Watch the Commercial! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

Today’s episode of Gundam 00 featured a CODE GEASS R2 commercial that included a few new shots of scenes that have already appeared in past promos, but more importantly, it previewed what’s likely to be the new OP. There’s been no official indication of who the artist was, however it sounded a little to me like High and Mighty Color or a similar group. I find it interesting that they’ve recorded an OP already – a sign of perhaps just how popular this series and its merchandising is.


  1. You’re right, it souned like High & Mighty Color, but I bet they aren’t.
    Ok, Lelouch keeps his Geass, but not as a permanent eye. Something must have happened at the end of R1.

    Syaoran Li
  2. lol Omni, Im waiting for your report on NewType, PASH!, Animage R2 info. There is more than enough juicy tidbits to write a article. 😉

    As for Lelouch and the Geass, It looks like he might be rebinding it. Whatever episode it is, it looks like it happens the Black Knights raid the mall(school?).

  3. Oh not sure if this is a positive of a negative. Kira Yamato’s VA will be Knight of Three’s VA Show Spoiler ▼

    Oh another positive from R2 is that Yuko Goto, Mikuru Asahina fame, will be VA for Knight of Six Show Spoiler ▼

    NewType has also revealed 7 of the 12 Knights and their respective rankings and two mechs used by the above two Knights. I’ll leave the rest to Omni (If he does do an article). 😀

  4. good to see Fukuyama isn’t having any problems getting back into the Lelouch voice. New possible OP sounds good so far.

    Souichiro Hoshi has been in all of Taniguchi’s shows, and has always done a good job. (though I personally still like his Kazuma the best) not a negative in the least.

  5. If anybody wants to see this:
    (sorry, I take it from animesuki forums. I hope no one gets offensed or angry because of this).
    Newtype cover:…6089086lq2.jpg

    All current Knights of Round:…ews3499bb2.jpg

    ^ Left side of the double spread:…0392554rd7.jpg

    Knights: Suzaku, Nonnette, Anya and the Knight of Twelve:…6405913ch1.jpg

    The Knight of One, Knight of Ten and Gino (short-haired blondie):…4714399mp8.jpg

    Lee Xing Quo:…9176377ra1.jpg

    The Emperor, Schneizel, Lloyd, Odysseus and two mechs: Mordred (the four hadron cannons-equipped fatso mech) and the Tristan (the transformable)…9563294nf0.jpg

    The main cast of R2:…4819508zn4.jpg

    Rollo + promo for ‘Lost Colors’…4173375sh4.jpg

  6. what happen to Lulu’s permanent geass?!, geez, he’s very cool while his geass is running out wild……

    yeah, a time machine would be the only solution for our 2 months torture!…


  7. It has been confirmed that the first THEME SONG for R2 is to be sung by ORANGE RANGE, while it’s still unstated whether it’s the OP or the ED. This sounds like either HaMC or ORANGE RANGE’s songs anyway (I personally think more to the former).


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