At a train station in Spain, Saji checks his cell phone messages and remembers how the nurse had told him back at the hospital that they can’t perform regenerative therapy for Louise’s left hand. When he gets a message from Louise urging him to hurry home because he’s missing classes and saying that his dream is their dream, Saji is unable to hold back the tears. Meanwhile, at the United Nations, the leaders of Union, the AEU, and the Human Reform League enter into a military alliance with the purpose of destroying Celestial Being. As she watches the news coverage, Marina wonders if bringing the world together like this is what Celestial Being and Setsuna wanted. On the island base, Lockon comments on how they finally cleared the first stage of their plan and how it’s incredible that it was triggered by the Trinity siblings’ actions. Tieria, however, finds it strange because he knows that bases in all three militaries have taken a good deal of damage from the Trinity siblings, and so even if the three militaries integrate, they won’t get results. After Setsuna deduces that there’s another side to all this, Tieria admits that he feels uneasy because the existence of the Trinity siblings wasn’t specified in Veda’s data, meaning that that data might have been falsified. The three pilots then get orders from Sumeragi instructing them to return to space.

Onboard the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi knows they have some preparations to do and sends Ian to get some GN Arms because the time draws near for them to have to do so. Down at Union’s Illinois base, Billy tells Graham and Daryl about a Celestial Being traitor and about getting mobile suits that use engines that are of the same type as Gundams. There are 30 in total, and Billy suggests that this is why the alliance was announced. He also reveals that the pilots will be chosen from the Over-Flags members and that the commander will be Graham, but to Billy’s surprise, Graham refuses because he swore in front of Howard’s grave that he’d defeat the Gundams using a Flag. A set of ten new GN-Xs has meanwhile already arrived at the Human Reform League’s southern Russia base. Sergei is put in charge of choosing suitable pilots, though his superior officer wants him to use Soma as one of them because he thinks that she’s an advantage against the pilot of the Kyrios. At the AEU France base, Kathy is also thinking about pilot candidates when Patrick arrives at her door to invite her to eat. She points out to him that the world is facing a period of great change, but when it appears that Patrick doesn’t consider it that important compared to asking her out, she agrees to have dinner with him.

Sometime later, at the villa of the chairman of the linear train company, Laguna Harvey is on the phone with his secretary about not responding to any JNN calls. He then turns to Ali Al Sarshes to discuss the transportation of some mobile suits, and Ali asks that one of them be assigned to him, not caring if it’s with Union or AEU. Laguna recalls that Ali was in the foreign legion, but he questions why Ali wants to pilot one, so Ali explains how he thinks that mercenaries like him won’t be needed in the near future and how he wants to go to a place where he can at least fight. Kinue is outside the villa when Ali gets into his car to leave, and she decides to stop him so that she can ask some questions. Hearing that she’s from JNN, Ali invites her into his car because he claims that he’s in a hurry, and although she’s hesitant, Kinue gets in and proceeds to ask him about his meeting with Laguna. After Ali tells her that he’s in the distribution business and was talking with Laguna about the distribution of goods, Kinue questions him about those goods, and to her surprise, Ali reveals that they were GN Drives. Kinue thinks that he’s referring to parts for a linear train, but Ali explains that they’re engines for mobile suits – Gundams. As Ali continues talking about a certain Gundam pilot that he trained as a guerrilla fighter, Kinue begins to realize what she’s gotten herself into, and she becomes even more fearful when Ali admits to being a warmonger who lives on his primitive impulses. Unaware of what’s going on, Saji meanwhile returns to Japan and finds his home empty. He spends the rest of the day laying on his couch thinking about Louise, and he has no idea that his sister is now bleeding to death in a dark alleyway.

In space, Alejandro and Libbons take off in a ship from Union’s high orbit station, though Libbons thinks that there was no need for Alejandro to come along. Alejandro claims that he wants to see the thing that Libbons finally obtained information on and that this has been a longstanding wish of the Corner family. When Libbons brings up how the Corner family has been plotting an intervention to the plan for many generations, Alejandro notes how there was nothing they could do as long as Veda was around. However, he now has Libbons who he considers to be an angel. Back on Earth, Johan is telling his siblings that they have a new mission from Laguna when Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long suddenly enter their secret base. After introducing herself, Wang Liu Mei explains that the Trinity team is also in Celestial Being, so it’s natural that agents like her would support them. Nena is doubtful because of how they were attacked by Setsuna, but Wang Liu Mei makes it clear that she’s not someone on that side. When Johan wonders if this means that she’s neutral, Wang Liu Mei clarifies that she’s a follower of the principles that Aeolia Schenberg advocates – no more and no less. Accepting this explanation, Johan tells her that he’ll be expecting her help when necessary, and Wang Liu Mei promises not to tell the others in Celestial Being about this place.

Afterwards, when they’re back on their own pink shuttle, Hong Long asks Wang Liu Mei if this is okay given how the rest of Celestial Being is hostile towards the Trinity siblings. Wang Liu Mei doesn’t think it matters because the Trinity siblings will cause the world to change. This prompts Hong Long to wonder if she hates the current world so much, and Wang Liu Mei reveals that she’s fine with the world getting destroyed if it doesn’t change. A few days later, the Trinity siblings attack a Human Reform League base in Guangzhou and have no trouble with the ground forces there. However, when Johan calls for a docking maneuver so that they can use the Throne Ein’s beam cannon, their formation is broken up by the arrival of ten GN-Xs. The Trinity siblings are confused because these mobile suits emit GN particles even though they aren’t Gundams, and Johan initially thinks that it is Celestial Being again. As the two sides engage, both are amazed at the maneuverability of the GN-Xs, and Sergei goes after Nena’s Gundam Drei with his GN-X’s beam saber. Michael attempts to help his sister, but when Soma gets in his way, he has to use his GN Fangs on her. To Michael’s surprise, Soma dodges and blows up all the GN Fangs, and she is impressed by how her GN-X is able to keep up with her own reaction rate.

With no other choice, Johan orders his siblings to retreat, and Sergei decides not to chase for now. Sergei instead directs Soma’s attention to how all the men on the ground are cheering for them now, and he calls it the taste of victory. Up in space, after having realized what just happened, Sumeragi concludes that the Human Reform League now has mobile suits equipped with GN Drives, and she predicts that the battles from now on will occur between Gundams. As for Alejandro and Libbons, the two have just arrived at a secret base on the moon, and Libbons uses his powers to open a door there. Inside they find Veda, the system that forms the basis of Celestial Being.


So it’s looking like all the major rival characters will get GN-Xs with the exception of Graham who doesn’t want one. I actually think that he’s more likely to survive longer without one even if it’ll be tougher for him in the short run. There’s something about how everyone will be using the same mobile suit that makes me want to root for the guy who’s willing to be different. It’s also hard for me not to be suspicious of these new mobile suits which are leveling the playing field so easily, especially since all this is likely to be connected with Alejandro, and he’s clearly up to no good. Speaking of which, I get more and more uneasy about Wang Liu Mei’s role with each passing episode and how far she’s willing to go to change the world. It wouldn’t take much for that goal to become twisted and for her to go too far.

As for Kinue, it doesn’t look too good for her. I didn’t expect that something like this would happen so soon in proximity to Louise’s tragedy, but if Kinue dies, then Saji loses the only other person important to him. That would seem like all the more reason for him to hate this conflict and want to stop the Gundams, and my guess is that he’d join the military or something. That would make for an interesting storyline for the second half of this show (Saji vs. Setsuna or Saji vs. Ali Al Sarshes), if it does end up happening that way. Saji will probably find out about his sister next week, though from the preview, it looks like the main focus of the episode will be Gundam Meisters going up against the GN-Xs.


  1. 10 GN-X’s for each faction, 10 for HRL 10 for Union and 10 for AEU. Sucks to be a Gundam Meister all of a sudden. I smell a “Shinn Asuka” plot twist with Saji, but I hope i’m wrong.

    Since this is Gundam, expect another batch of merchand~ err.. i mean “mecha” probably near the end of the first season or at the start of the 2nd season.

    Shinn Agami
  2. @xternalx

    nope… Nadleeh can only destroy UNITS CONNECTED TO VEDA. Bassically any tech connected with Veda can be overriden. Thats why Trinity can be disabled or any Meister tech.

    I bet these GN-X Do not Have any connection to veda…

    on side note – it seems Alejandro will meet an unexpected man 🙂

    Unknown Voice
  3. @LG
    Well thats the same, even though she is still alive, what R!GN particles nearly equal an imminent death after some months/years/days.

    the consequences of long-term cellular-renewal failure(which might spread)are obvious. Its basically similar as what cancer does, but a lot more effective.

    Unknown Voice
  4. I’m sure now that CB can’t have only 4 Gundams to win this battle even with GN Arms or any extra equipments for the other three. I still don’t think they can survive all out attack by the Three Factions when they have 10 GN Drives for each faction.

    Wonder why Saji’s sister that researching about CB have to talk to Ali in order to get her information?

  5. I’ve got a better understanding now of why some people consider the pilots from the three factions to be superior, given the showing of domination they had here.

    Saji joining the military might not look like an impossible possibility either.

    Owaranai Destiny
  6. Well, Kinue getting into trouble was expected.
    So it turns out they did have the technology to regenerate limbs, but.. GN Particle radiation? Well, I guess it would make sense that way.

    @Omni: Btw, I can’t seem to access any subsequent pages of comments anymore. It reroutes me back to the main page.

  7. Well it’s Natural for the Trinity triplets to get owned anyway, they were useless as fighters to begin with. All they had compared to regular fodders were their power suits.
    My guess is that the Trinity triplets were part of Alexander’s faction, he diecded to give the 3 nations the new suits to occupy the 4 main gundam pilots but it back-fired on him as they decided to strike on trinity instead. Don’t think what gave him the idea they wouldn’t do otherwise, the original 4 have some sense of humanity these 3 don’t so the biggest treat are these 3. I think he believed that his robot buddy there would make sure they didn’t attack Trinity via his mind control, unfortunately it seems that the little guy had other plans.

  8. Aww poor Kinue 🙁 Btw, do you think Saji’s father played a role in the creation of the GN drives? Or maybe was one of the first gundam pilots? Also I think that orb at the end, contains that Arial Schlongberg guy. (Founder Of CB)

  9. @Dave
    Absolutely not with the replacing Setsuna/Setsuna biting the dust part = Never!
    But Saji is being groomed for something = Yeah, agree. I can’t believe all the effort Gundam00 took to groom him though. They even gave him an insert song – Unbelievable! WTF!?!

    My question now: WHY isn’t Saji a cute bishounen?!?

  10. seems like kinue has jumped from the car! aghhh what have you done beauty?
    Ali bastard!!!!
    I hope laguna is just a GN producer (not charismatic enough), not the real man in the dark or the puppet master…
    GN-X just time offer to become GNpower-addicted.
    Hope Gundam will soon upgrade with GN arms.

  11. *Cruel fate hits Saji double loss.

    *Liu Mei well She joins the throne, might dispose CB (I think she’s a total psycho when it comes to change the world)

    *Alenjandro can you please die horribly.

    *Well disadvantage is obvious to CB because of traitor exist and their technology being copy by those crap.

    *Whats CB going plan to counter all of this mess.

  12. I am glad they kill off Kinue, curosity kill the cat you wanna be noisy fine we let you in onto our secret but you have to die. Everyone should just mind their own business, you wanna be noisy then u deserve to died.

  13. Warning, long post ahead. Tread with caution.

    Looks like Marina’s coming back next episode, yay.

    It looks bad for the Gundam Meisters. If I were the strategist I’d probably have the Gundam Meisters retreat and go underground. Then while we tweak the Gundam Arms we’ll let the Alliance of the three Major Powers fall apart on its own. Seriously who thinks this alliance is gonna last?

    Wang Liu Mei, I knew she was off ever since she was babbling shit about it doesn’t matter what it costs as long as the world changes. I wonder if she really is just crazy or if there’s some kind of history/past or reason for her mantra? Although supporting the Thrones was unforseen.

    I bet Alejandro is more of an observer than he realizes. I bet he’s being used as tool by Ribbons but doesn’t know it. And who didn’t have an inkling Ribbons was bad? He’s been smirking evilly during a preview several episodes ago during key moments.

    30 GN Drives? Who the hell made so many? I mean wasn’t the reason 5 were made because they took so long to make on Jupiter and sending them? I question whether these GN Drives are the real thing or if they’re pseudo versions like the Thrones or have some fatal flaw. Graham sticking to his guns and choosing the Flag over the new models. What a guy. Logically this means he should probably get owned, but since this is an anime he’ll probably have less screen time until the Flag gets upgraded with the same weapon specs as the new toys.


    I totally agree. Saji is an engineer. I think he’ll be vital in creating the next line of Gundams, but the question will be who for? I don’t think he can turn Shinn Asuka overnight. He seems more brains than brawn.

    Kinue, it was sad, but did she really think nobody was gonna off her if she kept digging? Was she totally naive to the danger of her investigation? She was warned by her partner but didn’t listen. It may be cruel of me to say, but I couldn’t help but feel she was stupid.


    I agree to an extent. The Gundam Meisters will probably get owned at first at least until the Gundam Arms upgrades come in. Logically they probably shouldn’t make much of a difference. However if we look at the series so far a handful of mobile suits were able to take on entire military forces. If we look at episode 15 the Gundam Meisters held out against the Three World Powers even with all those numbers against them for 15 hours. Granted they lost until episode 16 when the Thrones cleaned up for them. 7 Gundams brought the world to its knees. If these upgrades can somehow recreate the gaps then I think it’s possible for the Meisters to win.

    Veda, anybody else think it’ll turn out to be connected to Aoelia Schonberg’s brain or something. I bet the Gundam Arms will get upgraded at some point and fuck up any screwed up plans Ribbons has. He’s probably manipulated Veda for his own purposes since he seems to be a Newtype like Tieria and Nena.

    White Star
  14. Speculations
    Kinue is 95% dead, but her death is not meaningless cause she got some information on that disk unless Ali gave her fake data on the disk.
    Saji would become like Kamille Bidan no.2 in this series.

  15. I saw this in a magazine that the upgrade these gundam will get is their own meteor like in Gundam seed, only difference is these meteor are AI control as well, don’t know if is true or not but thats what I saw in the magazine.

  16. I hate traitors, but twists are what make the story interesting =/
    I just hope the episodes will reveal why Alejandro’s family wanted to intervene in the ‘plan’. Its just so annoying that the bad guys get to see what Veda is first ;x

  17. Why no one talks about libbons? It obvious he is tha mastermind (in my opinion) that he plays a much bigger role than Alejandro. From all the snippets of him laughing, it so obvious. Everyone was just only talking about Alejandro this and Alejandro that,maybe he is just a pawn with a lot of freedom. Oh well, i am opened to opinions anyway

    00 Boy
  18. I think Sami is gunna create his own gundam kill all the meisters sand dissemble aeu URL and union . But on a more serious note I also believe that graham will put the gn drive into his flag so he will be able to wistand the g’s. I been known alejandro was evil and whoever gave them nations the gn-x’s needs to stop snitching. Ps somebody save Saji’s sister!!!!

    I’m not stupid , I know how to write its just that this site works weird on my iPhone!

    Soulja P
  19. You know… Not to offend anyone but did anyone actually go look up what the GN Arms really are? They’re not upgrades for the gundams, they’re the new meteor units. Although, i didn’t know they be A.I. interfaces. An upgrade would be something like the Avalanche pack that Exia is supposed to get in one of the mangas. Looked damn cool too!

    Actually, I didn’t think that the new mobile suits would level the playing field so much. Up till they came into the picture, i didn’t think that the GN Arms would even appear in the first season. From what it looked like in the pics i saw, the GN Arms is a purplish grey meteor unit that when docked with the gundams would look a bit like a gundam being docked onto a metal gear. Can’t remember whether the design looked more like Rex or Ray but it did look like one of them.

    From what it looked like, it probably has two GN Drives packed into it or two giant laser cannons along with the usual stuff. But it doesn’t look like something made for atmospheric combat so it’s probably only usable in space. The AI thing that Torn mentioned probably means that Tieria will be able to call them in for back-up from the Nadleeh.

    Whatever that’s inside of the disk that Ali gave Kinue is probably going to push Saji into the military. He’s on the Union’s side right? That means that he’s probably the one to upgrade Graham’s flag. Maybe a external pack or with one of the 30 GN drives. Maybe putting a GN drive into it would solve the G force problem that Graham had when he attacked the thrones. In my opinion Graham’s flag is way cooler than the new suits.

    It’s probably the GN particles radiation that sets apart the Gundam’s drives from the fake ones. Remember when Setsuna’s group’s engineer found that the GN Drives on Throne Eins had a part that affected the GN particles? It makes sense to reduce power emissions if it meant that the suits would become safe to maintain.

    As for the story, I still think that Setsuna will eventually die but probably at the end of next season. If any of the meisters are going to die this season, it’s going to be either Tieria or Allelujah. Allelujah is probably the most likely considering that we already have his back story and that Soma moved out of the pink zaku and into the GN-X.

    If Tieria dies, then the meisters would have Nena as an alternative. Wang Liu Mei coming to the Thrones leaves a way for them to join the meisters so it might mean that the thrones or at least two of them are being set up to die. According the OP sequence and how much Nena stands out of the three, she’s likeliest of the three to live. Obviously this scenario plays out better than Allelujah’s death.

    I do wonder how patrick’s actions are relevant to the story. He’s been portrayed as a goof so it’s possible he’s going to be the first to go through the problems of the fake GN drives.

    It’s interesting that Veda’s plan described unified military would mean phase one is done. What comes next? We already know that CB’s goal isn’t really world peace. It’s also interesting to note that it was the Thrones’ action that accelerated the plan. If the original plan was supposed to take much longer, then that means they have other trumps up their sleeves. The possibility of the loss of a GN drive to other factions should have been considered so they must have something ready other than GN Arms.

    On a side note, does anyone know where i can get the manga scans for gundam 00F and 00P. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raw or translated so long as it isn’t torrent.

  20. @ Kagekyuubi

    About Tieria, I highly doubt that he will die. Simply because of how the series has been dropping some hints about Tieria’s personality, and possibly, what/who he really is. I’d find it quite disappointing if the series does not develop the background stories of the four Gundam Meisters, because everything would just be about politics, some mecha fighting, and development of the main story. However, Allelujah seems like a candidate on the death list, so I second your opinion on that part.

  21. It looks nearly 100% sure that libbons and alejandro are definitely pulling some strings and i think that they gave the world info on the GN drives. i heard a spoiler that veda is also a being looking the same as a half human half cyborg, other characters of similar design are libbons, lasse (ptolemaios pilot) and tieria, i reckon if your made like this the entity is able to create a link to veda or possibly hack or control veda. i wonder how far laguna’s influence goes? Ali was a bit of a gay! if i tell you i will have to kill you! haha! poor saji time to get a MS and start kicking some ass. who do you think will be finding out first about alejandro and libbons being in veda and whos gonna take them down cuz if noone does everyones doing what libbons wants. god damn veda was so easy to flaw CB, i think the ptomelaios should disconnect from veda and go rogue! come on sumeragi lets get thinking! plus ian is on his way to make the most precious delvery of the GN arms! for exia maybe even all the 4! i hope all you guys have checked it out (its been announced as a gundam model kit if you didnt know) please reply with some good theories!

  22. @ Kagekyuubi

    Regarding the G-force problem for Graham I higly boubt that a Gn drive will resolve it,maybe lessen it.
    That is because I read that the reason the Meister/T.Meister don’t feel them is because of their normal suits.

  23. If they cannot simply regenerate her hand because of the GN particles, you would think in that much into the future they can give her a cybernetic hand. I also feel sorry for Saji; I think his “love to work in space” will be gone for the fact that this war has effected him so much. He’s not going to be the same person anymore because of it. I got this hunch that he will meet up again with Setsuna, that his meet up with him will reveal he is in fact from Celestial Being may react rationally an aggressive towards him.

  24. Setsuna is already crazy enough to inform Marina that he is gundam meister, and now he will tell Saji too? -_-;
    Why is everybody want Setsuna to die so much? Isn´t he the male protagonist?

  25. GN-X description is up on site. Some one translate it please.

    Anyway, Great ep! It seems that next episode the GN-Xs from the AEU will be attacking Celestial Being in space. Personally, I want Tiera to hack into those Gn-Xs and shut down their GN Drives since that is what I believe the Trial System does: it controls the GN Drives. I mean come on, what good is the Nadleeh’s Trial System if it can only hack Gundams!?

    I also believe that Graham isn’t gonna have a GN Drive installed in his Flag. That would just look UGLY! Billy will probably give his flag some upgrades after studying the GN-X closely.

    I also seriously hope that the Thrones have been holding something back because if their battle with HRL’s GN-Xs is any sign of what’s going to happen next it’s this: they are seriously going to get their asses kicked!

    P.S. The Gn-X’s are pretty cool suits. I would kind of like a paintjob though. A different color for each nation maybe? Overflag black for Union’s GN-Xs, dark blue for AEU, and Tieren Green for HRL’s. Just a suggestion of course.

  26. @Kagekyuubi and Astranagun:

    The GN Drives don’t really have much to do with dispersion of G forces in the Gundam Units. According to sources (wikipedia information comes from the model kits, lol), the interior of the Gundams are superior in their engineering design to “ergonomically cushion the pilots from excessive shock.”

    As for the number of GN drives in existence at the present time in the series:

    “True” GN Drives: 5, four with the Ptolemaios Meisters, and one with Fereshte in the side story.

    Faux GN Drives (Tau): 33, three with the Thrones, ten with the Union, ten with the HRL, and ten with the AEU.

    And the GN-X “Jinx” pwns hard.

  27. The GN Drives (Tau Type) have limited operation time right? It would be funny Patrick’s GN Drive burns out during his engagement with Setsuna and gang. LOL. But unlikely.

    We have seen the Thrones release massive amount of firepower during their interventions on military bases and we don’t seem to see a drop in performance. Ian must of meant that the faux GN Drives probably stop working after a certain duration of time. Kind of like a light bulb: they burnout when they reach their limit of use. The Thrones have been using their solar furnaces so much lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if their fake GN Drives give out in soon. Maybe a week, a month, or maybe two months. I don’t know. All this is speculation still. It’s all a guess. The Thrones have been in operation for what? A week or two? I belive we will still see them in action all the way into the 2nd season.

  28. Bah, I knew it! Saji sister possibly got killed. Called it thank you :P. Wow my predictions just like yours Omni. Anyways, although I do think that Saji vs. Setsuna is unlikely. Saji will probably be facing off Nena instead as he’ll be srue to ask which Gundam was responsible for ruining Louises life and also face Ali once he’s told that he was responsible for his sisters death. However I don’t think its over for her sister yet. She’ll definitely reveal the truth in order to drive Saji’s will power. Saji in his state as of now will not do anything until given the drive to do so. He’s that type of character who won’t do anything without a strong reason. Just watch him kick ass when he given the will for revenge. Then again, watch Setsuna kick some sense back into him as well -_-.

    Meanwhile I also see that even though Graham swore to fight in a flag, that Howard will upgrade his flag with a GN Drive or something close to the sort. Graham will probably try to strengthen his body a bit against g-force to give himself more potential. The GN-Xs will probably fail by the end of the first season due to some wicked plan to kill off ace pilots, so no one can fight back against the gundam. And shit, Veda’s going to get owned unless somebody does something!

    Sora no Kaze
  29. Translation of GN-X Description from Gunota:

    -UN Forces-
    MS: GN-X
    Head height: 19.0 m
    Base weight: 70.4 t
    Pilot: UN Forces pilots
    “A solar furnace-equipped model of mobile suit manufactured according to data leaked from Celestial Being. The furnace is the same GN Drive[T] as the Gundam Thrones’. Ace pilots were chosen from the three superpowers but, transcending organizational boundaries, they’re utilized as ‘UN Forces’. They’re overwhelming in number and can fight more than evenly with a Gundam.”

    Here is the proof. All 30 GN-Xs are part on an international team. Question is though: Why didn’t they all team up to dispose of the Thrones and why does it show next episode that only AEU’s are going after Ptolemy and the Meisters in space? Doesn’t seem like they are “transcending organizational boundries” and cooperating to me. It seems more like each superpower wants to be the top dog that takes out Celestial Being. Their probably thinking that the first superpower to take out Celestial Being will be the bad ass.

  30. I’m thinking the genuine GN drives took too long to create since they required the jupiter enviroment to be created, the other 33 fake GN drives were probably created on moon or somewhere and since most likely their cores are completely different, they take less time to build and the red particles have negative attributes to it. After all the gundam meisters are constantly exposed to their green particles and they’re fine. The trinity siblings are probably test-tube babies with genetic mods or their funky suits have GN radiation protection.

    AEU are the ones going after Ptolemy since they are the only nation who knows of its existence at the moment. I don’t believed they shared Ptolemy’s information with the other two countries yet.

    With only 5 more episodes left, they still have quite a bit of material they still can cover. At this moment I think Saji’s role is to help his sister / continue his sisters work (if she dies) in revealing the grand scheme of things.

    I doubt they would just leave it off at 25 eps so there might be a Gundam OO S2 or something.

    I don’t understand why each power block would use all 10 fake GN drives in combat (putting it at risk to get it destroyed) instead of only putting 8 or 9 and using the remainder and use reverse engineering to somehow figure out its functionality and create psuedo^2 GN drives. Or even improve upon it by reducing possible power output while giving it the possibility of mass production. So that their current forces would have almost gundam-like performance but with more massive numbers such as 50-100 instead of just 10 GN-X’s

  31. Spoil
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Black cat
  32. You know, this terrible personal tragedy that Saji is going through is kinda like what all the other Gundam Meisters have gone through… It would be interesting if they try to pull that angle

  33. @Knowngni – although I have a feeling that the writers won’t take this one, one possible explanation is that the powers were supplied schematics and various parts for GN Tau drives and the 30 we see in operation right now are just completed models the powers can use right away.

  34. So basically since Alejandro gave Gundams to all 3 powers, he has Veda and Veda has control over everything = Alejandro /or Libbons /or Veda /or Aeolia has ruled the world.
    The world united into one and all in his hands = Aeolia’s goal Phase ?
    I bet the next phase is going to be something EVIL like Destiny Plan.
    Now the only guys who can stop him are CB who have abandoned Veda.


    I don’t see the point of Wang Liu Min offering her support to the Trinity though.
    Newtype Trios in Gundam are always only pawns and always die.
    If she were really smart, she would be visiting Lagna instead of them.

  35. I’m liking this series more and more as it progresses, especially now. The show already had it’s work cut-out for itself following Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny (I haven’t seen all of Destiny yet.

    Despite certain UNcertainties such as Wang Liu Mei (I still like her a lot =D) and the Trinity Siblings, I’m enjoying the introduction of the GN-Xs to eliminate the seemingly invincibility of the Gundams…

    …but the highlight is Alejandro Corner’s discovery of Veda’s main core =D!!

  36. What I took away from this episiode…

    Alejandro Corner’s family has always had a plan to change CB’s plans by changing Veda. He couldn’t do it before he found Livonze, who appears to be the same sort of android/artifical human as Tiera and Nena.

    The GN-X’s are powered by the faulty drives, since there would not be enough time to make them on Jupiter.

    Saji’s life keeps getting more and more complicated.

    Two random thoughts:

    People who know about CB keep getting assassinated. Who is doing it? This episiode made me lean towards Wang. She seems to have the determination and resources to do it.

    I wonder what Feldt’s real name is… Both her parents are dead. Both Saji’s are dead. Feldt Crossroad? Would be an interesting twist…

  37. My prediction is, the GN-X’s will beat up on the Original Meisters and end it there for episode 21. Episode 22 the trinity’s go down one by one and same goes for GN-X one by one or groups, then Meisters will kill the whole lot of them with the Original GN arms. It’s getting to intense in this show. And Saji will kill everyone at the end. LOL

  38. Episode Previews:

    Ep 22 – Transam
    Johanne & Micheal Killed. GN Arms Debut. Alejandro Assisinated.

    Ep 23 – The World Stopped
    Attacked of the Hijacked Zwei. Exia Powered Up. Ali KIA (Killed In Action).

    Ep 24 – Endless Poem
    Ptolemaios Sinked. Rampaged of Nena in a Giant MA (mobile armour).

    Ep 25 – Setsuna
    Collaspe of the Space Elevator. Daryl, Nena, Lasse Aion KIA.


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