A quick note before I head off to class: Newtype’s January issue has announced that GEASS’s second series is confirmed for Spring of 2008. As you can see in the image above, there’ll be a new boy named Rollo (I didn’t think we needed a shota character, but whatever), and the white text questions if that Zero is actually Lelouch. Also, the setting for the new series will be the entire world instead of mainly Japan. They haven’t yet declared a broadcast time for it, but I assume that since the Gundam 00’s first part’s ending will coincide with the beginning of this, there’s a high chance it’ll be taking that coveted Saturday 6PM slot.


  1. Wohoo…great news indeed.

    Damn, new main character and Zero that might not be Lelouch. I don’t like this, it seems to suggest Lelouch might have died. The new character looks pretty wimpy but in any case if Lelouch is not in the second season my motivation to watch it will drop by half. The first season was all about Lelouch after all.

  2. Suzaku killed Lelouch , then became Zero to reastore everything to normal ? xD
    i agree with Darklord…. if leluch did died it wont be intresting anymore…. this anime will turn into a lameass average mecha anime

  3. Entire world setting sounds interesting.
    I’m pretty sure Lelouch will die, C.C. will die “maybe” and the rest I dunno. They’ll probably gonna make an open ending, already see the spamming on all anime boards. Probably the ending will be loved by one half and the other will hate it and say they ruined the whole series. I don’t care though as I got used to the fact that recently they always end that type of series with some stupid open/ bittersweet endings. Always the same sh**.
    Lets see how the story will be. The first season was indeed very good (although evil tongs say it was copied from Gundam Seed). We’ll see bla bla.. Probably now people will spam even more at the anime boards.

  4. @mutio

    Then I wish that your “guess” would be failure -.-

    Lelouch is the key for this show. If they kill off him, they kill off the viewers…

    And only REALLY stupid ppl would think of it as of “copy of GSD”…I doubt someone will create as crappy and fluffy anime as GSD was

    Unknown Voice
  5. You know, leluch dying isn’t a suprise imo. He’s on the crazy path of revenge, and that never turns out well. He might not die though, but insted just change his plans. I think the lulu/Suzaku rivalry might come to an end towards the midway point of s2, if not after a few eps. Why do I think this, simple, the Nunnally factor. She can bring them back together. And also, I think that weird gate might have the power to mess with time/space or whatever.

    So I think, depending on what VVs power is, we could get a ending where they jump back and start to undo stuff that went wrong. Cuz it sounds like the whole world will go to hell this time, not just Japan. But we’ll have to wait and see.

  6. If lulu dies at the end, I think it’d be great. If the story works it out that way. But We’ll see. But this being Sunrise and all, I don’t think either of the two will die

    All the secondary characters are fair game though.

  7. Lelouch wont have died.

    I believe because villetta knows who zero is she will be keeping a close eye on the school and lelouch to get evidence. Lelouch will then get someone to be a sort of puppet zero to avoid him being convicted.

  8. I doubt Lelouch will die. He is pretty much the basis of the anime imo. And what’s with Suzaku’s outfit? I still hate Suzaku. Damn i want to know what happened. I want to see it now!!!

  9. @KiltMaster
    I have noi faith in the industry, but i know the golden rule of theirs…:

    They will never do a comercial suicide…

    At this case killing Lulu IS a comercial suicide, as Lelouch is one of MAJOR reasons on why ppl rate it as high as it is…

    Unknown Voice
  10. I wouldn’t mind if Lelouch dies at the end of season 2 if it is executed nicely, but I do not want to see an entire season of GEASS without him, especially since it seems like the new char will be pretty lame. Lelouch’s story hasn’t even finished yet – he still needs to find out what happened with his mother. If they kill him and leave this story unresolved that would be a huge disappointment in their storytelling skills.

  11. I really think they didn’t killed Lulu. I guess C.C. will be the fake Zero and V.V. and Suzaku will try to stop her. With the help of the shota. Lulu will appear randomly and only will have an impact towards the end.

    I just hope I’m wrong.

  12. I don’t we should automatically assume shota-boy, Rollo (yes, that’s a real name), is going to be like we’re making him out to be. It looks like he’s royalty based on his purple(!) eye color similar to Lelouch’s and on possible 2ch spoilers. You never know what he’ll be like. Lelouch will obviously survive into the second season, though.

  13. I think that Kallen was who made the last shot in last episode, she hurted Suzaku… Lelouch will make something to hide his identity as zero, and at the very end, Lelouch will die, he is one of the bad guys anyway…

  14. Ya Lelouch is the mint to this show lol, if anything you guys should be thinking that frikin Suzaku should die like the prick he is. I hope he dies in the second season, since I sincerely doubt that he would side with Lelouch if he was even willing to kill his own father and uncle or whoever it is that he deems isnt on his side of “justice”.

    As for the new character, I surely hope that he is on Lelouch’s side, hmm on that text it would be awesome if he acts as a double of Zero, like what that episode when C.C. acted as Zero. That way Lelouch can have more flexibility and help on defeating Britannia.

    I am quite sure that Lelouch would still live, since the issue mentioned that the setting is the whole world which of course is almost conquered entirely by Brittania. Therefore the only one shown of capable to go against Britannia was Lelouch so by that sense then he must be alive.

  15. Aww man Spring 2008? What season is that in Japan? like January-April? Did the issue say an exact month? My apologies for the naive questions, too much curiosity since I love this dam series.

  16. Spring 2008 = April -> October 2008 season.

    Just seeing Suza-shit’s face makes me wanna throw up and punch him in the face. I don’t want him to side with Zero. I don’t want him and Lelouch to make up again. I don’t want to see him again. I WANT HIM TO DIE, IN AGONY! WHY WON’T HE DIE!!

    Lelouch is still alive and kicking somewhere. Just you wait, and he’ll return in triumph to kick Suza-shit’s ass and bring glorious destruction to Britannia.

  17. from the looks of things looks like suzaku got a promotion damn that means he won’t die anytime soon also on the note that zero might no longer be lulu this does not mean that lulu is dead or will die another possibility is he will leave his persona of zero so that someone else can play it the new character perhaps

  18. I doubt that Rollo is tall enough to pose as double for Leleouch. And if anyone can remember Suzaku was promoted to a Honorary Knight[?] by Cornelia, hence the reason for the gallant *puke* attire.

    Is it me or does Zero’s head spikes look even more pointier?

  19. gahhh, suzaku still alive dammit! I was hoping he is DEAD, more trouble for zero…… BTW his mask seems to be ‘improved’. Evil is good…. different between zero and light, light is a sly bastard while zero is charismatic tyrant

  20. my prediction is that the “Zero” will prolly be a diff person under Lelouch’s control which is not hard cuz of Geass. Zero will prolly be like tat Teru Mikami guy from Death note, but looks way more cooler. The mask of Zero is prolly a new one since the old one got broken from the douche suzaku. I hope rollo isnt zero and now theyre gonna go all over the world sorta like gundam 00. Now tat I realize it, i hope we wont hav 5 zeros just like the kiras from death note lol.

  21. My prediction is

    1.When they booth shooting,Kallen will took the bullet and said:’I will protect zero from any harm’

    2.They both said ‘lets settle this after saving nunally’ But they still kicking each other.

    3.Orange kun now swimming with a school of fish and said: ‘ Damn you zero !

    4. C.C was sunbath right now at nearest beach.. >.

  22. Just food for thought — does a series have a “better ending” or/and is the series more memorable if the character(s) die versus an equally likely ending in which the character(s) live? If so, then why? Obviously I am not questioning the trivial case, in which the only logical ending would be the death of the character(s).

  23. tired of suzaku, he always thinks that becoming another peoples dog is the best and even thinks that others should have followed him. he forgot that not everybody is as good as him, as strong as him, as fast as him, as lucky as him, not to mention that britannia has:”slay all useless people” law; not everybody is as useful as him.

  24. Am I the only one who noticed that the blue and gold colouring on Zero’s suit is the EXACT same that Suzaku has for a cape and scarf?

    I can’t be right the only one going “ok, there’s no way a Knight of Britannia would be wearing the EXACT cloth of the enemy unless one thing: he switched sides.” It makes absolutely no sense unless that reason. Unless Suzaku takes over the Zero mantle and Lelouch becomes the strategist (which is also possible but less likely).

    And as for the attire. Remember, he’s supposed to be the “White Knight”, so if he aligned with Lelouch, then obviously he’d hafta obtain a knightly look. Kallen got that nice seperate red looking outfit that kinda matches her nick and mech (ok that’s stretching it, but she did obtain an outfit that differs from the regular Black Order), so Suzaku would too.

    Also if you look at the scan it doesn’t show off a stature of rank. Remember, Suzaku was given a medal to signify his Knight status. So it would be there or a medal of higher rank, and that’s no where to be found and I really doubt that it would signify a new rank for him.

    Big question would be “why didn’t Suzaku kill Lelouch”, I think.

    Though this is all conjuncture and I’ll probably get proven wrong with the first episode.

  25. I highly doubt they would have Lulu killed during the offseason, it would have far too little emotional impact. That said, I am kinda worried if they decide to make this “Rollo’s Story”. While strange powers and mecha are kinda interesting, to me it was really Lulu’s twisted and diabolical personality that carried the show. (well, really just that ends justify any means, but that’s still rarely done in anime, especially to the extent that Lulu practices it) Anyone know what the subtext to this season is going to be? If it’s something like either “Rollo’s Revolution” or “Suzaka’s Counterattack” I’ll stick watch…. I’ll just be incredibly pessimistic about the whole affair.

  26. If you don’t factor in Suzaku’s presence (whether you like it or not), there is essentially no one that can’t stop Lelouch’s advance. Well… they could always just factor in supernatural forces… for 25 episodes… Lelouch’s achievements are nothing without overcoming certain obstacles, as absurd as they are (Suzaku’s physical supremacy is undeniably unrealistic, but it serves as a foil to Lelouch’s mental prowess).

    Hear me Rawr
  27. I can’t imagine it in Gundam 00’s time slot…. they will have to tone down a lot of what goes on in the show, but I guess it might work. The ratings for Geass have also never been great, so even though it’s very popular with a certain crowd I can’t see it working there. I guess we’ll see.

  28. Right now the title is “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion New Series,” so while the current title sounds tentative, it also implies Lelouch will still be around (duh). I honestly don’t understand why anyone would think Lelouch is dead (yet). He’s the main protagonist!

    Also, the crest on Suzaku’s new outfit is a Britannian crest and the little character description box implies he is still a knight within Britannian ranks.

  29. According to some previous news posts, there are several confirmed spoilers, of which one is –> Lelouch will survive the 1st season, along with C.C., Kallen and Arthur (oO..)

    But the animators might have changed that. Who knows?

    As for Suzaku..I hope he died. Honestly, he’s the most fucked up character I’ve ever seen. Assuming he died, that new image of him would just be a picture of him placed atop his coffin to commemorate his death and new rise in rank after dying.

  30. Ya well i was always hoping for Suzaku to die a most horribly befitting death for him, Im pissed off that he is alive but also hopeful that this time in this new season that they end the dam guy. I can relate to other people saying that Suzaku is the best foil for Lelouch, but you guys have got to remember that Suzaku was never Lelouch’s target, it is the emperor of Britannia!!! Even when Suzaku is killed off in the second season, it doesnt mean that the show will end or be less influential cuz Zero’s main foil is now gone since Britannia is still there.

    This was never about Suzaku stopping Zero, or Zero trying to recruit Suzaku, these were just side tracked events from the main event. Finally they focus on Lelouch’s conquest to destroy Britannia! I didnt hate Suzaku just because of his shitty attitude but because he frikin side tracks the dam show, I mean even in the end he frikin gets in the way of the main plot!

  31. I have been waiting for this news but after seeing the line about the true identity of Zero and a new character, an appearance of Suzaku with his new military uniform (the same as orange-kun) i think Leluoch and Suzaku both survived after the face-to-face fight. Maybe Lukai’s thoughts are true too, Lelouch uses another one to hide his true identity but will this boy has the same power of Lelouch?

  32. You cannot kill Lelouch or Suzaku before the end of the show. Like it or not, they are the two pillars of the story. Their fates and their encounters are going to be the focus. As for whether Zero is actually Lelouch, it probably won’t be. I believe the time has finally come for Lelouch to shed the mask and fight an open war.

  33. You cannot kill Lelouch or Suzaku before the end of the show->JAckDoe
    I think the “run for the bridge” strategy is going to be used, as it is often used in anime. They tread on dangerous waters in doing that.

  34. @Finalnight: I know I’m not Omni, but I can provide you the answer. The answer is no, at least not yet. The article refers to the new season as “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion New Series”. So there is every indication it will have a change of subtitle, they just haven’t given us such a detail at this point in time.

  35. @Hijitksi
    the run for the bridge on Lelouch he will not survive, that is why they use it so often. At best he would disappear into the ocean and appear later. There are so many ways to do it. They can send tanks, Apache Attack Helicopters, or send an army of angry drunken red dwarfs. Even, if the dwarfs can’t make it to the bridge they can just do dwarf tossing, really anyone can just get close enough, can pick up the dwarf and throw the dwarf on the bridge with a bomb. Then you would have a suicide bomber dwarf. They would probably need a blue dwarf for the bomb, but these are details they can work out later. Wouldn’t it be cool if CC was eating pizza with one hand and grabs the dwarf with the other and takes everyone by surprize?!!?!?! It would be just like R Kenshin, the betrayal of Lelouch.

  36. i really question the part whether lelouch is alive but if he’s dead in season two, i am not going to watch it. seeing suzuka for the whole season two isn’t what i call entertainment either. why is he still alive?

  37. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! After a semester of limpy anime series – finally something to look forward to every week

  38. I don’t want lelouch to die he was intelligent…D: if that happens it would be a total rip off of death note D: (L died and someone took his place) and this anime already had the same kind of feel as death note(only better) but that would be really gay so change the main character….like 90% of people watch bleach because of ichigo. I mean seriously what the fuck would they be thinking I would lose like all desire to even check this anime’s second season out if some stupid prick all the sudden starts pretending to be zero instead of lelouch ._. gaaaaah I’m angry now I really hope they don’t do it Lelouch is the shit.

  39. @LelouchZero Said “my prediction is that the “Zero” will prolly be a diff person under Lelouch’s control which is not hard cuz of Geass. Zero will prolly be like tat Teru Mikami guy from Death note, but looks way more cooler. The mask of Zero is prolly a new one since the old one got broken from the douche suzaku. I hope rollo isnt zero and now theyre gonna go all over the world sorta like gundam 00. Now tat I realize it, i hope we wont hav 5 zeros just like the kiras from death note lol.”

    Dude one problem with zero controling him “HE CAN ONLY USE GEASS ONCE!!!!” how the hell would he be able to constantly give new orders? unless he stopped being a dumbass and used geass and said “Follow all my orders from this day forth” which would enable that possibly….but chances are this anime won’t do that xD so thus…your prediction has been shot down. /Plain crashes and burns/

  40. Well here’s my theory about the ending of s1:

    Lelouch couldnt die just yet cause he carries the bomb, which means if suzaku kills him he would commit suicide, which isnt possible as he is influenced by the Geass (the absolute order to keep on living). That’s as far as I can go about season 2. Hope he doesnt die later on in the series though 🙁


  41. Meh… Lelouch shoud have died (and I mean really died, without any margin for doubt) already, at the end of season 1, killed by Suzaku as in a greek tradedy; ending the first series with such an anticlimactic cliffhanger wasted all the dramatic potential created by the whole “little princess incident”. But as someone here said, making a good story would be a “commercial suicide”, so Sunrise is butchering yet another series, just as they did with Seed and Destiny. Lame.

    Mic Turner
  42. Yeah, tacD is right. But I also don’t want to hope too much, because we all know how good Sunrise is in messing up with a sequel of a GREAT anime.
    Still, I can’t wait to watch the 2nd season.
    Allright, I’m sure that both of Lelouch and Suzaku (even C.C) are still alive, because they are the pillars. But, seriously, what’s with this Rollo character!? He looks really, really, lame. At least if they want to add new character, make a strong character, not a weak one like this. Allright, at least he LOOKS weak. But, I’m sure there is somekind of relation between these 3 characters. Still, it’s annoying…
    At least for me.

  43. @GP

    Totally agree, However a wannabe zero would mess the anime up i think.
    Lelouch shdnt die till the end of the anime. If he does, then my motivation for watching this is gone. As already stated by Unknown Voice, Lelouch is the key for this show and they should make the best of it!

  44. Yay! Good news! I have waited so loooong for this! Now, wait until Spring; so much waiting!….and I do hope Lulu is still alive. That Rollo kid seems too wimpy. I do wonder if he is really a boy though. You never know with anime nowadays.

  45. I’m absolutely quite sure Lelouch isn’t dead and will not die, not until he reaches a resolution for his story, which is what Code Geass is – Lulu’s story. But however, after seeing that image above, I do think that he was the one who got shot. And someone will replace him as Zero and lead the Black Knights. Obviously Suzaku didn’t die and (unfortunately) it looks like he’s been promoted.
    I can already make wild guesses about the story like…
    We probably won’t be seeing Lelouch or C.C. in the first eps, they’ll have mysteriously disappeared.
    Someone takes Zero’s place, leads the Black Knights to defeating Britannia. (Perhaps Rollo; perhaps Rollo is a big genius behind that lame shota face)
    Suzaku is still determined to beat Zero and Lelouch (he’ll stay deluded that Zero is still Lulu) and misunderstand Lulu even more. (coz Suzaku is sooooo blind!)
    After a few good fights, the tables will all suddenly turn around and it’ll be revealed that Lulu and C.C. were all secretly behind everything including geassed Rollo.
    I have no idea on the Geass, Nunnally, V.V., Orange and co. though… it’ll be great to see when Viletta lose face finds out Zero isn’t Lelouch.
    …Wild guesses are fun but nowhere near the real thing!!
    It’s a long time to Spring! CAN’T WAIT!!! >

  46. OMG! Move to the entire world this time. XD
    Good to hear this news. I just told my friend recently that I’ll kill Sunrise if they don’t air Code Geass after finishing Gundam 00 season 1. Since I can’t bear any other show if it’s not Code Geass and that time no 00 also. So now I really glad to hear they confirmed it. Great!

  47. It’s fine as long Lelouch dies at the END of second season. If it’s in the beginning or in the middle then we might have a problem. In worst case scenario, if that does happen, it’s most likely going to be suzaku or that new kid as Zero

  48. If there is a new zero, my money’s on Diethard. He’s the only guy who could match Lelouch’s theatrics. I’m thinking Rollo is just gonna get thrown in there as a crush for Lelouch’s sister, especially since he’s wearing the Ashford uniform.

  49. I don’t think i saw anyone throw this idea out. How bout Suzaku kills or removes Lelouch from the show for a awhile and then pretends to be Zero himself to end the “war” and user the Japanese into an unending occupation. A lame idea but not outside of the realm of possibility.

  50. I’s pretty positive that Lelouch will still be alive in this upcoming series. I’m getting the feeling that Rollo, might possibly be taken in as an apprentice by Lelouch. /shrug *Who Knows? Impossible to guess really, but that’s what makes this series so great, keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next!

    Kazuki Shikimori
  51. Wow, this will be interesting… If it isnt lelouch though, i might be disappointed. It wouldnt be too weird though as he should be dead from season 1 if Suzaku is still alive and kicking.

  52. Good lord half of the Lelouch fans out there seem to be the type that will spend half their day dreaming of servicing him. Grow up, there’s a plot to get to gripes with instead of your consistant whining over the fact someone DARES to disagree with your dear Lulu-chan.


    At the end of the series there was definately a gunshot but that doesn’t mean either one of them shot it. It could have been Kallen?

  54. hope the second season doesn’t disappointing..
    there will be many anime with second season coming next year..
    like Code Geass, XXXholic, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Gunslinger Girl, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Dainiki (S.S)..

  55. @annoyed the thing that you do not seem to realize is that Lelouche is in essence Code Geass he is the one that made the anime rise on of other animes (at least for me)without him Code Geass would lose a major part of what made me loved it in the first place.

  56. Lelouch better not die. He’s one of the very reasons why I watch the first season over and over again. Not to mention he’s the most tactical character of them all (I think). Creating landslides, managing to take things right under others’ noses, easily destroying an enormous squadron of Sutherlands, etc. If Lelouch dies, then I hope that a person like Lelouch becomes Zero, or Suzaku finally switches sides and frees Japan. If Suzaku continues to fight on, Japan will be in more trouble. Doesn’t he realize how badly his own people want to be liberated? Damn it…

    the burnt shadow
  57. Lelouch will still be there of course I realise he’s the main character but he’s hardly unique enough for me to bash the sole character that opposes his idoelogy in the story. But to others Lelouch is only ONE factor in the series. It’s childish seeing you’re all blindly following a guy who’s ideology is just as screwed of a Suzaku’s yet still have the guts so call for his death. Pot calling the kettle black to the extreme.

  58. Well then, a second season, I’m pretty sure all the obvious predictions will happen.
    – Lulu and Suzaku both didn’t die. C.C.’s alive after all and Lulu’s the main character. And Suzaku can’t die because he’s supposed to represent the Japanese. Can’t have the only man representing the Japs in the war lose. It’d be bad business.
    – Lulu’s going to return to the battlefield and get a group spanking from his fleet that’s battling the world to save his wheelchair-ridden sister that he has incestuous lust for.
    – Lulu and Suzaku make out with each other because it’s quite clear they’re both bi-erotic.
    – Ogi also didn’t die. He’s going to get it good with “Chigusa” who will suddenly become a tsundere.
    – C.C.’s going to reveal there’s another person she plagued before with Geass and it’ll probably be a Geass involving the nose or mouth. Or if it’s as stupid as it gets, the ability to control other people’s Geass. That person will also be a woman, and will have a homoerotic passion for C.C.
    – Lulu will undergo extreme Geass training and attain the ability to use his Geass on the same person more than once. Probably twice.
    – More Pizza Hut advertisements. This time, they’ll be advertising the fluffy crusts, too.
    – Karen’s going to wear more clothing that defines the shapeliness of her breasts.
    – Orange-kun didn’t die. It’s not far from the truth to say that he’s the joke of the series. And people who play the jokes normally can’t die.
    – Nina’s gonna blow herself up Heero Yui style and somehow, she’s not going to die, because it was done Heero Yui style. And Heero Yui never died. Not even of old age.
    – With all the other people not dying, Nunally’s gonna die, causing Lulu to go berserk, then declare war on the world (again) and bring Code Geass into its third season with no closure again at the end of the second season because it’s done by Sunrise.

    all credits goes to wong respectively

  59. Long live Lelouch and Zero. For Suzaku, rethink your life dumbass. Although Suzaku’s ideals are quite passionate, he should know by now that Britania cannot simply change. If Suzaku becomes Zero, he better have chosen the correct path, or I’ll get really pissed. If he tries to disguise himself as Zero and help the Britanians, he’ll be as worse as Zero. Decieving his own people and brining their downfall. His lies have already cost them a lot of trouble. As for the new kid, I can’t say much. No wait, it’s V.V. with shorter brown hair! LOL! However, there is a brighter side. Even though Japan has failed, there are still a number of rebellions around the world. Britania cannot possibly hold against the whole world. And if Suzaku reveals Zero’s true identity, then it might show how corrupt Britania realy is, since not even they can get along with one another…

    the burnt shadow
  60. Just finished rewatching Code Geass. I made some lil’ deductions after looking at the ending. Spoilers, read only if you’ve watched the series yourself:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    So I say that Zero is Lelouch

  61. to fodica : or kallen shot zero/lulu. kallen did feel that zero tricked all of them and make use of japanese only.
    the first season ended too abruptly. what happen to the bomb?
    if lulu is dead, i want to see suzu kill the britannia king next. not that i hate suzu, but seriously, show me some result, suzu. his speed is really slow. i wonder who will help him gather japanese to his side again. it was euphie. who will be so kind next? lloyd? i want to see arthur bully suzu again. XD

  62. @Jess:
    If Kallen had shot Lulu, the bomb should explode, either killing Suzaku or badly criple/scar him. That is if we assume the bomb wasn’t a bluff and MBS/Sunrise didn’t leave the explosion to the 2nd season.
    Some scenarios I thought up if the bomb actually was a bluff:
    Show Spoiler ▼


  63. For some reason, I have the feeling that Karen shot Suzaku, thus he can’t shoot LeLouch and Nunnally’s friendship instincts worked up (the last scene of her is suspicious) or she’s in trouble (well she is but you know what I mean). -_-; Anywayz, LeLouch won’t die cuz as people have mentioned above, the bomb will detonate and the whole cast would be dead so yeah. lolz Can’t wait for season 2, season 1 was kinda’ confusing towards the end.

  64. I just hope that the story will end with lulu’s victory!I don’t care if Lulu is evil,i hope he’ll win (and live)at the end.If he dies just because he’s a bad guy it’s a stupid ending,i want something new,i want the evil Lulu to conquer the world!!!

  65. Awesomeness~~~~~ floating with mixtures of happiness…hahahahha!!!
    just cause i found this out recently ….after i’m done my exams (stupid exam week) i’m going to watch all 25 episode straight..muahahahhha unless i take 2 days.
    Beside i probably think Lelouch live but something may happen to him..and HE WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!BWUAHAHAHHA!


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