Although Tomoya has been suspended, Tomoyo still comes to wake him up and even cooks breakfast for him because she feels responsible for the fight. She is actually considering going to the faculty room at school to tell the truth, but Tomoya refuses to let her because he needs her to become the student council president for the sake of the drama club. Their conversation is interrupted when Tomoya’s father comes back and decides to accept Tomoyo’s invitation to join them for breakfast. Tomoya, however, gets up to leave as soon as his father sits down. He instead pays a visit to a still-sleeping Sunohara and plays a trick by placing a pair of boxers on Sunohara’s head and waking him under the pretense that there’s a girl who wants to confess her feelings to him. Sunohara falls for it and subsequently gets beat up by the rugby club member outside his room who thinks that Sunohara is an underwear-stealing pervert. At school, Kyou and the other girls worry about Tomoya and about if the drama club is going to be able to participate in the school festival with both him and Nagisa gone right now.

Tomoya spends most of his time in Sunohara’s room thinking about Nagisa, and when he hears someone knock on the door, he thinks that it could be her. It is instead Ryou and Kyou, and the girls take him to an arcade to try out a horoscope machine. Kyou has Tomoya use it with Ryou, but because he chooses the friends option instead of the lovers one, they get a horoscope that says that any relationship more than just being good friends will depend on the two people’s feelings. Afterwards, Kyou decides to leave the two alone, however all Tomoya and Ryou end up talking about is horoscopes and fortune telling. Ryou realizes that her own predictions are never right, but she actually prefers it that way because she feels that if a prediction comes true, then it’s like there’s only one future. If it doesn’t though, then they can think that there are other futures – she personally wants to think that there are many possible paths that they can take.

That weekend, Tomoyo shows up at Tomoya’s house to cook for him even though it’s Sunday. At this point, both of them still have things they’re unwilling to talk about with the other: Tomoya about his father and Tomoyo about the upcoming student council elections. To Tomoya’s surprise, Kyou and Ryou show up with food too, and even Kotomi comes by with some. He can’t possibly eat it all, and in trying to convince him on whose food to eat, Kyou and Tomoyo start arguing about their relationship with him. Ryou and Kotomi aren’t much different, and it doesn’t help either that Fuuko suddenly appears with an assortment of starfish-shaped cakes and pastries. Tomoya ends up having to eat much of it, and it causes him to feel sick when he returns to school the next day. He doesn’t get time to sit around though because Sunohara informs him that things aren’t going so well with Tomoyo’s election campaign and shows him her defaced campaign poster.

In order to improve Tomoyo’s image, Tomoya decides to have her challenge the baseball team to a match, however the team only agrees to do it on the condition that Tomoyo joins the girl’s softball team if she loses. The match consists of Tomoyo trying to strike three baseball team members out, but her first three pitches are all way off target. After she complains to Tomoya that she can’t concentrate because Sunohara – who’s playing as the catcher – is pissing her off, Tomoya suggests that she aim for Sunohara’s face. Tomoyo is able to do this with great success and ends up getting the win. She then goes on to challenge each of the sports teams to matches and wins them all. This greatly increases her popularity within the school, and she even gets a group of girls cheering her on. Afterwards, she thanks Tomoya and feels that she can achieve her goal now that there aren’t any more bad rumors about her. Since Tomoya hasn’t heard what that goal is yet, Tomoyo reveals that she wants to preserve the row of sakura trees that line the way to school. It seems that there are plans to cut them down, and Tomoyo believes that she can act to preserve the trees if she becomes student council president.

This row of sakura trees is a very important place for Tomoyo, and in explaining why, she starts with how she used to lead a wild and unsettled life. When she asks Tomoya what he thinks prevents most people from being that way, he suggests talent and love. For Tomoyo, however, the answer was family. She feels that people can control themselves if they have a family, and it doesn’t even have to be a real family – it can be friends. It seems that her parents originally didn’t get along, talk, or even argue with each other. Back then, Tomoyo had expressed her anger through fighting and was what she now considers to be a weak person. She had a younger brother name Takafumi, but she hadn’t been a good sister to him. When her parents were about to get divorced two years ago, they fought over the custody of her and her brother, and though Tomoyo didn’t care, her brother did. He didn’t want to go with either parent, and in a move of desperation, he had thrown himself off a bridge.

Takafumi survived, and it was while he was in the hospital that Tomoyo and her parents became a true family for the first time. Her brother was able to leave the hospital in the spring, and as they all walked together down the road lined with sakura trees, Takafumi had told Tomoyo that he wanted to see these sakura every year from now on as a family. Looking down on the town now with Tomoya, Tomoyo explains that although the town changes, there are a lot of people like her who treasure these sakura trees. She believes that no matter how cold they look, important places don’t change, and she feels that there might be something similar for families too. The following day, Nagisa returns to school, and one of the first things she does is to try to apologize to Tomoya because she feels like he ultimately got suspended for her sake. Tomoya claims that it wasn’t just for her; it was for the drama club too. He also suggests that if Nagisa wants to take responsibility, then she should go help Tomoyo after-school today.

Tomoyo’s match on this day is against a male member of the tennis club, and there’s a large crowd gathered to watch them. When Kyou notices how well Tomoya and Nagisa are getting along, she starts to head towards them, but Ryou stops her. During a short break partway through the match, Tomoyo recognizes Nagisa and learns that she’s the one trying to create the drama club. Realizing what this means, Tomoyo just smiles and returns to the game. A little while later, Tomoyo’s opponent accidentally hits a shot straight at Nagisa, nailing her in the leg. Tomoyo’s opponent suggests that Nagisa go to the school infirmary, but before he can touch her, Tomoya bats the guy’s hand away. After Tomoya realizes what he just did, he personally helps Nagisa to the school infirmary. Having seen Tomoya protect Nagisa, Kyou comments on how she had known all along. Ryou then apologizes to her sister for everything up to now, and both sisters start crying.

A few days later, the results of the election are posted, and Tomoyo becomes the new student council president.


Well, the ending of this episode certainly had me feeling a little overwhelmed. I had no idea that Tomoyo’s arc was going to end here, but even more surprising was the possibility that Kyou and Ryou’s story might basically be finished too. It all felt rather abrupt, and I was confused by the choice of the crying while the relatively upbeat song was still playing in the background (for those curious, it was Over from the Clannad Image Vocal Album Sorarado). None of it really had any of the emotional impact for me that Kotomi or Fuuko’s arcs had, though I guess it’s worth pointing out that those stories do strengthen the theme of family, particularly Tomoyo’s.

It’s not entirely clear that Kyou and Ryou’s story is over, but now that the two have seen how much Tomoya likes Nagisa and wants to protect her, and now that they’ve apologized to each other and cried over everything, it’s hard to see how the writers can proceed any further with them. The preview also suggests that we’re continuing on with Nagisa establishing the drama club and with Tomoya’s relationship with his father, so it seems unlikely that we’ll come back to the Fujibayashi sisters in any major way. Ultimately, I’m disappointed that we won’t see more of Tomoyo or Kyou and Ryou’s stories, but I can understand the need to do things like this because of how varied the different paths were in the visual novel, making it likely impossible to cover everything.

One final note: there’s no episode next week – it’ll be women’s soccer instead. Episode 19 airs on February 28th, 2008.


  1. No way!!
    They can’t give Tomoyo’s and Kyou/Ryou’s arcs so little screentime!WTF!?!
    When Fuuko’s and Kotomi’s arcs were both quite long.
    Guess I’m gonna have to send some mental encouragement to the Clannad game translation project…

  2. deep inside of me i was hoping for a tomoyo ending so at least i could dream of tomoyo after in anime ver. but since things are turning this way i guess its imposible now, i wouldnt mind if they made this serie a 32 ep lenght.

  3. The cut scenes annoyed me. I’ll admit that going from fuko trying to shove some rqandom dessert down his throat to tomoya being back in school.

    Looks like they decided to have a little valentines flair with the heart boxers.
    Could be wrong though.
    Very rushed episode though.

  4. This was an acceptable arc comparing it to the first ones. Still I can’t help but feel disappointed with this series especially with the Fuuko arc. Not only was it incredibly boring but they destroyed the whole point of the arc by inserting her in silly moments troughout the series.

  5. //i wouldnt mind if they made this serie a 32 ep lenght.//

    When episode count goes up, quality goes down. That’s generally the way it goes. Rather have a pretty good 25 episode series over a mediocre 32 episode one

  6. It’s clear that Nagisa is the winner here, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Tomoyo and Kyou’s routes are completely finished. It’d require their arcs to be seriously be different though. I think Ryou is definately out of the picture entirely with this episode.

  7. The scene where Tomoya desperately stopped the tennis player from touching Nagisa made me jump out of my seat.

    I still think the Kyou and Ryou arc (if you can call it that, it seemed like it died before it even began) ended pretty abruptly…and I thought the insert song (oobaa – riya) was too cheerful since the mood shifted when Ryou apologized to Kyou for what she did all this time.

  8. @Everyone talking about Soccer

    wait wait wait wait wait…wtf?

    #1. Hudson, you need to learn how to fek’n spell >_> (“soccar”, “whoes”, “onely”, “ruin out”)
    #2. There was no soccer in this episode…wtf are you guys talking about?

  9. @RmX

    ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t see any notice or anything in the episode itself.

    Can’t say I’m happy about Clannad 19 being postponed until Feb 28th (since that’s like the one thing I look forward to all week), but it’s still pretty messed up to call soccer a “useless sport”…

  10. Nagisa isn’t that bad but after this episode, seems like Tomoya and Nagisa will be getting together. Too bad for Ryou and Kyou but Tomoyo should’ve had more for her arc! I liked Tomoyo >_

  11. This episode looks like it’ll be sad. Seeing Kyou and Ryou like that.
    It’s a bit disappointing to see Kyou and Tomoyo’s route get cut short, but both of them are HEAVILY romance centered and the only way they could make it happen would be for Tomoya to forget about Nagisa and go fall in love with Tomoyo and then suddenly switch to Kyou/Ryou.
    I’m not too sad, because unlike a lot of people, Nagisa is my favorite character following Tomoya. I dont find her boring at all, I actually find her to be the most interesting xD

  12. This short Tomoyo arc better mean that they’ll be making a Tomoyo After OVA or else Kyoto Animation really let me down this time. They didn’t even animate the super combo kick scene in the scenario. Although it doesn’t seem like the Kyou arc’s over yet to me. They still have to give some closure to that so they’ll probably put in the Kappei scenario in seeing as they still have 6 episodes left. Hopefully they’ll be able to fit in Misae’s scenario with the remaining time.

  13. @weasl:
    As much as I’d like a break away from the default love interest (preferably Kyou), KyoAni has a history of staying true to the expected heroine (as seen in Air, Kanon, and most likely Clannad). I was expecting this, so I’m simply happy that it’s been a good anime so far (I didn’t like Kanon because of its very sharp transitions between arcs of the different girls as well as its ending).

  14. Yikes, Three girls out of the fight in one stroke! that was incredible! Tomoyo, ryou and Kyou out of the fight. So now the only one left is Nagisa and we ready for the very Sad part of the show. That was so sad for the twins, but tomoyo took very well as expected from her.Now, I don’t if Kotomi is also out of the fight, of course nobody has confessed to anyone so who knows!

  15. I guess that’s why there was the rumour that KyoAni wanted to make CLANNAD 52 eps. From what I heard, I know Nagisa’s story is long, so they need to leave enough episodes to flesh her part out and so Tomoyo, Kyou and Ryou had to be sacrificed. But seriously, with last episode’s momentum (who doesn’t adore Kyou after that “locked in shed” scene), I would have been happier of KyoAni gave Kyou/Ryou arc more screentime. Kyou/Ryou’s arc has started with Kotomi’s arc but took a back seat. To be honest, I would have preferred Kyou/Ryou and Tomoyo’s arc fleshed out more than Fuuko or Kotomi.

  16. Yeah like sterling01 said, they still have to cover at least a few of the important Kyou arc scenes.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. @avexmode

    Clannad reaching 52 episodes? Highly unlikely. Unless they’re animating individual arcs for every girl, I highly doubt it as Kotomi’s, Fuko’s, and Tomoyo’s arcs are basically “complete”. Anymore scenes with the girl trying to snag Tomoya will look like filler material.

    Technically, Tomoyo’s arc isn’t done until she actually brings her younger brother to see the sakura trees. But her arc conflicts too much with the other characters to have her scenario play out in the anime. I can somewhat see her quietly resigning her fate of not being able to be with Tomoya due to her character.

    While Ryou has pretty much given up, I’d say there’s a possibility of Kyou fighting against Tomoya’s and Nagisa’s pairing, even though she knows of their feelings for each other. She’s less likely to give up without one last fight, not to mention that her forest confession scene has yet to appear. This scene appeared in the OP and so far, most of the characters’ respective scenes in the OP have already been played. So I deduce that Kyou may defiantly make one more last stand in future episodes, be it in the next one or the one after.

  18. Well, i was and am still rooting for Tomoyo & Tomaoya. There is also a game from key called Tomoyo After which talks about their live after getting together. Tomoyo was so cute inside the game. Her most outstanding phrase was: “My boyfriend is a pervert and is trying to make me become a pervert as well.” XD

    I just think that for some reason it would become impossible for our protagonist to stay together with Nagi. And Kyo and Ryo arc might possible still on. Ryo just told her sister hat she knew her feelings all along and sorry to make her involved. But maybe from now on they will fight on their on for their own good.

  19. Is it that sad for Kyou/Ryou arc and Tomoyo’s arc to end here? They have the worst storyline arcs compared to others, with the former one even worse. Plus their stories are too heavily romance centered, as someone pointed out, so as long as the family is the theme of this series, coupled with Nagisa taking the center stage, there’s no way their storylines will fit into this anime.

    Having said that, part of the Tomoyo’s storyline that is covered by this anime is very much essential to this series, and I’m glad Kyoani put that in. Only thing is, one episode is enough to cover that. The rest has no place in this anime adoption. *runs away from Tomoyo fanboys*

    Kyou/Ryou’s arc is fine the way it is now. The anime pretty much showed all the major points of their story, and well, the rest is just garbage. *runs away from Kyou fanboys*

    Ask Key why they give 2 popular characters the worst stories out of all.

  20. On a side note, the part where Tomoyo’s brother sacrificed himself for his family feels much less dramatic than the game did. I don’t know why they decided to go along a different way, but the impact of this is much lesser than the game did.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. in the game, there were more to both the stories (yes, that’s obvious, i know), and I wish they had cut out fuuko’s path instead (fuuko NEEDS TO STAY DEAD), kyou needs more screen time, seriously. to those who wants to know what they missed when watching the anime, here’s a breif summary:
    tomoyo: after she becomes president, tomoya break up with her since he felt he dragged her down, but they have a romantic reunion a few months later in the snow (it was cute…)
    Kyou: there was less of her stuff, and they probably haven’t finished her arc yet, so I’m not going to give out spoilers.
    in tomoyo after(a semi sequal), her brother had a girlfriend whose father was the track team coach. after takafumi’s accident, he got angry at him throwing way his future and told him he can’t be near his daughter anymore. then he died so takafumi could never apologize properly. but the girl loved him anyway.
    anyway, my point is that if they had to spend so much time on fuuko, they HAVE to make clannad 52 episodes! (and i thought the last few episodes of kanon was rushed, can’t believe they did this! they should have at least cut out mei’s episode to fit more kyou in.)

  22. @solgae: I agree with out about Kyou’s route (love the character though), but why do you say Tomoyo’s route is one of the worst? Personally it’s one of my favourite routes and everywhere I look it’s the most popular choice, next to Nagisa+After Story of course.

    I think everyone is mainly upset because they were expecting Kyoani to give equal airtime to each of the 5 girls and follow the same formula as Kanon, where the give each girl the spotlight for a couple episodes and then jump onto the next. In that aspect, Kyou fans “may” (and I stress that heavily because I doubt this is the end of Kyou’s route) of gotten screwed because most of her scenes were trying of build up for scenes later in her route, while Tomoyo fans got screwed because we barely saw her at all until recently.

    Tomoya choosing Nagisa was inevitable anyways so I’m not too bummed out about it. I always got the game to play.

  23. Sigh…it’s seems that next week no Naruto Shippuuden and no Clannad too…resist a week without new episodes is really hard…two it will be pure hell…sigh!!! Anyway…too bad my Kyou get so less screentime…of course i know that Nagisa will be the winner, but my favourite girl is Kyou (btw i was a fan of the couple Yuuichi-Nayuki ^_-). Tomoyo too…ahhhh i wish they’re real so i can choose the both of the two ^_______^.
    Two weeks of waiting…it will be hard…a pure hell…T___T

  24. sterling01: There’s also a scene in the OP with a girl running though a wheat field, and since you know the significance of the Kyou scene then you would know that girls is…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  25. “One final note: there’s no episode next week – it’ll be women’s soccer instead. Episode 19 airs on February 28th, 2008.”………………………….. after reading this i felt like screaming and swearing to next weeks game……. after that i realize that i acted just like konata from lucky star =p hehehe

  26. @ Wererat42

    …AWWWWW. Doomed from the start, were we? How can I find out everything about the other paths? Or am I doomed to not really find out unless I read Japanese? 🙁

  27. I don’t hate Nagisa, but I wish they make the storyline more of a surprise of who he ends up with, theres no fun in watching an anime when everyone knows the ending. For this anime I love to see them pull a Ichigo 100% ending on us, thats what this anime need.

  28. Hm I guess this was to be expected since going any farther with Tomoyo’s arc depends on a relationship between the two as lovers. Otherwise it’s pointless, but it’s still kind of sad to see Kyou/Ryou and Tomoyo get shafted so quickly. The revalation with Tomoyo’s family had alot less impact since I saw it coming but it was still intresting. However the part where Ryou and Kyou suddenly started crying really wasn’t in mood meh.

  29. Oh well, although I don’t like Nagisa too much right now, at least she will grow up to look just like her mother, who is a total hottie! So go for it Tomoya… I’ll take Kotomi off your hands though…

    Kazuki Shikimori
  30. Wow, that had a very different impact than the other arc-enders, but was still an impact nonetheless. This episode had a lot of great music, and certainly a lot of eye-candy (Kotomi’s dress should be banned, and as Kyon would say, Ponytails are moe, especially with a lot of different sports attire!) Seeing how little elbow room KyoAni had to maneuver with to begin with (compared to other Key Games), I say they managed to do a pretty good job with the story, barring a harem route of course :). With 6 episodes left, it looks like they have enough time to conclude Clannad on a good note. And of course, the reaction of no Clannad next week:


  31. @Diabolikul hope she dies huh? you’d be surprised. anyone who saw the movie or played the game knows what I mean, right? oh, and I totally agree with the whole short haired kyou thing.



    ” it’ll be women’s soccer instead. Episode 19 airs on February 28th ”

    Tanoshi toki by TENSAI MOMMENTS!!!!

    Tensai Otaku
  33. I can only guess that they skimmed over the Tomoyo (and especially the Kyou/Ryou) Arc in order to prepare themselves for some, what I believe, will be much more important scenes.

    Although, I do believe that Clannad may have been more suited as a 2-season anime. Then they could have gone through all the arcs in good detail.

  34. This Pic reminds me of Tomoyo After Its a Wonderful Life:

    To those people who are very interested in a great story and character development between Tomoyo and Tomoya, play the game or download the newly scanlated manga which is adapted from the game, “Tomoyo After: Dear Shining Memories” it is only one volume with 4 chapters each, the difference in the game is that this manga is told by Tomoyo’s point of view.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  35. @kaisis: Ban Kotomi’s dress? How could you! And about Ponytails being Moe, yes definitely! *nosebleeds* (not like Ikuto’s though). There’s just something sexy with girls who usually have long hairs then after putting it up like a ponytail, it’s quite a different look. Though I liked Haruhi’s ponytail when she had long hair, but with the short hair wasn’t really that moe. On the side note, I would like to see Kotomi in a ponytail! (She’s the only girl left, Kyou-sama did in the B.B. match and now Tomoyo)

  36. Ahoge? They’re supposed to be cute :X

    I still don’t think they’ll let such a predictable ending happen. I know the same thing happened in Kanon and if you’re picky, in Air as well. But it’s just too obvious for Nagisa and Tomoya to end up together. Then again, when I see that incredibly sad and emotional look on Tomoyos face when she understands who Tomoya is gonna go with, it looks like it’s really the end for at least Tomoyo. Even with the drama episodes ahead, I really hope they pull off a turnaround ending. If not, the last few episodes better be darn good.

  37. Agree with -_-,

    Nagisa is a terribly flat and boring character, both Tomoyo and Kyou offer far more in attractiveness, humour and character depth.

    But if xternalx is right, I’ll hope for a Kyou ending after Tomoyo seems to be out now.

  38. Sorry for the double post, but I was wondering, are the people here talking about playing the game themselves actually able to read Japanese or is there a translated version of Clannad out already? If so, by which company/translator group?

  39. @chas
    For those who want to play the game, there is already an english translated voice patch available. You can download the game here:

    Clannad + Unofficial Voice patch:

    After installing the game, you need to download the English Translation Patch by Baka-Tsuki which can be downloaded here:

    Clannad English Translation Patch:

    Read the respective threads for further instructions on installing the game.

    – After installing the game, don’t forget to set your Regional and Language Settings to Japanese or else the game will not work. You can do this by going to the Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Advanced > Japanese.
    – With the current version of the translation patch (Seen v0.94), the After story portion of the game is not yet fully translated so I suggest playing the School Life portion of the game first while waiting. (Don’t worry, the full english translation is planned to be released between March-April so you don’t have to wait that long.. ^_^)
    – For those having difficulty on collecting the lights/orbs in the game, a quick 90 hour walkthrough can be found here:

    So there, now go play the game and experience the fun and heartwarming story of Clannad!

  40. Adding to what Kona-chan said, I believe the unofficial full patch will be out relatively soon, considering the translation After Story is nearly finished (a little over 1000 lines left to do).

  41. @X: So the manga for Tomoyo After is out and translated? I read the spoilers, and I wont mind even if it is something like that, anyway thnx for the info.

    @Kona-chan: Thanks for the info, just a question, did you download from this site and do u think it will still be available? The thing I dont like about torrents is the fact that it could take me days or weeks to finish a download.

  42. Any heroine in this anime (with the exception of Fuko) is better than Nagisa, with Tomoyo being my favorite. Needless to say this episode pissed me off a great deal, I was looking forward to more Tomoyo and Kyou for the next two episodes but Nagisa suddenly shows up and it’s all over. Damn you KyoAni for going for the most boring girl in the game.

  43. An important thing to remember about here is the all-pervading theme of ‘Family’ in CLANNAD, so it’s not surprising that Nagisa wins out in the end because, aside from perhaps Tomoyo, her story places that aspect sharply into focus. While many of the readers here seem to like Kyou and Tomoyo, the arcs of those two girls are more romance-oriented than family oriented (especially in Kyou’s route).

    And, really, Nagisa is a very likeable female lead, given what we’ve seen of her so far (remember, she’s technically been given the MOST character development in the series). Her idealism aside, I find her personality far more believable than either the twins or Tomoyo at this point.

    Myssa Rei
  44. @Myssa Rei

    The game seems to have a (satisfying) ending for every character, and out of all those, Nagisa seems by far the weakest. She may be the ideal type of family woman, but she’s boring, unattractive and is mind-numbingly “flat”. Both Kyou and Tomoyo are far more enjoyable characters, so obviously more people will root for them. Still, I have hope that Kyou will finish the anime as the winner, seeing Nagisa win over the starfish manipulator at the end of Clannad is going to cause immense mental pain to me.

  45. @Kona-chan
    Thanks a ton for the link to the seen.txt, I was looking for that.

    As for torrents being inactive and stuff, heres one that I used to download the Clannad game just about 1 week ago, and I finished it within 31 hours of downloading

    I for one, like Nagisa because of her voice, it isn’t something alot of people go for, but Mai Nakahara did a really really good job doing Nagisa’s voice and portraying her character. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually feel that even Kyou, Tomoyo, Kotomi and Fuko also have really well voiced parts, but for some reason Nagisa’s just jumped out at me, which I found surprising because my favorite VA is actually Mamiko Noto who does Kotomi’s voice, and haven’t particularly liked Mai Nakahara’s characters before.

  46. Ever since this episode came out, I’ve been seeing a lot of Nagisa-bashing (not so much here, but in other places); things like “EW NAGISA SUCKS!” or “OMG!!!1 (insert name) is so much better than that stupid Nagisa” in addition to some other extremities along the lines of her being ugly. >_> Honestly, she’s not THAT terrible of a character–I’ve seen exceptionally worse in other harem animes like this. And she’s kinda cute, not strikingly pretty like Kyou or Ryou or even Kotomi (but then again, it’s only anime…so who’s to really judge?).

    Plus, I think she’s probably the most compatible with Okazaki. Maybe it’s just me, but if either Kyou or Ryou got with him, the other sister’s feelings would always be a hindrance in some way. For example, if Kyou got involved with Okazaki, she’d feel guilty since she knows her sister’s in love with him too. As for Tomoyo, she’s not as compatible with Okazaki either since she’ll probably be going places in life and he’ll only drag her down (I’m more of a fan of her hooking up with Sonohara anyway. ^_^)

    I agree about Nagisa’s VA. She does a really good job. I usually don’t like characters like Nagisa so much, but something about her in Clannad compels me to support her. XD

  47. @brianleung8912
    You’d probably have to play the game to get that… Just to touch on it, here:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    This may seem weird but the Tomoyo story in the game is incredible compared to what’s covered in the anime, mainly because Key was probably forced not to touch Tomoyo’s part that much, based on how much it would interfere with the relationship between Nagisa and Tomoya.

  48. The crying part was too out of place. Everything else leading up to that seem was really entertaining though. I wish that the scene with Tomoyo’s past had some actual dialogue (like Sayuri’s past) rather than just Tomoyo’s voice over. It would have given the scene more of an impact.

    Tomoyo’s arc better not be over. I really like her. T__T

    Neo Horizon
  49. Seriously, the only reason why Tomoya picks Nagisa is cos she’s the heroine. Ryou has liked him for years, same with Kyou though she hides it, Kotomi thought of him as her only friend since she was little, and Tomoyo even made breakfast for him every morning. Nagisa did nothing, and if the main/side character thing was removed, this story would be total bullcrap. But Nagisa is the main, so it was inevitable. This ep had a massive change in mood since the storeroom thing in the previous ep.

  50. To Neo Horizon: Extra voice actors cost money. =)

    To those who wish that Nagisa simply disappear, I share the same sentiment to a certain extent. And who knows? We may just receive our wish. ^_^

    I really loved Tomoyo and Kyou… :(((

  51. @Darkenedjib

    There are many reasons to why Tomoya picked Nagisa. Sure, part of it is because she’s the main heroine and the story of CLANNAD, even in the game, is ultimately about those two. However, Nagisa gave many things to Tomoya, most of them not consciously. To put it simply, she gave him a sense of belonging and purpose. None of the girls except for Nagisa can give him this.

    Although Kyou and Ryou were pursuing him for a year or so, they never got intimately involved with his life outside of being friends. Fuuko was more like his younger sister/daughter. Kotomi never had that interest in him–childhood friends don’t always turn into lovers, after all. Tomoyo entered too late, far after Nagisa stole his heart. Also none of these girls ever stood equal ground with Tomoya–none of them worked with him as a partner the way Nagisa did, especially in the Fuuko arc. Ryou watched from afar and Tomoya was just dragged along by Kyou. Tomoyo kind of forced her way into his life and did what she wanted. Kotomi followed him and Fuuko…well, her arc was used to display the partnership between Nagisa and Tomoya so she wasn’t so much working with Tomoya but Nagisa and Tomoya.

    I’m getting really tired of people are claiming that Nagisa got her way only because ‘she’s the main’. The Nagisa x Tomoya relationship didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s been developed since Episode 1 -sigh- We’re finally getting a well developed relationship and people are whining about it -____-

  52. Don’t worry too much about it Kanki, people like Darkened are only complaining since they like some other charater more. As you’ve pointed out there are tons of reasons why Tomoya likes Nagisa, however ignorant people that hate her just because Tomoya likes her ignore the obvious reasons and signs. Also you have to know that he hasn’t really “picked” anyone yet. The anime goes a long way to clearly illustrate how Tomoya and Nagisa develope a strong bond. It’s not like Yuuichi or someone suddenly randomly declearing heroine x to be his lover out of the blue.

  53. I’ll give my two cents about the character relationships thingy, since I’ve been keeping track of them all this while.

    To be honest, I don’t really like people whining about who gets who. Besides, it’s the judge who decides. In this case, Tomoya. The way their relationship has been progressing so far, it was more than obvious when Tomoya decided it was Nagisa even before this episode came through. (Though I refuse to present the details, as I’m only giving my two cents.)

    She seems plain and all, and probably that’s why all were wondering why Tomoya decided it’d be Nagisa and why she does not deserve him. However, we miss out a lot of details – we tend to forget Nagisa’s sub-conscious boldness (that’s more than once which has happened – there was once in which she said that she and Tomoya are like Fuko’s parents, and the other in which she blurted out that Tomoya is her boyfriend all of a sudden).

    Let’s put that aside for now… we need to take on Tomoya’s thought too in this anime (not the game, it all depends on which route you are taking). We just can’t suddenly force Kyou/Ryou X Tomoya or Tomoyo X Tomoya to happen.

    There’s still time to fret for possibilities, though.

  54. you can’t blame people if they want some girl (name) X tomoya… people, maybe, just develop this sense of attachment to other girls.. like for instance the cuteness of other girls, etc. we all have our personal likes and dislikes as to who will the main man choose. ..
    anyway… gud news would be that CLANNAD TV might possibly be on a 52 run episodes… that’s a whole lot of episodes to stretch the arcs for each of the girls more and to further build up the story of clannad.

    this is the full article:

    setsuna f. seie
  55. @setsuna f. seie:
    An extension to 52 episodes? What would be the point? The other characters’ stories are essentially already done, so what other material could their be? The After Story doesn’t have enough material to extend the series that far, given the current pace. The only way that could make sense if they do something similar to Higurashi and do a time loop with parallel worlds to gather the lights, but that’s impossible now.

  56. ^well… im not saying that i am the one wishing for the 52 episodes… just read the full article… !!!

    i agree that the stories for each of the character are well stressed out and yet this article came and made an impact for me since…

    first, i do love this series and don’t want to end it as sudden as it may seem and second.. if the original run of 26 episodes is to happen and the original storyline is to take place then it would be rather a mere summary of the real story trying hard to fit it in a 26 episode anime… gets?

    setsuna f. seiei
  57. For those of you who want a certain girl’s story… you could just play the visual novel, though it’s not animated but you get a much longer in debt story. Nagisa’s is the longest one, which I haven’t done yet because I don’t want to ruin the anime, and is supposedly 90 hours long. Other characters have decently long stories too, considering side characters such as Misae, the dorm room manager has about a 2 hour story about herself.

    I personally would want to see Tomoyo’s story animated but I’m totally fine with Nagisa’s going because it covers parts of the other girl’s stories.

  58. @setsuna f. seiei:
    None of my rant was directed at you, but at the idea of extending it. In retrospect, the only way that this move would make any sense is if they were animating the After Story, since I doing it with the remaining episodes would do it a great disservice…

  59. I just don’t understand why many people hate Nagisa so much…Yeah maybe Kyou and Tomoyo are cute but does Nagisa deserve to ‘get in accident then die’ just because she is not as cute?

    If there are already that much Nagisa-hater out there I think some Nagisa-fans should stand out…I myself is one of them…

    First time using spoiler.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  60. I find it hard to believe that Kyou’s story is over. Maybe one more episode (or part of it) will deal with her, but oh, well… I wanted more Tomoyo, to be honest, but I’m fine with her arc ending now. I just wish they focused a little more on her in this episode, and not tried to put all the girls’ arcs together.

    But the things Ryou was saying about changing the future and taking different paths sounds like they’re trying to foreshadow Nagisa’s path.

  61. I personally did not mind how this episode ended.

    I have noticed, though, many people are confused with the Ryou/Kyou ending thus they start hating the scene. -sigh- Those are the people who are really bad with analyzing what exactly is going on between the characters.

    I thought Tomoyo’s story was sweet. She want to keep the cherry trees there for her little brother, who apparently was trying to attempt suicide right before his familys eyes. (I don’t think it was really suicide though, more like a warning.)

    I think Fuuko was a popular character, and by popular demand KyoAni likes to bring her back for Fuuk fans. xD! I think that’s why she always brings her back. Plus, she’s been roaming out of her body before, maybe she’s bored of being in a coma. Haha.


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