Continuing with their mission, the Gundam Thrones strike an AEU base in Italy while Setsuna and company have been told to wait for orders. The Union president and military leadership agree that these new Gundams clearly have a different type of military intervention than the previous ones, and the president wonders if them doing the joint exercise incurred the Gundams’ wrath. These attacks have strengthened the cooperation between the three superpowers, though some leaders in the AEU question if it’s enough to defeat the Gundams. Alejandro meanwhile informs Wang Liu Mei that he knows nothing about the new Gundams other than what Veda tells him, and he claims that his personal opinion is that their operations are a little too much. When she asks him if he thinks this is all part of the master plan, he suggests that it appropriate to think so since they’ve got Gundams.

On the Ptolemaios, Ian explains to the others that the Thrones use the same technology as the other Gundams with the exception of their GN Drives. There is specifically a difference in the reactor core that limits how much time it can be active, making it only a pseudo-GN Drive. Allelujah thinks that these Gundams were built with technology stolen from Celestial Being, and because the design data for these GN Drives exists only in Veda, that means someone hacked into it. Since the production of one of these drives takes a long time, the group suspects that there’s a traitor in their organization. When asked by Ian about what they’ll do, Sumeragi thinks that if the world is convinced that they’re friends with the Trinity siblings, then accomplishing their mission will be dangerous right now. Tieria meanwhile has been running a check on Veda and discovers that part of the data has been tampered with. However, much to his shock, he’s denied access to it. As for Wang Liu Mei, she thinks that the Trinity siblings’ way of doing things is definitely reckless, however she’s willing to be accept it if it leads to the world changing.

Around this time, Graham and Daryl are paying their last respects to Howard Mason at his grave. After Daryl mentions how Howard had said that it was thanks to Graham that he was able to become a Flag Fighter and how Howard had looked forward to being able to fly with him, Graham swears that he’ll defeat the Gundams with a Flag. Meanwhile, in America, Kinue meets with a Union pilot and pays him to tell her what he saw in the Taklamakan Desert. It turns out that this pilot had overheard Nena talking while he was waiting to be rescued after his Realdo was shot down. He was thus able to conclude that one of the pilots was a young girl, and she had told her Haro to report to some place called Laguna. The pilot never reported what he saw to the military, and Kinue is willing to pay him more to keep quiet for a while longer. However, shortly after he and Kinue part ways, the pilot is cornered in an alley and shot by someone.

In Northern Spain, Louise and her parents are attending a wedding reception, though Louise isn’t paying much attention to her surroundings and is instead on the phone with Saji. Shortly after the call suddenly gets cut off, Louise spots the three Gundam Thrones in the sky. The Trinity siblings are headed towards their next mission point, but Nena is feeling restless from all the work and spots the wedding reception below. She gets pissed off because those people are all so carefree while she has to work, so she decides to blow them up. Her first shot kills almost everyone there except for Louise, and the second shot hits the building behind Louise. Nena ends up telling her brothers that she hit the wrong switch, and all she gets is a mild scolding from Johann. As for Louise, she survived the attack, but she’s badly injured and stuck under a slab of debris. News of the attack on civilians quickly reaches the Ptolemaios, and since there’s nothing about this in Veda’s mission data, it means that this was wasn’t warranted.

Unable to contact Louise, Saji checks with his school and finds out that she’s been hospitalized. It’s not until he reads a news report on how a resort in Spain was attacked by Gundams that he realizes what really happened. Meanwhile, at Union’s Illinois base, Graham finds an injured Billy working on a Flag. Billy feels that he needs to be there to make adjustments on the custom Flags, especially now that Eifman is gone. He also thinks that the true purpose behind the attack on the OverFlags base was to kill Eifman. Billy knows that Eifman was studying the special particles from the Gundam, and he thinks that Celestial Being found out somehow, causing them to eliminate Eifman under the guise of military intervention. Right as the two are talking about how there could be a traitor in the military, the base alarms go off because Gundams have entered Iowa skies. Graham realizes that the target is a munitions plant, but this is one that has civilians working in it, and he decides to go out in his Flag.

Graham immediately engages in battle with the Throne Eins and manages to overpower it with dual beam sabers. He then has his Flag pick up the Eins’ own dropped beam saber and uses it to cut off the Gundam’s right arm. After the Eins retreats, Graham coughs up blood and is frustrated with how his body can’t endure the g-forces. When word of this latest attack and its 800+ civilian casualties reaches Lockon and Setsuna, Lockon feels that this is no different from indiscriminate terrorism. Setsuna decides that he has to do something and heads for the Exia. Up in space, Sumeragi is thinking about how Veda – a quantum processing system – is the key to their plan, so if it’s been hacked, then they’d have to go forward without it, and that’d be impossible. She then gets a message from Billy telling her about Eifman’s death, and shortly thereafter, Christina calls her with news of an emergency.

By now, Saji has flown to Spain to go see Louise, and he finds her awake on her hospital bed. He’s glad to see that she’s doing okay, and he reveals that he’s bought her a present: the ring that she had wanted. Saji is also ready to tell Louise that he loves her, but before he can say those words, she cuts him off by apologizing. Although she finds the ring pretty and is glad he bought it for her, she can’t wear it anymore because she lost her left hand in the attack. Saji is shocked beyond words as Louise starts to cry, and it’s made worse when the nurse tells him that Louise lost her parents and relatives. He is left to wander the hospital corridors in disbelief, and he eventually starts crying too. The culprits of all this are meanwhile flying over an ocean when they suddenly come under attack. The source of the attack is the Exia, and Setsuna is ready to challenge all three Gundam Thrones.


I’m impressed by how powerful the scene between Louise and Saji was. No left hand means that Louise can’t wear a wedding band, and so not only did the attack kill her parents and relatives, it took away one of the ways she could show her love for Saji. This is a personal tragedy aspect that this series hasn’t touched on much up until now (except maybe a little with Setsuna), and I’m very curious what direction they go with it. Saji and Louise have thus far been a few steps removed from the Gundams even as they suffer the consequences, and I wonder if this is the tipping point that causes Saji to join the military or something.

As for Nena, she showed the inhumane things that she’s capable of, though I can’t help but think that this is likely the product of how she was raised. In that regard, the person who let her pilot a Gundam is as much to blame as she is, and I bet that person is probably Alejandro. With the number of episodes left in this first series, it wouldn’t surprise me if we ended with Alejandro revealing himself to be the true bad guy. Anyway, the more immediate concern is Setsuna facing all three Gundam Thrones, and since I don’t even think he can handle one of them right now, I doubt he’s going to accomplish much next episode with the attack.

On a side note, a CODE GEASS R2 commercial aired this week, and it previewed the new OP.


  1. Holy snap! Louise! This is starting to get violent! And to think she lost her arm in the process! But…isn’t that supposed to be her right arm? I wouldn’t be happy if I lost my arm the way she did. I wouldn’t be able to draw and I’m right-handed!

  2. i bet saji will soon start to play a much more important role… there must be a reason why he’s an engineering student… maybe he’ll help to upgrade setsuna & co’s gundams later?

  3. Man, oh man. This episode had action, had dispair.. had it all. It was just so sad with what happened to Louise, and then Saji surprises her only to find out it was worse than he feared and that she wasn’t just “okay.” =[ I feel really bad for her and I do not like the Thrones right now. As villains, I guess they are fine and dandy since they seem to have no remorse, but they are just awful, awful people. D: This is the first Rie character I’ve ever wanted dead.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe Nena is so psycho that just out of envy she did that. Because those people were partying and she had to work, she killed them. Of course the brothers didn’t reprimend for what she did but because she was messing around and getting on the way of the mission. Setsuna is going to get his ass kicked and he is going to be the cause of the two groups of Gundam becoming enemies. Nena and Setsuna are a good pairing because both are freaking brats.

  5. I’m starting to dislike the Thrones. Neena Trinity is my favorite girl in 00 but this episode might make me change my mind. Looks like Setsuna is hell bent on fighting the Thrones.

  6. Well, farewell to the old annoying Louise. Now that Louise has lost her parents, she’s become kinda like Flay – who became beserk after her daddy died; and Saji is kinda like Sai. I hope neither of them will try to use Setsuna to unleash revenge of some sort.

    I feel bad for Louise but I still don’t like her.
    I hope she’ll stop being annoying and do something interesting and like-able for a change.

    As for the Thrones, now they’re like troublemakers.
    They’ll make the world hate CB. =_=”’

  7. I wonder why Fllay got a mention here. The situation’s different, the attitude’s slightly different, and Louise definitely earns more pity here.

    What a shocker…I have to say I’m impressed by how Sunrise managed the scenes with Louise and Saji to lead to this. As for Neena…I finally get by what some people say when they call the Trinity siblings ‘extreme’.

    Owaranai Destiny
  8. DanG louise lost her hand. That Nena is sure a disgrace attacking civilian calling herself as a Gundam Meister what a joke, she only worsen public opinion about CB. As for Graham go for it release you potential!!!! If Setsuna can’t pawn that trinity sibling than I hope the other will

  9. I expect something bad would happen to Louise and her family, so no surprise there. But I did not expect that she would lose her arm! Poor thing. Now it’s confirmed. The new Gundammeisters a.k.a. Trinity siblings are everyone’s enemy.

  10. i dont know but in the near future a scene where saji discover setsuna as a gundam maister and fighting or being knock out by setsuna or even in a complete shock when he discovers the truth that his neighbor has something with the tragedy of louise

  11. I always knew Nena was a crazy *****… and it is starting to look quite interesting… more so once Setsuna by chances finds that out… (Since I don’t think he’s all that fond of mechs attacking civilivans)

  12. Well, since I never like Trinity from the start, seeing them especially Nena go around killing innocent people is kind of expected ==.

    It’s a bit sad anyway for Louise, she got the ring but no hand for it. This event will turn Saji into something important in the future, I guess.

    And Graham is HELLA COOL this episode man, I’m always rooting for you to slice off the thrones. RAGE and skills , I luv that XD.

  13. I espcially love how Graham threw away his beam sabers and grab Johann’s and slice of the Throne’s arms

    (does this mean that even he knows his beam sabers won’t do much damage, because he deliberately let go his and use the Throne’s beam saber instead)

  14. damn thrones! kill em all setsuna!

    in the future saji will most likely become emo n go after ALL gundams….
    especially since it looks like his sis is being set up by Sunrise to kick the bucket for knowing too much….

    i bet the mastermind behind the thrones & veda hacking is the green haired dude with alejandro….

  15. I have to say, before this episode I was already a die-hard Graham Aker/Overflags-fan, but Graham’s actions in this episode have seriously cemented him as my favorite character in 00. I wonder what Katagiri and the Overflags’ R&D people will be able to do with Throne Eins arm and Beam Sabre…

    Conversly, while I kind of liked Neena at first, her actions in this episode have killed that off permanently. Poor Louise…T_T I do hope she gets a prosthetic hand.

  16. @otakufan: Throne Eins’ arm blew up after it was severed. I do hope they can figure something out from the Beam Sabre though.

    And uber GAR points for Graham and Setsuna today. Graham for kicking reason and G-forces to the curb, and Setsuna for, well, being Setsuna.

  17. This ep. only increased my hatred of Trinity and I don’t even like Louise (in fact I always hated her). But one can’t help but feel bad for her here. Nena is such a bitch.

    Graham was AWESOME in this episode!

  18. Seeing how this is 300+ years into the future, surely humanity’s made advances in tissue regrowth or prosthetics to help Louise out, still, the loss in the first place is painful.

    Damn you Nena!

  19. @Any: While it may look like Graham’s Custom Flag has a beam saber, it’s actually a Sonic Blade and the shimmering you see it’s vibration. Graham probably knew this was useless and actually needed a Beam Saber to do some damage, thus he borrowed one.

  20. Does anyone else feel that Saji will be getting an extra push from Kinue, because she’s also in a position of getting hurt as well? If the Trinity siblings figures out what she’s been up to, I believe they would kill her like they did with Eifman.

  21. JESUS Nena is such a b****h! deserves to..suffer!
    Poor Louise… Come on saji take revenge!…or better not or the’ll kill him… OH NOES SAJI!

    “Come on Graham, fall to the power of the dark side and discover the sexiness of wearing a white mask.”


    we need a masked man…MAYBE SAiJI!?!

  22. OMG, maybe the plot spoiler I read on another forum will come true. Rather than having the world accepting the Gundams, everyone are going to hate them now. Hehehe, hope they die sooner or later and it would suck if Setsuna co. gets mistaken to team up with the Gundam Thones since they are being a BITCH!

  23. Wait wait wait. What does Saji even do for a job? I mean, he flew the freaking Spain, then bought that ring for Louise, and a matching one for him it seems. Where does he get his money???!!!

    In any case, it sure seems like the sh*t is hitting the fan as it were. Looks like good episodes ahead.

  24. @yanipheonu he works for pizza hut i think, code geass is going to get jealous.

    It sucks that Louise lost her hand and legs, but I think the more traumatic event id the loss of her whole family!
    I hope GoldRush does another dojin on her and Saji. It’ll be really kinky XD

  25. “EzMac at 3:07 pm on February 9th, 2008
    does anyone know if Setsuna will get his Avalanche Exia?”

    I think the Avalanche Exia is a Gundam00 manga Side Story suit. It’s supposed to be a “history” of the mobile suits used in the anime, set something like 20 years after the anime series timeline. So there’s a chance we won’t see it. In the spirit of Gundam history, Setsuna will probably end up trashing the Exia and then get a whole new suit, more powerful suit. I’m wondering if he’ll get an updated version of GN-000 (that’s the Gundam that we saw in episode one that saved Setsuna when he was young)?

  26. I now have a solid, strong hatred for the Trinity siblings. I hope Setsuna cannibalizes them next episode. (to be honest, while I don’t think that will happen Setsuna still has the ability to give them a hell of a fight at least in a one-on-one matchup)

    And buckets of tears for Louise. I never, ever hated either her or Saji. Rather, I actually liked their presence in the show. So seeing this happen to them is quite emotional for me. I honestly hope that Saji signs onto the military and gets into Graham’s Flag team so he can open up his own personalized can of “YOU F***ED UP MY GIRLFRIEND, BIOTCH!!!” whup-@$$ on the Trinity siblings. Assuming they survive to the second season, that is. Hey, Kira Yamato started off as an emotional crybaby who only got into the war because of random coincidence, and look where he’s at now.

  27. Now THIS is gonna be another Gundam 00 episode I’m gonna download. I wanna make a SajixLouise AMV with this (and many others) episodes. If only Windows Movie Maker would obey me and not mess up!

  28. argh , i hate nena !! killing innocnet people like that …
    thank good setsuna is going to atack then ! even if he is weaker than then =-=”
    Hope Saji helps the origina meister and not the enemy …

  29. I can’t believe it! The Throne pilots really are evil. That purple Haro is incredibly evil and is with Nena. She is the one responsible for hacking into Veda and probably put all of that info. into that Haro. Poor Louise, her family and friends get killed by Nena because of hating weddings? Graham knows how to take care of the Throne pilots due to his experience and skills. I wish he and Billy would help out Setsuna and co.. Poor Saiji, now he knows that Celestial Being went too far. Setsuna does not have a chance against the Throne pilots, will probably be proclaimed “dead” by Veda, and he will come back from Azidstahn to get revenge for being humiliated!

  30. Neena brings the meaning of crashing people’s party to another level.

    Louise never had much of a role and all of a sudden we’ve this. Saiji is bound to change into something evil, someone who despise celestial being and will likely play an important role later on.

  31. Even though the Overflags are shown to be nothing more than upgraded grunt units, I always believed that they can match up to the gundams performance-wise. The only thing limiting them are their weapons and the piece meat inside the can. Damn good job Graham.

  32. I don’t believe that Saji will get into CB and become a meister. Come on, they don’t just recruit people they know or from the streets. It has got to be some sick and twisted series of events that will land Saji in CB, if any chances of that happening.

  33. I agree with with you otakufan. The Flag is one of the best designed grunt mobile suits I have seen and Graham is using his Overflag to the best of its abilities even though his body can’t handle the stress. He did a great job against Throne Eins by by not slowing down his attack and not giving Johann the chance to make a proper counter-attack. Next upgrade for the Overflag will be beam technology once Billy gets done examining the beam saber Johann “dropped”, unless you actually need GN Particles to use beam weaponry.

  34. So, Setsuna finally starts acting like a protagonist? This series is slowly becoming my favourite amongst the real type mecha genre.
    As for Louise, I’m sure they’d be able to fix her with an artificial limb, while the mental damage will be something that Saji has to work on. I feel slack for saying this but it’s good that these two have finally found a stronger raison d’etre – as victims of the conflict.

  35. moral of the story: if your gf wants a ridiculously overpriced ring you get it for her on the spot because you never know if some big giant robot is going to come and blow off her ring hand

  36. Oh my god!! It’s so sad.
    I’ve always thinking that something bad might happen to Louise
    but I’ve never expected that it would be this way.
    However, this episode is magnificent!!
    Really can’t wait to see the rest of the story.

  37. =3 This actually looks like a pretty good episode (I was starting to loose hope on the series)

    I just wish Saji would get his ass on a MS already. He’s a far better character than any of the other Celestial Being guys. Well, maybe not Lockon, but the rest are too freaking screwed up xD Specially Setsuna, who is just too inexpresive.

    Besides, engineering students are proven to be better MS pilots =P Look at Amuro or Camille (well, I dunno if he was an engineering student… He must have been cause he designed the Zeta) or Kira, come on! xD

  38. Well, to be honest, I thought there was going to be a flood of “Aw, who gives a f**k about Louise, she’s a sucky character” in the discussion of this episode. It’s very uplifting to see that people are actually thinking about how tragic this is for Saji and Louise, rather than focusing on how important or non-important they are in the story and plot and not caring.

  39. Migawd, it’s the year 2308, they BETTER have mastered artificial limbs and Saji can afford one somehow. I never really liked Setsuna until up to this point, you’re gonna lose, but show some pride!!!

  40. uwooooo…
    A Flag actually did something..
    Now to see Setsuna pull a miracle out of his ass, either that or the other 3 Meisters help out, though even then the Thrones are still more advanced.

  41. OMG is Ein’s Saber powered by GN Particles??!!! If it is, then when Graham took the Saber from Ein, the secret of the GN Particles will be found out!!

    someone plz tell me that Ein’s saber is not powered by GN!!

  42. I liked Saji and Louise. They gave the viewpoint of civilians who get affected by events they have no ability to change. I hope Saji keeps being a civilian instead of suddenly joining the military

  43. It looks like that emergency call to SUmeragi is to let her know that Setsuna went off on his own to kick trone butt. I don’t he will lose though. It will be a tie. He will whop one of their asses but it will survive due to the other two and Lockon will cover Setsuna’s back which will force the Trones to reteat. In the end Lockon will point a gun at Setsuna claiming that if he ever tries to Solo the whole thing he, lockon, will make sure to make it his last.

    Note of Thrones for others, they are not as strong as you think. You see their power suply is limited and the reason why they seem powerful because one of them has a big gun while the pther has what seems likes to be funnels. However Virtue would pummel Eins in a power shot fight while, Exia would beat Zwei in a sword fight. They just look strong because they are bulky that’s all and Graham just proved to us how strong they are. He wasn’t able to Solo out any of the gundams, but he managed to chop Eins arm off.

    Jubei Himura
  44. that pissed me off! really bad omg i hate that Nena girl
    i bet Saji goes to the military, i have a feeling he’ll turn out like Shinn Asuka from GSD. but really that was so saaad i freakin cried! uwahh

  45. Well it was touching how Louise lost her hand but something isn’t right. It’s the year 2307 with huge robots, solar power generators, etc… there’s enough technology to create a robotic hand even they made super soldiers so there has to be technology to create artificial limbs or Sunrise completely forgot this particular point XD

  46. I don’t think the Thrones are THAT powerfull. I mean, Graham VS Lockon ended in a tie, and they were BOTH uninjured. Graham chopped off Ein’s arm, bu he coudn’t do that to Exia. And I’m betting Virtute’s “other self” could take on a Throne no problem. that would leave two Thrones for Setsuna, Lockon and Alle/Halle. Don’t see the problem, unless Nina’s has some uber hax abillity we didn’t see yet.

  47. We’ve heard before that Saji and especially Louise were quite smart. But don’t forget what Louise and Saji are majoring in at college:

    Aerospace Engineering…

    I don’t know how, and I don’t know if it will be right away, but there’s the possibility that Saji could have his revenge.

    I’m wonder if the proper CB will side with the Union through Sumeragi-Billy, and the HRL through Alleujah-Soma.

  48. the guy who betrays is langra and I think it isn’t alejandro but his servant (a boy that matches setsuna in an opposite way and prolly the fourth throne and ultimate opponent of setsuna)

  49. @Jubei Himura , DmonHiro

    I don’t think the 4 old meisters are weak or anything. But I guess the reason they just got out from the battle with Graham with all pieces is because that time with Setsuna, Flag doesn’t even have a little powered up. And also the fact that Graham never really take it seriously, he always use his reason and get out of the battle first so I wonder if he is this rage now and face with Setsuna and Co, what’ll happen?. But well Setsuna is still the main protagfonist anyway ^^.

  50. @ Saris

    Even without the Cutom Flags advances it is clear that The original four are much stronger then the Eins triplets. It’s not that they didn’t get scratched its the way they battle. Those Eins are enhanced yet the 4 Gundam Pilots two of whom are not still managed to hold off the 4 alliances for a day and a night (and maybe even more). All the Eins did at the moments was to face Fodders. Pretty sure if Graham or Sergei knew about them and they were put in the same situation as Setsuna and co. They would be done for much faster.

    It is true that the gundams are strong but most people forget that it is the pilot that counts. The pilots themselves have been put against their worst possbile nemesis and fared much better then you can expect. I mean think about going in a fight with a guy who happens to be your personal handicap. THat’s what Graham is to Lokon (speed + close range vs. long range, remember the Flags are faster then the gundams); Allejuha vs. Souma (Telepathic disturbance); Setsuna vs. Ali (old past + your sword instructor). It’s not a simple battle they were facing and yet they managed to hold off for that long.

    THe Eins are nothing more then a bunch big toys with no skills.

    Jubei Himura
  51. Well, there goes my hope of Nena being my favourite character. Why Nena!?WHY!?!?!?! Why do something that makes us all angry and depressed! I thought she was just a fun-loving character but it’s the absolute opposite!

    That was really depressing in more ways than one. Louise’s personality was pretty irritating before but now…I was expecting something like this though. Saji probably will end up in the military somehow, and maybe he’ll get into the position of a pilot? I can’t really see that far with his personality, but pain and suffering can really change even the most innocent ones.

    Hopefuly though, just like up above said, Louise’ll get this awesome replacement hand with lasers and stuff! Or not 😛

  52. @Jubei Himura

    Actually, as I already said above , I don’t think the 4 meisters are weak. For now, I think they are more skills than the trinity, seeing how Ein got owned that bad in a matter of seconds while Lockon kind of make it a draw in the first engagement with Graham. I just wonder about how they will put up a fight if Graham push himself and be serious like this one, that’s all since Ein’s alike Lockon in terms of long-range fighting style. I do think though that the 4 meisters is better than trinity, it’s just that they still not face Graham in this state of situation yet so I don’t know (but well, there’s no way they can eventually lose anyway since they are the protagonists). But whether Setsuna can go up against Michael or not , that we’ll see in the next episode. I’m rooting for him and Lockon anyway.

  53. I would have to disagree about Setsuna, not being able to handle the Thrones, after all the Thrones came in as a surprise attack, and Setsuna was mentally drained at the time. Now that he is at “full power”, so to speak, things may turn out different.

  54. @Tuss4
    I agree with you. But Setsuna does not seem that great neither. Still, i think it is possible especially since one was already defeated why not the other one. Then i believe the with the fat gundam is going to defeat the girl.

  55. I think Saji is too innocent and too emotional to join the military. He will probably just be an engineer like Billy.

    And I seriously hope that Setsuna doesn’t keep on hacking at Throne Zwei with his big sword. He better get creative and make some sweet moves (ex. “How did he f***en do that!?” kind of moves)against the Thrones.

    And as I said before, I hope the world is watching this battle. They’ll star thinking that they are not Celestial Being and Union, AEU, and HRL will team up again to beat the s*** out of the Thrones. Setsuna and the others will just watch from orbit and eat popcorn. 🙂

  56. My God!!!!!! FLAGS!!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM!!!!!

    I too have that strange love for the Flag that Graham was talking about. Ever since Ep3 when he first went out in his Flag, I loved it. This episode was even better than the Overflag unit took on Throne No.2. I personally Watch gundam, but not for teh gundams its the Mass-Produced suits!!!! Zaku(MSG), HI-Zacks(MSZ), GeraDoga(MSG:CC), Astray(GS) Murusame(GSD) and Now Flag has joined the mobile ranks of my Fav suits.

  57. Man, attacking just because she’s mad that they’re having fun and being carefree while she has to work?? Sounds like something that Quess Paraya (from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack) would do…

  58. Why are so many people surprised at the idea of Saji playing a larger role? Has Gundam ever spent this much time on a single character only to let them walk off happily? He has had way too much screen time to not be a major character. Also, take into account the fact that he has had quite a bit of interest in the Gundam’s from the start. Set lives next door and his sister is researching them.

    To me, this more sealed the fact he will play a very large role than began to give suspicions of it.

    I feel sorry for Louise though. Just beening annoying isn’t cause enough to have you’re family and body (parts) taken away so violently.

  59. I felt sorry for Louise, she lost everything on that attack, only Saiji remaidns in her life; and she loose her left hand; damn it!

    Well, it seems Setsuna will fight only one of the Thrones, but the real question is, why did they stop?

    Syaoran Li
  60. Holy shitt i am so pissed that louise lost her left hand wtf errr i hope that they have like the technology to do like regeneration to the hand and stuff and nena should just die omfg go setsuna =D pwn them in the next eps ! whos with me =D

  61. Graham owned the shit out of Eins. True piloting skills. By the looks of it though, seems like that the jerky movements were to much for him. If he was in a similar smooth chaning unit like Gundam Kyrios, he would have looked better.

    They’re assasinating everyone who gets to involve. Possibility that may come is Kinue is killed and Saji becomes determine to be part of the military. To take down gundam. So happy that there may be a significance for them.


    Its not that people are suprise, they just didn’t think the couple would get so involve in the Trinity’s “intervation” so soon. I my self was expecting their true significance to come out around episode 22 since they showed such happy scenes. Props to the screen writer for adding tradegy for them. Great input.

    you could say that the Trinitys were taught that way of thinking. To not care except listen to the mission status qou. So although Nena seems to have some morals and is cute, she lacks morals unlike our 4 gundam meistar hence, she killed civillians.

    Btw, Setsuna, was awesome at the end for charging out. Although its an obvious loss since only one of them is fighting him in the previews. However his anger for their assistance in warfare may cause the Trinity trio on their actions a bit.

    Oh yeah, does anyone agree with me that the base hitting intervations could be to kill off people who knew too much hiding in those bases. Its a theory on why they even hit the factory, maybe a new weapon agaisnt gundam was being made.

    Sora no Kaze
  62. Another guess is that Saji’s role isn’t going to be a pilot, but just someone that is going to get an important info that need to be given to the right party. What if his sister find out something then die, it won’t be hard to make it so Saji find the info.

  63. Forgot to add, wonder the signficance of Lockon holding a gun towards Setsuna. Setsuna a bit different from a brat. He has some emotional deal, but he’s a more calm and more convicted pilot for believing in his own morals and dreams then some of the previous pilots that have come out. He was impulsive, but its his character. He’ll always does what he feels for the sake of not getting people killed in war. Sure, call him a brat, but I believe he has a unshakable faith in becoming the eradicator of destruction and is more independent compare to other pilots. I like the way Setsuna is progressing in his beliefs.

    Well enough rambling, I wonder if the blond hair helper of Alejandro is actually the leader. Reasons to believe is because the preview shows him giving off a sort of evil smile

    Sora no Kaze
  64. I’m waiting for the Setsuna-Lockon-Trieria vs Nena-her brothers (I forget their names). It will be very interesting to watch. I hope Graham can join them, but I think it’s impossible. Too bad…!
    This might be unimportant, but somebody said Sunrise won’t spend much time on a character if he/she doesn’t have contribution to the story. Does it mean there is a chance for Wang Liu Mei to take part in the story too? I mean, she is the only character that seems “useless” and only appears in every episode, wearing different clothes.
    As for Louise, I symphatize her, but at least she still has Saji. On the bright side, I like her much better now.

  65. Not ony was Graham able to fend off the Throne with his flag, he was also able to hack an arm off and steal a beam saber, which now means that the Union has its hands on some of the super-secret Throne components.

  66. How many times have we seen someone need amputation in Gundam? Is this the first time? While I haven’t seen all that many series, I can’t remember seeing it happen to someone.

    Gundam style seems to be either the character dieing completely or having some bandages on for a little while. One of the reasons that the loss of the hand blind-sided me so.

  67. I like how Setsuna said that “he” has decided that the Thrones are the source of conflict and the he is beginning “his” intervention against them. Talk about fighting for your beliefs. Wonder what kind of scolding he is going to get from Lockon. In the preview it shows Tiera acting like he didn’t mind Setsuna’s attack on the Thrones since we already know that he hates the Trinitys for 1.) Not answering his questions, 2.) making fun of his appearance, and 3.) HACKING INTO VEDA!!!

  68. the anime gets really serrious now, i like the way they whanted to show how the “war affects civilians” and in allmost ALL gundam series their point of view is that war is killing So many civilians (Irak,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Hirosima,Africa, soon Iran, N.Korea, Israil…the list goes on…) and that many of as have no idea what they are going throught right now!

    all of you and i may feel really “bad” if we dont have an internet connection for few hours, when out there are people dying for the interestings of few rich man who just want to be richer … this is INSANE! and Gundam series just tries to pass through a massege, that the funcy robots and all that hi-tech stuff, in the wrong hands are deadly weapons and nothing more.-

  69. I hope Setsuna destroys Nena! I know that I didn’t like Louise, but I never wanted that to happen to her, I only expected that she would receive broken bones, but to lose her left hand and poor Saji. I wonder what’s going to happen when Setsuna finds out about what happened to her.

  70. ” I wonder what’s going to happen when Setsuna finds out about what happened to her.”

    well i quess he is going to drop a tear at least, or even better gone bersek! 😉
    Nena and the othe Trinity seems to be more like an expirament not like the SB team but more like the extended from the Seed series…or something like that…she cant be turned from cute to murderer so easily…something its not human about them….hmmmmmm :#

  71. Setsuna had to kill his own parents, I doubt Louise’s hand will make him cry. Don’t get me wrong I feel compassion, I’m just saying that he went through to much for that to make him cry, but we do see that he has emotion. If not, he would have obviously left the thrones alone.

  72. Great episode, I really enjoyed how Graham opened up a can of whoop ass on the Thrones. At first there was no one that made me hate them so much in the series, but now it’s those siblings……….although granted Setsuna x Neena is still kind of cute in a twisted sort of way >_> I want to see Setsuna pwn Michael!

  73. One of the best eps I’ve seen so far, it had everything and I’m stoked for the next.

    At first I found Nena annoying, now I just want her Dead, I’m hoping for a very violent and painful death and I hope we get a nice close-up of her face in utter fear seconds before her demise.

  74. I think the leg thing is open for debate until they show her walking around or not. I’m pretty certain she still has them. At one point you could see the extension of a leg in the sheets. Was probably sitting on her legs. Think losing the arm was enough dramatic impact. At least I’m hoping she still has them. Can’t be certain until they reveal that.

    Nena is definitely on my list of people who need to be taken down now. Blasting a wedding because she was aggravated that they were having fun. A time of joy and beginnings turned into a massacre. I didn’t hate Louise though her parts weren’t anything I was big on. Still this was pretty bad and you could only feel for her.

    Probably the first time I’ve ever been really behind Setsuna. Pretty reckless, but if the writers wanted us to be on his side they did a good job.

    With Saji’s sister probably on the list to be taken out wonder what that guy is going to do in the future.

  75. It depends on how deep Saji’s sister’s investigation gets into CB and Aeolia. But I’m also of the opinion that Louise still has her legs, because there is a limit to how many body parts a writer can cut off without going overboard. Just losing her arm and her family is probably enough.

  76. Well if they killed the guy who gave Sagi’s sister the information….Has been spending a lot of time digging and we know that is very dangerous. Guess we’ll see what happens with her, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

  77. Oh WOW. Now everyone’s wishing for Nena’s death.
    I don’t. I hope she lives! HA HA!

    But, I do wish her a living hell!

    She doesn’t even know how pure evil she is. I hope she gets some sense knocked into her by seeing her brothers all die and she loses a limb plus gets half her face burnt or something…
    Oh my… I am so cruel… but she simply deserves it! People who put others in a lot of pain just don’t deserve an easy death, IMO. They should pay for it with equal pain. Touka Koukan.

    BTW, IMO a big portion of the 00 characters are just so … FLAT.
    Almost all the girls are. They all each have some sort of stereotype personality.
    They’re so flat that they don’t grow on you. Come to think of it, they’ve hardly grown themselves.

  78. Why are you all worrying so much, so what Louis lost her left hand, in the age of Moblie suit I bet that the technology for articial limbs or even mechanical limbs are as simple as baking a pie.
    I only feel sorry for her because of her family got kill, those you can’t replace.

  79. Well do think losing a hand is pretty serious. Regardless of how solid prosthetics are in that era its a serious loss. Will never be the same. For all we know they put all the good stuff into the mobile suits and forgot about that kind of stuff. Will probably find out soon though since Louise has the money to afford whatever is out there.

    But yeah losing pretty much all your family in an instant is a horrifying thing.

  80. i think he might be able to take them on somewhat, when hes enraged he usually can…not to mention the thrones have all fought distanced battles shooting from the air mostly…thats why graham was able to take advantage of johann

  81. Damn Nena your crazy but i still love you
    and I know it was a shock to Louise, but at least she is still alive. Now question is Saji gonna go Kazuki and instead oF sayin JIN JIN JIN Saji will say GUNDAM GUNDAM and if he is will he be able to wear the eyepatch correctly?

  82. If the throne were to fight:
    I think it will be that
    micheal trinity against allelujah
    johann trinity against lockon
    nena trinity against erde

    and I think there’s an unrevealed fourth that’s been mastered by that servant who’ll fight setsuna F. seiei

  83. @ legno.

    Don’t you mean Micheal vs Hallelujah instead of Allelujah. I would rather have a battle crazed Micheal versus a bloood thirsty Hallelujah anyday. Hell, I would want Hallelujah to be in control and fight all the time because he gets very…um…”creative” when he wants to kill someones.


  84. i stop lookin at this Gundam series around ep 11 cause it was boring
    but i took a chance and check this episode out and 2 my surprise it was really good
    finely they get to fight other gundams instead of those other weak mobile suits that was at an unfair advantage and got defeated so easy by the gundums


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