Sherry, the owner of the cafe where Toa was staying, had given her, Jin, and Gio tickets to a spa resort, so that’s where the three went. As they are lounging by the water, Toa asks if Jin knows about the story of the mermaid princess. In it, the mermaid had given up her ability to speak in exchange for being turned into a human so that she could meet the prince she loved. However, she wasn’t able to get together with him, so she turned into sea foam and disappeared. Toa sees the similarities between how humans and mermaids couldn’t be united and her and Jin’s current situation. Jin, however, doesn’t feel that being a Dragon or being human matters and points out how she made him realize that he’s not alone. After hearing this, Gio gets out of the water and walks off silently, thinking about how Howlingstar had said that Gio would be in the way once Toa got back with Jin. Gio came all the way here because he wanted to protect Toa, yet he’s not sure why he feels that way and wonders what he is to her.

Meanwhile, Laina is directing his unit to act speedily and smartly to go after the Album. While everyone else heads to the spa resort, Laina himself goes on a separate mission. In the spa’s changing room, Sieglinde lets on that she figured out that Akira allowed Jin to get away because the bump on Akira’s head is on the right side instead of the left. She knows Akira inflicted it onto herself and warns Akira against betraying her friends again. Once they get to the actual pool area, all eyes are on Machina because of her figure and revealing swimsuit. Machina is also the first to spot Toa and Jin, though Akira decides to let them go again. Unfortunately, Sieglinde also sees the pair and confronts them, so Toa grabs Jin and leaps away. Amadeus tries to hit her with a ranged attack, but it misses and instead causes a panic when it knocks out one of the display screens on the ceiling. Gio quickly gets involved too and has to fight both Machina and Amadeus. Toa and Jin’s escape is meanwhile stopped when Howlingstar smacks Toa from behind, and the two of them plus Gio quickly get surrounded.

Gio gets ready to actualize, but he never finishes because everyone jumps him at once. Unfortunately, the impact on Gio’s body on the pool floor causes it to crack, and it caves in after Sieglinde jumps in too. Everyone gets separated as they’re swept underground by the water. Around this time, the reporter Yonamine Kou is following Garnet and peeks into a dark alley that she entered. To his surprise, he finds her meeting secretly with Laina. Back at the spa resort, Jin wakes up relatively uninjured in a pile of rubble and finds Sieglinde unconscious nearby. He wakes her too, and though she initially pushes him away in fear, the two try to find their way out together. When Sieglinde tries to stand up, however, she realizes that she’s hurt her leg. Jin offers to carry her on his back, but Sieglinde endures the pain and starts walking off slowly by herself. The pair reach a dead end on their first attempt to get out, and since it’s obvious to him that Sieglinde is putting herself through a lot of pain, Jin suggests that they rest. She claims that she’s fine, but Jin rests anyway under the pretense that he’s personally tired. He then rips off his shirt’s left sleeve and uses it to tie up her leg.

Sieglinde ends up falling asleep and dreams of her graduation ceremony after having entered college at the age of nine. She had graduated at the top of her class, but people didn’t think she had any friends. Sieglinde now wakes up to find Jin’s shirt covering her, and he promises that they’ll get out, so she doesn’t need to worry. She then starts wishing she were normal because she wouldn’t be alone if she were. Jin of course tells her that people aren’t alone and offers to carry her again. Being carried reminds Sieglinde of the time she spent with her dog Amadeus as a child, and she finally reveals her name to Jin. Her butler, meanwhile, has been trying to get out of the chamber that he’s stuck in with Howlingstar, Machina, and Gio because he’s worried about Sieglinde. Machina convinces Gio to work with them because she knows he wants to save the person precious to him. All four of them kicking the wall together results in a hole from which water starts gushing out, and the rising water level allows Gio to reach the hole in the ceiling. He first finds Toa and Akira, and then saves Jin and Sieglinde from getting washed away by the water.

The group gets hit by another wall of water as they try to climb their way out, so Gio actualizes in order for them to be able to escape. Although Akira had gotten saved by Machina before that, Sieglinde is still with Jin and Toa, and they leave her unconscious body on a park bench near the spa resort. Waking back up in time to see Gio fly away, Sieglinde decides to let them go this time because Jin brought back her memories of her dog Amadeus. Her butler and Dragon Amadeus then comes running to her in tears, and the two are reunited. Back on Earth, Kazuki is staring at the moonlit ocean when the lady from before suddenly appears behind him and knows that he got someone precious taken away from him, just like she had. She offers to become his wings, and the ISDA command center soon detects that Widow has actualized with Kazuki as the pilot. As he enters space, a very angry Kazuki vows to get Gio back from Jin.


Although the focus of this episode is on Sieglinde and how she warms up to Jin, it was Kazuki’s appearance at the end of the episode that was most interesting. And by interesting, I mean laughable because his new haircut makes him look so incredibly dorky. In a way, he’s kind of like Jeremiah from GEASS with how he’s hell-bent to go after the guy who screwed him over, but he obviously doesn’t have the kind of presence Jeremiah had, nor does he have as great a nickname as Orange-kun. My point is that I can’t take him seriously as an antagonist, and his character in general just doesn’t seem that complex. However, Kazuki’s got Widow on his side now, and she could be a threat, especially if she’s got a grudge against Gio or Toa too. I don’t see why she has to team up with him though and why she doesn’t just go it alone unless she actually pities him or something.

There were a few other smaller things scattered through this episode that were worth noting. For one, Gio feeling like a third wheel to Toa and Jin probably isn’t good for the long-term prospects of him working together with Jin. I don’t think they’re quite to the point of being rivals for Toa yet, but it’s not too far of a stretch. Laina meanwhile seems to be someone to keep an eye on now that he’s been revealed to be secretly dealing with Garnet. Something about the way he looked and acted never quite sat well with me, so this wasn’t a huge surprise. If he does turn out to be a bad guy, they’ve set up Sieglinde and Akira to trust Jin now, so I imagine those two would help Jin instead of obey Laina’s orders. As for next week, it looks like we’re in for a showdown between Kazuki & Widow and Jin & Gin. I’m willing to bet that whatever ends up happening will only make Kazuki more distraught and emo than he already is.


  1. Just looked at the preview image and it looks like Kazuki is going to confront Jin. And I recall someone else saying that the girl that Kazuki met would become his Dragon and that may turn out to be the case in the next episode (seeing as she’s fighting Gio in the last pic on the previews).

  2. Looks like an awesome episode, but where is the meat of the story? All I see is big boobs and a love story that is going nowhere. Maybe Kazuki will go on a revenge mission. (such an emo child :p)

  3. That episode had to be the epitome of retardation. I mean what kind of an idiot wrote that kindof script a battle between dragons in swimsuits, that cliche girl falls down and hurts her ankle scenario and those dragons really have to be as dumb as a brick, all together I mean I wouldn’t want to insult a brick. Especially when those four teamed up to brake the wall that caused all of the humans to almost drown or how bigboobed emogirl gives psychopathic emoboy a ride because he’s the biggest crybaby around. The only funny scene was when some fatso was acting all lovie-dovie with a reed thin girl in front of Toa and Jin.

  4. @ zaku, yep that’s what i posted muahahaha 😛 looks like it’s gonna come out to be true tho this prediction is obvious and I’m definately not the first person to think/predict this outcome, it’s pretty obvious from looking at the opening and ending credits and from what’s been shown so far, however, they may… through some plot twist; end up having it not actually turn out to be true (tho highly unlikely), it would be more “suspenseful” if they took out showing which partners are tagged to which characters but this would only suit kazuki in the end. That’s what kind of ruined it for me because i knew that kazuki was going to “get” that (short blue hair) woman after the incident with Gio, plus they already tagged all the partners together with the intro since the first episode. I can deal with crappy CGI as well (I understand why they did it) but what puts me off with the series is all the so unaturalistic “boobs” i mean common, i know it’s anime, but still when they’re THAT big it just destroys whatever plot they’re trying to put into the series and the character themselves (of course), especially that military chick, i can stand the dragon chick with the tomboy, but there’s no way in hell a woman would even be considered for a military position if she had a rack that big not to mention she’d need back support to just walk around….. IMO the military chick (the one that was trying to capture Gio on the moon and wears the military uniform) is possibly the worst character designed in the entire series even worse than the CGI dragons….. I just noticed the “old man/butler” dragon is crying like faucet LOL…. that pic is hilarious

  5. Plus i wonder what it’s like for Gio to be the third wheel… lol, you just know that somehow they’re gonna somehow have a future conflict that causes some-kind of triangle effect or he’ll just prevent or “try” to prevent jin and toa from becoming closer together or something possibly like that, or he’ll just continue to be the third wheel in the background throughout the rest of the series

  6. Chiba Saeko voiced as Widow is so different it almost shocked me, very different from Dokuro-chan and Ichigo Mashimaro. Chiba Saeko mature type of voice kinna really fit an antagonist character, which i think she is in this series.

  7. I find it odd, that all the people who post about how this show fails and sucks still decide to fallow its blog post? I mean, really, wtfx? If you don’t like the show you stop watching it and move on, not come in everytime a new ep is blogged and post how you still hate it. Unless, you really have nothing more to do with your time.

    Or maybe it’s the 4chan syndrom where everyone just posts how they hate it but actually really like it and watch it.

  8. Okay as I see the troll count grows with every day.
    Don’t Like the show? – NO need to bitch through all the threads about it.

    For me this was interesting episode. I am actually surprised on how much story they have put into supposedly simple swimsuit episode. As on the preview – Kazuki’s face…Is it just me or it seems that he is going more insane with each passing episode >.

    Unknown Voice
  9. jin= Big furry dog
    fighting in a speedo= ridiculous
    old man’s swimsuit= WTF
    kazukis haircut= Not enough. . . “if he really wanted to make an impact he shoulda SHAVED HIS HEAD BALD HAHAHA” his eyebrows too

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Widow looks way too much like the other Dragon woman. It’s hard to keep them straight. Toa looks like Meer from GSD in her bathing suit. Kazuki is funny. We even have some cave romance. Interesting. Can’t wait for more.

  11. This show is interesting and fun, I don’t see why some are veiwing this show as serious one. The style reminds me of sousei no aquarion which was also a fun show to watch, IMO just sit back and enjoy the sillyness of Dragonaut.

  12. Lol supporting D’s
    I dont mind boobs, I love them, though sometimes they are just waaaay to big it makes me think “Back support?”
    @ Uknown Voice: Yes Kazuki does look like he’s going more nutty with each passing episode >.>

  13. One thing no one seems to have noticed (or at least it’s not mentioned anywhere). In the preview it looks like Toa has been captured. Well, it was about time for someone other than Jin to get captured. But the problem is what is going to happen to her, and everyone’s reactions to such a development…

  14. Is it just me, or did Kazuki’s hair actually get longer after the haircut? Or is it…a wig!! 😛

    Anyway, thanks for blogging this, Omni! I’m actually curious as to how this series ends, but don’t really have the time or patience to watch it. With your reviews and screencaps, I’m getting all I need! 😀


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