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After the incident with Kajii, Sana visits Asami in the hospital to bring her some flowers and a book. Hearing Asami wonder if this was punishment, Sana tells her that she hasn’t done anything to warrant it, but Asami surprises him by admitting that she wrote the letter about Shuri and Shuusuke in the love hotel. What’s more, she reveals that she confessed her feelings to Shuri back when they were first-years. She and Shuri had originally met during the opening ceremonies in junior high, and Shuri had always been cheerful. Asami explains that she had always pretended to be a good girl when she was young, but she found the mask of being a good girl suffocating. She started wondering about her true self and if Shuri would accept her, and once she started thinking this way, she couldn’t control her feelings. When Asami confessed to her, Shuri at first thought it was a joke, but when she realized Asami was serious, she turned Asami down. Shuri had wanted to stay friends, and even though Asami didn’t think that was possible, Shuri treated her as the same as always the next day. This made Asami start to hate her because it caused Asami to feel that her feelings towards Shuri never existed, but Asami still wanted her as a friend, even if it was just for show.

This went well since Asami was used to hiding her feelings, and soon she began to feel that they really were good friends. It all changed the day Asami saw Shuri’s crying face on the Ferris wheel. This was the first time she had seen Shuri like that, and she realized that it was a face that Shuri would only show to Shuusuke. Thinking about how she had foolishly confessed and gotten hurt, what Asami had been bottling up inside of herself came out all at once. And so, she had wanted something bad to happen to the siblings and had written the letter on the day she knew they were going to the visit their mother’s grave. Asami feels that she’s good at thinking of cruel things, but that was the first time she did anything. She had also drawn the love umbrella on the chalkboard, and she didn’t regret it when she saw Shuri crying. In fact, she felt a thrill in comforting Shuri on the bus to the hospital and wanted to cause her more pain so that Shuri would show her the face that she had only shown Shuusuke. However, Asami ran to help when she saw Shuri in danger because of Kajii, and she doesn’t understand why she did it.

Sana concludes that it was because Asami wanted to save someone precious to her – these were her true feelings. Asami starts crying over this, but she gets interrupted when Shuri and Shuusuke arrive to see her. In the presence of the two of them, Asami returns to her happy self, but when it’s time for them to go, she asks to speak with Shuri alone. Sana and Shuusuke thus go out into the courtyard and chat about Sana’s relationship with Nanaka. Hearing how Sana had vowed to stay together with Nanaka, Shuusuke wholehearted approves. Shuri eventually comes running out in tears, and though Shuusuke doesn’t know what’s going on, Sana privately does. That night, Shuri’s father returns home to find his wife not around because of an apparent class reunion. He tells Shuri that her departure for London is set for this Saturday, and Shuri passes this information along to Shuusuke so that they can plan to leave before then. Shuri still has some doubts about it, but Shuusuke has made up his mind, and Shuri thanks him. When she tells her friends about going to London during lunch the next day, Sana and Aoi try to find a silver lining by saying that this won’t be goodbye forever, but Shuusuke stays oddly silent.

The twins are missing from class that afternoon, and Sana quickly figures out what’s going on after he remembers Shuusuke’s silence during lunch and how Shuusuke had liked the idea of always staying together. Following his hunch, Sana rushes out of class and runs towards the train station, arriving just in time to see the train pull into the station in front of the twins on the opposite platform. As the train leaves station with Shuusuke and Shuri onboard, Sana runs out too and bumps into Aoi’s mother on a bicycle. Borrowing the bike, he chases after the train and somehow manages to keep up with it. Shuri and Shuusuke eventually see him yell something at the train as it passes over the bridge out of town, and though they can’t hear him, Shuusuke knows what Sana said. This is because Shuusuke had said the same thing when Sana had left town all those years ago: no matter where one of them goes, they’ll be friends forever.


So, uh, raise your hand if you saw this one coming – I certainly didn’t. I underestimated the writers because I thought Asami was just going to be used to make Nanaka jealous/insecure and as a support character for Shuri. Instead, they actually gave Asami a fair amount of character development, and it was as an antagonist no less. It didn’t feel like they were intentionally trying to play up the lesbian aspect though – more that Asami was just infatuated with Shuri and did some bad things. I never expected to hear Asami sound so evil. At least it now makes sense why Asami’s silhouette is crying in the OP animation as a background to Shuri and Shuusuke. Actually, you could probably go back and make all sorts of connections to how this makes sense (like how Asami never really seemed interested in Sana romantically), but the fact remains that the writers did a heckuva job pulling off a surprise.

Before I go any further, I have to say that, as corny as that last line of the episode sounded, it had quite an emotional impact when combined with Shuusuke crying and that great background song (the same one they play at the end of nearly every episode). Anyway, Asami’s revelation and this episode in general answered a lot of questions (who sent the letter, what Shuusuke said when Sana originally left), but it didn’t really resolve anything. In fact, it probably just adds to the list of things left to be covered because Asami now has to get some sort of conclusion along with whatever happens to Shuri and Shuusuke. Of course, that’s assuming they want a satisfactory ending for all the major characters and not just Sana and Nanaka in the final two episodes. I can’t help but wonder if there’ll be enough time to fit everything in, particularly if Shuri and Shuusuke end up making a return.

December 11, 2007 at 3:13 pm
  • December 14, 2007 at 12:09 pmelba

    These last episodes just slap you in the face for thinking this was an innocent nice little series…damn.

  • December 14, 2007 at 2:24 pmarigatou

    Final two episodes…

    If they able to fool us with Asami maybe this would be the possible scenario.

    Secrets unlocked…

    Nanaka burned her house due to quarelling with her parents and escaped through the window along with her precious violin, mailbox key, and Sana’s flower bracelet. Upon hitting her head and broke her arm. Her uncle is the witness of what event have happened.

    Sana accidentally stabbed one of his friends which gets in the way upon some fight. With the hints of having someone to protect and the watch given by that person keeps him remind of it. Staring at the bloodied knife makes him remember it and starts to break apart. His
    mother sent him to his recent village to forget about it and always talk to him whenever he is doing fine.

    Well if this certain possible events won’t happen then the ones that created this anime are something.

  • December 14, 2007 at 8:53 pmExiaMeister

    Hey I wonder what kind of twisted ending they’ll do to surprise us lol? I mean so far I’ve have been way off from my expectations, so well I’ll guess the kinds of surprises they may pull for us that way it wont be too unexpected for me lol.

    I would say the issue of Sana and Nanaka that have same eyes may be related (I for one truly hope not) but they might do it to screw around, then Sana dumps Nanaka and goes to Asami turning her straight. Nanaka gets pissed off at the both of them, then we have a showdown of both Nanaka and Asami, the apparent evil characters on the show so far. Nanaka all of a sudden gets traumatized by all the blood spilling off from them, and confesses whatever secret he was hiding, much to his dismay the girls continue fighting anyway. Then all of a sudden the twins comes back to break off the two of them and they all made up. In the end Aoi mentions that this was all part of her master plan!

    Hmm i wonder if that’s twisted enough.

  • December 14, 2007 at 8:58 pmExiaMeister

    Oh ya I forgot, after Aoi mentions her master plan, they all think they should do a concert at school to celebrate their reunion, no matter how screwed it was. Then there we have our opening.

  • December 15, 2007 at 7:56 amcrazydumbek

    Um no. The Nanaka/Sana thing will be solved next episode in some messed up twisted way, but that is not the real story.

    This is all an evil twisted plot of Yuzuki. The caramels that she passes out are laced with a hallucinogenic drug that make people do crazy stuff. In the end she will send out letters to everyone that say “Life is effed up. Why don’t you have a rock band fore the spring festival to make things better?” The main characters will gladly do it even though all except for one person showed no indication that they play a musical instrument.

    Note that in the opening you see the rock band playing happily to a crowd while Yuzuki smiles (menacingly?) down at them from a window above. What you don’t hear is the horrible sound of the band and the screams of the crowd that is torn between “Get these no-talent bastards off the stage” and “Dang! Cute girls bouncing in front of me!” What you don’t see is Yuziki’s hand clinging to a detonator hidden in her purse and Hinako frantically trying to get to the stage to warn her friends of the bomb below the stage.

    The End.

  • December 15, 2007 at 7:59 amcrazydumbek

    There’s supposed to be a “Click” and a “Boom!” before the “The End”. Oh well.

  • December 16, 2007 at 1:51 amDan

    Oh man, I finally watched this subbed, and it’s definitely a sad episode.

  • December 16, 2007 at 8:02 pmG

    Wow, that was a plot twist. Made me cry my eyes out.

    And for those not liking it and using words like incest/lesbian, I dont like your word choice and I think you misunderstand it. To me its far more beautiful than that.

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