After Sana and Nanaka bring their teacher Yuzuki some homework notebooks one day, she gives them each a caramel as a reward. This jogs Sana’s memory of a similar scene from his past, but it’s too foggy for him to remember clearly. During lunchtime, the group finds out that Shuri is collecting signatures to oppose a plan to turn a park into the new city hall. It’s a place where they all have fond childhood memories of, including Shuri and Shuusuke’s memories of being with their mother. That afternoon, Sana stays late to clean the classroom, and Yuzuki gives him another caramel. On his way home, Sana notices some horizontal bars in a playground and decides to try to play on them like he did as a child. Although he falls down, doing so causes Sana to remember how a girl had given him a caramel when he was younger after he had struggled with swinging around the bars. He realizes now that this girl was Yuzuki. Sana then gets spotted by Asami, and she invites him to go to the nursing home again.

The following day, Shuri and Yuzuki get called into the principal’s office because of the petition Shuri was passing around. Although Yuzuki tries to stand up for Shuri, the principal knows that Shuri’s father is pushing the city hall proposal and wants her to stop. Afterwards, Yuzuki is so pissed that she takes Shuri out to eat and to have some fun. When Shuri gets home, her father yells at her because he had heard about her petition, so Shuri points out that this park is an important place for her, her brother, and their mother. Her father thinks that she’s talking about her current mother, but Shuri counters by saying that she’s talking about the mother that gave birth to her and Shuusuke, not the woman that her father is merely having sex with. Knowing that her current mother within hearing distance, Shuri claims that she and Shuusuke have never thought of the woman as their mother and even accuses her of coming into the family just for the money. This earns Shuri a slap from her father and leads to her storming out. She ends up not showing up to school the next day.

At the nursing home, Asami notices that the cat is missing, but the lady there thinks that it’ll come back when it gets hungry. She and Sana spend the day keeping the residents entertained, and before they leave, they visit Kajii’s room because she had a request. It turns out that she wants them to bury a box underneath the biggest sakura tree on one of the two hills. When Asami questions what’s in the box, Kajii says that it’s a secret and laughs. On the way out, Asami thinks she hears the nursing home cat’s collar bell, but the cat is nowhere in sight, so she and Sana continue on to the hill with the shrine on it. After Sana spots the particular tree, they proceed to bury the box as requested. When Asami tries to stand back up, she gets lightheaded, so Sana holds her for a moment. By chance, Nanaka catches sight of them as she’s passing by, and seeing them together like that causes her to let go the shopping list she was carrying. Sana and Asami never see her because she’s gone by the time they turn around.


Well it’s safe to say that the story is picking up pace again. I’m not sure if the Yuzuki stuff will lead anywhere, but the Shuri and Sana plot-lines were more than enough to keep this interesting. Tamura Yukari saying “sex” caught me off-guard because I’m not used to her loli-sounding voice with such a mature word, but the more important point is that she’s estranged from her father and absolutely hates her new mother. I thought they did a particularly good job creating the high degree of tension in that scene. We don’t get to hear Shuusuke’s point of view though, so I’m curious to see if he truly feels the same way or if it’s just Shuri.

As for Nanaka, her eyes at the end of the episode are creepy, but I highly doubt that she’s going to completely lose it. Asami hasn’t really made any advances on Sana, so I’m beginning to think that she’s only a rival in Nanaka’s mind, and thus isn’t competing for Sana – not yet anyway. This will more than likely turn out to be just the kind of misunderstanding that gets cleared pretty quickly, and the perfect chance will probably come next episode since the preview shows that it’ll be centered around Sana, Nanaka, and a mailbox from their past.


  1. @watevr

    im not a school days freak:( actually i hate that anime.anyway the reason i think its going to end like this is because there are too many dark secrets:why Sana freaked out when he saw blood,why is nanaka afraid to play the violin(the image with the fire intrigues me) and many more.
    i still like this series and hope that it will turn out to be a very nice series

  2. Alright, I’m ready for Asami to play some sort of role in the plot. If Yuzuki gave him the caramel when he was little, then it means that everyone except Asami and Hinako played a part in his past. But, judging by the ED, Asami is one of the three main girls. I’m sure I’m just getting my hopes up, but it would be nice if she could tie in with all the mysteries and stuff, just a little bit.

    And yes. Props to Diabolikul for hating the School Days ending! No School Days ending for me, just something with more darkness & depth than you’d expect to find in something like M;Y.

    Simple Conundrum
  3. That was pretty unrealistic. Who would agree to help someone bury something without knowing the contents…

    Anyways…I’m pretty sure Sana and Asami Show Spoiler ▼

  4. wow whats with the comparison to school days? get over it people. I love school days and all, but to compare it to other animes is ridiculous…

    Anyway, I hope Nanaka makes her move before Asami does. I would rather see Sana with Nanaka haha. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if Aoi got with Sana but that’s just my thinking. I still want to know more about Sana’s past. Seems like he had a dark past or something. I am liking this series!

  5. big surprised, I didn’t know that the twin’s mother and father got divorced. It must have been because of the new woman. I want to know the reasons the children stayed with the father and didn’t go with the mother, it seems it was his fault that the divorced happened.
    I want to find out more about this now. Big thing with Nanaka seeing them in the trees.

  6. Yeah guys, can we please drop the school days idea. Yes this show has some dark secrets but they’re nothing that will turn any of the characters into killers. Both Sana and Nanaka had something sad happen to them when they were little, that’s about it. Probably related to one (or both in Nanakas case) parents dying etc.

    That aside, Sana and Nanaka is a sure thing imo. The whole bit with Asami is just some extra drama to keep intune with the whole SR theme.

    As for the ED animation, don’t let it get you, even though it shows Asami and Shuri and Nanaka, it’s clear at this point that there is no Sana x Shuri in the works unless it totally comes outta nowhere in the last 2 episodes. But I don’t see that happening.

    Right now I just see it going along these lines and more bits being shown about Sana and Nanakas past until the final 2 eps where we get the whole love thing outta the way for our happy Sana x Nanaka ending.

  7. They let people play eroge in retirement homes?

    Also more and more I feel that this should go the path of a much more angsty version of
    School Days. It’s already getting pretty creepy.

  8. This series is really moving along very well. It is creepy in a sort of a degree, but no where near School Days or HiguKai, which this one is making a name of its own to be completely separate from these two anime series.

  9. @ GP

    Thank you! I’m tired of seeing people compare animes like this to School Days. Indeed there are some dark mysteries or secrets that have yet to be shown, but that doesnt mean this anime will turn into a teen kill-feast like School Days.

    That would be a total surprise if Sana and Shuri got together haha but I do see Sana and Nanaka get together at the end. Who knows. I do want more of this series! I am loving it already!

  10. ok about the uniform, many schools have alternate official uniforms. She is just wearing a different top. If you noticed in school days there were two versions of the same uniform and Sekai used to wear boths. they also have summer and winter uniforms.

  11. @ Anonymous

    Compared to Furude Rika (since they’re both miko [how do you plural this? lol] I guess) in terms of intimidation level, I’d say Nanaka comes off as a level 4 bard. Even then Rika isn’t able to kill anyone.

    Anyways…wth would Nanaka kill them with?

  12. OMFG, I thought this was M;Y poll, but every1 keeps talking about Sch*** D***, n’ most people r’ waiting 4 the bad ending, lol, even the people who don’t like SD comparisons are bringing up the issue (me also……. LOL) (srry 4 th3 shtty gr4mm4r……… LOL).

    next XD
  13. i would say the same thing as well that this will be a nanaka and sana ending… remember the scene after nanaka finish the dance? something might happen there if there wasn’t a interruption… i really like this show as well i dunno why but i find it interesting, maybe its because i’m into shuri who is voiced by the same person who voiced as nanoha is all the nanoha series. 😛

    Nanaka is the type of girl who gets jealous very easily especially when she sees sana and asami doing things together. i don’t think we will be seeing something like school days for sure as sana is not like makoto who have sex with every single person in the anime.XD

  14. OH NOOOOO!!!

    Tensai Otaku
  15. Yes … I know Omni but all the School Days references are annoying since it seems its the ONLY School Romance Harem ever done, it WORST that going to Gundam and keep making references to NGE (worst because NGE is a landmark as School Days is a trivia footnote).

    And I think its a bad to compare, School Days was a adaptation and the source had that type of endings as this does not, expecting Myself; Yourself to end up in a blood bath makes as much sense as expecting Sana to be a reverse trap.

  16. Something’s definitely wrong with that old lady. She better not have anything to do with Sana & Nanaka’s past. And this anime will not follow School’s Days route. The way the story moves for Myself; Yourself, it doesn’t show that it will be a tragedy romance show. Besides, Sana is not like Makoto, a indecisive womanisier. So stop speculating!

  17. After seeing people comparing Shana 2 to School Days (?!?!?) I am not at all surprised that this show is compared to it as well. I’ve already learned to ignore such comments and let those people keep wishing for a bloody end when it’s obvious it’s not going to happen. Or maybe they don’t really believe in it, they just want to annoy people like us who do not appreciate the comparison. In either case, it’s no use getting upset over such comments…just let them be.

  18. Let’s face it, people! Sana is no Makoto, Nanaka is no Kotonoha, and Asami is no Sekai. Let’s get over this School Days comparison nonsense with this anime. It’s done! It’s in the past! There will not be a same ending like School Days to this anime. Probably, everyone got traumatized from School Days’ ending, wishing to be the same with this one, BUT it’s not gonna happen (See the ED credits and see that everyone in the cast is playing a musical instrument, what’s that telling you?).

  19. Something definitely IS wrong with Kajii-san. First the poor bird, now most likely the cat, since she was afterall found having something to bury on both occasions the pet’s disappeared ;_; God knows what she could end up doing next, maybe try to bury Nanaka-chan 😮

  20. Yeah, people are making references to School Days coz it’s the most recent show that had a very dark theme … but M;Y’s dark portents actually resemble the Kaede arc in Shuffle! more than School Days… and as we know, THAT anime didn’t end as “badly” as SD 😉

    – T

  21. Good point Tolitz. As many have said, people are comparing anything that’s got a love triangle and some d0rama to School days cuz it just finished as these shows started. But if you’re going to compare a show to another one at least back up your post with some facts or solid plot points as to why. Simply saying, “zomg bloody knife!” or “zomg look at her eyes!” doesn’t cut it. This isn’t 4chan, I hope not anyways. With some of these posts I can never tell.

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      ii |i :i.:.::i.:.:.:.:|ヤケiテうト`  ,/’´  ’´,ケネデヌ;., |.:.:i.:.:/|.::.::|ischool days  ♪
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  23. This series is alot more darker than I thought.
    I’m waiting for another school days ending where the last episode will be replaced by a Nice Train and higurashi being questioned whether air or not while coincidently a girl kills another person with an axe.

  24. This is not School Days. There will most likely be angst, and then they will resolve their problems in a non-murderous way. From the preview I’m guessing that Nanaka will confront Sana in the next episode.

    I’m also guessing the whole concert theme of the OP probably has something to do with Shuri saving the park.

  25. Dude, they buried the cat under the big tree, that’s why the cat isn’t found anymore and that one chick heard the bells ringing (she was carrying the box, not Sana). That old hag is a freaking psycho.

    Walkie Talkie Man
  26. Oh God, Kaji-san has killed poor Poe. They just ruined the moment when Sana didn’t move at all but Poe’s bell rang a 2nd time. Really, what’s going with that granny?

    Then Nanako’s yandere eyes (or SEED mode if you want); maybe they used it to empathize how Nanako will be jealous of every girl who approaches Sana now that she has reunited with him.

    Many thinks to discover and only six episodes more to discover the truth…

    Syaoran Li
  27. I’ve seen about 32 of you guys say “school days” its getting retarded. Now from what I saw in this ep, it was freaking scary at the end how that woman buried the cat (kinda showed from how the episode was leading us on). The eyes of Nanaka were creepy of course but they weren’t as bad as YOU KNOW WHAT (I’m not even going to say) and they looked more saddened. Good ep over all, GO SHU!!!

  28. OMFG. They f***ing buried the cat without knowing it. Omni failed to mention how eerie the ending was with the psycho music playing as the old woman sat in her room smiling. That’s just not right.

    Oh, and the teacher thing has to be a scenario in the game where Sana totally scores with Yuzuki. I wouldn’t doubt it…

  29. uhhh on a different note,

    anyone noticed that Nanako is eating with the rest of the gang for lunch now? What’s up with that 😛

    It’s implied she’s accepted into their circle now cuz she’s friendly with Sana too now?

  30. I also want to add, it seems crystal clear to me why Kaiji-san is burying pets alive.

    It’s because of that folk tale. She wants to revive her grand-daughter by offering pets as sacrifice.

  31. These five minutes before the “burial” were really killing me. Damn, why wasn’t Sana able to locate the bell ringing right in front of him? And why didn’t Poe make any noises? The box itself didn’t move, but the bell rang, so Poe had to be still moving. Even then, a cat is able to survive for weeks even in the direst circumstances, given there’s air to breathe in the hole they dug. But I’m prolly taking it too far :p

    Me likes cats!
  32. The old lady borrowed a scissor, she use the scissors well don’t know the next thing happened. Asami heard the bell of the cat due to them moving with the box she didn’t hear it again since the box is no longer in motion. Seems some certain promise between Sana and Nanaka would be resolve next episode.


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