Sketchbook ep 8, the poetically abridged version:

Hazuki’s stereo is broken! Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hey, don’t look at us, we’re just art majors. We can draw you a spanking new stereo just fine, however.

“We can do it”
“We can do it”

Oh, the two crazy mentally linked senpai. Yea sure, can you help Hazuki out?

“No problemo”
”No problemo”

So, any idea what’s wrong with it?

“After extensive observation,”
“We have concluded,”

“It’s broken.”
”It’s broken.”

Cripes, was it a good idea to let these two lunatics into my home? Whatever, I’m gonna go get some tea.

There, in the isolation of the room, away from inquisitive eyes, the psycho twins exercise their deft fingers and impeccable knowledge of electronics. Fixed. But nobody else knows…

Oh! Hazuki is coming back with the tea! Hurry, finish up!

“The only way to provide the fix”
“is to engage in spiritual rejuvenation”

“We will commence.”
”Stand back.”

And work it did. They work in mysterious ways, but hey, they work.

The second half of the episode brings us back down to Sora level as she heads out on a sunny day to do some sketching. She bumps into the camera girl once again, but this time the conversation is able to last for longer than thirty agonizing seconds. To make a short story shorter, Sora tries to sketch some things that are just too fast for her, while camera girl easily snaps up several pictures. Well, why not just draw from the pictures? Ah, clever girl.

Nikon falls asleep as Sora sketches the photos – but from a different perspective from the picture itself! Clever indeed. When she wakes up, Sora shows her the sketches she drew, including one of Nikon herself, but looking much cuter than she really is, with sparkles of light all around her. So this is how Sora sees her? There’s some potential here…


The overly dynamic senpai duo fix Hazuki’s stereo while demonstrating the art of persuasion, deception, and some crazy engineering skills; Sora hangs out with her technological nemesis, the girl with the camera. Some awesome piano music throughout this one.


The overwhelming popularity of this show is astounding.

The two psychotwins are probably as close to “fast paced” as this show is getting, but they fit right in perfectly with the rest of the eccentric cast. I’m not sure if their little radio repair stunt was their sense of humor, but man they are weird. And hilarious at the same time. Heck, I can’t describe it – they’re not the kind of weird that gets on your nerves, you know? Mihashi from Furikabutte is weird, but that guy pissed me off. The girls in Zetsubou Sensei are crazy weird, but they’re too one-dimensional, too predictable, even if it is intentional. The psychotwins of Sketchbook? They’re… synchronized. And insane. But lovable at the same time.

In regards to the second part, it continued to address Sketchbook’s main theme of seeing the world through different eyes. In this ep, Nikon (I can’t remember her name) gets to see herself through the eyes of someone else, and she was rather surprised at the result. While her reaction was borderline… I dunno… braggish (“I’m that cute?”), the point was clear. After all, everyone in this show seems to see things in a different light. Sora makes everything pretty and cute. Hazuki turns it all into a dollar amount. Natsumi plays it out through puppets. Kate seems them as random kanji put together to make the same sound. And camera chick? Well, she has a ultracompact digicam, which, in addition to some nasty redeye, leaves nothing up to interpretation, which showed why it was important for her to see how an artist viewed the world. Sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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