Two years ago, when Sumeragi first introduced Setsuna to the other Gundam Meisters, Allelujah and Tieria had thought that he was too young. Lockon, however, was the one who felt that being a Gundam Meister had nothing to do with age, and both he and Setsuna had agreed that they wanted to change the world with Gundams. With Lockon now dead, all that remains of him for Setsuna are memories such as this. Meanwhile, Hong Long informs Wang Liu Mei about the battle having started, causing her to wonders which of the two sides the world will lean towards. Back on the Ptolemaios, Tieria is blaming Setsuna for being slow and thus dividing their forces, and he questions why Lockon had to die. When Sumeragi sees what’s going on, she slaps Tieria out of it and reminds him that their enemies are still out there. Over on the United Nations transport ship, Sergei goes over with Kathy how only 11 GN-Xs returned and how they even lost the Throne Gundam. Along with the fact that the Gundams also have a new ability, Sergei advises that they withdraw because he feels that they’ll needlessly lose more soldiers if they continue on. Though Kathy agrees with this, she reveals that United Nations headquarters had told her that reinforcements are coming and had ordered her to begin a second attack once those arrive.

They then detect another GN-X – Patrick’s. Though his mobile suit is damaged, Patrick is still okay and gets picked up by the transport. While this is going on, Soma is in the hanger thinking about the previous battle and how the Kyrios pilot might be able to do something to intercept her quantum brain waves now. Regardless of that, she wants to settle things in the next battle and feels that she as a complete super-soldier cannot be defeated by a failed specimen. On the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi gives Ian six hours to complete the changes needed to get the Kyrios and the Nadleeh ready for battle. As she’s then thinking about their limited forces and how even the Trans-Am system has a time limit, Tieria contacts her wanting to know their next strategic plan. Tieria believes that if they can annihilate all the enemy’s pseudo-GN-Drive equipped units, then they can display their might to the world, and that would allow them to continue their main plan. Sumeragi thinks that there’s too much risk, especially since the enemy could get reinforcements, but Tieria reveals that these aren’t his feelings alone – all the Gundam Meisters feel this way too.

Around this time, Setsuna is in his room reviewing video from the previous battle and realizes that it was Ali Al Sarshes who killed Lockon. Remembering what Lockon had told him about his family being killed by terrorists, Setsuna wonders if Lockon sacrificed his life to avenge them. This in turn conjures memories of his days fighting back in the Kurdish Republic and how one of his comrades had told him that being afraid to die was an act of blasphemy against God. Setsuna now believes that there is no God at death’s end. He also recalls what Lasse had told him on their way back from Earth, and this causes him to realize that living means shouldering the desires of the those who have died and facing the world – it’s not related to God but instead by his own free will. A little later on the bridge, Christina and the others notice that Felt is writing a letter. Felt reveals that she’s writing to her parents and then to Lockon in heaven, and she’s doing it because she survived and thus wants to apologize for not being able to see them for the time being. Seeing this makes Christina think about writing one to her foster mother, though she admits to not having good memories and having run away from home. Lichtendahl then reveals that his parents were orbital elevator engineers, and after he also comments on how they all ended up joining Celestial Being, Lasse observes that this is the first time they’ve talked with each other like this.

In the Ptolemaios’ hanger, Tieria informs Allelujah that the Nadleeh’s maintenance is done, but Allelujah worries about the Nadleeh not having the Trial System available. Despite this, Tieria vows to fight because he feels that he has to avenge Lockon. Allelujah tries to warn Tieria not to get too hotheaded, but Tieria feels that he can’t not. Setsuna meanwhile is staring at the remains of the Dynames when Felt comes by to put her letter in the cockpit. When she asks if he has anyone to write a letter to, Setsuna reveals that there is not. Felt thinks that this is lonely, but Setsuna feels that it’s Lockon who is lonely, and he tells Haro to stay by Lockon’s side. Unfortunately, all this is interrupted when the ships alarms start blaring because they’ve detected the enemy. The United Nations force consists of 13 units, but one of them is a golden mobile armor that’s equipped with several pseudo-GN Drives and is piloted by Alejandro. He catches the Ptolemaios’ crew off-guard by immediately firing his main particle cannon from a long distance away, and the Ptolemaios is barely able to evade in time. The ship still suffers damage though and has to quickly evade again to avoid a second shot.

Sumeragi then sends Lasse and Setsuna out to attack the mobile armor while she has Allelujah and Tieria protect the Ptolemaios. With the GN-Xs coming from left and right, both pilots have their hands full, and Hallelujah actually takes over for Allelujah. He gets very close to finishing off Soma with a point blank range shot, however Sergei and the other GN-Xs save her. Lasse meanwhile begins his attack against Alejandro’s mobile armor, but neither his missiles nor his particle cannons can break through its GN field. Alejandro responds by firing the mobile armor’s main particle cannon again, and although his target is still the Ptolemaios, the Kyrios is also in the path of the beam and gets its left arm and leg blown off. This blast deals even more damage to the Ptolemaios, resulting in a destroyed medical bay with a dead Dr. Moreno and a system failure that prevents them from putting up their own GN field. Sumeragi decides to head to one of the ship’s containers to join Ian, thus leaving Christina, Lichtendahl, and Felt on the bridge. Tieria meanwhile activates the Nadleeh’s Trans-Am system and manages to destroy a few GN-Xs, but his assault is cut short by more particle beam fire from Alejandro’s mobile armor. It destroys the Nadleeh’s left leg and knocks it out of the Trans-Am mode, leaving it open to attack by Patrick and another GN-X pilot.

For the sake of the plan and for the sake of Lockon though, Tieria doesn’t give up and trades fire with the two GN-Xs. He manages to destroy both, killing Patrick in the process, but in exchange, the Nadleeh is reduced to little more than a torso. Back on the Ptolemaios, Christina tells Felt that there’s a problem in the Dynames’ GN Drive and hurries Felt off to check up on it. Lichtendahl realizes that that was all a lie, but his attention is quickly turned back to the battle and how a GN-X is headed their way. Since their missiles fail to destroy this mobile suit, Ian and Sumeragi detach their container from the Ptolemaios so they can get a better shot, and they find out afterwards that Felt is in there with them. Unfortunately, the GN-X gets up right in front of the Ptolemaios and fires a shot directly at the bridge. Though Ian manages to destroy the GN-X shortly afterwards, the damage has been done. Lichtendahl had tried to protect Christina and had suffered a fatal wound in the subsequent explosion, and as she watches him utter his final words, Christina realizes how stupid she had been because there was such a great guy so close to her all this time. When Sumeragi manages to contact her, Christina’s subsequent silence about Lichtendahl’s condition makes the others realize what happened.

Knowing that her own time is short because she had been hit in the back by debris, Christina tells Felt to be a little more careful about the way she dresses. She also wants Felt to live on for Lockon, and her last words before the Ptolemaios explodes beg the others to change the world. Meanwhile, Lasse decides to try a direct attack against Alejandro’s mobile armor and charges straight at it. The container craft manages to break through the GN field, but the mobile armor then deploys its arms and grabs the container. Realizing that the container is about to be destroyed, Lasse and Setsuna eject in the GN Arms and the Exia, and after bringing out the Exia’s blade, Setsuna charges back at the mobile armor.


The body count keeps piling up with Patrick, Dr. Moreno, Christina, and Lichtendahl all biting the dust this week. I was a little surprised by how unceremoniously Patrick was killed off given how much screen time he’s gotten in the past. I thought for sure he’d yell out to Kathy or something before he died, but it was just Patrick going “eh?” and that was it. Perhaps it was to show how suddenly things can happen in battle or war. Anyway, the most time was given to Christina and Lichtendahl’s farewell/death scene. It was touching, but nowhere near as much as Lockon’s death scene from last week. I suspected something was going to happen to them as soon as they had the scene earlier in the episode when they all talked about their families, and fortunately, the writers didn’t kill off Felt too. Actually, the scene where the bridge was about to be destroyed reminded me a lot of a similar scene from Gundam SEED episode 35 in that same slow-motion-omg-we’re-gonna-die sort of way, except that this time, there was no Freedom Gundam to swoop in and save them. In a way, you could say that this is a good example of how this series is different from Gundam SEED – no hugely overpowered mobile suits arriving just in time to save the day.

As for the final episode next week, it looks like it’ll involve Setsuna vs. Alejandro, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ultimately ended in some type of cliffhanger where it looks like Setsuna might have died. Maybe the writers have one more plot twist in store for us, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.


  1. As long as felt survived im alrite! she the coolest amongst the crew! i think by killing the crew the meisters will go renegade and do everything at their own will. and the next ep is the last for the season ARGGH were going to have to wait for season 2!! which will be in oct!! ARGGHH.. i bet you they are going to do something like geass. like a shot in the eye! man i need to see this like NOW.

  2. hmm actually it is ineresting. they r wasted so many active characters in first half.

    so it must be we should see new key characters in second half of G00.

    life is cruel isn it ?_

  3. wow, they’re not afraid to kill off important people in this series. nice. atleast it’s not full of teenage angst like SEED and SEED Destiny (where almost everyone was friggin’ invincible).

  4. Surprise, surprise, it looks like a near cast-reboot for the second season. That’s a change from the previous non-UC Gundam series, and boy, that took guts from the LOVELESS crew. Though, I do hope that the characters that die STAY dead, instead of being brought back in the usual Sunrise manner.

    Looking forward for Kaioshin_Sama and the usual commenters to look into this one.

    Myssa Rei
  5. Seriously, Allelujah, Graham and Tieria better not die in the next episode ;___;
    I seriously doubt that Lockon still lives, I think his death was way too dramatic, I’d feel very betrayed otherwise…
    I actually expected some major character death this episode, though and don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s glad that Patrick died…

  6. this is just so… tragic and cool at the same time. it’s so realistic that it’s creepy that it might really happen. cool though.

    i do believe Lockon will survive. he has to, coz he’s a very cool character, not to mention a very promising meister. and i’m sure all the meisters will survive… right? hope so

  7. Lockon is DEAD. When he got out from Dynames, Ali in his Zwei could detect his ‘life sign’. Setsuna could also detect Lockon from a far distance. The fact that Setsuna returned to the ship without Lockon = Lockon dead

  8. OMG first Lockon and now even Christina, and Lichtendahl eventhough they are not much but they are still important supporting character, pls no more. This is too shocking and unexpected how could they just kill these character so easily.

  9. @ sadakups

    Yeah same here, although i did feel sad for Lockon (it WAS an awsome scene so it should have :P), but the fact i felt so sad for Christina was that she was afraid of dying and that she was so kind spirited. She was the kind of character who you would feel sorry for if anything happened to her, and something happened to her alright.

    Still what an awsome episode, and im so glad that this series is so nicely animated 😛

  10. i have feeling that only survivor will be setsuna with his exia , and in nexty gundam saji is going to be one of them or he will be the one fighting them something like Saji vs Setsuna like Ali Al vs Setsuna right now

  11. This anime contains too many deaths, seriously. When the bond between the characters just went deeper, they sent some crazy pilots to blow them away.
    But I have to say that’s what makes it sooo intense. I dont have any doubts this is the best Gundam series I’ve ever watched. Go to hell, Gundam Sucks Seed Destiny!!!!

  12. This defines Gundam and what it (should) stand for. Not everything will end up just fine in the end. Look at Zgundam for example, half of everyone dies. If there is going to be a good ending to all of it then is dhould be bittersweet, not full of floweres and fairies.

  13. lol poor Chris they offed her from BEHIND! lol. and No I’m not so sad about her death… it is true that she being afraid to die hit me a tad bit emotionally-wise but other than that I felt nothing, it’s war my dear friends people die even if they are afraid to.
    We have to understand she was almost in the front line SO the risk of her dying was great, and she herself knew it… the fact that not so many main “good” characters on the ships die lately in Gundam doesn’t mean that the real world is the same. so I’m all cheers for her death -as cynnical and cold hearted as that might sound. I’m sure some people here wil share my opinion on this topic. These kinds of deaths ids what makes Gundam 00 all the more realisctic than it’s Seed/Destiny predecesor.
    Off topic:
    Seriously Tomino wasn’t there? too bad Patrick died… I liked how funny it was the Team Rocket escape of his… oh well next season they’ll bring back someone new… but who offed him? Tieria?

    Hm.. and talking about Tieria I’m quite surprised he isn’t dead… maybe next episode…. *sighs* who am I kidding he’ll die in the final battle next season…

    comments aside… does it sound quite weird.. that the longest death scene was shared between two brown haired people? O__o? and that they’ve offed a lot of brown haired people too? … I’m a brown haired person too T^T

  14. nooo…y do all of my fave characters die…noo…are they planning on killing all the ptolemious crew…noo..huhuh….first its chrity, lasse, etc…so tragic..i want to watch this ep now!!!!

  15. Wow. Nice. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen characters that work much closer with the main characters drop like flies.

    Looks like the ‘Comic Character Plot Shield’ failed on Patrick, and Setsuna’s definitely going to be in a fight of his life. Wonder how they’re going to end this, and whether Graham is actually even going to show up. He’s going to need some nifty dodging skills to deal with the terror of the director’s kill-’em-all beams, though.

    Owaranai Destiny
  16. DAM.. this is not right. Dont tell me all of the gundam meister will die in the next episode except Setsuna. I fucking hate that Alejandro and Ali AL Sarchas both of this guys needs to die. And what is going on with there will be a “gold gundam”?
    Most importantly why didnt anybody save the celestial being? For example: another additional hero or something, like when Setsuna being saved by Nena from Sarchas.

  17. DAM.. this is not right. Dont tell me all of the gundam meister will die in the next episode except Setsuna. I fucking hate that Alejandro and Ali AL Sarchas both of this guys needs to die. And what is going on with there will be a “gold gundam”?
    Most importantly why didnt anybody save the celestial being? For example: another additional hero or something, like when Setsuna being saved by Nena from Sarchas.
    This episode is my favorite man. 🙁

  18. Damn!
    War is war?
    CB men in black, just stay and watch their comrads to be kill? (libonze killed them already?)
    where did alenjandro took this mobile armor heavily weaponed?
    No question from the army about the power(incredible-not CB who don’t use same power) of that mobilearmor? Stupid soldiers, just play with a new friend alejandro and let him be the new master of the world?
    So what! Next time, libonze will kill all the rest of the meisters with a bigger mobile armor from his pocket?
    No logical to kill people with magical weapon take off pocket.

  19. I kind of agree, I think they will spli or get killed off in some way. Regardless of what is done I think that girl from theo ther country, god whats her name is gonna play a more important part in the second half especially when it comes to setsuna. Theres gonna be a little breather of peace and then war between the nations are going to break out now that they all have GN-X’s her country lacking them seen as an easier target for the UN.

  20. @Bobobo:

    As Aeolia Schenberg had been preparing all this for two hundred years, the same goes for the Corner family. Maybe they just have something they’ve been working on for so long.

    To me: Ali Al Sarshes is only MIA. But I assume we won’t see him before season 2.

    Tieria is in pretty bad shape too, I hope he make it back to the carrier where Sumeragi and co. are. I don’t think this guy will be killed off this season though. There is too much to uncover when it comes to him: his past, his weird ability (glowing eyes) and his links to Veda.

    Allelujah won’t be picked off that easily either: he still has his nemesis around (Soma) and there is actually Mr. Creepy (whom I love) who takes command whenever primal survival instincts get overwhelming in a tamer guy like Allelujah.

    However, I don’t know whether Alejandro survives the next episode or not. Guess it’ll be kinda strange to get rid of the main antagonist right away (even though the director proved capable of getting rid of the Trinity siblings very little time after they got in the show).

  21. Patrick seems definitely KIA, he died the Sunrise way: a glimpse of the guy, then light blanking the screen (then an explosion whatsoever).

    If we go with that rule, the guy is dead. However, this would break the “comic-character shield” rule. So who knows?

  22. Okay for the final episode…
    Setsuna and Alejandro will go MIA after the explosion(Missing in Action) (like what happened to Amuro Ray and Char Aznable on the final episode of Char’s counterattack).
    Lasse, Sergei (protecting Soma from Allelujah), and Allelujah/Hallelujah (due to Graham’s assault) will die. Graham and Soma (seems she will have a permanent amnesia)injured in the process.

    This will end in a cliffhanger too or something to expect from season 2 (probably time jump?!)

    here are something to expect from season 2.
    Ali Al Sarshes is still alive due to Libbons help.
    Saji Crossfield become the head of a new organization that will eradicate Gundams on the face of the earth (although he himself is using a Gundam lol).
    Nena Trinity and Felt or Lockon’s twin brother will become new Gundam Meisters.

  23. @ lolz
    That’s what I’m trying to convince some people, Lockon is dead, is DEAD!!

    @ Patrick
    You’re dead dud; just the legs of your GN-X remain…

    @ Gammaoh
    He’s to be dead, isn’t possible for a scum like him to be alive after three members of Celestial Being just died on this episode…

    Well, regardless of what happens on next episode; Celestial Being is far away broken for now; just Exia remains unharmed; Dynames, Virtue and Kyrious are damaged pretty badly and some GN-X are still on the battlefield. So, anything can happen next week…

    Syaoran Li
  24. So by my count, only three GN-X’s remain. Add to that two Throne Gundams, Graham’s modified flag, and the pseudo-GN drive in the Throne gundams’ ship. The golden mobile armor appeared to have 7 pseudo-GN drives. I hope that the second season doesn’t have mass-produced pseudo-GN drives.

  25. @ Syaoran Li

    You blind? See the red area in the lineart in my link? See the black stub on top of the skirt armor in the screenshot? Those are the cockpit! They are INTACT and UNDAMAGED. And guess what? That’s where Patrick is.

  26. @Arigatou
    and where do you leave Tieria?

    hmmm I wonder what’ll happen next episode I just hope they don’t pull a deux et machina (sp?) and that Tieria doesn’t die (don’t get me wrong I like the dude but I feel like he’s all in for a death scene)

  27. @mangaka-chan
    if what Patrick Said was indeed true then he’s still alive up to the title od cockrach 🙂

    Hmm now that I was looking at my Gundam 00 ED Single Cd… I realized that with Lockon’s ID there was a thing about the numbers of CB-gundams…. and that Setsuna was 01 Lockon 02 Allelujah 03… and strangely Tieria was 05 instead of 04…. makes you wonder…

  28. It seems that the director is basically erasing every single notable characters in the series for the sake of an emotional conclusion, leaving only the bare minimal cast alive due to the necessity of a second season.

    On the bright side, with so many characters dead, that left some vacant positions open for some new, and perhaps more interesting, characters to fill in during season two.

  29. @Ri:

    It’s Deus Ex Machina (lit. “the god coming out of the machine”). It was used by the Greek in theater plays to get characters out of desperate situations (a divine character was usually held by some kind of machine and descended from above to save the day). Hence the meaning this expression has today. 😉

  30. @gammaoh
    thank you very much I knew what the term mean but didn’t know how it was written hehe… and you have to agree if they pull a Deus Ex Machina (the right one hehe) at the end of this season it’ll be dissapointing

  31. @Syaoran Li

    While, like you, I believe Lockon’s dead, that pic of Patrick’s GN-X might mean that Patrick lives. I say ‘might’, because at best it’s inconclusive. I wouldn’t rule out Patrick surviving though.

  32. So does anyone have an accurate body count of all the mentionable characters killed up to this point (mentionable as in they have a name or is actually seen in the show)? It’s gotta be relatively high by now.

    Don’t forget Louise’s mother, presumably Aeolia Schlenberg (he might have foreseen this and stashed his real body elsewhere), Flag pilots with names, and Laguna Harvey.

    Though I wouldn’t count deaths that did not happen real-time (ex. Setsuna’s mom, and Lockon’s family).

  33. here’s a reasonable prediction for the next episode: nena will come to save setsuna one last time and end up dying in the process, triggering his protagonist rage over not being able to save anyone and thus not yet “Gundam”

  34. Why do so many people feel that its bad that so many people die. Its war people die on both sides, the gundams meisters arent gods and you dont become in one, I’m glad this series is trying to be a little more realistic.

  35. Hrrrm, that was a stupid episode imho. Take many of the side characters not developed much and expend them in some fake drama deaths. Come on, a Gundam series can be better than this…

  36. Holy… Quite the body count !

    My guess is that Alejandro will go undefeated for a while and become some kind of UN chairman/dictator. And Gundam Wing like, Libonze might actually be an agent for Aeolia Schlenberg and eventually stab Alejandro in the back.. Well at least I hope so 😉

  37. WOW they destroyed the Ptolemaious this early that is something that even no UC seris has done. Well with Patrick gone and Ali MAYBE gone(Think he will be back in OCT) That olny leaves Graham,Segei,and Soma as the three main enemy aces I have a feeling Saji will be joining them in the 2nd part? Also look for more GN mobile suits and mobile armors in OCT.

  38. Man…I have to admit…after all this stuff happened, it feels almost as if this was slightly rushed a bit. Although I think it was for a good reason. My guess…there will be a bit more information for this series once the second season starts.

  39. Oh, boy. I was left alone in Dynames cockpit right before the battle began …×200/

    This is one of most ugliest mobile armors I’ve ever seen … no data 🙁

    This reminds me of those that my 0079 big brother had told me about …

    This thing has 7 GN Drives? Couldn’t see if they’re all fake or real.

    Mr. Corner is the new “Gold Member”. Where’s Libbons? (I’m sure that he has a mobile armor somewhere.)

    This reminds me of those giant spaceships in “Independence Day”. Can someone please knock out the code and get rid of the shield?

    Tieria, not a good idea to switch to Nadleeh in this battle. I thought Nadleeh’s hair can be some sort of weapon, but it turned out it isn’t the case 🙁

    Apparently Ptolemaios was equipped with beam weapons, then why didn’t it shoot back to Alejandro’s mobile armor earlier?

    This is a surprise… I’ve no data about Lichtendahl, who is actually a cyborg?!

    Long Live Lichtendahl and Christina!

    Can someone please rescue the remaining real GN Drive from Dynames and me?

  40. I have a minor nitpick about this review, specifically this part:

    “Actually, the scene where the bridge was about to be destroyed reminded me a lot of a similar scene from Gundam SEED episode 35 in that same slow-motion-omg-we’re-gonna-die sort of way, except that this time, there was no Freedom Gundam to swoop in and save them. In a way, you could say that this is a good example of how this series is different from Gundam SEED – no hugely overpowered mobile suits arriving just in time to save the day.”

    Not to bash you guys or anything, but didn’t that exact situation happen a few episodes ago, when Patrick just stabbed the Dynames and was about to finish off the Virtue only for Aion and the GN Arms to charge in and blast off his suit’s arm? Or what about the time where Setsuna was getting fried by Ali and his mobile armor and was only saved (along with the other Meisters) by the timely arrival of the Thrones? Sure, I think 00 is different from SEED, whether good or bad, but I don’t think they’re that different.

  41. Completely agree with you Onmi; no almighty Freedom of any Gundam nears them to save the day.

    Patrick, Dr. Moreno, Christina, and Lichtendahl were there to remind us how fragile is human life and that you can die anytime in a battle, regardless of how good pilot/shooter you are. Even the crew members pay the price of freedom with their lives. Christina’s final beg to change the world remind us how a person’s will never fade away even in their last moments. This was a battle against the whole world; and now that only Setsuna can fight against Alejandro, we’ll see if his will be enough to claim victory for all those who died on this battle.

    Dynames, down…
    Virtue, down…
    Kyrios, down…
    Exia, still active…

    And I’ll damn SUNRISE if another cliffhanger like Code Geass takes place next week.

    Syaoran Li
  42. With all this catastrophe, it makes me think about how Graham Acre is being left out, being the strongest anti-gundam pilot and all.
    I just hope they don’t kill him off too anytime soon.

  43. @Syaoran Li: Deja vu? ^_^

    Face it… the cliffhanger is inevitable. It will go along the lines of Setsuna probably defeating Alejandro, but he’ll drift into space because Exia got totalled and exploded. And yes, I’m just making this up. ^_^

  44. as of this moment. i don’t see how a second season can be possible.

    they don’t have the mothership anymore… and 3/4 gundams are damaged beyond repair, half the crew is dead, and setsuna still has to fight that monstrous thing.

    i believe that 25 will be last, or second last episode…with 1 OVA telling what happened afterwards or something.

    but so far this series has been VERY tear jerking.

  45. This is Gundam. No other Gundam series had less than 40 episodes except for Gundam X (which was too bad). The only thing they can do for a second season is to introduce new people, introduce new mechanics (which will make Bandai richer) and settle everything. There are quite a lot of questions left unanswered and a lot of unresolved character endings, so I don’t think it will end in Episode 25.

  46. You really have to be amazed at how the story is killing people off. You might even say the director is GAR for wanting to kill all these main characters in the first season. By the way, why is alenjandro’s mobile armor using orange gn particles? A variaton of the TD blanket maybe?

  47. Most Gundam Series are at least 50 episodes, I said most, not all.

    However, anything is possible at this moment but odds are so against Celestial Being.

    This is obviously the best Gundam series I’ve ever WATCHED so far.

    an eggroll
  48. My prediction on the ending and how that connects to S2:

    – Setsuna does a kamikaze attack on Alejandro’s MA
    – Exia gets disabled, and falls onto earth
    – Setsuna gets picked up by Marina Ismail 🙂

    Also do not forget that we were hinted of the Jupiter expedition operations are somehow related to Celestial Beings, so there are definitely a lot (maybe even too much) to cover in S2.

  49. geez i feel like something is gonna happen. the people on earth realise that they are dumb after massacreing the gundams and mourn and they eliminate war from their agenda. but thats how i feel. Make up ur own theory.

    The Thinker
  50. @ googooo
    I believe that for Christina and Lichtendahl, they want to show us life is short and you better show find someone to be with because you don’t know which moment will be your last.

    Anyways, There will always be death in war and Gundam 00 shows how easy life can be taken away unlike the way SEED/Destiny tried to sugarcoat everything and kept bringing people back to life. This show is much more mature and realistic and that is why I like it so much.

    Next Episode: Celestial Being will destroy Alejandro before moving into the shadows to recuperate (upgrades, new Gundams, new tech, new members). When they come out of the shadow, they will show the world that Celestial Being is here to stay. Destrucion before rebirth my friends.

  51. @TSE
    Of’corse there’s a season 2. There are just so many unwrapped factors. Season 1 sure doesn’t look like it’s gonna solve any mysteries. This episode totally ignored Nena and Ali (guys who really oughta die in this season) and there are a bunch of mains (Saji, Wang Liu Mei, Patrick, Marina) whose appearances are still only in the introduction stage.

    I wouldn’t be surprised either if the series ended at a big cliffhanger like Omni said, I am expecting one too. Then again, probably no cliffhanger could possibly be as bad as the one at Code Geass Ep.25.

    Waiting for Spring 2008 previews!^_^

  52. Damn I just want Soma to get killed by Hal…though it’s close to impossible with Kyrios current status…well, I just hope she gets caught on friendly fire (yup, I do hate that little *****)

  53. Yes Nina is the real wildcard here nobody knows what role in part2 she will play but my guess is that her and Lu Mei(remmember she disliked how Sumergai and the gang were going to slowly) will be building new throne type gundams and plotting a new more terroistc CB like attacking civilan targets instead of military ones. Also in pt2 get used to seeing lots more GN mobile suit and armors and maybe a GN battleship/station?

  54. Thanks for the translation and the review. BUT i think you are forgetting something here… when it comes to someone coming to the rescue next week, it is strange but it seems most of the anime sites are forgetting about girl in the red gundam who had her brothers killed.

    I think next week she will come to the rescue and she will try to avenge her brother and in the process she will save satsuna

  55. @Eika
    that’s something we all are wondering right now… as long as he doesn’t kill everybody (the universe included) he can’t win against Tomino… since he already did that….

    Nena must die… preferably next week saving Setsuna and I see a Stargazer end for Tieria… that or he’ll be offed by Libons next week.

    Oh and did someone else love the “Bye Bye” from Hal that was so godd.. too bad he couldn’t fullfil it…

  56. @ Skye

    he mentions at the end of 23, his brother Lyle. If you watch 23 , theres 5 places, mum dad, lock on sister and for lyle too. Then in episode 8 @ the graveyard you see his twin.

    Thats all we have to work off as of yet now anyway

  57. Setsuna’s gonna live. after those flashbacks of Lockon, the moment with Feldt and now GN arms coming into play, he’ll be fine.

    Tieria, I can see being picked up by the Container just because it’s reduce to absolutely nothing but a torso.

    Alle, I think he can still fight. He won’t die.

    Sumeragie, Fedlt, Ian and Lasse will survive.

    Honestly, i thought this episode was pretty good. It showed the resolve of our Gundam Meisters. The world still hasn’t changed yet, and I don’t thinkt hey’d bring a completely new cast of Gundam pilots. Due to all the damage they substained, they might retreat and hideaway for some time.

    They just have so much more to do, I honestly can’t see them dying in the next episode. I would certainly hope not either, just because I wanna see how all of this will affect what they do now. Trans-am, GN arms, I don’t think that equipment was introduced, just for the Gundams to lose it all now.

    Go Setsuna! let’s see a good fight.

  58. My guess is that the 4 original GN drives will be intact for season 2, meaning that Tieria, Allelujah and Setsuna have a good chance to survive. Ian will likely survive as he’s the one with the ability to fix the Gundams, meaning Sumeragi and Felt who are with him have a good chance to survive. That leaves Neena and Lasse. I wonder what would happen with Ms. Wong and the CB people that Allejandro knows. I’m guessing that season 1 will end with them being arrested, or being in the run.

    As for the other side, I think Allejandro and Libbons will survive as the main villain in season 2, but the others, dunno. I hope Katie, Sergei and Graham will survive too. Graham doesn’t seem to be participating in the next ep from the preview.

    Other than that, Nadleeh has surprisingly thin armor in this ep.

  59. Hello. I have a theory about what will happen in the next episode and for the next 25 episodes after.

    In the next episode, will most likely see Exia destroy the new MA. After episode 25 the remaining crew will survive and reform Celestia Being & its weaponary. Thus, in episode 26, I believe that there will be a 2-10 year span where Celestial Being has been inactive & the world is again being barbaric. All of a certain, Setsuna & his crew will show up and terrorize the world again.

  60. @anon I believe that’s the fact of Nadaleeh… + velocity -armor it was a bad idea to throw Nadaleeh on the battle this time since many od the functions of Nadaleeh’s were already hindered by Veda

  61. I would like to point out that Celestial Being still has a base that they can fall back to.

    The Gundam Thrones had a ship almost identical to the Ptolemaios. That little gundam throne girl that kissed Setsuna is still alive so I’m sure that she knows how to work the ship. We never saw anything that showed us that there were any more than 3 people on the Ptolemaios.

    I have a feeling that she may get closes to Setsuna in the future but end up being a sacrificial lamb as much as I hate it. Something tells me that Setsuna is probably not attracted to either gender though.

  62. I think it’s likely that everyone that survived this episode will survive the next one.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first half of the series end on a cliffhanger with it seeming like Setsuna may have died or something, as the review of this episode foresees.

    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Patrick isn’t quite dead yet. True, his mobile suit was completely trashed, but you don’t see his cockpit or mobile suit explode. The only thing you see is the lower half floating away. I could see him being badly injured and end up getting picked up by Kathy late in the next episode and then maybe in the second half of the series he comes back more mature. But that’s just my opinion…

  63. this episode was awesome first of all

    Im glad they FINALLY killed off patrick!!
    the only thing that dosent make sense to me was i didnt see Kyrios destroyed…
    or Nadleeh for that matter, it took some bad hits but kinda flew away.?

    But the preview said they were both destroyed so whatever well see next episode.

    And if they keep killing off characters left and right then who will be in the second season??

    ** and one final thing they HAVE to fix the Ptolemaios!! i just bought the 1/400th Kit of it!! ahhh T_T

  64. Man, no one mentions the worst death of all in this episode. WHAT ABOUT Dr. Moreno?!?!?!? Yea the guy you only see in like 2 episodes who looks like a serial rapist, but he died too!

  65. I really feel bad that Nadaleeh got the short end of the stick the entire series. You never get to see the full extent of it. I’m also pissed off after the first time he used it. There were soo many times virtue got it’s ass kicked and he never used it. Then when he finally does use it, it only turns out to be a 15 second spotlight before it gets trashed.

  66. brilliant episode

    here’s my theories.

    setsuna survives but is beaten pretty bad and captured (along with exia) by alejandro corner. (taken to earth)
    ali-al-sarshes (if he survived?) will free setsuna/exia to later fight him, OR graham will set him free and eventually join him in a reformed celestial being. (sumeragi, feldt, ian and lasse survive also)

    if sarshes is dead then setsuna’s main rival is Corner for the whole series.
    alleluja survives (too many unanswered questions, and soma is his main rival)
    tiera survives also (artifically created storyline, possibly same as livnoze, rivals)
    lokon is unforunatly 100% dead but the theory of his twin/clone could be true.

    nena survives only to one day meet saji (its inevitable, they have to meet as she shot saji’s girl and family)
    saji will join celestial beings new ranks (not as a meister, maybe chris/lichty’s replacement)

    patrick is not dead (i agree with images of his cockpit being out of the firing range). he has that love plot with his captain (forgot the name) going on still. He will get her in the end, then die lol.

    lets not forget marina ishmail. celestial being will eventually come to protect her land, same as orb from seed. the situation is very similar to gundam wing also (relina peacecraft and heero yui)

    also theres Wang Liu Mei and her dude who probably have a backup of gundams stashed away or ready to be created (theres always second advents of gundams) the aiola shuenberg plot is done and dusted.

    possible meister lineup = setsuna, alleluja, tiera, graham?, lockons twin/clone?
    gundam series’ tend to have five main gundams usually.

    my theories for graham are rough but i’m using athrun (seed/destiny) as an example of changing sides.

  67. I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about how Lichy was a freaking robot. Absolutely no one surprised by this? How much you want to bet Nena, Tieria and Libbons are the same?

  68. Spoilers for the next episode??
    Show Spoiler ▼

  69. well for the second season, there’s the throne girl that didnt die, mr flag fighter that looks kinda looks like char, that random chinese girl and guy, the princess that setsuna keeps dreaming about and setsuna. These people are like 100% in season 2 since they didnt die, setsuna wont die cuz if he dies then wtf up with that princess, and im 99% sure ali al s. didnt die either.

  70. i think the random side characters being killed is a bit meaningless. i know they’re trying to portray that death during war can be sudden, but i think the civilians are ample for that. As for the people that didnt die, i think they haven’t done enough character building to really start introducing new people in the second season. For the people that think gundam seed is garbage compared with gundam 00, think about the character development and not just the mechas. The over all plot and character d is quite decent in seed, but yes, the almighty freedom is a bit absurd. However, it does balance out since the antagonists have ridiculously powerful MS too. Unless there’s going to be a third season or “more talk less fight” during the second, gundam 00 might not be that great of a series. Who knows, season one hasn’t even ended yet, but i really want to see more over all character development instead of random bam he’s dead.

  71. Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    those two things will play a key role in season 2. 2nd gen meisters. for all tht say no more deaths…wrong. there will be more key deaths in the next episode for sure. my only curiosity resides in who the 4th gen meisters will be. i assume saji will get in on the action somewhere along the line. Ali is also clearly not gonna be dead as well as patrick. MAIN argument for all who say there wont be a second season (which by all means there will be) is that we havent even been told aeolia schenberg’s “true” goal through development of celestial being. if you’ve been a good viewer and listening, professor eiffman had figured it out but bit the dust b4 we could hear wut it was. next season should be interesting.

  72. I dunno JJ. seed is too different than 00 to make a valid comparison in my opinion. seed was more of a “talk most of episode with gundam kicking ass near end of episode” series whereas gundam 00 is just more realistic. there is rarely a group of ppl who never experience one death in that group when it comes to war. think original “mobile suit: gundam.” sleggar law couldnt hav said it better “this is war kid”

  73. if you ask me, lichtendahl’s body was censored; too much mutilation, and instead of showing his skeletal structure, the robotic body is used. much easier to draw but…

    dynames&taro was probably inside the gn-arms which sumeragi used just like exia inside gn-arms

    patrick will probably live just like lock-on on the previous episode but on a near-death state

    can’t w8 for d next cool episode

  74. Whoa just watched this epi, it was really quite good i thought. This is the best gundam i’ve seen i think, it’s really similar to wing and seed, but it’s just better, slightly more realistc in a way, i like how they deal with the deaths too.

    this series didn’t start out too strong for me, but it’s definitley become a great anime

  75. @angelus
    It’s oficial the people from sunrise said that there wil be a second season fo G-00 strating somewhere in October

    hmm… discovering the allmighty plan of Schengerg? 🙂

    LOL… but even if he does something…. they will still kil people. I’d better say watch out! don’t go into the crossfire!

    and another note. WERE THE F*CK IS GRAHAM? EH? WHERE’S HE!? I miss the blondie idiot….
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and the last funny note
    = CLOWN! lol or buffon you guys decide!

  76. I have too hard of a time figuring out who has died. I’m feeling like Ali is gone since there was no mention of him in this episode and he wasn’t shown in the room with soma and the other pilots. I wish there could be a few seconds of dialog in each episode such as “I killed you Ali” just to make it easier to follow.

    I also noticed in episode 23 that Lockon’s suit was torn and their was blood in the cockpit, but then he jumped out into space. His suit wasn’t ripped in space, and if it was the blood vessels in his arm should have burst then frozen from the vacuum and cold of space. Did he have time to change into a spare suit in the middle of a battle?

    Why did the boy who died in this episode have a cyborg arm? Strange to show something interesting like that seconds before death and have no explanation for it.

  77. Great episode just shows that gundam 00 isn’t too childish

    Anybody ever wonder what aeolia is hiding up his sleave?
    I mean he even predicted that somebody was going to betray CB…

    He probably has his real body stashed somewhere and just watching how things unfold in the shadows…

    probably even has a 2nd base with another batch of meisters back up kinda like the trinity guys then they save the meisters sorry ass in the final ep. I kinda picture the gundams floating all roughed up then they are overshadowed by a new battleship then ends showing that the ship has the CB logo…..

    what do u guys tink? plausible?

  78. @Unknown Voice
    Lichtendahl was in a solar war? huh..where did ya get the info?
    fuh..i seriously shocked that he’s an android or full robot..gah..i dunno @_@”

    last ep..i cried..this ep..i cried too..damn.. what next? TT^TT
    i wonder if i should introduce Gundam 00 to my lil bro…
    since he’s so stuck up with SEED n Destiny…. hehhehehehehe….. >:)

    p/s: syit..they made Lichtendahl so kakkoi n bishie b4 he die… TT^TT

  79. @JJ
    hey anybody ever wonder what the role is for that pizza boy and his foreign girlfriend?
    I also think they will play big roles in second season. Saji will be a a villian of some sort.

  80. @Sue
    About Lichty’s cyborg body… his parents were orbital elevator technicians and he lost them, along with half his body, as a child during the Solar Conflict.

    Over on the United Nations transport ship, Sergei goes over with Kathy how only 11 GN-Xs returned and how they even lost the Throne Gundam (which Ali Al piloted).

  81. @Cheeze
    Do that! I already did that to my sister and I’m happy to have her traumatized mwahahahahahahaha…. she stil cries when I replay Haro’s lockon-Lockon! >:) No need to say she now thinks I’m a heartless sis and that GSD is awful….

  82. Anyone else notice the homage to Code Geass episode 23 which was aired a year ago this week. Chris said “you have to live out lockon’s share too”

    Euphemia told Suzaku “You have to live out my share too”

  83. @Cheeze
    It was stated in this episode that he was separated fromfamily during that war and that since then his body is “filled with this sensation”.

    So no, he is not android. he is cyborg – that means that blown up or something body parts got replaced by cybernetic ones.

    Unknown Voice
  84. Well, the preview said Kyrios, Virtue and Exia had fallen… and some more helpless things about this spisode; so the chances of something big happening are scalating.

    Damn it, not another cliffhanger please.

    Syaoran Li
  85. Since almost all the main cast is bite the dust lets get a crossover and have the Gundam Wing boys show up in this timelines and start causing trouble, maybe then Setuna will finally understand what is piloting skills, not I kick your ass because my Mobile Suit has better technology than yours.

  86. @final fight
    Nope we stil need like 60 to surpass Euphinator and 16 to surpass last episode…

    That’d be good… specially with Duo getting angry b/c his 00 couterpart was killed lol

  87. God, lets hope not. If Lockon comes back then its a frickin Seed/Destiny clone.

    What makes me like Gundam00 is the uniqueness it has in its storyline. Also, the non-overpoweredness. Not like Seed that had some frickin Nuclear powered thing which completely destroyed the anime then they created a second part which was only good untill they switched to that emo Kira. Lets hope they dont make that mistake here.

    So far, it’s one of the best Gundam series i’ve seen.

    Llednar Twem
  88. @Ri
    ahahhaahah! that’s what im gonna do! me is evil sis too! >XDDDD
    since SEED n Destiny wasn’t my favourite.. (~.~)

    @Unknown Voice
    owh..i just watched the ep with subs…yeah Licthy did say he was in the solar wars conflict..too bad we all just shocked that he’s a cyborg’s gone.. TT^TT

    very dramatic~..why izit when couple dies..the guy always died first!??? ahahhaha! >XD

  89. Hum, did Patrick ever get to nail the Natarle clone? I wonder..

    Anyways, the last few episodes just haven’t done all that much for me. The first half of the series was spent waiting for ANYTHING to ever happen, the second half is just everyone dieing so often that it’s lost all impact, not to mention it’s been some pretty unimportant people with the exception of the pilots.

    Ugh, there was just so many bad episodes before around when the Thrones showed up and the plot advanced that I just can’t seem to get over it and appreciate the story anymore. I mean I’m still not even nit picking the MOUNTAINS of plot holes they’ve left with the last episodes for example, it’s just become a chore..

    Anyways, if it comes down to Setsuna sacrificing himself (but of course living in the process) or going new type flash/seed break mode it’ll be horrendous also, along with the other no clear ending, ah-lah-geass. There’s just a few ways they’ll go with it most likely, and none look anything but awful…

  90. @Cattz

    well ok, then I assume you haven’t watched GSD, becoz the amount of plot holes you’ll spot is overwhelming. Maybe we’re mostly appreciating Gundam 00 for what GSD failed to do.

    Oh, and Patrick is ALIVE. GN-X goes boom, THEN we see Patrick go “eh?”, THEN we see his GN-X floating around…so he’s alive. XD

  91. First of all Lockon is DEAD, DEAD!, and why some of u guys still think that he is alive.
    And what is so special about Patrick anyway? just asking.
    Will Lockon’s twin be replacing him?
    Alejandro needs to die, what was that gold ship anyway? dont tell me that there will be a gold gundam inside too, cuz I really hate when a bad guy got all the good equipment.

  92. Yea listen to LightYagami…

    Lockon IS dead. Face it people. How can someone who has been exposed to GN particles survive? Louise’s hand did not survive that GN Particle Beam. So you’d think Lockon would come unscathed by the explosion of that GN machine? Please, stop and think about it logically. It only makes sense since no one here is a ‘god’. And it only adds on to the realistic and more over an interesting point to the show.

    Besides killing off people that wouldn’t make an impact makes the anime bland and always too happy. For once, let’s have none of that and this Gundam series is starting to prove noteworthy of connecting to a real-world sense and also provocative to pull your heartstrings and interest into it. :3

    I would say this isn’t a show for all the kiddies who like to think “Big Robot Smash! Glarrrgle!”

    Xineohp Erif
  93. OMG! Complete destruction or something?
    I don’t want setsuna to die!!! He is TOO young to die…
    I want a second seasons…
    and I hope Lockon miraculously survive and come back!
    It won’t be fair for all the meisters to die,
    since we’ve grown so attached to each one of them
    They are just so unique, their mysterious, yet different personalities motivate the WHOLE show.
    So I am gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best!

  94. I hope none of the people who died come back to life. :3

    If they do, it’ll just be unrealistic and just not very provocative or interesting. No powdery sugar fluff please. Keep it all real and let those who die even if main characters – die. Besides it makes the anime/story interesting.

    Xineohp Erif
  95. @ Xineohp Erif

    You know, since thi is the first time a GUNDAM series is settled in the Gregorian Calendar System; obviosuly our time 300 years in the future; they’ll be more razonable with killing off Lockon, Christina and Lichty; they’ll stay dead.

    One more day to go.

    Syaoran Li
  96. Show Spoiler ▼

  97. WUTTTTTT!!!!!!! just watched the season finale and it was crazy. lol so much turned out true. lassy dead, altaire having a mobile suit inside of it. lol i had to rewind the last 5 min over and over just to make sure i could absorb everything. i KNEW ali al sarshes wasnt dead gosh. and it looks like graham aker is gonna come back, too, with his new char mask. lotsa speculation with 0 gundam, 00 gundam (exia). ughhhhhh why does it hav to start in october!!!


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