After what happened with Azanael, Tsubael brings Mari back home and tries to explain that the accident was unavoidable. She asks Mari not to blame Hagino, but Mari runs off without saying anything. The next day at school, Hagino is absent, and Michiko has to take charge of students during the rehearsals for the play. Hagino remains on the Blue, crying in Azanael’s room because of what happened. To her surprise, Onomil suddenly appears behind her and greets her. Onomil actually doesn’t know why or how she’s there, but Hagino uses this chance to try to apologize for letting her and the landing team die. Hagino feels that she couldn’t do anything back then and repeatedly tells Onomil that she’s sorry. Commenting on how Hagino is still the same as she used to be, Onomil thinks that this is a good quality of hers. She then disappears as suddenly as she appeared, and her parting message for Hagino is to not burden herself too much.

Back at the school, rehearsals are going fine despite Hagino’s absence, but since Mari’s mind is still on Hagino, she misses several line cues. That leaves Akane and Hiroko to improvise, but Michiko gets really angry because she feels the pressure from how little time there is left until the festival. When Mari goes to Yuuko to tell her what happened with Michiko, Yuuko notices that Mari is looking rather down. Mari ends up asking Yuuko to tell her how her parents died, and though Yuuko isn’t clear on the details, she explains what she knows about the investigation. Over on the Novaal, Azanael returns while Shivariel is having a Mega-Bomber aircraft prepared. Seeing what’s going on, Azanael wants it stopped, but she then learns that Shivariel ordered it. When she goes to protest its deployment against the Blue, Shivariel quiets her and makes her get some rest instead.

Mari meanwhile is feeling better and goes to find Michiko who is beating herself up over what happened. She drags Michiko to the auditorium to show her that everyone is now working as hard as ever to make the play a success. Touched by the outpouring of support, Michiko apologizes to everyone, and rehearsals resume. Towards the end of the afternoon, Hagino appears in holographic form and meets with Mari privately by the pool. Mari had learned from Yuuko that her parents were found on top of each other by the cape as if they had been protecting something. She now knows that this something was her. Hagino then tries to apologize to her, but Mari angrily says that she doesn’t want such an apology. Their argument – which was observed by Yuuko – is interrupted when the Mega-Bomber and several squadrons of fighters suddenly fly over them. Since Hagino realizes that she has to leave, Mari makes it clear that they’re not done talking yet, and Hagino promises to return.

While her classmates continue practicing the play through the night, Hagino is faced with a life-or-death battle. The Mega-Bomber soon launches a huge bomb, and in this most inopportune of times, the stability control system of their cannon isn’t working. Right before the bomb hits though, the system recovers, and the Blue is able to fire its third cannon, creating a huge explosion. The Blue survives, and afterwards, Tsubael wonders why the system suddenly recovered. Looking over at the other control station, Hagino sees Onomil disappear, and this causes Hagino to smile. Meanwhile, on the Novaal, Azanael is shocked to find out that the implosion of the Blue’s Emil Force Drive created a substance that condenses thought waves.


Alright, things got kind of confusing with Azanael’s last lines, but as I understand it (thanks to Mentar for connecting things for me): the implosion of the Blue’s Emil Force Drive caused a reaction that condensed thought waves. This can mean that people’s thoughts and thus fears were materialized, and that’s what led everyone on Mari’s island to kill each other. I assume Azanael will explain this further sometime in the next two episodes. In fact, with the way Shivariel is acting, Azanael will probably end up helping the Blue and Hagino or even joining them.

As for the episode itself, I found it interesting that they combined the battle scene with Mari’s lines in the play, making it into a pretty effective mix of action and emotion. They’ve chosen not to put a lot of focus on the battles so far, but the ones that have been shown haven’t been that bad. My question now is what will happen during the actual invasion (which will take place sooner or later given what the first episode and the manga have shown). And what are the odds that neither Hagino or Mari survive…


  1. So, just went through the raw. The pic I posted, I mistook those ships for earth fighters, however it was a squad by the other alien ships to eliminate the Blue.
    I wonder what will happen next week, the final is close now with 13 episodes in total.
    As the next episode is named “Cosmos” I believe the Blue will leave the earth soon.
    Hope they won’t do an ending like Hagino is left back on earth to have a happy life bla bla. After all those character development, which this series is definitely focused on, it just wouldn’t feel right. Curious if they’ll pull off at least the beginning of the invasion or if they’ll leave just a hint for it. Who knows.
    All in all I must admit this series wasn’t what I’d have imagined it to be so far. The yuri plot is there, but definitely barely used. Action can be there but also rather rare.
    I just ask myself what this series wants to tell us. Despite it’s length the story feels quite stechted.
    Two episodes to go, lets see what the final be like. But if I want to see one thing already it’s the opening in HD quality lol^^

  2. At this point, Hagino can find a better gf than somebody who’d rather believe a random psycho that her, who saved this kid’s life three times. Go back to space Commandah and leave this vapid kid to be unhappy ever after. On ep. 9 Mari was like all marry to Hagino at the store. And now, this. Grow up, kid. Or else. And if due circumstances Ekaril cannot go home, I know of a place on this earth that will totally welcome her!

  3. Well, actually what Azanael told Mari was _true_. Nothing which Hagino would and could actually deny! Or, at least semi-true, since in the very last scenes (unless I misheard things) Azanael finds evidence that Blue’s Emiru Force Drive was sabotaged. Besides, in the middle of the ep, Mari was already beginning to come to terms and have a change of heart again.

  4. The Blue defende Earth to it’s very last shot but still is too overwhelmed by the alien forces and is eventually suck/destroyed.

    NOTE FROM THE MANGA!: Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Man, the fake invasion was a disappointment, they’re really trying to build up to something, aren’t they?

    I was trying to figure out WTF was up with that Onomil ghost though…

    Sin Ansem
  6. I think what did it for Mari was when Azanael said, not only we’re all women in our planet, we’re also all… XDXD
    In any case, actions should speak louder than words. Hagino has shown herself *totally* dedicated to protect Mari, and all she gets is an attitude in return? It was an *accident* it was not *on purpose.* What poor Ekaril could have done? It was a difficult horrible decision between Mari and Onomil. And she could not have brought Mari’s parents from the dead. Move on Commandah, teenagers are *not* dating material.

  7. Not to mention that Ekaril put herself alone against her *whole* race to protect this brat. And what the brat does? Goes on to support Micchi!!! I bet Ekaril could use some emotional comfort at this point. It’s not like she’s merrily flying around. Honestly, what I saw without the subs, is that Ekaril grew up got over her PTSD alone and can now be her awesome self on her very own. She deserves better, IMO. Mari just wants to go back to the safety of her little all girl’s school world. When it falls apart, there should be no Hagino to help her out.

  8. @Alex… I was just guessing/joking! Sheesh. I don’t know Japanese, but I *think* I heard Mari asking Azanael if Onomil was her koibito aka lover. She might as well have gotten her own conclusions.

  9. i still find it funny how everybody say Mastah Commandah.. anyways, since i dont know japanese, i find it soo hard interpreting whats happening in the anime. ive been watching it raw since the 9th episode. well i just hope they had better make Mari redeem herself for acting like that but we cant blame her coz shes just a kid. the laughter azanael made during the end part of 10th episode made me wanna strangle her! seriously she has some getting-over-onomil issues and she lashes it out to almost everyone except for the grand commandah who enjoys sitting on her chair most of the anime. just when everything was going okay between mari and hagino here comes the bomb. why do animes have to be like that? subbed versions is taking so long this past few episode, it should have come out 3 days ago.

  10. only 2 weeks left… and i can start watching this anime (i didnt watch a single episode yet) =) , my reason is …. eh… just have to many anime in my list that i still watch (not finished)

  11. blue is not safe dun tell me they just want to attack with like one torpedo…i guess being realistic in battles are too much to ask for in this series…wish they are more actions though.

  12. Mari doesn’t exactly turn against Hagino after Azanael’s tale-telling. She is stunned. She doesn’t know what to think. She is temporarily incapable of taking in any explanation Hagino might give. But a period away from Hagino is all it takes for her attachment to Hagino to reassert itself.

    Actually, it’s not Mari’s character that seems strange to me, it’s Hagino’s. It’s hard to imagine the commander weeping uncontrollably like that. All I can think is that the deadly event, and five years among humans, have taken their toll on her self-control.

    I agree that Blue is not safe yet. But the delay before another attack may be due to the fact that Blue was able to get its shields up again. No sense attacking an invulnerable ship.

  13. Ekaril suffered 5 years of unspeakable pain very much due to this girl. Five years of pain is something teenagers simply cannot fathom because they haven’t lived long enough. Commandah threw her brilliant Commandah career on the trash for this girl on ep.4. And this ungrateful and rude kid plays with Commandah’s heart. Who’s she to dare to give Commandah an attitude? Did Ekaril need her feelings hurt yet some more? The sacrifices she did! Not even parents do this for their children.
    On episode 9 she was hinting she wanted to *marry* Hagino. And thanking her profusely. Next thing you know she is believing a psycho who just came out of the woodwork. Honestly, Hagino deserves a better relationship. Like, somebody who knows what relationships are all about.
    She wanted to see Hagino once again? Too bad I don’t know Japanese. Judging for the images, she was *scolding* Hagino! Good grief!
    Chihiro was ten yo and did the right thing. And Haku was a *dragon* as in *monster*,not a charming, well, Arume, to put things this way.
    Episode 10: Supreme Ordeal. Ekaril: pass with flying colors. Changed! Mari… can we say the same? Maybe she needs a second chance to clean up her act. Maybe, I need to calm down before I think Mari getting a second chance would be fair.

  14. I dunno. Azanael is unbalanced but not a complete lunatic, as much as I hated her at the end of Ep 10. She IS finding out something about Blue.

    Now we know of the impending invasion, but why is Shivariel so adamant about blowing Ekaril to smithereens?

    Sin Ansem
  15. what is Azanael searching about blue anyway?sth like blue’s emil force have been sabotaged?by who?it’s cool to think onomil is somewhat alive…haha…waaa this series is confusing and yeah i have to agree Hagino confuses me more then Mari.couldn’t wait for what’s going to happen in the next 2 episodes…i hope it doesn’t have a stupid ending >

  16. I think Aza is psycho because she can’t listen to reason. From the first time we saw her, she blamed Ekaril for Onomil’s death and didn’t bother to ask for details. Just went on with her revenge, no matter what other information she got. She didn’t change. Her dream is to watch that hologram of Onomil and herself forever and ever. She got stuck. She is still up to kill Ekaril, the last we saw her.
    The darkest hour of a story is the hour for a character to shine. Azanael did her part to make things darker. Ekaril, who up until now wasn’t in control ( ep. 1 she didn’t want to kill anybody, yet almost strangled Mari -that’s not control)raised up to the occasion. She died in an ocean of tears,and reborn having an epiphany of Onomil. That represents the atonement of her *sins*. She is a free woman, now. Ready to tackle with her destiny and deal with her enemies. She is in control, shinning! She is a true hero. At this point, she is the one who changed the most. Micchi changed a bit, but still stuck in her insecurity…
    I was thinking Mari would be the hero, but… She was so grateful that she left Hagino to drown in tears. She just went back to the selfish safety of her childhood world.
    I don’t know what Azanael said. But I would have told Mari this: Do want to relate in adult terms with Hagino? Fine, she is not perfect, she has flaws and relationships are not just joy rides. They’re for the better and for the worst. You will have to grow up to be with Hagino. You will have to forgive her, accept her and support her.
    The whole you killed my parents thing is just an excuse for Mari not to face facts. She wanted to *marry* Hagino? Well, kid, good time for us to see if you were telling the truth. And if so, to be true to yourself.

  17. From what I heard…on this episode…the “master, commander” mentioned that the Blue should be destroyed. Azanael does realize that the engine of the Blue was sabotaged…as for Hagino and her being able to get back on her feet…that’s a bit of a plus. Mari is the only one who now has to find redemption for herself and to try and fix the problem she and Hagino had with each other.

  18. @mei.. i think it was onomil’s doing.. just as the torpedo was about to hit Blue, Blue suddenly shot back at it out of nowhere.. azanael was surprised that it happened. then Ekaril saw Onomil smiling at her from her control seat.(or if she was still hallucinating) onomil was still the best assistant ekaril could have.. (tsubael still needs improvement)

    @quex- what azanael told mari in episode 10 was the truth actually. what made matter worse is that hagino herself left that part unsaid which made mari kind of “zone out” coz she had to hear it from someone else. and since azanael was the one saying it made it more bad. hagino was still trying to confess at the door but still couldnt do so. both of them need to trust each other more.

    Im getting tired of azanael really, her self pity acts, constantly watching the recorded hologram of her and onomil.. its just irritating! Even the imaginary Onomil has seem to move on.. geez.. as for mari, i just watched episode 10 subbed and yeah, shes just a kid. easily swayed.. i just realized, the ship that ekaril commands really looks like and sounds like a blue whale! no wonder its called Blue..(just a theory)

  19. @sir ansem- coz ekaril is so damn cool and probably the best Commandah (this word still makes me laugh) there is.. hahahaha! she would be an eyesore for someone ugly, jealous and excited on invading earth so she can glomp on its male inhabitants. hihihi just kidding, but im serious with the cooler commandah though.. haha!..

  20. @ayie
    Well, I watched the sub and Azanael said Ekaril killed those people. Which is not true.
    I don’t really want to watch it again, right now, cause it’s kinda painful. Azanael wasn’t exactly being truthful, she was telling her version of facts. It’s really bad, anyway you look at it. But still, I didn’t seem that Mari gave Ekaril a chance to tell her version. And at the begining of ep. 11 I heard Tsubael (yeah, she need to freaking quit spying on Commandah, damn it)talking about jiko (accident) and Mari didn’t stop to listen. Come on. She knows Hagino for quite a while, now. And she rather believe Azanael?
    As for her, now you know why Onomil killed herself… LOLZ No, she didn’t I was just KIDDING. But really, some people still want to see her redeemed, but if it didn’t happen on ep. 8 I don’t think it’s going to happen. Just die protecting the Blue or something, Azanael. Go join Onomil in Arume heaven. We’re tired of your bitching and whining.You’re totally stuck.

  21. @quex- hahaha maybe onomil is fed up with her thats why she’d rather die. And Tsubael (Tsubame according to Mari, wahahahaha!!)geezz, she like a stalker Alien version. sometimes i imagined what if Tsubael happen to spy on her Commandah kissing Mari.boy i would love to see her face. as for azanael, nah i would rather see her blow up into smithereens together with Mastah Commandah. May both of them rot in Arume Hell. about what azanael said, the ship that was responsible for all the deaths in that island was ekaril’s so its like “you’re the commander,you take responsibility for it” and how old is hagino exactly?

    ok lets stop being negative.. maybe in the end mari and hagino will be together, tsubael suddenly found azanael attractive, michhi becomes super popular writer and earth is safe from any invasion! they all live happily ever after.

    but remind me to kill azanael 1 billion times over..

  22. I like Tsubael, but she is an airhead. She is naive. She was commenting about Micchi to Azanael. I mean, as if Aza gave a ff about the horime. I think Mari was extremely rude to Tsubael, by not remembering her name, and remember when she woke up the other day? Where’s Hagino? As if poor Tsuba were nothing. Come on, she is Commandah best pal after all.She was also rude to Akane. I don’t care about your opinion.I want Hagino’s. So childish. She want Hagino’s opinion, but when Hagino is ready to give it, she doesn’t want to hear it.
    I think Ekaril could have been a bit more respectful of Aza’s pain and more careful, not leaving her to roam around the Blue. If anything, patronize and appease the psycho. Not, showing up in front of her dressed like a schoolgirl which she ain’t and saying, thanks that would be a great help, Azanael. What was she thinking????
    I sincerely want Mari to be with Ekaril, but she needs to raise up to the occasion. If she wants to be with Ekaril, be with Ekaril. Don’t be at school. Be in the ship, in real life! She wants to see Hagino image once more? She should go ask Hagino’s fan club for a pic. Her place is by Ekaril’s side, not playing at school, not staring at her pic in admiration and infatuation. That’s the difference between a nice image and the real thing. Mari needs to make up her mind. And go for it. Not sit there waiting for perfect Hagino,that doesn’t exist. What there is she real awesome and problem-laden Ekaril.

  23. Well, just like in ep. 6 she will have to re-take her exam, next time. Mou ichido. I am sure she will pass, cause Micchi said she is the right one for the part! XD And thanks, Onomil, without you, there would be no next time.

  24. FLoser’s got a sub up, and boy oh boy, it appears that Mari hasn’t forsaken Ekaril at all–she’s more pissed at the “you hid it from me!” than the whole “why did you screw up my parents?” thing, and she demands that they still talk.

    Also their feelings will collide on the next episode. Feelings? Collide? OUR THE UH-OH.

    Sin Ansem
  25. hmmm no wonder hagino acts maturely than mari. to be honest, how mari acts now is how a confused 15 year old girl should in my opinion.. we cant expect her to act all “Ill be by your side hagino through thick and thin” coz she still young and we know kids have unstable emotions..dont get me wrong, i totally hate it too how mari “left” hagino to solve her own problems but i may have done the same thing too..

  26. It’s funny because I found Mari’s reaction to Hagino’s secret to be very mature. She was obviously shocked to the core, and it was wise that she left BLUE to think over things by herself. It’s not as though Hagino was in the best state to ‘talk’ at that point either. The first part of episode 11 shows Mari doing some emotional recovery by herself, silently – there’s no tantrums, no lashing out. That’s not the behaviour of a mere child. And when she does get angry, it’s not because she blames Hagino – Mari DOES want to be by Hagino’s side through thick and thin. Trust is a two-way street. Now all this is out in the open, it’s likely their relationship will go to a different sort of level.

  27. I agree with all that. But the fact remains that she didn’t pass the exam. Sorry. This is true because she didn’t get the whole Ekaril. She got only an image of Hagino. Thanks to Saint Onomil of the Sinking Ships she will have a second chance to be true to herself and to Hagino. I am *all* for Mari. But I want her to be *aware* of her true feelings and act on them. That’s all. I am rotting for this ship from day one! And all in all she did *dump* Hagino. That was hard to watch.

  28. And… Mari herself admitted that she wasn’t very honest with her feelings to Hagino. *She* herself said: Next time I will be more honest. Neither Micchi or me fed her this line.
    Akane told her: It’s horrible. She was just standing there without saying a word, paralized on the stage, very much like she had been paralized on the ship. She didn’t do the right thing, at first.

  29. i just watched episode 11 with subs.. i cant wait for the next episode to come out.. apparently the intro says something like, “in the next episode they’re feelings collide”.. is there gonna be a confession?>.

  30. @Ayie… If I am reading this story right, next ep. is going to be fireworks all over.
    It’s going to be apotheotic. Everything that we suffer with those two, the depth of our pain should turn into its exact opposite. Then again, I can be wrong, as I often am. 🙂

  31. This is my first time posting here, but I’ve read a majority of the responses to this episode. I guess I want to give my two cents. First of all, I think Mari had a very realistic reaction to what she was informed of. True, it would have been a little more soothing hearing the truth from Hagino, but of course we know that Hagino was trying to tell her the truth prior to Azanael stepping in. It was pretty clear at the end of the episode that Mari is still hurting about the loss of her parents and naturally the cause of loss, but she doesn’t want to loose Hagino over this either. You could tell that she still cared for her deeply and wants her to come back. Hopefully the next episode they overcome this.

    Oh yes, Hagino’s reaction brought me to tears though. I felt so much for her. I agree with a previous comment, she has to get over what happened. There was definitely a hint at the very end with the Commander and Azanael that it probably wasn’t Hagino’s fault anyways. And here’s hoping major happens between Hagino and Mari next episode *crosses fingers*

  32. @AnimeJock- they better sort it out by next episode, if they don’t, im gonna blast Mastah Commandah to oblivion!! (not hagino but the evil woman who seem to be stuck on her chair for some unknown reasons and smirks like a psycho)


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