Michiko has finished her script, and copies of it – called “The Girl of Orleans” – soon arrive for the class to read over. Yuuko puts Michiko in charge of producing the play, but luckily Michiko has Hagino helping her organize the class. The girls of the dorm spend the night working on costumes, and while she’s sewing with Mari in their room, Hagino raises the subject of what if the Kamiokijima incident hadn’t happened. Mari feels that if so, then she wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have met Hagino, and she’s glad for that much even though she doesn’t remember the island. She then notes that it’s thanks to Hagino saving her that she is now able to prepare for the festival and get along well with everyone. Hearing this, Hagino feels that she has to tell Mari something, but she isn’t able to say it and instead cuts herself with her scissors. Sucking up the white blood off Hagino’s finger, Mari suggests a bandage, and Hagino is wearing one by the time she brings Michiko some tea later that night. Michiko is having trouble deciding on the cast because she feels the people in their class don’t quite fit, so Hagino tells her it’s okay to use other people. Michiko thus recruits Hiroko and the three girls who always fawn over Hagino to participate too. Of course, the lead role of the girl still goes to Mari and the role of Jeanne goes to Hagino. The cast soon starts rehearsing together, and they find that Mari isn’t the greatest actress, but Hagino manages to wow everything.

Hagino later invites Mari to go to the Blue since she had promised to, and Mari is thrilled to be able to ride in Hagino’s ship when the time comes. Upon learning that Mari is coming, Azanael goes to her room and activates her own ship’s computer via Onomil’s pendant. It starts to mess with the Blue’s computer, but no one other than her notices yet. Hagino meanwhile shows Mari the bridge, and introduces her to the ship, Tsubael, and Azanael. She then brings Mari to the upper deck of the Blue and allows Mari to see all of the seagulls flying alongside the ship. The Blue even dives underwater and performs several jumps to allow Mari to experience everything. Afterwards, Mari thanks Hagino for bringing her onboard, and Hagino decides that it’s time to tell Mari the truth. Before she can say it however, the ship starts acting erratically because the computer has gotten scrambled. While Hagino deals with the problem from the bridge, Azanael takes Mari to the living quarters of the ship. Specifically, she brings Mari to her own room. When the ship lurches at one point, Mari accidentally activates the recording of Azanael and Onomil and wonders if this is Azanael’s lover. Hagino isn’t aware of any trouble until live video of Azanael’s room suddenly starts being sent to the bridge, and this causes Hagino to rush to the living quarters area.

Azanael tells Mari about how a superior officer let Onomil die, yet Onomil was calling out to this person even at the end. She blames this same person for killing a lot of innocent people on Kamiokijima. On that day, a team had been sent to research humans, but there was an engine accident with the Emil Force Drive that affected the nearby humans, and it led to everyone dying. The one survivor of the slaughter was Mari. Azanael finishes by identifying the person responsible for everything, including Mari’s parents being part of everyone killing each other, as Hagino. Mari’s eyes become dead the moment she hears this, and when Hagino and Tsubael finally succeed in forcing their way into Azanael’s room, Azanael pushes Mari towards Hagino and uses the chance to escape. In doing so, she activates the bombs that she’s set all around the Blue, and as it sinks, she escapes in her own ship.


I wonder how Mari would have reacted if Hagino had actually been able to personally tell her the truth instead of her learning about everything like this. Azanael’s description more or less poisoned Mari’s mind against Hagino, but if Hagino herself had said it, then I doubt Mari would have gone dead-eyes and might have even forgiven here right there. Instead, Hagino’s probably going to have to spend at least next episode getting Mari over this (assuming Hagino conquers her personal demons first), and even after hearing Hagino’s side of the story, Mari might need Hagino to save her again or something in order to win her back over. Since there are only three episodes left, I imagine there’s a good chance that the series will climax during the school festival.


  1. OK…now that I think about it…this might possibly be a test of their bond together and it’s clear to me that Aznael is manipulating Mari as a way of getting back at Hagino for not saving Ominil and saving Mari instead. (It’s clear to me that Aznael is doing that manipulation method out of anger and hatred).

  2. Not exactly a non-reaction: Mari just goes right ahead and sucks the white/clear blood from Hagino’s wound. The second-most romantic thing in this series so far (after the hug in the last episode). Hagino’s blush shows that she thinks it’s romantic, too. Letting Azanael run loose was a calculated risk. Hagino probably thought Blue would keep track of things, but Azanael was able to disable Blue. I’m just glad Azanael was content to let them all die together, rather than murdering Mari. Did Mari’s innocent praise of Onomil stop her? Mari is stunned, perhaps, but I’m not sure this will turn her against Hagino. Those blank eyes look like some special Arume reaction: is it because of something Azanael did, or because Mari has a bit of Arume in her?

  3. Well I sort of regret putting ‘non-reaction’ after I posted it – I meant there is no ‘WTF reaction’, when I’m quite sure even a few viewers will be a little surprised to see Hagino’s blood.

    And then to suck her wound – yeah I think that’s quite a huge moment to be honest.

  4. Last time, I said Azanael needed to be contained and dealt with, otherwise she’d be dumping guilty all over and escape to tell Mastah Commandah *everything* she learned about the Blue. I was told that I was insulting people’s intelligence. Oh, well. Nice meeting you all.

  5. @Shizuka:
    According to the “About This Site” section, Omni says, “I watch the majority of my anime raw, but keep up with several series that are subbed, especially dialogue heavy ones. I get almost all of my raws off winny, so please don’t ask me for a link. If you are looking for a series or PV or anything, please refer to the Community section on the right.”

    Personally, I do the same. The episodes are available on Winny and Share first. Both are the “mainstream” Japanese p2p programs.

  6. i knew that….
    I know..I know…I could have told you all the results….but…´d never trust me….

    Tensai Otaku
  7. Like the old saying goes.. Never turn your back to an enemy, unless its a corps. They should never have left Azanael on the Blue to begin with since they now shes against them. Either lock her up, through her over board, or kill her!

  8. I got to tell you, folks, especially the Yuri lovers, not to be disappointed. As I suspected, the writers, finally, around ep.9 realized how they completely failed to please the LFBs. So, they decided to try at least to save the last three episodes. How? They did what is called a plot-twist. They decided to do away with the main characters, as we all know, they’re as good as dead, and whose relationship wasn’t going anywhere to beginning with. And it was easy, since all Lesbian love stories end in tragedy, anyway. And from now on, it’s going to be all fanservice, yurifest with tons of hot Lesbians in swimsuits….

  9. My thoughts are these: If Mari’s mind can unconsciously interact with Blue’s AI then she is responsible for the isle incident. Hagino has knew instinctively this fact and she wasn’t worried about herself telling the incident truth to Mari. It’s possible that Hagino is worried for Mari, infact Mari, after listening Azanel’s history, may have tought that she was the true cause of the incident and, conseguently, of Hagino’s (her savoir) problems….so her eyes went blank. How would you react when you know that you’re the cause of the death of a lot of people and your life-saver is reputed the responsible (and has a lot of sense of guilt) instead of you? I would feel very very shocked.

  10. This may explain the Hagino esitation to tell her truth and her very emotional reaction at the end of the episode: she is worried that Mari may isolate herself fromt he world in her shock state.
    Or I’m too romantic? 🙂

  11. When little Mari would have interacted with Blue’s AI? When she has seen the huge and scaring ship….she may have felt fear and conseguently her mind sent in tilt Blue’s AI activating the Emil Force.

  12. I mean like, I’m really addicted with the anime’s Story, that I don’t want it to end already in 3 more episodes. Gotta love Sci-Fi animes.
    I still agree with ayumi; “can’t imagine where they are going with the story in 3 episodes”

  13. well, love conquers all… Mari and Hagino are too much bound by the proverbial red string of fate to be overcome by some poisonous words from Azanael (btw are all the aliens lesbians? or just higher percentage than women here on Earth? talk about culture shock for both races…)


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