Kasai Haruno works at a publishing company and learns one day that she’s been put in charge of Mikawa Kirameki, an author who she’s been a fan of for a long time. By chance, her younger sister Natsuka also asks to borrow a Mikawa Kirameki book, and Haruno correctly guesses that it’s because Natsuka has a boy she likes. Meanwhile, Fumika is in a world that is populated by staffs similar to Kanaka, and she intends to deliver a Shigofumi to Mikawa Kirameki. Not knowing the truth, Kanaka guesses that this was a person Fumika knew when she was still alive, and so Fumika reveals that it was someone she shot. Before going to her ultimate destination though, Fumika decides to make a stop at the hospital. She goes to the room where Mikawa Fumika is sleeping and reveals to Kanaka that this girl is her other half. Before leaving, Fumika looks at her gun and apologizes to the other Fumika.

Back in the real world, Natsuka is preparing for a visit from Kaname and thinks that they’ll be alone together, but it turns out that her older sister is still home because she overslept. When Haruno opens the door to head off to work, she finds Kaname standing there, so she tells him that she’ll be angry if he makes Natsuka cry. This of course embarrasses Natsuka, and Haruno then takes her leave. Kaname is here to ask Natsuka directly about Fumika, though he claims that it’s not so that he can confess to her again. What he really wants to know is why she shot her father and why she’s been asleep ever since. His conversation with Natsuka is soon interrupted by a call from Haruno who had forgotten the map to get the Mikawa Kirameki’s house. She wants Natsuka to digitally scan the map and send it to her cell phone, but Natsuka doesn’t know how to use the scanner. Fortunately, Kaname does know and helps her. He then prints out a copy of it for himself so that he can go see Fumika’s father about what really happened.

Haruno meanwhile climbs a hill and finds an oddly shaped glass house at the top. Kirameki greets her at the door and first takes her inside to show her his collection of glass pens. He then brings her to a large circular room that’s made almost entirely of glass panes because he finds glass beautiful. When Haruno tries to pass him a manuscript, he becomes excited at the sight of her wrist and starts feverishly writing on it with his pen. As soon as he finishes, he leaves to get some tea, and Haruno sees that he ended up writing hikari no naka no kirameku (sparkle in the light) on her wrist. After Kirameki returns, they get to talking about his writing and Haruno asks to see the place where he works, but he surprisingly refuses to show her under the excuse that the room is dirty. Kirameki then notices that it has started to rain outside, and he’s so enthralled at the idea of sun showers that he runs outside and prances around in it. Haruno worries that he’ll catch a cold, but Kirameki pulls her out into the rain and dances happily with her.

Afterwards, Haruno takes a shower and is given a dress to wear by Kirameki. Both she and Kirameki are surprised when Fumika suddenly shows up to give him a Shigofumi, but even more surprising is how Kirameki walks off without saying a word after reading it. Picking up the Shigofumi, Haruno at first thinks that it’s just a fan letter, but the sender quotes a passage that Kirameki’s wrote about how the world after death is like a world of ice. He had felt that this after death world is devoid of life, making it unsoiled, and he had even gone as far as calling it the ultimately clean world. Kirameki had written that death wasn’t sad and that there was nothing to fear, and the sender had subsequently jumped off a building. After Haruno realizes what happened, Kirameki comes running back into the room with a lighter so that he can burn all the dirty things the letter represents with what he calls a holy flame.

It is as this point that Fumika interrupts to say that Kirameki hasn’t changed at all. She claims that he doesn’t think that anyone other than himself has a heart, and she blames the loss of his wife and daughter on that. Seeing Fumika’s face, Kirameki now realizes who she is and introduces her to Haruno as his daughter right as Kaname and Natsuka burst into the room. Having finally found the place, the two arrive in time to see Fumika point her gun at her father and direct him to remember how she shot him. However, before Fumika can do anything else, Kaname tries to stop her and causes her to drop her gun in the process. Because of this, Fumika reveals that she doesn’t intend to shoot and that she only wanted to remind her father of everything. To everyone’s shock though, Kirameki then picks up Fumika’s gun and proceeds to shoot her with it.


While I don’t really believe that Fumika getting shot is going to knock her out in any significant way, I do admit that that was a good cliffhanger spot to end the episode on. And all things considered, this week more than made up for all the stuff that I didn’t like about last week’s episode. Much of it is due to how both Natsuka and Kirameki’s characters are quite fun to watch. Natsuka had a lot of amusing expressions and reactions, and I wouldn’t mind having her around as a foil to Kaname’s more serious demeanor. Kirameki, on the other hand, seems like he doesn’t have all his marbles, and they do a good job of making all of his actions seem exaggerated in some way, from how his eyes looked to how he presented that lighter. More specifically, he is obsessed with clean and pretty things, hates dirty things, and often appears to be caught up in his own little world. That seems to be part of what Fumika’s beef with him is about, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week for the story to explore that via a look back into the past.


  1. About the subbing statement, I heard that the group who subbed this dropped the series because they couldn’t find a translator. Guess I’ll have to make way by just reading what happens on here since I can’t spend that much money on Bandai Visual.

  2. One of Fumika’s lines this week was
    “You havent changed, thats why you lose your wife, and you lose your DaughterS”
    Emhpasis on the last S.

    and apparently Kirameki doesnt remember being shot by fumika.

    Oh. and Detective Noji didnt appear this week. meaning that pretty much Kaname is a primary character.

  3. >I thought Fumika’s father was Etoile-sama from stopani when I first saw him in the screen shots!

    Yeah, so did I.

    I still haven’t seen episode 6 since I’m not watching this one raw, but I was always under the impression that Mika had shot and killed the father, so this is definitely a shock.

  4. 1. Mikawa Fumika is the name of the girl who SHOT her father, no clarification on wether Kirameki died at that gunshot or not. kaname calls her Mikawa because this takes place in Japan, where its natural to call classmates/friends by their last names.
    2. Ep 6 had some really major character development for Kanaka.
    3. Looks like next week well be getting some major plot development, but thats what we thought when we saw the preview from last week, so meh.

    and @Brooklyn Otaku: Guess what? Mikawa shot her own father too.

    Random Quote:
    “So Who’s this Mikawa Kirameki? Did you know him when you were alive?”
    “When I was alive, I shot him.”

    dont you so wish you could say that in the afterlife?

  5. Anyone here know where i can find summaries of other animes like Kekkaishi for eps 48 and so on? Whis site did that Kekkaishi, its the only bad ass on going series missing on this site! 🙂

    Gash Bell
  6. The upbeat music throughout this episode was kinda unnerving, especially with fumika’s dad. That guy is a creep.

    Oh, and people like kaname really get on my nerve. I know they mean good, but sometimes, they’re a little too self-righteous. See what happened? Try to save fumika from…possibly be charged with shooting her dad a 2nd time, and ends up getting her shot instead. Brilliant move, jackass.

    That aside, I *heart* fumika!! She’s like… Vanilla H + Rei + Nagato Yuki + a fear of cats + a great blush. AND, she’s got a gun.

    As for the episode… it had a weird feel to it, but still great nonetheless. Pity it’s only got 12 episodes. Wish it were longer if they had more material. Now where are the novels?

  7. hmm so basically Fumika is unique amongst shigofumi deliverypersons as being in eternal sleep instead of just dead. will her confrontation with her father bring her back to life? or will it be her former classmates? or will she be able to pass on? I like comedic value of the sisters as it helps to counterbalance deranged and cruel poet…


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