Without saying anything, Shinichirou watches as Noe lets Jibeta go and tells the chicken to fly. When Jibeta doesn’t, Noe picks the chicken back up and raises it above her head, but she realizes that it’s no good. She understands that if they don’t decide for themselves, then they can’t be happy or laugh or cry. Noe feels that she disdained Jibeta because she thought the chicken was the same as her in that it couldn’t fly, but she knows now that it chose not to fly and that facing straight ahead with confidence is the same as flying. Seeing that Noe is okay, Shinichirou eventually returns home and wonders what she was talking about because he feels that he’s the one who identified himself with Jibeta, the one who didn’t notice that Jibeta was amazing, and the one who avoided facing everything. He realizes that, whereas Jibeta chose not to fly, he did not personally choose a single thing, whether it be the dance, the picture book, Noe, or Hiromi. He didn’t want to dance not because he couldn’t do it well, but because he didn’t want to be compared with his father. He wasn’t able to write the picture book not because he didn’t feel up to it, but because he was scared of finding out his limits. Noe meanwhile returns home and finds Jun cooking, so she hugs him and thanks him over and over again.

The next day, the day of the festival, Hiromi finds Shinichirou dozing off while finishing changing clothes. She asks him if he was able to sleep properly after things calmed down last night and apologizes because she knows that he had practiced for this day. Hiromi then wonders where best to see him for the main dance, and this reminds Shinichirou of what Noe had once said about watching him from the front. He responds by telling Hiromi that since it’ll be really crowded, she doesn’t need to overexert herself to see him. A short time later, Shinichirou takes his place with the other dancers, and they begin the procession. While this is going on, Aiko arrives late to help out the Nakagami family and sees Hiromi again for the first time in a long time. Aiko then notices Noe watching them from a nearby corner, and after Noe realizes that they’ve seen her, she runs off. Aiko thinks that Noe came to see Shinichirou and suggests that Noe is still his girlfriend, but Hiromi declares that Shinichirou’s girlfriend is actually her, and she decides to chase after Noe. This surprises Aiko, but she accepts that it’s all stuff that she doesn’t know.

Hiromi eventually catches up to Noe and questions what Noe said to Shinichirou last night. Before Noe can answer, Hiromi reveals that he had told her that he’d do everything properly, and not only does Hiromi admit to having always liked him, she thinks that he’s had the same feelings for her. Realizing that she’s saying some really selfish things, Hiromi apologizes, however she nevertheless asks Noe to leave them alone since she and Shinichirou now finally understand each other. Hiromi starts crying as she finishes saying all this, and Noe comments on how pretty those tears are before walking off. Elsewhere in town, Shinichirou visits the imagawayaki stand during a break and finds Nobuse manning it. After serving him, Nobuse asks Shinichirou what he’s doing coming here since he’s one of the main dancers, and to Nobuse’s surprise, Shinichirou agrees with him and wonders the same thing. Noe meanwhile returns home and tries to cover her ears so that she can’t hear the music playing everywhere. She hears the phone ring though, and after answering it, she digs an envelope addressed to Jun out of the trash and runs to the motorcycle shop where he works.

The phone call had been from a Tokyo printing company, and Noe now confronts her brother about deciding on his own that he’d find a job instead of going to a technical college after high school. In trying to explain himself, Jun talks about how Noe shut herself in her room for a while after their grandmother died. He felt that he had to protect her, but he hadn’t understood that he only wanted to think that way. Jun goes on to confess that he loves Noe, and when she immediately says that she loves him too, he clarifies that he likes her a little more than that. He admits that because he knows that having those feelings are weird, he asked that person to do such a thing. Noe doesn’t know who Jun is talking about and doesn’t quite understand what he means, so Jun decides to ask if he can kiss her. She agrees to let him if he rethinks his plan of looking for a job, and Jun starts by kissing her on the forehead and on the cheek. He then attempts to kiss her on the lips, but right as he gets close, Noe realizes what he’s doing and backs away. With Noe in shock, Jun admits that this was probably the kind of kiss he wanted to do and that staying by her side was too painful for him. He then starts crying and walks out, leaving Noe behind thinking about how she didn’t notice the true feelings of her brother, of Hiromi, or of Shinichirou. All this causes her to wonder if tears can really flow from her eyes that don’t see anything.

By this time, the main dance at the shrine has begun, and as he performs, Shinichirou thinks about a reworking of his story where Raigomaru stands on the hill with the desire to fly. He understands now that him feeling that he could write a picture book was due to how those eyes believed that he could fly. The desire to fly in the sky isn’t for anyone’s sake or for glory or a record, and, in the story, Raigomaru took off. As she watches Shinichirou from the audience, Hiromi suddenly notices that Noe is also watching from nearby, though by the time the dance ends, Noe is gone. Shinichirou notices this too and tries to look for Noe afterwards, but he instead runs into Hiromi. She knows that he’s searching for Noe and reveals that she had told Noe to leave them alone. When she asks if he’s angry about this, Shinichirou claims that he’s not really and excuses himself to go. As Shinichirou walks off, Hiromi quietly tells him not to leave her behind and even takes off her right shoe, but he never realizes any of this. Shinichirou’s mind is instead filled with his desire to show Noe his newly finished story and to get her feedback on it. He figures out that Noe is probably at school and rushes there, but what he doesn’t know is that she’s climbing the big tree because she wants to know how the view is from the sky and if she’ll be able to see if she looks down from above. Shinichirou arrives just in time to see her jump out of the tree and land with a thump.


Once again I have to give credit to the writers for keeping things so interesting. Hiromi declaring that she was Shinichirou’s girlfriend was a big enough flag in my mind (reminded me a little of School Days even), but for her then to say the same don’t-leave-me-behind line and for her to take off one of her shoes right after Shinichirou leaves her to look for Noe raises even more flags about their relationship. And then Noe had to jump out of the tree… We know she’s probably okay because she speaks again in the preview, but it’s unclear what’s really going to end up happening between her and Shinichirou.

The main argument I would make for Shinichirou still ending up with Hiromi is how he only really wanted to show Noe his completed story, and so maybe there are not enough feelings of love in him towards Noe for complete Noe ending. On the other hand, the way he treated Hiromi and the way he was thinking about Noe all the time are kind of damning, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Hiromi decides to let him go because she thinks that he cares about Noe more. These kind of balance each other out, so I’m sticking to my original assertion that he’ll help Noe get her tears back and end up with Hiromi. But the point is that the fact that we can still be debating this after what happened at the end of episode 10 means that the writers have really done their job well. Hopefully the finale will be just as exciting as all the stuff that’s led up to it.


  1. yeah…i guessed from the start of the anime that it is a Noe ending…i just dunt know why ..i just had a feeling…by the way how can you tell that it would be a Noe ending? Is it because the way that Shinichiro now only thinks of Noe and kinda ignores Hiromi…like he doesn’t care or show that he cares her that much….i’m so confused?

  2. @Crystal

    It’s because the festival dance is one of the main aspects of the series; and he kept looking at Noe with those determined eyes while dancing. Hiromi must have noticed; like the water-color screenshot suggests.

    Ah, screw this; you Noe-fans must be statisfied now XD

  3. I don’t see a Noe ending, what are you guys talking about?!?

    I’ll give you a hint about romance shows: You do not want to be the first girl the guy talks to in the final episode.

  4. A Noe ending would really be bad, I mean Hiromi is finaly able to reveal her true feelings for shin and if he doesn’t share those feelings anymore she will be crushed way more than Noe if Shin does go with Hiromi.

  5. I really hope they wouldn’t go back to a Noe ending, especially not after what they did in episode 10. It’s just too big of a reversal, for no reason, from what happened in ep.10 and frankly reeks of DEM.

    They should’ve at least gave it some sort of development between Shin running after Hiromi and his sudden epiphany of his undying love for Noe if they wanted a Shin x Noe ending.

  6. NOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i thought shin will catch him but too late… 🙁

    just watched the raw, i have a feeling this will be a noe ending and must be, if its hiromi it will turn this awesome anime to just a forgettable one..

    i watch tons of shoujo, romance and drama shows that guys falling for the hiromi-type ends up being to cliche and predictable. i usually do not pick up this kind of shows anymore because of the cliches but true tears pulled me back because of NOE… so NOE be together with shin

  7. Seeing Jun about to kiss Noe just reminded me of “Koe Kaze” all over again.

    It’s getting interesting to say the least where this will end. Going between here and AnimeSuki forums, everything up to this point in the story was hinting at a Shin x Hiromi ending especially given the last episode.

    However, this episode just puts the Shin x Noe ending to the forefront again.

    @_@ Damn these writers… I don’t know how many more nails I have left to keep biting.

  8. As I thought. The festival is the determing factor. After seeing how Shin looked at Noe iduring his dance is a huge indicator that a Noe ending is the most probably ending right now. Shin even ignores Hiromi to look for Noe. I’m not saying the ShinXNoe ending is concrete yet though. I will save that for the last episode. For now though, it does seem a ShinXNoe ending is the most probable one we will get.

  9. Looks like it’s true what Jun was going to do from last week preview. That moment where he kissed Noe was creepy their lips almost touch. Now i feel sorry for Hiromi from this episode it looks like she lost or something and the ending was a suprise for no reason Noe jump down from a tree… whats with that. I wonder who will Shinichiro choose? Back to choosing the tears. (Kimi no namida o)

  10. After so many commments in the internet, if i’m the writer, i probably will pull a prank on this anime and make it neutral. Shin will become some whim whom no one likes in the end. Haha, just my piece of opinion. Him being with either one will cost the other to break down emotionally. So well best is with no one.

  11. I usually don’t support REAL incest but in this case I’ll make an exception >.>. I want my ShinxHiromi ending! Really though, IMO the ending is still split 50/50 between Noe and Hiromi :/. They sure are doing a good job keeping us(or just me?) guessing. Though I’m going to guess they’ll go for ShinxHiromi. I just can’t see how they would resolve the problem between Shin and Hiromi if they go for ShinxNoe. At least if they go for ShinxHiromi, they can dump Noe with her brother >.> ..>? Sigh.., guess the only way to find out is wait another week T_T.

  12. @Momboos
    even writer him self cant do that…. true tears has already been fully animated to the last episode… same goes for Code Geass R2 , im 100 % sure that sunrise already animated 7-9 episodes of C.G R2
    heck… they might even already finished animating first part of C.G R2 (12 eps)

  13. Yeah, I guess we can’t still properly predict who shin would go for. Even though I am a ShinXHiromi fan, I hate to say this but the things are going for a shinxNoe well we don’t know yet. But what I can predict is that Shin would be in time to save her from the fall and then he confesses and ….. then things go back to normal stuff. But I definetly don’t want Hiromi with jun. No way in the world I want her to be with jun.

  14. I just saw the raw episode and it didn’t seem that shin was looking for Noe in the crowd rather he was thinking for a story for his picture book and in that he imagined Noe to be their but Hiromi saw her and felt the pain of seeing her their.

  15. Damn, this show is awesome. I totally did not see Noe jumping coming and surprisingly they managed to make Hiromi likable enough in these last two episodes that I actually feel sorry for her losing Shinichiro. Best anime of this winter season.

    Go Noeeeeeee!!!

  16. All you Noe fans thinking you have the W I have to say things weren’t exactly looking rosy for the winner of KGNE in the second last episode.

    Also Mentar’s post is the truth.

    “I’ll give you a hint about romance shows: You do not want to be the first girl the guy talks to in the final episode.”

  17. The final episode has not aired. I have no idea if that first girl/final episode theory is true, but keep in mind, that we do not yet know who is the first girl that Shin talks to in the final episode. For all we know, Noe could be unconscious after jumping out of that tree, and there might not be much talking going on. In any case, I’m leaving it open to either a Noe or Hiromi ending.

  18. Nooooo! Not “Noe”-i want HiromiXShin ending-(TT^TT). I also think that “Noe” fans are “happy” now since they have been cheering for Noe. bla–bla-bla….anywaz about this 12Ep-i’m not ganna blame “Hiromi” about anything cuz she have not dispise “Noe”-dont you remember in EP-11, when Jun phoned Hiromi he said to “Hiromi” that “Noe” is lost and tell Shin about it. When hiromi conversation with “Jun” end, she try to phone Shin but she couldn’t but she did( way too go..hiromi ^O^)-n- also in EP12 When “Hiromi” saw Shin she told him that > she told to “Noe” that not to go on their way ( i mean she didn’t have to tell that to Shin cuz HiromiXShin wound ruin and even Shin could dislike “Hiromi” for saying that ..ah..”why”?) and come to think of it she haven’t hide something in her heart (like example to Shin) -she just tell every words she haven’t said.I mean to say she have been a nice lead actor.eeeee go to Hiromi Shin(T-T)
    “OKOK” i know that some part in this 12EP “Hiromi” have been rude or like “evil” for saying that “i am his girlfriend”-to- Aie. But i really prefer HiromiX SHin (wish the “writer” change the feelings SHin had for Noe-n- change to Shin liking Hiromi again cuz they are child-hood friend lol..also they have love each other since they were kid.

  19. Seriously folks, what’s the big panic about? At absolutely maximum no decision has been reached yet. However there are several indicators which strongly point towards a Hiromi ending IMHO.

    I smell alot of desperated cussing incoming after ep13. And I have no idea why *shrug*

  20. Kim
    Hate to bust your bubble but Hiromi was hesitant to call. If she was that great she would’ve called Shini chiro as soon as she got off the phone with Jun, but she didn’t and PLUS the first thing that came out of her mouth about the book he was writing. Yeah, yeah you will probably say at least she did call so I guess I can give her 5 points for that.

  21. Westlo,
    Lets not use that kind of language please. We don’t know anything about each other. You don’t know if they are 10 years old or even 30 years old. But if we do have kids commenting on the forum, at least show a little respect. I just hoope your not a little kid using that kind of language.

  22. Shit! Shit, shit, shit!!!
    Newer ago! Never ago I’ve been amazed that far about extent to what anime can happen to build up the tension. The tension of not being able to see the outcome of the series.
    And you know what’s the point?! It’s as old as the world itself.
    Heart vs mind. So des.
    And do you now the answer?! I don’t. For me: both girls are equally likable, while Hiromi is a “Heart” way (which is usually a short term), and Noe is a “Mind” way (which, on the contrary, tends to result in a long term relationship).

    @ Kim:
    I don’t believe that kids can love each other. This must be something else. Something like Imprinting phenomena (see wikipedia).

    One point towards Noe: she has the “optimal” age delta to Shin 🙂

  23. Well, ShinXHiromi fans don’t hesitate. Maybe, something different will happen in EP13 because the next EP title is “I want you to properly face it/me, that’s why I want you to believe it/me.( I think shin said to “Hiromi” because Shin haven’t tell Hiromi that he loved her so- much in the beginning and he haven’t said his feelings properly to hiromi). Maybe it will end like this (my guess)-(After Hiromi have known that Shin love “Noe” then maybe she will give up (like Aie did) and be lonely girl like before and she decide to quite the school and leave ShinXNoe alone. And then she will start to go somewhere (packing her staff to go). and put her all staff in the truck or van. (In school), Shin will hear people gossiping that Hiromi quite the school and feel guilty about it. And again start to chase her in his (bicycle or run by foot) like in EP10 ( talking about EP 10 -why did the “writer” make Shin chased after Hiromi? How strange because it‘s like the ending way and if it isn‘t “Hiromi“ the main lead then why the “writer“ have to do that?). After Shin have found Hiromi he would say,“ I want you to properly face it/me, that’s why I want you to believe it/me…..By the way Shin first love site is Hiromi that you know also, and if Shin go with “Noe” then “what will happened to “Hiromi” then???T-T She will be sad/lonely girl like she was before. And also have you mention that the beginning song in last song words-like the girl said, “ This is end of my tears” -this line can suite to hiromi because she always cry a lot that’s why in the end she would feel happy that Shin also love him and would start to say, “This is end of my tears”. -maybe this would happen

  24. “I usually don’t support REAL incest but in this case I’ll make an exception >.>. I want my ShinxHiromi ending! Really though, IMO the ending is still split 50/50 between Noe and Hiromi :/”

    I agreed with you. I’m not a fan of anyone or whatever, but I do want a ShinxHiromi. Well, maybe I’m a Hiromi fan anyway. I can’t just see a Noe ending. It’s just too awkward for my taste. They are more like sister and brother. I seriously think it will be Noe ending though. It looks like in the preview that everybody would be alone except for Noe and Shinichirou and Aiko/Nobuse.

    If this end up with Noe…well I don’t know if I’ll be dissapointed or not since at the beginning I want him to be together with her but now I think Hiromi is more suitable for Shin. However, if this end up with Hiromi, it will be the greatest romance anime that I’ve seen so far! Anyway, they’ll better pull out something good.

    I’m going laugh at u guys if the next episode Shin will end up alone LOL!

    I lol’ed at what u said unidentified. That was a good one.

    Anyway, good luck for both sides!

    Btw, Omni, who are u rooting for?

  25. Wow, I never thought the Noe ending people would be out in force by this episode. But alas it’s not going to change anything. Hiromi acting the way she does in this episode is expected because Shin has yet to end things with Noe fully. But that will happen in the final episode.

    I won’t dive into the details as to why and so on. Just wait another week for 13 and enjoy.

  26. Seriously, if u think about it. All romance series, childhood friends always lose. We saw Hiromi playing basket in the preview maybe it means that she’ll give up and get a new life. More points for Noe.
    Well whatever, I hope what Kim said its true. haha.

  27. Im Actually a Noe FAN..I hope she wont die or anything..
    and…and…i dont know…thats all i wish for i dont care if she ended with whoever. but if she did ended up with no one then i wont be suprise i guess..

  28. Wow, some of you people are totally blind or something.

    That Jun ended up loving Noe should have been NO SURPRISE AT ALL.

    Jun has spent every single minute of True Tears obsessed with Noe’s happiness. Literally every moment of the series and every action he has engaged in can be tied to ensuring Noe’s happiness.

    For example, him defending Hiromi as a “nice guy” in public; that’s just to enforce the contract and keep it official in the public eye that he’s dating Hiromi.

    Hiromi’s words to Jun are the truest words in this series. Jun only sees Noe. He only thinks about Noe. Everything he does is tied in some length to Noe’s welfare.

    It should have been obvious from a mile away that Jun was in love with Noe this whole time.

  29. Honestly the thing I’ve loved about this show is how much it keeps you guessing, and as I said back in episode 9 or 10, this is one show that’s going to keep you guessing right up until the end.

    Personally I hope for a Noe ending, but only if Shin actually has developed feelings for her.

    Similarly, if Hiromi is indeed the endgirl, I will not begrudge it to her as long as it is well written(and if Hiromi is no longer the deceitful wench she was at the beginning).

    And indeed, if Shin ends up alone, I won’t mind that either, but again it must be written in a way that makes sense.

    Right now though, I still think you can’t call it. It’s going to come down to the very end folks. People who automatically think that Noe is the obvious endgirl haven’t been paying attention the past two episodes(or are actually mind readers and know something most of us don’t). People who think that Hiromi is the obvious endgirl also haven’t been paying attention to the past two episodes or even the past 11. I have long charted what I believed to be the most likely courses for each girl if she is to be the endgirl. The things that must happen, the steps we must go through. So far both Hiromi’s and Noe’s paths are being played perfectly to my own internal script, which is why I won’t call an ending at this point. It could still very much go either way, and indeed if by this time you don’t realize that the direction can change at a moment’s notice then you really haven’t been paying attention.

    My only hope is the writers live up to the wonderful story they’ve written so far. The ending is the trickiest part to get right. It can be either the crowning achievement of the work(and in this case it MUST be if it is to be successful) or it can retroactively make the whole thing nonsensical and not worth watching. The good news for me is that the ending can be the crowning achievement no matter which girl wins(or even if Shin ends up alone in which case both or neither girl wins depending on your view), and I will most likely rewatch the entire series again once I have the ending to better understand everything that came before. My only fear is that they will cop out the ending, and make this just another anime whose ending didn’t quite live up to the rest of the show.

  30. After looking at the preview again, I got a feeling it might end up with Shin being alone at the end.

    Which is fine with me TBH, he deserves eternal damnation for jerking Noe and Hiromi around, intentionally or not :3

  31. It’s Shin and Noe ending people. I’m sure of it now. The picture book tells you everything. If not, then you can all go “off with Diva’s head” which I doubt would happen.

  32. yeah, the “writer” has trick us alot by making it more difficult that who will end up with Shin. Humm…i was thinking about EP1-12 alot “yesterday”(remembering the part in the EP), and it came like this.

    I think the “writer” is making ShinXHiromi-n-ShinXNoe fans both side confuse because in all episode there have been a little bit happiness to Hiromi and Noe. Remember the part when “Shin” said to “Noe” that he love her and Noe feel happy about it(Noe happiness)but she couldn’t agree with him and said write it in stone -and then she accept him. And for Hiromi happiness was that she and Shin wasn’t sibling at all and both Hiromi/Shin said,”We’re not siblings, after all.”(Talking about that part, isn’t Shin feel relieve that he wasn’t a sibling with Hiromi..ah..Who is he truely in love with? Say the word, boy)

    But Bad news for you ShinXHiromi fans, i mention in EP10 when Shin chased after Hiromi(i know that it is a good Ep than all EP and the EP was like an ending to me) but i think the “writer” is making ShinXHiromi fans a little bit happy about it so that he could make ShinXNoe in the end to make ShinXNoe happy at last.Ah…dont feel dissapointed with my words(ShinXHiromi fans). It’s just came in my thought.

    I will be thinking about Ep13 -that what will happen(i will try my best though -so that at last i will know who Shin will go with). But i was thinking maybe Shin will end up with “No-one” …hehehe just guess that too.

  33. I can’t understand all the guys, prefering HiromixShin…
    I don’t like Hiromi, she’s alsways looking bad and act very mean against Noe or Jun and also against Shin in some episodes. I hate it how she interfere into things she can’t stand. She’s really acting like a sl**, I won’t say it if it isn’t so, she reminds me of Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima but everyone loves Hiromi?! Open your eyes guys, this girl is insufferable, but the hole episodes aim at charity for the pooo~or Hiromi…

    Noe is the cutest girl, but she isn’t just cute, she’s emotional, mature and she has very profound dreams… Remember episode 8 “I want you to always look towards the sky.”
    I think this was a very great episode which really shows how mature she is, and how she can make Shin happy.
    Hiromi isn’t anything like that, I can’t stand her and I don’t understand all the people who prefer Hiromi instead of Noe.

    What’s what I’m thinking about it, for me, if the show ends up with Hiromi, I won’t watch it one more time, I watched to many animes with a stupid ending.


  34. I don’t want him to end up with Noe. Would be so stupid to do so after Hiromi moving out and him racing to find the moving van. Would be stupid way to end the series. Its been suggested all thruout the series that Jun is in love with his sister “I’m not the one you love” Hiromi said to Jun (a couple of episodes ago) was a good indication that Jun loved Noe.

    SninXHiromi is the better ending.

  35. no to Noe!

    I would always go for Hiromi! HiromixShinichiro! 😀
    Hiromi would be the most miserable character in the series if she doesn’t get Shin, at least Noe has her brother.

  36. Virox. What about Noe? She is a damn weird girl. Who will think that a chicken could fly or whatever. Ok, maybe thats cute, but its godamn weird and kinda stupid imo. Anyway, I love both of the characters.

  37. Another one who don’t get the meaning of the metaphor “You can fly, Raigomaru can fly…” ?
    Maybe you should think other Noe’s “weird” or look up the word “metaphor” in a lexicon and then think other her 🙂

    Sry if you already know ;P

  38. this character doesn´t know what he really wants….
    now that his sis openned her legs for him…he has made a face like:




  39. Nooo! T_T I want the Hiromi ending… XP If Shinichiro ends up with Noe then Jun and Hiromi aren’t happy. XP Why can’t everyone just be happy and end with it. I don’t even care if there’s incest.

  40. I agree with Virox.
    I personally don’t care for Hiromi either. Yes I think Noe’s actions through the whole series is more mature than anybody in the anime with the exception of Shinichiro’s father.

  41. @Virox

    I don’t know why you think Hiromi was being mean to Jun and not vice versa where the blame really lies. He was using her 100% just to keep Noe happy…; that’s a far worse act against her than anything she’s done to him. You think her laughing over the bike is worse than the way he’s been using her just to keep her away from Shin? Jun is the bad guy here; let’s not forget that he set up that disastrous contract that has hurt BOTH Hiromi and Noe deeply.

    Towards Noe, I’d just say that Hiromi’s actions are reflective of their battle over Shin; heck, if they had met first they may very well be friends.

    Shin and Jun deserve all the flak for what the girls have gone through; it’s ridiculous that you guys are putting the blame on Hiromi (or Noe as some others are doing). Neither Hiromi nor Noe is responsible for where the show is; Jun and Shin set up the pact that moved the plot to this point where one of the girls will be unhappy with the outcome.

  42. @yahiko

    I think you’re just seeing what you want to see.

    Noe’s emotional maturity is like that of a child; sure she’s cute and all but in terms of a complex range of emotions, she’s severely underdeveloped due to Jun’s overprotective inclinations in the past. Jun and the prior events prevented her from truly growing up and accepting her own tears as well as complex emotions like love.

    I like Noe (and many other do) simply because of the pureness that she represents, but her character represents something significantly different from maturity… Obviously, by the end of episode 13 I’ll expect Noe to have matured in a variety of ways, but I don’t think that was really what she’s represented through the journey.

  43. True enough that the writer has make it very interesting, just about you had some good feelings about a certain character, he will pull his break and condemn it. From what i see so far shin is rather confuse between the 2 girls as well and each stands their own chance. The 2 girls has their fair share of his time, don’t you all agree? Whoever is in need, he will be there for her and usually neglecting the other one.

  44. Just before the ending that is approaching. One word that i would like to say about the anime, “Great”! Does the ending really matters? Its is the process of watching the anime that counts and generates great emotion people is feeling about it. Which ever ending it is, there are sure to be some unhappy fans out there cursing and swearing. I say “fans” because in the process of the anime uncovers we were all so into it. Many a times people only look into the negative and criticize, why not instead quote this phrase that I’ve learned some time ago “Find the goodness in others…”. With that mentality, try finding the goodness in all the characters in the anime. This will allow you to fully appreciate the whole anime.

    Hope you will find this useful fellow fans.

    It has been a wonderful journey.. so far.

    Lastly, Cheers to the coming finale!

  45. In this episode, Noe said to Hiromi “kirei yo. Anata no namida (they’re beautiful. Your tears).” Also, Jun cried as well. Also, earlier Noe said she didn’t want worthless tears. Everything so far has some connection to the tears. I mean, even the title in the preview for the next episode is “Kimi no namida wo (your tears…)”

    Obviously, the last episode would have to do with the title as well. Since the only ones who we haven’t seen tears from are Noe and Shin, the next episode will undoubtedly be about them. This will most likely be a Noe ending although i could be dead wrong.

    But i don’t really get why people are cheering for Noe/Hiromi as if this were a sports game. As long as it’s a good ending, i could care less who goes with who. Like someone said before, i would laugh if Shin ends up being alone.

  46. @momboos

    i couldn’t agree with you more.

    The ending doesn’t really matter too much to me. Watching this anime was amazing so far. the only time i had more fun was when i watched haruhi and one or two other animes. I’m looking forward to the end of this wonderful anime.

  47. vio55555

    You right, my favor is in Noe’s thank you very much
    Oh and Hiromi was using Jun as well. Like I said before Hiromi is the one that brought Jun into her life. Out of all the guys why did she have to pick Noe’s brother to lie about liking? What she should have told her best friend was that she doesn’t like anybody instead of saying that.

  48. Hiromi and Jun become desperate as it was highly noted in this episode. Shin ignores Hiromi as he thinks of Noe all the time that triggers Hiromi to cry and ask Noe to fallback (Ai is also routing for Noe which Hiromi disagree with) and Noe retreated when Jun tried to kiss her in the lips.

    The key on tbis final episode lies on Shin so he better choose Noe to make True Tears epic.
    I don’t want another Kimikiss Pure Rouge ending (Mao X Kouchi, I still feel pity towards Hoshino).

  49. @yahiko

    That’s because it was the socially acceptable answer. Hiromi’s a star bball player, and he’s a star bball player from another school. When Hiromi’s friend asks her who she likes, she can’t answer Shin even though her friend already knows she has a thing for Shin because its a socially unacceptable answer. They live under the same roof, it’d be scandalous for her to answer with Shin, and Hiromi accepts that as long as she’s under the same roof she can’t act on her feelings.

    Shin misunderstands the whole thing and starts the pact with Jun…; I honestly think you’re grasping at straws here trying to attribute situational blame to Hiromi. Certainly, she’s not nice to Jun, but it is Jun who uses Hiromi for the most part, not the other way around. Hiromi didn’t think anything would happen when she answered “No.4” but Shin took it and ran with it.

  50. Well, i’ve just watched kimikiss and yes have to agree that i too pity hoshino. But it is better to make it clear than never. One that i find great is kazuki, he is damn right focus and clear on what he wants.

  51. Honestly, I don’t want to come off as defending Hiromi per se, but I don’t think either of the girls is to blame here.

    The ball has been in Shin’s court most of the time, for example when he took the initiative in the whole contract mess with Jun, and after Hiromi kisses Shin and tells Jun what his real feelings are for Noe, the ball is 100% in Shin and Jun’s court. Needless to say, Shin and Jun put the girls through this.

    Hiromi and Noe are only diametrically opposed because of Shin and Jun’s actions. I think they’d get along well based on their character types if they had met before knowing Shin.

  52. Yahiko: I do like Noe alot as a character, but it’s quite a stretch to call her “mature” when she’s sleeping in a chicken coop, dragging a chicken out to the sea to make it fly, and then to jump off a tree. Sorry. She’s lively, she’s benevolent and she’s pretty insightful, but she’s definitely NOT mature.

    arigatou: I’m afraid that True Tears won’t be epic, then.

    Overall, Shin’s wussy indecisiveness (typical romance male lead disease) has cost him alot of my sympathies. Instead of wallowing in self-loathing over his difficulties to sort things out, he should grit his teeth and just DO it. In my reading, this is what he’s finally about to do at the end of this episode. About time, basically overdue. In the meantime, banzai for Miyokichi, and all the good luck to him!

  53. I dunno, I guess I’m not really a fan of characters like Noe, they’re kinda like default like main girl characters, I kinda like Hiromi cuz to me she’s more real, plus Shinichiro liked her first O_O

  54. i hope its a Noe ending though .. i mean even after Hiromi revealed her true feelings or when he ran after her .. his little flashbacks are always of Noe .. cant wait until the last one x]

  55. i wish it is a noe ending too i mean you could see how noe really likes him…i mean hiromi is okay as in person…but i think it is very rude of her to tell noe right in her face to leave her and shin alone…i know they are finally together after all that has happened…but sometimes you need to think of others too not just herself…

  56. i dunt think so…i know hiromi finally opened up to shin..but like it was too late and stufff…and noe at first opened up to him a long time ago…sometimes people’s feelings change when they meet other people…maybe at first Shin likes Hiromi but after all that has’s feelings can change really fast.

  57. I was hoping for a Hiromi ending but with the way she is acting in this episode, I think he will go to Noe, especially if he actually catches Hiromi talking to Noe that way in the next episode. Have you ever seen an anime where a girl who proclaimed herself the girlfriend ended up with the guy at the end. actually, I was originally hoping for a Aiko ending but that was squelched early.

  58. I was hoping for an Aiko ending as well, Drak.

    Aiko seems to be the most responsible, and less wacky of the 3 but when she “settled” for Shin’s buddy “out of pity”, it just shows that she is what persons like myself call the “transition person”: the person you need to place your love with (for the time being) or the person to be around til THE ONE comes. Pity.

    It looks like a toss up between those 2 with the issues, Hiromi and Noe. What’s Shin’s problem anyways? He already has Hiromi in the bag and doesn’t need to complicate things.

  59. @arigatou: This is nothing like Mao and Kouichi. Hiromi has been a lot more truthful than Mao, and her development was much more natural, if you ask me.

    @Crystal: I’m still of the belief that Shin never liked Noe, as a lover, but rather, as a cute girl full of hopes and dreams. Noe is to Shin as Noe is to Jun — someone they can’t just ignore, and someone they want to protect.

  60. not exactly incest if it’s one side love (Jun only). look up the definition before u conclude its is incest (technically they have to DO IT before it’s considered incest). Yeah i guess Noe ending, i really would like that.

    Only reason Shin’ichiro had feelings for Hiromi was out of pity and wanted to be the shining knight to rescue her. Ending it with Hiromi would be too anticipated from the beginning of the anime and would be kinda blunt.

    People think Noe is wierd or not normal, not true (what is your definition of normal?). Noe ending would make the anime interesting.

    if the ending isn’t shin’ichiro with noe, i still hope that it’s good ^^.

  61. I’m still hoping for a Hiromi ending even with a 50/50 chance, but I suppose a Noe ending wouldn’t be that bad for me either. Just as long as they don’t leave Hiromi as she was in this episode, I’ll be ok with a Noe ending. Hiromi seemed rather needy of Shin, but I hope she gets over that. I still feel Shin hasn’t really done things right with Hiromi though. He has to make things right with Noe too, of course.

    As for Jun, I’m glad he admitted his feelings for Noe. I really hope things turn out good for him, even if he may not get Noe.

  62. I agree with someone up there who pointed out the picturebook. I feel as if it’s the most important element in this show since it’s the main character’s inner sanctuary. Rewatch the show from ep 12 to ep 1 just looking at the stuffs Shin puts in his notebook and you’ll realize how much Noe affects Shiniro each episode goes by. Everything that happens to him–between him and Hiromi–he always goes back to the picturebook and draws things that are related to Noe and her chickens. From Shin being an ordinary chicken to the idea of being able to fly—-the source only points to one girl, Noe. One thing I’m going to say again, however, before someone contradicts me here, watch the show the second time paying close attention to Shin and his drawings. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Noe’s the one running this show.

    This show is oozing with symbolism. Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and say that this show’s finale is not going to be a conventional one.

  63. such a phenominal anime up to date. . . people are fighting in the forums.. haha

    and wow… i guess this is the episode of truetears that gets the most comments… 119 and still counting… 😀

    good job omni for blogging this anime and not abandoning it like the rest…

    and i tot ure abandoning it till epi 3.. haha… this surely hit your blogspot…

    btw where can i get the subbed?! anyone pls…

  64. @Crystal- Depends on the meaning of Raigomaru’s flight in this episode–it can either be love or empowerment. If it were to be the latter, then he’ll most likely go back to Hiromi. However, going by intuition, I don’t see a conventional ending from this show. This show has the potential to ‘fly’ as Noe likes to put it.

  65. yeah sabil8’s view of this anime is strong. i didn’t realize that until now about the picture book. Noe does have a lot of effect on shin’ichiro. She was the one who had the most interaction with Shin’ichiro throught True Tears. I did noticed the picture book, but i never considered it important till now. BTW does anyone know when the episode 12 subbed version might come out(not asking for it, just wanna kno when).

  66. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this series at first, but it’s getting really interesting. I wonder how far they are going to go with the sister complex and what Aiko is going to do from here on.

  67. Looks like it’s heading towards a Noe ending judging by the latest episode. I guess the Hiromi camp just got the KO punch and just awaiting the 10 count now. The only hope we Hiromi campers will win is that Shin’ichiro is giving Noe a proper closure to their short stint so he can do everything properly will Hiromi. Sadly, the chances of that is VERY low.

    Random guy
  68. Guess it’s time I put my 2c (same post in another forum)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sailor Enlil
  69. @ Anon

    The whole sandal thing was from the past memory of Shin/Hiromi, she lost her sandal way back then and thought she had been abandoned…, it was like the start of her feeling more for Shin than just a friend.

  70. I think we might get a Hiromi-ending, which I wouldn’t mind; Hiromi is a great character, but I think her relation to Shinichiro hasn’t been given as much depth as Noe’s. I feel that the series has developed Shin’s relationship with Noe much more; they are connected by this whole, symbolic idea of “flight” and his picture book. Between Hiromi and Shin, however, the only thing that connects them is their childhood. And that happens far too often in anime: childhood friends ending up together and all. I feel that their childhood has been barely explored anyway, and I am pretty sure the production team did that on purpose.
    Along the progress of each episode, there is this awkward, almost forced tension between Hiromi and Shin, which has carried on to their relationship. They are dating, but Shin’s mind is always half somewhere else; Hiromi is busy being anxious about Noe. When Shin is with Noe, however, he seems much more relaxed and himself. They would be much more comfortable with each other, in my opinion. Hiromi may have been Shin’s crush, but that is all I think it was: a crush. The only thing Hiromi could say about his picture book was some bland remark that I can’t even remember (nor does he, probably). Noe seems much more interested and everything she says he values immensely.
    If Shin were to end up with Noe, that would give way for a HiromixJun ending. Ok, I know it sounds rather random, but I think it could work out if they are given enough time. With a HiromixShin ending, on the other hand, we’d have a heartbroken Noe (who would thus get her tears back in a rather tragic way) and a heartbroken Jun. Now that’s what we call a happy ending! It’s not happy, nor is it bittersweet. It’s not even realistic since, again, HiromixJun has been literally spoon fed to us across the progress of this series. It’s like, “There you go. Shinichi likes Hiromi. Hiromi likes Shinichiro. THE END.”
    I hope the directors won’t go for that kind of path. They might have had feelings for each other, but they aren’t soul mates; Shinichiro and Noe are.

  71. As a Noe x Shinichirou guy, I’ve almost conceded that it will be a Hiromi ending…there’s still that glimmer of hope left in me that somehow Shinichirou will end up with Noe after watching this episode, but I am not exactly keeping my fingers crossed.

    Either way would make sense, and it’s not like I hate Hiromi (unlike the case with Kiminozo, I hated Mizuki’s guts), and either endings would make plenty of sense. I just like Noe more, that’s all. When all is over, I would still look back at True Tears as a great show. What’s important is that P.A. Works just established itself as the new studio to watch, just like KyoAni did with Fumoffu/Air 3 years ago.

  72. Hmm this episode does seem like he may end up with Noe. Shin’ichiro ignored Hiromi pretty much most of the time in this episode, especially near the end. Again all he thought about was Noe in this episode. Its a matter of him finding what he truly feels.

    I would liek to note though that from past experiences from seeing drama animes like this, whomever declares themselves as someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend never ends up with the main guy/girl. Same goes with childhood “friends”. If this theory is true, then most likely Hiromi may not be with Shin’ichiro in the end.

    1 more episode to go!

  73. Indeed Victor. The only main reason that I think Shin will end up with Noe is “whomever declares themselves as someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend never ends up with the main guy/girl.” Also the chilhood friend thing always loses.

  74. Yeah the one that becomes desperate just to get something and no longer think of other’s feelings won’t succeed (Sorry Hiromi*as mentioned by others already* and Jun *Finally sis-con attempt failed, good thing Noe is mature enough to reject her brother* …. Ai already learned it first hand (after she force her kiss towards Shin and rejected at the end, that’s why she’s telling Hiromi regarding Noe and Shin’s relationship)

    Expecting event in the finale
    [spoiler]Shin finally realize he can only fly with Noe and admitting his faults for being indecisive and declare his love for Noe. As this is the end of her tears (for the last time). [/spoiler]
    Again Kimikiss type of ending won’t happen.

  75. Not that I care either way but:

    While childhood friend relationships do not work out all to often in the anime world, it does happen. For example, ToHeart (correct me if I am mistaken) and, more recently, KimiKiss.

    Similarly, there are those cases for the “declare that he/she is the significant” where they do indeed end up together. For example, Nodame Cantabile (of course we all knew Chiaki and Nodame would end up together but that’s besides the point) and Juuousei (bit of a stretch I know…).

    There is rarely a set formula for predicting such things… So why not just patiently wait for the final episode?

  76. I already knew that it would be a Noe ending because all the heroines that I wanted to end up with the main character never did end up with each other, thus not getting happiness … this time I wanted Hiromi to end up with Shinichiro so that is probably the reason why I already know that its a Noe ending…. also the title of the anime is true tears which links to Noe searching for her lost tears.

  77. Wow..after seeing everyone’s posts we have all types of conclusions here. I’ve always like how this anime gives the right amount of execution just to keep you on the edge of your seat. I’ll give this anime a lot of credit for that…Let’s see how it all ends next week!

  78. Im cheering Hiromi on. She has loved him for such a long time. And in the beginning of the anime all of his drawings were about her. I watched this anime since its first release and I will be so sad if he chooses Noe.

  79. Correction. Not drawingS, drawing. There was only one picture of Hiromi Shin drew, and he was dissatisfied by it. -_- Noe’s drawings however…. ^___^ Well, I’ve been lurking around the official websites of True Tears and seems like the female lead in this show is Noe.

  80. @Res:
    Me saying those things were just to note. I didn’t say that the theory will make the True Tears’ ending set. I do realize that there are very few occasions were those theories didn’t uphold but most of the time, those theories do hold up true. Like most people here, I am just saying my predictions and opinions. I too am anxious and patient enough to see the last episode but I am merely voicing my 2 cents on the take.

  81. I still think Shin Should just go Super Saiyan and Uppercut both Hiromi and Noe into oblivion, then go out with Aiko. but theirs about a .0001% chance of that happening. BUT it could happen lol.
    Im still all for Hiromi and Shin, ShinXNoe is possible. BUT i dont see a resolution for Hiromi if that happens…and everyone is supposed to get a resolution, and the only way is if Shin gets Noes tears back and ends up with Hiromi, cause Aiko is clearly A-ok now

  82. Mercfh, you’re never going to let that go. Nice that the odds are down to 1% of what they were before …; I love that “BUT it could happen lol” bit. Very nice touch.

  83. Okay this totally did not go the way I wanted it to. First of all the whole incest thing really turns me off. I would have liked it if Jun would have stayed a good, big brother that “held her feelings in the palm of his hand.” Secondly, I really wanted someone to die. If someone died that would REALLY make me cry. Isn’t that what the series about? Tears! That wouldve been so awesome to see Noe jump and die because she wanted to fly but couldn’t. yeah some would call her insane, but still…. OK, I guess theirs still a possibility of some one dying, especially after seeing Noe jump from a tree, (sigh) but I doubt it. Still pretty good though for a shogun(spelling?-shoga, something like that.)

  84. @Crystal

    Its quite likely that the official site would have a vested interest in keeping the fires stoked, so likely what they say in their summary will be about as reliable/deceptive for speculation as the previews.

    While I must admit that I personally find Noe the more likeable of the two main girls, I had long (for say the first 9 episodes) assumed that we were heading towards an inevitable Hiromi ending. The only real problems with such an ending however is that a Hiromi ending at this point would be as unsatisfying and anti-climactic as their resolution of the sibling question. Had the writers truly wished to end the series with Hiromi triumphant, one would wish that they had either resolved that issue better (say by making a fuller explanation of why Kanae so hated Hiromi’s mom) or, preferably, by not resolving the sibling question at all, and thus leaving us wondering at the end if Hiromi had just seduced her brother. As things stand, with Noe just barely holding on to her sanity, for her to lose her last source of support (Shin’ichiro) would be painful to watch.

  85. I’ve heard that there will be a second season…
    I can’t stand this shit, why do they always have to pull the last bit of money out of a grainfull anime?? I think that the second season will be a less in quality.

    Source: Moetaku Fansubs, looks like they get this information from bandai…
    “there will be a second season and Haruhi will make a cameo appearence”
    “it’s information given to us by Bandai!”

  86. Crystal,
    I saw those clips of episode 13 a couple of days ago Just because they didn’t show any clips of Noe does not mean there will be a Hiromi ending. I think the Author put it that way so that people like us would comment on that between Hiromi and Noe.

  87. …shinXnoe is so cute… hiromi is boring and not cute (-or original-) at all… she’s just one of those big-boobed( or shows them off all the time…. like hiromi always does…), long-haired and dumb girls that always tries to end up with the main character… lets just hope she doesnt in this show….

  88. @ crystal

    According to the guys at animesuki who’ve been looking at it since it came out, it’s most likely Shin holding Hiromi (due to the hair which looks a lot more like the top of Hiromi’s head).

    In any case, the fact that all of the pictures except virtually the last don’t involve Noe isn’t surprsing.

    Most likely they want to confuse everyone with those pictures so they just chose some juicy tidbits to put on the site. We’ll see what happens in 3 days.

  89. A second season?! Why the hell would they make a second season!!! Unless this season will end with a HUGE cliffhanger -_- *please god no…*

    I am unsure who that is that Shin is hugging. It does look like hiromi (her hair gives it away). However, that hug doesn’t necessarily mean that he is hugging the one he chose. It maybe to fool the viewers. We wont know until we see it ourselves.

  90. Well personally I’ve been arguing that for “consistency” the ending has to go to Hiromi otherwise a bunch of scenes in episodes 9-11 don’t make sense… unless Shin really was just a waffling main character or he was lying to himself for most of the series. It just doesn’t make sense for Noe to say things like “Shin’s true feelings are for Hiromi” or for Shin to say things like “I’ll do things properly” after the emotional scene after Hiromi leaves.

    I think that’s the one issue right now that comes up in a Noe ending. We lose the consistency of Shin’s feelings across the first 11 episodes, so unless it’s done in some kind of manner that resolves the issues of consistency, it won’t make too much sense.

    (Disclaimer: I don’t particularly care who he ends up with…)

  91. I’m not quite sure if Shin’s feelings towards Hiromi are actually love in a romantic sense. Sure, he might have thought he had loved her romantically in the beginning, but he could be wrong. Furthermore, after he had met Noe, her thoughts and words constantly show up in his drawings (the red snow, the bottle necklace, the chickens). I think the series can end with either ShinxHiromi or ShinxNoe and still be “consistent” because clues for both had been dropped throughout.

  92. t-g8,
    -finally somebody said something that make sense, you are absolutely right. People grow up and feelings change, that’s the reality. In my opinion what Shin feels for Hiromi was a childhood illusion, he thought it was love but it wasn’t, and when he met Noe his feelings changed. He grew up, and he is not the same as when he was 5. Of course the writers can write whatever they want no matter our expectations are.

  93. Can anyone make a assumption of what happened on the first picture up there? where hiromi is playing basketball,,,does it mean she and shin broke up because shin loves Noe?

  94. Can anyone make a assumption of what happened on the first picture up there? where hiromi is playing basketball,,,does it mean she and shin broke up because shin loves Noe? Would it mean that shin broke up with hiromi and went to Noe? it gives me that kind of feeling

  95. @crystal

    That fact that she is playing basketball in that preview pic need not mean anything significant. The pic of her from the site, the one in which she is wearing glasses may however be more telling, as she looks upset. Of course that might merely be a continuation of her ep 12 uncertainty and anxiety rather than a true indication of her defeat.

  96. THANK THE GODS! this has been an amazing series.
    Im so happy for the noe ending (im praying for it anyways), but i still dont know why everyone liked Hiromi so much. though it is kind of sad that hiromi gets left behind and jun is a sis-con.

    its also cool that everything worked out nicely with Ai and Nobuse

    This series goes in my favorites, almost as good as shuffle ;D

  97. There isn’t anything that completely puts a Hiromi or Noe ending out of question at this point.

    Pretty much all of the evidence conflicts although things do seem to be leaning towards Noe at the end of 12, but we don’t know what Shin intends to do for Noe; he could just be helping her get her tears back or it could be something more.

    Everyone will have to wait another 2 days to find out what’s really going to happen. Most people are just guessing or going with their favorites at this point…

  98. I’d hope for a shin x hiromi ending only for the fact that Noe would be available. ^_- Shin’ichiro does deserve better than Hiromi though. Really good lead compared to so many others out there.
    Whatever the ending is I think we can all agree that this new studio has hit one out of the ballpark. The art isn’t quite as polished or smooth as say KyoAni, but it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I definitely think the writing is far more tighter and interesting than Clannad. Can’t wait to see what else they cook up in the future.

  99. What makes the anime great is not limited ONLY to that of the author is able to keep the fans guessing all the way till the end. It has show many different values that we are able to pick up while watching the anime. While a nice ending would sum things up perfectly, but even if its a crappy one doesnt really matter tho. I’m sure fellow fans has enjoy yourself so far? That is all that matters aint it?

  100. I looked through most of the comments and is able to see that different people has different perceptions towards the anime and the characters, and thats fine. My perspective towards this anime is single word “GREAT”. But i can see many whom are just too childish and start cusring other fans about their opinions. Does it really hurt looking at the comments and thus cursing it. It is you who puts the meaning to the words of others and in return getting emotional about it.

    You know who you are loser….

  101. Ooo i really hope for a shinXnoe ending! this is an amazing anime! although too bad it has to end…. all the really good shows are ending…. but some amazing new ones in april!! yay code geass r2! and vampire knight & special a both of which is a really good manga! whoops i keep rambling on lol anyway hoping for that shin x noe ending!!

  102. Gah.. I second what TG8 and KEY05 said……I’m still (and have been since she was introduced) rooting for Noe. I know that Hiromi is the favored choice, but beh…I don’t get what people see in her…in my opinion she lacks personality and looking at this episode…Hiromi is getting a little off the wall….But then again there is ALWAYS an alternate pairing choice in anime-verse ^_^ and without her there’d be no suspense or at the very least something to drive the plot I guess…. it just seems to me like her and Shinichiro, though they have somewhat of a history and all, have nothing but an awkward chemistry…it lacks true substance…it seems like Shinichiro is more himself around Noe and I think he’s starting to realise that she brings out something in him he didn’t see before. I just feel like Shinichiro is still holding onto whatever childhood feelings he had for Hiromi and only after sorting that out can he sort out his feelings for Noe. But I do have to agree with ONMI….I wouldn’t be suprised if the writers just went ahead and blew us away with a school days ending just for kicks …haha.

  103. Saw the 6 minute long, spoilericious, promotional video of TT, and you can tell the main girl here is really Noe. Writers even make it so that whenever Shin is with Noe, their chemistry just brightens the whole place. Even when NoexShin got together w/ Shin working on his picturebook, they have the complete True Tears theme song as their musical background lol That’s the only time we got to hear it in all 12 episodes. NoexShin is inevitable as long as Shin values the picturebook over Hiromi.

  104. oh geez, i’m a noe fan and the ending was a real let-down for me, but not for hiromi fans (good for them d(^_^)b). omg before i was gonna watch i was hoping for noexshinichiro, but omg once i saw how much shin’ichiro was interacting with hiromi and his fixed resolve, i could tell it wasn’t gonna end with noe. good for all the hiromi fans, thats great i guess. for me…i’m sad. i wished they had two seperate episodes so that you could choose the one you wanted him to be with. The hiromi ending was great and all, but didnt drive as much suspense and excitement that i hoped for. It’s interesting though how they seperated noe and the theories of the picture book from shin’ichiro so that he falls in love with hiromi rather than noe. I would just wish that the creators would make one, just one more episode for the noe fans (that alters the story for a different ending), but i know thats not gonna happen. T-T

  105. Diva

    You missed the whole point of Noe’s impact on Shin. Her impact was spiritual in a sense; it was a more abstract kind of love between them, not really a romantic love like what he had for Hiromi.


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