true tears is set to start airing tomorrow, and there was a special preview on BS11 today with the voice actresses of the three female leads, Takagaki Ayahi, Iguchi Yuka, and Nazuka Kaori. The first part of it had the three of them choosing random cards with keywords related to the show, and then telling their own stories on top of that. Keywords included things like deai (first meeting), doukyo (living together), and seishun (youth). They then showed the OP sequence for the anime, and I thought the beginning of it was kind of impressive because of all the autumn leaves blowing around the three main girls, but some of the middle parts were just footage from episodes. The song was typical eufonius, however I say that mainly because all of her songs have begun to sound the same to me. Afterwards, the director Nishimura Junji said a few words, as did the producer Horikawa Kenji. Finally, the three voice actresses were brought back to do some kakizome that highlight some aspect of true tears. Nazuka Kaori wrote yami (dark), Takagaki Ayahi wrote sensai (sensitive), and Iguchi Yuka wrote awai (faint, as in colors).

OP Sequence

OP: 「リフレクティア」 (Reflectia) by eufonius
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Overall, this probably isn’t worth your time to watch unless you really wanna hear the voice actresses chat or you really wanted an advance peek at the OP (which I’ve provided above). The series seems pretty interesting though, and the BS11 broadcast made the animation quality look better than I was expecting it to be. I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.


  1. Well, the ENTIRE first volume of the manga has been adapted into ONE anime episode. And from what I’ve head of it, not only was it rushed and dispatched, but it was actually a pure “romantic” shojo…

    True Tears looks way more interesting than H2Om which appears visually painful and plotwise poor, the blindness of the protagoniste being exploited only for fanservice… True Tears isn’t trying to be “amazing”, or even to “look” amazing, the premise doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s visually quite good. Let’s hope it won’t be as silly as Kimikiss…


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