It’s summer vacation time, and the gang is off to Hiroko’s home where they meet Hiroko’s pregnant sister and her sister’s first baby Noriko who Hagino compares to an unknown life form. Michiko uses this time to try to write her script, but Mari and Akane don their swimsuits and get ready to go to the waterfront. Hagino joins them after getting a brief update from Tsubael about Azanael. It turns out that the imprisoned Azanael wants to see Hagino, and Tsubael tells her that Hagino is on vacation because she needs a break. At the pier, Mari spots a rock jutting out of the water in the distance and suggests going there with Hagino. Mari jumps in the water first, and Hagino dives in after her, though Hagino immediately spots a conch shell on the sea floor. When Mari arrives at the rock she doesn’t see Hagino anywhere and starts to get worried. Clouds have started to gather, and it’s dark by the time Hagino emerges from the water with the conch shell. Mari is desperately yelling for Hagino by this point, and she’s initially quite angry when they get reunited.

Hiroko’s sister meanwhile goes into labor right as the storm is starting, and so Hiroko takes her to the hospital, leaving Noriko with the girls. When Noriko starts crying, Akane figures out that she needs a diaper change. Akane, Mari, and Michiko struggle with this, and Mari decides afterwards to give the baby a bath. Since Hagino is already in the bath, she gets to hold the baby in the water, and she later also helps with preparing a bottle. The baby drinks it all, but she then throws up all over Michiko’s notebook. While the others deal with this, Hagino goes back out to the docks to meet with Tsubael and to give her the conch shell. She runs back to the house before Tsubael can respond, and the shell makes Tsubael quite happy. Everyone is asleep by the time Hiroko returns from the hospital all scraped up because she had weathered the storm in order to get back to the baby. Her taking Noriko from between Hagino and Mari leaves just the two sleeping together peacefully.

I really don’t have much to say about this episode since it was a quiet one that featured a lot of taking care of a baby. It was actually quite pleasant to watch, and I enjoyed the mixture of parenting with Mari and Hagino getting ever closer and with Hagino and Tsubael getting closer too. This felt like an intermission of sorts for the series because there wasn’t much in terms of the Shivariel or the other ships – the calm before the storm if you will. Things should get going again once the summer vacation is over, and next week looks to be about Michiko’s writing struggles and Azanael finding out more about what happened with Onomil.


  1. “these people are using blushing too much! why is the girl in the ship blushing for?”

    Because this is yuri, a convention of yuri is heavily implying and never actually showing it.

    Also there is the fact this … well … sucks.

  2. Likely, Hagino wanted to give the shell to Mari. But, that didn’t happen cause Mari got angry cause she was worried sick about Hagino. So, she gives the shell to Tsubael, instead. It’s kinda cruel, don’t you think? Sorta second hand gift, IMO

  3. They put a baby on the bath scene to totally put off fanboys, More and more, I LOVE THIS SHOW! XDXDXD
    There’s a lot going on between the two of them, but most don’t get a clue. XDXDXD

  4. i think hagino gave the shell to tsubael coz she thinks tsubael deserves something for all the hardwork shes doing (and maybe thinks tsubael is her important person, remember the ep where mari told her about having someone important even if its only one). and yeah the blushing thing kinda puts me off. i dont know which one is blushing out of embarrassment and for having feelings for someone..


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