Tokyo Marble Chocolate is an upcoming two-episode “pure” love story OVA being animated by Production I.G in conjunction with BMG Japan. It involves a boy and a girl who have both been unsuccessful with relationships and their tumultuous first Christmas together, told from their separate points of view. The director is Shiotani Naoyoshi who has previously worked on Blood+’s artsy third OP and Le Chevalier D’Eon, and the cast includes the likes of Sakurai Takahiro (Suzaku in CODE GEASS), Mizuki Nana (Fate in Nanoha), and Inoue Marina (Yoko in Gurren Lagann).

The art style reminds me a ton of Honey and Clover because it has that same watercolor feel, but the main selling point for me is that the story is inspired by two songs that I love – SEAMO‘s Mata Aimashou and Sukima Switch‘s Zenryoku Shounen. Did I mention there’s a mini-donkey character in it too? The OVAs aren’t due out until December 19th, but there was a music video released this week using Mata Aimashou and clips from the animation. I haven’t been able to keep the song out of my head, and the OVA looks like it’s going to be really good, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in two weeks.

Watch the music video!


  1. Thanks Omni, now Mata Aimashou is stuck in my head now and I know I’ve heard it somewhere else before but I can’t recall where! Anyways, seems like a nice, heartwarming OVA and I’ll be looking forward to it as Christmas comes closing in.

  2. Their character’s faces seem to be so pale……..The character design for this one doesn’t seem to be appealing to me.What’s with the pink cheeks anyway,it reminds me of people in Chinese Opera or BabaNyonya in Malacca,lol.

    But since this is a Production I.G anime,i might look out for this.Ah… least Sakurai Takahiro is there too

    polar bear
  3. Everyone’s bashing the animation style- I saw it, thought Studio 4c and got all excited until I found out it wasn’t. Regardless, I trust Prod. I.G’s more experimental side to captivate me.

  4. Thanks Omni! Really looking forward to this one. Got another song to go w/ it. Radio Free Europe: Armin Van Buuren State of Trance 324 @minute 22. Legal Download at your favourite places & iTunes Podcasts.


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