AT-X decided to start the winter season early, by sneaking a double episode preview of the new action show AYAKASHI (アヤカシ) into their Sunday timetable. Its official premiere is Wednesday, December 12th, then a bunch of other channels will begin broadcasting sometime in January 2008.

First, let’s make it clear that this show has nothing to do with the previous anime that have gone under this name (Ayakashi and Ayakashi Ayashi). Instead it’s based on a romance battle adventure game that came out two years ago, made by Crossnet, and no, I’ve no idea what type of game that is, but there are enough nipples on the sequel’s cover to give me hints. The director picked for the animated version carries the name Takada Jun, with decent shows like Lamune under his belt, and most importantly, he directed and wrote the script for multiple episodes of the masterpiece Haibane Renmei. With AYAKASHI the script was left to Kouno Takamitsu, also of Lamune fame. The official website also mentions Kaneko Tsutomu involved in that position, but he’s another one credited for Lamune, so you might start seeing a pattern here.

The plot might be based on a true story: High school boy Kusaka Yuu awakens to superpowers when his female childhood friend Yakushiji Hime is assaulted by a violent superpowered madman, a day after mysterious cute girl Yoake Eimu protects him from said madman with superpowers of her own. Also features glimpses of a secret society led by giant snake dude (if the opening animation is to be believed) and a tragically dead (?) first love.

As usual when it comes to AT-X, there’s no way to judge how it looks, because it’s all a pixelly blur, but you’ll be happy to know that the awesome battle sequences are told through cool still imagery. Production’s handled by Tokyo Kids, and I sincerely doubt they’ll be showcasing it. Combined with the music, the result is a show that stinks of “cheap”. On the acting side, we’ve got Kishio Daisuke (Samatarou in Kamisama Kazoku) screaming his lungs out as Yuu, delicious Mizuki Nana (Misaki in Darker than Black) doing the most dramatic sponsor line ever, and vocal goddess Yukino Satsuki (Yoruichi in Bleach) stashed away as an evil sister. Then there’s a giggling Shimizu Ai, Sugita Tomokazu hidden in a fog, and even Nogawa Sakura under a sakura tree. None of this really matters, however, because you’ll be busy covering your ears from the horror that is Matsuki Miyu (Yoshinoya in Hidamari Sketch), as she whines and whines and whines.

This show is terrible crap smeared across the screen and you’re going to watch it anyway, because it has lots and lots of blood and gore and eyeballs sliced open and random bystanders getting cut in half and all that jazz. Why, you’d just be insane to skip it!

Reminds me of: Kaze no Stigma


  1. I would not dare to compare this bullshit with kaze no stigma….

    Of course, Kaze no stigma anime adaptation sucked…hard…very hard…but it was nowhere in level of suckage this show is in….

    Unknown Voice
  2. “First, let’s make it clear that this show has nothing to do with the previous anime that have gone under this name (Ayakashi and Ayakashi Ayashi).”

    Thats rich. Stupid Bandai claims that copyright issues prevent them to bring over SRT games, yet at the same time its possible to create two shows with exactly the same name ?

  3. @Karry
    There no “shows with the same name”
    This one is named “Ayakashi”
    The failure with guy fighting by using painted letters was “Ayakashi Ayashi”
    The masterpiece of three horror stories was named “Ayakashi~ japanese classic horror stories”

    Theoretically these are different names. does not matter that they have the same word, as that word, in a sense is normal japanese word.

    Unknown Voice
  4. @Karry
    Well just look at all the movies and shows and what not and you’ll see that there are many movies that even have the exact name and yet they go out for ppl to see. About this anime… hmm i wouldn’t want to judge it just by looking at previous or list of voice actors, i mean actors do grow up and they could change for the better or worse… as long as is not like this one girl that came out on demonbane and Aoi… >.O but who knows there are a lot of crappy anime out there that their quality suck but the plot and drama makes up for it.

  5. WOAH WAIT! MAYBE BASED ON TRUE STORY?!!!! What are you frikin serious? If that is then that is one insane event! In any case I dont have really good expectations of this show, only average, I mean I highly doubt that it is comparable to Kaze No Stigma. For the comments about KnS having a horrible adaptation, I’m also one of you guys who thinks so, once again Gonzo ruined a perfectly good novel.

  6. I have been waiting this show for years, i played the game and it’s awesome, the music is grate in the game and the combats awesomes, i didn’t like this snapshop, but i hope it will good anyway.

  7. You cant compare this pile of crap with Kaze no Stigma. Sure, it sucked, but it was at least semi-intelligent and made some sense. I mean, c’mon, slicing eye balls?! Who would watch that?

  8. I just watched the first episodes and I have to say it’s even worse than expected. Shitty opening an even worse ED, story is retarded, animation sucks, but it has lots of senseless violence and blood.

  9. I liked Kaze no Stigma, to me Kazuma was one of the best male characters in a action show that i’ve seen. Though he’s different in what little I’ve read of the translated novels, he’s still cool in the original version also.

    And come on, Ayano? That’s just tsundere love for me right there. I can’t pass that type of girl up.

    I just hope they write more novels cuz the story is unfinished.

    I’ve went off topic enough though, so I’ll call it quits here.

  10. I liked KnS as well, although I felt it was too rushed at times and that most of the final battles of the arcs sucked. However I can’t see any similarities between KnS and this piece of crap.

  11. This is dissappointing :\. I heard the VN was really good, but its another bad adaptation :(.

    Somehow I’m reminded of PoI(Phantom of Inferno), which was an extremely good VN, but the anime was a TOTAL DISGRACE >:[

  12. Actually, this is based on a best-selling game by CROSSNET. However, the game itself was extremely high quality; Also, the sex and the violence actually served a point, both to illustrate how truly terrible the powers available were, and how utterly insane and twisted- Yet frighteningly coherent- the bad guys were. I’ve played the game, and it’s one of my favorites; However, I’m truly worried about the anime, now that you mention it.

    I’ve actually written a review somewhere…Now, if only I could find it.

  13. The game OP was awesome, the lyric, the animation, everything, was just perfect, don’t understand why they didn’t use that song and just improve the animation scenes.
    The guys cutting and cutting remminds me to Elfen Lied, and god, gore is funny 🙂
    I really dissapointed about the animation, but i’ll watch the show anyway.

  14. cmon guys your looking into this to-much it’s only a tv show after all and anime most of the time has no corresponding to rill life so stop treating it as a dame realty show .and as for all the silaging of the show has only jest come out and only has 1 episode on the books . i have watched this episode and found it not bad i mean there’s plenty of better Aime’s out there but that can be true about verily everything .the point of thees blogs is for people to look @ new shows and if all your guna do is slag it of befor youv even wached the first 3 episodes whats that saying about the people who blog here .

    i can understand that you dont like this because u believe it to be a spin-of of Ayakashi-c,j,h but it isn’t and neither is it trying to be . on all the info about this Aime there is never anything saying that is is @all related to Ayakashi-c,j,h

  15. I just watched the first ep and it was pleasant. I am sick off all the high-school-hero shows that leave out the blood and violence it makes them have such a fake feel. When someone stabs someone Blood flows out (Period) I think this anime will be a nice change from not killing your enemies to grinding them into a fine red dust =)

    On a side note the actual quality is not bad if the anime came out in say… 1998 or so. oh well we cant have it all, i guess

  16. The show is all right but I wish the main protagist wasn’t so wimpy(Shinji Evangelion…grrr hate him). Also his power resembeles Allen Walker from D-Grey Man. But other than that I think the show could be potentially good(unless they ruin it).

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