Unbeknownst to Yuuji and friends, Sydonay attacks an Outlaw base one night and wipes everyone out. Ogata meanwhile has noticed that everyone is acting strange, and though Ike agrees with her, he points out that things should at least be going well with Eita. Her uncertain response leads Ike to suggest that she invite Eita to her upcoming volleyball game. During this extended period, Eita and Keisaku have grown distant due to how Eita is avoiding Margery, and so Keisaku is going home alone all the time. On this day, he overhears Margery and Wilhelmina talking about how there’s been no new information about the Silver. However, the odd thing is that Outlaw is only sending documents that have nothing to do with what Wilhelmina requests, causing her to suspect that there’s some internal chaos there. When Margery then calls Keisaku out because she had known that he was listening in, he begins to ask her something about Outlaw, but he changes his mind and keeps it to himself for now.

At their usual training spot, Alastor announces that they’re progressing Yuuji’s training, but Yuuji actually wants them to push him even harder. He knows that he can’t run or hide anymore due to the seal placed on him, and so he feels that he has to do what he can. The following day, Keisaku calls Shana out to the school rooftop to ask her about Outlaw. While he’s talking with her, Eita is meanwhile downstairs having lunch with Ogata in the cafeteria after both forgot to bring lunch from home. Ogata has noticed that Eita seems to be thinking about something even when he’s with her, and when she brings it up, he recalls the sight of her body after Margery blew her up during the previous battle. Realizing that he’s not really paying attention to her here either, Ogata tells him that he’s not being like his usual self and excuses herself. That afternoon, Eita runs into Keisaku outside school, and Keisaku proposes the idea of supporting Margery and the others by joining Outlaw. Eita is glad that Keisaku found his path, but he personally doesn’t want to do it, and this leads to Keisaku questioning how long Eita is going to be a coward. Not answering, Eita walks away in silence.

At Wilhelmina’s apartment, while helping sort through the documents from Outlaw, Shana asks about the jizaishiki placed on the Reiji Maigo. Wilhelmina thinks that they should be more worried about Sabrac because the probability that he comes to Misaki City is high. She reveals that he’s a Tomogara who doesn’t belong to any group but rather hunts targets on request, and he almost killed her once. It was Pheles and Johan who had saved her back then, and the three had stayed together until Sabrac took out Johan. Back at the Satou house, Keisaku finally asks Margery to let him work at Outlaw, but she reveals that she just found out from Wilhelmina that Tomogara attacked one of the Outlaw bases, and everyone was killed. Other Outlaw spots have also come under assault, and Marchosias wonders if Keisaku still wants to do it. At school the next day, Ike urges Eita to go see Ogata’s volleyball game. After seeing her give her all, Eita makes up his mind and calls Keisaku. Since it’s cold outside when they meet, Keisaku invites Eita to go talk at home, but Eita refuses to do so because he doesn’t want to see Margery anymore. Watching the volleyball game made him realize that he wanted to see Ogata living, and he can no longer follow Margery together with Keisaku.

To Eita’s surprise, Keisaku thinks that this is fine and is glad that Eita found his own path. As Eita hands back the spell charm that Margery originally gave him, he says that he wants Keisaku to tell Margery that he’s a cowardly fool. Keisaku, however, feels that Eita has graduated from that, and the two then go their separate ways.


I touched on this last week, but I think it bears repeating how much better the story has been a lot better since the Pheles arc. Even with very little action and with the focus on two of the supporting characters, this was clearly building up parts of the main story, and that’s a lot more than I can say for some of the Konoe Fumina episodes. For one, all of the Outlaw stuff feels like it’s expanding the scale of the show if for no other reason than the fact that Sydonay has to fight people other than Shana and company. It’s also interesting to see the contrast between Eita and Keisaku, now and then, since I’m not used to seeing them apart like this. I wonder if Eita’s role from now on will be marginalized while Keisaku’s is expanded a bit to compensate, but I guess there’s always the chance that Eita will get involved again somehow. The preview meanwhile has me excited because the guys from the OP are appearing next week, and if that OP is any indicator, then that means that Yuuji wielding the Blutsauger into battle against them can’t be too far off.


  1. OMG Sydonay is starting to kill flame hazes with his hougu Shintetu Nyoi?!! And the preview OMG it’s Zerovee (atleast i think thats how his name is spelled correctly) with his 5 Rinne, cant wait for the next episode. Soon there’ll be full action all the way that sure gonna be the BEST part ever.

  2. yea lol, he looks so cool that i didnt think it was yuuji -_- had to look several times.

    On a side note, i cant remember very well, but did they ever mention what was so good about shana’s sword? I mean..does it do nething special? Flames come from herself, and u can slash and whack with ne old sword..

  3. Man, lets just hope the story doesnt end on a sad note like how its going right now in the Novel: Like how Yuji has become the “Seirei no Hebi” and he is revealed to be the “final boss” in the series. I dont know, it’d be sad to see Yuji getting killed and have the story ending on this sour a note.

    *Also for people who want to know, Yuji did pick Shana over Kazumi which devastated her, obviously….

  4. @RQ
    There’s a whole arc in the 1st series which shows how Shana became a flame haze and obtained the sword – and from who.
    Shana got owned and she doesn’t believe it herself xD. Nice to see getting Yuuji finaly away from the victim image. Well, it was clear since the beginning that he has potential. He just isn’t your normal human being – if you can still call him a human.

  5. @ MoneyMarl – I like to see your sources for that info.. I don’t mean the Shana over Kazumi part..

    Back to the anime.. So far it going well for Yuuji and I wonder how long it will last for. 😛

    Silver Mine
  6. @ MoneyMarl – They probably will end it there since the last novel is going to be released either this month or next month. So, they’ll have material to use if they want to end SoS with a 13 ep third season.

  7. @wushubaka: that would be nice but you know why this is so slowpoke.jpg from the start? because they added padding.

    If there is a 3rd season covers to the end of the novels you can bet its 26 episode, this is the reverse of ZnT were they needed more episodes to actually cover the events on the ZnT novels.

    Also considering the utter crappy ending of the ZnT 2nd series … well …

  8. @Zzz…: Yuuji has been training for quite some time though only recently with a sword, but the way it is explained in the story fighting isn’t a matter of techniques, but of sensing the opponent’s “kill” – I think that’s how Shana called it – and attacking with one’s own. The rest is just a matter of using one’s own power of existence and both things Yuuji has been training for quite a while. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but that’s how it goes in the story.

  9. @RQ
    i said what Nietono no Shana do already read my post lol..
    In turn of usefulness Nietono no Shana far surpass blutsauger
    Blutsauger suck the blood upon contact of your enemy.
    but i dont see the point of it if you are going to chop them in half anyway…
    also 1 little thing dont u guys notice in all the episode shana is able to cut whatever attack throw at her while all character have to dodge them.The one thing about
    Nietono no Shana is the fact is still get affact by Houga as show by shana sword got caught by “bubble loot”

  10. i just learned the name of next 4 episodes-

    episode 18-The Intricate Yuji
    episode 19-“Matters That Could Not Be Said”
    episode 20-“Red Death Struggle”
    episode 21-“Merging Powers”

    so what do you think?from the names i guess in episode 2o sabrac will appear and in episode 21 YOU-KNOW-WHAT will happen.for those who don’t know yet check out the comments of previous reviews

  11. Then episodes 22-24 will cover Vol 16 AKA Vol 18 to some people

    Also In the Novels Yuji after “THAT” happens really can’t be considered a bad guy as what he is trying to do isn’t really a bad thing

  12. @slayer
    In simple terms…
    Show Spoiler ▼


    The ban lifts Sunday night

  13. The reason the history was slow and meaningless from episodes 1 to 7 is because they are ORIGINAL story lines for the anime. Episodes 8 and 9 are from the Shakugan no Shana S novel, with little extracts from the Shakugan no Shana XI novel, episode 10 is a conbination between the storyline from the Seishusai (From the XI novel) and the untold story of the yuuji’s father (from the IX novel, this happened in the novel arround episode 20 and 21 of the first season). From there on the story lines are almost completly from the novels, episode 11 and 12 are from the XI novel, 13 and 14 are from the XII novel, 15, 16 and 17 are from the XIII novel (With a little adaptation in episode 15 to include the Konoe original story line).
    What i’m woried about is that the season 2 started around the same time novel 15 was released, and novel 16 was released about 1 month after the premier of season 2.
    For what i can see the next episode is based on the 14 novel, and ir takes about 2-4 episodes to finish a novel in the anime, you could think that the history from novel 15 is to be included on the anime, but i’m sure that’s not the case because novel 15 like novel 10 is a side story, this time about pheles. I really with they could include the story from novel 16, but if they dont we probably are to expect an original ending like the one of season 1, that could bring a lot of problems if they wish to continue shakugan no shana for a 3rd season, like the problem they had to justify the events that never ocured from the season 1 ending, and ended up with 7 BAD shakugan no shana episodes with original history to justify that (Like when shana told yuuji that she loved him in the sereiden, in the novel the first time she try to do that is in the festival before pheles appear). But well, we just have to wait and see what happens.

  14. Good work @ explaining relations between Wilhelmina and Pheles… I hope Pheles will be back, possibly it will cost Kazumi’s life… real drama? Bal Masque is back with another sinistrer plot, i missed them, especially the mad scientist 🙂 Yuji + blutauger = pure ownage? Gratz for keisaku and Eita for finding a p[ath to follow. Ogata doesnt know how lucky she is…


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