Relatively serious episode this time around, although there are still some funny moments sprinkled here and there.
Pre-summary Snippets

  • Consuming surströmming to everyone’s horror, except for Professor Itsuki and Haruka
  • A peek into Haruka’s “other side” as the daughter from a well-to-do family, which includes being positioned into an arranged marriage with a man considerably older than her
  • Misato, Kawahama, and Sawaki rescue Haruka from the company of her father and fiance by opening a pressurized can of surströmming inside the restaurant they were in
  • Some thoughtful conversation on Haruka’s life, including how she first met Professor Itsuki back in middle school
  • Sawaki finally sees Kei again, all dressed up as a gothic lolita sweeping the entrance of the Hiyoshi Liquor Store
  • つづくよ☆


    1. Hmm, they seem to have skipped a whole lot to delve into the Kei moment.
      This episode was basically all of the 3rd volume then.
      Guess it might see an original ending then, which is a shame.

    2. @ Busaiku:
      It probably seems to be directed towards that, considering how Moyashimon has very few episodes left now (a Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro remake will be replacing Moyashimon in the Noitama timeslot by January).

    3. ok, why is the guy named Kei! I know it has already been said that the author of the manga said he is a guy, but damn, drag and also he has a damn WOMAN name. Kei is not a neutral name like Akira and Makoto.

      Also, Haruka is staying in college as a researcher because as soon as she leave college she has to marry with that older man. Also, Haruka is not that strong of a person as we thought, she is very shy in social events, so all the bondage and sexy dress up is just to hide her shy personality.

      I hope she wakes up and tell her father to go to hell with the stupid arranged marriage.

    4. I’ve seen this said before, that Kei is a woman’s name, so I feel the need to comment. Kei is a gender neutral name, and the female version of “Kei” is frequently the shortening of “Keiko”. For example, the late voice actor, Tomiyama Kei was unquestionably male and there are a number of male characters named Kei in various anime, manga and books.

    5. Let see the comparison between the two:

      First, this one:

      Now, this one:

      You make the call.

    6. @KaminaLives
      I don’t know, I was hoping that they will dwell a little bit on that but it was just swept under the rug, the same thing with Haruka waking up to that scene. Everyone seem to just have swept all that under the rug.

    7. Well… according to the manga, Hazuki and Aoi try to bury it under the rug to forget about it. They’re still quite close but I think they mutually agree that it was a one time accident that resulted from their aphrodisiac and alchol addled minds.

      There was actually a hilarious chapter where Sawaki notices something odd about the tatami mat where the two had spent time on because of a strange clump of bacteria concentrating on a certain area. He asks Misato and Kawahama to ‘take position’ to figure out what had created the interesting phenomena.

      He then pointedly asks Aoi and Hazuki what they were doing that night because he can see bacteria that originate from elbows, legs and backsides or something. All the while Misato and Kawahama wonders if it was a massage of some sort since one of them is between the other’s leg.

      Aoi reacts with extreme violence by beating all three with empty wine bottles.

    8. golthin, Kei IS a guy’s name. In Day of Revolution, Kei had to change his name to Megumi when he changed his gender to show that he had become a girl.

      Wow, this is quite exciting, Haruka backstory and gosuloli Kei…

    9. I downloaded the raw manga and I don’t know what they are going to cover in the last 4 episodes. I wonder if they are going to go straight to the Haruka Arc which is not really over yet. It most likely will be an original ending. I know that they probably will finish the Kei+sawaki thing next episode.

    10. You know I used to hate yaoi but now I appreciate it a hell of a lot more than yuri… I think I’ve been hanging out with too many fan girls… that or… gravitation changes people 0.o

      Kazuki Shikimori
    11. “Kei IS a guy’s name. In Day of Revolution, Kei had to change his name to Megumi when he changed his gender to show that he had become a girl.”

      What exactly made him (or her) change genders? Did Kei was as a girl but changed her (or his) appearance as a guy (like short hair, deep voice, what not)?

    12. well, those two have get very close in the manga, and I think the hazuki is out of the picture because she said she likes older men if we go by the manga. Also the guy engaged to Haruka is actually the same age as her.

    13. o_o … oh god… please dont tell me ive stumbled upon a yaoi… ever since i accidentally stumbled upon loveless ive done thorough checks of shows before i watch em =_= . . . i hope my search was thorough enough . . . maybe my eyes are bad… ya… that can’t be kei… =_= … oh dear god… please tell me i misread the name of next episode…

    14. Hazuki likes older guys, and apparently Haruka digs younger ones. Seems like win-win if Hazuki takes Haruka’s fiance and Haruka takes Sawaki. 🙂 Heck, why does Sawaki look so glum here?

      If I were in his place I’d turn that frown upside down!

      And that’s funny with the manga chapter of Sawaki asking about what Hazuki and Aoi did that one night. Wish they’d animate that!

    15. why bad news? It only showed that Haruka is going to turn the older man! That part of Haruka out with the other guy holding hand was a act to try to escape from the fiance goon!
      you need to read the text and not just go by the drawings.

    16. Loli-Haruka sure is cute. 🙂

      Show Spoiler ▼

    17. @slammyhome
      No, they slept in the same bed but she placed luggage between them and nothing happened.
      She later got drunk, but when she drinks Haruka only “punish” people and doesn’t do anything sexual. When she drinks she turns into a “queen” that torture men but doesn’t do anything sexual.

      Hazuki telling sawaki that she likes older men really made him sad because he had his sight on her, but taste change with love. Also the reaction of Hazuki when she found out that kei was the loli is not of someone that doesn’t have feelings for someone. I think the “i like older man” thing is a defense mechanism on Hazuki’s part.

    18. Definitely DID NOT expect fan service in this anime (well, not to the extent it’s been so far) and a cross-dressing loli goth Kei is just… completely beyond my wildest imaginations! (I had imagined him doing some serious research elsewhere) – why on earth would he confide in Itsuki-sensei about his idea of x-dressing and all that?!?!?! He’s known the man for less than 6 months.

      Still love the anime though. Hope RandomCuriosity will cover it up till the end 😀

      And spoiler for up to episode 11 (end)
      Show Spoiler ▼

      In terms of pairings – I can definitely see the Sawaki x Haruka thing working. He really needs to grow taller though! Hazuki annoys me a little so not sure who she should be paired with.

    19. Seen all the anime. Loved it. Gothloli Kei is cute. ^_^

      I just wondered, do they explore more of his reasons for dressing up in the manga? The answer he gives is somewhat… understated. Just wondering!


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