With the twins gone, Sana thinks he hears Shuri’s voice greeting him one morning, but it turns out to be just Nanaka. Sana also finds that rumors are now running rampant around school about Shuri and Shuusuke eloping, and he’s frustrated over how Shuusuke didn’t tell him anything. To his surprise though, he gets a package at home from Shuusuke containing fishing equipment, but he’s disappointed to see that there is no return address listed on it. On his way home from buying dinner at the convenience store, Sana notices Yuzuki sitting in a playground, so he goes over to talk with her. She explains that she’s feeling down about the twins because they knew that discussing things with her wouldn’t accomplish anything, so they didn’t say anything to her. Still, she wanted to at least encourage them. To make her feel better, Sana gives her a drink that he won at a drawing at the convenience store.

The next day, Sana decides to invite Aoi and Nanaka to the river again for another trip. However, when Sunday comes, he gets a call from Aoi saying that she can’t go because she’s sick. In truth, Aoi was faking it because she thinks it’d be better for Sana and Nanaka to go, just the two of them. When the couple reaches the river, Sana tries his hand at fishing, but he fails to catch anything. Fortunately, Aoi had advised Nanaka to make enough side dishes for two people to go with the onigiri they were already bringing. Nanaka is only able to cook tamagoyaki and bake cookies though, so that’s all she brought. Sana nevertheless finds it delicious and embarrasses Nanaka by saying that it’s because she made it. After eating, the two have some fun in the water before Sana convinces Nanaka to come with him because he has something he wants to show her. It starts raining during their trek up the mountain, but they soon are able to take shelter in the cave that Sana was aiming for.

The thing Sana wants to show Nanaka is further inside the cave, and it turns out to be sparkling minerals on the ceiling at the end of the cave. With Nanaka impressed because it looks like a starry sky, Sana explains that this was a secret spot that he shared with Shuusuke. Because they had promised to keep this a secret between them, Sana thinks that Shuusuke would be angry if he found out Sana brought Nanaka here, so he vows to apologize when he sees Shuusuke again. As Sana and Nanaka are enjoying this moment though, Sana’s flashlight suddenly goes out. Nanaka panics, but Sana stays calm and suggests they take shelter here until the rain stops. As she sits together with him, Nanaka decides to ask Sana about the wristwatch again. She still thinks that he got it from an old girlfriend like the others had suggested back during their previous trip, and while Sana denies that, he avoids telling her the truth about it.

Sana then asks Nanaka about why she put that letter for him in the secret mail box if she had really wanted him to come save her. Nanaka reveals that it was because she was scared since she knew that she had changed after the fire. She can’t even play the violin anymore, and for a reason she doesn’t understand, she gets a pain in her chest when she tries to pick it up. The doctor had told her that it might be connected to her lost memories. In any case, she had been worried that he’d changed too during their time apart, and so she put the letter in that mailbox to reach the Sana that she knew in elementary school. She realizes now that Sana didn’t change at all, so he’s still the Sana she knows, the Sana she loves. Nanaka falls asleep shortly after this, and when she wakes up, she’s by herself. Wandering to the entrance of the cave, she is momentarily blinded by the glow of the evening sky, and it triggers her memories of the fire.

As if in a trance, Nanaka walks outside and right over the edge of the short cliff that Sana is standing under. She doesn’t return to her senses until she’s falling, but fortunately Sana is able to catch her. Shivering in fear, Nanaka tells Sana that she remembers everything about the fire now.


If just seeing the sunset can make Nanaka remember what happened back then, why’d it take this long? It looks like the violin is the key to what happened though, and I’m somewhat suspicious of that violin teacher, if for no other reason than just because he’s introduced so late. Regardless of who is to blame for the fire though, I can’t help but wonder if it’s possible for Nanaka to get over it in just one episode without it feeling rushed. I guess we’ll find out next week…

In fact, most of my thoughts revolve around how they’re going to fit a good ending in one final episode. The preview shows that a good part of next episode will be flashbacked to Nanaka’s past, but there’s also the issue of Sana’s past and the wristwatch. I was practically yelling at the screen “just tell her already!” during that part of the episode because I know not covering that here means that they run the risk of making the final episode feel rushed by having to go through too much material. And that probably means that there won’t be enough time for Shuusuke and Shuri to make a return and wrap up their story in a good way. I think that the “ideal” situation for the entire gang would be that concert scene from the OP, and while it’s still possible, it looking less and less likely to happen.


  1. Well, one eiposde to go, but the preview doesn’t show anything about Sana. maybe we’re looking at a season 2? They’re just not covering anything about Sana. 13 looks like more Nanaka.

    So unless they’re just gonna rush out the Sana watch stuff right at the end, we could get more.

  2. Reason for Sana’s watch #4593-033:

    I’m now completely convince that the watch is some kind of transformation device and Sana was some kind of sentai hero. He’s back to this city because, even though they defeated the great evil in their Giant Robot Mega-gelion-zord-dam, all his teammates died in that final, climatic battle, but Sana. The sight of blood reminds him of the battle scene, and that traumatic experience of losing some close friends, had caused him to break down emotionally and mentally. Which is why he’s in his hold home town recovering.

    Overall, at least the focus is back to Sana and that one chick who slapped him.

  3. i believe there would be a second season… as well with dacapo >.> too many things going to just put it into a short serie, unless somehow everything is related to each other and a good ending would come up highly doubting that.

  4. A second season would be too long to resolve the dangling plot threads… If they don’t wrap it up satisfactorily in the last episode, an OVA would be a better bet… but I won’t hold my breath for that…

    – T

  5. Yeah, they need to come with an OVA. I want to see how the twins are doing. Wouldn’t it be a slap on poor shuusuke’s face if Shuuri fell for some guy while they are away and he has to come back home alone 😛

  6. What’s this garbage about Da Crap?!! Don’t compare this series to it! I seriously hope they don’t try that nonsense. Even a half ass ending would be better than pulling a Da Crap. Seriously!!!

  7. This is only a guess but since Nanaka doesn’t remember anything about the fire and that it was so easy for the producers to make us think they the uncle set the place on fire that it wasn’t really like that in the first place.

    What if what really happened was that the uncle saw the fire and rushed in to the house to try and save them since they are his family. Then what probably happened was that he was only able to get to Nanaka but they somehow got trapped and in the scene where he is standing in the middle of the fire was where he told Nanaka to jump out the window with her violin while he stayed behind trying to save her parents. (But somehow he survived too, but with huge scars under those jiji clothes of his

    This is only a guess but worth it since it would be to easy to blame the uncle for the cause of the fire.

  8. I think maybe Sana doesn’t exactly remember the significance of the watch either, which is why he can’t say what it is.

    The sunset is clearly a plot device, but she was coming out of a dark cave into a really bright, orange sunset which probably never happened to her before so its not that unusual that it triggered her memories.

    I too want to know how they will resolve both Nanaka and Shuu/Shuri’s stories in one last episode, it feels like they would be rushing if they wanted to resolve both, but then again this episode was quite light on material (but still excellent because of the build up of tension), so maybe the producers know what they are doing.

  9. I think we’re going OVA here. I know another 13 ep TV series might be too long but as a few have said, we still have nothing about Sana, nothing about Aoi also. And if they finish with Nanaka in the next ep, I think the there is enough with just Sana for a 3 episode OVA.

    We’ll have to wait and see what they do in 13.

  10. Yeah, will have to wait until ep 13. I seriously hope they don’t rush anything in the end as by now M;Y has been some series I really enjoyed this season. Really excited right now about the end, will have to freeze myself until 26/dec, else I feel like I can’t cope with the excitement ^^;; So many yet to be answered questions…

  11. I think for a twin, Asami might me the one helping them after all if she know why they run away and start reveal their step mother to the public. [Their father should not blind anymore]. If it’s like this they can finish twin story easily.

    Next week we will know Nanaka’s past and solve everything and after that Sana might tell Nanaka what happen to him after all. So I think they can finish next week.

  12. well I guess we won’t be finding out anything about Sana.. Maybe that will be the primary pull for people to buy the game? OVAs would be nice though..

    Noticed as well that this ep introduced a new person that may be involved in the fire.. Nanaka’s violin teacher, lots of possibilities come to mind, for instance
    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Hmm.

    If it all comes down to this, apparently Aoi might be a little more than a minor character, but nothing more.

    As for the sunset, I’m guessing it’s because Nanaka’s in the cave itself, and the bright orange color of the sunset reminded her all too much of what happened while she’s in an enclosed area.

    Owaranai Destiny
  14. It seem like what Cookie said after I went and saw the RAW. In the preview it seem to show that Nanaka saw something inside the room [don’t know whose room is that]. After went out and she saw the fire from downstair.

  15. w00t! I definitely can’t wait for the second season. Here I had thought that Minatsu was going to be the heroine for D.C. Da Capo II, since she took up most of the airing time. But I am sure glad to hear that this is only the first season. Otome’s ending would sure bring a happy smile to my face. So cheers for the remaining second half of the series. *goes back to drooling over the game*

  16. If they don’t cover anything about Sana, and just leave the twins/Aoi as they are, then it’s looking like nothing more than arushed half-finished ending to get people to buy the damn game.

    And that totally screws us out of everything. Unless someone wants to take the time to translate and patch the game, which I doubt will happen anytime soon. Then we’re up a creek wouthout a paddle.

    This is really shitty imo. I’d hate to think the studio/creaters are doing this just to help sell games. I’d like to beleave that we could get more eps later. A sorta semi-2nd season to wrap everything up.

    If they wanna leave any Aoi, Sana and a good happy twin ending with the step-mother put in her place for another 13eps, it CAN be done.

    There is enough there imo to fill in another 12 or 13eps. Sana’s story can take up just as much time/eps as Nanakas if you do it right, so say 5eps for his story. Add in another 2 or 3 for whatever we can get outta Aoi, that’s 8 right there. Bring the twins back to kick out the step-mother and put that idiot father in his place, another 3-4 eps easy. so that’s 12 right there.

    And just for the hell of it, you can have 1 or 2 pointless eps with the loli like we’ve had already. and BAM, another season right there.

    So it CAN be done when you think about it. It’s just a matter of IF they want to and all depends on if the next ep is rushed or not. If in the final we just get mostly Nanaka and zero Sana, chances of more later become real. That is, like I said at the start, unless they wanna just sell the game to us insted. *sigh*

  17. @GP
    interesting thought you got there; Sana helps Nanaka become free from her past this season, then Nanaka returns the favor and helps clear Sana’s past next season. That would be sweet :). The twins’ dad getting his ego shattered after finding out about his slut for a wife and losing the election because of it would make it even SWEETER hahaha :D.

    For all this to happen though, both the anime and game have to be successful. I sure hope it does, and I hope the producers feel generous enough to make that second season.

    Speculating’s fun, isn’t it? :). Still, anything goes since the writers have shown us how they can throw us off. Look how Asami turned out…

  18. @Cookie

    Thanks, I figure that we’ve got enough questions and unfinished stuff to fill in another season. And it really doesn’t have to be 13eps, but it can pretty easy. Again, I just hope they aren’t leaving out Sanas story to get people to buy the game.

  19. Probably a second season? I think that the fact that the preview shows only Nanaka’s past and finding out the culprit would be the only end as to show that Nanaka’s conclusion. So most likely if there is a second season then it would introduce and resolve Sana’s past, the twins issues, and introduce maybe Aoi’s issues (if she has one).

  20. I think it is better to have a second season of M;Y because now with the final episode is showing next week, I don’t think it will show entirely Sana’s issues as well as the twins’ issues at once. I think it might show some snippets of both issues for the next season. Keep your eyes open, people!

  21. So sad that the cutest and most adorable of them all is Aoi-Chan but she just a support character without her own story, but why is it episode 13 is last episode, where do u see them announce that. Cause I don’t remember seeing anywhere saying this series goner be a 13 episodes, if none of us saw anywebsite saying is a 13 episode series then maybe they can stretch it out to a 26 or maybe add an extra episode to make it 14. I mean we still have Sana’s story to tell about his last 5 yrs of being somewhere.

  22. @John
    Take a look at Anime News Network. It only shows 13 ep.

    Now I really have to wonder how this will all end if it is only 1 season. Maybe the sensei was the cause and Nanaka was the one who brought the sensei over.


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