On a night when the Wakatsuki home is quiet, Shuri and Shuusuke’s stepmother is out drinking with a male companion. She complains to him about the twins and later goes into a love hotel with him. The next day, Shuusuke and Shuri visit their mother’s grave, and Shuri taking Shuusuke’s hand as they’re about to go home causes him to get embarrassed and pull away. Shuri points out how she used to hold his hand when they were kids, and this makes her remember the feelings of when their mother was still alive. Shuusuke notices that Shuri is rather quiet on the train ride back home, and after eating together, he almost takes her hand, but can’t quite do it. When they pass by a specialty store that’s still open, Shuri goes inside and finds some misanga for sale. Shuusuke offers to buy one for her, so she decides that she’ll buy one for him in return, and the two return home hand-in-hand wearing the misanga on their wrists.

At school a few days later, the two are called to the principal’s office and are accused of having gone to a love hotel together because an anonymous letter sent to the school had stated as much. The twins deny it because it’s not true and reveal that they were visiting their mother’s grave on that day, but the vice-principal points out that they don’t have anyone to verify their alibi. This causes Yuzuki to get angry at him for suspecting the students and believing in a letter that could be a prank. The principal decides that the letter is indeed suspicious, but this matter must still be reported to their parents. This leads to their father punching Shuusuke when he gets home because their father is angry about a possible scandal before the city assembly elections. The following day, the twins arrive in their classroom to find a love umbrella with their names written under it. Shuri is so embarrassed that she runs out of the room crying, and this only makes Shuusuke angrier at whoever did it, but no one fesses up.

Shuri later explains everything to Asami and Sana while they’re on the bus to go visit Kajii in the hospital, and Sana is irked that the teachers believed in such a letter. At the hospital, they present Kajii with some apples which Shuri offers to peel, but in doing so, she accidentally cuts her finger. The sight of the blood on the knife terrifies Sana so much that he has to leave the room, but even in the hallway, the image of the knife lingers on his mind. Asami leaves Shuri alone with Kajii to go check on him, and while Asami is gone, Kajii brings up the legend of the twin hills again. She reveals that she made a wish to the sakura tree for her grandchild Motoko – whose death she believes to be a mistake – to be returned to her. However, the sakura tree didn’t bloom, and she thought sacrifices were necessary, so she buried the bird and the cat. She now thinks that it has to be a person, and her target is Shuri.

Fortunately, Sana and Asami return just in time, and Asami runs to Shuri’s aid, but she ends up getting hurt in the process and lays bleeding on the floor. She’s quickly taken into surgery, and, to everyone’s relief, the surgeons report that Asami is okay once they’re done operating on her. At home, Shuri finds out that her father wants her to go study in London because of what happened. He tries to be nice in order to convince her, but she knows that he’s only thinking about his own election and vows not to go to London. From his own room, Shuusuke overhears Shuri slam her door, and he’s shocked to find her crying on her bed when he checks to see what’s wrong. She tells him about what happened to Asami and about their father wanting her to go to London, and even though Shuusuke wants to oppose it, Shuri knows that their father’s mind has been made up, just like with how he was when their stepmother came into the family. Seeing how his sister doesn’t want to be separated from him, Shuusuke decides that they’re going to go somewhere far away where they father can’t reach them. Shuri starts to protest, but Shuusuke declares that if she’s feeling uncertain or scared, he’ll take her hand and lead her out of it.


Yes, that’s blood and yes, it’s black now. I didn’t think they’d change it after they showed red blood on the knife back in episode three, but maybe that was different because it was fish blood and there was less of it. I’m also surprised that Asami was the target since I thought that if Kajii was going to go after anyone, it’d be Nanaka. But Nanaka barely showed up this episode, and I guess is just another way for Asami to get involved in Shuri and Shuusuke’s story.

As for the twins, watching the vice-principal talk like the accusations of the love hotel against Shuri and Shuusuke were true was so incredibly frustrating. That really made me want to punch him. Anyway, it wouldn’t shock me if the accusations were concocted by their stepmother since we found out in this episode that she’s nowhere near the victim that she looked to be when Shuri said all those things about her back in episode seven. All of this just serves to push the twins closer to each other, and I’d almost say we’re in store for an incest ending (I kept thinking that the two were going to kiss or something in that very last scene this episode), but my gut tells me it won’t happen. The preview seems to hint that something bad is coming, but it’s titled 「告白」 (Confession), so who knows…


  1. Been a while since I posted…
    Well this is how it all comes down to me,
    *Thinks inside of the box* Move out… Saves the trouble of being beaten.
    *Thinks outside of the box* If Shuri and Shuusuke weren’t brother and sister, wouldn’t
    they make a nice couple? or is it just me who thinks that? O.o

    Also, I think it would be cool if blood was black…or is it just me again?

  2. @valdor:

    Yeah, and Nanaka = Sekai (as if we did not have enough similarities already).

    So, Sana goes to the hospital to check on Asami but he accidentally trips and falls over her just when Nanaka also comes to visit. Nanaka misinterprets the whole scene and after Sana promised too always protect her she feels betrayed again and later decided to slice and dice Sana to pieces. Of course it’s all Sana’s fault – he’s a guy after all, it’s always the guy’s fault.

    Then Asami recovers and finds out about the whole issue and kills Nanaka and checks to see if she is pregnant just out of curiosity.

    Sigh…some people never learn.

    P.S. I hope everyone noticed the heavy sarcasm in my words!

  3. Oh, Here we again with School Days comparisons!!!
    Damn you all people for bringing that up again!!!
    Just leave that anime alone for once and concentrate on this
    one that is NOT School Days!!!

  4. well maybe it isn’t school days but there are similarities, and i wouldn’t put it past the production team to kind of use the buzz that school days created to benefit this anime, i mean the whole thing with the black blood and all, i think that it’s to draw people in, I mean when you saw the black blood wouldn’t you think of skool days?

  5. I’m glad others have said it, but I’ll just add my 2cents. Just because we have blood (and it’s black) does not make this school days. There is no twisted overlly dramatic love triangle between Sana, Nanaka and Asami. Thus, this fact alone means there will be no school days ending or anything even close to it.

    What we have instead is a grandma who’s lost it a bit, and needs some heavy meds quick. And a pair of twins that have some family problems after losing their mom. Add to the fact that HS kids (in any part of the world) can be total assholes, just complicates things for them.

    No there is no incest going on either, don’t let the mild innuendo get to you.

  6. @allie

    While you would get that idea, black blood wasn’t first used in School days. Higurashi has had it for a while, and other shows. I perfectly understand why they make it black. Japan’s been having a hard time with HS kids and knifes and killings. They wanna try to censore it in a less extreme way than what you’d see in the West.

  7. So, the tramp set up Shuusuke and Shuuri with the hotel thing, then their old man not only don’t trust them, but wants to sent Shuuri far away. Instead, seems that both twins will get far away on their own…
    Not good at all. Losing Yukari Tamura and Takehito Koyasu in the last part could be a downgrade ending.
    Shuusuke was GAR here, and I bet that he could’ve owned the old man given the chance.

    And we got the attack of the psycho granny. Luckily, Asami’s goodness is way too much for the reaper to take her down.

    I had expected Yuzuki to beat the hell out of that vice-principal SOB. At least, now he will piss off his pants everytime she steps into his office.

    And about the comparisons with SD, Nanaka gets more lovely with every piece of memory she regains, so no chance of major mental breakdown against Sana; while Asami’s not a bubblehead, so that take her far away from Kotonoha.

  8. god more of the stupid school day comparisons?! THIS AINT SCHOOL DAYS!!!

    Anyway a lot of Shuusuke and Shuuri in this one. Yeah if they werent siblings, they would make a cute couple. Seems like more of Sana’s fear of blood is shown in this one. That old lady gone crazy again I see. Oh poor asami, at least she;s doing better. this anime gets more and more interesting.

  9. It could be a car, dunno till I see the episode. Screencaps only give you half the story. I really wanna know what that bitch of a step-mom did though, and I don’t think they’ll run off btw. I think, with the help of the others, they’ll somehow get proof about how she really is and then open up the old mans eyes.

    Some guys are just blinded by tits and a nice ass. Sorry, but it’s true.

  10. Right now Shuusuke and Shuri are not twincest, but their love for each other is very strong.
    If they end running away or going to london together the chances of them ending in each others arms are very likely imho. their love for each other is already way beyond what close sibling have. It is natural as it seems that they only have each other. Shuusuke basically asked Shuri to run away with him at the very end of the episode. I wonder if Shuri will decide to go with him or just alone. we got to see!

  11. @golthin

    It’s just another case of anime taking either friendship or sibling “love” a bit close to the edge. Always good to crank up tv ratings and grow your viewer numbers. Also helps with sell doujins later on.

    But as you said, they really only have each other right now, add to the fact that they’re twins and not just normal brother and sister, they’ll be closer. Twins always share a deeper connection than regular siblings from what i’ve seen.

  12. I forgot to say, the love of Shuusuke and shuri is one of the most beautiful relationships I have seen. It reminds me of the short OVA candy boy about two fraternal twins. Yuri Twincest trumps anything, but Twincest comes in second place. I bet anything that the evil step mother sent that letter.

  13. @SeedStriker
    Yes Shuusuke was GAR at the very end, I think he loves his older sister more than she loves him but he was afraid of what just happened so he is not letting his feelings get the best of him. Remember all the hints we got, everytime Sana asked what his ideal woman was he kept asking for the opposite of his sister once he looked at her. He also said he had someone he likes already. He will do anything to protect her.

    Black blood has less impact on people or so the psycholgics say.

  14. @golthin

    I picked up on the hints, but I still don’t think it’s more than just your typical innuendo. We won’t be getting any solid twincest in this show, so although we can debate about it till hell freezes, it’s nothing more than just a close sibling relationship in a tough time. I think back when that “hint” was given it was more about him protecting her than him “loving” her. I think that her problem at home with the stepmother was already set, and he knew about it etc. This isn’t something that just happend.

    I actually think that “hint” was more of a hint that they have problems also, and not just Sana and Nanaka. Because at the start the twins looked like everything was going great in their life etc. The thing about looking at her before answering could be seen that way also. It’s borderline, but again I cough it up to typical innuendo mixed in to keep the horny viewers happy. heh

  15. @GP
    I understand and I never expected to see any twincest in the show. It is just implied that it will EVENTUALLY happen and that is all we get. It is pretty much like the OVA candy boy, there they took it a step ahead of what we seen so far, but we never see anymore than that.

    Have you watched the episode yet, or are you just going by the screen caps, because after you watch the last scene with the twins and the set up from the director, it all have a romantic atmosphere to it. I think the only scene that has such feel to me was from heroic age when AGe and Deianeira got reunited in that last episode. The way the moonlight bathe those two when Shuusuke tells her Shuri to run away with him and that doesn’t matter what happened this time he will hold her hand. AWWWWW!

  16. Yeah, it does look romantic, but that could be taken anyway. It’s all subjective at this point. You either think it’s at that level or not. Up to each viewer to think of it as they want to. But we’ll see what happens in the next ep.

  17. @GP
    Yeah, that is what they are going for. I have to say that after that scene, you just want to get in there a pat Shuusuke on the back and tell him “gud Job”. He was GAR GAR!
    That show you that to be gar you don’t have just to be able to get Swords and drills from hammer space. 🙂

  18. I don’t care about incest anymore, what those two have is a beautiful thing and if they leave it at that I will be happy. I just want the stepmother to pay, because there is not doubt on my mind that she is the one that is causing all this, she probably sent that letter. I wouldn’t doubt if she is slowly poisoning her husband and that is why he has those headache. At first I thought Shuri was just being bratty about the whole thing, but she is definetely in for the money.

  19. To all you folks out there who keep mentioning the similarities between this anime and School Days: GET OVER IT! C’mon now, fellas…

    To me, I think this anime is similar to NG Evangelion (NGE)! Of course, no giant robots and sci-fi elements, mind you, but the Myself;Yourself characters are like Shinji, Asuka, and the rest: They all act happy or normal on the outside, but secretly they’re suffering on the inside from the turmoil of their own domestic struggles and personal demons. Again, we see the theme of “mothers,” whom both Asuka and Shinji long for; and for this anime, Shuu and Shuri, as well as Nanaka, all missing their most beloved parental figures.

    I once thought this was going to be an all-happy anime, but now I realize this is seriously not. In my opinion, I don’t think this anime is going to end violently, and I’m looking forward to seeing how each of these characters are going to find hope and happiness by the last episode. Perhaps they’ll find it within the company of each other.


  20. Once more, micro managament per character are ruining a show for me. All this, IMO, are just filler (which is sad since this series is supposed to be so short) just for the sake of putting off the ending. As much as I like the twins, they’re secondary characters and I really don’t care much for secondary characters. Yes, a few points in the episodes FINALLY moved the plot forward (if only by a bit), but I hope that the twins’ arc does play a significant role in the overall ending. I hope it isn’t just an isolated plot and to be forgotten plot filler by the company, just for the sake of exploring that arc.

  21. I’ve kept my hopes up for a teacher and student relationship, but seeing as things are coming along, I don’t think it will even come close to it. Unless We see both Yuzuki (sensei) and Sana have a chance meeting during the evenings in the neighbor hood, and decides to dine together. Then alcohol will be serve—of course. So afterwards, they decide to spend a night at an hotel out of necessity. There, FUI (fking under the influence of alcohol) kicks in, and all hell (Yazuki-immoral-intercourse) breaks loose.

    Who knows, we might even find out that through the one-night stand, “SENSEI” was actually a freaking VIRGIN. Now that’s hot, right? lol 😉

  22. While I’ll admit I did not read every single comment here, but it seems like no one has commented about the episode itself. Almost gave me the impression of people going, “let’s not talk about the how the episode was… why?… that’s because… umm…hey look!!! we’ve got black blood! Let’s focus on that instead!! School Days!!!! Nice Raft!!! oops… I mean, nice boat!!”. REALLY SORRY m(-.-)m !!

    Anyway, this episode felt like the first episode of Shining Tears in terms of WTF and WTFFFFFFFFF. Just as I thought, it has started. The arcs are being tied together now, although for me, this episode was really weird. Some of the things that happened just felt really REALLY out of place. Or should I say, many of events in this episode made no sense? Seems like everything is being rushed in a really bad way.

    The two things that were really powerful in this episode were the rumour about the twins, and the final scene with the twins. But that’s it.

    I personally thought that this episode really blew it. Too many things in such a short time wasn’t even the problem. Some of the things that happened were really un-natural in my opinion. Not to say that the story was bad, but I believed it could’ve been told a LOT better.

    The accusation-scene had me going WTF…If I could get any school to believe (in this episode’s case, make a big fuss and causing trouble for the accused) an annonymous letter WITHOUT pictures or proof, I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of learning photoshop…. The grandma scene had me laughing… the dad scene at the end had me asking WTF (again)? Good cop bad cop? His reasons made no sense, and Sana’s knife-blood scene… well, there was nothing wrong with it, but it really lost its impact with the crazy grandma…

    And as for the grandma…reminds me of what the devil said in Dogma, about how bad guys in movies always reveal ALL of their plans and deeds, only to be foiled… the story

    Seriously granny,… you’re supposed to offer a LIVE sacrifice. What’s the use of you killing your sacrifice before it gets offered to the tree? No wonder your wishes ain’t getting answered. Ooh, and another thing… if you’re gonna kill someone, why make an announcement for it? I’d rather do the stabbing FIRST, THEN appologise.

    I seriously believed that Myself;Yourself had great potential, but it was waaaay too rushed as they try go for a final big bang… Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The story is really interesting and I have nothing against it, but the execution of it in this episode was… well, in my opinion, poorly done. Sure, there’s an explanation for everything this episode I believe, as the human mind is great at rationalization, but for me, this episode was bad. Wonder what they’ll cook up next week… Old uncle going crazy with a knife (or gasoline) next time and pinning Nanaka against a wall?

  23. Ooh, and while everyone is still on the topic of the bloody knife, I wonder if the animators thought that fish blood on a knife is different from human blood on a knife. Or maybe Shuri has been poisoned.. that’s why she has black blood when a fish has red… that must be it!! OMG!!! Someone call the ambulance! So thus far, it’s been a Nice Boat ending for the fish a few episodes ago, whereas that girl… voiced by Nakahara Mai (sorry, her character is just too chimi that I couldn’t remember her name) had an incomplete Nice Boat end, and so, it’s not really an end yet, eh? NICE!

  24. I’m really pissed off at the sence Shuri’s father order her to go to London. All this is for HIS ELECTION… You might as well go and die. Haha, your new wife is having an affair. If that news is leaked out to public, ha good luck.

  25. @Remy

    Actually, in the game Shuu is also a main character. This is one of the few stories where you do not have just one main storyline. As I said, the game has two male protagonists: Sana and Shuu.

  26. I hope this is the last time we see the crazy granny… she freaks me out, she oughta be locked up in the looney bin for good lol

    As for the twins’ dad, if he’s so worried about his reputation no need to look further than his slutty wife… For someone trying to get into government, he’s quite oblivious to his immediate surroundings. What an idiot.

    Finally hospitalized Asami looks really cute! 🙂
    Her VA, Mai Nakahara, also does Nagisa from Clannad, right?

  27. I wanna see the crazy granny, Shuri’s dad and stepmom, that male teacher who was making baseless accusation and whoever was responsible for burning down Nanaka’s house to be thrown into a windowless room with a single melonpan and a knife and a video camera that transmit live feed to anywhere within a 20-light-year radius… and to make it even better, make the room out of a huge brazen bull that starts cooking once only 1 person is left standing.

    Ooh, and throw in 34 too.

  28. I still can’t figure out how it will solve all of their problems in just 3 short episodes?
    I don’t know guys, but why do I have a feeling that there will be a second season of M;Y.

  29. We did talk about the episode, but just about the twins parts. The rest is what it is. Opinions vary as always. What is a wtf moment for you wouldn’t be for everyone.

    That said, the crazy granny is kinda lame. I really don’t see why they’re using her at all aside from a way to show Sana and Nanakas past with her psycho actions.

    As for the twins dad, he’s blinded by his ambition at this point. And the stepmother is probably great in bed so he doesn’t have anything to complain about. She was the one who sent the letter, that much is pretty clear. Will the twins run off together? I don’t think so, but who knows what the writers want to do.

    And Sana grabbing his wrist? Maybe that could just be him grabbing the watch you know. I think the key here is the watch itself and not that the watch is hiding a scar from an attempted suicide. But again, we’ll know in a few more eps.

    Oh, and there is no twincest people, but it’s find to think there is. heh

  30. @GB
    I agree, there is not twincest and I am fine with it. The love that Shuusuke and Shuri have is just pure love, they only have each other. Even with friends like Sana, nanaka, Asami and Aoi, they have been together all their life and each other is the last reminder of their mother. The last scene didn’t have me thinking of twincest at all, but just pure love, be it between siblings or man and a woman. It is pretty obvious that Shuri won’t cross the line and Shuusuke knows that.

  31. @golthin

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about, they’re alone right now, without their mom and a father who has no trust in them at all. So to keep going in this tough time they’ll come together more and pull through. It’s natural really.

    sry.. my angry.. i love this anime and i became sad when i saw it has only 13 episodes 🙁 but i love it.. like Kodomo no Jikan.. if anybody know anything about KnJ manga or just want to speak with me here is my msn.. (my friends dont like animes so i cant speak about it to any1 🙁 ):

    Sakai Yuji
  33. I don’t like incest but their love is beautiful so i guess is ok with those two. As for stepmother, she a slut so I hope she gets kill by a train at the end…I just hate women like that.

  34. BOZZY at 4:32 pm on December 4th, 2007

    “I wonder, since blood is black these days in anime, does that mean oil will be red?”


    anyways this show is finally moving with the plot compared to the earlier episodes, i’m really curious to find out what happened in sana’s past

  35. The twin arc is cute and nice. This is what da capo 2 should be like, not the drama-less show it is. btw, was that cat buried in that box? I assumed the crazy old lady killed it and have Sana bury it without him knowing.

  36. You people and your nice boats need to GTFO. Since when does black blood in a show make it like school days? They pulled the black blood trick in Bleach also, and a load of other shows have used it before. It’s nothing new.

  37. I get a feel that all these problems we see so far with Nanaka, Hina, Shuusuke and Shuuri are nothing but a big built up into Sana’s problem, which my guess would be probably 3 times worst than everyone else.
    U know how these series goes, always save the best for last.

  38. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I think Hoshino was the one who sent the letter. Its just mere speculation, but judging from the ferris wheel scene in episode 9 I think Hoshino got the wrong idea of why Shuri was crying. Seeing how Hoshino getting stabbed and the next episode titled “confession”, I think its karma and she paid the price. High percentage I could be wrong though…


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