though she does avoid Yuuji. Kazumi brings a lot of food with her and cooks for the group instead of initially studying with them, and they’re quite impressed by everything she makes. However, just like how Shana doesn’t like that Yuuji was studying with Konoe, Kazumi doesn’t like how he’s sitting and eating happily with her. Afterwards, Ogata and Kazumi are washing the dishes when a hung-over Margery stumbles into the kitchen looking for water. Margery doesn’t know who Ogata is, but Ogata recognizes Margery.

When Kazumi and Ogata don’t come back after a while, the others in the group start wondering what happened, and Konoe decides to go to the kitchen to check on them. Yuuji is about to go with her, but Shana takes his place and makes him study instead. The two of them find the dishes still in the sink, but Kazumi and Ogata are gone. Konoe wants to wash the dishes herself, and Shana tries to help, but neither are very good at it. Shana even mistakes cooking oil for dishwashing detergent. Margery meanwhile has brought Kazumi and Ogata to the bar in one of the other rooms to do some more drinking, and Ogata gets irritated that Margery acts like she owns the place. She questions Margery’s relationship to Eita and reveals that she saw Margery at the osprey festival with him, but Margery tells her that she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with either Eita or Keisaku. She claims that she’s in this city for a job, and the two were just helped her – it’s no more and no less than that.

That being said, Margery knows that Eita and Keisaku have developed feelings for her, but she doesn’t think that it’s love. To her, their eyes are too innocent, so it’s more of an admiration than a love, and she still considers them children. After Ogata apologizes to her, Margery notes that jealousy is a part of love. She feels that love is a like a mirror that reflects your own bad parts, and particularly for unrequited loves, there is jealousy and envy. However, this isn’t something to feel ashamed of since it shows that your heart is in it. To break this mirror, Margery advises the girls to connect with the other person, and she urges them to do their best. Their conversation is interrupted when they hear a loud noise and a scream coming from the kitchen, and the entire group finds Shana and Konoe having trouble with a dishwasher that’s spewing water everywhere. Yuuji manages to turn it off, and when Konoe starts laughing because of how much fun it was, everyone joins her except for Shana.

The exam the next day doesn’t go so well for Eita and Keisaku, but the others feel that the study session succeeded at making Shana and Kazumi friendlier towards Konoe. On the rooftop, Kazumi passes on to Shana what Margery had said, and when Shana wonders why she’s telling her this, Kazumi explains that it would be unfair if she didn’t – she doesn’t want to add to her own bad points. With this in mind, Shana shows up to train Yuuji that night instead of having Wilhelmina do it because she wants to connect with Yuuji and to confirm his feelings for her.


It took an entire episode and some advice from Margery for Shana and Kazumi to face their feelings and stop avoiding Yuuji. Now if only they could move forward with exposing who Konoe is. While I’m glad that Margery is doing something more than just sitting drunk on the couch, I’m itching to see more progress in the story and some more action. For the third straight episode, they dragged out the Konoe vs. Shana and Kazumi stuff, and next week doesn’t look like it’ll be much better in that regard, despite Jedi Shana. Looking ahead at the Newtype spoilers for the next few episodes, I think episode eight about Margery’s past could be interesting since Sydonay will be in it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Konoe Fumina stuff be resolved until sometime after episode nine.


  1. I think they are going so slow in part to make Yuuji’s power up more believable. There are a couple of scenes of him training each episode and that’s certainly better than pulling some crap out of their ass later on to explain why he suddenly can fight evenly with a Tomogara.

  2. man no action whatsoever, and i was hoping she was gonna treat him like garbage like on zero no tsukaima, love still there, but violence like in the first series (but not as much obviously)

  3. I really am beginning to wonder when the Konoe arc will end (future episode titles are not really encouraging, either).

    I wouldn’t have mind it if the animators decided to delve into the medieval wars between the hazes and the tomogara but I don’t see that happening now…

  4. The studying at Satou’s house and Margery giving the girls advice stuff is material that comes from novel 8 but didn’t quite get adapted into the first anime… it’s actually vital character development for both Yoshida and Shana that was decidedly cut out of the first season.

  5. I don’t know what people are hoping for when this show actually takes off with the ‘storyline’. First season was nothing extraordinary except for the Shana moe fest anyways.

    In that regard these episodes are just fine. We see Shana, and we see Hecate. Done and done, good show.

    I mean, people including myself are still watching this despite the fact that it can be clearly inferred from the previews that it is going to be another stretchfest.

  6. this sucks…. I can’t believe they are messing this show up this much!! Study partay? What the heck? Complete waste of an episode, and btw next episode probably won’t be any better. Where is the suspense? Where is the action? Why can’t they just follow the novel’s plotlines instead of making their own? I am in despair.

    dot dot dot...
  7. i love shakugan no shana, i seriously do but this second season is getting pathetic..they’re focusing so much on a simple lovey dovey relationship that it’s actually slowing the entire series down, i feel that they had made Konoe into the main character instead of Shana, and i’m getting tired of her always having to hold onto Yuuji for dear life, just get this over with sheeeeeeeesh……………*sigh* ok i’m done ranting…………..for now

  8. well i dunno , the last time i check on anime news , shana the second only have 12 episode.. but seeing this which doesnt have any action pack. i feel it is a waste of making this episode. hope the story will turn up nice and interesting

  9. SnS II has 8 DVDs with 3 episodes each as far as DVD solicitations go. That’s equal to 24 episodes, same as first season. And for the people who don’t like this Konoe stuff,
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I’m enjoying Season 2, personally, it shows a new insight into what Shana’s thinking, though I wouldn’t mind a tomogara appearing sometime soon – Konoe Fumina’s a somewhat annoying character.
    But I don’t understand why people are saying its boring, etc, if you think so just don’t watch, its as simple as that.

  11. Most of you people have totally lost the point of these episodes. Tokkan said it already in his first post. These eps give us character development. You don’t get ANY of that if all you turn the show into is some fighting series. In which case it’ll be like bleach or Naruto and you’ll need 100eps to develope one character instead of 4-5.

    I’m shocked at how some concepts are lost to most of the people who post here. It’s quite sad.

    And for those saying to stick to the novels, these parts ARE FROM THE NOVELS.

  12. if we wanted t see character development, we would have watched the flurries of romance anime that came out this season. with all these episodes about “character development”, it makes me think that SnS II was intended to be a romance anime where fighting/action is just a side track to the plot. But then again, I haven’t read the novels so I wouldn’t know.

  13. It’s nice to see some character development since SnS series has some romance than just fighting. The first season proved it with Shana and Kazumi’s love. It’s a series with a little bit of every genres.

  14. Oops, the most was said by some others before i did write my comment. I haven`t read them yet. The reason i still keep watching anime after many years is just because of developing and believable or at least many-layered characters, interesting, well described settings in time and place and of course the beautiful art styles. And action where it`s motivated. Of course there is also
    a lot of surrealistic crazy comedy.

  15. @GP:
    Although parts of the novels and side stories are indeed included, Konoe Fumina is an anime original character/concept. I’m sure you already know this, but I just wanted to point it out…

    Those are great news! ^^ The New York incident was one of the more memorable “stories of the past” included in the novels, at least for me.

  16. @anonimus
    well, the biggest problem is that they blew the fight sections of this part of the story (namely Wilhelmina trying to kill Yuji) last season, and so are now left with only the relationship material to cover.

    throwing in Konoe at least gives this material the semblance of still having something to do with the crimson realm.

  17. I nominate Yuuji for “Most Dense Male Lead” for the fall 2007 season. But my frustrations with him aside, this whole Shakugan no Drama thing that revolves around Konoe should have wrapped up with 3 episodes at the most; and with the next episode looking like it will be some sort of Ike focused filler JC Staff is really starting to get on my last nerve.

  18. GP: Shockingly enough character development can be done without being mindnumbingly boring or begrudgingly obvious. Go watch The Godfather or One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest or any amazing movie for the past half a century or so. I hate that stupid excuse, guess what? Boring parts in shows aren’t mandatory to show character development! In fact that’s a common excuse for writers who simply can’t create a coherent storyline where the audience can figure out the main character’s motivations for themselves.

    Other thing is nobody is going to care about a character development episode or two in a row. But this season started off with a recap episode and so far has been five clunkers in a row afterwards. Hardly a reason to say, ‘hay guys, you should give it some time to get interesting!’. In fact this would be the time to drop it, like many of the bloggers are doing.

  19. Drop SnS II? Well, I agree with all the talk about slow development. Indeed, nothing new was incorporated to the characters or story since SnS I… Until now. And, I suspect, will not be in the next episode… But there is a story, indeed. Lol Hecate is there, and the ball mask must do something early or later… Perhaps a bit later. I did’nt read the novels, but there’s enough material for a season (maybe two…). All this comments are feedbacks for the developers of the serie, so (if us agree that there’s some kind of inteligent life there), they will do something. That’s a kind of bet. They are counting with our curiosity about the next episode, and forcing it at the limit of our patience. I think that after the episode 7, things will begin to run. But, anyway, I simply like SnS… That’s not a kind of show from which I expected more that one or two funny situations… If you, guys, want a good anime, go to “ef – a tale of memory”…

    Joe Sargent
  20. sir do you now what happen today??? today is august 26 2008 please show what happen cause there is no t.v. five,, it was nickelodion i was o addicted in shakugan no shana im crying just because i didnt watch… the title is (yuuji,shana,kazumi) please ………. by the way who does yuuji like shana or kazumi?


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