With this turn of events that had Hiromi revealing that she’s his half-sister, Shinichirou is still shocked and refuses to believe it. Nevertheless, he wonders if he should give up on her if this is true, and he recalls that he had intended to do that even before all this. At school, Noe tries to give him a boxed lunch, but Shinichirou claims to have no appetite. Realizing that he’s troubled about something, Noe offers to think about it together with him. She remembers how he had said that he felt confused when he was with her, but she believes that he actually feels that way because he’s alone. Thus, if he has someone with him, he’ll find his answer. Noe wants to be that person, however Shinichirou feels that it’s impossible for her because she doesn’t understand. Frustrated, Noe tries to feed the lunch to Jibeta, but even the chicken doesn’t want it, so Noe decides to go see Hiromi instead. She insists that Hiromi eat the lunch, though her real purpose is to get Hiromi to apologize to Shinichirou because she thinks that Hiromi is to blame for causing him to look away from the sky.

When Noe claims that it’s a waste for Shinichirou to be troubled by someone like Hiromi who can’t fly, Hiromi gets mad and says that Noe doesn’t understand. The two soon get into a fight over this, and the commotion attracts the attention of both Hiromi’s friends and of Shinichirou himself. Hiromi runs off as soon as Shinichirou arrives to break things up, leaving him to ask Noe what happened. In trying to express her frustrations over how she wants to understand him, Noe admits that it’s painful for her to see him troubled, especially since she can’t do anything to help. Hearing this makes Shinichirou realize that Noe might like him, but when he asks her about it, she gets embarrassed and runs away. Later that night, Shinichirou is walking home from dance practice with Aiko when she starts talking about knitting a sweater for him. Before she can really explore the idea though, Jun suddenly appears on his motorcycle. The first thing Jun wants to know is who Aiko is since Shinichirou is supposed to go out with Noe, and when Aiko asks him about that, Shinichirou has her go on ahead by herself. Once Aiko is gone, Jun urges Shinichirou to hurry up and go out with Noe since Jun himself has kept up his end of the deal by going out with Hiromi.

Aiko meanwhile returns home to the store and is thinking about what she just heard from Jun when her phone starts vibrating. She thinks that it’s a message from Shinichirou and is disappointed when it turns out to be from Nobuse instead. Aiko ends up going out to meet with him at a shrine, but when she hears how excited he is about the sweater, she tells him that she can’t knit it for him. Nobuse tries to rationalize this by joking about her clumsiness, however Aiko tells him not to be so kind to her. She then turns around to look at the shrine – the same place where he had originally confessed his feelings to her – but before she can tell him how she really feels, he changes the subject. Aiko still wants to tell him the truth, however Nobuse declares that he doesn’t want to hear it and grabs her hand to go home instead, saying that he only has her. Back at the Nakagami house, Shinichirou’s mother attempts to talk with Hiromi about what happened yesterday, but she gets interrupted when Shinichirou returns home. Seeing that his mother was near Hiromi, Shinichirou asks her if his mother was forcing her to do something again, but Hiromi doesn’t answer him and continues with her computer work. Shinichirou in turn brushes off his father when his father asks if he found something out from his mother.

At the Isurugi house, Jun returns home to find Noe sitting on the floor, and she doesn’t want him to get near her because she thinks that she’s changed. She reveals that her cheeks, chest, and ears all felt hot, and in asking Jun what she should do, she admits that she’s too embarrassed to face Shinichirou now. Holding her in his arms, Jun tells his sister that it’s okay for her to change. The next day, it starts snowing, and Shinichirou is surprised to find out that Nobuse doesn’t feel like eating lunch, so he goes out looking for Noe. He finds her at the chicken pen, however Noe blushes profusely when she sees him and tries to run away. After he catches her, Shinichirou asks her to go out with him, but Noe insists that he first properly say that he loves her. She blushes even more when he does exactly that, and to his surprise, she also wants him to write it out on the ground. Shinichirou runs out of rocks before he can finish spelling it out, but since he’s only two markings short, Noe gives him her pair of mittens to finish building the sentence. As she looks at the rock arrangement, Noe admits that she wants to cry and wonders why that is since she’s not sad right now. Hearing Noe say that she’s also happy, Shinichirou realizes that Noe really does love him.

After school, Shinichirou goes to Aiko’s store and waits in the snow until she comes home and notices him outside. He ends up telling Aiko that he’s going out with Noe right as she brings him out something that she knitted, and to his shock, she throws it at him and kisses him in the ensuing confusion. On the verge of tears, Aiko begs Shinichirou to look at her too.


I really like Aiko’s character, but I thought she was a lost cause after she couldn’t manage to reject Nobuse outright (even though it’s pretty clear that he already knows). However, she then went and kissed Shinichirou to end the episode. I still don’t think that Aiko has a realistic chance at Shinichirou, but this does finally show that she’s not just going to passively accept her fate, and I’m curious to see what else she’ll do. I was actually expecting Nobuse to walk in on them during the kiss, and while that didn’t happen, the scene overall still made for another good cliffhanger.

The majority of the focus this week was on Noe though. She had some very cute reactions during the episode (like when Shinichirou said he liked her), but I have a hard time seeing her as Shinichirou’s ultimate love interest. I’m not convinced that he has any true feelings for her, and if he does, they’re probably nowhere near as strong as how he feels towards Hiromi. I suspect I feel this way because of how Noe comes across as too child-like and innocent sometimes, making her seem less viable as a love interest. In that regard, I think that Shinichirou might help Noe solve her tears problem but will end up with Hiromi despite the half-sister relationship (which may or may not be true). We’re only a little over half the series though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what direction this goes.


  1. NO NICE BOATS. Seriously, true tears is turning out to be one of the best this season, and there is no point in having another Nice Boat especially when School Days had Nice Boats to begin with and true tears doesn’t.

    But damn…. this anime’s getting complicated.

    Noe is loev.

  2. IS it me, but most of the cliffhangers happen around Aiko. Damn, Aiko was late by just a few hours. She was interrupted the previous night by the villain of the show Jun. Aiko couldn’t dump Nobuse because he stopped her first and besically dumped her, he took the cowards way out.

    Jun is an unbeliveable bastard, but also I will give it that Shin also has a big deal of fault. Go Aiko, steal that first kiss from shin, that is you consolation prise. It most likely was her first kiss too, because I doubt that she has kissed Nobuse!

  3. Wow this series is getting more and more interesting with all the 3 girls which seem like they are taking action especially Aiko (she seem desperate). Around this part it sure was quite a laughable part with Noe’s blushing after Shinichiro confessed to her, then after that when Aiko heard about that it’s like she went berserk that was sure another perfect moment for another cliffhangar.

  4. This show gets better and better, best romance I’ve seen in quite a while. Hiromi better get her act together quickly, because right now Noe and Aiko are leaving her in the dust of emo-ness.
    Oh and Noe’s blush when Shinichiro confessed was a killer.

  5. WOW i thought more people would vote in the polls that that dude ends UP WITH NOBODY!!! i mean. . . is’nt that how these shows always end. you know its true.
    and DAMN!! it’s TRUE tht noe girls blush is too much!!! SHE looks like a cross between a MOUSE and a MUNCHKIN.. WHATEVER THAT IS!?

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. Uwaaa, I really hate Noe’s brother, he is really a playboy and a roach…and why Hiromi like with someone like that, I think she is not really like him, and the fact Hiromi, afraid about fall in love with Shinichirou because Shinichirou is…??? Poor Aiko…she is really in love Shinichiro from a long time, I know your pain, Aiko…Shinichiro and Aiko will be good pair too!

  7. Another great episode. Truly, this anime is a level beyond the rest this season including the increasingly boring and predictable Clannad.

    I doubt it will be as end up as SD, simply because the characters don’t seem to be violent. Even Myokichi is not angry at Shin although he understands the situation. If anyone is remotely capable of violence thats Noe’s brother and Shin’s evil mother (lol).

    As for this episode, I had only one problem. I wondered why Shin didn’t ask his dad directly about Hiromi. After all it was his dad that approached him but he just ignored the old man.

  8. @getback – No, you’re not the only one. I don’t particularly like her attitude and personality either.
    Right now, it seems like they’re going to try and establish ShinichiroxNoe, which hopefully doesn’t last too long. I find the anime much more interesting when its between Shinichiro and Hiromi.

  9. I can’t really fault Noe’s brother for this, since Shin basically pushed Hiromi into his arms for him. Also, there’s an obvious interests between Noe and Shin to begin with. Which I kind of like to see more off. I’m getting tired of emo-screen time with Hiromi, she’s such a downer that I don’t know what Shin sees in her. All the protective male feelings aside, I don’t really like Hiromi.

  10. Well, I like Noe’s brother. If this is the real world , he would be a manipulating, understanding people’s dark side guy that I think is a clever type. I don’t mind if Hiromi is going to fall in love him although I guess she will still love Shinichiro. I’m boring of harem anime where every girls just go chase for one guy at the same time. Hiromi should at least take a break from that and make some other moves.

  11. I really like this series, I do. But all this cliffhanger is gonna make me avoid the rest of this show and all info relating to it until the season’s over, so I can finish it in one go 😛

    and they’d better not pull a nice-boat ending, or else…

  12. I want some people to die… That’s my take on this Anime, and I’m sticking too it! To start off I say Shirayuki kills his mother.. Yah just stabs her in the back *Gives an evil grin*

    Kazuki Shikimori
  13. @ASDF
    Yes, Aiko is desparate, but I don’t blame her. She was ready to confess to Shin the previous night, but she was interrupted by evil Jun. the next day she is told that he is going to go out with Noe. I don’t blame her at all. She was late by just a couple of hours. Shin is completely lost, and look where he ended. He ran to Aiko for confort. He is running out of choices, because I doubt he will be able to hang around Aiko from now on.

  14. It seems that with every new SR anime with a bit of drama in it’s love triangle all the school days people come out of the woodwork. SD is one of a kind and no other show will have a violent and bloody ending like it did in the same catagory. How this show can give some of you SD vibes is laughable to me. Maybe you haven’t seen enough anime to tell the difference, it’s just odd.

    As far as this episode goes, it’s great. Aiko finally made her move and it was a big one. She sat back all quiet while Shin was going on about his love for Hiromi, but now that he just decided on a whim to go out with Noe she couldn’t hold her feelings back anymore.

    She’s not desperate but she’s finally being open and honest to Shin. Just telling the guy she likes him was never going to be enough, so she goes all out with a hawt kiss like that. Score 1 for Aiko, that sure got his attenton.

    As for that stuff with Noe, one word, FORCED. Think about it guys, shin’s mad in love with Hiromi and still is imo. Then he finds out she “might” be his half-sister. So, in an attempt to try and forget her he gives in to silly incest lover Jun to go out with Noe. Saying he loves her now? When did he fall in love with Noe for gods sake? Between ep6 and 7? Lets be real here, shes a nice moe girl and so on, but he doesn’t love her anymore than he did in ep6 where he blew her off.

    For me it’s still about Shin x Hiromi even though I really like Aiko. 5 more eps to go, can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

  15. GP, it is 6 more episodes, besides that, I pretty much agree with everything you said. ah, one more thing, I think Aiko is a little desparate, but this is because of what you said. She will step aside for shin’s first love, but she won’t stand back for a rebound love. The rilvary is now between Aiko and Noe, though Hiromi is going to win at the end.

  16. Yeah, that’s right. She can’t stand around anymore and not tell him now. She’s known him for what seems like years, and Noe is like, a few weeks? Even if it does make her seem a bit desperate, she can’t keep lying to herself or holding her feelings back.

    But yeah, next episode seems to be more Hiromi. I think we could start getting info about her mom and whatever might or might not have happend in the past.

    At this point I can picture something like Hirmoi finds out she’s not his sister, runs out to find him but he’s with either Noe or Aiko (probably Noe), more drama goes on, Hiromi rus off, Shin goes after her but first has to get away from Noe or whatever and at the end he finally finds hiromi etc. And bam! We get our Shin x Hiromi.

    Now that’s not really original or anything but I just thought it up as I typed.

    I’d really like to see him and more of Aiko though. we’ll see how it goes down.

  17. I really don’t mind if Shin ends up with Aiko, that would be nice, but it’s pretty obvious it’s a shinxhiromi ending. well, i reckon its obvious … noe was really cute in this episode and i like jun too. he’s not THAT evil is he? lols

    too bad he doesn’t reach the lelouch and light level

  18. Crap.

    Aiko and Hiromi are better than Noe, but it seems like Noe is winning.

    If a male writer write the story, then Aiko or Hiromi will certainly be winners. But the main writer for true tears is a female writer.

    This is one drawback of having a female writer, they dislike girls that guys like and let them be losers (Aiko and Hiromi), they like a girl that guys do not like and let her win Shinichiro’s love (Noe).

    Dear female writer, please understand that this is a shounen romance anime. You are targeting young guys, so it’s obvious that to boost DVD sales, you should let Aiko or Hiromi win the love race. From the feedback of this anime, it seems that Hiromi is most well accepted by young guys, so do a DNA test immediately to prove that she has totally no blood relation with Shinichiro and let the two become lovers. Young guys are happy, they buy DVDs and you get good money.

  19. ah ah! If Shin outright rejects Aiko, that is the end for her. I hope he just doesn’t respond anything thus leaving things open for her. Of course, there have been many first rejections in anime where the girl keeps trying and eventually the guy or girl respond to the others feelings. So who knows!

  20. Actually, after watching the episode again, what Aiko gives Shin is not a scarf or sweater but actually a towel. It has to do we she talking about knitting him a sweater. Also, Nobuse think he is cute calling Aiko inept, trying to hide the fact he was going to be dumped. I am now sure that Aiko will end with nobuse because she was not allowed to break up with him properly.

  21. “suspect I feel this way because of how Noe comes across as too child-like and innocent sometimes, making her seem less viable as a love interest. ”

    Wait this is anime right? If anything, Noe has an even greater chance because of her loli-ness.

  22. Well, for me Noe here is the person with the most bright mind. Most. Of all. Including adults. While it must not seem so at a glance. Look how perfectly she fixated Shin’s hesitation by making him write down the confession (and she came up with this in a hyper-emotional state of hers)! Now it would be a bit hard to him to break with Noe, while “the appetite comes with eating”. Plus Noe has a strong back-up by her clever bro, who not only supports her, but takes the major threat (Hiromi) aside. So I vote for Noe x Shin. Hiromi x Shin is too flat.

    As for “strange” way of Noe’s thinking (tears, can fly, etc.) – that couldn’t be fatal for relations. Instead, it’l be a remedy for boredom that long relations could become. Who knows, Noe could happen to be an IQ200 gal who is just bored of beeing as everybody, and so – entertains herself this way 🙂 .

  23. If you guys liked this you should have watched kimikiss this week you all would CUM for sure 😀

    This main character is a sucker he choosed the girl just because he knew she liked him…OK…OK…if were me…..I would probably taste each one of them and then get to a conclusion……I´d go for the tomboy one first….for the sister in second(if she is not a real sister)….and get the pizza hut girl at my last choice ….and GET a double pack extra chess with fryed pussy…..a´la carte…. ^_^!!!So i´d choose the last one because i could eat for free all the time ….with her in all meanings!!!

    Hey…. man from my country loves women….what else could i say!!!!!
    By tensai momments!!

    Tensai Otaku
  24. After watching this episode…I’m sure Shin got the idea now on who likes him. Now he is going to be all confused for a while trying to handle all 3 girls. I can’t wait to see how he tries to solve this one…Like when he is trying to figure out how he and Hiromi could be siblings by stretching his face to make it look like hers…lol, that was a good one there. Come on Shin, use that head of yours! Choose the right girl for you!

  25. Hah! Shin’ichirou and Noe will reign supreme! (At least the distorted version of True Tears that’s constantly playing through my mind.)

    Yes, I must admit that the chances of Shin’ichirou and Noe ending up together are still extremely slim, but in my opinion, it’s a whole lot better than where they used to be before this episode.

    I definitely think that Shin’ichirou could fall in love with Noe. He might come to love her more than Hiromi, given enough time and the right circumstances. There’s still about 5 or 6 episodes in the series. It’s possible that he could fall in love with her during that time. It’ll definitely take a miracle to happen, but that’s what makes it fun. Besides, thinking realistically all the time is a drag. I thought anime was supposed to do the things that couldn’t be done in real life, i.e. having Shin’ichirou fall madly in love with Noe.

    I mean, yeah, what GP says is probably right, he’s most likely forcing his affections on Noe right now to try to get away from that whole “I don’t want to have retarded babies because I screwed my sister” thing, but true love is something that is created between two people who care for each other. That means there’s nothing really stopping Shin’ichirou from falling in love with Noe if he gets to know her more and decides that he truly wants to fall in love with her.

    I stand by the argument that says that you can fall in love with someone if you want to fall in love with that someone. It may seem weird to some people. Maybe they still think that love just happens, who knows? But, people have got to work together in order to make love work. If two people really want to fall in love with each other and put their entire effort into making it possible, then it’ll be more than likely that they will. So what’s stopping Shin’ichirou and Noe from making their possible love work? In reality, nothing except the writer’s whim could stop such a thing. And maybe a truck-load of angry fan-mail if said writer tends to cave under pressure, but that’s it. People can argue on this board all they want, but that won’t really change the writer’s mind if he or she is set on one pairing or the other. We’ll probably just have to wait and see what he or she wants to do with this anime.

    Regardless of whoever Shin’ichirou ends up with in the end, there are always going to be people who think he should’ve gotten together with someone else. That’s the fate of one entering the shipping wars, there’s always a solid argument out there for a certain pairing and damning all other pairings. Anyone with enough passion and attention to minute details for a pairing can come up with something, I think.

    It would be perfect if this were a dating sim or something, ’cause people could just choose who they want to be with and not have to have shipping wars with the “set in stone” anime ending that is looming over the horizon. Of course, that would take the fun out of this post then, wouldn’t it? Oh well, just an idealistic suggestion.

    But I still don’t understand why everyone likes Hiromi so much. Anyone care to elaborate?

    All in all, great episode. I just wish there were more Shin’ichirou/Noe scenes in this anime. ‘Cause she just owns everyone else. Who can beat her innocence? Her honesty? Her wisdom? Her eccentricity? Her complete and utter moe-ness that makes grown men fall on their knees? The combination of these features shall conquer the world! Muahahahaha!

    *ahem* Sorry, the utterly foolish zealot in me just broke out of his cage and ran rampant for a while. I’m glad to report that he’s back under control.

    I mean really, what kind of Noe-supporter would I be if I just spouted off a bunch of serious arguments (at least I think they’re arguments) without throwing something relatively un-serious in?

    Cynical x Idealist
  26. at the end of the episode, i literally just sat back in my seat and said “wow” out loud. as i’m watching the episode, the little voice in the back of my mind kept screaming “please don’t turn out like school days.” definently one of the best anime i’ve seen so far.

  27. personally im hoping for a noexshin ending. but i really like ai’s character. though i have a feeling somehow he will end up with hiromi, noe will get her tears, ai will stay friends with shin and nobuse.

    as long as we dont have freaking schooldays moments, or a super-harem ending im happy

  28. I think on the “Cynical x Idealist” you have the reason

    “the true love is something that is created between two people who care for each other”


    cuando dos personas se enamoran es porque los dos ponen empeño sobre eso, hay veces que las personas piensan en amor pero que en realidad es puro capricho y eso en si no es amor, por eso cuando 2 personas se aman de verdad no importa lo demas sino el sentimiento mutuo que crece entre ellos ya que a travez del tiempo que pasen juntos y se demuestran afecto y confianza llegan a quererse o amarse mas que antes.

    por lo visto a shinichiro le afecta que hiromi lo ignore cuando el la quiere ayudar y en cambio Noe le presta atencion y quiere ayudarlo en cuanto ella puede asi es reciproco entre ellos, ese es un factor importante para que sinichiro deje de encapricharse con hiromi y se fije de la persona que realmente le pone la adebida atencion como lo es Noe.

    asi que hay dos caminos a tomar para esta historia

    1.- que sinichiro siga encaprichado de hiromi y termine quedandose con ella

    2.- que sinichiro acepte los sentimientos de noe y le corresponda debidamente y cresca el amor entre ellos

    espero que sinichiro haga la eleccion correcta mientras seguimos viendo de esta maravillosa serie 🙂

  29. The way the story is being set up it looks like there is no other conclusion than Hiromi is gonna win, story is probably gonna focus on her back story a lot more in the following episodes, Noe and Aiko characters seem to have very little of that and thus very little to build on. Unless they start developing things with those two (which i highly doubt at this point), they stand absolutely no chance of getting with Shin at the end.

  30. For those keeping some sorta score for each girl and have Noe in the lead seem to be missing a few key points to the story.

    First off, Shin loves Hiromi hands down, always will. The bit about them being related has a very small chance of being true that I don’t even worry about it. As far as Shins feelings for Noe, he’s basically forcing himself to go out with her to try and forget about Hiromi like he was thinking of doing even before she said anything about being related.

    The curveball to his plans are now Aikos feelings. I don’t know what he’l do with Aiko but I have a very good idea, and I think it’s stupid if it goes how I think because I like Aiko way more than Noe and a bit more than Hiromi.

    But Shin doing stupid shit as he’s done to date will probably try to playoff Aikos feelings for him as some sorta mistake and try to get Aiko to admit that she actually likes that loser Nobuse who I presonally hate at this point from what he did in the episode.

    But I could be wrong, I’d like to see Shin accept Aiko as best he can under the current situation. She knows she’s late in her confession and Noe is in the way. But if Shin doesn’t try to change her mind for that idiot nobuses sake but just tell her that he already is going out with Noe etc and he’s confussed then all is not lost for Aiko.

    Still, this is going to go the Hiromi rout, it’s clear. Those who say she’s way behind are off big. Shin flat out loves her like cracy, if they’re not related like most of us beleave then nothing, even that moe blob Noe can’t stand in their way of getting together.

    I can see them getting together and this making Noe cry again, yay! Problem solved for her right? heh.

  31. When Neo turns red lol has to be one of my fav anime bits (no screen shot here) 😀 Definitely getting better and better. Man thats pretty mean of Ai-chan to kiss Shinichiro after he told her that he’s going out with Noe.Ouch!

  32. am i the only one who thinks that Jun is pretty cool? i mean i think the ending of him ending with Hiromi isn’t so bad. It’s a little better than having brothers and sisters end up together, like yourself;myself :X I’d have to agree with Cynical x Idealist with Shin not really knowing Noe yet, but who knows there are only like six episodes left, anything can happen. And yeah heh the chances of Hiromi ending up with Jun is even slimmer than Aiko ending up with Shinichiro. heh oh well it’s always better to have an anime ending in an unexpected way if you know what i mean ^-^

  33. I think most people don’t like Jun because what he’s doing is all a show/fake. He doesn’t care for anyone else but his little sister. He’s only pulling Hiromi around because of Shin in his infinite male main character stupidity spit out her name to him a few episodes back.

    The guy doesn’t care, it’s like watching some conartist. I suppose people think he’s cool that way, yet it’s really no different than what Makoto did in everyones favorite show from last year school days. Yeah Jun hasen’t sexed up Hiromi, and we’ll never get to that point because this is a different show altogether but she’s an ends to a means for him.

  34. Totally agree with GP and glothin.

    I think it’s possible to consider Jun cool because of his attitude, but if I knew him in real life I couldn’t help but think of him as a faker and never want to know him. The only redeeming quality he has is that he cares for his sister. He’s playing around with Shin and Hiromi, probably because Jun himself is unable to act on his siscon feelings. If he went about getting them together in a more honest manner than I wouldn’t be pissed off at that know-it-all smirk of his. I can’t help but think he’s taking his frustrations out on Hiromi and Shin, and that he’s enjoying it on some sicko level.

    I hope it ends Hiromi x Shin. My greatest fear for this show is if they do what I consider a cop out and go Shin x Noe, Nobuse x Aiko, and Jun x Hiromi, just to end it on a happy note. I’m worried that Hiromi and Jun could develop feelings for each other because of their similar situations, being in love with someone but unable to act on it. The only difference is Hiromi and Shin might have a happy ending if she’s not his sister which I doubt. On the other hand the writers could come back and fuck with us with Hiromi turning out to be his real sister. It would feel more tragic if they turn out not to be siblings but are already with other people when they find out.

    I initially thought Aiko had no hope and didn’t really care for her. Now my opinion has changed. I can’t help but like this girl who’s willing to throw her feelings out there instead of this overly angsty silence and awkwardness between characters that prevents them from saying they like each other. It’s hard for someone to gather the courage to do that, but I still don’t think she has a chance with Shin.

    I really like Noe and can’t really explain why I want Hiromi to win. Maybe it’s because she and Shin were in love with each other since the beginning and if his mom hadn’t dropped that bombshell about them being siblings (which I don’t believe at all) then they’d be going at it like rabbits. Noe’s is moe and all that, but I can’t really feel as if there’s any real attraction on Shin’s part. If he does grow to love her in the next six eps then it better be damn good otherwise it feels like the history between Hiromi and him is being shat on. Hiromi has the history, Noe has the screentime, Aiko has… sorry.

    White Star
  35. Oh man, I just saw True Tears 7 and the preview for next week and I gotta say it looks bad for Shin x Hiromi fans. At least that’s my gut feelings since Hiromi’s riding off somewhere with Jun telling him to take her to the “city without snow.” Jun seems like the kind of bastard to make a move on Hiromi when she’s emotionally weak just so that Shin will lose what he has with her and be forced to choose Noe.

  36. I love Noe, but if Shin doesn’t really feel anything for her, and if he’s not GOING to feel anything for her, then he’s just going to break her heart, and for that he deserves to be dragged around town by his wrist attached to Jun’s motorcycle.

    Noe is too good for him if she’s going to be the rebound girl.

    In the same manner though, as much as I love Ai-chan, I don’t want shin to hook up with her out of confusion just to break her heart later(and break Noe’s heart in the process, after going all that way to draw out her feelings).

    I kinda have to agree with GP and several others that Hiromi is the most likely end girl, but not because I like her, and I don’t give a damn about their shared history. Fact is that for whatever reason she hasn’t been honest with herself or with Shin about her feelings, and I can’t support her(Ai-chan is guilty of it too, but at least she’s come clean).

    On the other hand, Shin is guilty of THE SAME EXACT THING so maybe in that case he and Hiromi deserve each other, but really we’re just back to the age old question “why are all these chicks in love with this doofus?”

    Regardless, assuming Shin can stop being such a doofus, I support either Ai-chan or Noe depending on who he might actually develop feelings for(like I said, history be damned). I can’t pick between them because I love both of them for different reasons, and all I can say is I don’t want them to end up in a one-sided relationship(for people who hate Ai-chan, you’d probably say it’s poetic justice). In either case though, even if it’s not the ending they’d like atm(ending up with shin), I really want both of them to have a happy ending.

    Shin x Hiromi I can’t support unless he just refuses to give her up, and then only because it’d be unfair to Noe or Ai-chan to be with them when he doesn’t really care for them. If he has feelings for either of the other two(or develops those feelings) then forget Hiromi.

    If you ask me which ending I’d PREFER I’d say either Shin x Ai-chan or Shin x Noe, assuming as I said Shin grows to love whatever endgirl. If you ask me which ending I think is LIKELY, I have to think it’s probably going to be Shin x Hiromi, whether you like her or not.

  37. People ask why some like Hiromi so much. Well why do some like Noe so much? IMO she’s yet another moe blob with one or two lose screws due to the loss of her grandmother.

    I suppose many love the overlly cute and “airhead” bit that somehow makes her seem super innocent etc. But I like ones that are mature and not “cute”. In that regard Aiko and Hiromi are more to my likes. It’s pretty simple.

  38. Jun doing it for the sake of Noe though meaning he would do whatever it takes. Although it is assholelish act to do, he feels nothing for Hiromi and it wouldn’t matter at all. Maybe he’ll care more. Also I can’t say that it’ll be ultimately Shin x Noe. Shin just being dragged along and now that he was kissed by Ai, he’ll feel more guilt. Shin’s too dense to realize Hiromi’s feelings. 2 people doing it for the sake of making someone else happy.

    I love how Noe read Hiromi like a book. I agree that Hiromi hiding ot many secrets and hurting Shin more then she needs to.

    Overall though, Noe was super cute this episode. Noe has finally brought out something that makes her a good candidate. Difference of opionion GP. For me, Hiromi and Noe are on of the top. Hiromi is cute in her own way and I’m sure when she finally opens up, you’ll get to see her real smile, and find her over cuteness. Thats why I’m taken so much by Hiromi and Noe. Ai, eys shes’ cute in her own way, however I just didn’t like the fact that she can’t say no or just said yes to Nobuse. What kind of guy wants to be self-pity by a girl they like anyways. It’s just wrong to lie to a guy whos giving his all. Fortunately though, doens’t look like Nobuse is going to giveup either.

    Sora no Kaze
  39. Ok GP I’ll bite. I won’t deny that her cuteness/innocence/standard moe characteristics aren’t at least a part of it, but a major part of it for me is that while all women are crazy, Noe is up front and honest about her crazyness, and I love that about her. You of course are perfectly free to disagree with me. For what it’s worth I can see Hiromi’s appeal, I can, but for now she just doesn’t appeal to me personally. Maybe once she finally comes clean about her love for Shin, depending how she does it.

    Also for what it’s worth, I love Ai-chan too, and knowing that in all liklihood she’s heading for a bad BAD heartbreak makes me a sad Diri.

  40. Watched all 7 episodes today….the drama is building up very well and it’s really hard to speculate who ends up with who….or nobody at all.

    Aiko – I don’t like her, she had all those years to confess to Shin but held back, and suddenly kisses him after he says he’s going out with another girl????? Not to mention she has a bf, whom she doesn’t even like. I dislike this kind of character.
    Noe – I hope she ends up with Shin at the end, but I feel the chances are slim since they got together too early >

  41. come what may… whoever ends with who… the only thing that i could say is that i have just finished watching this to episode 7 and wow… they really really build the tension among characters… thumbs up.

    setsuna f. seiei
  42. Hmm, “to each their own” it seems.

    I personally find Noe’s quirks more appealing than Hiromi’s and Aiko’s charms. I think there’s more to Noe than just her airheaded innocence. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Hiromi would be a strong contender if she took off her masks of indifference, but there’s still that aura of blinding perfection around her that makes me want to turn my eyes away.

    Aiko seems like a nice person to be around, but I don’t find anything exceptional in her character. They’re probably just not giving her enough screen time.

    I think the fact that Shin/Hiromi undertones are still oozing out of an episode that holds so much Shin/Noe action in it has really made me like the former less. And even though I still believe Shin’ichirou can fall in love with Noe, if he breaks her heart, then as Dirian so eloquently put it, he should “be dragged around town by his wrist attacked to Jun’s motorcycle.” No exceptions. Wishy-washy-ness is the scourge of relationships. If he’s going to pick one of them, then he’d damn well better be sure to let the other girls know his choice clearly. Preferably soon. Leading them on would only make me dislike Shin’ichirou and I’d rather not do that.

    Cynical x Idealist
  43. i know,i’m late and this 2009 but i just got myself into watchin this series and i think it’s gr8 so far.the ending of this episode was depressin it was sweet yet sad.
    i feel sad for aikoTT.she loves him so much(all her life) .when she kissed him (i wouidn’t call it a kiss cuz he didn’t even kiss her back)she seem passionate.she want’s him so badly(she loves him even more than heromie and noe)she givin herself to him(her verginity)i think she cried at the end for two reasons:
    1-she knew it was not goin to be the same(losin her best friend who’s like a brother to her)and that she’ll end up hurtin and losin both him and nabuse(her only friends)
    2-she was so ready to confess to him and get’s into a relationship with noe(poor girl)it must’ve crushed her whole world.she want’s to be known as a woman.. aiko is a tragic character in my opinion
    she suffered as much as heromie or less.she scrifised and wasted so much and did the worst for him and was willin to become a bad person for him(anythin for him )ppl hated her so much after what did at the end of this episode(why)i’m not seein a girl who want’s to ruin things i’m seenin her as a gurl who’s want’s to fix her mistakes and be honest a bout her feelings to both nabuse and shin.i understand that it was a bad timing and it was unfair for her (she datin nabuse and he’s datin noe)but it was killin her(heavy on her chest)ppl say she’s hurtin nabuse but all what she’s tryin to do is let him down gently(askin herself why’s nabuse fallin for some like her)she thinks she doesnt deserve him.she is hoping/prayin that he’d dump her first .she told him not to be so nice to her and that she didnt deserave his kindness.i think that deep down inside she want’s to love him he’s a nice guy but she just can’t


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