In the surprise attack against the Trinity siblings, Setsuna directs the Exia to strike at Nena’s Throne Drei first, but Michael steps in to protect her with his Throne Zwei. Johann meanwhile tries to reason with Setsuna, saying that they’ve been acting to eradicate war, however Setsuna feels that they aren’t representative of Gundams. This leads to Johann giving his brother permission to fight back, so Michael sends out his GN Fangs. Setsuna is able to destroy most of them, but when Michael releases the last two Fangs, it’s a particle beam blast from the Gundam Virtue that blows them up. Up in space, word reaches the Ptolemaios of the battle, and Allelujah notes the possibility that the Trinity siblings’ behavior is part of the master plan. Sumeragi responds by pointing out that their own actions might also be part of the plan, and though she decides to have Lockon try to stop the fight, she’s willing to respect his judgment based on the situation down there. Wang Liu Mei also learns of what’s going on, but she’s less concerned about what to do about it and instead cares about changing to world, no matter what it takes. As for Alejandro, he tells Libbons that this happened faster than he thought it would. He thinks about how this transitions them to the third stage, and that means that there’s no turning back.

Back at the Gundam battle, Tieria and Setsuna are working together using various formations to attack the Gundam Thrones. When Johann tries to get Nena to dock her Drei to his Eins so that he can use his main cannon, Tieria refuses to give them the chance to do so and attacks them both. They respond by pointing their guns at the Virtue and preparing to fire, however Tieria then activates the Gundam Nadleeh’s Trial System. After the Virtue loses all of its excess parts, thereby completing the transformation into the Nadleeh, it begins to emit a constant wave from its core that causes the Throne Eins and Drei’s systems to shut down. As a result, both the Gundam Thrones go crashing down, and Tieria explains that the Nadleeh’s true ability is to gain control of all mobile suits that are linked with Veda via this Trial System. Declaring that the Trinity siblings are unfit to be Gundam Meisters, Tieria says that they deserve to die 10000 times and dives towards them with beam saber in hand. Unfortunately, the Trial System mysteriously stops working just moments before the Nadleeh reaches the ground, and that’s enough time for the Throne Eins to get out of the way. Seeing that the system was forcibly turned off, Tieria remembers how he had been denied access to Veda earlier, and this confirms his suspicion that something was done to Veda.

The Throne Eins and Throne Drei then circle around so that they can strike back at the Nadleeh, however they suddenly come under fire from a third source: the Dynames. Instead of standing and fighting, Johann orders a retreat because he knows that their plan will be hindered if the Gundams destroy each other. Before he leaves though, Johann tells Lockon that there’s someone else that Lockon should be fighting first. Addressing Lockon by his real name Neil Dylandy – which he supposedly found out through Veda – Johann reveals that Soran Ibrahim, a member of the Kurdish anti-government guerrilla organization KPSA that killed Lockon’s parents and younger sister, is here. Soran Ibrahim’s codename is Setsuna F Seiei. Meanwhile, someone who claims to be involved with Celestial Being contacts leaders from around the world, and the Union president thinks that there might be an internal division within the organization. In Spain, Saji listens to a news report about the American company that was attacked by Gundams while he fills a vase with water, puts flowers inside, and brings it to Louise.

To his surprise, Louise tells Saji to go back to Japan because he’s missing too much school. She’s happy that she was able to be with him, but she doesn’t think that he should be stay here indefinitely and cites how his dream is to work in space. She doesn’t want to be the reason he doesn’t realize that dream. Louise then reveals that her own dream is for Saji to realize his dream, and she proceeds to entrust her dream to him. Saji eventually agrees to go, and as he’s walking out of the hospital, he remembers all the time he’s spent with Louise, including how they first met when Louise approached him out of the blue one day to lecture him about falling asleep at a table. Watching Saji leave the hospital now, Louise can’t hold back the tears any longer. Back in Japan, Kinue’s partner brings her a report on a person named Laguna Harvey who is the president of a linear train business, meaning that he both has the money to build mobile suits and the ability to use the orbital elevator whenever he wants. Her partner thinks that they should stop looking into this because this man is a major shareholder of JNN stock, but Kinue refuses to give up now that she’s finally gotten a clue.

Meanwhile, on their secret island, Setsuna confirms that what Johann said was true. Lockon then tells the story of how his parents and younger sister were killed by a KPSA suicide bombing. It all started with the solar power generation plan that came after global oil export regulations, and the Middle Eastern nations had been hit the hardest by this. The people who were poor had only God to rely on, and they listened to those who supposedly represented God. Citing all the fighting that had occurred, Lockon implicates the people who undertook holy wars and the United Nations for unilaterally deciding on the export regulations, though he doesn’t think that God or religion are necessarily bad. He mainly feels that the world has been warped, and he attributes the loss of his family to that. Lockon knows that him being a Gundam Meister is contradictory since he’s engaging in the equivalent of terrorism, but he asserts that the world needs to change fundamentally for such a tragedy never to occur again. He’s willing to accept his punishment for killing people after that happens, however he’s still got things to do until then.

Pointing his gun at Setsuna, Lockon admits that he really wants to shoot Setsuna right now to avenge his family. He ends up firing, however Setsuna doesn’t even flinch as the bullet sails past his head. When Setsuna finally speaks up, he talks of how he was made to believe in God, but he now feels that there is no God in this world. He blames the KPSA’s leader Ali Al Sarshes and tells the others how he had found out that Ali Al Sarshes had been part of the PMC in Moralia. Back during that incident, Setsuna had wanted to confirm that Ali Al Sarshes was alive and to question where Ali Al Sarshes’ God was. Still pointing his gun at Setsuna, Lockon then changes the subject to what Setsuna wants to do with the Exia. When Setsuna replies that he wants to eradicate war, Lockon comments on how this would be impossible if he shot Setsuna. It turns out that Setsuna doesn’t care if that happens and would want Lockon to change the world in his place. Setsuna will fight if he’s alive, but it won’t be as Soran Ibrahim – it’ll be as the Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei. After hearing Setsuna declare himself Gundam again, Lockon puts down his gun and calls Setsuna a Gundam fool, but Setsuna actually thanks him for saying that. Setsuna thinks of it as the highest praise, and this causes Lockon to start laughing.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Celestial Being pilots, representatives of the three major superpowers are currently being shown a room in a secret Antarctica facility that houses 30 large pod-like objects.


Well that was a little surprising. This was not the spot I expected them to work in Lockon’s back-story, nor did I realize that it tied together with Setsuna’s. Now that I think about it though, that part wasn’t quite back-story since we didn’t even get to see Lockon’s family – it was instead more of a look at what motivates him. It was a smart move by Johann though – turning the Gundam pilots against each other – even if it only lasted a short while. The end result is that both Setsuna and Lockon have a reason to go after Ali Al Sarshes now, and the Gundam Meisters understand each other better too. On a related note, I found it a little strange that Tieria, when he saw Lockon laughing, commented on how this was a man. With the way he said it, it sounded like he wasn’t personally human or at least doesn’t acknowledge his humanity.

And if there were still any doubt that Alejandro isn’t pulling the strings behind all this, the random shot of him smiling right before the Nadleeh’s Trial System turned off is as good an indicator as any that this man can’t be trusted. It’s more a question now of how far his influence goes – in other words, is he supporting Ali Al Sarshes as well as the Trinity siblings? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also the one who contacted all the superpowers and is giving them what look to be GN Drives at the end of this episode. In any case, life isn’t going to get any easier for Setsuna and company if and when the superpowers get new mobile suits, and the preview shows that next week will debut at least one of them.


  1. It’s good to know the Thrones aren’t as overpowered as first thought. Graham chops off an arm, then Setsuna, Tieria, Lockon matched up well. Maybe in a few more episodes we’ll see Patrick give the Thrones an ass kicking lol.

    nobody important
  2. @Al Yun
    I think only most of the alternate universe Gundam series and OVAs use japanese name for main gundam pilot. All UC Gundam TV series and movies use non-japanese name for the main Gundam pilot

  3. I think it’s this Laguna guy that’s “seling” these fake GN Drives to the 3 super powers. And he is probably giving them some crappy mobile suit designs as well. I hope Setsuna gets GN arms real soon blows everyone of those GN Drives away.

    Doesn’t anyone else think its too soon for the world to get their hands on Celestial Being’s most advanced and secret technology?

  4. I doubt that the GN arms is going to be that powerful, there was a picture of the model a while back and it was just a high speed support armor for the exia, kind of like power loader for the red frame.

    On the other hand, setsuna kicked serious ass when he took down those fangs liek they were nothing.

  5. OMFG, how are the Celestial Beings going to fight off against 30 GN technology Mobile Suites. Anyway, why do they want the Gundams now, they have the GN technology to themselves, so there is no point on trying to defeat them since now the major nations are just as powerful.

  6. @ Aysteewan

    That is one UGLY mobile suit. Well, It is kind of that time where they introduce the ugly yet powerful mobile suit. Hope that its abilities make up for its appearance.


  7. WOW I was’t expecting for the powers to get there GN drives this way. I was figured it be
    1.Alleujah final gets captured and the get the GN secret from him.
    2.One of the Trinty gundams gets destroyed/captured.

    mecha addict
  8. Well, we can be sure that Alejandro is up to no good. There is a rumour in 2ch that
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Looking foward for the next epi!!!

  9. Interesting.

    Just some random rampancy here, but what if Alejandro shows/gives GN drives to the three super powers and they end up making some remote controlled mobile suit dolls (like in Gundam Wing) It would kind of explain the screenshot of that weird new mobile suit in the preview. That design just screams “DOLL” to me…seriously

    Though I might (probably am) wrong. =]

  10. Uhh, the manga doesn’t take 10 years after, there are multiple serializations of the manga that are running in canon with the main anime storyline, one takes place 10 years before the current time line, with the main serialization connecting the side stories. in the other two, which is exactly like the anime but it has more information and background on the story, like there are multiple sub branches of Celestial Being and tons of prototypes and other pilots. And it is largely believed that Alejandro is the backer of the Thrones; however I personally do not think that he is evil and I’m kind of voting for Nena getting it on with Setsuna, although that Princess is good too…. o.o
    Additional info: the GN drives can only be made at Jupiter, which takes like a century to get to and then back, remember the opening like 1-2 episodes ago with the 2 guys at Jupiter?

  11. Those new suits better not be dolls. I hate dolls. Ever mobile doll I have seen has a freaky design and that creeps me out. I am not saying that that new suit doesn’t look freaky to me but, I just want to see the entire suit design and see it in action. Then I’ll decide if it’s one of those most lame designed suits of the series like those Anfs.

  12. Keiichi, if you watch episode 17 again one of the guys in space suits said that it took them 6 years to get there and that they didn’t want to leave empty handed. That incident took place 80 years ago. It didn’t take them 100 years to get to Jupiter and back. Space probes get to Jupiter in 10-12 years by being slinged around by the gravity of the planets.

  13. kompression, it took 200 years for the development of the Gundams, and space probes are not space shuttles where an actual colony of people need to be transported to Jupiter and create the GN drives and test them out for the gundams. It took a century.

  14. Remember, it was also mentioned that the GN Tau Drive, have basically a output limiter on it. But it does make me wonder if it might be more like the Ptolemaios where it is more of a GN particle “battery” and would need a recharge from a true GN Drive. That would be an interesting twist to the technology side of the series.

    As mentioned before, I also think it is way too early for the superpowers to be getting a hold of the GN technology. I was even wondering if Graham having the beam saber last episode was too early. There has got to be some of catch to this. Although seeing Graham in some GN Tau Drive equipped Flag would equal awesome. However, given the last episode’s “promise”, I doubt that will happen.

  15. @ryohei

    Haha… Agree, i also want exia to be upgraded with fangs in order to have some great long range equipment, it’ll be bad if he’ll only depend on his 7 swords…

    *doesn’t fangs resemble the dragoon system of gundam seed*

  16. @Everyone who said Exia needed fangs.
    He should stick wih his 7 sword since fangs resemble the dragoon system to much and like in the fight we just saw all the fangs got owned setsuna himself got most of it anyways unless your like uber careless like the Howard mason xDD

  17. Did Alejandro’s Livonse hacked into the Veda system and: (1) Prevent Tieria’s access last week, (2) Stopped the TRIAL system, (3) Spilled the Meister’s secret to the Thrones ?
    Seems like Livonze is a computer-interface-humanoid, just like Tieria…

  18. bah!
    all those 30 GN drives are FAKE
    they’re missing the TD plunket
    which means
    they dont have unlimited power like the orig. gundams
    superpowers still sucks
    super exia’s going to pwn

  19. Well even though we say there fake aren’t the trinities fake as well?
    and there still pretty strong so 30 fake gn drive could make a difference
    the only thing i’m wondering is if the new gundams will face any of them at all

  20. Well it wouldn’t be surprising if there were all kinds of variation of GN drive. The ones given to superpowers could be like a step below the “fake” drives on the Trinities. I rather like how the story is developing (I honestly don’t think the new GN drives would cause a mad rush of gundam building *cough seed* so it might turn out decently)

  21. WTH?!! Another 30 fake after 3 fake. Well the main point is who supply them with this fake GN drive? The way I see it there is 4th power working their way up silently. In my opinion most probably the “observer” the brown hair guy and his assistant involve in this 4th power considering they are the one who suggest the other observer to acknowledge the Throne.

  22. Awesome episode.

    It was already revealed that the real identities and backgrounds of the Gundam Meisters are level 9 access on the Veda System. Meaning, as Tieria can only access level 6, and the trio Gundam Throne Meisters (or at least one of them) knew of their real names and backgrounds to a very great deal, it gives credence to the the original cast’s theory that the Veda System has been compromised and can no longer be followed.

    As for the 30 GN drives being discovered, most likely it was from the data recovered from the dark purple “Haro” from that Jupiter Space mission, then the technology was developed to mass produce “FAUX GN DRIVES” like the ones in the Gundam Thrones. Although implicitly implied, it seems that the “Lagna” or “Laguna” system which the new Gundam Throne seems to be adhering to has another unknown agenda not yet revealed beyond that of Veda System. The giving of 10 GN drives to the 3 super powers may lead to more war, but eventually it will lead to the 3 SUPERPOWERS destroying each other thus, in all eventuality, war will then implode upon itself and they destroy themselves along with any warmongers.

    Things are getting very very exciting and complex!!

    Best Anime of 2008 yet!

  23. I’m not sure if Shinsen’s latest sub is right or wrong, but it was spelled Halvey, just after that on Saji’s sis’s report it said Harvey. Or is this a mis translation/spelling error, and Lagna Harvey is related to Louise?

  24. Excellent episode, I love how this series just keeps digging into you until you are searching every hour on the hour every Sunday waiting for the release….and then the episode doesn’t come out until late Monday and then it leaves this huge question mark on what the next episode will bring and your counting the hours until Sunday so you can repeat the routine……I’m once again proud to be a Gundam Fan…..

  25. Actually what i think Tieria meant, when he said that “this is humanity”, was that, in the world warped as it, this is an example of “Humanity” or an act of kindness and mercy because lock-on didnt soley think of just revenge and kill sorun (setsuna). But eh…i could be wrong. But thats what i thought he meant when he said that.

  26. This episode kind of Confused me.
    well kind of all I want to know is; why are the Throne Gundams controled by Vader?

    If Alejandro and his creepy little sidekick are the ones who helped create them why wouldnt they have them funcution on their own??
    And also, what was “hacked” from Vader? Was it; how to make the fake GN Drives, Lockon & Setsunas personal data, or Nadleehs Secret weapon?? Or all of it?? LOL

    Otherwise it was a pretty good episode , I mean Nadleeh FINALLY in (actual) action!!

    But, the Gundam Throne unit 2 and its “fangs”….. Remind me of the blackhole of Gudam Seed T_T

  27. Is it just me or does Trial System of Nadleeh seem not that cool. I know hacking into other suits is sweet and all. What I mean to say is this: wouldn’t it be better if the Trial System can control other mobile suits through Veda too and not just Gundams?

    P.S. Didn’t anyone else think that Tiera was hacking into Gundam Throne Eins and Drei through that energy pulse Nadleeh was emitting rather than through Veda? If that’s the case, Tiera could probably hack into and control any mobile suit that is in the vicinity of Nadleeh, which would be a lot cooler.

  28. Holy shit, 30 GN drives = 30 gundams!? Or please tell me they won’t stick them into flags or whatnot…but then again designing 30 unique mobile suits in 1 go would be a pretty large pain in the neck..

  29. Don’t be mistaken that 30 “GN drives” is absolutely a fake. Now we know Alejandro manipulate this war for his own benefit. 4th power is obviously on the rise, I can see the worst case scenario Veda will completely taken over by them. Well if this going to happen then Nadleeh is completely useless because of its trial system.

  30. I hate the three world powers (damn got their hands on new toys) I wish they all died by the hands of the 7 gundam meisters then Trinity’s VS. Original Team Meisters. Trinity’s die and observers too then we get a Happy Ending.

    -Louise situation reminding me of Star Wars for some reason with hands being lost and replaced with cybernetic hands a black glove to go with it.

    I WANT TO SEE EPISODE 20-24 NOW….freaking cliffhanger. Setsuna settle your differences after world powers best pilots die (Pheles/Sergei, Grahm and Ali Sarses)


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