Two years ago, Kiril had led a memorial service for the families of the victims of the shuttle accident, and as Jin grieved with everyone else, he had wondered if it was all his father’s fault. Unbeknownst to everyone there, Nozaki had been watching from afar and had surprised himself by shedding a tear. Back in the present, the remnants of the Lindworm Unit respond to the appearance of the fourth original dragon. However, before they can take any action against it, the dragon blinds them with light and disappears. Meanwhile, Nozaki is telling Yuuri to stay put on Tartarus to watch over Gio and Widow, and he ignores her urgency over getting the Album back. What he doesn’t tell her is that he thinks that is safer for her. On Tartarus, Gio demands to be let out so that he can go save Toa, but Yuuri knows all his attempts to escape from the room she’s imprisoned him in are useless. She finds it strange that Gio and Widow don’t show signs of losing control like Nozaki had mentioned, and because she suspects he’s hiding something from her, she decides to leave the island by boat.

Back at the ISDA, Sakaki, Nozaki, and Kiril are discussing the new dragon that they call Ostolm, and Kiril wants to know why it disappeared. Nozaki suggests that Ostolm didn’t disappear but instead became a Communicator. When Kiril panics over whom Ostolm performed a Resonance with, Nozaki says that he doesn’t know, but he points to how original type Communicators aren’t bound to the orders of their masters. Knowing that this is a bad situation, Nozaki proposes evacuating everyone in the city. A little while later, the only people on the streets of the city are the ISDA forces, including Kazuki who has to drive around in a car. Jin and Akira are meanwhile holed up in a building under construction, and Jin can’t hear or sense Toa. He knows that Toa has some objective, but he feels that he doesn’t know anything about her. Machina then comes running to inform them that the fourth original dragon has appeared.

Around this time, Ostolm is discovered by two ISDA soldiers, and he incinerates them, thus alerting the ISDA to his position. Kazuki is frustrated that he can’t join Laina and Sieglinde in the coming battle, but he then remembers what Sakaki had said about not hating his courage, and that gives him an idea. Ostolm meanwhile appears at a spot where civilians are being evacuated and proceeds to kill everyone. After he turns back into his Dragon form, Sieglinde and Raina arrive on the scene and attack with their respective dragons. It quickly becomes clear that they’re outmatched though, and Akira and Jin watch from a distance as Ostolm shoots down Howlingstar. Feeling that she can’t leave her friends like this, Akira decides to join the battle. Before she goes, she urges Jin to find Toa, and he thanks her for what she did. To Jin’s surprise, the reporter Yonamine Kou is waiting for him and takes him to Tartarus. Machina ends up joining the fight just in time to douse Amadeus with water to counter Ostolm’s flames.

On the boat to Tartarus, Jin questions why Kou is helping him, and Kou reveals that it’s for the sake of someone precious to him. Upon getting there, Jin notices that someone has arrived just ahead of them, and he rushes towards the nearby building. However, Jin then gets ambushed by Kazuki who is still obsessed about Gio being his property because he created Gio. Jin responds by declaring that that Gio’s not a thing. Still being held in the adjoining room, Gio becomes alerted to the fact that the two boys are fighting, but he can’t reach them to help Jin. While Kazuki is momentarily distracted by the sight of Gio, Jin tackles and knocks out Kazuki. He then enters the holding room to check on Gio, and Gio tells him about what happened to Toa. Before they can do anything though, Kazuki wakes back up and activates the controls for the room, sending Jin falling towards the fiery pit below. Back in the city, Machina’s water isn’t stopping Ostolm, and he proceeds to blind everyone before flying to the ISDA base.

With this new development, Sakaki orders Phase 7 of their plan, and the control room ride an elevator to the bottom of the base. Ostolm creates another huge explosion as he returns to his communicator form and enters the base. Yuuri has also come back to the ISDA base and confronts Nozaki on why he didn’t tell her about the appearance of the fourth original dragon. Instead of answering Yuuri, Nozaki talks about a certain female sleeping, and Yuuri realizes that he’s referring to the original dragon sample in the giant tube in front of them. She comments on how it’s not like him to speak like that, and as Nozaki thinks about this, he presses a few buttons that drop the tube into a fiery pit below. This causes Yuuri to fall to her knees in despair over the research subjects that have been taken from her, but Nozaki advises her not to rely on such things. Ostolm then appears in the chamber and directly questions why Nozaki has sided with humans. Nozaki replies that it’s because of his own will, and hearing this gets Ostolm mad.

Nozaki then protects Yuuri from the Ostolm’s blinding light, and at that same moment, back on Tartarus, Gio’s eyes suddenly glow red and he’s able to transform into a dragon. It happens just in the nick of time too because he had been falling into the fiery pit with Jin after being shot by Kazuki. In his dragon form, Gio now has enough power to break free of the barrier over the island and flies off with Jin. Nozaki and Ostolm meanwhile have started battling in their dragon forms, and Yuuri recognizes Nozaki’s dragon as Atolm – the wounded dragon she had discovered two years ago that had subsequently disappeared on her.


Noooo Widow, why did you have to save Kazuki from that falling debris! We could have been rid of him forever!

Anyway, if I’m understanding all the clues correctly, then Yuuya is the one who resonated with Ostolm and thus allowed him to take Communicator form, though it’s still not 100% clear to me what actually happened to Yuuya in the end. There’s too much story potential with Itsuki just to let him die like that I think. Yuuri also appears to be the one who resonated with Nozaki, maybe during their initial encounter, and that would explain why he had his eye on her in the flashback scene and why he protects her now. I’m not sure I understand Nozaki’s other motives though, like why he allows the dragon sample to fall into that fiery pit, or why he stopped Toa from getting the eggs two episodes ago. Maybe it’s all part of him knowing what’s best to help humanity.

As an added reminder, there is an episode next week, but none on January 2nd. Episode 14 airs on January 9th, 2008.


  1. Hmm, this episode looks really good! Hope it raises the standard of the rest of the series, the plot finally seems to be moving forward…..
    Has anyone read the Dragonaut manga? The first chapter just came out and I found it really interesting. The storyline is completely different and all the characters have different personalities!

  2. @Pyro
    I did read the manga, and i can’t, just can’t shake off the feeling that they will use some parts from it near the end…(like sand tokyo…)

    Oh thats easy. Its because you are slowly being transformed into troll. Please STFU.

    Unknown Voice
  3. It’s not strange for a manga and anime version to be different. But in most cases when the manga has been out first for a few years and then is made into a anime they don’t change the characters personalities much if at all.

    But it’s different when it’s the other way around. If you have the anime first and then a manga comes, things change. I don’t wanna start talking about it but the Eva manga is a bit like that.

  4. I don’t understand people that call shows utter garbage, just stop watching it if you dislike it so much and stop trolling. It is ok if you complain once and say that you going to stop watching but complaining all the time gets tiring.

  5. It’s not that we’re not telling people to post if they don’t like the show. But at least say why you don’t and don’t just say “it’s crap” or “it totally sucks”

    The thing here is that you can yell up and down about “freedom of speech” or how you don’t have to read them, but that’s not a complaint. It’s a troll. A complaint would have some subjective or objective views added in. What many people seem to do here is post about how they hate a show and say it sucks and how they’re glad they stopped watching. Well why the hell are you still fallowing the blog for it if you hated it so much? In the end that’s just hypocritical. Unless we’ve turned into 4chan and people who post about a show they hate actually really like it and still watch it.

    I suppose that could be the case also, but I like to think that it’s not.

  6. It seems that the true bad guy may be Nozaki after all. I was wondering why he ordered all examining on Toa to be stopped and he prevented her from getting near the dragon eggs. Maybe it may have to do with him having ‘hidden agenda’ that everyone will have yet to know. Otherwise it is maybe further research would only expose the secrets of Thanatos dragons that also include himself. He sounded like ‘a traitor against Thanatos’ or something like that. Or otherwise, why did he stop Toa at the first place…. Who knows o_o

    Man, Toa is like the princess of the show. She gets to go secret missions assigned to her by “Thanatos” she call “Mother”. I thought her fighting with Jin would be part action of the show. All the time it is Gio we see fighting together with Jin. I wondered when will we finally get to see a real fighting action of Jin X Toa. Aiks….. Mr Director, dun understand you lah after all.

    I guess Gio is a real true genuine character after all. He is truly helping Jin for Toa’s sake. He is truly ‘like a big brother’ to Jin.

    Jin is after all different. Guess that why Gio chose him because he doesn’t see dragons as tools or something like tat. Jin sees Gio as a close friend/comrade. On the other hand, our sucker Kazuki is just all about possession kind of thingy like our known scoundrel Prince Asim. Ah well, that was a sucker like him deserves Widow. Since Widow lose Chuck, then she is better off with our sucker Kazuki.

    I guess it is just a matter of time how Jin will be able to detect Toa through her song. Although she may not reach him, I believe by faith he could somehow locate her himself without being discovered by Prince Asim.

    I like this show. The director is good. He makes all the good parts reveal slowly themselves. I am excited about the remaining episodes of the show. Let me know what you think. ^^

  7. Laina looks furious on the preview…is he, somehow, going to sacrifice himself along with his dragon? i find it interesting that in the screen shots nozaki seems to protect the doctor (haven’t watched the episode yet).

  8. Well it’s about time for this series… I honestly can’t wait for the next episode now, I’ve been waiting for this series to get its footing, and now it seems that they finally have. A note on Kazuki, as shown from the opening and throughout the series as him being Jin’s rival, it looks like they will make him an actual serious antagonist of the show based on the actions he has now took in trying to kill Jin & Gio. Kazuki has definately lost all sense of humanity in him and now is a psychopathic obsessed person. A note on the “professor” dragon, I guess this one could have been seen as far as the resonance goes because of Yuuri touching the dragon when she found it and then having it disappear. Also, it looks like the end-of-the-world type scenario is starting up as well alongside the chase-after type one in that, based on my assumptions that unless Toa is brought back to Earth, the fourth dragon will continue its destruction of everything…

  9. I love the orange dragon! I never been rooting so much for the “apparent” evil guy. I really was cheering when he killed all the people in the buses. I am not a cruel person per se, but I just can’t help being on the side of the dragons. Ostlmo is the strongest a coolest of all the dragons yet, the “slaved” dragons are crap compared to him.

    Now about KAzuki, when I thought he couldn’t lower himself more, he proves me wrong.
    HE now has taking the title of the worst ex friend from Rossiu from TTGL. Widow, the bitch had to save him.

    We got no Toa this episode! I can’t believe he dumped the other dragon in the furnace.
    So when a “slaved” dragon touches his/her “master” they can overcome the Inhabitors.
    Now, lets see if my theory is correct and the white dragons are not as power as the colored dragons.

  10. yay, i super happy tat finally Jin and Gio are finally out free….. Now they can go save Toa anytime….. Of course, will be looking forward to both of them helping ISDA as well…..

    Altho I still have some doubt in Nozaki….. I guess he’s the perfect one for Professor Kitajima after all…..

    Haha, Asim….. Screw him….. So is the perkhead, lousy headed Kazuki…… Ah well, all left we may have yet to know who are the 2nd and final 5th original dragon…… Guess that Asim would prove no match for Ostolm after all….. ^^

  11. @Omni:

    Is the official English spelling of オストルム, “Ostolm” or was that your best guess at it? I was looking for a spelling of it as well and came up with “Austrum”. I was updating ANN and couldn’t find an official spelling for it.

  12. Great episode. I too am looking forward to finding out more about Nozaki’s motives. I knew something was up with him a few episodes ago but now it’s revealed that he is one of the originals that Yuuri saw years before and that she resonated with him at that point and he’s been nearby this whole time.

    I still want Kazuki to die and if they can pull it off before the end of the series, I’ll be happy as hell 😀 And thanks for the heads up about the episode airing on the 9th and not the 2nd. Sadly, just a longer wait between episodes 🙁

  13. divine: It’s my best guess. I haven’t been able to find a basis (such as all latin names or all spanish names or whatever) to work with. Series like these always have a tendency to surprise you when the “official” spelling is seen on some random monitor in an episode.

  14. So far I rather doubt that Nozaki’s about to be portrayed as a bad guy, but I suppose it isn’t impossible – Nanami didn’t seem like a bad guy at first and look what happened there.. O_o. Still, as others have already said, it’ll be interesting to find out exactly what his motives are (I really can’t see why he sided up with the humans to begin with, since he if anyone should have seen first-hand how badly the ISDA treats the earth-born dragons).

    Can’t see why people are complaing – if anything, so far Dragonaut is only getting better and the “captured-escape-repeat”-cycle seems to be ending, sorta – instead things are now starting to focus on a more direct confict with Thanathos – and later also Gilliard, I assume…

  15. Omni: I see. I agree with you on names though, as the official spellings of non-Japanese names are always pretty surprising. Originally, I added “Austrum (オストルム)” to the ANN Dragonaut page, but it looks like an editor removed my katakana. Now I can’t even edit it. *sigh*

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