Prepare yourselves for 26 episodes of crap, because some Japanese manga duo decided to curse us all with To Love-ru (To LOVEる), every damned Thursday at 25:55 on TBS until Fall.

With 8 manga volumes published and ridiculous sales figures, it was perhaps inevitable that To Love-ru would be animated, but oh god, why did I have to be the one to blog it? Let’s all take a moment to hate Omni. … Alright, so from the minds of Hasemi Saki (story; also responsible for Moetan) and Yabuki Kentarou (art; also made Black Cat (which I hated)), here’s another effulgent love comedy featuring boobies, tits, breasts and blurred buttocks. The poor bastard forced to direct it is Kato Takao, whose recent OverDrive I actually enjoyed, and he’s dragging Yamatoya Akatsuki down with him for the wordy words part of the production. This fellow has worked on loads of good shows, but he was also head writer for Buzzer Beater and Ginban Kaleidoscope, so it’s probably a great match in this case.

Plot, eh? Yeah. Well. Let’s see here: Voluptuous alien princess with satanic tail refuses to get married, flees to Earth, teleports naked into high school boy protagonist’s bathtub, and decides to marry him after he fails to fend off her pursuers. Still reading this? There’s also a longtime crush our hero can’t ask out because he’s too much of a wuss, and an irritating robot that morphs into tight outfits for its master – magic girl transformation sequence style.

Animation more or less looks like shit, not because of deformed frames or anything, but because my disgust warps anything this anime can push into my eyes. To be entirely honest, the character design isn’t all bad, and I kind of like boobs, sometimes, if they’re free. The studio behind it is Xebec, and they’re doing Kanokon as well this season. I should probably mention that BS-i starts broadcast of this show in about three weeks, and it might be in widescreen then. There was some music playing throughout the episode, but I didn’t care. I’d like to express my condolences to the voice cast: Tomatsu Haruka (Sumi in Moetan) as Lala, Watanabe Akeno (Viletta in Code Geass) as Rito, and particularly Takehito Koyasu as Dorky Guard Guy. The rest of the cast is fairly impressive as well, and I hope my tears can wash away the stain this show will leave on their CVs.

My highly personal and humble opinion to be taken lightly and possibly ignored: Use this show to introduce your mother to the wonderful world of anime.


  1. oooh i dunno i dont think ill ever see an allround anime as bad as Dragonaut (That still stings) and i dont think ill hate a character more then kazuki (well maybe suzaku from geass for being a hypocrite, although he got lancelot (which is now crap-looking cos it flies) bottom line: there so much worse animes ive seen (DRAGONAUT)

    WingZero zxt
  2. Well, I totaly agree with Patrik. The manga is a fun read, not to plot heavy, not to stupid and when you like romance and comedy and have some free time you can read it.
    However I knew from the beginning, that this show will suck. Fanservice shows always suck.
    Whoever likes that has a bad taste, and now excuse me, when I watch at this longer, urgh >.>

  3. on some animation scenes it was nice like 3d and smooth. we need some fanservice service to be blog so we can have some comedic laughter once in awhile. alot of the shows that gets blog have machines. like geass and macross they both got machines

  4. This isn’t as bad as Dragonaut so I’m content with it. At least there’s no idiot running around with a thong on his face for have the eps to hide a tiny little scratch.

  5. Whoa now. Let’s not attack the reviewer. He has an opinion just as much as everyone else and if you don’t like his reviews, don’t read them. I do hope that they get someone who enjoys the show to actually blog it because if its 26 episodes of this show is awful, then it would be hard to take. I agree I didn’t see much substance in the 1st episode, granted I couldn’t understand it due to language barrier. But, when I do I’ll give it a shot and decide to bash it or not. But saying that this Anime is full of fan service and stupid is a bad thing…isn’t that whats its supposed to be anyways? In that case it is an excellent show.

  6. Take this man off the case. Fanservice shows can be good, witness KimiAru, which looked stupid at first, but ended up both hilarious and touching. ToLoveRu wasn’t that good in ep1, but it did what it did fairly well — which is to say mammary fanservice and ecchi comedy. Even the shy protagonist turned out to be not immobile. The manga was amusing for a while, and this may be, too. And the voices were generally excellent, Tomatsu Haruka and Yahagi Sayuri as the lead females, in particular, as well as Hanazawa Kana as the sister. There are three of the top young seiyuu in one sentence. Based on one episode, this is like twice as good as Rosario — which isn’t saying much, but anyway.

  7. well….I Realy like Romance,comdey series and this looks fun and its on my list..

    also I prefer omni’s writings more….u make ppl hate the anime ur blogging like this and even mislead those who havent watched it yet(not all ppl hink it sucks) ….gladly i usually ignore these kind description(or introduction) and watch that anime

    thx god at the very least it was abit informative^^”

  8. Sweet. The manga is hilarious. Thin on plot, but who cares – that’s not the point.

    I’ll still be looking forward to this, although I hope they keep up the animation quality. And with only 26 episodes, I fear they may not get to some of the best moments in the manga.

  9. I like To Love-Ru pretty good, after reading more than ten chapters of the manga.

    I like shows liked To Love-Ru, doesn’t hurt to watch, laugh and enjoy yourself. This is one show I been looking forward for a long time.

  10. If this Patrik hates like that on every other anime he blogs about, I’d actually like him.
    To be honest that was poorly written though. Too many expletives (not that I don’t use them most of the time to troll, but this isn’t the place), with the blogger liberally letting his preference get the better of him as evident in the unfairly negative light he portrays it in, because of a light-hearted plot that requires suspense of disbelief (a winning formula in quite a few cases I might add), and fanservice.

  11. It’s funny because the anime looks like it will be faithful to the manga. The first episode had some extra stuff thrown in but it was spot on otherwise.

    The manga really is like what you see in the anime and that makes me lol. I love the manga.

  12. 25 episodes later: WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS :'(

    Seriously though there’s no way your blogging this whole thing. I’m guessing your bothered watching the first episode just so you could rant about it.

  13. Please stop calling for Patrik’s head on a platter and know this: I stand by my writers and what they say. You also have to understand that his job is to only cover first impressions for shows I don’t get around to or want to bother with, so if you don’t like what he says here, then chalk it down as just a difference of opinion for one particular series, and move on. A few of you sound like you’re just itching to start a flame war. Regardless, Patrik is not going anywhere, especially not since he helps fill so many holes come new season time. To that effect, his assessment of To Love-ru is not so far from how I also felt about the anime, except that, knowing what I know about the manga, I wouldn’t have even bothered to write up the first episode, much less blog an entire season of it.

  14. Another quick review for TLR fans:

    I expect most fans of the manga will be pleased with this first episode. They add some new stuff, but it all fits in rather well. Patrick states that Rito is too much of a wuss to ask his love interest out, but that’s kind of a false claim, as he’s actually braver than your average harem lead. He’s been attempting to confess to her repeatedly, but something always gets in the way (you know, like stampeding elephants). Anyways, he’s not the typical super-shy and quiet type that annoys the hell out of me.

    The opening is extremely echi, and the song “forever we can make it” by THYME fits well. The animation quality is definitely above average, and the character designs seem to carry over very well. TLR has one of the most likeable casts in any harem series, so I can’t wait for more characters to be introduced. Seiyuus didn’t disappoint.

    When I first heard of the anime adaptation I was pretty skeptical, but after seeing this episode I’m quite excited for the show now. If the quality keeps up and they stick to the manga (god knows they’ve got enough content for two seasons already), this show is going to be really big.

  15. As I’ve said from another blog, why can’t some of you see it as it is? It’s a cocktease, fap material, or whatever you wish to call it. It’s just that. If you’re complaining about a lack of plot/story/character development, then i suggest you do a 180 and run like hell, other than that, enjoy the show… 🙂

    Shinn Agami
  16. “Voluptuous alien princess with satanic tail refuses to get married, flees to Earth, teleports naked into high school boy protagonist’s bathtub, and decides to marry him after he fails to fend off her pursuers.”

    Umm..isn’t that basically Girls Bravo?

  17. There are only so many boobs and buttocks shots one can stomach before one questions his own sanity. I wouldn’t watch this ridiculously immaterial anime even somebody pays me to. Fanservice of this level is ludicrous, repulsive, monotonous and demeaning.

  18. It cant be as bad as Rosario to Vampire, where the original work was nowhere near as eechi as the anime… from the screens I saw, it just matched the manga and if the adaptation is good, I expect this to at least be an enjoyable series to watch…

  19. Why is there so many right-wing, taliban, fundamentalist christian religious freaks,and people without any capability to see erotic aspects as funny AND totally harmless, even bothering to comment To LoveRu at all? If you don`t like animes like this, go back to Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Simpsons and so on, you are too childish and mentally to really watch anime. Violence is what`s really harmful. Erotic comedy is NOT immature, question is only about how well it`s made. If you`re scared for a slightest exposure of sexuality, your life will be very unhappy indeed. This is quite good and harmless anime, if you aren`t life-hating bigots.

  20. Well, Patrik’s opinion are only one side of things and he’s entitled to his own opinion whether it’s biased or not.

    As for my take on the show, if you enjoy fan-service shows and recognize what they offer and don’t expect something they’re not trying to offer, then To LOVE-Ru is actually pretty decent. In fact, it was better than I expected, much like Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun last Fall. I like the characters so far and I’m interested to see more where these 片思い (“unrequited loves”) go. Love comedies (ラブコミ) are one of my favorite genres, so To LOVE-Ru looks like it’s that type of show, except with some fan-service “flair”.

    The first episode ended with Yuuki Rito finally getting the courage to confess to his dream girl since middle school, Sairenji Haruna, but Lala (our alien girl), steps in front of Haruna at the last minute and “receives” the confession instead (much to Lala’s delight). Lala even goes on to say, “Let’s get married!” to Rito, since she’s running away from her alien family and all the arranged marriages they’re putting her through.

    Animation is better than expected and I’d say I even preferred it over the first episode of Allison & Lillia. They’re different and neither are bad, but if I had to choose one of the two based on their first episode, I’d say I have a small preference for To LOVE-RU’s.

    Seiyuu-wise, Watanabe Akeno (also Tiamat from Shakugan no Shana and Karakuri Chachamaru from Negima!) does a good job playing Yuuki Rito. We also have Yoshino Hiroyuki (Allelujah Haptism from Gundam 00, Nobuse Miyokichi from true tears) playing Saruyama, Rito’s trusty, bikini magazine-loving friend, who accuses Rito of still being a bikini-loving guy despite how much Rito tries to deny it. His main character sidekick role is actually pretty reminiscent of Miyokichi too.

    Hmm, maybe I should try keeping an anime blog too. Or maybe Omni is looking for some extra, noncommittal bloggers for his site… なんてね! (j/k)

  21. I’m starting to get a sense that people who are too narrow-minded about fan-service anime and aren’t constructive in their discussion about them shouldn’t be watching anime at all (or if you do, quietly watch in a corner or something). These people should stop straddling the “anime bandwagon” with one foot on the ground and do the rest of us a favor by simply not commenting at all.

    As the saying goes, if you’re not going to say anything constructive, just don’t say anything at all. You can not like it, but if you just totally write off a genre for the sake of it being a genre, then it’s hard to find any weight in your opinion. For the rest of you open-minded people, I enjoy reading what you think (both positive and negative)!

    With that said, we should gather the constructive people who talk about anime in an IRC channel or something. It’s so hard to find people to talk to anime about without someone jumping in and being all elitist and pushing their views about “everything anime” on other people. Maybe they’re Christian and are used to forcing beliefs on others, who knows. (I have nothing against Christians by the way, but the history of the religion came to mind.)

    Just my 2 cents. 以上だ!

    P.S. @luches:
    Sorry for the semi-spoiler. I figured it was only a first episode and that it was more of a teaser than anything else. As a rule, I never reveal stuff at the climax of a series or the follow-up of any cliff-hangers, so I thought it was more of a mini-summary, since Patrick hadn’t provided anything specific about the first episode.

  22. This show is pretty bad in terms of plot, but I have to give credit for the animation quality since it isnt half bad. Compared to fuking Guran Lagen or whatever the hell you call it, is im wondering why the hell people ever loved such a stupid show, the animation is like in the friking 70s, wtf even dragonball frikin beats it by a mile, more like a light-year.

  23. People calm down it’s just an anime there no need to start a flame war between the pro-To love Ru and the anti to love Ru people.You just either like/love it or you don’t, it’s as simple as that. There is no need to bash the anime or proclaim your hate for it, remember the purpose of an anime is to provide entertainment so if it doesn’t do that then stop watching it.Instead o being like those people who watch Gundamn Seed destiny just so they could bash about how horrible it was. Overall you people just have to high of and expectation of this show, I mean come on what do you can expect from this show. Also this show is not an “abomination’ like you people proclaim it is a pretty decent show because it actually follow the manga unlike R+V. If you dislike this show then remember the famous quote “If you got nothing good to say then don’t say anything at
    all.” Also it wouldn’t make you appear very intelligent if all you come here to post is how much you hate this show for so and so reason now would it, because a intelligent person well drop it once it’s becomes uninteresting to them anymore right? Or is there some new logic that I don’t know about that dictates you to watch something that you hate so you can proclaim your hate for it every episode now?
    p.s sorry for being off topic but someone have to try to stop this comment box form transforming into a flame war.

  24. “my disgust warps anything this anime can push into my eye”

    I say, let someone who appreciates, or is in dire need of fanservice to blog this series then. Not that I think the reviewer is doing a bad job, but seeing how many times he used “shit” to describe a show that looks promising (within its genre),… I’d think it’d be a great service for the reviewer and people who like the series, for it to be reviewed by someone else.

    For me, the art was nice. Boobs are slightly on the huge side, but nothing too crazy. Character designs were rather cute, and voice-wise, Lala’s seiyuu did a fantastic job. There’s something about Lala’s voice that makes her, in my mind, memorable. As for the story, I’ve read the manga a while ago, and iirc, the anime seemed to follow it quite closely. It’s not going to impress any gung-ho, adventure, action or sci-fi lover, but I think it’s going to be a fun watch.

    Nutshell? Take the reviewer off the case and put someone who enjoys the series in place. The reviewer will probably be better off blogging something he likes; and fans of the series will actually get insightful discussion/preview of the series if the series were blogged by a fan.

  25. haha……… Honestly i like anime with full of fanservice. I hope it has a good plot because if it had none and just mere fan servicing, my God my mother would not watch it…

  26. arghhh!! how the hell can you say that this anime is a shit and have bad animation!!!, nice animation for me!! extreme quality of drawing! better quality than the manga! hope the same quality for the 26 eps.. toloveru argument is stupid, right, but the quality of the drawings and the fanservice are the best! i have readed all the volumes and the chapters published in shonen jump, stupid argument… maybe but love the art and the fanservice.
    toloveru dont need a ‘hard’ argument, is just a funny argument to show fanservice…
    remember lucky star, an anime without argument like toloveru, luckystar is just a 4koma, 4koma dont have a hard argument, and fanservise animes also dont have ‘hard’ arguments that u love too much..

    ridiculous sales figures u said… loooooool, before talk about something, first of all u must know what are u talking about… look toloveru figures…LOOK!
    toloveru figures are going to be released in summer(end), why the hell u say ‘ridiculous sales’????? there are some crap figures but not from the real figure makers like goodsmilecompany, maxfactory, kotobukiya etc.

    You are just a toloveru hater. this anime have a great plot! this is not school days or true tears, is a comedy-ecchi-harem-school-romance anime… and u complaing about the plot… omg

    Did u watched girls bravo?? this is the same…fanservice dude… if u dont like, stop complaining like a little boy.

    u blog other animes that have a shit of plot, but that animes are dramas… u love to cry when wathing animes lol.

    my mother watch anime since heidi.

    george bush
  27. Feh, if the pro-LoveRu people want a flamewar, they got it. Ferchrissakes, it’s not even about the amount of fanservice. I’m about as much of a fan of fanservice as anyone else. Personally if they are going to have fanservice, the series might as well go all the way and stop cockteasing us. So the problem with the series is basically this: neither the story or the fanservice turns me on.

  28. LOL, this is one of the most awesome flame wars I’ve seen in my life. =D
    I’m with divine|s and some other guys who posted here. I have to admit, I didn’t like Patrik’s review… but, fu**, let’s just say “Ok, it’s your opinion, but I think *insert your opinions here*.” and move on, like Omni said.
    I’ll watch the episode later. =]

  29. Maybe it’s the lack of anime this week (until Saturday and Sunday) or something, because some of you who don’t like this series seem to be bored enough to come in and provoke the people who actually like it.

    I don’t see what the motivation is for posting negative comments about an anime unless…
    #1. The page had something similar to “*insert anime name here* sucks” on it and they’re encouraging you to say negative things about it.
    #2. You feel like you’re a hero of justice on a battle against bad anime, and any bad anime (bad based on your own opinions) that crosses your path should taste your sword of fiery criticism +1 (-5 sex appeal, “Lady Killer” Trait -1).
    #3. You’re a cuddly little wanker and nothing gets you off more than ticking off random strangers on the internet.

    I kinda think Patrik’s writing reflects reason #1, since his initial bashing of the series encouraged further bashing by the dozen bleating lambs that showed up within the last 2 hours.

  30. well – the manga wasnt “that” bad.
    however – it seems like its messed up like R+V o Dragonaut. But hey! with all this mature content Anime – we need some silly messed adaption to turn bacl to reality ^^.

    Im gonna watch it – at least to get my head free of macross+geass (if thats even possibly)

    maybe this thing will turn out surprisly good after some….months…

  31. Its enivitable that this kind of thing sells.We should stop complaining and enbrace it wholeheartedly.I myself believe that this show can get better, even if episode 1 was not a winner as some may think.The fact that this manga is popular instead of any other ecchi manga says something.And the fact that I read the manga and didn’t find it stupid (yet) also says that it has some potential.

  32. I don’t think anyone here is bashing Patrik’s writing style – or for that matter, arguing that he sucks – for that is already a known fact, QED from above for everyone to see.

    But what the “pro-TLR” people are saying is simply that a superficial view should not be taken at the start. Gurren Lagann had shitty art from the start IMO. M; Y had a horrible voice and a crappy start, neither did it end that nicely, but it still brought me ‘true (gar/manly) tears’. School Days started fairly normal, even boring, generic and underdeveloped (and to be honest, I didn’t quite like the whole thing at all even the end), True Tears was on the verge of getting dropped from Omni’s subscription in the first episode, SHNY was probably the most underrated thing as KyoAni came into action, and for that matter, I didn’t know why I watched Lucky Star ep 2 all the way through to the end when ep 1 totally sucked: heck, I didn’t even take note of Kagami in ep 1…

    Not everything has to be epic: not at the start, nor all the way to the end.
    Not all fanservice

    I choose to compare this to School Rumble because it has garnered popularity from season 1 to starting 3, is closely based off the manga, and though tries to pass off some plot, is actually a pathetic simple harmonic motion around its equilibrium position where nothing actually happens, but we still get the laughs and try to watch on. Bringing in the manga to argue for it is clearly not fair, since, as you can see, it is hard to find someone who actually follows it but hates it, but I can tell you, it develops from here and makes you want to read on to see the development, even though there’s probably none. It’s a roller coaster ride of plenty of nice character designs, great laughs, decent development, even plenty of ecchi – yea, you might return to square one at the end of it, but when you’re done with the ride, you can start worshipping jpeg (e.g. Kotegawa Yui

  33. I respectfully disagree with Patrick’s opinion. I’ve never read the manga series and after watching the first episode, I’ve to say that I didn’t find it as bad as Patrick said it would be. At first glance, the guy also doesn’t seem to be such a wimp – he even escapes with the girl from their pursuers. I’m willing to give thise show a few more episodes

    The Girls Bravo boy-meets-girl bathtub scene is rather uncanny. Also is it just me or did the animation colors seem a bit muted? I kept thinking the whole show looked like it came out from the 90s.

  34. Do you have to be so blatantly biased simply because you didn’t want to blog it? It sounds like you decided to hate it before even watching it. It may or may not end up being good, but all this episode gives us a clear idea of is that it’s well animated, has good voice-work and has about as much fanservice as the manga. All blogs include a certain amount of bias when reviewing anime but I don’t expect to see this amount on RC.

  35. dude stick to your day job. Your writing is terrible and who’s parents watches anime?
    If your going to bash the show just don’t bother blogging about it, I for one enjoyed it, it’s light hearted humorous and fun (and pink haired anime girls omg can’t get enough of them lol).

  36. Just watched the first episode, while not as good as the manga it’s definitely one of the better ecchi animes around. At least twice as good as Rosario and seems better than Kanokon (haven’t read kanokon manga).

    BTW whats with the reviewer? PMS?!?

  37. Going to watch it for the hell of it. Animes can go either way, for better or worse. And since this si an anime where nothing big may happen, I’m not suprise that it’ll face a major undercut in perhaps story and character development. Whatever, I need some replacement for my Minami-ke light plotness.

    Sora no Kaze
  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was one of the most entertaining anime reviews I’ve read so far. I will nonetheless watch this show and probably come to the same conclusion. Unlike you, wisdom will most likely not strike me until episode 3 or 4. Until then I will enjoy myself and my basic instincts, and re-read this blog entry and laugh my a** off every single time. I especially like the last sentence. Really, honestly. Great stuff.

  39. Oh, and to those who were actually pissed by this blog entry. Get over it. This is a blog. It’s personal opinion by definition. If you don’t like the reviews here, just go elsewhere. There may be blogs that suit your own taste better. What’s all the fuss about, anyway?
    If you agree with the authors opinion or not—maybe I will, maybe I won’t, I will not know until I’ve watched some epsiodes—the review was one hilarious read.

  40. The only thing I hate about this anime or manga is the main male lead is the usual we can’t kiss or have sex because we are not marry type of wuss, I wanna slap the shit outta him and say wake th F@#@ up man, you got 5 women throwing themselves at you, get on with reality and bang every last one of them.

  41. @Pholo
    Exactly. And also the comments show OUR personal opinions, so we have the ability to whine about it. Even though there’s no point. Point I’m trying to make, we can write whatever the hell we want to. Or at least some.

    To Love-ru isn’t that bad, it’s supposed to be funny. And it is, as times. The alien technology amazes me, creative new ways for them to be used. Sometimes ecchi. >.>

    @ John, technically, it’s one that’s throwing herself at him, but she doesn’t know how. Another one has a crush but is too shy to do anything. Another one wants to kill you one day. There’s also a he/she. And, ones a whiny strict girl who always yells at him. Not much of a great choice there.

  42. Just finished watching the first episode, this isn’t all that bad but for those who hate fanservice anime should avoid this at all cost because well, the plot is very very generic but does an excellent job for it’s kind. I will probably give this a few more episodes but I will probably drop it since fanservice anime for me can only keep up its appeal for so long unless something drastic happens. Just my 2 cents.

  43. @Kev015
    As I said, I will probably watch this. I’m not opposed to fanservice shows in general. I would have even liked r+v, but it was just a little bit too “pink” (esp. the “moka-san” — “tsukune-kun” — “moka-san” — “tsukune-kun” endless loops were quite annoying).
    What I’m surprised is that people who actually value humorous shows don’t get the humorous accent of the review. Whether you agree or not, it was pretty much very funny in itself. Fails me how anyone can be so annoyed by it to start flaming around. Pretty immature in my eyes. But I’m probably not one to talk, considering watching shows like this (and worse) … 😉

  44. what’s up with u guys havent you read this manga’s very successful manga and I finfd the story very comic and easy to digest…I love this series I’ve read all the manga chapters

  45. What I’ve found is that those who like anime, watch it, and those who don’t, don’t care to know anything about it, much less watch it. So why get a reviewer who hates the show to write it up if the only people who bother to read it is those who like it? I like ecchi comedy – it’s so damned outrageous it makes milk come out my nose…damned little else can make me laugh so hard…

  46. This anime reminds me of the classic Urusei Yatsura (alien princess + unlucky guy) except that it has more fans service. Unlike another anime Kanokon, which is also being aired in Spring, 2008, To Love-ru has no explicit dirty jokes or sexual suggestions. Maybe the story will focus more on the triangle relationship among Rito, Haruna, and Lala. From the look of Ep. 1, the comical elements of this anime will be mostly cliche. However, if the series gets the story straight, it still has potential to be entertaining enough for passing time.

  47. Pardon the wording here, but I can’t believe you’re quitting the blog just cause a bunch of half-literate idiots took their cocks out of their hands long enough to type 2-word comments like “Patrik sux” — and all because you didn’t like episode one of TLR aka Son of Tenchi Muyo aka Worst Thing I Watched So Far This Season.

    And what sucked about the mother comment, seriously? That’s good stuff. Although frankly, I think my mother would enjoy Kanokon more. For the panties, of course.

  48. Heh, if you didn’t like black cat you definitely wouldn’t like this.

    It’s a fanservice anime just like Rosario&Vampire, so you really can’t expect substance if that’s what you want from a series. As far as fanservice goes, however, I prefer To-Love-Ru, mostly because To-Love-Ru doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously.

    And don’t try to say Yabuki Kentaro isn’t an excellent artist; he rivals Oh! Great in terms of depicting sexy women.

    Your comments about the actors’ CVs betrays your immense bias; I’m curious about how that started.

  49. Honestly, even if you like the ecchi genre, I totally agree with Patrik because RC’s job isn’t judging ecchi anime. It’s judging anime in general – and this show, like Rosario + Vampire is full of PREDICTABLE humour and boobs. What else is there to say about it? Shows like this are only popular because people just can’t seem to get over large breasted women getting humiliated. If you’re going to judge the anime properly – like Patrik says it’s crap. There are some ecchi anime out there that aren’t trash like Strawberry Panic that even Omni likes, so in comparison To-Love-Ru is definitely nothing special.


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