Though Hiromi is still suspended from school, both she and Shinichirou are glad that they’re not siblings. While she spends her time at home working and studying, Shinichirou decides to take notes for her during class after he notices that her friend Tomoyo is sleeping through it. Noe meanwhile stares at the snow outside the school thinking about how the words that Shinichirou spelled out for her are getting buried deeper and deeper. She wants to see him, but the person who appears behind her is actually Nobuse. He asks her to put a curse on him that makes him not get attached to anyone because he wants to become a cool kind of guy. This stems from how Aiko had earlier wanted to break up with him, and he wouldn’t let her. Noe stares at Nobuse for a moment before taking his hand and closing her eyes as if she’s doing it. Afterwards, she spots Shinichirou leaving school and tries to catch up with him, but after running a few steps, she stops and just watches him walk off.

Nobuse, on the other hand, runs into Aiko on the way home, and she attempts to break up with him again. Taking on a cheerful attitude, Nobuse tells Aiko that he’s fine with it and reveals that he got a curse from Noe. He wants Aiko to smile because he thinks that her smile is the best, and before she can respond, he runs off. Shinichirou meanwhile arrives home that afternoon and hands Hiromi the notes he took. He then heads upstairs and mopes around on his bed thinking about his picture book and what Noe had said about how the place where he flies is not here. After looking at the notes, Hiromi decides to go see Shinichirou’s father about something, and though he agrees to make the arrangements, he asks her not to forget that she’s part of their family. The next day, Hiromi pays a visit to the bike shop where Jun is working and suggests that they put an end to their relationship. She claims that it’s not because she dislikes Jun, but with everything that’s happened, she wants to get away from it all so that she can sort through her feelings. Jun, however, reminds her what he said about breaking up being troublesome and refuses to agree to it.

At school, Nobuse tells Shinichirou about how he and Aiko broke up, and Shinichirou wonders if it’s his fault. He decides to go see Noe at the chicken coop, and though she initially asks him why he’s coming to her, she quickly takes the question back. Shinichirou ends up asking her if she wants to come to the traditional dance practice, and she agrees after getting him to say that he’ll dance for her sake today. When they get there, Shinichirou tries to introduce Noe and Aiko, but Aiko already knows that Noe was Shinichirou’s first girlfriend. While everyone is practicing, Aiko thanks Noe for the curse because she thinks that it’s the reason that Nobuse was able to let her go. She also admits that she liked Shinichirou and gets embarrassed about what she’s saying. To Aiko’s surprise, Noe reveals that there can’t be a curse and starts to say something about if there were one, but she never finishes her sentence.

Noe ends up leaving early, so once the practice is over, Shinichirou walks home with Aiko. When Shinichirou brings up the topic of her breaking up with Nobuse, Aiko makes no attempt to hide the fact that it was Shinichirou’s fault. He then notices the boxes that she’s holding and offers to carry them, but Aiko announces that she won’t let him help her anymore – she feels that she’s graduated from him. That night, shortly after Shinichirou arrives home, Hiromi visits his room and informs him that she’s leaving the house. She reveals that when she originally came here, she had the option of moving into the apartment building of an acquaintance if she felt that living in someone else’s home would be difficult. At the time, she came because she wanted to live here. Shinichirou worries that it’ll be dangerous for her to live alone, but Hiromi ignores him and instead looks at some of the drawings on his desk. Reading them makes her feel that even though she was living in the same house, she probably did not know him at all. Shinichirou continues to try to get her to reconsider moving, but Hiromi has made up her mind.

When the day comes for her to move out, everyone helps bring her stuff out to a waiting truck. Towards the end, Shinichirou finds Hiromi staring out a window reminiscing about when she first came here. He thinks that she doesn’t have any good memories, but Hiromi claims that there were some happy times and cites how they went to the festival when they were little. She still remembers how he had gone without his shoe after seeing that she had lost hers. This surprises Shinichirou because Hiromi had told him before that she didn’t remember, and when he brings it up, Hiromi admits that she can’t forget about such a memory. She can still recall all the feelings from that night, ranging from the loneliness of getting lost to the happiness of being found, and she admits that that’s the reason she came to this house. Hiromi knew that she’d be lonely without her parents and felt that if she came here, then Shinichirou could find her again. However, she also realizes now that she can’t wish for that any more.

Shinichirou tries to respond to all this, but Hiromi hurries out before he’s able to. He initially opts not to see her off as the truck carrying her and her stuff drives away from his house, however after thinking about it, he decides to chase after her on his bicycle. Along the way, he thinks about the first lines of his picture book about wanting to wipe away her tears, and he acknowledges that he’s an idiot. He finally catches up with the truck as it turns around a bend, but as he tries to make the same turn, the bicycle wheel slips on the wet road and causes him to crash into the ground. Having seen Shinichirou in the side-view mirror, Hiromi has the driver of the truck stop so that she can run back to check if he’s okay. She ends up tripping on the snow before she reaches him and falls forward right into his arms. Panting heavily and all scraped up, Shinichirou vows to Hiromi that he’ll do everything properly.


Well that certainly would have made a good final episode. It had all the right elements: girl tearfully separating from boy, the two being reunited in a dramatic fashion, and even an insert song for that extra oomph. The one critique I have is that the scene where Hiromi runs back to Shinichirou after he crashed was a little too long and too overly dramatic, but on the whole, the writers and director have been doing a wonderful job with this. Of course, we’re not quite to the end just yet since Noe and Aiko are both sad and alone, and there’s still the issue of Noe’s tears. Noe technically still has her siscon brother to rely on, but I’m not so sure about Aiko anymore. I’ve said for a while that I thought she’d end up with Nobuse, but after everything it took for her to break up with him and to “graduate” from Shinichirou, I think she’ll just end up being alone but happy.

I guess technically Shinichirou hasn’t truly confessed his feelings to Hiromi yet, so there’s still the chance that the series will swing back to Noe, but it seems more likely that he’ll just help her get her tears back. Three episodes is a pretty long time to do only that though, so I wonder what other things the writers have in store. There’s obviously still the upcoming festival, and there’s also how Jun doesn’t want to let Hiromi go (whether it be because of his own feelings for her or because of his concern for his sister), especially since the preview has Hiromi saying the line “I’m not the one that you like.” When I read the episode title spoilers last week, I thought that it would be said to Shinichirou, but after this week, it makes more sense that she is saying it to Jun. We’ll find out next week…


  1. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??!!! Why oh ye japanese anime makers is it always the emo-girl? Why not just once the strong genki girl who supports the doormat’s dreams, who’s straight forward with her feelings? No, it’s always the emo-drag of a girl who’s completely needy and even worse she’s secretive about it and prefers to play senseless games with her love-interest. It especially annoys me since the girls that got shafted totally outshine Hiromi.

    Aiko+Noe 4EVER!!

  2. Well at least they are not 100% consistent, that’s the purpose of the Aiko’s cartoon look to reduce some emotions from the viewers.

    this episode
    Less Noe, more Hiromi and Ai.
    There would be a turnaround in the coming two episodes. I hope ShinXNoe in the end (I don’t like ShinXHiromi(this is much old school type of ending) or ShinXAi(like Shuffle! Ending).

    Noe deserves Shin much more.
    Oh Noe seems sad in the preview.

  3. My betting on the “I’m not the one you like” part is Hiromi speaking to Noe’s brother. He obviously has a thing for Noe. (Kidding, although possible)

    Even so, I am betting it’s to her brother.

  4. Well, Aiko finally breaks up with Nobuse! It took her three times to do it!
    I was surprised by her moving out in this episode, I know it was a certain thing but didn’t know it was going to happen in this episode. We probably won’t see anymore of Aiko and nobuse till episode 13. The Aiko-nobuse ordeal is over. At least she apologized to Nobuse for using him to be close to Shin!

  5. do you think that the ending would be like Noe ends up with Shinichiro…because like what Fushichou said…Hiromi said that i’m not the one you like…would it kinda hint that she likes Jun but she knows that Jun doesn’t like her and stuff

  6. Crystal: it has been painfully obvious that Hiromi has been in love with Shinichiro all this time, although she repressed her feelings when she moved with him, thinking he was her brother (Marmalade Boy-esque plot device). Her going out with Jun was simply an unexpected turn of events, from a silly lie to get through Tomoyo’s questioning.

    I’m not so sure about how Shinichiro feels, although if I had to pick a winner, at this point it’d be Hiromi, since it seems all the barriers that kept them apart are falling down.

    There’s still a couple of episodes left, and we have yet to see if Nobuse and Aiko get back together, but I don’t think they will pull any surprise before the end… maybe a couple of twists, or even a non-ending.

  7. Hiromi (and the staff of True Tears) would have to be utterly retarded to tell Shin that she’s not the one he loves, it’s obvious she has to be talking about Jun since he’s still trying to keep their relationship (which was built on a foundation of lies) together for the sake of his siter.

    Hiromi knows he’s a siscon so the “I’m not the one you love” line obviously means he loves Noe, remember how Jun holds back from caressing Noe’s face in an early episode and also how he said “it’s painful when you can’t love the things you love” when he met Hiromi at the park.

  8. Don’t you think Hiromi will say that to Jun because he didn’t want her to break up with him so I thought she might saying that to him at one point. Also Jun seem like he starting to like Hiromi.

    Today EP also HIROMI on the winning side. Wonder why she have to move out or she don’t want to start going full force to show feeling for Shin when she still in the same house or what?

  9. Damn Shin, why couldn’t you tell Hiromi you loved her, but then again if that happened I’d really be worried. I still feel as if Noe comes off as the destined girl from the OP, how she appeared in the beginning of the series, and ED where she’s running at the head of the pack. Then the title True Tears which I eventually equated with Noe crying by the end. In my opinion True Tears refers to tears of happiness, and for Noe to have that Shin has to come back to her. I really hope it turns out as Hiromi x Shin, it was totally a Hiromi ep in my opinion.


    Sorry, this probably doesn’t help. I forgot where, but in another anime a similar thing happened. Two teens were living under the same roof due to various circumstances. One of them moved out so they could be honest with each other in the open. Apparently there would have been problems if they went out together while living in the same house. I don’t think Hiromi’s reasoning is that simple. However if she and Shin went out while living together I bet all kinds of rumors would fly about them. Or maybe she’s leaving so rumors don’t start because Shin already got into a fight because of her.

  10. Guys it so obvious, Shin and Hiromi are going to end up together which will cause Noe to finally be able to cry thus Shinichiro being the reason she regained her tears back.

  11. I haven’t watch it yet, but Nobuse/Noe wouldn’t suck haha.

    Shinichirou and Hiromi have liked each other since forever, it would be stupid that Shini’s feelings would have changed in such a short time…
    So I want to think she is talking with Jun.

  12. Seeing how this episode went, I am thinking that we may not get a hiromi x shin ending. They showed this kinda early and if it would be settle for Shin and Hiromi, this would’ve been saved for the end. And seeing as how Noe looks in the preview, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hiromi was saying those lines to Shin. Who knows? 2 more episodes and we will see.

  13. If it’s one thing guys, it’s that the previews are misleading. We saw it before with the Hiromi shot that everyone thought would be with her and Jun getting it on. Now this other preview with her saying that line. Of course depending on who you ask they’ll say she’s saying it to Shin (from those who like Noe) or Jun (those who’re actually following the story).

    It’s a good episode either way.

  14. @ZeroAlpha

    Uhhh, The Canvas 2 ending was “not” a last minute 180 degree change/plot twist to the show. People keep bringing it up like it’s the prime example of a show that can just change at the end. But that’s not the case. I don’t wanna get into it because we’re not talking about Canvas 2 here, but the whole show is full, and I mean FULL of plot and story parts that setup the ending you get. Basically the guy through the whole show is lying to himself and trying to be a teacher etc.

  15. “I still feel as if Noe comes off as the destined girl from the OP, how she appeared in the beginning of the series, and ED where she’s running at the head of the pack”

    She’s only in front of the pack because she’s following the two chickens, Hiromi appears first in the OP and is also the last to disappear in the logo screen during the OP.

  16. Also track #30 from the OST I’m 95% sure will be played during the confession scene and it fits Hiromi X Shin more than any other couple, I get a sense of “finally” from it which only applies to those two since they have wanted to hook up with each other before the series even started, but couldn’t due to reasons we now know.

  17. Canvas 2 is actually a good comparison since Shin seems to be lying to himself the whole time – thinking that childhood memories and emotions can substitute for action and progress. The latter two are usually more important when it comes to love and it’s about time Shin realizes it.

    Shin has shown most of his development, both as a person and as an artist, due to Noe’s influence. I can easily see him making the switch once the truth hits him in the face.

  18. I think that hiromi says it to shin because if he had told her that she loved her then that would be completly sure that shin and hiromi would end up together but from when he said something else after she fell on him. I think that its now clear that she would say that to shin because of hin not confessing.
    Although I do think that hiromi is better for shin( No offence to the ShinXNoe people) but the way things are going I think that shin would end up Noe.

  19. @dang

    The situations are completely different in both shows. You’re actually just twisting it to make it fit for Shin in true tears. Both characters are doing different things and are thinking different things.

    But like this show Canvas 2 is, as i’ve said, full of story development that points out the ending before hand. If anyone was shocked at the final episode then I suppose they didn’t pickup on what the story was doing for 20+ episodes.

  20. @LighTdR
    Yes you are indeed #1. XD

    I have i question though. I don’t get it, what was Shinshirou mother’s mad about? Why everything was fixed in a split of a second?

  21. they are misleading the preview again. Of course people will think hiromi will say it to Shin but actually she will say it to Jun… Its obvious that she will say it to Jun bcause Hiromi already know that Shin has feeling for her(Jun saying that Shin go out with Noe in exchange for JUN going out with her and Shin hugging Hiromi.) well im sure the ending would be at the date of the festival! Noe will realize that Shin is not the one for her and get her tears back. She will cry after Shin dance(Shin promised that he will do something that Noe can only see in the dance.) Hiromi/Shin will walk holding hands just like what they did in the past and kiss( haha my delusiön again)… Back to preview,she is moving but i guess would not transfer school.

  22. @banzemanga – well is it obvious, shin’s mother has that complex being so irritated with hiromi’s mom and now passed on to her when she started living with them…

    and the fixed part that you said was when she (shin’s mom) was worried because shin hasn’t return yet and maybe her spouse (shin’s pop) told her to not be harsh on hiromi blahblahblah… and care for hiromi like everyone else is doing… blahblahblah… because hiromi is now part of the family…

    where’s the subbed….! want to watch it now…

  23. Aiko has gone into lying mode! First she told Noe she Loved Shin(in the past tense) and then she told Shin that she is passed him. It is obvious that Aiko is trying to make things easy for Shin!

  24. It seem that whatever happen in the story Noe’s fans still think it’s routing for Noe x Shin. If you said that this happening too fast before the series end for Hiromi I think Shin confess to Noe even happen much faster than Hiromi part.

    I think Noe’s fans have to wake up now because it’s not just 1 EP about Hiromi but now 2 that they try to resolve all the things between Shin and Hiromi. At the start of this episode both of them think in their mind that they are not sibling anymore.

    She even got insert song for the moment Shin start riding after her car and realize his feeling. Don’t you guys that screen where they both toward each other beautiful.

  25. This looks like what I;ve been saying for weeks: AIKO could be the one.

    Everything goes Hiromi’s way for the majority of the time, but just like the previews for the following week’s episode: they are all decoys and red herrings. Nobody knows exactly who’s the lucky girl for Shin, but the most unlikely and (the most ignored: Aiko) will eventually trump everyone.

  26. I think Hiromi will say “I’m not the one that you like.” to Shinichiro. Not much basis behind it, but when I first heard of the episode title last week, I immediately felt that Hiromi would be the one saying it to Shinichiro. I would rather like Hiromi and Jun together too… ^^

  27. I think Hiromi would not say that to Shin because Noe already said the same thing [or mean the same thing] to Shin because she know Shin like Hiromi why would Hiromi say to him again just to push him back to Noe? Don’t you guys see that Hiromi went to see Jun just to say we should stop dating because we didn’t like each other. And Jun try to stop that and it seem that Jun caring for Hiromi a bit because he keep calling her and also in the preview someone call Hiromi and look at her eyes after she saw who calling. I’m sure that would be Jun because she would not make those eyes if it was Shin.

    Also you can see that the break between Jun and Hiromi we still haven’t seen it, because it stop at Jun said that it would be a problem and Hiromi angry eyes.

    Noe’s fans please see other possibility as well. It seem you guys keep lying to yourself over and over again.

  28. The logic I’m seeing is that Hiromi is saying that line in the preview to Jun. Does Jun really like Hiromi or is he using her to keep his “siscon” feelings towards Noe in check (despite the fact that Hiromi figured it out already)? Besides, why is Hiromi wanting to break up with Jun?

    Sailor Enlil
  29. @AsPHERE

    Telling Noe fans to see other possibilities is meaningless. Until the series truly ends, they will still keep going. There are still 3 episodes (correction from my last post) I believe left and that is still more than enough time for something to turn around. Like I mentioned, they showed this kinda early and Shin X Hiromi was the “SET” couple, this would’ve been saved for the end. So you should also see more possibilities rather than thinking Shin and Hiromi will be the final couple. I could also say that Hiromi fans are lying to themselves over and over. Wait and see what happens in the next several episodes -_-

  30. Well, the previews are always confusing and when we think of this happening the most, it turns out to be the one that we all didn’t really see coming. I guess Hiromi’s gonna say w/e it was to Jun because I think the creators just wanna make us wanna watch the next episode, but what really happens isn’t really important. Oh gawd, I think I’ve lost what I’m trying to say, lols.

    Anyway, I’m a NoexShin fan, but not all of us are thinking that it’s going to end that way. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a ShinxHiromi ending, and IF that happens, I’m hoping Noe will go with Jun.

    anime incest ftw~~

  31. My favorite pairing was AikoxShin! I kind of pity the people that still think Aiko has a chance! I give her a .0001% chance to win! I wouldn’t mind someone to laugh at my face about me being wrong though :)! It is so obvious that it will be ShinxHiromi after episode 10.

    What is left of the series is, episode 11, hiromi finally breaks up with Jun; episode 12, Shin finally breaks up with Noe; episode 13, Shin and Hiromi end together. Loose ends for episode 13,show Aiko and nobuse in friendly terms hopes for a reconciliation but probably won’t happen on screen; Noe and Jun getting along. Happy ending.

  32. “Well, the previews are always confusing and when we think of this happening the most, it turns out to be the one that we all didn’t really see coming.”

    The thing is all those things that actually happened made sense, Hiromi telling Shin that he doesn’t love her though doesn’t make sense.

  33. I’m rooting for Hiromi and Shinichiro, but I got the same Canvas 2 vibe others mentioned. I think Shinichiro will end up with Noe because through out this episode. it clearly showed that Shin and Noe have lingerly feeling toward each other. While Hiromi seems like she is moving on from Shinichiro similar to Aiko’s situation. Bah, I guess we’ll wait and see next week.

  34. Quite an unexpected turn of event. Though they haven’t confessed to one another yet, Shin and Hiromi are the first two to recover. The confession will probably come after Hiromi properly broke up with Jun and Shin with Noe, similar to what happened with Nobuse and Ai-chan did this episode. Obviously, Hiromi-Jun pairing will get resolved first, since we have Noe’s tears complicating the Shin-Noe pair. We also need to resolve Ai-chan issue somehow, since her feelings for Shin don’t seem to end quite yet.

  35. Shin did NOT confess to Hiromi here. Why? That’s was so a perfect moment.. lost..
    His words to do everything properly let me think that he is going to sort own feelings out knowingly as well. Then, what is basically for him to decide on?
    * Aiko? – not at all. “never thought of you this way” stuff puts the bold dot.
    * Hiromi – “comforting a pity girl for her sake” choice.
    * Noe – “mentally supportive girl for himself” choice.
    So, what Shin will decide? Or will he rely on a moment? Who knows – this is all fiction. That’s why these series are so captivating.
    I still eager for Shin x Noe, since this type of girls make men move mountains.

  36. t-g8:
    To me it looks like he almost did. Remember his line right before he crashed?
    Ore… Ore… omae ga-
    I’d like to think that there’ll be a suki da after that, too bad he slipped first lol

  37. Cause its true?

    Jun’s always been obsessed with Noe. He only dates Hiromi out of concern for Hiromi’s happiness and spends the time to stalk Shin over it.

    Hiromi actually loves Shin; this has been abundantly clear since the beginning as her answer to the question of who she liked was just a farce since she said whatever was socially acceptable at the time (definitely not Shin).

    Shin actually loves Hiromi (has loved since the beginning and around the middle even as his feelings wavered towards Noe).

    Why would she say that to Shin, when it seems fairly obvious that Jun’s the one who deserves that kind of statement… since he doesn’t actually like Hiromi.

  38. While it’s possible to say that who Shin will actually end up with is uncertain, I think Shin and Hiromi have shown each other the most actual love throughout this series, far greater than any of the other pairings, with maybe the exception of Jun and Noe. For such a thing to change all of a sudden would, in my opinion, leave a really bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.

  39. There’s a way for audience to influence the ending. Send an email to the anime studio to request a certain ending in exchange for buying the original DVD.

    I think double ending is the best as both Hiromi shippers and Noe shippers will be happy.

  40. As one other person pointed out (and I was about the say the same), it’d be deadly retarded if the writer breaks up Shinn and Hiromi. So the other two episodes will most likely be on Noe, especially right now as most people related to Shinn are coming together (eg. Nebuse and Noe, Aiko and Noe)

    This week’s episode plus Shana’s, makes a very weird week of two last-ep-like episodes that are not the last.

  41. After watching the anime so far and reading some of the comments, ive decide to give my opinions. Lets use the “FEELING” when it comes to this kinda drama, its based on it anyway.

    From ep 1 the feeling the anime give tells the ending will be shin X hiromi, though many other couple fan will disagree with it. I’m quite sure some felt it as well only to be in denial. Some will ask Why it is always like this? Because people like it that way, many people in the world are longing for heart wrenching love story where the hero/heroine suffers through the process and eventually come together finding their true love. And reason being to that need is many people in the world lacks feeling love and need this kinda drama to fill the emptiness in them. Don’t start framing me that one having girlfriend and stuff still lacks it. My answer for that is their emotion are screwed up and ego is in place. Lastly for those handful that prefer other endings, well, do prepare for the worse. As the outcome of creating the anime is to make money and if the target ending was to the minority then it defeats the whole purpose.

    If anyone do feel offended by my comment, my apology to you.


  42. Well, when they write and produce an anime, they have no way of knowing exactly what percentage of viewers will want a particular ending given the characters and plot they have created. They are going to write a story based on what they want to convey for that plot It’s not about writing it a particular way just to make money, although, one of the reasons for producing anime is to make money. Noe is such a cute, quirky and lovable character that I dare say there are at least as many rooting for her as there are for Hiromi. It’s just as likely that Shin and Hiromi will decide they are really just good friends and Noe will cry True Tears of happiness when Shin returns to her. That could be the whole point of a Hiromi diversion now and why this plot was written as it has been. Three episodes in more than enough time for that to happen, so the ending is still pretty much up in the air. Time will tell.

  43. it seems like the parings so far are shin x hiromi noe x nobuse and aika x jun (aika got her heart broken jun gets dumped somehow they both meet on talk about their problems and thats the relationship) or the writers might twist the ending everybody ends up alone but happy shin finishes his picture book and all that stuff or noe and nobus hook up and every one else is alone this anime throws a frekin twist in every corner so you really dont know what to expect

    jackmovein gatfool
  44. it seems like the parings so far would be shin x hiromi jun x ai-chan noe x nobuse its seems like it would head in that direction but its true tears so who knows if anything every body just might end up being alone but happy the writers throw a twist in every episode

  45. Aiko and Jun? Sorry man, but I’ll have to say, what have you been smoking? Consider this, there is absolutely nothing between them so far. I’d be surprised if they had actually seen each other. And all of a sudden they’re just going to hook up because Aiko likes dating random men? That theory is too full of holes — too too full.

  46. Can I have some of what he’s been smoking? I mean seriously… Jun x Ai? Noe x Nobuse?

    The only things being hinted at so far are Shin x Hiromi loudly and Jun x Noe softly (all of the speculation about how Jun’s true feelings are for Noe but he’s been covering it all up from the whole “the one you like isn’t me” line).

  47. I actually made a mistake when I said that I would be surprised if Aiko has seen Jun. Now that I remember, in one of the middle episodes, Jun came by and took Shin away for a chat while Shin and Aiko were walking together, but aside from that, there’s nothing.

  48. Just as Mao moved out from Kouichi’s household in Kimi Kiss, Hiromi also moved out from Shinichirou’s household in True Tears. Childhood friends just can’t stay at each other’s house. Adolescences have small living circles. They easily develop unstable, romantic feelings towards people around them just because they are close. Never mind that such impulses often have weak or no basis in compatibility between each other’s characters. It is hard to predict which directions these two series are going to take. But I believe in true love, and really hope the two series will deliver convincing endings.

  49. The reason Hiromi wanted to move out because she wanted to be independent. There are many (nosy) neighbors out there, so all hell will break loose if two adolescents living under the same roof are having intimate relationship with each other. And it just doesn’t help (in her romantic life) when Shin’s parents are saying to the public (school principle) that she’s part of the family.

    So, as she’s coming out of her shell and stop repressing her feeling for Shin, it’s not hard for her to realize that, to engage in romantic relationship with Shin, she has to distance herself a bit from Shin’s family. That way, she can pave way for her love to grow stronger without others (esp. Shin’s mom and the school) getting in the way.

    So, to me, Himori’s moving out is not really about weakening the unstable romantic feeling. Rather, it’s more about Hiromi “gaining more space” for her long-repressed feelings to shine itself even more. Her action of moving out wasn’t done on a whim; she has definitely thought through about her own feelings and decide to act on it. Beside moving out, in this one single episode, she now wanted to stop repressing her own feeling, stop lying to Shin that she forgot that much-fond childhood memory, and, more than anything, she wanted to stop “pretending being lovers” with Jun. So, at this point of the story, I don’t think we even need to predict Hiromi feelings. It’s so out in the open that it’s now unquestionable.

  50. People supporting Jun x Ai and Noe x Nobuse probably read too much shoujo manga: although Noe x Nobuse has a weak stand-point as far as this episode went, Jun x Ai will -NEVER- happen.

  51. Jauken7: I don’t disagree with you of the possibility that your ShinxNoe scenario may still happen, but looking at the events that happened so far, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that Shin and Hiromi just decide that they are friends and Shin wandering back to Noe whistling, as most Noe fans hope. If they really plan on using such a plot line, then I seriously fail to see the point of Shin’s chase, and Hiromi’s tears.

  52. MakubeX: Yes, it is already licensed by Bandai, but that hasn’t stopped the subbers. They are all on

    Garet: I don’t discount the notion of a Hiromi ending, I’m just saying the whole point of the plot may have been to keep us guessing with a last minute diversion and final realization where their true feelings lie. There is usually a reason behind the various plot devices used and they don’t always lead to one inevitable conclusion. Shin’s and Hiromi’s shared past has provided a lot of plot development so it wasn’t wasted and useless, but it doesn’t have to lead to their pairing either. It ain’t over till it’s over and I think it’s still anyones guess at this point.

  53. what the heck.. why are the good animes being licensed… is it that the company airing them must get credits from us.. since the anime theyre airing has this increasing popularity among the people… so imbecile

  54. Well, the whole point of being in business is to make money and anime isn’t just an art form, it’s a business. There would be a whole lot less anime if there was no money to be made from it. With all the video and stills of anime and manga for free on the internet, the industry is hurting, so much so that one of the giants, Geneon, is now out of business. If we don’t support the industry by buying the products of those we like, there will little available to like in the first place. So I don’t blame them for licensing it before it finishes airing or even before it airs; if they can’t make money at it, they won’t produce it.

  55. Rofl rc, truest words anyone has ever said.

    Shin to Hiromi – “There haven’t been many good memories have there?” = Equally true words. Hence, omfg if HiromixShin ending.

    Noe please. And make it snappy. =]


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