If you’ve watched Shana at all, you’re probably aware that she loves to eat melonpan. Well there was a song released last month called 「メロンパンのうた」 (Melonpan no Uta – The Melonpan Song) by a nine-year-old singer/songwriter girl named Yuppi. It’s an incredibly cute song with some simple lyrics that have been stuck in my head since I heard it (“there is anko in anpan, there is no melon in melonpan, there is curry in curry bread, there is no melon in melonpan”) and the video above is the PV for the song that debuted on Music On! TV’s Top 100 Countdown at #55 a couple of days ago. At least one person has already suggested that this should be Shana’s OP for next season. 😀


  1. Melon pan is pretty weak, don’t understand this phenomenon known as “melon pan”.

    If this “melon pan” is anything like pinapple bread, it is pretty weak. Decent but past the crusty part, it’s bland. Good enough to fill the stomach I suppose.

    Ren also likes melon pan.

  2. wow the first few seconds was ok and was cute…
    after that it was like omfg please stop already. you were cute for singing, but just stfu! makes me want to stab myself. it reminds me back in the day when i was baby sitting for little kids and they sung row row row your boat for 4 hours non stop. it still gives me nightmares to this day.

  3. Just for the sake, since this is Random Musings, it seems like there is a Honey & Clover Live-Action Drama confirmed, and will be showing January 8th. I’m just so damn excited upon stumbling on this news, I had to post it somewhere. XD

  4. Regardless of the lyric and all, I think Yuppi has done a very decent job on this. I mean, she’s only 9 years old and is actually able to write a whole song!! =O It’s something not everyone can do.


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