This is a few days old, so some of you may have already seen this, but this video was so hilarious that I can’t not blog about it. H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ is a new series coming out in January about a (blind) boy who has lost his mother and moves to her hometown to recuperate. It looks like an interesting series, and as I was writing up my Winter 2008 preview, I saw the PV. If I could give out an award for the most unintentionally funny promotion video ever, this series would get it. I was laughing for a good five straight minutes when the narrator suddenly started spouting random phrases designed to make the series sound exciting. I don’t know why they decided to have the trailer in English, but it certainly made my day. H2O Rocks Your Soul!


  1. looks like a H game adaption but I’m not too sure… but the english was ok(>.> dont really see what was so funny about it though) slightly amusing but not LOL.I guess I can try to watch 1 episode to see how it goes since I’m getting tired of all the game adaption animes…

    Me:Wha?HAHAHAHAHAHA*gasps for air*

    The song at the end sounds quite nice, though.

    It’s based on an eroge with the same name, released June ’06 – I won’t link anything here, but if you search for H2O on getchu or erogamescape you’ll find it.
    Actually looks rather interesting, hm.

  3. So the guy can’t see the literal “in your face”, but the girl was nice enough to let him feel it with his face. The excellent english voiceover did seem really overboard to the point of being hillarious. Too bad this anime will never live up to what he was promising. Still should be worth check out though.

  4. Yes, this is a H game adaption……and the drawing is just miles behind of how the original was. A disgrace to the game if you ask me……given how the game was actually pretty good.

  5. I’m surprised they were able to get someone that speaks English well enough to not have that accent, but dialog between Japan and America is just too funny when going from one to the other.

    I’m betting that in Japan, the english narrator is more mysterious or what have you, but it’s just…

    It rocks my soul.

  6. “A dark fear, creeping in…”
    “Violence, tearing at one’s heart…”
    “A nasty secret, concealed in this little society…”
    “A phrase, followed by a longer phrase…”

    Oh, man, that’s some serious FAIL. I’ve seen porno promos with less cheese. BAD porno promos… Only way this could have been funnier would be with some bow-chicka-wow-wow music in the background and Pablo Francisco doing the voiceover…

    But it does make me wonder something I’ve been curious about for some time but never though to put into words. Do blind people in Japan not wear sunglasses like they do in the States, and most everywhere lse I’ve seen depicted? I mean, if you have a blind person over here, then they’re pretty much guaranteed to be wearing some kind of shades, or if their eyes aren’t too messed-up looking (or even if they are), going au naturale. Same goes for movie and TV depictions. But any time you see a blind person in an anime (Nunally, I’m looking at you) they look like they’ve just got their eyes closed. Someone over here did that in real life, people would be all “Hey, open your eyes and quit faking”.

  7. The last comment was unintentionally funny, but the rest of the trailer was surprisingly good.

    Since it was in English, I’m guessing they’re making it more marketable for an international audience? Considering how anime is becoming more prominent outside Japan, I wouldn’t put it to them to pander towards a larger audience than their own.

  8. hmm cause the anime contains a trap who is by the fact Hamaji @_@ another willing crossdresser and yes this is again based on an H-game by makura-soft to those who still dont know @_@ the protagonist BTW is blind but i really dont know from what type of blindness

  9. Hahaha, loved it when I first saw it, and still love it! It certainly does “Rock my soul” =P Anyways, it looks pretty interesting, besides for the image of the boy tapping the girl’s ass with his cane LMAO

  10. wow u guys take this way too seriously -_-; you haven’t even seen the first episode and you judge the series based on a trailer intentionally made to be funny. i say judge it when the first 2 eps come out. Animation may be subpar compared to say Clannad, but if the story is good then for me its worth it. Anyways we’re in for an interesting New Year. Happy Holidays to ALL!!

  11. about time some weak ass company started doing some english narrating hope they don’t put it while english comments while we’re watching d episode. btw the series looks nice i would’nt mind being blind in this kind of situation where u keep touching anything eventhough u know it’s a person.

  12. Are you guys sure this wasn’t made intentionally to be funny? Like to make fun of American movie previews or something?

    Because I seriously doubt a fluent English speaker such as the narrator, or any other English speaking person present in the making of this PV, wouldn’t question this script filled with shit that doesn’t even make sense. Although, keeping in mind that this is Japan we’re talking about here, anything could be possible.

  13. I’m thinking the studio hired a VA from US and either was told to make it funny or was given total freedom so he made it like so.

    Because the script wasn’t engrish, it seems too calculated. And the VA sounds too fluent, although I’ve heard some good English speakers from Japan.

  14. First of all I get why you guys think its funny, but only if you have a bad sense of humor. However I did find it kinda amusing. But in japan saying random english phrases sounds cool (listen to some j-pop, that has more than enough random english) so its not that weird. I think it must be some kinda parody of hollywood trailers.

    Infact I liked the trailer and will give the anime a chance when it comes out.

  15. Japan is very big at English so it’s not a surprise to see a PV liked for once- be nice to see them more often.

    At first, I wasn’t sure about H20, but this trailer changed my mind. =3 Looks great! Rocked my soul was unexpected, but I loved it. =D

  16. the English narratives are well done IMO, even though I had a hard time to connect the mood between the narration and the anime. The trailer is really pretty good until…

    H2O rocks your soul XDDDD.

  17. @hypertoast

    HAHAHAHAHa, loved the comment of proper english.

    I think the H20 Rock Your soul part got everyone interested in this anime. Its probably the only thing that sparked my interest even more to watch.

    Sora no Kaze

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