Inside the blue field, Hecate takes the Reiji Maigo and sends it into the clock tower, putting it in the silver armor in Dantalion’s lab. This awakens the armor, and that in turn causes the clock tower to begin to glow. Shana meanwhile rushes towards the edge of the blue field and realizes that it’s not a fuuzetsu, though normal humans still can’t see or sense it. When the ground in front of her deforms, a real fuuzetsu forms due to Margery, and Wilhelmina arrives soon after too. Shana then activates her Flame Haze powers and tries to attack the field, but neither she nor the other two can get through it. Moments later, Hecate casts a spell that causes pillars of power of existence to rise up around the blue field and bend inwards toward it. Alastor thinks that Bel Peol is behind all this, and though this is true, Bel Peol is not personally there at the moment. In her place, Hecate and Dantalion succeed in further awakening the silver armor and causing the clock tower to warp into a doughnut shape. Outside of it, Yuuji tries to figure out what’s going on and realizes that his power of existence is being sucked up by something using the Reiji Maigo. He knows that he can’t recover his power of existence without it and that he’ll disappear if all of that gets sucked out.

Back outside the blue field, Shana is ready to use everything she’s got to get through to Yuuji, but Wilhelmina stops her because she predicts that the Bal Masqué members would be ready for them inside. It is at this point that Kazumi finally finds the Flame Hazes and reports that the Reiji Maigo got taken from Yuuji. She knows because she heard Johan’s voice from the cross-shaped Hougu that Wilhelmina now identifies as the Giralda, and Johan wanted Kazumi to tell Wilhelmina and the others to get the Reiji Maigo back to Yuuji quickly. Alastor reasons from this that Yuuji can’t recover his power of existence, but he thinks that Yuuji still has a fairly large amount of it currently. Nevertheless, Shana worries about what will happen if Yuuji does lose all this power, and Tiamat suggests that Yuuji will disappear. Margery then calls up Keisaku and asks him to look on the Haridan map at the flow of the power of existence on the blue field and find a spot they can enter through. While Keisaku is doing this, Shana explains to Kazumi that she’s not going in to save Yuuji, but to fight together with him, and she’s confident that he’s trying his best inside there.

By now, Yuuji has realized that he can’t get out of the blue field and that, because Shana hasn’t come yet, it must not be easy to get in either. He can sense something inside the metallic doughnut structure, and decides to go into it because he wants to stop it before it can do something to the city. His presence is soon detected by Dantalion’s robot assistant Domino who then sends robot guards after him. Yuuji uses some of his recently learned abilities against these guards, but more come after him, so he continues running. Keisaku meanwhile has found a spot for the Flame Hazes to try to enter through, and Margery compliments him on doing so. Before she and the other two Flame Haze enter the blue field, Shana vows to Kazumi that she’ll be back with Yuuji and that they’ll retry what they were doing before this all started. Despite the danger of an ambush, Margery spearheads their dive into the blue field, and there is indeed someone waiting for them: Sydonay. He immediately knocks Margery out, and this results in her fuuzetsu outside the field disappearing.

Having now gotten a chance to see what’s inside the blue field, Shana wonders about the clock tower, and Dantalion shows up to explain that the power that moves this mechanism is something obtained from the fountain of existence that once appeared here. All of this power was sealed and hidden here by Bel Peol, and they sent Konoe Fumina to gather emotions so that they could get the data to control it. Thus, what they’re making uses the power of existence to move, the gathered emotions as its brain, and the Reiji Maigo as its heart – something Dantalion calls the Taimei Shihen. Deciding that they have to destroy it at once, Shana and Wilhelmina engage in battle with Sydonay and Hecate, and Shana is determined to end this fight together with Yuuji before his power is exhausted. Inside the structure, Yuuji is fighting more of the robot guards, but as the ground under him starts shaking, he loses his footing and falls into a pit. Back outside, Dantalion announces the creation of a Tomogara that could previously only be done in the Crimson Realm, something called the Gou no Ritsuzou.


Considering this wasn’t a final episode, I didn’t expect to see them animate through the entire ED+credits. Some of the most exciting stuff in the episode happened during then, and I guess that just shows how much material they have left to cover. On that note though, I’m not a big fan of how they just had Dantalion explain everything in the final couple of minutes because it seems like a weak attempt to tie everything together. I understand that given the amount of time left to cover so much stuff, things are bound to feel rushed, but at the same time, I wish the pacing of the series was good from the very beginning so that this situation would have never happened.

Regardless, I’m still really curious to see how this ends in just one more episode, especially since they keep hinting that Kazumi will finally use the Hougu. If you think about it though, it’s not possible that she will use it unless there’s either going to be a cliffhanger-ish ending or a deus ex machina way for her to survive, neither of which would feel satisfactory. That’s part of the reason it almost seems like there’s just too much stuff to wrap up, but I think that as long as Shana and friends don’t need to defeat the entire Bal Masqué, a good ending is probably doable. I suspect that Yuuji may still not choose between one of the two girls though, and that could be left up to another sequel.


  1. Man, the stupid shit continues. I never knew Ball Masque was Shana’s TEAM ROCKET, always screwing up stuff for their boss and never getting anything accomplished. We’re supposed to be seeing Sairei no Hebi Sakai Yuuji kicking ass without even trying, instead it’s a REPEAT OF SEASON 1’s POORLY REGARDED ANIME “ORIGINAL” ENDING. Anime original? I liked it better when it was called bullshit.

  2. I dont get what they are doing for this episode, it does look like they are trying to create an artificial tomogara but whats the purpose in doing that? It would be more sensible if it does connect to Sairei no Hebi but this does not seem to be the case and the preview shows like Kasumi will have have urge to use that hougu which if it does happen that would change the whole series and SnH mostly wont appear at all. What is happening in this filter anyways?

  3. @setsuke, indeed, not to mention they even were willing to do a lot stuffs for that, eg, pretending to go to school etc. it is really weird if in the end, the artificial tomogara stuff doesn’t serve a really important purpose…(eg. for SnH).

  4. Credits on a second to last ep? That’s a bit confusing. XP
    But still… I seriously wonder how they will conclude everything in one ep. There’s so much.
    I feel a season 3 coming.

  5. Next week we’ll see an open ending, that’s for sure~
    Probably kind of similar ending as in season1 ala Kazumi will use the hougu, but survives at the end (oh wonder).
    And with that, the milking of the Shana business continues pff..

  6. I just don’t get why Yuuji had to pull out Blutsauger in the end. As dumb as those robots are standing to fight them is just a waste of time. He was acting so smart up to then and then he falls back into the pathetic pattern.

    Does anyone know when Viz is going to release the third novel? I find them far better than the anime so far.

  7. The light novel series actually probably has 2 or 3 more novels left, not adapting novel 16 leaves novels 10, 15, 16 and possibly 2-3 more novels for a third season to cover. A total of 5 or 6 novels to use.

    Stuff the anime has covered:

    Season 1: Content from 9 novels, plus anime original ending (which was basically retconned)
    Season 2: Content from a game, an anime original arc, a sidestory from one of the novel series’ sidestory books, 6 novels and an anime original ending.

  8. The Blutsauger is still here? I thought Sarbrac destroyed it when he stabbed it with his sword. Must have went to Margery. Well I’m interested in how they finish this season and it seems good. Though the only issue I have is these tards who keep flaming about how this animation group has screwed up the series. If you want to flame just go watch Dragonaut.

  9. The whole dying in order to use hogou will end up to be a courage test. I am a little dismayed that they wasted the majority of the first 10 episodes with BS stuff, they could have used that time to expand the badness elements of the final 5.

  10. This certainly seems like a rehash of the first season’s ending, except for the different objectives, different venues, different tactics by Balle Masque and…I don’t know, changed characters?

    I don’t get some people. You scoff at the concept of milking for business, and yet here we ungrateful bastards are, some whining about fansubs, and others about how people are trying to make more money, and yet we continue to watch despite all the complaints. Tone it down, geez.

    Back on topic: This looks like an action-filled one, simply like the part where the heroes find themselves in the darkest hour of a story. The next episode will either make or break the whole deal about Balle Masque’s plans.

    Owaranai Destiny
  11. Hmmm it’s a little far fetch’d but is it possible for two people to share the reiji maigo? If Kasumi ever uses the hougo and dies this could happen. Or they make another way for her to survive, we’ll just have to see next week.

  12. @ Searcher

    Omg thats a good point.0_0 Maybe JCSTAFF will pull something like Yuji was secretly at night talking to Sof.:K And/or has already combined with him.

    Im just babbling now but seriously when I finally caught up to the recent episodes I cant help but keep thinking about the next episode till it arrives.X_X Shana is better to watch marathoned rather than weekly.=/

  13. According to the novels, the new Sairei no Hebi is an ‘artificial’ tomogara. His original body is locked in a hidden dimension by ancient flame hazes and cannot escape.

  14. I REALLY hope this 2 episodes are a way to make the story longer than in the 14th novel but in the end Sakai Yuuji Combine with Sairei no Hebi, I REALLY HOPE THAT.
    And i also HOPE that they are not planing to kill Yoshida, because if they do that there’s not going to be a way back to the original story.

  15. bullshit >.>

    No signs of snh stuff either…disappointing -.-

    If they ever create a third season I doubt I’d watch it as first ~20 episodes would be guaranteed filler >.>”

    Unknown Voice
  16. Hope there will be Season 3..

    And they follow the light novel.. *Spoiler* Yuuji become ****** no ****. ^^ lol.. Spoiler enough ?? If yes, I will love this series alot as Yuuji kick ass using his new power ^^

  17. @Searcher

    Yuji still has Azure and Blutsauger to move in a Fuzetsu.

    How he can still use Silver flames is unexplained but he might have integrated it into his metaphysical being.

  18. Well, he moving in a Fuzetsu would be natural because he is a torch. Also, that he still has PoE left is probably because of the massive amount he has from Reiji Maigo, which he probably still has something left of.

  19. Waiting till ep 24 is a good plan, and there may yet be hope for SnH Yuji. Just read Ep 24 title:That which must be protected, and of the stuff i read is true from the light novel, that should b yuji wanting to fuse with snake for godly power to make his wonderful world of every1 living happy together. Then him rejecting kazumi and pwning all flame haze, so Here’s hopin…Though the JC peeps have probly got this thought og mine next to the light novels that they don’t use as the story….(sigh)Where be that damn evil god and the boy so dense that shana lying in bed next to him in underwear does not say I like u?

    Oh plz god!
  20. There IS a third season of Shakugan no Shana. I remember seeing the picture of the advertisement. I can’t find the link to it anymore though. The title looks exactly like how the Second season’s looked like, except that there is a roman numeral three and the word “third” instead “of second”.

  21. Yuji removed Reji Maigo.
    But, he not disappear and use Silver Flame.

    In novel. Silver Flame is shadow of Seirei no Hebi(God of Guze World, Stronger than Alastor)

    Urg. Yuji will transform to Seirei no Hebi.

  22. for the preview it says that Yujii will say who he loves in the next episode woohoo… and also where is the last episode going is it going to be a cliffhanger or is it going to be a lil longer than a normal episode… god i hate cliffhangers i hope the last episode is very good and filled with action and confrontations… woohoo!!!

  23. only one and a half day left!!!i can not wait!!!!.but well.i will not check the review page
    till the fansub come out to keep the suspense alive.the guys at eclipse bring out the final ep of rental magica only after one day at i guess we don’t have to wait too long till it comes out.

  24. Is that the way to use deux ex machina? but yes its fine. With pheles arc over, Yuji’s older brother and yuji having to choose at the end of the episode and yoshida then going for the other classmate (forgot his name), margery injured (dying) and the whole of bal masque gathered, looks like there won’t be a 3rd series. farewell shana! you will always be my first online anime. Next week will be a blast, even though i don’t know how you are going to summarize it! haha!

  25. There must be a season 3. I mean… this went to the 15th novel or so. There is still a lot of cool stuff to happen, the ones who read the novels know it. I would hate if they didn’t do another season >_>

  26. I wanna see a season 3, preferably one that’s more similar to season 2 than season 1. (I bet most people want another season that’s *less* like season 2 though ^^;;)

    Neo Horizon

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