The rest of this year’s anime can be cancelled, all you need is Golgo 13 (ゴルゴ13), 50 rock hard episodes on Fridays at 25:23, broadcast by TV Tokyo.

Golgo 13 is not like other titles. Saitou Takao‘s manga started its publication in 1968, and now, at age 71, he’s still leading the staff working on what has become a 148 volume monstrosity. In terms of volumes published, it’s probably only rivalled by Akimoto’s Kochikame at 159, also still running. Over the years there have been two live-action movies, one animated feature film and one OVA, but now the time has finally come for an animated series. Picked to direct it is Ooga Shunji, a veteran who’s worked on a number of Soreike! Anpanman movies. The script writing is coordinated by another veteran, Iioka Junichi, who’s worked on Lupin III and Detective Conan.

The entire show revolves around Duke Tougou, an assassin for hire who goes by the codename “Golgo 13” – a top class sniper with a heavily modified M16 as favourite weapon. His origin remains unknown to the world’s intelligence agencies, but he’s commonly believed to be oriental, with MI6, CIA and KGB assuming at least partial Japanese heritage, and he’s estimated to speak at least 18 languages. The series is of episodic nature, with each week chronicling how Golgo 13 goes through preparations and execution of his mission. Hopefully this short summary of the first episode will be helpful: Golgo 13 is hired for an assassination at a joint request by the FBI and the CIA, orders a custom made sniper rifle, fucks a hooker so hard she wants another go, kills off five mafioso on a revenge strike, picks up the modified rifle, flies over to the site in a propeller plane, then pops the target between the eyes at a distance of 2 km.

The animation is done by The Answer studio, who have only really got FLAG behind them, and they’ve produced a dark and gritty show, where the coarseness is increased through the addition of what looks like a noise filter. It isn’t pretty, but it works to the show’s advantage. Character design is particularly interesting, with Golgo 13 himself frozen in a perpetual scowl that sends chills down your spine. For the role of Duke Tougou they’ve cast established actor and singer Tachi Hiroshi, who’s played in a number of TV dramas and films, here making his debut in anime. It’s a cold voice, and the character rarely speaks unless it’s really necessary, but it’s efficient when he does. The rest of the cast is made up of veterans like Arimoto Kinryuu and Tanaka Kan, who populate the various characters the protagonist meets without standing out. Bonus points if you spot the woman Fujimura Ayumi (Nene in Touka Gettan) plays.

The emperor has arrived. Few shows can manage to be this hard-boiled, with sex and violence fitting smoothly within the setting of the series, not feeling tacked on and gratuitous. It makes it clear from the get-go that Duke is the meanest bastard you’ll ever see, and someone you’d only mess with once in your lifetime. It’s dead serious without a speck of humour, and it’s refreshing to see a production like this in a time where it seems impossible to make a thriller without splicing in a bit of comic relief. Instead testosterone oozes out of every frame, leaving me with a grin from ear to ear. Golgo 13 is a series to enjoy.

Personal note: I’ve been writing these snapshots for nearly a year now, starting with the lovely Dennou Coil, hoping to introduce TV anime Omni didn’t have time to cover. However, these past couple of weeks have made it clear that my style isn’t suited for the audience of Random Curiosity, making the section’s continued existence pointless. This will be my final entry, and I wish Omni the best of luck with the blog.


  1. Ahh, you let the stupidity get to you huh? Well, I, for one, thank you for your contributions. It did feel like this season brought out some asshats here, but maybe thats just me >.>

    Anyways,I couldn’t get into Golgo 13 back when MB had licensed/released it. Of course, it was probably too mature for me at the time, so maybe its time to see what all the hype was about(assuming this was as good as people said the original was).

  2. Ah well Patrik, what you wish to do with your time is your own personal decision. Some people don’t appreciate that you’re doing a service for them, and think they’re entitled to things they don’t deserve. Thanks for your hard work during your time here.

  3. Hmm, no more snapshots? That’s a bit of a shame. Probably wouldn’t have heard of many of these anime without ’em. At any rate, thanks for the snapshots writing that you’ve done up ’til now.

  4. I regret seeing this section go. I don’t normally read (and never post) in comments, but its a must this time. I regret seeing this portion of the site abandoned, but if the stress of doing it (and it sounds like that stress is named and persistant) then you have to do what is best for you.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

  5. i thank you deeply for you hard work…without you i would not have known much baout the series. Im hoping to watch this series. but like Ee, i also hate seeing go.
    Good Luck

  6. Omni: I hope you can keep this anime, becuase it’s alright. You said that “Golgo 13 is a manga series that started in 1968 and has been going ever since then” thats so awsome! Also you said that “The title character is an expert assassin who has no allegiances and no morals” i wonder if thats true.

    I heard that “Nijuu Mensou no Musume” is a pretty great anime but for some reason i don’t really like the characters. “Itazura na Kiss” is for girls put i think it can be for guys also, it looks very Decent. Omni i don’t under stand why some animes come out 23:32 or 10:32 what does that mean. One day i was waiting for “Wagaya no Oinarisama” on Sunday at 11:00 but it did not come why is that? -confused-

    “Zettai Karen Children” is very cool also, hey Omni did you watch any Disney movies when you were little if you did hears some news.
    The Walt Disney Studios previewed 10 animated movies on Monday that it will release during the next four years, including further installments in the “Toy Story” and “Cars” series and two new fairy tales.

    With the exception of “Wall.E,” a robot love story opening on June 28, and “The Princess and the Frog,” a hand-drawn animated fairy tale set in New Orleans and due to open Christmas 2009, the remaining eight movies will be made in digital 3-D.

    “We’re excited to be pushing the boundaries of 3-D and computer technology to tell our stories in the best possible way,” said John Lasseter, chief creative officer for Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Digital 3-D still requires moviegoers to wear geeky glasses, but the left- and right-eye images are calibrated so finely that most viewers experience no headache or eyestrain.

    The first Disney digital 3-D movie for release is “Bolt,” the story of a dog of the same name who thinks he has superhero powers. John Travolta gives voice to Bolt while hit teen singer/actress Miley Cyrus is voicing Bolt’s owner Penny in the movie, due to open on November 26.

    “Up,” the story of an unlikely 78-year-old adventurer and his 8-year-old sidekick, is due to be released on May 29, 2009. “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” are due to be re-released in digital 3-D on October 2, 2009 and February 12, 2010 respectively, while “Toy Story 3” is due to hit screens on June 18, 2010.

    All the original cast from the previous “Toy Story” films, including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack, are returning for the third film, which picks up with Andy grown up and about the head off to college.

    The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Rapunzel,” about a girl trapped in a tower whose long golden hair is the only way for anyone to climb up to her, will be released at Christmas 2010.

    Next comes “Newt,” a story of the last two blue-footed newts on the planet that aims to show that love is not a science, which is due to hit screens in summer 2011.

    Another new original fairy tale, “The Bear and the Bow” — an action-adventure about a royal family in rugged and mythic Scotland — is slated to open Christmas 2011 starring the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson.

    “Cars 2,” in which Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater bid to take on the world’s fastest cars, is due for release in summer 2012. “King of Elves,” based on a 1953 short story by Phillip K. Dick, will hit screens at Christmas 2012.

    (Reporting by Michelle Nichols)

  7. Dang, that really sucks that you are leaving because of all those jerks 🙁 Im also one that really loved the Snapshots sections and it introduced me to many shows. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do from now on, you will be missed.

  8. Sorry to see you go, I’ve enjoyed the snapshot entries as they help perk my interest on some titles not usually mentioned. Best of luck in what ever you set yourself to next!

  9. I find it absurd that the Random Curiosity community cannot accept your style of blog entries as I find them incredibly relevant and useful as Omni has already expressed.
    It is ashame to see to all your efforts gone to waste.

    Random muser
  10. good f-ing game. watched the golgo movies years ago and was blown away by them. I’m pumped to hear they’re bangin’ out a series. first time here, but I guess I’m glad to have gotten good news from ya on your way out, patrik, as I had no idea about this. thanks, and best of luck.

  11. w0w u disapoint me patrik, u give up bcuz of some critic. jus bcuz sum ppl r givin u sum lemon dun mean u should giv up, it means u shud keep tryin’ n eventully evry1 will lirn 2 accept u. if failed a test wud u giv up scool? no, u try harder on teh next 1. i know dis iz ur desision n all, dis iz jus mai 2 cents, farewell patrik.

  12. I am sure no one in the world can write in a style that will be acceptable to everyone else, criticisms are bound to happen. Oh well, thank you for your services, I do somewhat enjoy reading about anime series that Omni don’t cover.

  13. I noticed a lot of assholes in the comments recently, though I can’t say that I look at the comments that often, but when I have there has been an increase. Anyway I wish you would blog this and give the community one more chance, this show looks intriguing and something I definitely want to watch, a good change of pace from all of this comedy in the anime I’ve seen as of late. Gritty action, that’s something I’ve been missing in the anime I’ve been watching, and the main character isn’t some pansy looking teen either.

  14. I really hope you did not stop these Snapshots because of those few Fools whose poorly written 2 sentences of hate ( with worse structure and gramma then my own ) Made you doubt your own skill.

    The snapshot section will be indeed missed and its a real shame indeed.

  15. snapshots was part and parcel of this blog and 1 of the reasons i frequent the blog. And i did picked up a few animes to watched from it (soul eater, juushin enbu, moyashimon etc). Just to let u know your work is definitely appreciated by some around here. (”,)

  16. Patrik, before you go, at least have Omni do a poll to see if everyone wants the snapshot section back because it’s one of my favorite sections in RC. With the amount of traffic this site generates, I find it hard to believe everyone who visits here have one set of mind. Maybe they don’t comment as much as some noobs do, but please, at least a poll, it’s terrible to see you go.

  17. I find the snapshots section one of the best things about this site and I really appreciate the time you took to watch each show and write about it too! I hope this (and all the other comments) encourages you to continue, if not here then elsewhere (and let us know about it).

  18. Yeah, I second lysanthus. Pls have that poll. I for one really rely on RC and your snapshots posting to determine what I’m watching, as frankly, it’s indispensable for me. If you really won’t reconsider yr decision to quit, then pls do have your own blog. I’m defitely gonna be there… and you can pwned all the stupid n00b asshat…

  19. Suddenly everyone’s begging him not to go. I don’t know, but something in me is whispering hypocrite.
    Being one of the “asshats” who simply pointed out the rather biased blogging especially with fanservice-style shows (which regrettably resulted in rather intraweb-lol style backlash with later posts), I’d say that it’s sad to see that RandomC will be updated by Omni alone again. Still, call me selfish if you want, but I don’t want a sudden heavy influx of personal sarcasm in my reliable RandomC anime coverage.
    I wonder where Jaalin went.

  20. sad to see you leave…

    Its interesting that the numbers of commnet trolls have been increasing since the Negima times…
    It would have been better if you just ignored all the trolling comments. If Omni was to take every troll comment into the heart – half of anime blogged there would have been dropped i bet >.>

    Moral of story: don’t give in to the troll bitching.

  21. @GrimaH

    “…the rather biased blogging…”

    “…I don’t want a sudden heavy influx of personal sarcasm…”

    isn’t the whole point of a blog entry about giving your thoughts and opinions? I fail to see how one can remain unbiased. This isn’t some academic journal, obviously theres an element of bias depending on the writer’s preferences.

    You could have avoided such entries if they were so displeasing to you.

    “…in my reliable RandomC anime coverage.”

    You talk as if this is some sort of paid service where you the viewer are a customer. This is a blog and you aren’t paying for the blogging.

    Bottom Line: Hate certain writers? Avoid their posts. Simple, really.

  22. So far I have only read entries and commented on none, but I will do it this time. Snapshots section has always helped me a lot with making decision of what to see or no in each season.

    Fuck all the jerks, I believe that you had done an absolutely fine job. It would be bad not to see your entries anymore. With only Onmi working on each entries, this blog can’t cover as many animes as it had been. That’s quite sad. However, these ungrateful idiots is bloody annoying. If I am you, I would have felt discourage too.

    Good luck and thank a lot for all your past entries~

  23. “Suddenly everyone’s begging him not to go. I don’t know, but something in me is whispering hypocrite.”

    You’re full of garbage, you make it sound like the people who are wanting him to not go never existed or are the trollers. I for one would like him to stay, but I hardly ever comment, whenever I see his coverage, I’ll read it and be done with it, happy to have been informed on the type of show it is and whether or not it interests me, as well as his point of view on whether something is good or not if I’m still unsure. I’m happy with the service, and move on.

  24. I for one am said to see the Snapshots section go. 🙁 I enjoy the little intros and insights you provide to a lot of the other shows that aren’t covered by Omni. In the end, I appreciate all you’ve done so far and I wish you the best of luck!

  25. Totally agree with Kaitune. I only come here BECAUSE I want to see other people’s opinions and thoughts on the same episodes that I watch and it would truly be a shame if you left, Patrik – I love your posts. GrimaH, you expect far too much. This isn’t a paid website, this is a free blog for people to share thier opinions. Bias is inevitable.

  26. *Sigh* I’ve always said that the worst part about anime fandom are the fans. Patrik, I’d tell you not to give up and all that positive crap, but if the idiots (especially those who like that limpdicky soft core porn that is TLR) make doing these snapshots a chore, then by all means you don’t have to put up with it anymore. DB doesn’t put up with the narutards, so neither should you mess around with them anymore.

  27. In all honesty I prefer reading the short snippets about the “un-blogged” shows as you cover a wide variety of shows compared to omni’s blogs which naturally all fall under his own particular taste. Fair enough. Although I’d rather see a quick impressions of an episode rather than a word-for-word summary of an episode any day. I understand that is omni’s style and I won’t dispute against him doing things this way.

    Random muser
  28. You know, GrimaH does have a point there: Despite this being an anime blog, where the blogger is fully entitled to voice his/her opinion on the show, I do think that some neutrality must be kept (yes, SOME, NOT TOTAL NEUTRALITY, I KNOW THIS IS A BLOG). Rather than saying “This show is crap”, isn’t “I don’t like this show because…” better? (yes, I am indeed talking about the entry on To Love-ru)

    By saying a certain show is crap, you are denying the effort people put into making the show, and that will certainly angry some die-hard fans who like the show for different reasons.

    This certainly will not work here, where the purpose of “Snapshots” is to introduce fans to other anime series that Omni does not blog. As far as I am concerned, if you want to rant on a show, then don’t call it “Snapshots”, because ranting certainly ISN’T introducing shows to other people.

    Some people call it style, and that’s fair enough. But if that’s the case, then you should have expected this to happen. Everyone’s tastes are different, and when you write something that is very polar, you are bound to get flamed.

  29. I have to re-read your personal note here for 3 times to understand the meaning of it. I believe if you still reading all the comment that had been posted here right now, you should know that there is still someone who love what you have done for us. I feel pity for Omni here, he has to go back to work alone again… I would be glad if you reconsider your decision here Patrik, but if this is your final decision, then I hope from the bottom of my heart the best thing for you. Thank you for all you have done for us! Thank you!!

    PS: People will start to realize the true important of that thing in the moment when they lost it.
    PS2: Sorry for my crap ‘Engrish’ here.

  30. Wow, don’t go! I don’t know what happened, but I have always enjoyed the snapshots even if I don’t usually comment. Don’t let people get you down. Your work is very appreciated. People complain all the time about what is blogged here. You can’t help that. Just learn to ignore them. You will be greatly missed. I hope you reconsider.

  31. What has happened to this blog over the last months? I remember some time ago we had more or less intellectual discussions in the comments with people really making a point. Of course there were the generic haters and spammers, but seriously, it’s getting worse.

    I liked Patrik’s posts, despite them being very subjective at times. And I fail to see how a blogger shouldn’t be able to state a subjective point of view as blogging is the “media” with most freedom of thought and speech there is. People sacrifice part of their freetime for research and writing to bring you free infos about something, that’s _really_ a thing that should be ripped to shreds with fanboyistic comments. Remember jaalin (btw, any word about what has happened to him yet? been almost half a year since I last commented here)? His style of blogging was very close to ranting too, in a very humorous way. Noone complained about it back then.

    That being said, good luck with whatever you do from now on Patrik, and may the force be with you.

  32. >>However, these past couple of weeks have made it clear that my style isn’t suited for the audience of Random Curiosity, making the section’s continued existence pointless.

    Pity, seeing as you generally posted about the less mainstream shows (and almost always the ones I was interested in). But, whatever the story behind you packing it in is, if you’re so quick to throw in the towel from a bunch of nagging from the ramdomc commenters then you probably shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. I’ll miss the snapshot entries (they’re basically the only ones I read here anyway), but I’m surprised and dissapointed that you were so easily ousted by a pack of retards.

    The only thing that’s really pointless here is getting upset or irate over something like this.

  33. Zepe:

    >>By saying a certain show is crap, you are denying the effort people put into making the show,

    Think of it instead as acknowledging the effort NOT put into making the show. The anime industry is often overrun with series that are hacked together with whatever cliches are on hand that have proven to attract audiences in the past. That’s not effort, nor is it commendable. It’s a load of garbage, which is exactly what To-Love Ru is. It may be entertaining if one is bored, just as I find crappy horror/action films entertaining from time to time, but that doesn’t make it anything less than a shameless grab for profit, bereft of any and all passion or creativity.

  34. Actually i rarely write in the comments here .. but i really enjoyed watching you Snapshots section a lot … and it seems all the audience here did too … so i hope you read all these comments and maybe .. just maybe .. change your mind and stay … or take a little break and come back after it .. but don’t just leave for good because of an annoying childish minority that has nothing better to say other than flaming *nukes them*

    We are all the audience of Random Curiosity here .. and we want you to stay ^_^

    As for Golgo 13 … seems like something different and fresh … but still i have to watch first before really deciding if like it or not … but a realistic anime is welcome from time to time ( like Monster )

  35. ….Really? T_T

    I love the snapshot section…It let me get a glimpse of all the new animes coming out so i could make a good choice in what to watch…..Thank you and we’ll miss you

  36. “However, these past couple of weeks have made it clear that my style isn’t suited for the audience of Random Curiosity”

    Hmm, I only thought you were too biased with ToLove Ru, all the others have been fine. But, if you’re bored of making posts, I guess that’s that.

  37. Besides, there are probably a few shows I would have completely missed out on (Dennou Coil included) if it wasn’t for your snapshots/Omni’s favorites list (which he stopped doing), so thanks.

  38. The problem that created all the complainers was Patrik’s writing style and setup with these. Compare Omni and Jaalin’s full episode summaries:

    Very objective summaries of the content in the episodes, followed by a shorter paragraph detailing the personal opinion of the writer.

    I have no problem with Patrik voicing his opinion on how a series looks like it will turn out from a snapshot. But particularly this season, that objectivity *APPEARS* to be lacking. Patrik (like ALL of us) has specific tastes. The overwhelming number of snapshots I looked at from this season’s offerings were negative. This one is the total opposite. Are there really *no* shortcomings in this series at all? If so, great, but I find it a little hard to believe. Were there really *no* redeeming factors in the other series this season? (Yes, certain series this season really don’t have any redeeming factors. I will not name which ones.)

    But the issue really comes down to what the readers here came to expect. Objective summary, followed by opinion. Patrik’s only failing was interspersing that summary with personal opinion. It makes it harder for our less attentive commentors to notice. I didn’t notice until I went back to look at the other snapshots while writing this post. I had assumed the same thing, that it was all opinion.

    But no, there’s that tiny paragraph tucked in between. Pure, objective summary.

    If you are set on going, I’ll probably miss the section, since I picked up a few series based off of them mid-season, but it is a shame that I and others (many *now* saying they will miss you) were not paying enough attention to separate opinion from summary on our own, and not separated by three screenshots of next week’s preview.

  39. I really liked Patrik’s snapshots and Patrik snapshots was what made atleast me come to this site, Omni does a great job too but it is those snapshots that makes me decide to actually watch the season to come. And i don’t come here to get an objective view of an anime, i come here to get a biased view with valid points of what is good and bad of the seasons shows and i beleive Patrik did a terrific job with that. Instead of trying to please everyone, he actually stood up and said what he felt about the animes.

    Especially liked the To-love-ru snapshot since it felt so natural, since the first episode of that show was really bad, it was so predictable boring and you knew exactly what was to come and did not contribute with anything, in my ecchi/harem animes i want humour or funny characters that episode gave me none.

    and as of Golgo 13, it looks awesome and i hope subs come for it soon. I appreciate your work here on RandomC and i hope the best of luck in the future.

  40. Patrik, do that damned poll lol. 😀 You are grossly mistaken if you think the “audience of Random Curiosity” consists of unlaid noobs who had to resort to jacking off to pixel boobs on their PC screens.

  41. All I have to say is….
    Seriously guys, both the flamers and Patrick are just rediculous.

    Flamers – So what if Patt’s posts deny the greatness of a show or not?
    I mean, it’s not like you are not allowed to think “what a fag” or something (which is BTW, exactly what I did when I see he’s post about To-LOVE-ru which I think is a pure original harem like Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi and such).
    So like, this is he’s blog. If he wants to talk, he posts.
    You can choose to listen by reading he’s post or not. If you choose to listen, please keep in mind youre opinion might differ from his. And after reading he’s post you can choose to think “Jeez what a fag” and move away without posting anything, or actually post “D:

  42. (Ooops..) -or actually post “D8 U **!@#$@%#$%$#%#$%#$%#^& LEAVE THIS BLOG” and be a super-fag for trying to fire someone who does a great job most of the time. (Admit it, thanks to this guy’s posts you probably saw one of youre fav animes ever.
    He’s posts can sometime get you the best advices on what to watch and you know it!!)
    So like, choose.
    Be the fag that fires the great blogger, or the more mature person who keeps he’s opinions to himself and makes the most out of the situation.

    And now for lil’ Patt:
    You know, you can listen to them, learn from youre mistakes, and NOT wait ’till everything goes down hill.
    The pplz only want ya to be more accepting of animes, and not say they’re shit right away.
    D : Actually you can say it (I would to about some) but please remember to add the “IMO”.
    ‘Cuz like, when you don’t it’s like youre already making it a fact that the anime sucks~
    And that’s fucking insulting to some dudes who’ve been waiting for To-LOVE-ru for 2 years and than hear you give a bad name to it.
    If you care about zee pplz, just do that and it’ll solve all~
    If ya dun care about zee pplz, just keep ’em blogs and ignore they’re posts. (D : Don’t do that though, it’s kinda evil)

  43. (dammit, not agian…)
    D8 If ya wanna piss me off an’ die, quiet and make youreself a cool-looking coffin!!! (No really, Im really miserable without you posts [especially on such a lovely season]!!!)

    D : This is Shiryu reporting off from dramatic post~
    X3 I love F-grade grammer~!!

  44. (Dammit not again…)
    D8 If ya wanna piss me off an’ die, quiet and make youreself a cool-looking coffin!!! (No really, Im really miserable without you posts [especially on such a lovely season]!!!)

    D : This is Shiryu reporting off from dramatic post~
    X3 I love F-grade grammer and my 0-rate manners~!!

  45. ….
    “^^ Sorry, about last post… I was just really mad and sad about the whole situation… (Really, if I hurt somebody sorry…)

    D: I actually love Patt’s posts (lol I hope he dosen’t mind I call him that~), and I think those who disagree with he’s posts should just keep they’re opinions to themselves.

  46. I think this is my 3rd comment on Random Curiosity after reading it for over two years.

    As has been said already, Patrik’s Snapshots feature is very valuable to Random Curiosity. Random Curiosity’s main draw as an anime blog is to showcase as many new shows/episodes nearly immediately after it aired in Japan. It is impossible for Omni to do all that all on his own (I think before Patrik, jaalin, etc. came on, Omni asked for help, did he not?).

    Most of the people who enjoy reading Random Curiosity do just that: read. Don’t let a vocal minority of commenters dissuade you from keeping up with your feature. If you’re busy in real life or if your interest in anime has died down, that’s a whole other (legit) reason to stop. However, considering how popular Random Curiosity is and how many of its readers do NOT comment, I would say the audience of Random Curiosity is a lot bigger, more diverse, and very appreciative of your Snapshots.

  47. I just don’t understand why some people complain about personal opinion on Patrik’s posts. Omni also put his personal opinions on his posts. C’mon guys, they are blogging anime episodes, not writing a complete anime review. If they write with total impartiality, the posts will become boring to read everyday.

    Oh yeah, and I think that To Love-ru first episode was really bad. This is my taste, and you can’t change it fanboys. 😉

  48. Sad to see that you’re stopping Patrick. You really shouldn’t have taken what 3-4 idiots say effect you so. There are a lot more people that appreciate these things than don’t… It’s just that stupid people are the louder bunch. A good deal of people that come here never read or write any comments and it’s unfortunate that those people have to suffer because of a few bad eggs. Still, I wish you best in any future endeavors you do.

  49. Oh yeah, and I think that To Love-ru first episode was really bad. This is my taste, and you can’t change it fanboys. 😉

    I think you’re doing To-Love-Ru a big disservice. To-Love-Ru’s first episode clearly shows how helpful it can be by offering pixelated tits to fanboys who can’t get laid.

  50. Well, I’ve been reading the posts at Random Curiosity for about 3 years, and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the Snapshots section. It’s really nice to get a look at other animes that are so often swept under the rug.
    All the best with whatever you plan on doing next Patrik, and if you think you want to stay at Random Curiosity, please stay – most of us will be very happy about that.

  51. It’s such a shame to see you go, Patrick. I’ve looked forward to your Snapshots for animes, and they’ve helped me to discover a lot of new anime titles.

    I’m sorry that some people don’t have enought sense appreciate your hard and dedicated work. But a lot of us here do, so thank you so much!!!!

    Good luck for whatever you decide to do—and please know that you will be missed!

  52. I haven’t been a religious follower of this section, but I do agree with everyone else; you shouldn’t let those few criticisms get to you, Patrik. I have also noticed that more and more jerks are finding their way to this website. Probably because this place is becoming more popular (through linkage in other forums like so all those Neanderthals that have been lying in wait on the web are now amassing here. Something needs to be done! Lol, but that is the nature of the web and I guess one has to learn to put up with it, somehow.

  53. Patrik, it’s sad to hear for me that you stop your work here. In my opinion your Snapshots are an excellent thing. I get a very good first impression of the series and just from your snapshots I often knew already if I’ll watch a series or not.
    I have a small feeling, that some comments may have pushed you on your decision.
    Let me say one thing clearly now. I have my own site as well and there are so many idiots, retards, people you just could beat up out in the inet that there’ll ALWAYS be people complaning on your work. I personaly ignore such people completely and I think you should do that as well.
    Besides there’s another reason for you quitting like having no will or no time anymore.
    Ok, then just say so. You own us nothing, rather we do for all the voluntary work you are doing here.
    People think everything is for free and will continue. Personaly I left that road from letting myself pushed into work a long time ago. I do things whenever I want to. If people have a problem they can go to hell and check things themself – my few words on this topic.

  54. I swear if Patrik stops blogging here, I’ve got no real reason to read this blog anymore. This blog has already become tremendously “mainstream” with trainwreck shows being the only ones blogged, and Patrik’s articles were the only ones here that gave some really nice insight on gems that would get ignored just because they lacked ZOMGTEHDRAMA or ZOMGTEHPLOTTWISTS (in other words, trainwrecks). If Patrik leaves, I’ll be really disliking the direction that this blog is following. :\

  55. As many of the others are saying, don’t let the whiners get the better of you. The overwhelming majority of visitors here never post at all.

    A vocal minority has issues with it. A vocal minority always has some issues with something. They just make sure they are heard the loudest, and try to push their opinion over everyone else’s.

    I’m not going to deny I didn’t like the way some of Patrik’s posts came out this season. But that’s the end of the story. They are his opinions, and the most anyone can do is disagree with them, clearly stating why one way or the other.

    Some retards decided to personally attack Patrik, and now he’s taken them personally and intends to call it quits. Thanks assholes.

    But Patrik really should not have taken it so personally. Let the retards be retards. Most people were content to quietly read your opinion and keep their agreements/objections to themselves.

  56. Patrik,

    It would be a real shame if you stopped making these Snapshots, they’re excellent insights into possible shows that would entertain, I always pop in to check what looks good and decide from there if I want to watch it for the season or not. Once again, you will be missed.

    As for this show (Golgo 13) your description of it already has me waiting for a fansub release, looks to be a very promising show. Thank you.

  57. Just to add…

    I find Snapshots to be rather informative, because it basically covers what isn’t going to be covered by Omni, i.e. the non-mainstream or hyped up shows. There’s always a fair bit of biaseness in your comments, Patrik, but who doesn’t have that? It’s all part of personal opinion, and even the better bloggers who don’t take jibes and stupid digs at the studios, the characters or even other bloggers just to keep their readers entertained (like these bloggers are some kind of third-rate entertainers) have that.

    It will be great if you stayed. Frankly, though, you can do what you want since it’s your decision to make. I’m just hoping when you do quit, someone will come along to take up the mantle of doing Snapshots. Thanks for your contributions so far. Really appreciate it.

    Owaranai Destiny
  58. I don’t agree with u decision. Thinks better, blog is a sorta of “personal diary” where ppl can comments articles about ordinary life, BUT if someone put shit in it and spam u have all the right to block and delete troll replies. I suggest force registration for comments, or at least hire some moderators to delete useless posts. Don’t give up for some idiots.

  59. I like how Snapshots covers many lesser known shows that Omni doesn’t. But, I don’t like how it always focused on completely bashing or loving a show with complete melodrama. This entry is the latest example. There was never any “Well though _____ did this well, it didn’t _____”. It’s always been one-sided and I’m guessing people were mad because it drove a lot of people away from shows that would’ve actually been liked by a lot of people!

  60. Also, I know extreme opinions are nice when a series has been going on for a while like how Omni hates Dragonaut, but they’re really inappropriate for shows that just start out – which is what Snapshots has covered this season. This is also a big reason why people were mad. You can’t just dismiss a show because:

    “This would be a lot more interesting if it was HD with sparkling character designs and crisply depicted battles, but as it is, I’ll just file it under “generic action show” and likely forget about it within a week.”

    :S This is part of what I complained about in Omni’s earlier entry – too much focus on animation. Now I realize that it wasn’t Omni who did a lot of that animation critic craziness, it was you talking about HD, noise filter (who really cares?), “weeks, and it might be in widescreen then.”.

    Yeah, people will bash me for this since you’re doing this for free and no one else is going to cover the shows, but it’s really been a NEGATIVE impact on good shows that people will never watch because it’s horrible and generic since “it’s not in HD”.

  61. And I realize I don’t have to listen to his opinion, but there’s a lot of newer readers and anime fans who may not be used to Patrik’s extremely polarized writing – that a first episode of a show that wasn’t too interesting or had too much fanservice would be something like… the series is shit disguising as an anime… to Patrik.

  62. Though I might not of agreed with you concering only a few series that you’ve been introducing these past 12 months, I think it’s a shame that you’re stepping down. In my eyes, people who blogs anime SHOULD voice their opinion. That’s what blogging is all about.
    Imo, Saying that your style isn’t fit for the general public here att randomc is not true.
    Sure, there will be people who might not always agree with you (and unfortunately, they always tend to be the most vocal ones), but I for one enjoy the pieces you’re able to cover, since you cover alot, you give me a hunch of what the show’s about.

    I hope you re-consider.

    Take care.

  63. It seems wise to question whether you like writing your Snapshots or not, since whether people like reading them is a question that has been thoroughly answered by the large number of supporters you have on this comment thread. If it is enjoyable for you to write them, then please continue doing so.

  64. I second Nutty’s post. I’m really disappointed you want to stop writing Snapshots, as I find them a fun, entertaining read – which is why I visit anime blogs in the first place. I like my posts to be opinionated, honestly…shows are no fun at all if you’re neutral on them. A write-up where the author cares about what’s good or bad is much more interesting.

    Nutty pointed out that the vast majority of readers don’t post comments at all (this is my second or third here in about 3 years) and I think he’s right. I can’t believe that the immature flamers who commented on your write ups are indicative of the majority here. The comments so far on this post certainly seem to point to the flamers being a small, dropped-on-the-head-at-birth minority.

    I wish you would consider, but I can understand if you have no intention of continuing. Thanks for your work anyhow. Maybe if some of us readers had commented a bit more, things might not have come to this.

  65. I also am very dissapointed to here to see you go. It’s a shame that a few statements from others are giving voice to the majority. I on the other hand have recently started to like your snapshots specially your one about Soul Eater, which peeked my inteterest.

    I’m hoping that with enough people commenting saying the same things I’m saying that we can persuade you. However it is your decision in the end to leave or not.

    On another random now: Dennou coil is a fantastic series by the way and I had no idea that you blogged it.

    Like I said, but if you don’t farewell and thanks.

  66. DOGGIE!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU!! but how you gonna let a few FUCKING TWAT’S discourage you from your hustle!?!?! WHY!? my nigga you are actually contributining something to the community, GOOD or BAD. “i say good”, but meanwhile some losers who probobly beat off to the sight of their “hating” comments ,who contribute nothing but negativity have got u down. say it ain’t so pimping?? say it aint so.

    PS= that golgo 13 is a BAD MOTHER#@%*
    man i still got the original pink nintendo cartridge,,,OR did it fade to that color from age??

    BROOKLYN otaku
  67. Thanks for all your contributions… whoever claimed that these snapshots were “not suited” to the RandomC audience are a bunch of fools … let’s try to see them try to do what you’ve been doing.

  68. Sucks that you got insulted as you did. I enjoy reading your sections instead of blindly watching anything Omni writes, and while i want you to continue, i know how hard it is to put effort in something only to be ridiculed. I hope you start your own blog someday and all the asses can leave you alone. Well, good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  69. aw. ive always viewed the snapshots section, was a real good read alot of times. It introduces alot of anime which i havnt though about seeing yet. i dont really ever comment but hey. good luck and have fun doingwhateva else you doin ^-^!

  70. I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving. I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to comment on your Snapshots posts and I really regret that now because I did read and enjoy your quick reviews on series that Omni wasn’t covering. Your writing style was more suited for this site than you think (or at least in my opinion it is), so hopefully you’ll continue making posts here. But either way, thanks for all of your hard work. I really liked reading your posts. 🙂

    Neo Horizon
  71. For those who jumped to attack me:

    [Zepe]You know, GrimaH does have a point there: Despite this being an anime blog, where the blogger is fully entitled to voice his/her opinion on the show, I do think that some neutrality must be kept (yes, SOME, NOT TOTAL NEUTRALITY, I KNOW THIS IS A BLOG). Rather than saying “This show is crap”, isn’t “I don’t like this show because…” better? (yes, I am indeed talking about the entry on To Love-ru)

    By saying a certain show is crap, you are denying the effort people put into making the show, and that will certainly angry some die-hard fans who like the show for different reasons.

    This certainly will not work here, where the purpose of “Snapshots” is to introduce fans to other anime series that Omni does not blog. As far as I am concerned, if you want to rant on a show, then don’t call it “Snapshots”, because ranting certainly ISN’T introducing shows to other people.[/Zepe] (yes I know quote tags don’t work)

    What Zepe said.
    Yes I don’t expect neutrality, and I realise I’m given a privilege by getting to read and comment, but I don’t expect an extreme opinion just because the genre is not one Patrik likes. The very reason why this blog is so popular is because Omni (and Jaalin when he was around) keeps the blog tone mostly neutral, and gives a very good description of the episode or series, and offers his opinion with good observations. They don’t let the fanboy in them mess up the article at all, which is admirable in the land of shoddy anime blogs, and which Patrik unfortunately could not do. After all I’m not here to read “damn I hate fanservice, this is fanservice, ok shitsux”.

    [Washi]Think of it instead as acknowledging the effort NOT put into making the show.[/Washi]

    Certainly, despite the good animation quality in ToLoveRU and the money spent on advertising, the producers are not making any effort at all because this is fanservice and some people don’t like fanservice.
    Flawless logic there.

    I know, slowpoke reply etc.
    In before Patrik-can-do-no-wrong preachers flaming me for the non-existent flames in my post.
    BTW I do acknowledge, there are some neo-ToLoveRU idiots floating around who are now attacking Patrik at every opportunity. Though this being the internet I’d think he should have expected it.

  72. This show is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. The grand majority of today’s anime fans just aren’t prepared for how things used to be–because they used to be like this.

    I like Snapshots. I like it a lot. I like that Patrik calls out shows like To Love-Ru because he doesn’t like them. I think it should be that way–when I read a movie review, I’m not expecting an unbiased, rote description–I’m expecting somebody to tell me what they thought about it, what was good and bad in their opinions. Sure, I think the blogged-here Bleach is fucking lame compared to One Piece, but I’m not writing the blog here–other people are, and their opinions are the ones that matter just a bit more.

  73. err I don’t think the style of blogging is the problem here.Its the way its presented.Sometimes its a good informative entry by Patrik.Sometimes its pretty random.Sometimes its just plain bad.Consistency is the main issue here and level-headedness when attempting to write these entries.I think most of the blogs I prefer stalk have writers who approach anime more objectively and try to keep their personal bias in check for a more wholesome review.Just my two cents.

  74. WOW and about time we have more tv series about legit badasses. I know the anime world now will get its fill of harem, moe and wtf ever brings in dough for studios but its cool that we get tv shows about awesome badasses from time to time. Akagi filled in for 2006. Kaiji did good holding down the fort 2007 and even though Golgo 13 TV has some QUALITY, I like the style quite a bit. Sure not everyone won’t be into it but that doesn’t mean its an awesome watch apart from the tripe thats being shown on japanese TV.


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