-There was no fight with the other wolf because it appears that Horo basically prostrated herself to it. Instead, she goes and beats up all the Remerio men, and Lawrence returns to Rubinhaigen to convince their head to pay him 500 Lumione over 10 years. And as expected, Horo and Lawrence then continue their journey, though not without Lawrence teasing Horo a bit first.
-Overall, I didn’t hate this show, but I didn’t come anywhere near loving it either. As I’ve mentioned before, I like some of the characters (mainly Horo), but I really can’t stand the pacing of the story and the way they develop medieval economics themes – that just didn’t appeal to me at all. Perhaps they might have been better off focusing on their journey North instead of on Lawrence’s schemes, but I understand that’s not how the light novels progressed. Regardless, along with the animation quality, I got a general sense of mediocrity and never truly got excited about the show (especially not compared to some of the other stuff airing these days). For those reasons, I probably won’t watch a second season, if there ever is one.


  1. its the end for horo
    nice episode i hope there is a season 2 because the story can’t end like this
    he had not fulfill his promise in bringing horo back to her hometown just yet

  2. Well I didn’t really expect much of this show. Its just one of those “fill up my time while I wait for the other animes to subbed” shows. Its a pretty easy watch (aside from those schemes that I could not seem to understand ^_^;) I gotta to admit I was ready to drop it if it wasn’t for Horo. She basically kept the little interest I had in the show with her personality. Plus the ED was AWESOME!

  3. SO NO MORE FLEAS!!???…OR HIS IS GOING TO MARRY WITH HER AND FUND THE FIRST PUP DOG SHAMPOO FACTORY IN HISTORY…..man……it´s soooo good to watches anime to actually learn something about the japanese feudal history!!

    😀 ;D :D( do you actually know someone more funny than me??)

  4. LOL @ Lawrence.

    He would’ve called out Horo’s name because according to him, it’s *slightly* shorter than Nora’s. “Horo”. “Nora”. They seem to be the same 2 syllable length to me. Horo was understandably fuming because of this.

  5. Well too bad the series had to end. Hopefully a second season will come up at some point down the road.

    Personally felt it was the best of the Winter Season. I’ve known my share of mediocrity over the years and this show wasn’t anywhere close to it. But been pretty clear that it wasn’t Omni’s type of show considering the comments that came up over the series.

    Enjoyed watching the start of two characters here. Their interactions along the way was enjoyable to watch. Horo was definitely a great lead. Glad they stuck with what the novels were about and actually gave a good amount of episodes to each arc so they wouldn’t be overly rushed.

    Know that the economic side wasn’t for everyone. But did a nice job showing some dangers of business during that time and also the danger of the church.

  6. Sigh… what they could have done with the material with more episodes per arc. Ah well, it did get me interested in the light novels. But I’ll miss the verbal romantic fencing between Horo and Lawrence — nice voice acting on those two.

    Points for a companionship development thats a bit more grown up than the emo/angsty teen dramas anime seems fixated on.

    Unless we hear noise of a second season (it was pretty popular and lots of buzz in Japan’s anime audiences), I guess its off to push my way through the light novels (and the manga adaptation).

  7. For those who are confused by the ending. There are currently seven novels released for S&W. The anime covered the first two novels in a very condensed format.

    Needless to say, there’s much more adventure and romance/companionship development to go.

    Now to see if the buzz and merchandise purchase in Japan in sufficient to get them to greenlight a second season………

    The manga adaptation of the light novels is still pretty young — and it isn’t clear yet whether the manga will follow the novels and give us those moments missing from the anime script adaptation or whether it will follow the anime short version of the stories.

  8. Oh my Lawrence is such a looser he is always relying on Horo every single time to save the day.

    In all fair unlike some I did prefer the show in a slow pace, but the economics just kept giving me a migraine. I had to pause the video nearly every second just so I could understand the plot. My catchphrase was always “What did he say?” or “What did she say?”

    The main positive things I can say was that I like the characters Horo, Noro and Lawrence.

    Well I will check out the OVA when that comes (Which is actually episode 7 I think)

  9. JEEEZ!! alot of ENDINGS happening… feel kinda empty inside. . . . . OMNI!!!!!!! THE SPRING/SUMMER SCHEDULE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make me whole again! “sort of”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Stuff:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. A lot of people don’t think that Horo actually… er… with the big wolf. In that flash back, she’s on her knees, as if bowing to him, so a lot of people think that she just humiliated herself begging for mercy.

  12. This was a great ending. It seems that some people would prefer a Claymore type ending. Why not ignore the novels, plop horo and Lawrence into a volcano in the North and call it a day.

  13. I rather enjoyed this little anime. I’d put it above most of what I’ve watched in the last 6 months. I found it pretty original, pretty funny, and Horo was a great character. I’d be happy to have another season.

    And the opening theme is just beautiful.

  14. Oh, and I would safely assume that when Horo did something “mature” with the big wolf, it means that they fucked. That’s what animals do. That’s how they show dominance. She calmed him down by letting him get his jollies. Happens with humans too…Grow up people.

  15. Actually, that wouldn’t be a safe assumption, Lor. Basically, she bowed and did the wolf equivalent of baring her throat to assure the young wolf of his “alpha” status in the forest. Faster and more mature than a lot of posturing, growling, and violence. That’s the way *real wolves* act as well. See novel for reference.

  16. Honestly it makes more sense that she just let the youngster know this was his forest and he was in charge there. Get on your knees, talk to the guy and move on.

    She wanted to hurry things along so she could get back to Lawrence. Mating makes no sense since that would take time. Might as well fight, kick the guys ass, and run back over. Settling by the more mature means is what saved time and kept the situation from getting out of hand.

  17. i agree that the anime wasn’t all that exciting but i loved it nevertheless because of the characters (nora!) and the predetermined success turn of event. I’m buying the light novels tomorrow so that should make up for the anime

  18. I loved this anime… Horo was such a cool character.

    I really hope there’s a season 2… and, I think there will be. After all, they haven’t made it to the North yet and Horo hasn’t gotten her honey peaches yet!

  19. I really wanted this show to be cooler because the interaction between Horo and Lawrence was clever and cute and really enjoyable, but I felt like the story went nowhere most of the time. And what’s with Lawrence? He likes to go into long lectures about what makes a great merchant, but he constantly gets himself screwed.

  20. Honest truth, I found the new angle, focussing on Lawrence’s schemes and the very human flaws of a so called goddess, to be a fresh and enjoyable idea. Being a student of economics, it was fun to follow his plans and pick them apart as well. I do hope that there will be another season, but will be satisfied with the typical “make your own ending” if there is not one. Diviation from the norm typically pushes people away from something and yet, I am happy to see that so many stuck with it until the end. A fun ride to the end. I will enjoy viewing Spice and Wolf again and again.

  21. I LOVE THIS ANIME SO MUCH! There may be a few episodes that are slow on the plot, but it’s not that dissatisfying, isn’t it? I really enjoyed it, though there were complications in some moments, especially those related to Lawrences’ money and profit issues. But with Horo around, it’s just irresistable! What I like most of this anime was the quality and the series of mixed events… and the realtionship btween Horo and Lawrence! I kind of like the part about Horo asking Lawrence about whose name he called. Lawrence was FINALLY smart enough to solve this problem (with the help of the clock. After all, he didnt want to hurt Horo’s feelings and disrespect Nora.
    I HAVE QUESTIONS FOR ALL OF YOU! : What do you think will happen to Lawrence once he and Horo reaches the North? Even if our leading couple did move on with the relationship, wats gonna happen to em if Horo reaches the North? Do you think he would leave her there even if she manages to repay him? Where and how would he open his dream shop?
    These questions might be answered if there will be a second season. Let’s all pray and hope for a 2nd season because Lawrence and Horo aren’t done yet!!

  22. psh i cant believe that there’s only 13 episodes so far but o wells i guess one can only hope for a 2nd season to help pass time… i wasnt exactly thrilled with this series but its a good change from what ive been watching lately so i think i’d watch a 2nd season if there ever is one…

  23. I DLed this anime not thinking much of it. But for some reason I really got into it, it’s complex, but simple at the same time. Horo is such a smart ass sometimes and is what keeps me watching. I really want a 2nd season, I hate it when shows are left open. Anyways normally more girly animes dont entertain me, but this one is with all the trade stuff and the complexity. I’m awaiting for the 2nd season and might pick up a few mangas just so i can know what is going to happen next.

    Denny C
  24. There should definitely be a second season, or at least an ending movie, or better yet… Both! I can see how alot of people might not find the show appealing, but I’m not picky anymore since its becoming harder for me to find new shows. ^^ Besides, it was pretty good. 7/10*

  25. I personally quite enjoyed the show, but was slightly disappointed by the ending and would like to see a second season. I can see why some people wouldnt like it, the humour is subtle and observational rather than stupid chibi moments, and i wont deny i laughed out loud quite regularly.

    I was most happy to see an anime with romantic undertones where neither of the leads were complete fucking airhead saps.


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