• Happy New Years! Now that I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and reflect, I realized 2007 really went by quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about Shuffle Memories and Manabi Straight.
  • I’m hearing a lot of disappointment over the anime offerings for this upcoming winter season, and I somewhat share that sentiment since there’s only a few shows that I really care to see (Wolf and Spices, maybe Gunslinger Girl S2). With that in mind, I looked ahead further at the Spring 2008 and found it a lot easier to get excited about with the likes of Macross Frontier, the hilarious Kamen no Maid Guy, and the next CODE GEASS. There’s also a series called Special A (S.A for short), starring the talented Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch of GEASS) and Gotou Yuuko (Mikuru of Suzumiya Haruhi). The story of S.A – about a girl who has a middle-class upbringing who attends a rich school – is one that I find similar to Ouran in many ways, including how much it makes me laugh and how fun the manga is to read, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the anime adaptation. If you get a chance, I’d recommend checking out the manga.
  • Oh and speaking of CODE GEASS, there was news out a few days ago that it is not in fact taking over Gundam 00’s Saturday 6PM timeslot (as was widely expected) but is instead taking a new Sunday 5PM one come April of this year. I find that rather worrisome in terms of the direction the series will take with its more mature themes because it’s roughly in that same timeframe that more kid-friendly shows like Kirarin Revolution, Ultraman Mebius, and Chibi Maruko-chan air. That’s not to say that they’re going to dumb down the show or completely cleanse it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were major thematic differences – and I doubt things like Viletta or Kallen’s nipple slips, or Nina’s masturbation scene would make the final cut.

    1. Maybe that loli-shota character claiming to be a Lamperouge influenced the time-slot change.

      Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to more shows in April rather than this Winter, seeing as how the second season of Gunslinger Girls is the only show I’m looking forward to this year.

    2. Geass is certainly not going to be a complete kiddy show, but they’ll probably tone it down somewhat. How much, of course, is speculation at this point.

      Still, they could always just cut or edit some scenes for the TV version and reanimate or re-add those bits, whether it’s in terms of too much violence or too much fanservice, for the DVDs. That’s what other shows do and seems to work.

    3. lol,when i heard about it at animenewsnetwork,i thought they want to give a chance to small kids to watch geass.

      can’t wait for more new animes..vampire knight is one of the anime that i am looking forward to

      polar bear
    4. “Oh no! Code Geass is not gonna have any reason to be worth watching anymore without my precious Table-tan and nipple-slips!”

      Maybe it would help more if all you watchers of “1:00am and onward” anime just GROW/MAN THE HELL UP.

      Anime, the expensive hobby for broke people; foreign cartoons filled with the best ideas ever put forward only to become train wrecks and insults toward the otaku-tachi. Even the heads of Bandai Visual USA know that “anime IS NOT BIG” anywhere.

      It would be wise and nice if the anime industry finally decided to keep their masturbating lesbians and their masturbatory dreams out of my anime. Since, you know, the industry’s begging for more people to pay for it and, you should know, people who care are LOSING MONEY messing with these circus clowns.

      Slightly Bald Wizard
    5. The irony of course is what put Code Geass over the top is exactly that, the stuff over the top, you know the masturbating lesbians as you like to put it.

      Seriously why else are you watching Code Geass? The show doesn’t have an amazing storyline (no offense but it’s a sunrise shows), but what clicked for the show last season was the style with the substance it had, a pizazz to it that other mecha shows (or any other shows) haven’t had. And yes a change in the time slot can limit what they can show on TV. I don’t even get the rant on the industry and its fans and what it actually has to do with the 2008 season but whatever.

      The winter season isn’t really that bad. But I guess it has to do with your individual tastes. I love Major, so a 4th season is always good (and I am pretty sure no one else on the internet has watched it). More Zetsubou and Minami-Ke is good, maybe, hopefully? More Aria should be a good thing, but it really feels like they’re stretching right now when everything with a pulse gets more and more tacked onto it, I certainly don’t think Gunslinger Girl or Mai-Otome were good enough to get a 2nd season or some more OVA’s.

    6. Hmm… *reads* “Kamen no Maid Guy”? WTF? *clicks* …

      Oh, man, I am so there…

      Never has a promo picture for an anime made me want to watch it as much as this one. Maybe I’ll finally get to refill that gaping hole in my heart that Muteki Kanban Musume’s passing left…

    7. Well, I can’t share completely the negative feedback on the winter season.
      Sure, there are not many shows which are really worth to take a look at and no “revolution”, but for me there are 5-6 shows I’ll watch for sure.
      And f***k yeah Aria’s new (and last) season is coming, how can I be disappointed? 😛

      It depends on the fan though. I with my law studies have no time for more than 7 series the week, other watch normaly 20 whatever.

      “More Aria should be a good thing, but it really feels like they’re stretching right now when everything with a pulse gets more and more tacked onto it, I certainly don’t think Gunslinger Girl or Mai-Otome were good enough to get a 2nd season or some more OVA’s.”

      As long as Aria has new stories from the mnaga and some good anime original ones I don’t see a problem. As for Mai Otome, you know that it was Omnis most favoured show 2006? But everybody his/her taste, I’m just another Arika fan 😛

    8. I SOOOOoooo wanna watch Maid Guy!! Pity it’s in April… But the manga does crack me up. I wonder who they’ll get to voice the characters, esp Fubuki (I’m hoping Ayako Kawasumi, but I guess Tanaka Rie will be fine too)

    9. Hmm Omni i find that your description on S.A is not really correct isn’t it about a girl how enter this rich school just to beat her rival in which she is always number 2 and he is always number 1 then ends up falling in love with him? Shoujo indeed.

    10. which part that Omni said about S.A is wrong anyway?i think there are similarities between S.A and ouran in which Show Spoiler ▼

      polar bear
    11. setsuke: There’s a lot you could say to summarize S.A, but the point here is that I’m emphasizing the similarities to Ouran. It might not be the best single-aside-clause summary, but it’s also not an incorrect assessment.

    12. I hope it surpasses the first season in everything!!
      By the way OMNI have you seen a report of a new promissing mecha anime called line barrels from the creators of ( gundam seed, macross, pokemon and not less the director of code geass), yes !! And produced with a high budget by GONZO in october 2008?
      here is the link if you wanna see:


      I am expecting alot from this one too!!

      Tensai Otaku
    13. personal experience:
      this week I was watching some animes acumulated on my pc and I wathed KARAS!!
      I must say that for a company called “tetsunoko production ” I was terryfied and stunned at the same time to see an OVA from 2003 or 2002 (I don´t remember) almost reach the level of the macross frontier if not surpasses in some 2d and 3d animation effects, that I must say…I´VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE EVEN IN MOVIES!!
      NO kidding…movies like naruto shippuden, toki wo kakero shoujo, paprika, 5CM, ghost in the shell…etc… have been beaten up extremely very high by KARAS and also by MacrossF…if all the series over the years had this quality of animation…I for sure …would be CUMMING all the time watching animes( ^_^ in the good sense of course )
      PS: we must thank microsoft for act like a sponser for this anime( I heard that they wanted ALOT this ovas on xbox360 live so they´ve paid the final episodes )
      thank you M$ for this good action…and I am not talking about the 3 RED DOOM!!T_T

      Tensai Otaku
    14. Atobe >> The irony of course is what put Code Geass over the top is exactly that, the stuff over the top, you know the masturbating lesbians as you like to put it. Seriously why else are you watching Code Geass?

      I _don’t_.

      Of course many of you haven’t noticed it; but I have. Most of the shows that go past the 2300 military time tend to think that one-sided comedic violence upon men, the flinging around of sexually frustrating themes, multiple women / no man type of harem themes, and the general T&A toilet humor can grab them a quick audience.

      They succeeded. But the consequences had been damaging; the reputation of the anime industry and the people inside and out of it.

      I still remain an anime hobbyist because of the unique stories; how ridiculous the plotline can be without going out of their way to insult somebody or stooping to the lowest common denominator. If you guys, you bloggers, are watching it for the eye-heroin and the soft-porn alone; if “anime becomes your girlfriend,” then you’ll probably never function in the outside world. Would you have that amount of courage to go into the outside world?

      Slightly Bald Wizard
    15. “Slightly Bald Wizard”


      ” OUTSIDERS ”

      PS: and sometimes I get INSIDE my girlfriend….if you know what I mean!!! T_T
      PS 2 : talk about other people´s life and hobbies….this is how to have…..
      ” NOTHING TO DO!!! ” …in the outside world…… 😀

      Tensai Otaku
    16. People seem to think that the second season of Haruhi will be airing in spring 08 too.
      Plus the second xxxholic season 🙂 I’m going to kill my download limits next spring.

    17. Looking forward to Special A. I like the art ^^

      Is Code Geass really that great? I stop watching it because it was too anti-Britain (where I live). It reminds me of the American Revolution but badly done. Maybe season 2 won’t flame Britain anymore >_

      Alice Yang
    18. @Alice Yang

      The series isn’t anti-Britain since it was showing bad things in all the nations involved.

      – Britainnia colonized most of the world and the king is for natural selection.
      – Chinese government seem to be the second most powerful (forgot which episode mentioned), but they aren’t doing shit to help the other nations.
      – A large portion of Japanese citizens turned to drugs after Japan was turned into area 11.
      – The middle-east was still getting omgwtfpwnt.

      This series is almost anti-humanity if you look at it.

    19. S.A. is great since i’m reading the manga right now… I’d like to see the n\anime version… ”Number 2” ^_~

      It would be great if they also turn animate Mx0.. very cooooool!!!

    20. I prefer Code Geass will air at a midnight slot, just like before. Now it’s make me worry too. I wonder whether they already decided it at the beginning before going to the production of S2 or they just decided it recently. I really hope that they will change their mind. *sigh*

    21. Oh man, I’m just pumped for the Spring anime season to start. =/ The winter shows are a big disappointment to me. I need CODE GEASS, Special A, and Vampire Knight noooowwww! ;_;

      A Person
    22. I for one am thankful for the cut of such scenes from CG, they added nothing to the excellent storyline and in truth just made me laugh or cringe, have such senes removed is probably better all around and more than likely a business decision to gain a wider audience.

      Thanks for the CG info!

      Elegant Destruction
    23. Ahhh~
      Yay =]… that was exactly what i thought, S.A. is really similar to ouran. i’m really looking forward to the anime, i bet it would be just as good, but hikari- and the other char’s arn’t as pretty and cute as ouran’s though.If only S.A. was drawn by the same artist >

    24. I don’t see why they can’t keep the late night time slot for Code Geass. I don’t want to see it get turned into a kiddy anime. They should just advise viewers of the content without taking out the good parts(And I don’t just mean nudity; imagine taking out a scene like Euphemia’s genocide of the Japanese).


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