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OP: 「片翼のイカロス」 (Katayoku no Icarus) by 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui)
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As she looks over her town from the top of a hill one morning, Kohinata Hayami suddenly hears a boy scream and watches as he emerges from the nearby woods. He is being chased by a wild boar, so Hayami tackles him and lets the boar run by without noticing them. Not knowing who she is, the boy touches Hayami’s face and moves his hand down her body until he unintentionally pokes her breast, causing her to slap him. As it turns out, this boy is blind, though he doesn’t know the cause of his blindness. He tries to apologize to Hayami as she leads him down the hill, explaining that he had ended up there because of a mysterious girl named Otoha who refers to herself as a spirit. The boy then introduces himself as Hirose Takuma, but before he can say any more, they arrive at the road that leads to the school. Despite Takuma figuring out that she’s in junior high too and subsequently inviting her to walk with him, Hayami goes a different direction and warns him not to get involved with her.

At that school, the students are already talking about the new transfer student who’s supposedly here to recuperate from some sickness. Takuma’s arrival starts with him bumping into a girl named Kagura Hinata who had been on the ground after falling down a set of stairs. Unfortunately, he pokes his cane around her butt and unintentionally lifts up her skirt while trying to figure out what his cane is touching. Hinata turns out to be the class representative, and she’s the one who shows him to his seat in his new class. The seat is actually the one right next to Hayami’s, and when Hayami comes in late to class, Takuma speaks up about her helping him earlier in order to prevent her from getting punished by their teacher. Afterwards, Hinata and her friends show Takuma around the school, though he can already figure out what each room is based on its smell. Takuma also notices that Hinata addresses him with the -sama honorific. The group is soon interrupted by the haughty Tabata Yui who is a self-described perfect beauty and leader, and it’s because of her that Takuma accidentally falls onto Hinata, though it somehow ends up with Hinata sitting on his face with panties exposed.

Hinata then takes Takuma to the infirmary and insists that he get some rest. Returning to the classroom by herself, she notices that Hayami’s notebook has gotten trashed and is accompanied by notes calling Hayami a cockroach. Back at the infirmary, the girl Otoha suddenly jumps through the window and onto Takuma, calling him her promised person. She talks to him about seeing, but Takuma believes that there was no way he can since he hasn’t been able to since that time. Urging him not to give up and getting close enough to almost kiss him, she momentarily opens his eyes so that he could see her. Takuma eventually returns back to the classroom with his eyes closed again, and Yui serves lunch to everyone. However, Yui finds that she doesn’t have enough and blames Hayami. When Yui sends her two goons to restrain Hayami and calls Hayami a cockroach to her face, Hayami frees herself and wrecks a pan of food before storming out, even after Takuma tries to help. Takuma wants to chase after her and tries to get Hinata to come with him, but to his surprise, Hinata says that it’s better if they don’t. This doesn’t stop Takuma though, and he finds Hayami right as she’s about to walk out of school. When he trips coming down the stairs, she comes back and catches him. She also tells him to call her by her given name because she hates her family name.

Since she didn’t have lunch, Hayami takes Takuma to an office where she’s hidden some instant ramen. As Hayami boils water, Takuma tries to convince her that she should have tried to talk things through earlier since he feels that Yui isn’t a bad person. When Hayami starts to eat the ramen, Takuma’s stomach growls, and even though he tries to deny wanting some, she feeds him a bite. The two are then discovered by Yui’s two angry goons, and though Takuma tries to help her, Hayami willing goes with them to behind the school building and warns Takuma not to follow her because he can’t do anything. Those words stick with Takuma for the rest of the day, and he ends up dreaming about a train rushing by a railroad crossing. When he wakes up from this nightmare, Otoha appears behind him and wonders if he’s doesn’t like not being able to do anything. Taking her outstretched hand, Takuma is transported to a beach, and Otoha runs out into the water. At her calling, Takuma follows her in and manages to walk all the way to her and into her arms. Because of this, Otoha explains that it’s not that he can’t do something, it’s only that he’s convinced himself that he can’t do it. What she can do as a spirit is to give him a moment of time – how he uses it is up to him. Urging him to do his best, she then kisses him on the forehead, and Takuma wakes up for real.

On this new morning, Hayami is on the hill overlooking the town again, remembering how Takuma had said that the ramen was truly delicious. Takuma then appears at that spot too and notes that he never imagined the view was so beautiful. To her surprise, his eyes are open now, and he stretches out his arm so that they can go to school together.

ED Sequence

ED: 「カザハネ」 (Kazahane) by 霜月はるか (Shimotsuki Haruka)
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What kind of series starts out with a girl getting beat up? Who punches a girl anyway? That was quite an eye-opener though (no pun intended), so they succeeded in getting my attention. It was the start of what I thought was a pretty good first episode, with a lot of unanswered questions and a soundtrack that’s really growing on me (I really like the OP too). The whole blindness thing gave an interesting perspective to the story, though it did lead to a couple of the more fanservicey shots with Hinata, and I was surprised to see that Takuma had already opened his eyes by the end of the first episode. Of course, if what Otoha said is true, it might only be temporary, and he personally still has to overcome the mental barriers that prevent him from seeing – or something like that. Speaking of which, Otoha’s entire existence is a bit of a mystery since she appears when Takuma is alone and only he seems to be able to see her. She’s the supernatural element in what was otherwise a pretty grounded show (as close as you can get for an anime anyway) – not that that’s a bad thing.

And since someone’s bound to ask: Did this rock my soul? Probably not, but I like the series so far and see a lot of potential in it, so I’ll probably continue watching. Blogging it is a completely different matter though since I already have Clannad and Shana II on Thursdays.


  1. Ha true there’s nothing to rock the soul in the series but i sure would like to beat the crap out of those two boys that punched the girl, a drama-like with some little fanservice nothing new indeed but the story kinna good in a way.

  2. @karasu
    Somehow at the end of the episode he could see and is no longer blind i think it was thanks to Otoha.
    I really liked the OP, Yui Sakakibara rocks my soul for the song

  3. anyway ill watch this series cuz is interesting,rosario+vampire was kind of a dissapointment to me cuz i thought moka and the white vamp where not the same person 😐
    anyway this series looks interesting,but i am really looking forward to KimiAru,the story being interesting and also the strong cast

  4. Shit, I’m blind too, if I can get away with all that stuff.

    OP is nice and there’s a lot of new concepts…

    … but I’m not sure I can follow this. Too eroge-y and too fanservice-y.

    Oh, and lol fried squid rings. It’s not really worth all that fuss is it?

  5. Hm, I came to this site today hoping you had an H2O review, and it was the most recent news, so thank you for attempting to blog it (though I suppose decent isn’t improbable)

    You like the series and probably will watch it? Yay, simply because uh this was the primary series I would try. It might or might not be explosive or a big hit, but if it’s interesting and deemed watchable, then that’s good to know.

    And if it wasn’t clear already, just from the screens itself, it looks like almost all the images from the unintentionally funny/ridiculous preview were from the first episode.

    Well, I definitely want to see the first episode to see how the protagonist is utilized.

  6. Well, i did not the “rock my soul” part. I never thought this series would stand out. But i am glad i watched it. Yes, a real eye opening experience. I was feeling, “Damn! What kind of guy beat a girl!?” Now it has become the series I must watch. Hopefully we get to see why she got beaten up otherwise this would become the worst series of this season.

  7. Yui is the one beating up Hayami but I’am not sure in the anime and Hamaji (cause “she” just likes it) is the one sometimes beating up the protagonist along with Hayami due to his mishaps especially the fan-service panties prevalent through out the game
    sorry for double post….
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. In all honesty, the slugging-a-girl part actually has me sold on this show, too. None of that “I can’t hit a girl!” sexist crap. Seriously, if I were to slug a guy for pissing me off or something, I’d be likely slug a girl all the same if she pissed me off as much and in the same way. And I doubt those guys were slugging her for the heck of it.

    I mean, it’s basically the same thing as if you were fighting against Yoruichi in Bleach. Would you not hit her just becase she’s a woman? Same principle.

  9. After watching this; I’m pretty sure that this is a “bait and switch” tactic. Probably by next episode, that girl who had been punched will go “Raging Demon” on everybody and end it for everyone within her radius.

    Slightly Bald Wizard
  10. @Dash
    Yes, you got me real good there. Higurashi did start beating up a girl. Except i never noticed the beating since it was more of a slaughtering.

    I also agree that males can beat but females depending on the circumstances; but the reasons must be real strong. In addition, it does not apply in the case of the anime. In H2O, it was clearly bullies towards her.

    P.S.> It is just logical and stereotypical to think of protecting females. For that reason, it is just disturbing for my conscience to see somewhat a vice-versed scenario.

  11. Hmm, this show has potential. With the relatively low profile cast (aside from Koshimizu Ami), it could very well be my “ef – a tale of memories.” for this season. If it falls short, I can see it being my “Myself; Yourself” for this season.

    Either way, I’m going to watch to find out. If it doesn’t quite become the “ef” of the season, I still have “true tears” to try and fill that spot.

  12. I’ll catch a few episodes, though it doesn’t seem like it’s down my alley. Though the guy’s handicap does interests me, what harem anime now a day doesn’t have a guy being completely useless in all aspects that requires them to be a man when the moment calls for it. But, oh well, it seems like it’s worth a few laughs at least. It’ll hold me over long enough for me to find something else better to move on to.

  13. Ahhh Haruka Shimotsuki singing ED, and Yui Sakakibara singing OP, nice combo, Those that don’t know Haruka Shimotsuki sings Atelier iris ( 1, 2, 3 ) game OP’s and Ar tonelico, third Atelier Iris song being my fav. Awesome singer.

  14. Another crappy looking harem. the series seems to be missing a crucial factor: a strong and dependable male lead, not some creepy looking blind kid. the girls just seem to either be fawning over him or pitying him.

  15. @ramiel_salbazier:

    In the end omake, it was “Hayami, Hamaji, Otoha” with Hinata coming in afterwards asking, “what about me?” It seems like Hinata is supposed to be more of a main heroine than Hamaji though (I think…), so you could very well be right. Omakes are usually just short, comedic skits after all.

    Also, I’ve uploaded the OP/ED on youtube (click my name for my channel) if you want to save yourself a download.

  16. Forgive me if I find little interest in yet another series likely to spend 90% of it’s premise on lame comedy and mediocrity until a sudden plot twist like a car accident or sudden character death syndrome comes out of nowhere in the end that is horribly timed/paced and exists merely to add a little melodrama before the end so that fans think they remember the series being dramatic and poignant. Sorry, not going to happen this time.

  17. “Forgive me if I find little interest in yet another series likely to spend 90% of it’s premise on lame comedy and mediocrity until a sudden plot twist like a car accident or sudden character death syndrome comes out of nowhere in the end that is horribly timed/paced and exists merely to add a little melodrama before the end so that fans think they remember the series being dramatic and poignant. Sorry, not going to happen this time.”
    – Kaioshin Sama

    But the first episode was nothing like that at all; that’s just randomly-misplaced prejudice/bias. Not saying you have to like the show at all, but it helps if the criticism is somewhat relevant to the plot setup (which is not focused on comedy, spent most of its time setting up the premise, and was at least trying to be “dramatic and poignant” from the get-go). It’s like you’re talking about something completely different. ^^;

  18. @RL:

    I’m only going by impressions from the blog, but can still say the show is young. Plus the false good start is also something I’ve experienced many times when dealing with Romantic Dramedy, and I get the impression that this is what we have here. I’ll admit I rarely hold out high hopes from the get go for these 12 episode Romantic-Dramady’s ending up rocking my soul, but that comes from many bad experiences in a row leading me to be instantly wary of any series that I think will take that approach. The formula seems to crash and burn everytime, but I guess we’ll see, the show could end up a masterpiece, but I strongly doubt it.

    Well at least I can say that the girl in screenshot 20 sure is cute though in a devious looking sort of way. Seduction of the blind perhaps.

  19. I just finished watching the first episode and I must say it is interesting.I would like to give my opinion about the fight or Show Spoiler ▼

    while reciting the poem made me think why are they beating Hayami and why is she accepting it without trying to run or hit back which make you want to know more about her circumstances. Even in the classroom at lunch when the two guards approached her and held her down on the desk and nobody stopped them or could care less about them roughing her up makes you really want to know what happened to make the class accept her getting beat up. I think maybe Hayami have guilt for something that may have happened at the school because i do not think
    she is afraid of anybody it is her way of atoning whatever happened. I will be watching the next couple of episodes to see can they keep it interesting like the first episode. Also to some people the fight was unsettling to me it is too early to judge because we do not know what that fight was about. Now the second one was petty to fight over who took the lunch. Lastly who would punch a girl? I believe it depends on the situation. Personally in the show Clannad If I was Tomoya I would have been kicked Kyou Show Spoiler ▼

    for the stuff she had done to him like almost running him over and hitting him for nothing. So I guess a lot of people would get mad if Sunohara was finally able to
    knock out Tomoyo. But that wouldn’t happen because Tomoyo has more skills than him and
    the producers and writers of Clannad do not have the balls like H2O to show a girl get hit. Here is 2 links to the poem in H2O. Thank you for reading this long reply and for your comments.

  20. The beating up part pissed me off. There are only two situations in witch I would ever hit a girl. The first is if my life, or someone’s close to me, was in danger by said girl. In that case, it would be dumb not to retaliate. The other one is if I was sparing with a girl in martial arts class. Not trying to hit her or pulling my punches would be a great insult in that case. But other then that, I can’t think of any other situation.

    Pretty good episode. All the girls are pretty interesting, the two “guards” need a close encounter with one of the main Bleach characters. Looking formward to see the rest of this, mostly why Hayami does not fight back. She does not seem weak, and could probably do SOME damage.

  21. @DmonHiro: You know, anime girls pound on the males almost constantly season by season, year by year. I think one beating of an anime girl by a male out of a 10,000,000,000 beatings of anime males by anime females makes the two camps about even.

  22. dam it just go play the game this has no killings anyway only supernatural stuff cause of otoha Show Spoiler ▼

    anyway i just noticed that haruka shimotsuki sang the ending theme… must it…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. I really like the show, I see alot of potential in it. I somehow get the feeling this show goner be epic like SchoolDays except is not epic crappy storyline and crazy. But epic in a very good way.

  24. @Kaioshin: I am not talking about slapstick comedy like in Love Hina. In this scene of H2o, the beating is not for comedic purpose, it shows a real situation that is possible in the real world. You can’t realy compare Honami & Kureha punching It-chan (Rental Magica) for looking at another girl, with Hayame getting beaten by two guys. I also have no problem with a guy beating up a girl in a FAIR fight. I’m talking about 1-on-1 fight desired by both.

  25. Agreed, lets kill those 2 guys………it will be good riddance XD. Anyways, the 1st episode seems good enough that it should be worth watching, atleast for now. There wasnt anything that was really good or really bad tho.

  26. Well well what do we have here… woman beaters? I’m not sure if it was just for shock value, but it worked. I’ll be watching this series because it seems to be promising, and it isn’t terrible in anyway


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