On the day before the school festival, Hagino returns to the dorm. Everything is finally coming together for their performance, including the costumes for all the characters, and Yuuko is so moved by all of this that she almost cries. They need more time though, so Yuuko gets them permission to use the auditorium through the night. Meanwhile, on the Novaal, Shivariel calls together a meeting with the other captains to go over how the main invasion fleet is setting out soon. The more pressing matter for her though is the Blue and its commander, as Azanael points out as she interrupts. Azanael has figured out that Shivariel had planned the accident on the Blue in order to study the effect of the Emil Force Drive and the telepathic waves. She accuses Shivariel of trying to destroy the evidence by destroying the Blue, and when Shivariel doesn’t deny it, Azanael rushes to her side and pulls out a gun. To avenge Onomil, she proceeds to blow a hole in Shivariel’s head. To everyone’s surprise however, Shivariel dissolves, but she just as quickly reforms and reveals that the true objective was to verify the substance produced by the critical reaction, the thought condensing weapon. With everyone in the room now after her, Azanael throws a grenade and makes her escape.

Back at the school, Yuuko privately meets with Hagino and pulls a gun on her. Having seen Hagino talking with Mari by the pool earlier, Yuuko now confronts her about being an alien. She’s quickly reduced to a state of disbelief after Hagino reveals that a large-scale fleet will invade in a few days. Hagino, however, claims that she personally wants to protect this planet. Unbeknownst to both of them, Michiko had accidentally overheard their conversation and runs away in shock. Meanwhile, on the Novaal, Azanael is caught in a firefight with a bunch of the guards when she suddenly hears Onomil call out to her. She drops her guard long enough for Onomil to hug her, but Onomil then reveals that she’s created by Azanael’s mind – an embodiment of her desires and fears. More Onomils appear, combining into one big lump, and Shivariel then reveals that this is the thought condensing weapon. With it, Shivariel thinks that they’ll be able to control the humans through their inherent fears. Azanael tries to run away, but she gets shot by the guards and falls. Though unconscious, Azanael remembers getting a pendant from Onomil back when they were together. As her blood now flows onto the pendant, it activates and signals her personal fighter aircraft to open fire in the hanger.

As for the festival, it starts without a hitch, and everyone’s relatives come, including Mari’s grandmother. Watching over the festivities, Tsubael comments to Hagino on how the humans have a strange existence. They’re so tiny and weak, yet they completely changed Hagino, and Tsubael admits to being a little jealous of that. Hagino feels that she’s not the only one’s who’s changed and watches as Mari walks towards her. The two then go back to the pool area to finish their discussion, and Mari questions why Hagino didn’t tell her earlier. Hagino admits to being afraid because she let a lot of people die back then, and at a time when she wasn’t able to do anything, she met Mari. She had been surprised to find out that Mari survived, and it made her very happy. When Hagino reveals that didn’t tell Mari the truth because she was afraid, Mari responds by slapping her and then pushing her into the water. Mari claims the slap was for not telling her properly and the push was for worrying her up until now. However, she then jumps into the water with Hagino, and two kiss as they confess their love for each other. Watching from the stands, Tsubael notes that it’s better for Hagino to smile after all.

Out in the ocean, Azanael escapes via her own fighter aircraft, but Shivariel decides to ignore her so that the fleet can go after the Blue instead.


Okay, that was probably the most exciting Blue Drop episode to date. Never mind the fact that we have Hagino and Mari making up and getting together in a kiss scene that reminded me a lot of a similar scene from Strawberry Panic, the invasion and Shivariel’s plans have finally come to light. I was actually really surprised when they showed Shivariel getting shot in the head since that’s not the sort of thing you expect from that kind of scene (I had thought Azanael would get stopped by the guards or something). However, Shivariel fooled everyone (including probably most of us the audience) with her use of the thought condensing weapon, and the invasion is proceeding as planned. And that brings us to how they end this series. Assuming that the aliens do eventually win, I think Hagino will probably be able to stop Shivariel, but not the invasion itself. The preview makes it sound like she might die protecting Mari, so maybe we’re in store for a bittersweet ending.


  1. Eh? Don’t you see? What Master Commander is using to creat a fake image of herself, and also a buch of fake Onomils… that’s Thought-Arresting Weapon… and it’s just so cool… one of the coolest elements of the Blue Drop franchise!!!! ^^

  2. You’re confusing things here, this is no thought-arresting weapon. The weapon capability of the substance is that it materializes the fears of humans, and they are killed by that. “Thought arresting” is a counter to this – a concept from the manga which will most definitely not be shown in the anime. It PREVENTS that the human mind goes astray thinking about threats and fears (and subsequently be killed by them)

  3. Wrong… Thought-Arresting Weapon comprises both concept… from the original manga: Emiru Force is a toy that produce a physical embodiment of what you imagine in your mind; the Thought-Arresting Weapon is based on it. They altered it for use in the war agaist humans. They turned it into a weapon that only produced things people feared.”

    Here’s Yui tells Ami that Thought-Arresting Weapon produces things people fear… later on the manga, though, her canned Emiru Force is also called Thought-Arresting Weapon. Thus that term comprises everything.

  4. Just wanted to say that they kiss (hell, it’s about time!) but Omni was faster xD.
    Shocking what Shivariel did, hope this bitch will get what she deserves..
    I think also important is, that in the kiss scene Hagino said “Daisuki”.
    It’s one thing to kiss someone, to say “I love you” is another story.
    Final episodes next week, my favourite ending would be Hagino being together with Mari, but I don’t keep up my hopes high as they could an open, bittersweet ending as well. We’ll see~

  5. Kazu-kun: Whoops – you’re right. On rereading, I found out that it was me who was misremembering things. Lililicious indeed used the term “thought-arresting” for the substance which _materializes_ thought waves. The counter vaccine to immunize against this weapon had no such name.

  6. How about NOT discussing the manga? Again, this is a good story. EVERYTHING you need to know is being/will be told *in* the story. It’s really annoying. I suggest you pay attention to the story that’s been shown and enjoy it. The only thing this discussion is showing is that you’re unable to pay attention to the Anime.

  7. On a less irritated note. Let’s hope Azanael’s redemption wasn’t in vain.
    And I need to know what Ekaril told Youko that change her mind cause that was the *closest* call so far.I guess they will going to keep us in this roller coaster ride until the very end. Damn!

  8. The one who doesn’t pay attention to the Anime is you, quex… as Shibariel herself told Azanael that this was a Thought-Arresting Weapon… so we don’re need to connect the manga with the anime by ourselves, because Shibariel is already doing it for us!! BTW, I liked the kiss… real Yuri FTW!!! ^^

  9. Right. I have a question. If you like the F manga so much, why are you here? I think you don’t know the difference between the manga and the anime. Go to a manga forum. Or at least have the decency of put manga spoilers before your rantings. The manga is full of fanservice and other stuff.Where is it in the Anime? I don’t care for the manga.And I am sure that there is other people who didn’t read the manga and don’t want to do it. If this anime were like the manga I wouldn’t be watching it. Are you capable of commenting on something that you *actually* saw in the Anime? NO.

  10. Just what is so annoying about connecting something that is in the manga to what they mentioned in the anime? Did you even read it? It not a spoiler since the characters in the manga even EXPLAINS all about the “thought-arresting weapon.” In some anime it can be helpful to know the other connections between other stories (other seasons/adaptations/manga etc.) to fully understand the story. It’s not a crime, for crying out loud.

    What I think is so great about it is that the anime up to this point (since it is pre-manga and all) is that they worked in a practical application of the “weapon” pre-manga… and it worked. For me it was like thinking, “OMG, I completely forgot about that thing!” since I have also read the manga. I DO have an actual manga spoiler about the “weapon” that I could put here (that has nothing to do with fanservice by the way!) but I forgot the name of the main alien girl whom the spoiler concerns.

    I was thinking about stating some minor gripes with underwater and kissing, but that’s been done to death I suppose. Now yuri = underwater kissing, haha. But seriously, I’d rather have the kiss on the surface of the water at least… that whole friction thing and all.

  11. I’ve not watched ep 12 but is that really a kiss between Ekaril and Mari or is my mind playing tricks on me ? ( or rather are the creators pulling our legs ?!….ekaril’s back blocking the view isn’t all too convincing….) Guess i’m just looking for something solid to support my yuri-hopes for H&M. Why can’t either one of them just say “aishiteru” instead of ‘daisuki’? Lol….we still have one episode to go…kami sama, please make my yuri hopes come true.

  12. So this episode reveals the origin of the Thought-Arresting Weapon? Damn, that’s nice.

    I was still going wateWAT at Mari slapping around Hagino and then trying to kiss her underwater. About damn time.

    One episode left. Let’s see how this tale ends and the legacy of the Arume begins.

    *uses juicy material to help write Metroid Blue*

    Sin Ansem
  13. @chloe- yeah.. i have my doubts.. she could have kissed her on the cheeks and you know how japanese love those almost-kissing scenes.. i just watched the raw episode and i cant totally say if they really kissed. those bubbles and hagino was blocking it.

  14. To doubt of it makes no sense… Just learn to accept things as they are… they kissed; they say “I love you” (“daisuki” also means “I love you”; “aishiteru” is too formal for them.)

  15. “daisuki” is not misleading at all… and being a Yuri series has nothing to do with it; it’s all about context. So in this scene, with this context, “daisuki” is not ambiguous, nor misleading; it means “I love you”, in the most explicit and romantic way. “aishiteru”, on the other hand, would have sounded totally out of place: too formal for them. And the kiss couldn’t be more clear IMO. The fact that it’s done that way only makes it more tasteful, which fit in with the overall style of the series.

  16. Lexvil, I’m with you. I was too impatient and I had to see it anyways. I could get hints of what was going on, but not too much of what was actually said. However, that was a very nice moment between Hagino and Mari. Hopefully there will be something more, but I’m worried how they will end the series. I have enjoyed just about every second of it.

  17. In case some people doesn’t know… Blue Drop the anime is the earliest stage for the Blue Drop series… So it is not surprise to see that there are connection between the managa and the anime…

  18. I see…
    But I’m looking foward for episode 13, which would maybe reveal all the background story or if not, it would have a major plot twist.
    I finnaly found a good anime that lasts 1 more episode left…. It’s a shame, since the anime itself was beautifully awesome, and yet, it ends soon already…

  19. @Kazu-kun
    I am a japanese.I can read english.but My English is not good enough.
    The official site had hidden pages.
    In chronicle.
    『BLUE DROP ~天使の始まり~(仮)』

    hidden pages.

    hidden pages.

  20. @Kazu-kun
    hidden page contents;

  21. @akira: “The official site had hidden pages.”

    Wow! Thanks a lot!!! I don’t know how I missed those pages. That info seems really interesting. I’ll try to translate it later.

  22. @Kazu-kun
    My English is not good enough.But I write it.
    I wonder you know “The official site”’staff link.
    吉 富 昭 仁

    ~BLUE DROP birth tale~ Essay.
    by Akihito Yoshitomi.

  23. @Kazu-kun


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