Before I get to today’s episode of Myself; Yourself, a few quick news items that have come up in the past 24 hours:

  • For those that might not have heard yet, Suzumiya Haruhi is getting some more viral marketing in the form of its website being taken down. ANN has a good write-up on it, and MOON PHASE notes that the copyright for three years (2007-2009) might mean that they’ll be animating two seasons from the fall of 2008 into the spring of 2009. It’s also noteworthy that the director is now Takemoto Yasuhiro (whose previous works include FMP! TSR and the majority of Lucky Star) instead of Ishihara Tatsuya.
  • Higurashi is also getting a third series, according to animate.TV. No further details available yet.
  • Also, to no one’s surprise (at least not mine), the newest MF Bunko J came with an official announcement that there’ll be a third Zero no Tsukaima series. I didn’t think very highly of the second series, but maybe third time’s the charm.

    1. lol i knew there would be a third of Zero no Stukaima just by seeing how season 2 ended but Suzumiya I knew about it way back turing the summer because they had already announced it back then.

    2. I wonder how the 3rd season of Higurashi is going to be like…I haven’t seen the last episode yet, so I don’t know if it ended in a cliff hanger or just plan to continue the story.

    3. Third time ZnT? zzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz
      Sorry but the second series wasn’t really anything. I’ll go read the novels~
      As for Haruhi the merchandising they do is funny as always. Curious what the second season will be like and what from the novel they’ll animate this time.

    4. Personally the announcement for the third season of Higurashi came as a surprise, but as a very pleasant one. Apart from side stories like Onisarashi, Utsutsukowashi or Yoigoshi, they still have the epilogue Saikoroshi, and the alt ending Miotsukushi-hen to work with, so there is still plenty of material, no need to worry 🙂

    5. The way they programmed the haruhi site seriously PWNS ALL OTHER SITES.
      Check the ann site for more info about it. I like it 😀

      ZnT 3 eh, Cant expect that much from them anymore…..

    6. All very very bizarre.

      By the way, concerning the poll, I actually had contemplated this a while back. I think it’s going to be within the next half year, or likely even sooner. Likely thehy even have a Hatsune Miku series in the planning stages already and just haven’t announced it yet. The question now is merely who is going to get the license.

    7. Saw that news in Animenewsnetwork too, very nice you have to type password to enter the error web (which the password is “K,” “N,” “S,” “A,” and “K”). Hmm and i thought that Haruhi will start immediately after CLANNAD. Higurashi just ended its 2nd season with quite a proper ending, right after that a 3rd is announced? And i thought that was the true ending and no more. ZnT… a 3rd season, wow is this the power of Znt fans?

    8. Man U totally made my day. I mean now I’m totally sure there’s gonna be Haruhi 2nd. But I wonder how it will be with Higurashi. I wonder how will the last episode turn out. But it would be great if there could be a 3rd series.

    9. Yeah seriously, anybody who didn’t see a third Season of ZnT…..needs to smarten up. Really. It was /INCREDIBLY/ obvious they were going to do a season three with that ending.

      And to all those people who didn’t like how roundabout the second season was……you /DO/ realize that they were most likely planning for the third season when they started on the second, right? If not /before/ they started it. Hence why a. the info on season 3 is coming out so fast, and b. why season 2 was like it was. Season 1 was to make sure the show would be worth more seasons, so they made it self-reliant in case it wasn’t popular enough to make more episodes for. Season 2 they made with the full intention of making a season three, so that’s why it isn’t as self-sufficient as season one, and why it didn’t move as quickly as season 1 as well. So please, think about the situation before coming to conclusions.

    10. Let’s not forget the BETTER news of the lot:

      Trigun movie finally being released on 2008 (I hope)

      Minami-ke Okawari!

      Code Geass season 2

      And one of my personal faves: OtoBoku season 2.

    11. Saimoe will be very weird in 2008 and 2009 then. Not like it wasn’t weird in 2006 and 2007 to begin with.

      I’m all for the return of Haruhi, but more FMP! (or perhaps even better comedy FMP?) in the near future would be desired. Tessa needs another shot, since Chidori don’t do moe much. And while I don’t watch Higurashi, I love reading some of the blogs about it.

    12. I wouldn’t really want a third series of higurashi unless it is a remake of the second season. In the anime they even removed the miracle where Rika freezes time to snatch a bullet. Well, let’s see how it turns out.

    13. Thanks god the rumors about Haruhi 2 cutting Clannad in half where just rumors.Still so,i hope that the desaparition of Suzumiya Saruhi gets animated in this second season.Bah,90 % chances tath they do by looking at the pics they released before,and that Yuki of now…Higurashi is allways good news,not to talk about Louise and Henrietta—–

      Alt Eisen Riese
    14. hurray!! more info on haruhi 2… and that poster…. hahaha thats the part when ****** **** ********* heh once haruhi 2 gets out i hope author starts on volume 10 o_o been waitin sooooooo long

    15. I take every news I hear about Haruhi with a grain of salt, especially that 2009 thing. More than likely it will turn out to be some ad campaign joke because even if you announce something that runs into 2009 you don’t usually include both copyright dates, you just include the year the particular product was patented. Unless it means some sort of pre license for western release, in which case that might explain the 2009.

      Kaioshin Sama
    16. A second season of Haruhi is always welcomed, though I wonder what the message on its “former” website means. 🙂

      I’m also looking forward to Higurashi and ZnT sequels. Personally, I wouldn’t give very high marks to the 2nd series of both of them(Higurashi for music, the anime ones are WAYYY below the original game ones in terms of quality; ZnT for some bad storytelling and animation). But I guess something is always better than nothing lol.

      Hopefully Higurashi 3rd series will be named “Rei”: I’ll be expecting Saigoroshi-hen and Hirukowashi-hen. K1 x Rena! While the focus on ZnT is definitely Tiffania(finally!) and HENRIETTA x SAITO. Looking forward to “that scene” for sure 😀

    17. I thought the second season for Haruhi had already been announced a few months ago? I’m really hoping there really is a second season but the way they actually promote is full of mystery and suspense.

    18. I had the page of a magazine talking about ZnT 3rd Season, I forgot to scan it back at my dorm… but it does say that 3rd season will happen with story Show Spoiler ▼

    19. It first i thought Haruhi was just a show that was like lucky star but then i read the novels and thought it was a great story(although it stress my mind too much to the point that im getting illsions)


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