The preparations for the Christmas Party are continuing, and Yoshiyuki finds out that Anzu is still troubled over the ending to the puppet show. She worries that a happy ending would be cheap, but Yoshiyuki suggests that she just write how she wants to. At home that night, Otome overhears Yume try to start a conversation with Yoshiyuki about the Christmas Party, but what really gets her attention is the news report on the TV of a water main explosion. In school the next day, Yoshiyuki finds Anzu sleeping at her desk, and Akane tells him that Anzu stayed up all night working on the script. Anzu ends up collapsing during class, and after Yoshiyuki brings her to the infirmary, he learns from Mizukoshi that Anzu has a fever. Mizukoshi drives Anzu home and has Yoshiyuki accompany her, and when they get there, Yoshiyuki finds that Anzu’s house is huge but empty.

With Anzu in bed, Yoshiyuki makes her something to eat and, as he feeds her, she recalls her grandmother doing the same a long time ago. This reminds Yoshiyuki that Anzu’s family is late in returning home, but Anzu reveals that she actually lives alone. Yoshiyuki is surprised to find out that Anzu was abandoned by her parents when she was little and was taken in by her grandmother. This grandmother died three years ago though, and Anzu’s been living alone ever since. She hadn’t told anyone because she didn’t want to unnecessarily worry anyone. All this reminds Yoshiyuki of how Sakura had taken him in when he was young, and though he also didn’t have parents around, he had Otome and Yume. This remains on his mind after he returns home that night and Yume tries to talk with him again about his plans for the Christmas Party. She’s happy to hear that he doesn’t have anyone to go around the school with and is even happier when he gives her a ticket for the puppet show, but her mood turns sour when she realizes that he’s giving her an additional ticket for whoever is accompanying her that day.

When Anzu shows back up at school feeling better the following day, Yoshiyuki and the others convince her to let them hold practice for the puppet show at her house. The entire group goes, and since Wataru and Koko are surprised that there aren’t more books in Anzu’s room, Anzu reveals that she doesn’t have any because she remembers everything she reads. Instead of practice though, the group has fun with cards and eats curry. Yoshiyuki finds Anzu outside by herself afterwards enjoying the breeze, and Anzu comments on how she probably should have invited everyone over sooner. She then admits that she wasn’t able to face the fact that her grandmother died and was afraid to remember every time she was asked about it. Now, after three years, she’s finally found some closure, and she feels that Yoshiyuki gave her the push forward.

Later that evening, after leaving Anzu’s house, Yoshiyuki runs into Yume in front of a store’s Christmas display. When Yume again brings up the topic of the Christmas Party, Yoshiyuki wonders who she’ll be going around with since she’s popular with the boys at school. Yoshiyuki’s obliviousness to her feelings causes Yume to storm off. Meanwhile, Otome is walking through the park when she hears sirens and sees two boys running towards the direction of an accident. As she recalls how, back when they were young, she and Yoshiyuki found out that they could both use magic, she decides that she’s a mage of justice and heads towards that same direction.


So it seems that my Anzu suspicions were correct, and they did devote an episode (more or less) to her here. Maybe someone who’s well acquainted with the game (I’m looking at you relentlessflame) can tell me if this has anything to do with the main story because it feels odd that the writers/director would put something like this here after it looked like in episode one that they were going full speed ahead with the Otome/Yume stuff. Which of course isn’t to say that there wasn’t Otome and Yume story since we see Yume’s feelings for Yoshiyuki (why is it a prerequisite that he has to be oblivious) and Otome’s need to become a mage of justice, whatever that means.

I’d say this was still a decent episode – perhaps a little too slow paced at part – and I’m still feeling fairly positive about series overall. Next week looks to be focused on Otome, and I’m curious to see what she can do with her magic


  1. It’ll be interesting if they go with the game original ending where Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Yume reminded me of a less-violent version of Nemu/Mako and the old Koko in this episode while Anzu reminded me of Alice and Setsuna of School Days. Why does the main character of any harem show have to be uber-kind?!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Well, I don’t know about “getting rid of [her] pretty quick”, but yes, the Anzu plot is definitely connected to the Otome/Yume plot in the game (moreso than any of the three heroines featured in the first season). That’s pretty much why they arranged the plot this way. So yes, I think it’ll make sense as everything comes together.

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