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As expected, the After Story continuation of CLANNAD was announced today. MOON PHASE broke the news earlier with information from the May edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine, including how the staff and cast will be staying the same, but it wasn’t until after the extra summer episode that we got our first glimpse of the production via a 15-second commercial. As you can see in the screens above, the commercial hinted at more of the illusionary world story and shows a certain new character that many of you probably already know. There’s been no information, however, regarding length or when this will air, though fan speculation has it at 13 episodes and a possible Fall broadcast. A lot of people have told me that the good stuff in CLANNAD is in the After Story, and so while I thought CLANNAD was ultimately average (not great, not horrible), I’m still definitely looking forward to this.


  1. OH SHI-

    And I thought they would announce the broadcast dates for Haruhi S2. Strange. Oh well, if Clannad is indeed coming this Fall, I wouldn’t really mind either! I loved After Story, and it’s great to see that it’s getting animated so soon.

    Hei > No, not necessarily. In After Story, Tomoyo and the rest of the other girls don’t appear.

  2. See? I don’t think KyoAni’s a company to leave a story unended. I always knew they were going to anime the After Story and I knew it! Everyone’s happy now, right? I’m not being mean or anything. I’m very happy about this. That little girl looks so cute! She resembles me a little when I was young.

  3. OH Yea the After Story is really going to be animated, just know this a few hour ago too. Now here’s the question, will a long OVA or really a full 13 episode anime but a 13/12 anime will be kind of long unless they intend to have the full story of that illusionary world too.

  4. @Fat Cat Lim
    I was thinking the same too that it might be Haruhi 2.

    I know when Clannad first came everyone was saying that it needed to be 52 episodes due to the length of the actual story and 22. The show had been good except for the last couple of episodes which have had me scratching my head…

    However now kyoto animations have pulled out the bag Clannad ~After story which could serve justice in the clannad series.

  5. Average? Certainly not ;x CLANNAD was the best show of Fall 2007. Love it like no other ;p

    But yeah. I am psyched for this. I was really hoping a second season would be animated. While I loved the way the first season ended, it had almost no closure at all, so I can’t wait for this.

    I hope it’s more than 13 episodes though =( 24 would be fantastic ;]

  6. Don’t get your fapping hopes up too high with Clannad Afterstory. The story that is to follow isn’t typical in anime. Here is a tearjerker that rivals movie drama or novels, the type that has businessmen weeping while reading on the bullet train. The scope is wider than that of Tomoyo After. To me, it’s more for those of us that are seeing friends getting married and starting out with their own family…

  7. the movie was more like the bad end, hopefully, with Kyoani’s refusal to include all the more sadistic stuff in the original season, it’d mean they’ll do the good end instead. Besides, the opening showed that last scene in After Story.

  8. crap i watched that movie version and it sucked so bad i wish i didnt see it. This after story will be waay better than the movie but really i wish i didnt see that movie cause i already know whats going to happen >

  9. Ushio! T_T

    But, darn, this was expected, but this came far too soon. Less hope for a the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi or Full Metal Panic for Fall. Tch.

    Still… This will definitely bring the series closure, though it might turn fans of the other characters off as, except for Sunohara, Kyou, and Ryou, the others barely get even a passing mention in After Story (well, there is Tomoyo in the movie). I have to wonder what path KyoAni will take for this one, as Show Spoiler ▼


    Myssa Rei
  10. All I can say is YAY!!! Finally the real story begins and I love the after story portion the most since Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship shines and the comedy is even better(for those who played the VN knows hehe). I for one hope they go with the true ending route just because I enjoyed that route a ton more.

  11. Alright!!!!!!!!!! More Clannad is going to be awesome! I don’t know why everyone complained about how Clannad’s ending didn’t have enough closure, compare it to say Code Geass’ ending that ENDED THE FIRST SEASON IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRIKKEN CLIFF HANGER! Lol but no one complains there. Oh well I can’t wait to see Nagisa, Tomoya, and Ushio. Some people think Clannad is average but for me it was the most enjoyable show this season. I hope the rabid Kyou fans won’t get too annoying and not be able to see the awesomeness that is Nagisa x Tomoya.

  12. Spoiler:
    the little girl is Ushio… the fruit of Tomoya and Nagisa’s love after they got married… based on the movie, Nagisa dies after giving birth to Ushio and this will cause Tomoya to be much like his father, so he ended up leaving his daughter with Akiyo and Sanae. Then Ushio is later diagnosed to have the same illness as Nagisa, which causes Tomoya to finally take responsibility of Ushio.


  13. Wonder why they couldn’t just continue it immediately?
    Waiting sucks!

    Spoiler for ending
    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. The only way they can bring closure to the story (by explaining wha the illusionary world is and what the girl is doing) is by showing the bad ending first and THEN rewind everything to the good ending. After all Show Spoiler ▼

    so they could very well go down that route (they did something similar for Air).

    seems like it’s Show Spoiler ▼

    so I guess they will indeed show the bad ending.

  15. probably they will cover the ‘bad end’ since the so called ‘true end’ in the game doesn’t have much to animate, i might not watch (just might) this series thou not quite fan of sad ending.

    Just when I thought KyoAni have completely ruined CLANNAD, they’re making AS! Wow!
    How good is After Story? Let’s put it this way: CLANNAD without After Story is utter rubbish compared to CLANNAD with After Story(again, only when compared with each other. CLANNAD is still superior than many other stories in the ACG industry)

  17. oh god please,please let it have the good ending please!!! I dont think i could stand another bad ending like in the movie
    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Clannad without the after story is the same as Kanon without Ayu wake up! I sincerily hope that it will be a twelve or thirteen episodes series, but anyway that’s good news! And in the after story centers mainly around Nagisa and the little girl, and the only girl that will certainly appear is Kyou.

    Joe Sargent
  19. Well as I’ve heard it’s either going to have sad ending, very sad ending or very very sad ending… even tho I’m in love with these series, I’d love it to have happy ending ;_;

    Not something like Show Spoiler ▼

  20. This question might be impossible to answer but still, anyone(who have seen the movie) know
    if the movie spoils alot of “Clannad ~After Story~ cuz if it does i find it pretty pointless to release the movie this early, I’ve just seen the movie and i hope it doesn’t ruin too much >_

  21. Hmm, I wonder if they’re going to do both endings. That’ll be great, hopefully…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Might be tough to get all the contradictions sorted out, but I’m sure KyoAni can pull it off. 🙂

  22. Having watched the movie yesterday, Show Spoiler ▼

    I really don’t know if I can handle watching After Story, especially since Show Spoiler ▼

    resulting in the tragic ending of After Story.

    I’ll probably just follow the blog posts here and wait to see what the ending is before watching. It’ll spoil any surprises, but frankly I am in no mood for shock depressions (I’m too sensitive for my own good, it was a freaking animated movie!!!)

  23. Whenever someone finds out, please post which ending it is.Can someone also explain what the possible endings will be? Hopefully 1 of them involves nobody dying -.- I seriously have had enough of sad ending animes.

  24. No sad endings please >.> And the wait is killing me xD Also resisiting to watch the movie since i heard of the spoilers here >.< Must watch but mustn’t is seriously killing me from the inside out x.x


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