Aiko tries to keep Shinichirou from opening the store’s door for Nobuse, but when he asks her why, she can’t tell him the truth. Shinichirou eventually opens the door after Nobuse pounds on it some more, and Nobuse immediately spots what he already considers to be his sweater. He wants her to check its size by comparing it to his back, but Aiko isn’t happy at all that he’s here, and she kicks both guys out under the pretense that she’s busy with the store. On the way home, Shinichirou brings up what Nobuse was allegedly doing the day that he went shopping with Aiko, not realizing that she had made that excuse up. Both Nobuse and Aiko still remember how Shinichirou had introduced them, and it was under Shinichirou’s urging that Aiko agreed to go out with Nobuse. When Shinichirou gets home, he notices that the photo album he found the other day is now gone from his room. His mother reveals that she threw it out, but Shinichirou can still think of the photo that had Hiromi’s mother’s face cut out.

At school the next day, Nobuse asks Shinichirou about Hiromi, so Shinichirou explains that she likes someone else and that he’s bringing them together. What Shinichirou doesn’t find out until later is that Jun comes to see Hiromi during basketball club practice and makes an appointment to meet her after school. It irks Shinichirou to hear the girls talking about Jun during lunchtime, so he goes outside and sits on the steps by himself. Frustrated, he tries to think of this as all for Hiromi’s sake, and his thoughts get interrupted by a smiling Noe. He eats the food that she brought for him because he’s hungry, but when she complains that he should be happier while eating something delicious, Shinichirou explains that he feels like a chicken on a poultry farm. Noe tries to cheer him up by saying that he’s a special chicken with his own free will, aiming for the sky like Raigomaru. In response, Shinichirou decides that he feels confused when he sees Noe and so he asks her to leave him alone for a while. He then tries to walk away, but Noe grabs onto his belt and questions how long it’ll be. Shinichirou gives her his belt rather than of answering.

That afternoon, Hiromi meets with Jun in the park, and Jun reveals that Shinichirou had told him that she liked him. Jun invites Hiromi out on a date that weekend and doesn’t even wait for her to answer before he starts walking away towards his motorcycle. Hiromi asks him to wait, but when he actually stops and turns around, she backs down from saying anything. Jun then comments on how it looks like it’s going to snow and explains that he doesn’t like snow because it prevents him from riding his motorcycle. When he asks Hiromi how she feels about snow, she claims to have a love/hate relationship, so Jun notes how tough it is to be unable to like something you like. As it turns out, the reason Hiromi doesn’t like snow stems from a conversation she had one snowy day with Shinichirou’s mother shortly after joining the Nakagami family. Shinichirou’s mother had told her something that had shocked her, and ever since that day, Hiromi’s hated snow. Back in the present, she questions Shinichirou when he gets home about what he told Jun. Instead of answering, he asks her about going out with Jun, and Hiromi admits that she has an upcoming date. She makes another comment on how he’s meddling before she walks off, and Shinichirou’s frustrations aren’t helped by the fact that his mother then tells him that Hiromi came home today with a guy.

On the day of the date, Noe is at home bored when she sees her brother about to go out. She perks up upon hearing that he’s going on a date, but she’s surprised to hear that it’s with Hiromi. Jun and Hiromi end up going to the movies, and when Hiromi admits that this is the first time she’s been with a guy, Jun talks about how he always came with Noe. He and his sister have always been alone since their father and grandmother died, and their mother works. Because of this, Jun feels that he understands his sister quite well, including even the things that Noe hasn’t noticed. Meanwhile, Nobuse has brought Aiko to the shopping center to buy a sweater for her. He picks one out, and they get all the way to the checkout before Aiko decides to walk out of the store because she really doesn’t want it. Nobuse tries to explain that he wanted to pick out a brighter colored sweater for her because the one Shinichirou picked out was too plain. This makes Aiko realize that Nobuse knows about how she and Shinichirou went shopping together, and she reveals that Shinichirou didn’t actually choose the sweater for her – she had merely bought the sweater that Shinichirou liked.

Later that afternoon, Jun brings Hiromi home and asks her to urge Shinichirou to move forward with Noe. Hiromi is shocked to learn that the two are supposedly going out, and it causes her to barely notice Jun approaching her and running his hand through her hair until he’s right about to try to kiss her. She regains her senses in time to move back, and she then excuses herself and runs into the house. Shinichirou is there to welcome her home, and he notices that she’s a bit flustered when he asks her if something happened. That night, Hiromi is working on the computer and thinking about Jun when Shinichirou’s mother comes into the room to talk to her about coming home again with a guy. Shinichirou’s mother is concerned about how this looks publicly because she doesn’t want people to think that her son is living under the same roof as a slut. In response, Hiromi questions if it’s because she’s her mother’s daughter or because a certain something happened that Shinichirou’s mother thinks that she’s a slut too. Shinichirou’s mother realizes that Hiromi still remembers what she had said on that snowy day and tries to end the conversation by telling her to just be more careful, but she then notices that Shinichirou is standing in the doorway, having overheard everything

Shinichirou confronts his mother about what she and Hiromi were just talking about, and he brings up how poorly his mother treats Hiromi. Hiromi, however, tries to stop him and tells him to leave her alone before running out. Shinichirou goes after her and, when he finds her outside, he asks her what she and his mother were talking about. Offering to tell him something incredible, Hiromi reveals that because her birthday is later, he’d be her older brother. As it turns out,, Shinichirou’s mother had told Hiromi that Shinichirou’s father was probably also her real father. Leaving Shinichirou in shock now, Hiromi then walks back inside crying and feeling that she’s the worst. Shinichirou’s only able to frame this in story terms and envisions a small puddle made of a girl’s tears. It’s actually very deep, and he feels like he’s being dragged to the bottom.


I (like many others) had suspected that Hiromi and Shinichirou were related, but despite that, I was still impressed by how well they pulled off all the drama aspects. The soundtrack really helped that out from around the point when Shinichirou confronts his mother to the end. The only really disappointing thing about the episode was that the Aiko cliffhanger from last week ended rather anticlimactically, but even that was made up for via Nobuse’s facial expression when Aiko told him the truth about the sweater. I also found it a little strange that they decided to take away a little from the shock of the ending by having the very final shot be Noe cooking. It’s probably just a sign that Noe still has yet to play her part in this.

As for the actual topic of Hiromi being Shinichirou’s half-sister, I’m going to be a little cautious and wary about it. For one, there’s some of uncertainty about it due to how Shinichirou’s mother had said that Shinichirou’s father was probably Hiromi’s father – plus she looked unnaturally surprised when she realized that Hiromi still remembered that conversation. We’re also only halfway through the series, so it’s entirely possible that a later revelation could be that this isn’t true. What it does show is that Hiromi really does have strong feelings for Shinichirou because I doubt she would have told him in that way if she didn’t. For now though, it’ll make things even more uncomfortable between the two, and it looks like Noe and Hiromi might get into a fight about it next week.

Have I mentioned that this show has been steadily rising on my list of current favorite shows? 🙂


  1. Well that’s pretty crazy if it’s true…

    That means that he can only choose between a weird girl or a girl who wants to betray her boyfriend who just so happens to be his best friend..O_o

  2. @fushichou he can still choose his own half sister, it is common in anime world right?:D. right now, among weird girl, half sister, and best friend’s ex, I think the weird girl is the best choice, tho I think the weird girl’s brother seems to have some sis con too haha.

  3. Seems as if it’s pretty much over between Aiko and Nobuse as she is rather clearcut about it and it was definitely the right thing to do in my opinion. I can’t wait to find out what happens because of it. How will it impact Nobuse’s and Shinichiro’s friendship? Will Aiko immediately make a move on Shinichiro?

    Step-sister or not Hiromi is obviously in love with Shinichiro and there still has to come some sort of twist because episode six is way too early to throw her out of the competition.

    Damn, Noe’s brother is a cold one. You can clearly see how he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but his little sister. As for Noe herself, I think she has to lose some of her naivete soon to be a proper candidate. Especially with Aiko sure of her feelings and apparently ready to confess.

  4. Ah, gotta love a good old fashioned love polygon.

    It was kind of mean for Hiromi to just kind of throw that out there at Shinichiro, but he was bugging her to tell him. Kind of serves him right for being so clueless for so long.

    This series being what it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole “~かも” part rears its ugly head and we find out that they’re not really related after all… she did say that her father *may* be Shinichiro’s father. They should just get a DNA test and go on Springer. Or whatever passes for that in Japan.

    Of course, even if Shin’s father is Hiromi’s father, they may not be related because Shin’s mom might have cheated with someone else in retaliation. XD I just hope they don’t go down the tired old incest route. -_- Seriously, just eww. Apparently the people in Japan who write that tired old crap don’t have siblings.

    I felt kind of bad for Nobuse, but he’s been pretty clueless himself. Aiko never really seemed enthusiastic about being with him, except for that one time in ep 5. Dude needed to pick up the clue phone a loooong time ago on that one. By now it should be pretty obvious that the only reason Aiko went out with him was to try to get closer to Shinichiro… poor clueless bastards. (Then again, I had no idea they were really going out until they showed the confession flashback in ep 6. If they hadn’t shown that, I would’ve thought they Nobuse was just living in his own fantasy world, because she’s never appeared very warm to him.)

    I gotta say, this has been a pleasantly entertaining love polygon anime so far. I just hope Noe returns Shinichro’s belt to him in front of the whole class. That would be so full of win. Oh, and the fight between Hiromi and Noe in next week preview… I can’t wait to see that! =D

  5. ok! One of the theories of why Aiko couldn’t say no to nobuse! You don’t freaking do that crap! You don’t do that Shin! A thrid wheel confession, that is bull Shin! I now know why she couldn’t say no.

  6. Hiromi is Shin’s sister. What a load of shit! Hiromi’s my favorite in the race, and I can’t believe she’s been pulled already. Not that I believe she’s really his sister. I think this may have been something his mom said to hurt Hiromi, probably because she hates Hiromi’s mother. I can believe that Shin’s dad had an affair with Hiromi’s mother.

    I have to be honest though, I wanna say fuck it and have Shin and Hiromi still get together. I compare my feelings on this to Rei and Shinji of Evangelion. It’s not like Shin and Hiromi knew they were siblings before they fell in love. It seems like Hiromi liked him for a while if the previous flashback is any indication.

    Noe doesn’t really seem like she has a romantic relationship with Shin, more like she’s just the weird, child-like girl he hangs out with.

    White Star
  7. I’m pissed at Jun now. The sleazeball making moves on Hiromi when he’s really just a siscon. Go for Noe dammit, leave Hiromi for Shin. They can both be siscons. Man that’s disturbing.

    White Star
  8. preview looks AMAZING. Why is it that catfights are such a rare thing in anime? You get the odd shouting match, but a solid round of slapping and hair pulling is almost never seen. Such a shame. Go Noe!

  9. The funny thing about inbreeding is that you can actually get very genetically strong descendants from it…but that’s only if you can get past the up to several dozen generations of pure genetic wastage. This have been proven several times in ecological preservation of very endangered animals. However to do this in humans is somewhat a touchy subject…

  10. im not surprised that shin and hitomi might be related because that explains why shin’s mother dosent like hitomi and why they even took her in.
    beside last episode didnt shin’s mom give hitomi some kind of waring of getting to close to her son.

    well i really im interested ot see who ends up with who especially things are definitly getting more interesting.

    next episode it looks like their is going to be a big cat fight !

  11. Ahem… I’m back after rewatching the hiromi-revelation scene for a full hour…

    Anyway, this episode was really epic. Seems like the candy-coating has finally fall apart, and in comes the drama… I think. Right now, I think the writers for True Tears are at a very comfortable position, since the build up till now seems to enable the series to take any routes. The siblings-thing a mistake and they pair-up? Or ends with them both suppressing their feelings for each other to succumb to society’s norm? Or a Koi Kaze ending? Noe and her bro can be the siblings that end up NOT having a romantic relationship, while Shin and hiromi will be the ones that do. That’d end the series with a nice contrast.

    For me, the series has been really impressive, and I wouldn’t mind any one (or more) direction that it’ll take. Even if it pulls a higurashi or nice-boat shock ending on my ass, I’m sure the producers will do a good job with it, seeing how good the rest of the series has been.

    Phew.. that was a semi-long post. Is episode 7 out yet? No? But it’s already 2 hours since I watched episode 6! 7 should’ve been out by now!! WHERE IS IT??!! 😛

  12. YES!!! why ,WHY dont they make more shows like this?? like a well written soap opera..COME ON!! it’s not that hard people, hell! copy this show if you have too.
    and is it just me or is that noe chick too damn cute too touch, I MEAN IT LOOKS LIKE A SIN!! way to child like cute,,anybody know what i mean??? i mean the other girls look like they could get a good Slap cross dat A$$ but for some reason. that girl looks like instant jail time, and not in a pedo way.. GREAT SHOW

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. NO Waaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!

    just can’t accept the possibility that hiromi could be shin’s half sister.. [got shocked as well + an additional ‘holy sh*t !!!’ after hirmoi said that]
    i’m rooting for hiromi x shin no matter what…

    there could be other reasons why shin’s mom said that to hiromi…

    and i wonder what #4’s motive would be? he did say that shin & noe were going out and read through hiromi’s expression that she also liked shin…

    ep 5 was a cliffhanger and did not expect ep 6 would also be one.. can’t wait for next week…

  14. jun only touched hiromi’s face because he was teasing her, right? after all, he looked pretty smug when she ran back inside. and does he have feelings for noe? or does he just want her to be with someone so he doesn’t have to worry about her any more and go his own way?

  15. i don’t think hiromi and shin are related. since they are both the same age, shin’s father would have been doing the business practically at the same time. i think shin’s mother told hiromi that because she could see that hiromi liked shin, and she wanted to make sure they stay away from each other. she already does that in other ways like tell them not to walk home together. however, i do think shin’s father and hiromi’s mother had an affair, but probably later.

    i was re-watching some of the old episodes, and it’s neat how some of them fold back on each other. in episode 3, aiko has a conversation with shin where she tells him when someone likes you, they try to get close to you in every way possible. and this is why she started to date nobuse. that, and shin was really urging her too.

    i don’t think noe really loves shin. i think she looks at him like he could become her
    best friend. however, i think that’s it; she just wants a really good friend.

    as much as i like aiko, shin has never looked at her as a girlfriend-material. he’s not
    going to break the guy’s pact by dating his best friend’s ex when his friend will be
    bitter, and he never had a crush on her before. this is not like kimikiss with mao and
    koichi. those two are already at “best friend” state where they tell each other
    everything, and it’s easy to cross over because you already know and trust each other so
    much. aiko and shin are not at this state. shin does not volunteer dilemmas in her
    personal life to aiko.

    so it’s back to hiromi and shin. both of these definitely do not look at each other as
    siblings. i think they’re going to get together in the end. Here are my endings:


    Hiromi X Shin. Noe becomes a good friend to both of them. She can now cry again. Aiko
    realizes how much Nobuse truly likes her, and they get back together.


    Aiko X Shin + Nobuse X Hiromi. 2nd generation repeats. Shin ends up having an affair
    with Hiromi just like their parents did when Shin’s father had an affair with his
    best friend’s wife. Noe goes back to her brother.

  16. Ok, so lets see. Aiko is finally giving in to her feelings, very good I say and about time. You CAN’T blame Shin for what Aiko did in the past with agreeing to be with or go out with the other guy. Girls or guys are perfectly free to say NO to any sorta match making going on. So even if the guy doing the matchmaking is the guy she really likes she could still say NO. And without her coming clean with her feelings for Shin you can’t blame the guy for trying to help two friends out either.

    Shin is no mind reader, he can’t tell what Aiko is thinking/feeling so I’m going to cut him some slack when it’s related to her.

    Now as far as Hiromi goes. Are they half-siblings or not? I haven’t seen the episode yet as they don’t have subs out yet but if Shins mom is the one who tells Hiromi that she’s Shin half sister then it could be BS. If anything this show is pretty full of characters spitting out BS to each other (Hiromi anyone?). So eather Shin goes directly to his dad to get the truth or his mom finally comes clean later on close to the end for a bit of a twist to finally get Shin x Hiromi together.

    I still think the show is going for Shin X Hiromi, it seems that this episode had basically no Noe in it at all. And once again all the key drama points in the story revolve around Shin and Hiromi, with a bit of Aiko finally in the mix.

    I like Hiromi and Aiko both alot, more than Noe. I’d be fine if they somehow work out Shin X Aiko but it’ll be harder than doing Shin X Hiromi, that is if the half-sister bit doesn’t stick. If it’s true that they’re related then it’s really really hard to work out without blowing the incest alarms. Anime is fine with doing matchups between cousins but actual blood-related siblings, I don’t think i’ve ever seen that in a non-hentai show. Now if they’re not blood related and only siblings by law etc, then it’s pretty much fair game, i.e. DC/DCSS.

    I really hope we can find out in the next episode if this is true or not because it is THE key to the whole story and what direction it will take.

  17. Like many others I think this is going along pretty well. All the suspense has built up and now all everyone has to do is take action, in which we will see a cat-fight in the next episode. This week’s subs were kinda…inaccurate, but I still get the idea of what happened. I heard this is gonna be harder for the subbers since this series is licensed..I just hope they will still continue like nomal. I am looking for a Shin x Hiromi ending with them not really being siblings. Also, I hope it is a big misunderstanding between Noe and Jun, that he just really loves her as a sister and nothing more…and also to have Aiko x Nobuse together too. Well, let’s see what happens!

  18. If a girl come to me and take off my belt…I only could think about one thing……THAT ” SHE WANTS IT REALLY BAD “…and this main character is gay for sure!!!!
    I´d try each one of them and so after i´d choose one…that´s a real man´s policy!!
    :D( taste and proof )

    Tensai Otaku
  19. If she really is his sister than I will be ticked off at how utterly predictable they made the series. I mean come on your supposed to make things hard to figure out not seemingly obvious.

  20. I’m taking Hiromi as Shinichiro’s half-sister as BS for now because his mother told it to her when she arrived at their house and we all know how she hates her mom with a passion. It could be just to make Hiromi’s life miserable then, make her feel bad, or just to separate her from Shinichiro since they were childhood friends. Also, his mom said during that confrontation that she remembered that conversation back then when it was snowing. Like, that revelation is not something grand that she’s shocked Hiromi still remembers it.

    I’m seeing Noe as just a friend now, since she’s gathering tears, and FIRST TEARS HAVE BEEN SHED! MEDIC!! TEARS DOWN TEARS DOWN! *bzzzt* HQ,WE NEED BACK-UP HERE! *bzzt* FIRST CASUALTY! TAKE COVER MEN! PREPARE FOR INCOMING NEXT EPISODES! *bzzzt*

  21. If I was Chin, I’d go right to my dad and find out for sure what the deal is. It’s that simple. The mom could be saying whatever at the time out of hate so you can’t be 100% sure of it.

  22. I’d also like to point out that its very interesting to rewatch Ai-chan’s reactions from the previous episode. For example in the first episode Shinichiro leaves so that Shininchiro’s buddy can have some alone time with her. Seems like she got tired of her friendship with him backfiring all the time and got fed up.

  23. In my point of view, i think that the whole sis thing was actually made up by Shin’s mot0her just to get hiromi angry cuz of what the mother said about “you remembered” >> who wouldnt forget that they are the half-sis of someone? well it seems like they are using this as a wall for hiromi / SHin

  24. kinda didnt expect that but it felt like it was right in front of my face the whole time.
    Jun urging shin to go out with Noe seems like he actually loves noe but can’t…oo i want to see the next episode! >

  25. I can only hope this brother-sister thing is a BS. But I also had the same thoughts after the last episode, and now it is even more likely.
    Grr, never mind they will come together anyway. Simply because there is no other possibility -> Noe and Shin aren’t that close (not to nention the other girl) and Shin and Hiromi really love each other.

  26. my shipping:

    shin x noe (but noe needs to mature a little bit more)
    hiromi x jun (i just hope he will only sees noe as his sister)
    aiko x nobuse (i think they’re just a great couple)

  27. I’ve been patiently waiting for a sign of progression between Shin’ichirou and Noe, only to be disappointed when the creators effectively locked Shin’ichirou into the “I’m in love with Hiromi” position. There seems to be absolutely no question that he’s going to end up with Hiromi now.

    And why is that, you ask?

    It’s because 1)the love between two siblings is apparently indestructible in anime, and 2)even if they weren’t actually related, Shin is completely blind to any other girl’s advances other than Hiromi that it probably isn’t worth trying anymore. Yes, it’s completely true. He is so utterly dense that I’m sure any of Noe’s or Aika’s attempts at coming onto him would be mistaken as something completely different.

    I believe there’s a .03% chance that Shin’ichirou is actually going to give up on Hiromi. (I have to admit, though, there is a little hopeless optimism in that estimation coming from the “Shin’ichirou and Noe can still get together” part of my brain.)

    Well, if they’re gonna end this show with Shin/Hiromi, they might as well make it Jun/Noe, too. Oh, why not go as far as making Nobuse and Aika related, as well, then have them ending up together, too? That way the whole damn anime could revolve around incest.

    Alright, now that my cynical side has had its turn, it’s time to bust out with the idealism.

    Shin’ichirou always blows Noe off like she wasn’t even there, and Noe just wants to get some of his Raigomarou-like tears. It would take a miracle and a half for him to fall in love with her and vice-versa, which is exactly why I want to see that happen! I’ve already seen plenty of incest, but watching someone go from completely uninterested (even extremely annoyed) with someone to falling in love with that person is somewhat of a rarity. The main character is almost always interested in someone before the story starts going along that direction. Plus, the way to reach that conclusion has got to be interesting.

    Yes, it seems that the most they could be is friends as of right now, but that doesn’t have to be the case for long. It takes a lot of work to get the main character of a dating sim to get their mind off of the main heroine and look at another girl (at least it should), so why should this be any different? If the writers would put them into Shin’ichirou and Noe into situations where they were forced to become closer to one another, then it could be much easier to argue that they could end up together. (Sorry for stating the obvious, but sometimes people just don’t understand this.)

    As things are going now, it seems as if there will be absolutely no arguments as to the Shin/Hiromi-ness of the anime. That really is a shame. But, that won’t stop me from watching True Tears. I’m still hoping for a little more Shin/Noe action, though.

    I’ll fight the power of Shin/Hiromi-ship to the bitter end! Muahahahaha!

    Other than that, awesome episode! ^_^

    Cynical x Idealist
  28. Uh-oh… Hiromi shippers will be pissed off this week, especially at the preview ‘I’m giving up on Hiromi’- (Is it just me or was it a little early in the series for this kind of revelation?) I, for one, have decided I don’t really care about who ends up with who- I like each characters story and I don’t have a particularly strong opinion on a particular pairing.


    Overall this episode was a little disappointing, I thought the scene with Aiko would be SO much better than it was, but it fell a little flat. And there wasn’t enough Noe, I suppose it’s good to focus on certain characters but I didn’t see much more character development for her (although this reinforces the idea that her brother has a serious sister complex). But I’m fine to be disappointed this week… next week looks awesome- especially in the preview with 1. the scene with Noe and her brother (I want to see how their storyline plays out so badly! It’s a little darker than the rest of the shows plot) and 2. the fight between Hiromi and Noe. Although, I hope this anime doesn’t go all ‘School Days’ on us…

  29. Cynical x Idealist: I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT. SO MUCH. Thank you! I hate cliche storylines where the main guy and the girl he’s always had a crush on get together… it’s so lame! Noe and Shin’ichirou to the end 😀

  30. I actually don’t think Shin will end up with Hiromi, even though she might not be her brother; Jun seemed to understand Hiromi’s feelings, he may not be done yet and she could develop feelings for him. I also don’t think Noe and Shin should fall in love with each other, it makes Noe’s characterization up to now pointless imo. And I wonder if Nobuse and Shin will get to fight at all, I certainly hope so. Ahh .. I laughed really hard at Noe wearying that belt, it was so just like her lol…

  31. First of all that girl Aiko is an idiot. I don’t under stand why people make things harder on themselves to confess to the one they care about. She screwed up by accepting his invitation to go out with him, regardless of what she said about getting close to the one that is close to one you have feelings for. Something like that. She’s kicked to the curve in my book. And that Hiromi girl, I pretty much don’t care for her either, so what if Shinichiro and her get together? Now what? They stay together, so is he going to have to sneak into her room to be with her? And how do you think his parents would feel about that? Oh and if they run away where in the hell will they go? They are still teenagers. I hope she is related to him. Oh and she is kicked to the curve in my book too. As for Noe, she doesn’t have an important role just yet, but I know her time will come. I like her and her cute little shoes. I just wish that Shinchiro be a little nicer to her. Man what’s wrong with these kids today?

  32. You people are crazy. Like I said before HIROMI AND SHIN GET TOGETHER. What now? They still stay under the same roof. Someone please tell what happens next? Will they runaway? Or will they hide their romantic relationship until they graduate? That’s impossible. Come on now, please people be real about this. Come back to reality

  33. Oh man, for those who seem to hate the story because it’s looking like the two people who’ve liked each other since they were little will get together need to stop stand back and rethink what type of show they’re actually watching. This isn’t some random harem anime with loads of girls falling all over the main dude.

    Even if you have Hiromi, Noe, and Aiko liking the same guy it still isn’t a harem anime at all. Everyone knows that Shin likes Hiromi, Hiromi knows but she has been trying like hell to not let it happen by acting like she doesn’t notice or feel anything. Likewise we know Hiromi loves Shin alot and is in pain because of it.

    Fact is the story is about Shin X Hiromi. Noe is getting interested in Shin a bit as time goes on, but he doesn’t like her that way. A friend maybe but there is no love. As for Aiko she’s been diong the stupid thing of not saying anyuthing for so long that it’s now too late. Aiko fully knows that Shin likes Hiromi also, so she’s not in the dark when it comes to his feelings.

    Some say he’s dense or something, that’s just not the case. If you have 1 or 2 girls who like you but never say anything directly you can’t tell. It’s easy for us the viewers to sit back and say “zomg you idiot what are you doing/saying?!” But if you like Shin aren’t a mind reader. Yeah Aiko has shown some clear signs here and there but she’s with the other guy, even if you notice them you can’t as a friend do anything with her unless she herself ends it with the other guy, or else you’re just an asshole.

    Noe is just weird to the bone, you can’t tell what she’s really thinking and what she actually feels about you. Noe knows like Aiko that Shin likes Hirmo also, she’s even said she’ll help them get together/closer. Preview for the next episode shows that Noe wants Hirmoi to say she’s sorry to Shin or something and they get into a fight over it probably. Now even in that respct can you tell if a playful girl like Noe who’s also a bit screwy in the head really likes you? You’d have to be a mind reader to know. Even us the viewers don’t know what’s fully up with her and we’ve seen what she does when Shin isn’t around. We have a more complete picture of the situation, but Shin doesn’t. This is one time the main character isn’t “dense” imo. He’s done lots of stupid things regarding Hiromi up until this episode when he finally puts his foot down and speaks out what he’s thinking for once.

    Regarding what his mom said to Hiromi, i’m pretty sure she’s got no facts to backup what she says. Saying that Shins dad is “probably” her dad also sounds like it was something said out of anger/spite/jealousy at the time to keep Hiromi away from Shin. Even in this episode she tells her to becareful because people will see her with Jun and also Shin is still around. Evertime the mom tells hiromi something it’s because of Shin so I’m starting to beleave that 1 she hates Hiromis mom alot and said what she did back then. or 2. She’s overlly protective of Shin to the point of hating that Hiromi was taken in and so on.

    Personally i’m leaning towards #2. I think she’s very protective about Shin to the point she goes through his mail even. And she doesn’t want him to be with Hiromi to the point of saying what she did to her back then. As many have said the moms reaction to Hiromi still remembering that moment was a bit of a shock. It just ads to the idea that it’s probably baseless to start with.

  34. Anyway, nobody knows what Noe’e true actions are yet. I can say that she might be the focus of the story. No this anime is not about just Hiromi and Shin. There are a few more episodes to go, hopefully they will focus more on Noe. I think it will.

    GP, there you go again with the childhood friends should end up together. Let’s see if you are right this time.

  35. GP – 1 she hates Hiromis mom alot and said what she did back then. or 2. She’s overlly protective of Shin to the point of hating that Hiromi was taken in and so on.

    It could possibly be both that Shin’s mom is hating on Hiromi’s mom for whatever reason while at the same time being protective with Shin. Whatever the reason Shin seems to not get along with his mom for quite some time, but I am not clear if it just because she treats Himori wrong. I believe that Shin should take action, but by the looks of the next episode it seems that he might be giving up..which I only think that he will be feeling down for a while. Overall, I do hope he tries to take the time and see if he can get some answers himself.

  36. I don’t think Shin will just giving up on his feeling for Hiromi that easily. He love her for quite sometime and she also. Even thought she know about all that stuff Shin’s Mom told her she still love him. In the end I think we will find out the truth about that and it should determine who will go with Shin.

    PS. But I cheer for Hiromi x Shin.

  37. @yahiko

    The childhood friend bit has nothing to do with it really, Aiko is an old friend as well it seems though we don’t know how long. To me it just seems you have a thing for any girl who’s got emotional problems. So your bias is clear from the start.

    I on the other hand like Aiko and Hiromi just about the same, with Noe 3rd. I can’t get into the weird ones kthx.


    It could be both like you said, and I agree that a mix of the two fits just as well. But I think that what she does right now is out of her over-protectiveness for Shinn. But what she told Hiromi back then was out of hate/anger maybe jealousy. I don’t think the dad did anything but because he was probably quick to take Hiromi in the mom thought that maybe something happend between the two. This is just my guess though because we don’t have enough info to go on. Right now it’s just a case of gossip really.

    If the next ep fills in more blanks that’ll be great. I’d like to see Aiko finally come clean to Shin also, it’s about time for her to say something to him now that he’s going to be trying to forget about Hiromi. Though in the end I think he won’t be able to at all. These feelings that the both share have been building up for years. It’s not easy to just forget about them and move on.

  38. This show is just getting better and better. The screencap of Nobuse’s facial expression doesn’t do justice to that part he looked so lost, the ending of this ep was awesome with the music and the drama. Can’t wait for next week Noe against Hirome wonder what they’re fighting about.

  39. I don’t feel sorry for Nobuse really, maybe just a bit becuase he’s been used for the most part. But not used in the way one would think. He’s been forcing the relationship fully. Aiko did say yes to go out but it’s clear she’s not into it at all. It did throw him off when she grabbed his hand but it was after she saw Shin with Noe. And having Shin your friend with you when you ask a girl out? I mean come on man, either he’s a total loser, really shy about asking, or either Shin is too damn nice for his own good.

    I’d help my friend out by saying a few good things to the girl he likes when the chance comes up but not stand right next to him basically begging for her to go out with him because he’s a “really nice guy”

    If the relationship doesn’t hold out it makes sense to me. She needs to stop lying to herself and come clean. But Nobuse needs to get a fucking clue and wakeup. He’s no romeo by far.

  40. I do feel sorry for Nobuse because in the end he’s going to get his feelings hurt. Poor guy.
    You can call me whatever you want. What makes you think that have a thing for girls with emotional problems? I can say that you have a thing for girls with emotional problems. Hiromi and Aiko have problems that they have to deal with. I personally don’t care for either. Thank you very much. But I do give cool points to ones that are carefree, like Noe.

  41. I’m liking this series too. I’d actually be happier if Hiromi did indeed turn out to be related to Shinichiro.

    I’ve been rooting for Noe for quite some time. Not that I dislike Hiromi, but I like Noe more. Although given how my history of supported pairings dont happen, I wont be suprised if the show decides to defenestrate my NoexShin pairing.

    In any case, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on this one for now. If only for Noe chicken feeding Shini ^_^

  42. I feel sorry for Nobuse as well. He was a nice guy (to go as far to remember what snacks she liked/what clothes she’d like to wear). They are all still young, so to find out that the girl you like adores your friend must hurt him a lot (you can see his heart breaking in that reaction sequence).

    Bugged me though. Made me completely ignore what happened afterward (the brother/sister thing) because I was feeling so bad for him

  43. The signs that Aiko didn’t like Nobuse are there, the guy was just too happy or lost in his happy little world to notice them until she spelled it out in this episode. And people say Shin is dense, heh.

    And as for Noe being carefree, that’s cuz she’s got that weird personality. I mean come on, any girl that treets you like a damn chicken and tries to feed you bird feed is missing a few screws or something. You call her carefree, I call her weird, simple as that.

    Either way Shin has shown no signs of liking Noe at all. As a friend maybe, someone to talk to from time to time yes. But he doesn’t have any plans to date her like her brother wants or so on. Preview for the next episode shows her crying to Jun about something. I think Shin will flat out tell her what he really feels and thinks about her and so on. And if what is shown in the preview is her reaction then it’s not in her favor.

    Also, i’m suprised none of you have said anything negative about Aiko. She was the one “using” Nobuse all this time while hiding her true feelings for Shin. Not ONE person has said anything bad about her or anything. If he does get the shaft in the end who’s fault is it? Because to me it doesn’t seem to be Shins at all. If anything Shin can be blamed for over-helping his poor (lame) friend try to get with a girl.

  44. Don’t feel like dissing Aiko. She was put into a bad situation in the first place, but I can’t help but feel if she didn’t reject him in the first place, it wouldn’t turn into this giant clusterf*ck that it’s turning into now.

    I don’t blame Nobuse or Shin at all. Nobuse wanted to get with a girl who he liked, and being as young as they all are, I can’t really blame him or Shin for being a little clueless (who wasn’t at that age? anyway, generally in anime the male characters are clueless).

    I don’t know.

  45. Jun said something about him knowing her sister more than she know herself…..
    😛 😛 what’d that be what’d that be

    lets see if shin is only a chicken in noe’s mind

    the fight next episode is probably :p noe telling hiromi to do something…. hiromo then get angry !!! and shin get to know about the fight and shout at noe ( busybody !! )….. so she go cry with jun lol……..

  46. GP you are so funny. What you said about Noe being weird because she treats Shin like a chicken. I got to hand it to you that you really made me laugh at that one.LOL.

    Any way about this Aiko girl I did say something negative about her. I don’t like how she is handling the situation. If she be the cause of breaking up Shin and Nobuse friendship, it would not be all her fault. Because in most guys minds one woman should not break up a male bond, depending on the situation though. They would be the ones that is stupid to get upset because of how Aiko did things. If their friendship was stronger than that they would understand each other and still be friends with no hard feelings. I seriously doubt they will stop being friends over the stupidity of a girl. I’m sure they will still be friends with Aiko too. That girl is so stupid sometimes.

  47. @GP about Nobuse!
    I agree 100%! This is the first time I seen in anime a guy confess to a girl with a “THIRD WHEEL” as a cheeleader! Nobuse didn’t get Aiko with his own merits, she was forced. She couldn’t say no two TWO DAMN guys! I have seen people hooking other but they weren’t there when the actual confession happen. This is more cowardly than confessing with a letter. That is worse than a blind date set up by a friend. The fun thing is that it seems Nobuse goes crying to Jin in episode 7 and Shin goes to fix thing with Aiko and she gets pissed at him! About time! Really, this anime is ground breaking, Confession with a cheerleader, when I thought they could come with new ideas in anime.

  48. @ShadowFang
    From the look at the screenshot from Official Website I think that would be Nobuse and Aiko. Why I think one of them is Aiko because you can see the next screenshot Aiko wear the sweeter with the same color as the one on the screenshot. Also look at how she have many wounds in her hand because she recently make sweeter for Nobuse[Shin?]. The other one I guess from the color and other thing that would be Nobuse more than Shin I think, because in the preview in EP6 when there was a screen between Aiko and Shin, Aiko wear different shirt/sweeter.

  49. I’m getting off this couples conversation a little because there is something that bothers me a lot… shin’s mother ask hiromi if she still remember “that” conversation, I can’t believe that she expected Hiromi to forget something like that.

  50. Does anyone have a bad feeling about the last two part of the preview. The one with the two gloves and short clip of what could be Aiko and Shin. Friend. It looks like she might be trying to hurt him, but that just a guess. Funny that there no screen shots of the clip.

  51. I can sorta understand why some of you wuld like to see Nobuse and Aiko stay together. But the relationship is being forced by Aiko. That’s why she calls herself an idiot. Maybe she’ll give in and just stay with the guy but even that isn’t right. I’d like for her to be honest with her feelings just like with Hiromi. Come clean on who you really like and if then it doesn’t work out for you with that person you can go back and try to make things work with the other guy.

    Maybe we’ll get that, and I’d love to see Aiko just scream it out to Shin that she likes him insted when Shin is trying to “fix” things. Busybody is right. He should’ve stayed out of it from the start. If Nobuse liked her that much he should’ve had the balls to go confess and win her over on his own. I suppose that’s why I don’t really feel sorry for the guy. He didn’t get to go out with her on his own marits, and he’s living a sorta dream. When they’re out he’s the only one lost in his happiness while it’s clear she’s not happy at all. Yet the guy can’t see it.

  52. nahhhhhhh hiromi is lying to herself and to shinichiro. i really doubt that they are brother/sister. watch. i bet she tells the truth about the lie she made to noe –> and thats when noe tells her to apologize –> and thats when the fight ensues.

  53. Hiromi does have feelings for Shin. However the mother really doesn’t like her due to possible affair or maybe because she was actually inlove with Hiromi’s father. Evidence lies in episode 5 where she can’t act as her true self. She purposely makes her self cold towards shin out of fear. And the fact that a new contender has come up has made her angry saying things without jealousy. SHe possibly thinks that Shin likes Noe now and since Shin seems to spend all her energy on him, she tried to push him away by saying “we’re half sister.”

    Episode 5 showed her unhappy at what Shin was doing when he came in, because She wanted shin to focus on her. When she hears his news, she gets pissed thinking what a dunce. Shin’s Mother is such a fricking bitch though. Sad, but I hope Nobuse manages to win her Ai’s heart.

    I would have said what you said, but you already said it. Seems like Noe would go along the lines finding both uphappy and realizing that Hiromi said something to Shin. Anyways, Noe as of now seems to be supporting the Hiromi/Shin coupling campaign. Episode 4, 15 minutes into the episode about, Noe says, “I can help you get close to her. Yuasa Hiromi.” She says again, “I Can help you get close to her. As long as you’re happy again.”

    Go Noe I say.

    Like how all three girls ahve a role in his heart. Hiromi is the Dream his hearts pursuing, Ai is kind of his confidence pushing him ahead, and Noe is the one who heals his heart as troubled time.

    Sora no Kaze
  54. I honestly think Hiromi cares for Shin like a brother. When Shin’s mother told her that story a while ago, what was Hiromi thinking from then and till now about Shin? I know she wasn’t thinking of trying to have feelings for him in that way because in her head he might be her brother, I know that’s what she was thinking. Man why do everyone think she has feelings for Shin like that? Even after that incident that happen with the mother. No way in the world she would think it is right for a brother and sister to be together. Even if the mother said she might be related to him, she still have those thoughts of a possibility that they are related.Does anyone understand what I’m saying?


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