On cleaning duty, Minatsu gets more work when the boys who are supposed to be helping decide to skip out because they feel that there’s no need for them to clean with her around. Yoshiyuki asks his friends to leave Minatsu up to him because he still feels responsible for activating her, and for this reason he decides to take some time off from the band. This doesn’t leave Koko very happy, and she finds Yoshiyuki after class to offer her help too, but he turns her down because he doesn’t want to put her in any danger. Minatsu, Yume, and Sakura then join the two, and Sakura suggests that Minatsu live with them until this is all over. Koko again doesn’t like this and walks before the others notice that she’s gone. The next day, she tries to give Yoshiyuki some food she made for everyone, but before he can accept it, he gets called away by Yume because of something with Minatsu. This leads to Koko deciding to skip out on band practice without telling Nanaka and instead going out to a cafe with Akane and Anzu. Yoshiyuki hears about this and realizes that it’s his fault, but when he asks Koko about it, she makes up an excuse to keep him from worrying. She even goes out of her way to avoid running into him in the hallway when she sees him with Yume and Minatsu.

In the student council room, Maya gets frustrated with Otome, so she decides to go lodge a protest with the PTA and the school board about Minatsu. When Mayuki again questions if Otome really doesn’t know anything about all this, Otome decides to tell her the truth. Minatsu meanwhile does some research on Maya’s father, and when she’s out with Yoshiyuki at the supermarket later, the two actually run into Maya. Seeing Maya determined as ever and not willing to give up, Yoshiyuki tries to say that he understands her feelings, but she doubts that he knows the pain and sorrow of suddenly losing a father. Maya had come to the supermarket with her little brother whom she treats with none of the vitriol she has towards robots, and Yoshiyuki later comments to Minatsu that he didn’t know Maya had such a young sibling. Minatsu feels that she now understands Maya’s anger since Maya’s family had such a young kid in it when robots screwed everything up. Yoshiyuki still thinks that this doesn’t have anything to do with Minatsu, but she disagrees. Minatsu recalls how she had hated humans and had always believed that robots were the victims, but she now realizes that this was a big mistake. She knows now that there are humans like Maya who became unhappy because of robots, and she feels that Maya is like how she used to be.

When Koko is absent from school the next day, Nanaka decides to pay her a visit at home. Nanaka knows how lonely Koko has been because of all the Minatsu stuff going on and suggests that Koko take it easy. While they’re talking, Yoshiyuki arrives at Koko’s house and rings the doorbell, so Nanaka goes to answer it, but Koko stops her. After Yoshiyuki leaves because he thinks no one is home, Koko admits that she wants to help Yoshiyuki and be with him, but she had masked her true feelings and lied. She knows that this isn’t the real her and remembers how she wasn’t like this before going out with Yoshiyuki. It’s painful for her to be with him, and because of all this, she worries that she’ll hate herself and him too. Crying in Nanaka’s arms now, Koko thinks that her relationship with Yoshiyuki might not work out.

It’s hard for me to describe exactly why, but the mixture of the Minatsu/robot/human relations story with Koko’s frustrations of going out with Yoshiyuki just isn’t as compelling to watch as I would have liked it to be. So far, it’s lacked a certain drama factor and level of emotion that you can find in critical parts of other shows (Clannad, ef, or even the original Da Capo for example). The feelings expressed by Koko at the end of the episode just don’t do it for me. We’re not quite at the climax yet (at least I don’t think we are), so there’s still the possibility that things can still get better, but I’m weary because two episodes don’t leave a lot of room for things to happen though. I assume that anything with the sakura tree or the magical aspects of the show is going to begin next episode if they occur at all.


  1. I never expected anything from this show, not even after i watched the first episode, it seems like it does suck after all, compared to others like Clannad and EF. Oh well, this is surprising for me to say but the first Da Capo was a bit better than this.

  2. Same here, whoever made Koko the dam heroine of this show? It wouldve been a lot better if it was Nanaka, so much better, man I thought the show would cut some slack and finally let the Shirakawa’s win.

  3. for some reason, Da Capo didn’t live up to what i expected it to be. I don’t even know if you can call this show a harem since Koko won from the start. The point of a romantic/drama show is the anticipation of the guy’s decision at the end of the show. You take that away, and you take all the drama out of the show. This is the first in a harem show I seen where the girl and guy hooked up right away. While that first episode would be a good last episode, it certainly took away all the elements for a good drama. Now I know why every good harem/romance show wait till the end for the guy to make his decision. Otherwise, you get this……..sigh.

  4. I just feel so bad for Koko because she’s a sweet girl; the main guy has some serious problems with fetish robot it piss me off.If I wanted to watch a robot+human relationship I would rather watch chobits. What happend with the nice brother+sister relationship like the first Da Capo? Those were nice days.

  5. This show was surprisingly entertaining at first. Now it is getting surprisingly frustrating and stupid. Weeks of Koko-torture are not my idea of fun. Yoshiyuki-torture, however…. He loves everyone in general, but seems unable to feel or show any love for the person he is supposed to love most. Whether or not this is a harem show, I thought the dramatic set-up was great. We could see them fall apart and a new pairing arise, or we could see troubles and them coming back together. But now they have left it so late that no new pairing can arise, and we may be destined for an illogical reunion that will seem completely insubstantial.

  6. I hope the guy break up with her since i never once remember he saying he love her. If the writers want to salvage this mess, a break-up is a must. A new girl hooking up with the guy is way too late so the only choice left to save this show is the break-up. OR……. go the school days route and just kills everyone. That way no one wins and every fans will be happy.

  7. I didn’t really like da capo that much o.e…the first season was okish…the second season was like what the fuck! D: pissed me off o.e…this season is fucking gay cuz right off the bat he hooks up with the fugliest of em all xD like DAMN they could have at least made the chick hotter or something o.o

  8. The lack of Nanaka fails, the only reason I was sticking to this show was Nanaka. Well, Otome is fine too so I droped it after skiping from 7 to 10. This show needs more Nanaka, less Koko and Minatsu and Yoshiyuki.

  9. I actually liked the original DCs for the most part – the main characters had a certain chemistry that worked, whereas this series simply fails miserably on that level. The male lead character (though not of the `loser’ sterotype) is still a lame moron and everything is just so lifeless and energy sapping, with Nanaka being the only decent thing about the show.

  10. “The writers should be fired after two seasons of crappy da capo. We need someone with a brain writing this once-great show.”

    The original game director/writer wrote this adaptation, so you can’t really blame it on the studio. If nothing else, this is CIRCUS’ vision of what a Da Capo series should be, at least on the scenario end.

    Ef takes many liberties and is significantly different in spirit from the original (which was not a tortured soap opera, but a gently paced and structured romance), so the teams attempted very different things.

  11. “He loves everyone in general, but seems unable to feel or show any love for the person he is supposed to love most. ”

    Of course, it looks like he likes Nanaka the most however, he chooses Koko. Seriously, I agreed with u guys who said “it would be better if there’s more Nanaka,” no not just because its NANAKA but shes also the most “coolest”/decent character until now. Episode 07 was the best episode so far and like Omni said I dont think they could pull something interesting as episode 07.

    Da capo was ok. Da Capo Second Season was so frustrating. Da Capo II, I had some hope but yah like I said in episode 07. There’s no more.

    Anyway, lets see next episode >

  12. Seriously who was only watching this for nanaka? xD

    Like 60% of you >.> I’m included in that I rooted for shirakawa in s1 s2 and now this one and she NEVER wins D: I’m done with da crapo who wants to watch 20+ episodes of an idiot with a emo fugly chick and them going through there gay relationship which ultimately ends with them both saying I love you going through some ordeal after wards and admitting it again and FINALLY ending the lame show with everyone excepting that he’s hers so everyone should just be happy my god how many times can they milk the same damn story

  13. No one forced this anime to go the KoKo’s route, the writers did that. No one forced them to do a hook up in the first episode, the writers did that. That is two strikes, one more strike and they should be fired. I expect them to make a third mistake when they do a kiss and make up between koko and the guy in the end. Also, Koko isn’t the only person i hate in this show, The fucking lead guy pisses me off too. I been watching clan nad, and their lead guy is more charming, funny, and speak his mind. The guy in this show don’t do what his true feelings are, and just say yes to the first girl who ask him out. I BET YOU THAT IF ANY OTHER GIRLS ASKED HIM OUT BEFORE KOKO DID, HE WOULD SAY YES AND BE THEIR SLAVE IF THEY WANTED HIM TO. Way to go writers, way to mess up a good anime show.

  14. Lol
    I have to laugh. Shirakawa was the only reason you were watching? Shame on you.

    I admit I was a Kotori fanboy for DC and DCSS, but definitely Nanaka has a different air to her. It’s as if she inherited Kotori’s name and infused it with Sakura’s antics and Miharu’s bubblyness. And that doesn’t work in the slightest.

    I’m watching Da Capo II to get a feel for the characters and the story, which I don’t judge until the end. I can’t begin to understand how they are entitled to please you in the slightest, especially because they write for a Japanese audience.

  15. well, like many said couple that start at the beginning rarely stay together at the end. I hope we are all wrong about this but it seems koko will be out soon. The childhoodfriend trope strikes again!

  16. What r u talking about? we are all watching the same dramaless show. Are they showing a different version in Japan where this show don’t suck? Also, why do you think Koko will lose ? i think Koko is almost guarantee to win since NO OTHER GIRLS are even trying to get with the brain-dead guy. I was hoping for a Canvas 2 ending here, but even that is too late since ellis was trying to get her crush the whole show. But here, no one except Koko is in the race for the guy, i think she won from the start and this one-person race is over a long time go. I hate this show simply because Koko won from the first episode, and now we are watching the rest of the episodes to see who win second-place.

  17. I am loosing the hope with this anime. The first and second part of DC were acdeptable, but this part is a shit………….Koko wins since the the first episode, damm girl and where is the Sakura Tree in the plot????????? This show sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. “I hate this show simply because Koko won from the first episode, and now we are watching the rest of the episodes to see who win second-place.”

    I think that actually seems to describe most (not all) of the commentors here, who either a) watch this genre for the chase, b) wanted to see “a Shirakawa win this time”, or c) both.

    This anime is by far the most faithful of the D.C. anime series to the game in many ways (plot elements, characterizations, subtle hints, etc.). However, they chose to focus on the two least popular of the game’s characters in this adaptation. I’m still not exactly sure why, to be honest. I’ve kind of been going back and forth on whether or not they’re planning to do more seasons, and I’m back to thinking that they are now, because this adaptation will definitely leave some major, major unanswered questions — critical questions that they have to answer before “that’s all she wrote”. (I’m pretty sure now that the Otome sequence in the last episode was a tease — foreshadowing things that won’t be told in this season/adaptation.)

    At this point, to be honest, I’m probably maybe 70:30 on Yoshiyuki staying with Koko at the end. I think it’s still the more likely scenario, but I could easily see them pulling a twist as a hook to a second season.

    If it turns out that this season, focused on Koko and Minatsu, is all the Da Capo II anime they write, then I too will be very disappointed (since they will only have covered 1/3 of the game, and not any of the “best parts”). But if this is just part of a larger whole, then I think what they’ve been doing in this anime will start making a lot more sense. We’ll see…

  19. First agenda:
    @ Vincent “I think da capo is better than Clannad.”


    Anyways…even though Nanaka IS my favorite character in here, I would be against Yoshiyuki ending up with her. Looking at the situation now, Yoshiyuki is at fault. Even though Minatsu is facing all of this crap everyday, Yoshiyuki just sticking around her 24/7 isn’t going to resolve anything. Even if he’s so dedicated to watching over her because he feels at fault for activating her in the first place, he should only be taking some and NOT ALL of the time away from spending time with Koko, the one that’s actually his friggin’ girlfriend.
    Right now, Koko feels that Yoshiyuki is doing something good, but is lonely because he’s taking away all of “their” time. She doesn’t want to admit to that either because it would be selfish to do so with Minatsu going through all of this, and feels that if things go on like this it’ll all fall apart. Even though she’s all moody and avoiding him, all of her emotions can be justified.
    If it was Nanaka instead of Koko that Yoshiyuki is with, he’d still be pulling the same crap he’s doing now because he has the curse of being a male lead in a Da Capo series, which causes a -99 decrease in his Intelligence status (there I said it), and it’d be Nanaka who would be crying instead of Koko, and I really wouldn’t want to see that.

  20. I am going to keep watching this show simply because i am hoping the robot girl who hates humans goes “school days” on every other characters, especially that idiot guy. Only mass murder would save this show now.

  21. Also, I knew this show would be bad from the first episode because the stupid writers of this show broke the one unspoken rule of a harem show: NEVER DO A HOOK-UP IN THE FIRST EPISODE. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SHOW THAT DID THAT AND END UP GOOD, AND THIS ISN’T AN EXCEPTION. If you want to see how to ruin a good show, use this season of Da Capo as an example. IF they ever make another sequel, for the love of God, just follow these three simple rules and the show will be good again: 1) FIRE THE DAMN WRITERS OF THE LAST TWO SEASONS. 2) HIRE SOMEONE WITH A FREAKING BRAIN INSTEAD. 3) NEVER, EVER DO A HOOK-UP IN THE FIRST EPISODE.
    I am still hoping for a “school days” ending and i don’t care who does the killing. I recommend the robot girl since she already hate humans and that is a good motive for mass murder.

  22. For only 13 episodes, there’s way too much “robot” in Da Capo II. I would have been more okay with it if she was played by Kanda Akemi though. :\

    I never really took much notice to Aoki Sayaka’s voice much when she played Kyon’s sister, but after D.C. II, I think I’ve had my fair share of it for the season.

    もっと千原美里ください。 (More Chihara Minori please.)


  23. Looks like the rest of my message got cut off because of a triangular bracket, so here’s there rest:


    I love that show. It would also give you something worthwhile to watch on Mondays when Da Capo II just isn’t up-to-snuff. I *think* you would enjoy it too, given our somewhat disturbingly similar tendencies (if you ever read my comments before regarding other shows we’re both watching).

    Which leads into: I feel the exact same way you do about D.C.II. I’m just not feeling the whole Koko thing given that it lacks the drama build up that another girl in a relationship-type position with Yoshiyuki would have created. I think the scene with Koko would’ve been much more heartfelt if it were say, her crying in Anzu or Akane’s arms over a Yoshiyuki x Nanaka thing happening.

    This show really needed a love triangle to get the ball (i.e. drama, emotional sentiment) rolling. Nanaka conceded way too easily and then we just got more robot stuff for (what seems like) the rest of the series. Compared to the first two seasons of Da Capo, something is definitely missing here.

    Speaking of which, I could use more Tamura Yukari screen time too to help the show along…

  24. Arg, typo. “so here’s the* rest:”

    Also, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is reaching its finale and is really good if you watched the first season.

    Mondays are definitely good this Fall with:
    – D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ (D.C.Ⅱ ~ダ・カーポⅡ~)
    – Bamboo Blade (バンブーブレード)
    – Sketchbook ~full color’s~ (スケッチブック ~full color’s~)
    – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (ひぐらしのなく頃に解)

  25. @kend
    that is real bad manners. Why do you think that the people subbing this show OWE you anything for you to DEMAND that they do what this for free and without anything in for them. they maybe get the gratitude of a few people while getting insults from people like you if they don’t deliver promptly. If you want things fast and free, put a little effort in learning enough japanese so you can watch the episodes raw.

  26. @kend
    im really sorry for my previous comment. I my self a retard so i just dont like when people say word “retarded” , sorry for my rudness , im just 15 years old , if you want you can call me “fucker , bitch , asshole , gay , ect.”

  27. “Also, I knew this show would be bad from the first episode because the stupid writers of this show broke the one unspoken rule of a harem show: NEVER DO A HOOK-UP IN THE FIRST EPISODE. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SHOW THAT DID THAT AND END UP GOOD, AND THIS ISN’T AN EXCEPTION.”

    This is not really true, one of my favorite anime/manga ever has always been “Ai Yori Aoshi” wich if you remember creates the couple from ep 1 and was classified as a Harem series. Mind you the ending in the manga was seriously laking. The trip to the end was good and entertaining and was generaly a sweet romantic show.

    I’m still looking forward to the last 2 eps and its true it may lead into a next season, if not I’m hopping for a nice ending non the less. For those of you that have played the game and have mentioned that Yoshiyuki is actaully not real but a migical summon makes me think this arc is fairly fitting since what the people are fiting/protesting against is artificial inteligence (artificial humans). I’m wondering if this common fact between Yoshiyuki and Minatsu (atificial human created via technology and magic) will be played on at the end of this series.

  28. Da capo first season was way too long for its story, and Da capo second session, which I finished watching last week, was To Heart RMM all over again, meaning it wasn’t a bad watch, but I can’t see the point of the show (then again it might be that Aisia annoyed the hell out of me to no end).

    Da capo II…..well they wasted like 5 episodes on trivial stuffs like from D.C. II Spring Session stuff (fan service disk) and Yoshiyuki & Koko relationship on a 13 episode anime, and now we have only 2 episodes to bring out any actual good stuff, if any, from the actual Da Capo II game. Whoever is writing this needs to learn how to pace the story again. It also doesn’t help with the fact that the writers made a questionable decision to focus on Koko and Minatsu, the two least popular characters.

    I’m still going to stay and watch how it ends, but Da Capo II seems like a failure to me. Then again, your opinion might differ if you never played the game. It’s not even worth comparing to other animes like CLANNAD or ef.

  29. “IF they ever make another sequel, for the love of God, just follow these three simple rules and the show will be good again: 1) FIRE THE DAMN WRITERS OF THE LAST TWO SEASONS. 2) HIRE SOMEONE WITH A FREAKING BRAIN INSTEAD. 3) NEVER, EVER DO A HOOK-UP IN THE FIRST EPISODE.”

    The irony here is that the person doing the series composition for the anime is none other than the game’s director and chief writer himself. The issue isn’t that the writer doesn’t have a brain, but I think the producers have a different agenda. There are a few things about this adaptation that simply don’t make sense, given all the many, many game hints they’ve been dropping. This is why, as I said above, I think there’s more to the story than this 13-episode show.

    As I said above, I think my own judgement of the show as a game player will depend on whether or not episode 13 is really the end. We’ll see…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  30. Seriously I agree with TTT there is no way to salvage this show without doing a school days ending because if they keep it the way it is it’ll just end with koko being together with the douche….which is just…”Yaaaaaaay……….” big waist of are time seriously what the hell is with making a show like this it’s fucking boring! They can’t even make the douche dude hook up with someone else anymore or else it would be like this “Koko…im sorry im dumping you” or vice versa then imediately after wards “Sup baby when go out with me” Da crapooooooo The end

  31. It got cut off D:

    Here’s the rest
    Wow this sure was an amazing series im glad i waisted 8 hours of my life to be bored out of my mind. Seriously it’s as predictable as pooring water into a cup “omg omg is it going to go in the cup!? or will it splash out?! omg omg the suspense!!!!!! The DRAMA!!!!!

  32. i seriously watched the show for otome so if he DOES NOT end up with him> (yoshiyuki has now joined your party: Yoshiyuki has died due to attack from Otome’s sakura death attack: Yoshiyuki has been forced to leave the party and joined koko’s party)
    i mean seriously> why koko of all characters (of course otome or nanaka would be the best but i just think childhood friends>especially koko are a bit dull in character)

  33. @relentlessflame
    You mentioned that the producers might have a different agenda… But maybe they simply over-estimated the franchise’s popularity? Granted, Da Capo IS big in Japan, but to do an adaptation without the best parts of the game’s story on top of focusing on the least popular characters is a very questionable marketing strategy to say the least… I mean, if it’s all set-up for another season after this one didn’t it occur to them that they might lose lots of fan support because of how they’ve handled the current season?

    I really hope there’s more after this because I believe the story has a lot more potential than what we’ve got… Having said that I hope they finish this season with a happy end for both Koko and Minatsu so that we can be done with them. After that the story can be reset with the focus on the more popular characters; much like replaying the game.

  34. Incidentally, Lantis’s write-up for the Character Song CD solicitations (here) do indeed confirm that this season is the “first half” of the anime. I knew that they were just trying to mislead us. Now everything makes a lot more sense.

    “I mean, if it’s all set-up for another season after this one didn’t it occur to them that they might lose lots of fan support because of how they’ve handled the current season?”

    This is the thing. If you had played the game, which probably the majority of anime viewers in Japan did, they’ve been dropping a lot of hints about other game paths. They’ve been leaving things — very strange things — deliberately unexplained to new viewers. I’ve always found this very sneaky and suspicious. I think that, knowing this is only a prelude to the real story allows you to appreciate these paths for what they are (just like in the game). So, basically, I suspect most game players will see this just as you said — like replaying the game to unlock all the heroine paths. In D.C. II, quite simply, they save the best for last (and, actually, kept the very same strategy as the anime — you coldn’t even unlock the Asakura sisters until you had played a number of other game paths).

    In English circles, though, the majority of viewers did not play the game, so would have absolutely no way to pick up on the the hints or know what’s really going on. For these people (and the non-game players in Japan), I think it’s exactly as you say — I think they’re counting on the franchise’s namebrand power to compel people to keep watching. It definitely is a huge marketing risk (that really surprises me as well, to be honest), but I imagine they probably felt that they needed to do something different this round in order to keep things from becoming too predictable. Will the gamble pay off? I guess time will tell… I have a feeling that many will still give it a shot (albeit with much greater skepticism) when they see that the “name of the game” has changed…

  35. the gamble won’t pay off. I really hope this season focus on koko and that robot girl, while they are saving the other girls’ paths for sequels. Because it will suck if da capo don’t even try to focus on the asakura’s sisters. Koko will get dumped if there is a sequel, and she will stay with the dumb lead guy if there isn’t one. The latter will disappoint many da capo fans, including myself.

  36. Wow, that’s great news, glad to know there’s gonna be more after this one… Thanks so much for all the info 🙂
    After checking the link Show Spoiler ▼


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