Rumors have started spreading around school about Minatsu being a robot, and some people even have the nerve to directly approach her and Yume about it. This is what Yume had told Yoshiyuki about during the earlier phone call, and it’s what he worries about on his trip instead of paying attention to Koko. At one point, a boy even touches Minatsu’s hand just to see if it’s human-like, but fortunately Mayuki and Otome arrive to break things up. Mayuki feels that they can’t ignore this and should get to the bottom of it, but Otome wants to wait on that because she secretly already knows the truth. However, Mayuki argues that not doing something would be worse for Minatsu, and when she questions if Otome knows something, Otome doesn’t answer her. A student then rushes in with news of trouble, but Otome never gets to respond because she faints as soon as she tries to stand up. The last image in her head before losing consciousness is that of Yoshiyuki leaving for his trip.

When Yoshiyuki finds out about this from Yume, he decides to head home immediately. The others in his class, including Koko, end up hearing about it from Wataru, but Wataru doesn’t know why Yoshiyuki left. Otome meanwhile has a dream of a promise she made with Yoshiyuki under the sakura tree many years ago about keeping their magic a secret between just the two of them. She had felt that sharing a secret would make them one in body and mind even though she wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, and the two had pink-swore on it. Otome now wakes up to find Yoshiyuki watching over her from her bedside and apologizes for making him come back early from his trip. She claims that she’s fine now and mentions that he remembered the promise, but since he doesn’t seem immediately seem to recall what she’s talking about, she says that it’s nothing. In standing up to get her some soup, Yoshiyuki briefly feels dizzy and has to hold the windowsill to keep his balance. He claims that it was just from standing up too fast, but that doesn’t keep Otome from worrying about him.

At school, the robot talk continues, and Mizukoshi tells Yoshiyuki that revealing Minatsu’s true identity would only fan the flames. She points out that everyone wouldn’t accept Minatsu the same way that him and his friends have and notes that there are some people who even hate them. Sakura then comes into the infirmary and asks Yoshiyuki to leave deciding what to do up to her and Mizukoshi. She also thanks him and welcomes him back, taking off the pendant she gave him before he left. At home, Yoshiyuki finds Otome up and moving again, and she apologizes to him again about cutting short his school trip. Her mention of Koko reminds Yoshiyuki of the promise he broke, and he rushes back to school to meet with Koko right as she’s arriving back from the trip. He follows her back home and tries to ask her how the trip was, but when she responds with silence, he apologizes and reveals that he had something urgent to do.

Koko, however, questions why he went home without saying anything to her. Yoshiyuki tries to explain that it couldn’t be helped because of what’s going on with his sister and Minatsu, but Koko already understood all that and wanted him at least to say something to her before he left – she would have been fine if he had just said one sentence to her. Wiping away the tears, Koko points out their shadows aren’t overlapping before running home by herself. The next day, she treats Yoshiyuki distantly, and she goes out of her way not to interact with him when Suginami shows the group the pictures he took during the trip. Yoshiyuki eventually heads to the rooftop to think about this, and he remembers how he and Koko had fought and made up when they were kids. His thoughts are interrupted when Maya shows up on the rooftop to ask him about Minatsu being a robot. He calls it a silly rumor, but she keeps pressing him for the truth about if Minatsu is a Mu.

Speaking hypothetically, Yoshiyuki asks what Maya would do if that were true. She tells him that she’d request the proper measures to get Minatsu kicked out of school because she feels that robots and humans working together is outrageous. Yoshiyuki tries to protest that Minatsu hasn’t done anything bad, but Maya points out that they don’t know what robots can bring about. She figures out that Yoshiyuki standing up for Minatsu amounts to an admission that Minatsu is indeed a robot, and she vows to report it to the student council. Frustrated, Yoshiyuki goes to see Mizukoshi again with Minatsu, and he rejects Minatsu’s notion that it’s impossible for humans and robots to get along together. On the topic of Maya, Mizukoshi reveals that Maya’s father was the robot engineer who developed the Mu hoping to make people’s lives better, but the public instead felt inferior to the robots. They blamed Maya’s father for everything, and feeling cornered, he took his own life. Maya in turn blames robots for leaving her without a father. Learning all of this has left Yoshiyuki shocked and speechless.


All of the sudden I’m a little overwhelmed by everything happening in the story since now we have no less than three things all going on (Koko mad at Yoshiyuki, Otome’s fainting and her memories of the promise, and all the robot stuff). They were taking things so slowly for the past nine episodes and then bang, everything came out at once. The pacing could have used some tweaking, particularly when it seems like Minatsu’s story could have been taken care of earlier. Having said that, I do like that things are finally getting really interesting, and if the three plot threads are truly intertwined, then it’ll all (hopefully) make sense in the coming episodes.


  1. Well, I read commentary before that pretty much predicted an Otome issue input, and therefore I thought that is what 10 would have, and indeed it does have it. And yes, I agree 1 – 9 were rather slow paced and somewhat happy, and as you said, boom… er, bang.

  2. Wooo!!!!!!! YES~!!! some Otome screen time. Also nice that her animation is slightly better than how she first appeared the first ep. Just a little more now and Yoshiyuki will dump Koko. I hope theres something that makes him basically choose between Koko and Otome and causes him to dump Koko.

  3. well, I knew it was too good to be true! I was really hoping I was wrong and Koko would end with yoshiyuki, but being childhood friends doesn’t help her much. With Kei from Memories defeat and Koko from Decapo imminent dumping, the candidates for “childhood friend gets the boy” are dwindling.

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    More curious, is that the scripts are linked to a site and are connected to animeblogger though other sites powered by animeblogger do not reproduce the ads. Wonder what you call these kind of ads.

    Just some comments (Philosopher)
  5. @relentlessflame
    Koko Going from all understanding and lovey-dovey for 9 episodes to suddenly getting mad at yoshiyuki is a big hint. I do hope I am wrong, I really do, but i see the signs there.

  6. “Koko Going from all understanding and lovey-dovey for 9 episodes to suddenly getting mad at yoshiyuki is a big hint. I do hope I am wrong, I really do, but i see the signs there.”

    Nah, I really just can’t see how that could work. It begs the question: “And then what?” In order for that to work, he’d have to fall in love with someone else, but they just haven’t shown that. Even Otome’s role in this episode isn’t about romantic love, but something else. I think Koko getting mad is definitely a hint of something, but I don’t think it’s that she’s going to get dumped. There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

  7. @relentlessflame
    the big question is; was he really in love? If she had not started crying will he have accepted her?

    But like I said, I hope you are right and I am wrong in our observations.

  8. @Organ
    Plz do not post up false hope next time lol. I’m sticking to perma-F5’ing Stormberry right now, but my hunger for anime grows while I wait. I might just go start up ef – a tale of m emories.

    Hey I read your summaries on animesuki forums of the game and all I can say is Suggoi! Now I really want to see the Otome and D.C paths >_>. *sigh* If only I was better in understanding jap. dialog, I’d play the game right now.

  9. DarkReign: jaalin disappeared and I have no idea where he went. I unfortunately don’t have the time to cover all of his shows in addition to the ones I’m already blogging.

    Philosopher: Our ad server is experiencing some trouble here so there may be some issues for a while while we get things sorted out.

  10. So finally things get interesting, and all they had to do was up Otome’s screentime and create tension between Koko and Yoshiyuki lol

    I think it’s still a long shot to expect them to break up though. If they do break up, it just proves how weak their relationship was from the start…

    as far as the childhood friend winning, we can expect Myself;Yourself to give us our fix of that lol

    read your comments on animesuki, hope you’re right on there being more after this season, cuz as much as I liked the first two this season has been a disappointment… preferably a reset, like “another playthrough”, with the focus on Otome and/or Nanaka

  11. @cookie
    Myself;Yourself doesn’t even count because everyone in there is childhood friends and it is a given that Nanaka is going to win. Still, at least one is good even when everyone was childhood friends.

  12. @golthin
    guess you’re right, though I’d say the closest to becoming a rival for Nanaka was Asami, who isn’t a childhood friend… pity she became just a plot device to push them together though.

    The only time I saw the osananajimi win was in To heart: RMM, though I always thought the idea of Multi as a love rival was all in Akari’s mind. Yeah, guess the winner there was also a given from the start lol

  13. CooKie:
    For what it’s worth, after this episode, I’m no longer convinced that a part 2 is coming (though they did already announce that they’re making a movie). Until episode 9 it was looking that way, but episode 10 pretty much throws that theory out. I think they’re going to cover Otome’s plot in the remaining episode as well, and we won’t get either a reset or “another playthrough”. Although I’m surprised, I think 13 episodes (plus the OVA included with the PS2 game) may be all the show’s going to get for now.

  14. @relentlessflame
    yeah I wasn’t able to read your posts about ep10 till after I posted here… Too bad I guess, I had a hard time warming up to Koko for most of the series since I felt the story was “forcing” us to like her by focusing so much screentime on her… I would have accepted it better if they became a couple after both realized their feelings for each other, much like Junichi and Nemu…

    Oh well, hope the movie and OVA do better, thanks for the info 🙂

  15. I know it is a long-shot, but i have a feeling yume will win in the end. This is DA CAPO after all. Though, that would mean Otome has a chance too but the little sister has a better chance than the older sister. Would you date a younger girl or an older girl? exactly. Also, for all those who think Koko will somehow survive till the end, dream on. their relationship is doomed from the start. I saw no interest in Koko from the guy the whole show. If he had more balls, he would had dumped her a long time ago. But he is one of those can’t be true to his feelings lead guy in a harem. Why is this show only 13 instead of 24 is a mystery to me? A show like da capo has so much materials that can’t be covered in only 13. Go yume, die koko and that damn sakura tree which granted her the wish. Seem like brainwashed to me than an actual acceptance of a confession.

  16. I agree with you ttt, Yume seems impossibly like a long shot, but this is DaCapo not just a pure romance anime such as myself, yourself or lamune. I really think that if they wanted to end it with Koko , which is pure bullshit. Also I wonder if this will follow the game for some reason. It doesn’t make sense to me, doesn’t Yume have dreams too? I think we might just be in for an amazing ending. They will work out the kinks in the next too episodes and show us that Yume has a dream. Brother and sister/ but not really brother and sister is the basics of DaCapo. I mean we all know Yume likes him right…


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