As Kallen urges the other Black Knights to hold out for a while longer against the Britannian counterattack, she remembers what happened back in that cave a year ago. When Lelouch and Suzaku had shot each other, Lelouch’s bullet had shattered Suzaku’s communicator while Suzaku’s bullet had hit Lelouch’s gun. Suzaku had then knocked Lelouch down and kept Kallen at bay with his gun while he took the bomb off of Lelouch. At the time, Kallen had called out to Zero, but Suzaku had insisted that this was Lelouch and that Lelouch had been using Kallen and the Japanese people. Kallen had run out of the cave at that point, and Suzaku captured and brought Lelouch in front of the Emperor of Britannia. In exchange for Lelouch, Suzaku had asked to be added to the twelve Knight of Rounds. Lelouch had been pissed off about this, but Suzaku reminded him that he was going to change the world from within, even if it meant betraying his friend. Liking what Suzaku had just said, the Emperor appointed him to the Knight of Rounds and had then asked him to keep Zero’s left eye closed because he still had a use for his son. The Emperor had proceeded to activate the Geass that was in both of his eyes and had rewritten Lelouch’s memories of his mother, of his sister, and of Zero.

As Lelouch remembers all this back in the present, C.C. tells him that she’s not the one who gave the Emperor his Geass power. She hasn’t been able to look for Nunnally, but she does know that Sayoko escaped to the Chinese Federation with Diethard. Lelouch decides that they need to find out who gave the Emperor his Geass power and where Nunnally is, but as he’s thinking about this, he suddenly realizes that he has a little sister – not a little brother – so he questions who Rolo really is. Before Lelouch can make another move, one of Carares’ Sutherlands finds him. Playing the role of a concerned student, Lelouch convinces the pilot to get out of the cockpit and uses his Geass power to make guy hand over his Knightmare Frame. As for Carares, he’s still with the Chinese delegation and finds out what’s going on from Gilbert. He decides to go handle things himself and shows up at the command vessel shortly after Lelouch starts personally directing the Black Knights around. Meanwhile, the Emperor of Britannia tells Suzaku that he’s the only person in the Knight of Rounds who knows of Zero’s true identity and of the Geass. He then brings Suzaku to the place that resembles a temple, but the Emperor refers to it as a weapon to destroy God called the Sword of Akasha.

Back at the Babel Tower, Lelouch has found himself a control room to watch the action from, and to his surprise, Kallen shows up there too. She claims to have wanted to be at his side, but she then pulls out a gun and points it at him. Knowing now that Lelouch had deceived her in the past, she questions if he used Geass on her to twist her heart and make her follow him. Lelouch laughs in response to this and tells her that her heart and feelings of loyalty and yearning for Zero are her own. He feels that she can be proud of how she chose him, and though Kallen wants to believe him, she makes it clear that the one she believes is Zero and not Lelouch. At this point, Lelouch changes the subject by questioning how long she’s going to stay in her skimpy bunny costume, and Kallen gets embarrassed. C.C. then radios him to inform him that a ton of Britannian reinforcements have arrived – the result of Carares wanting a show of Britannian power for the Chinese Federation. As he covers Kallen up with his jacket, Lelouch declares that since escape is difficult, this will be his victory.

The Britannian forces soon secure the tower in a way that leaves only one escape route, and Carares’ main unit is waiting there. Lelouch’s plan involves having C.C. set a lot of explosives, but in the meantime, Black Knight units mysteriously start to get taken out. When two of the Knightmares under Urabe’s command spot a Knightmare Frame that looks like it’s the Lancelot’s mass production prototype, Lelouch orders them to destroy it, but the new Knightmare Frame suddenly disappears and reappears beside them. It takes out both of the Burais, and Lelouch really starts to panic when it shows up in front of him. The new Knightmare Frame uses the instant movement trick to get past Urabe and Kallen, and it nearly succeeds in hitting Lelouch’s Sutherland, but Urabe comes to his defense right in the nick of time. Deciding to sacrifice himself, Urabe leaves Kallen to protect Zero and stabs his Gekka’s sword through his own unit, hitting the enemy Knightmare Frame in the process and getting it caught in the subsequent explosion. This barely damages the enemy Knightmare Frame though because it used the instant movement trick again.

Kallen is ready to do what she needs to in order to protect Zero too, but fortunately C.C. radios them first to inform them that the preparations are complete. Declaring that the time that Urabe bought them wasn’t in vain, Lelouch presses the detonator that blows up key parts of the Babel Tower and allows him and Kallen to escape from their battle. This also causes a large piece of the tower to fall right on top of Carares’ command vessel, killing him. Carares’ death throws the Britannian central command center into disarray until Gilbert takes temporary control. He begins to give out orders, but he’s interrupted when live video of Zero suddenly starts being broadcast. Zero first introduces himself and announces to the Japanese people that he’s back. He then turns the focus of his speech towards Britannia and those in power, saying that he’s sad that nothing has changed in the world with all the war and discrimination. Zero claims that as long as the strong continue oppressing the weak, he’ll keep fighting. As Zero is talking, Gilbert’s men trace the transmission to the Chinese Federation’s Consulate-General. When Suzaku learns of this, he suggests to the other Knights of Round that it could become an international problem if they storm the place.

Zero is indeed broadcasting from the Chinese Federation’s Consulate-General, and as he watches the Black Knight leader, Li Xingke notes to himself Zero’s intelligence and boldness. As Zero proceeds into the next part of his speech which has him re-announcing the founding of the United States of Japan, Li Xingke wonders if it’s okay for them to do this without the Chinese Emperor’s imperial order. He doesn’t question Gaohai’s decision though and doesn’t realize that Gaohai is being influenced by Lelouch’s Geass power. Li Xingke then heads outside of the Consulate-General grounds where a Britannian military unit has arrived, and he forces them to back off. However, the new Knightmare Frame from earlier suddenly shows up, and Li Xingke questions if its pilot is from the Britannian military or is someone related to Zero. When the pilot – Rolo – doesn’t give him a straight answer, Li Xingke says that he doesn’t like riddles, so Rolo claims that he’s the same. Rolo wants to know the truth – that’s why he’s here to kill Zero – and as he says this, the Geass in his right eye activates.


I have to say, that was an incredibly good place to end the episode in terms of cliffhangers and making me want to see what happens next. Rolo was already a pretty suspicious character, and in the span of those last 30 seconds or so, we find out that he’s the pilot of the Vincent, in possession of a Geass power, and he wants to kill Zero. Since it’s unlikely that all Vincent models will be able to use that instant movement/teleportation ability (it’s just too overpowered), then either that Vincent is special, or Rolo’s Geass power allows him to do that – I’m leaning towards the latter conclusion. I wonder if we’re going to see Rolo use his ability in hand-to-hand combat (maybe against Li Xingke) next episode or sometime in the future.

Rolo wasn’t the only Geass that was revealed this week since we learn that the Emperor of Britannia can erase memories. That seems like the kind of power that can wreak a ton of havoc if planned out correctly, but it sounds fairly useless in a battle (unlike Lelouch’s ability or even Mao’s). I assume V.V. is the one who gave the Emperor his Geass power, and V.V. probably did the same for Rolo too. I would also venture to guess that V.V. would be the one to give Suzaku a Geass power if it ever came to that, but given that Suzaku already has the power of the Lancelot, that probably won’t happen.

Speaking of which, I found it interesting that the Emperor referred to the place that he showed Suzaku as the Sword of Akasha. Akasha is apparently the Sanskrit word for aether, and aether, in Greek mythology, is the personification of the clear upper air of the sky. What’s more, as the Wikipedia page for aether points out, this concept is linked to Brihaspati – or the planet Jupiter. Jupiter, of course, is significant in CODE GEASS because that’s the planet we see in the mysterious Geass sequences like the one last week when Lelouch got his memory back. It’s also possible that Jupiter is the God that the Emperor is referring to, but it’s less clear why he would want to destroy Jupiter. In any case, with everything connected like this, I’m curious to see what the ultimate scope of the series is (i.e. are they eventually going to be fighting on a different metaphysical plane).

The only other thing I have to say about this episode is that it was good to see some of the old characters again. I laughed at Diethard’s overjoyed reaction to seeing Zero, and I loved that shocked look on Nina’s face. Hopefully there’ll be more of them in the near future (well, maybe not Nina). For next week though, it looks like the focus will be on Rolo, Shirley, and school life. That seems like an odd choice given the momentum that the series has right now, but I’ll trust the writers on it.


  1. Damn it! Just as I thought. I REALLY REALLY HATE SUZAKU MORE after seeing this. That bastard should have died! Nina is back. Hmmm, she will die too in this season! Great! I’m in for more war!
    Kallen is blushing… oh no! I love it that Diethard’s back!

  2. Suzaku doesnt deserve to be a knights of hte round. I mean, if he got into there with his piloting skills alone, it would be great, but come on. Sacrificing his best friend and hope for his own country to “change brittania from hte inside?”
    also, I get the feeling that lulus goanna die at the end, because, like Yagami light, hes way too weak by himself and without power, and is just too weak to get out of corners by himself.

  3. LOL I thought I wouldn’t be able to bear watching Suzaku screw up Lelouch in this ep. But after seeing all the Suzaku hate, I feel SO MUCH better. Can’t wait for the summary and subs! ^_^

  4. Suzaku, how disgraceful can one be, hontoni..
    Anyways, good to know what happened back there at the end of season 1 and good to see the whole Black Knight team getting back into action. Guess one of the next episodes they’re gonna free their comrades from season 1.

    Ah and now THIS is madness at it’s best, how I’ve missed that:

    Coming back again to Suzaku, it’s funny to see how people curse him to death. Whilst I had some understanding for his actions in season 1 I think he just went overboard – and has a serious problem with himself.

    Ah and Rollo, I doubt he’s really Lulu’s brother, but maybe I’m wrong. But even if, what does brothers or sisters whatever count in there Britanian world where the “weak” must be destroyed.

    Finaly I wonder what are the true intentions of the emperor. I mean, he’s isn’t dumb, he knew exactly, that C.C. could bring back Lulu’s memories and furthermore Lulu will become a danger for his life and Britania again. So why just don’t kill him right away? Or does he still love him somewhere as his son? (what I don’t believe as he didn’t have a problem when Lulu’s mother was killed and his daughter crippled).

  5. THAT’S IT! SUZUAKU! PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    uhh . . . so where IS Nunnally with all this happening? and, does this mean that rollo really isn’t Lelouch’s bro (please say yes!!!)? So many questions!!!!

    Can’t wait for the subs >

  6. Now THIS is what I’m talking about!

    Here was some awesomeness. Turn 1 was weird, but Turn 2 was love.

    Rollo is shaping up to be a much more interesting character than I initially thought. I really hope he doesn’t become Suzaku v2.0 though…

  7. Hmm . . . Speculation time!
    Rollo = some dude the emperor sent to keep an eye on Lelouch?
    Emperor = (?) seriously, what is he thinking?
    Kallen = hot
    Suzaku = just die already!!!!!!!

    bwt, how many of the knights of the round do we know so far?

  8. Hmm . . . Speculation time!
    Rollo = some dude the emperor sent to keep an eye on Lelouch?
    Emperor = (?) seriously, what is he thinking?
    Kallen = hot
    Suzaku = just die already!!!!!!!

    btw, how many of the knights of the round do we know so far?

  9. Something tells me that the emperor is doing all of this to lulu because he wants him to succed him with his own hands, three more things.
    1. Screw susaku
    2. Rollo is evil
    3. Everyone forgot about nullany ( for now at lest)

  10. @Tsuki:

    obviously Rollo isn’t really Lelouch’s brother. Probably someone implanted by the Emperor into Lelouch’s memories, making him believe this person is his brother. And Rollo is probably working for the Emperor, too.

  11. here we go again, fans of lulu bombarding suzu. i seriously wonder how the story is going to go from here but i do hope lulu survive till the end. lulu seems to be enjoying himself though.

    wow. looking at the screenshots, should i say the quality is like a rollercoaster ride?

  12. so from now on we dont have any complain like slow pace bla bla bla… right ? goshh

    Dear “Suzaku must die!” club: please let me join toooo ….!!!

    who the hell r u bastard ha =? how did u do these things Lulu ?

    BTw i think in near future rolo will join zero cause he has some unsatisfied things in Britainn..

    Dam lulu, u need some powerful men to protect u; othervise…. i cant say…

    We r Supporting The Rebellion from our hearts!

  13. ok i Have to say this
    congrats suzaku you finally did a good thing!!! lellouch deserved

    now why im saying this? come on guys i cant believe that everyone has such a forgetful memory.
    and i dont understand how everyone can like lelouch so much. the guy doesnt care a thing for the lives of the others (“maybe” except for his sister). Whats so cool about a character who thinks that life is a disposable thing just like a chess piece? sorry but i cant agree with that!

    oh and im not a suzako fan, he just doesnt seems to have what we call common sense!

  14. Wow, I mean just WOW. I know this was going to happen, but jeez. Will the lulu fans please get off the guys dick? Hating Suzaku for pwning your lover and all, I understand why you’re mad. But please try to let the story play out till the end before you pass judgment on every single character.

  15. I think what Suzaku did in this episode is not bad at all.
    Because Lellouch killed Euphemia, and he told Suzaku that was all past.
    How could Suzaku forgive him for doing this?
    There is no friendship between them anymore.

  16. everyone looks so shocked in the screen caps! bwahahahaha!
    Hmm . . so the emperor has a geass. is it the same as lelouch’s? i mean, Lelouch was sorta able to implant memories, too . ..

  17. Anya-is-so-cute:

    He killed Euphemia exactly because it was all his fault. No one else should have to bear any of the sin for what happened in his mind.

    As always, what would you have had Lelouch do instead? Let her keep on killing people? Let someone else kill her? Lock her up for the rest of her life, trying to hide her from anyone who might want to free her and cause her to kill more, while she went completely insane?

    1. Well… to be honest, yeah. Lelouch shouldn’t have killed her just to wipe his hands clean of his error. She had a right to life, with all the risks it posed, considering her complete innocence.

  18. It’s hard to like Suzaku more after this episode. He humiliated the most popular character in the show at the beginning. As a result, Lelouch was also humiliated by his father. The person he hates most. If you like Lelouch even a little bit at all…this is going to piss you off. What’s cool about Lelouch? Someone asked that. He wins battles with resourcefulness and intelligence. Not with brawn. (He couldn’t even run down the hall of his school without getting tired.) The show is interesting because of Lelouch. I can’t imagine how much whining there would be if the show had changed main characters a la Seed Destiny.

    Anya-is-so-cute = a tremendous name. Very well done. You owned all of us with that one. XD

  19. Rollo geass ability is obviously teleportation, this is clearly explained when Urabe blow up himself without doing any damage to the Vincent (wow a nightmare Flame with the same name as me 😀 ).
    Even if the last seconds with Rollo talking about killing zero leave the doubt, if Li Xingke is geassed this would be in the preview.

    but I wonder if each eye can have a different power :>

  20. by the end of the season, most of the knights of the round is with blacknights, while the only antagonist will only be the emperor and suzaku.

    rollo seems to be having teleportation geass which explains the sudden lulu’s missing from kallen after kallen pulling him away from mass-crowds.

    not sure what everyone think, but if you relook into eps 1, rollo seems to be rather into the “brother” of lulu and there’s seem to be sense of appreciation there before lulu fall off the buildings. (potential twist there) with the continuation of this eps.

  21. Anya-is-so-cute:

    He geassed her by mistake.
    He saw her mass killing everybody.

    It was his fault, he would take blame. If anybody would kill her, it would be him because Psychiatry couldn’t stop it. She would most likely be disowned by her Father and executed.

    He made use of her, having wished to at least make her dream somewhat true. Free Japan using his method.


    no, He does care about Japan and other people, but he cares about Nunnaly more. That’s understandable as Lelouch isn’t exactly a flawless hero now is he?

    Lelouch isn’t just using the Order, it was all a crock of lies.

    in 25. Is Lelouch “using” the Japanese anymore than they’re “using” him? Is he putting them in danger while he leisurely sits safely at Ashford Academy? Did he leave the battle in 25 to escape danger? Well of course not. Ougi said it himself in 11, Lelouch can’t see his own allies as mere chess pieces, he knows hate and so he also knows sorrow.

    If this wasn’t the case, Kallen wouldn’t be there saving him in 26, and Lelouch wouldn’t be giving Kallen his jacket in 27.

  22. True Anne. We went from 1 to 3 in an episode. (Mao doesn’t count since he’s dead.) Lelouch seems pretty unspecial compared to Rollo. Rollo has the geass and his own Lancelot (Vincent). What a headache he’s going to be!

  23. Love Zero thinking of blow up buliding with alot BA still inside buildaing and fall on the HQ forward command post . *laugh at that bit*

    Useing the Chinese Minster , Do his biding for TV boardcast , Just Execellect stuff ! *blood pumping drama*

    All Hail Zero !

  24. Honestly, it was pretty much to be expected that those two particular people either had Geass or were somehow strongly related to Geass in the first place.

    I wouldn’t mind if at least, say, a couple of other characters end up with Geass by the end of the series (or we just find about it) and we learn that, for example, thousands had it in the distant past or something.

  25. there’s further hypothesis is that, from the start of the code geass, the emperor already eyeing lulu as the britania successor, as to why else the emperor know every single steps that lulu doing in R1. but of cos the successions will not be just hand over to his sons/daughters but to have them fight for it, even fighting for the emperor’s seat.

    aside that, the emperor have geass, and the only legitimate heir to the throne to-date with geass is only lulu =P

  26. I don’t curse Suzaku to death. Instead, I wish for him to one day wake up and realize what kind of hypocritic life he has led and feel remorse. Better yet, let him live the rest of his life knowing that he has sold out his own country, his own people, his best friend, and himself.

    Ep 2 of R2 owns ep 2 of season 1 in terms of plot twists and excitement. Although they’re not that comparable considering that while they follow the same pattern, the circumstances are a bit different, I suppose.

    Loved that conversation between Kallen and Lelouch. Lulu, THIS is what you should’ve said to Kallen in ep 25. Not “LOL LOL Yeah I used you and stuff but all ends well so what have you to complain about?”. Although I really can’t blame the guy. He’s had a really bad day.

  27. Rollos power might be to stop time, which could stop him from getting geassed, as he could stop the geass from going.
    Emperor’s power is to CHANGE memories.
    Preview MIGHT be Lelouch trying to sway Rollo to his side, since hes “stronger than Suzaku”
    Speculation from the OP: Either Cornelia or Guilford will get a Vincent, and kick ass with it.
    Is it just me, or has C.C.’s piloting prowess gone down MAJORLY since the first season. I mean, in Season 1, she could handle a 2 pilot KMF with more than half its weapons out of power/disabled and take down a giant megapowered flying-thing, but in R2Ep1, she cant even land the burai straight.

  28. Defade:

    But the Kallen section is pure kneejerk reaction to absolve her of responsibilty. “I’m evil, so you don’t have to feel guilty for any of what happened or anything that’s about to take place”

  29. Oh, and the Knights of hte Rounds that will have some role are:

    1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12
    And, as you know,
    3, 6, and 7 are major characters
    3 being blondie
    6 being the necrololi that Geass1 was lacking.
    7 being the ****face we all know and “love”

  30. LOL, everyone is ranting about how Suzaku should go to hell, and i whole heartedly agree. I just watched the RAW and i really want to know what Lelouch said to Kallen. 🙂

  31. only way for Rollo so get geass is from CC, based on 1st season, so… does that mean Rollo is on CC’s side? And why on earth did CC give the geass to so many people, but she has been alive for quite some time lol My guess is that CC gave the geass to the emperor and the emperor betrayed her, but her into a canister thing for experimenting. The blogger (I’m so sorry I couldn’t find your screen name) raised a good question, why would they want to kill CC? Maybe to prevent over-populating the world with geass-users LOL just a geass. I wanna know what are CC’s wishes and is Lelouch already informed and agreed to them willingly? Will Lelouch betray CC in the end, IF he succeeds?

  32. Why do I get the feeling Rollo will eventually get his eye ripped out and so Lulu will have Geass in both eyes. Seems like Clamp (if they have any say in this show other than character design) loves ripping out people’s eyes…Syaoran, Fay for example.

  33. razz:

    come on “He does care for japan” do you really think so?
    till now what he cares about is his revenge, all is life since he received the geass is dedicated to that.
    it only happens that having is revenge will also helps japan, its not like he cares for japan.
    and about euphimia part, please people dont see just a small part of the whole.
    the problem here is that the one who ACTUALLY cared for people in japan was turned into the BAD guy by lellouch words. He simply used here as bad guy for him to appear as the japan’s messiah. He geassed her by mistake, yes, but he definitly not made her look as a murderer without having full conscience o it.

    and to point out to say that lellouch is cool because he wins his battles using his brain is over the top. is it not weird that ALL his plans end up working and all the enimies not. i wanna see someone smart enough to be a rival for lelouch in the brains department.

    anyway i hope that in this season lelouch starts to show us some good and undeniable changes. i dont want him to end like the main charactes of death note.

  34. Waiting on Suzaku to redeem himself… almost bought a Lancelot set today but decided to hold off until I saw ep 2… now I want to waste the 4k yen buy it and burn it cuz suzaku’s reasoning just ticked me off. Oh well I’ll buy it then have gurren lagann step all over it in my display stand.

  35. Ah what you guys talking above?:P. In the term of war, as long as your enemy is the same, talking about who uses who is stupid, everybody is using some one or some side. It is not like suzaku doesn’t use anybody to get his purposes realized.

  36. tersalius:

    I do, he does care about their freedom, even if he tried to justify it to himself as a mere “means to an end” in episode 24’s preview.

    Giving Japan is at very least part of his atonement for the 200,000 Japanese people who died because of his stupid mistake. But then he’s also got a sense of responsibility to his subordinates and in general a hatred of seeing people living on their knees in near to total slavery. Nunnally may be on the top of his list of things important to him, but that doesn’t mean that freeing Japan isn’t important to him too.

    Lelouch never cared about himself through all this and that hasn’t changed yet. It has always been for Nunnally. He doesn’t care about his own happiness at all.

    also He like Japan pretty much. In Stage8.5 he said “we have found a peaceful life in this foreign country.”
    as for euphimia… Lelouch did make the worst joke ever at the worst time ever. One can argue that because he cares so much for her and her vision, he shot her out of mercy so that she didn’t have to make it unravel with her own hands.

    Yes, it was his fault, but he didn’t really mean to do what he did. But he was a man and took responsible for his actions, by killing his first love. But that is the “Power of the King”, you will have incredible power but you will be lonely for the rest of your life.


    Well, I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’ll say this much, I like Lelouch when he kicked a lot of ass more then when he restrained himself personally, even when he went to save Nunnally I was like “WTH, finish the Rebellion first man, you can still win!!” or when he didn’t just kill Suzaku a number of times. That he doesn’t make excuses for his actions is also a strength and a weakness, because unlike a certain someone *cough* Suzaku *cough* he chooses not to delude himself for the most part, while at the same time inviting more of a burden on his resolve. I choose not to think of Lelouch in terms of either right or wrong for the most part, simply assessing him by the most pragmatic and effective means in which he achieves decently successful results. That he’s human or flawed doesn’t make him right or wrong, it just makes him understandable, and that’s the underlying strong point of the show because its all about gray areas instead of simply black or white.

  37. tersalius:

    People love Lulu because he’s standing up for what’s right, even if his motives are personal. He’s willing to sacrifice himself and become evil itself if it means others might live in happiness. Basically the guy fights fire with fire, and we love him for that. and If you take away his cocky attitude he is a deep caring person

  38. My oh my, I am really wondering why didn’t the Emperor execute Lelouch for his impudence or imprisoned him for treason. Instead he simply rewrote Lelouch’s memory and made him a “normal” kid with a normal life. Perhaps there is still a droplet of parental love hidden in the very depth of the Emperor’s black heart? Considering how many kids he’s got, I can’t find that a possibility. Perhaps there is an alternative motive behind his action.

  39. Did you guys see Anya fidgeting? She wanted to kill something. Lelouch is lucky she’s not in Japan right now, or she would have crushed his little rebellion before it even started.

    Bwhahahahahahaha. :=)

  40. Both Lelouch and Suzaku are great characters. Both, at times, act very selfishly and can be quite evil (although on the evil side, I give Lelouch the upperhand because of that insane laughing in the midst of battle and what he did to Euphie). Both are hypocrites. Both have really complicated personalities. And I like them both.

  41. lol, why are you guys still figthing over who is bad and what not? Both LULU and SUZAKU are eveil. BUT we all love LULU because he knows his goals and does everything to get it. Not like that retard HYPOCRISY suzaku.

  42. kaim:

    lellouch is not fighting for japan’s freedom is fighting for his personal revenge.
    i think that is crystal clear

    but opinions are opinions, so most of the people will not agree with me.

  43. I really can’t understand this level of fanboyism for Lelouch…

    A “deep caring person”? All he cares about is Nunnaly and his revenge. He’s a terrorist, a mass murderer and a complete madman. He murdered his half-brother in cold blood. While he geassed Yuffie (the only “good” character in the show) by mistake, in the end he had no qualms about killing her and using her actions to further his plan.

    Suzaku might be a murderer, an opportunist and a psychologically troubled person, but at least he is law-abiding and overall a more decent person than Lulu.

    How can people root for Lelouch (apart from the fact that it makes the story more interesting)… if the history of the past century has taught us something, is that violent revolutions (Lulu’s way) don’t bring anything good, while many countries have slowly changed for the better thanks to internal pressure (Suzaku’s way).

  44. I so do agree with you(tersalius) and also Suzaku does have a goal. his goal is to reach the top of the rank of the round table so he can choose to govern wateva area he wants. that would be japan =D

  45. @ steelman

    hmm, I wonder why lelouch got a teary perma-geass eyes after he geassed yuffie, and didnt he agree with yuffie first to make a peaceful japan. and clovis was a mass murderer, he deserves his death.

    and what did suzaku, the law-abiding decent person did to his own dead. oh yea, just kill him out of nowhere to make britannia control japan….

    and what does suzaku change so far inside britannia? ehm, basically nothing, and how many japanese, his own people, that he has killed, countless

  46. stellman

    very good speech specially the anology with our own history

    the way you think about lellouch rebellion is the same way i think how atrocities can be made by using power alone, forgetting that in the end this only bring sadness to the ones who live and the feeling for revenge again. thats what we can see from ours own history.

    anyway this is also show how well the authors are in this show, showing us both ways of changing things
    in the end is just a matter of wich you identify the most.

    if you prefer to use brute force, the fastest one
    or trying to chance things litle by litle, the slowest one.

  47. dad, not dead, sorry for the typo. and I doubt he will be allowed to make a big changes in japan considering his knight of the round position .

    he is still under direct command of the emperor, he can’t just free japan that way.
    and anybody think suzaku would make a good leader? are you kidding me?

    he went to killing spree just because somebody killed his girl, where all his morale goes…..

  48. @steelman: YUFFIE isnt a good character. She is just a fortunate girl-good upcoming, love by her sisters and brothers. She never sees how the japanese getting murder nor she has been abandonded as a hostage and leads a life as nunaly and lulu. Yet she charges right in and spouts all those sweet words of a perfect world and stuff; it makes me want to VOMIT! I like lulu even more , even if he kills effie accidently.

  49. kamui

    and you are saying that lellouch didnt kill ANYONE right?

    “and didnt he agree with yuffie first to make a peaceful japan”

    yeah AFTER getting all crazy about how she would ruin his plains, and actually thinking how he could use her (geass her to shoot him) to make, agian, he looks like the the bringer of salvation and the one who was deceived.

    yeah thats lellouch for you! a REALLY good person, the one we all would love to as a ruler, becouse if you dont agree with him he could simply geass you and ask politely for you shoot yourself. indeed a good ruler!?

    and man this is getting like a forum with all this discussion, and we are supposed just to talk about the episode here!

  50. @pukau: LOL, if yuou want to talk about genocide, then the EMPEROR standing at the 1st place. And dont worry, even though lulu kill more then suzaku now, but with suzaku’s new post, he will catch up soon cause he doesnt want anyone in his side to die, so he kills everyone on the other sides.

  51. SUZAKU MUST DIE!!! I hate him more that that other guy from Dragonaut… I have always disliked people like him (who sees only black or white, but that’s because I’m non-dualist), anyway, I’m tired of his face and his distorted logic.

  52. yukiZ: Lulu is not a hypocrites, only Suzaku is.

    And a hypocrite is someone who pretends to have principles but behaves otherwise…that’s the definition of hypocrite… and Suzaku is the perfect example

    He claimed that he joined the army because he doesn’t want to see people die, but really he’s just looking for a place to die.
    He claimed that he want to change Britannia from the inside, but really all he wants is to die. He seriously wants to kill himself. Yes. Does he admit it? No.
    He’s always covering it up with pretty lies. We know he want to die because Mao dug out this fact. He never admitted it. Never. Not even after Mao dug it out.

    “Pretends to have principles but behaves otherwise?”
    That’s what Suzaku has always been doing throughout the first season!
    You seem to think it’s a noble thing to seek death, but forgetting he’s doing it while claiming he’s doing things for greater good. From the moment we know he want to die, every merit he has done is meaningless, and every ideal he claimed to have is lie. People saving? Change Britannia from the inside? Nah. These sorts of ideals are only lies to cover his true intention- to get killed.

    Suzaku is trying to justify himself. Said by the director Taniguchi.

    Now It’s like he stumbled on a stone and fell, then sit there and whined for 7 years. (His time stopped. He refused to move on since 7 years ago. This is the fact stated in the picture drama.) he automatically assumes everyone who walk on similar road will also stumble, fall, and whine like him.
    (The most important thing is, which road is similar is also decided by him. Whether it’s similar or not doen’t matter. It’s the same because he says so.)
    So he will “correct” anyone who tries to walk on it by kicking him off.
    It doesn’t matter if that person will stumble. Because Suzaku believes he will stumble, then he must stumble, and Suzaku must stop him before he stumble.
    And it’s for that person’s own good. For the good of people around him.

    This is Suzaku’s reasoning.

    We’ve reached the conclusion- this is wrong. I must correct you. For Nunnally, and for Euphie.
    This is the exact line he said in the picture drama.
    Out straight insane. Let’s see how many twitched thoughts are in this line:
    1. What conclusion? Conclusion for what? St. Suzaku say it’s conclusion then it’s conclusion?
    2. Who’s to judge what it wrong?
    3. Who has the right to “correct” other people? Is Lelouch his son or a pet of his?
    4. What does he know about Nunnally’s and Euphie’s thoughts? Nothing. Nothing at all.
    5. For Nunnally and Euphie? Did they ask him to “correct” Lelouch? It’s purely revenge. Just say so. Stop wrapping selfish intentions with pretty lies like “for their sake”.

    And before anyone takes Lelouch’s “For Nunnally” into argument, I’ll explain it first. The sentence is unfinished when he says “for Nunnally”:
    I’m doing this for Nunnally, therefore I’ll move on, no matter what.
    I’m doing this for Nunnally, therefore, if Nunnally isn’t here, everything I done is meaningless.
    He never said it’s “right” to do anything because it’s for Nunnally. He’s only stating the fact that even though he know he will be hated, he will take the blame and move on because he has Nunnally as a support in his heart.
    –It’s for Nunnally. Therefore I have the strength to move on.
    Suzaku’s is:
    I’m doing this for Nunnally and Euphie, therefore you’re wrong and I’ll correct you.
    –It’s for Nunnally. It’s for her own good.
    See the difference?

    And he’s out to do it. Forcing his crooked thoughts on others. Using pretty excuses- for the sake of others, as always.

    Lulu knew perfectly well and admitted to using the Japanese to further his own ends. He doesn’t believe in all that “allies of justice” crap….he said himself that it’s something the people like to hear. The stuff Zero says is said to gain people to his side, to manipulate. He doesn’t believe in any of it. He knows perfectly well what he is doing…Lelouch himself likes the idea of allies of justice but knows that such a thing cannot truly exist. He may believe some of it would be nice to have in this world, but right now he needs to focus on the goals in front of him. He really isn’t selfish since selfish implies you are doing it for yourself. Lelouch doesn’t really care what happens to him as long as Nunnally can be happy in the end and he can get rid of the world as it is now by defeating Britannia.


  53. SUZAKU MUST DIE!!! I hate him more than that other guy from Dragonaut… I have always disliked people like him, who sees only black or white (well, I guess I’m non-dualist)… anyway, I’m tired of his distorted logic, his treachrous ways and of his face.

  54. mysteries thats funny.
    so for you someone who wants to help people most be

    coming from a chaotic family, with a murderer father
    had a terrile life
    never had have any love from anyone

    judging by your description i think you will hardly find any leaders like that, and the curious part the ones who actually have those caracteristics end up being even worst from the ones who doesnt.

  55. The reason why a lot of people are hating on Suzaku right now, is because he traded in his enemy to gain a position that is solely won by skill. Now it can be determined that the emporer had chosen that Suzaku had earned his place because of capturing zero, but if you go back to the first episode, you’ll notice that nothing has changed from the original season, in fact, things had gotten much worse.

    Wasn’t Suzaku’s whole mission to fight from within to make things better for the Japanese? Where is this? There isn’t any. This is what’s gotten people upset. It looks like Suzaku has done absolutely nothing to help the Japanese, and thereby only used Lelouch to gain a position of higher power for the sake of having more power.

    Even if Lelouch was using the Japanese, he still did for them, much more than anything that Suzaku has done so far. And I think that’s something to mention. Suzaku hasn’t done anything at all to better the Japanese. While he says that he wants to, there is no indication that he’s doing anything or even if he really cares at all.

  56. @ tersailus or whatever

    look at my msg again, did I say lelouch didn’t kill anybody? he did, but it’s because his only choice to do at that time, geass can’t be cancelled or reversed and so many people will keep on dying. especially on the japanese side, so lelouch killed yuffie for the greater good, to stop the casualties especially on the japanese side.

    did u even watch the episode at all? the geass that happened to yuffie was accidental, and he regret it. and FYI, I didn’t mention that lelouch will be a good leader, I just mentioning the facts of what really happened, so don’t assume what I think about anything if I haven’t even say anything about it.

    Anyway, I will stop here, I never meant to create any flame or whatever, u are entitled to your own opinion. (of hypocr…)

  57. @tersalius: no i never said if they want to do good deed or preaching forgiveness, they have to be poor or any other harsh circumstance. HOWEVER, euphime, yes the only pink princess that i am happy to see her death, never putting or ever discussing with lulu about the plan. She just went on her own and does things her way , thinking the wotld is only white and all and ignore lulu’s opinion; fine, she wants to do thing her own, then others will do thing their own. And tersalius: try and find someone whose family just getting kill, and command them:”you have to forgive the murder and live peacefully becasue that is a good thing” , i would love to see how they react toward YOU.

  58. steelman,tersalius:

    all of this from “Marioshinobi” from Animesuki since I agree with him and he putted everything nicely about Lulu/Zero:

    “Alright, I’m breaking down the Lelouch/Zero comparison which some people like to blend together as Lelouch being Heartless.

    Lelouch is a Kindhearted Person, or at least he tries to be. He tends to protect people close to him, or at least tries to make life funner for people around him. Kallen is an example here, he knows her personally as her more serious alter Ego. In school he tries to get her more into funner things instead of keeping her the quiet facade she’s keeping. His attempts were one where he was running a poll and infuriating her for it, having also attempted the school festival Halloween house piece. He burned Shirley’s Diary to protect her from remembering him and the pain he caused her. He’s also appeared as a person that Nina goes to for advice, and most of the workload is given to him by the president. He also spends time with Nunnally and wishes to make things better for her considering her disability and ability to not see.

    Why does he try so hard? He knows the Truth about the World. He watched as a young boy as his mother was killed, his world of a happy life and people disappeared soon after. His father proved to be even more cruel to him than he thought, he could understand him being busy as the king and not visiting, but telling him that he was not alive nor did he care about Marianne or Nunnally was a blow to his childish mind. He renounced his title to the throne as another childish threat perhaps, but soon learned that his father was even more cruel with the prank than expected and stated he had no value to life at all. Once more he was thrown as a political tool to be used as well as his sister. He was to be taken away from his Royal Life, Euphie who he considered his first love as a kid, Clovis who was his best friend and childish Rival, Schneizel who he considered his Rival and couldn’t beat in Chess. He learned the cruelty of the world, having been given away to Japan along with his sister. Even during his stay and good side with Suzaku, kids had beaten him and he learned Racism was a big deal and how his perfect life as Brittania was shattered when he heard that the country was a invading and destroyed others. His Sister was also then supposed to marry Suzaku’s Father, which he couldn’t believe. Nunnally was his only happiness and family left in the world, she considered him her hero. To have been given to marry Suzaku’s father was something else he couldn’t stomach. So he made a deal as a child with him, what the deal was nobody will know for now. Once he made the deal and prevented the marriage, he thought he could make another peaceful life. Soon shattered by Brittania’s invasion. He walked in a field full of corpses holding his sister and walking with his best friend. How was he going to explain something his father did to Suzaku? It was surprising to him that Suzaku didn’t blame him either. When he didn’t, he considered him his best friend and that wouldn’t ever change. He also promised him that he would crush this country that caused so much hard to people and everybody he knew.

    Zero; 0, Nothing, Cannot be Defined, Empty. Why did Lelouch choose this name? Because it has no Value. It can’t be biased and is between negative and positive. Something he wishes to be; Nothing. He wishes to have no conscience, have no heart, never flinch when making choices, and never waver. But we see that’s something he can never do, before he pressed the trigger to blow the ship, he hesitated…he felt the guilt of killing so many, where he could kill people that had no hope(First Geass usage, Hotel Jackers), these people were different and may have been allies. When he puts on that mask, his facade changes. Recall Jim Carrey’s Movie ” The Mask ” where he changes into another personality the moment he places it on. It’s something Lelouch hopes he can do as well. Yet we see in his mind that he can’t throw away his conscience or ignore it as he wishes he could.

    Episode 25 was named ‘Zero’; which had good meaning because…what happened? Lelouch lost Everything. His move as C.C. stated ” Your World will be Dyed Red.”, He lost his School Life. He lost his Friendship with Suzaku, He lost his attempt to Win by not getting Cornelia, He Lost Nunnally, He Abandoned everything to get Her. At the end of the Scene his mask broke, and Kallen’s Loyalty was placed into Question in the scene from her shock. He Became Zero for the First Time. A Being with Nothing. And he Acted the Part, instead of Excusing himself for Euphie’s incident or when Kallen asked him if he used her and the Japanese, He Coldly gave an answer and shrugged her off. He also pleaded to Suzaku to help him find Nunnally, the last bit of friendship he could hope for, where he helped with Mao and helped Suzaku in his shock of his Father, he knew he could depend on him. Yet Suzaku cut off all ties, shrugging him off as well and leaving him with nothing but Hatred and a Great Enemy.

    Why did Lelouch refer to himself as Zero in R2? Because of his memories. He knows now that he cannot return anytime soon to the same School life or Life that was fake. He knows he has nothing and Lost Everything as Far as Army, Power, Chance.

    But of Course, he realizes another thing by calling himself Zero. He has everything to regain, which he will in R2.”

  59. @tersalius: quote:”kain

    that was a long post

    ok! we got it!!!

    you dont like when people dont agree with you.
    get used to it, its very common in animes”

    kain’s post deserves a better respond than that. Adn i can also conclude that “you dont like when people dont agree with you” but “get used to it, its very common in animes” if you want to respond then respond to the content; attcking the CONTENT of the post,NOT the AUTHOR.

  60. even though i hate Suzaku right now in think in the end he will do the right thing and destroy britannia together with lulu and the rebellion! and i also believe nunnally will be the final villain of the series!!!!

    Eugene Vi Britannia
  61. kamui

    you are giving up so early?

    and please finish your sentence – (of hypocr…)we all know what you want to say so please say it.

    and come on lets contine with this flame thread. its cool!

    so to go on:

    “did u even watch the episode at all?” OF COURSE….. i never watched the episode thats why im here talking about it! havent you realised it yet!?!?

    and im sorry but you didnt express yourself to well on that msg, because YOU SAID that just because yuffi had a good life she doesnt deserve to talk about helping people.
    and what i said was, man this way of thnking is SO WRONG. because the idea that you passed is that only the ones who suffer can help the ones in suffering, and thats a weird way of thinking.
    so if i misunderstood what you said sorry, but the way you wrote your phrase ends up giving us that meaning.

  62. Tersalius:
    it’s not abut me liking if someone agrees or disagrees with me every one has their own opinion… but am only stating facts… everything in my previous post was a fact (if you actually read my post) Suzaku is a hypocrite. and Lulu is not one. that’s a fact. even director Taniguchi Said that Suzaku is trying to justify himself.

  63. @ Eugene Vi Britannia

    I doubt she’d be the final villian as that spot appears to be taken by the emporer and there is a manga of her in the rebellion instead of lulu but everything else you said might happen. but I still want Suzaku to die.:)

  64. Death to Suzaku!!
    This new development is gonna make seeing the first episodes of R1 a bit “not right” since that had the “Oh-So-pure n innocent” Suzaku blabbering his beliefs!
    Also,Where the hell is Nunally?
    Seems like the emperor bastard really does want to give lulu a figting chance at his throne,for now!

  65. mysterious

    if you want to respond then respond to the content; attcking the CONTENT of the post,NOT the AUTHOR.

    ever heard about “indirect attck”… no!!! i tought so!


    try and find someone whose family just getting kill, and command them:”you have to forgive the murder and live peacefully becasue that is a good thing”

    first IF and thats a big IF i could command them like lelluch does they would simply say “yes your highness”, and second dont you think we could use better comands than that in the case of that being possible?

    and to finish:

    its a common sense that WE ALL dont like when people doenst agree with us (dont state the obvious), but its still very important that they dont because this way things are more interesting, dont you agree.

  66. yup, I have no further comment to somebody who can’t even read what I meant in english,

    and everybody is entitled to free speech , so you can just burn down this flame by yourself, I am totally off the hook of this crap….

    yay for geass rollo and he killed urabe, did you guys notice ruru side on the ED all has black wings, while britannian side all has white wings. and rollo is the only one that has both. and he was the main villain in the PS2 game, hmm…., and he killed the main character with bare hand and his geass.

    I think britannia side is too overpowered now, more than one geass user on that side, more powerful knightmares, more troops. I wonder how ruru could beat his dad, it seems impossible with his condition right now. Except some miracle happens, and they joined up with EU and Chinese federation.

    Hmm, I still wonder how long a geass will last, and do u guys remember it still activated once in a while, especially on suzaku, being he was commanded “to live” earlier in the series.

  67. Kain

    just to play with you

    of course you are stating facts…
    your facts that is!!!

    so im wainting for the next post

    Unfortunately or fortunately i dont have anything to do today, so we can keep going with this.

  68. @tersalius: “indirect attck” , yes i heard of them as one of the fallacies which is false logic.
    no no, you dont need a geass as lulu, all you need is a little authority and ignoreance of EUPHIME and you can force the other side either join or be looked as the bad guys. Lulu is forced to join the peace-plan of EUPHIME or risk of being isolated, very liberal and various choices there isnt it?
    yes, we dont like the people who not agree with us, but exception is every where, and i am not one othose exception. But dont use it to wrap someone post up with out even responding to any point in the content, it is called misleading.

  69. kamui

    oh going so soon

    anyway it was a pleasure to chat with
    sorry for being such a pain in the ass,
    but i like to see how people react to different opinions even if some times i have to be, lets say… for lack of better word, unpleasant.
    bye have a nice day

  70. @Kageho:

    Its mentioned somewhere that the position of Knight of One grants the privilage of administration rights to any Area of their choice.

    Suzaku’s goal is to attain the Knight of One position so he’ll get Japan as his Area. The question is just how far he’ll go to gain that position.

    Oh, and its mentioned in the director notes of Ep25 that what Lelouch said back in the cave to Suzaku and Kallen was a lie, he said those things so they’ll blame him for everything instead of themselves.

    Village Idiot
  71. definition of hypocrite: a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

    Lelouch is a hypocrite. He is professing that he wants to save Japan but, in actuality, what he truly wants is revenge on his father and to create a place for Nunnally (not the Japanese people!) to be happy. He obviously would be willing to sacrifice Japan to do this.

    It doesn’t matter if he acknowledges that he is being false. It doesn’t make him less of a hypocrite. What he says to the public in order to get them on his side is not what he really feels, so when he says these words, he is being hypocritical.

    Lelouch does has many redeeming attributes (such as his love for Nunnally), but he can act selfishly as well. Most obviously, he lied and sullied Euphie’s name and reputation (a person he knows is innocent) all in order to achieve his goals.

    I know that I’m not going to change anyone’s mind because people will think what they want to think and will interpret things the way they want, so it’s fine if you want to interpret “hypocrite” in a different way. But I think that Lelouch is not meant to be a “good” character – he is much more complicated than that and has an obvious evil side. In any case, I still like Lelouch and Suzaku. And I know that Suzaku is hypocritical and can be evil as well.

  72. I can even post more reasons why Suzaku is a hypocrite.

    The part that he wanted to speak out to Lelouch was picture drama 9. The whole picture drama is to show us how sick Suzaku is, how he live in the past and couldn’t move on, and how he keeps forcing his opinion on others.

    He tried to tell Lelouch? Yes. Did Lelouch stop him? No.
    Why didn’t he say it? Because he’s afraid to do so.
    And now he’s bickering and whining about how things might have changed if he did tell Lelouch.

    Who’s fault is it, for not saying these words he think are so important?
    Who’s paying the price?
    Lelouch of course! Who else? It’s all so natural!

    “Might”s and “if”s. All thinking and nothing practical. He’s living in the past and pays no attention to present. Living in regrets and kept dreaming what might happen if he could change the past. And someone else has to pay the price for not living up to his dreamt up world.

    Prevent other people from doing what he did? Oh what a pretty excuse. Just because “killing dad” happened to be part of Lelouch’s plan, it doesn’t mean it’ll be totally meaningless and at the end Lelouch will sit there and whine for 7 years like him. He stabbed his dad in a quarrel, thinking it will stop the war but results in Japan conquered. Does Lelouch’s plan only include walking into Wakamoto’s room and stab him?

    Who has the right to foretell Lelouch will fail?
    Who has the right to foretell Lelouch will regret it like he did?

    Who has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong?

    Suzaku of course! Who else? It’s all so natural!
    Of course Suzaku has every right to judge others! He became omnipotent because he killed his dad!

    “I killed my dad and regretted it. Therefore anyone, no matter what he do, as long as it involve dad-killing, he will regret it. Therefore I’m stopping you, Lelouch, for your own good. It’s even better to leave you dead than to let you do this.”

    anyway, i agreed with kamui I rest my case.

  73. I’m telling you guys Nunnally is evil. And I don’t like rollo he is like the new Suzaku with that vincent of his . please don’t hate on suzaku for handing lulu over to emperor if i were suzaku i would have shot lulu right between the eyes Lulu should count his blessing for still being alive and I hear people saying they hate suzaku because he used lulu not his skill to get in the knight of twelve but even if suzaku had all the skill in the world he is still an eleven and the emperor is a racist. I’m sure todo can take on the number 1 ranked knight and kallen will pimp slap anya when they meet. don’t think the knight of rounds are the strongest pilotS in the world they are just the strongest pilotS in britannia.

    Eugene Vi Britannia
  74. mysterious

    “indirect attck” , yes i heard of them as one of the fallacies which is false logic.

    you have that definition for it. seems like my professor thinks a little different from you.

    “all you need is a little authority and ignoreance of EUPHIME”

    just to state remember that sometime IGNORANCE is a blessing, if you dont agree.. well you didnt expirience yet the ptoblems that comes with knowledge.

    “But dont use it to wrap someone post up with out even responding to any point in the content, it is called misleading.”

    man you are getting smart, so ill point out something important for you. you DO realize that till now i never posted ANY facts to prove my point of view unlike most of you.

    dont you think that “maybe” i never watched this show and im here just to play with almost everyone here.
    or “maybe” not! who knows

    its is indeed very interesting to see how people get so easily irritated for something as simple as an anime.

  75. ah, I see finally you reveal your true color, so you are here just to start a flame war after all tersalius.

    good thing I am not lured, and I prevented everybody from doing so, since you didn’t have any big point mentioned from the episode at all , it’s so easy to read. you should at least read the wiki of this anime if you want to start a flame war.

  76. @Razz,
    your comment really touch me ^^
    to tell the truth when watch code geass episode 24 and 25, i was never arc knowledge, zero defeat… never.. tat also becoming 1 of the reason – my country(cant tell) realese the dvd version 1-23 end without episode the last two episode coz dont want to dis pointed the fan.
    haha actually i really cry when i watch the laST 2 FINAL EPISODE AND NVER THOUGHT suzaku will become like tat of person, no worthly to be friend. no wonder the kyoto house , kagura or sumthing (seem to be suzaku relative) doenst support him at all !!
    well lelouch , i will support u till the end ^^

  77. lol, i just love dieahard and nina experesions xd. Dieahard looks like he found his lost chid and nina’s eyes seems like they are gonna pop out due to anger. btw, that japanese pricess looks more mature now O.o interest, seems like she is more then ready to join the contest over lulu. And urbe does the kamikaze thing just pure win and marks a epic epsiode, even if there is no bg battle.

  78. are they may true colors like you said?

    and lets be honest now:
    now not talking about CG but something that actually matters, honesty

    “good thing I am not lured”

    you were not lured, not even a bit, a tiny little bit, a very small bit? ok you got my point.
    so that why you almost called me an hypocrite, and you do realise how many post you posted here in less than half hour and that them all are related to the SAME thing. so honestly you werent lured not even a bit?

    “I prevented everybody from doing so”
    how wxactly did you do that.

    and im running out off topic here i know,
    but im looking to see and understand peoples reactions here not their opinions

    again sorry for being so boring

  79. Rollo IS the new Suzaku the show currently is mirroring the first season and we need a Lancelot of course and that’ll be Rollo I won’t be surprised if Lelouch tries to get him to side with him since you know he can teleport and all..
    But I’m worrying about how the Knights of Rounds or w/e consists of 12 people but the number of people Lelouch has that could match up to them is 2 which is Kallen and Todoh and if the Chinese sides with them probably Li Xingke

  80. Oh god stop whining about Suzaku’s continued existence already people and just watch the show. This is getting ridiculous, he’s not even that much of a nuisance and Lelouch needs a good strong rival with talents he lacks to give him a challenge.

  81. Suzaku is cruel and evil more so than lelouch it would have been better if he’d killed him! Now lelouch will definately kill suzaku also is the teleport ability of rollos frame coming from the frame or from his geass cos i think it would be a bit well ‘off’ if ya know wat i mean for it to come from his eye!!! and SUZAKU MUST DIe by episode 11 or less i very much hope for that (though it prob wont happpen now he knows all about geass) Man i hate him!

    WingZero zxt
  82. Suzaku committed patricide and plunged his people into despair.

    Lelouch aims to commit patricide to throw his people into despair but save Suzaku’s people.

    IRONY never sounded so cool!

  83. I understand you guys hate suzaku but lelouch is much more cruel than suzaku I’m pretty sure lelouch would have killed suzaku if he was in the same position suzaku was. And I’m also sure suzaku will help the rebellion at the very end of the series and will play a big part in their victory. so nooooo suzaku should not die yet

    Eugene Vi Britannia
  84. Holy crap! They did it, they really did it.

    So SUNRISE gave us some answers, but add some more to this riddle. Suzaku is a tricky bastard that the Emperor seems to like (since he sold his best friend to enter the Knights of the Round Table). We could say it was V.V. the one who gave the Emperor his Geass, something even C.C. wasn’t aware off.

    Then we have Karen. She’s definitively a Zero lover, that’s why she wanted to know if Lelouch used his Geass power to influence her, a very stupid question if I may say, since she followed him since they meet at the Getto (she played that card just to be safe); and Lelouch’s answer was brilliant for those Karen lovers out there.

    Finally everything starts to roll again.

    Syaoran Li
  85. c’mon guy !!!
    if u keep saying lelouch is evil tat , and who in the who ,who wan to man an evil guy as a main character, pls think !! even the wikipedia have stated he is the good guy..
    based on the season 1, the emperor send them to japan as tool and even launch war on the country without saving using as an excuses to take down japan. and now suzaku join then , do still think is for the sake of japan?? hell no!! in my opinion , suzaku is the evil guy here, the only reason he join britania is because of power..
    another thing- u all stated lelouch kill his own half sibing right- is all order to protect him and his sis from becoming the diplomatic tool as u all know, can to think about it what will happen if the were found out ,the britania will come out an campaign call “kill all eleven ” as an excuse coz they fear tat eleven might use them as an hostage to free japan. by that time japan want to be also cant lor…

  86. suzaku. to think he actually handed zero to the emperor. and he keeps insisting he wants to change the world from within. this is the worst betrayal ever, just cos euphie died

  87. Hahahaha, that’s right Suzaku, ruin Zero’s plans some more. I love it.

    Excellent episode. Back up to the standard of quality I expect from Code Geass, unlike the first episode. Rollo is a beast in that Vincent of his.

    Also — great, more Nina. I really hope we don’t get more insufferable yuri angst from her. She’s one of the few blemishes on the otherwise brilliant Code Geass name.

  88. Well, I´d like to point out to all the tards screaming “DIE SUZAKU, YAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!111oneoneoneeleven” that Lelouch, y’know, KILLED Euphemia. So, chill a bit, and try to think how *you* would act in such a situation.

  89. @furinyue LOL you stated wikipedia as a factual source of information Shame on you!!! Lelouch is evil but the lesser of several evils (SUZAKU IS MOST EVIL then the emperor)
    I cant beleived suzaku did that even after lelouch spared him countless times suzaku is plainly more evil worst friend ever at least lelouch wont have any qualms killing him in the most greusome way now although since suzaku knows pretty much everything now he prob wont die at all!!!
    I hope they dont pull a reverse Starwars on us where it turns out that suzaku is the main character all along just as they did with darth vader (That would be annoying!) i would have had more respect for suzaku (.15 compared to -10000000000 respct units) if hed shot lelouch as a favour.
    i had a premonition that rollo will shoot suzaku after his usefulness had been served Lancelot vs vincent (would be awesome). Anyone else (after this post) notice the gekkas new found ability to stop mvs? (iuve only watched raw so i dont know if they said nething about it!??????? Imagine if suzaku became emperor (nothing would change :P)

    WingZero zxt
  90. Its bedlam. There are many characters that are being geassed. In the first season, one could probably assume that Lelouch did it. But now, you don’t know who geassed who since there are more characters with the geass power (simple mathematics). What if Suzaku was geassed by the Emperor? Are we certain that Gaohai was geassed by Lelouch? What if V.V. gave Nunnally a geass power so that Rollo is Nunnally and the power is to change gender (plus something else), where then the Emperor geassed her to kill Lelouch/go against him so that Lelouch would be in a difficult situation (this one may be highly unlikely)? C.C. is on Lelouch’s side, but she may be using his exploits as a means to serve her own motives. She may well be doing things contrary to Lelouch’s campaign to help herself.

    The exposition in this episode re-confirms my assertion that Suzaku is a buffoon. Perhaps Lelouch could not kill or incapacitate Suzaku due to the previous “Live” command. Thus, Lelouch was captured. Perhaps if Suzaku truly viewed Lelouch as a friend, then he would have tried to persuade him to stop his campaign. Instead, he traded Lelouch to be in the Knight of Rounds (a pawn becomes a knight?). Why? I believe he did this because of his relationship with Euffie. He wanted to be in the Knight of Rounds so that he would believe that he was still doing good and keeping his promise with her. There are some Freudian terms that would be applicable here but I’ve forgotten them.

    It would be completely wack if Li Xingke got geassed so easily. I’m hoping he has some kind of special ability to get away from Rollo. Kallen trying to shoot Lelouch and then showing weakness when Lelouch inquires about the bunny costume? First of all, Lelouch geassed her already when he questioned her about Shinjuku, so he couldn’t have done anything more after that. Second of all, is this some kind of tsundere?

    Let us hope for more goodness. In particular, less calamities for Lelouch and more for the villians.

    Dr. Joe Stan
  91. Funny thing is, all these people love saying how evil Suzaku is, but they’re hard-pressed to actually name any evil things he’s done. Oh yeah, he did kill his father to end the war, and he opposes Lelouch, a well-documented terrorist and mass murderer. But compare this to Lelouch (a) brutally using Japanese resistance fighters as pawns, (b) shooting down his brother in cold blood, (c) carelessly inflicting civilian casualties and massive collateral damage on countless occasions, (d) dropping a mountain on an inhabited city, killing Shirley’s father in the process, (e) geassing Euphie to want to kill all Japanese people and then killing her (at least that one was partly accidental, right?), et al ad infinitum… all because… he wants his sister to live in a happy world. Awww, how sweet, what a superb justification for slaughtering hundreds or thousands of innocent people! Now wait… Who’s the evil one again?

    It is utterly amazing the nonsense people can convince themselves of. Critical thinking is so dead.

  92. > Funny thing is, all these people love saying how evil Suzaku is, but they’re hard-pressed > to actually name any evil things he’s done. Oh yeah, he did kill his father to end the
    > war, and he opposes Lelouch, a well-documented terrorist and mass murderer

    Add to that list that he’s willing to kill even innocent people or people who has already surrendered if his superiors orders him to do so, like the loyal dog he is 😛

  93. “Add to that list that he’s willing to kill even innocent people or people who has already surrendered if his superiors orders him to do so, like the loyal dog he is”

    Yeah, when did he do that? Never. In fact he has flatly refused orders to do so on multiple occasions. Try again.

  94. Suzaku isn’t evil, but ti’s just easier for us to empathise with Lelouch, since he IS the main character… I think hating Suzaku just shows how morally and mentally weak one is.

    On a different note, I don’t like the idea of a teleport Geass, it’s just too overpowered. I’d like to think Geass is a strictly mental power, affecting only your mental abilities, like command enforcing, memory manipulation and telepathy.

  95. “Suzaku isn’t evil, but ti’s just easier for us to empathise with Lelouch, since he IS the main character…”

    That I 100% agree with. That’s a good and rational justification for liking Lelouch over Suzaku. (:

  96. @ langley HA i could nae atleast 10 evil things hes done or is!!!!!
    1. Killing father and selling out country
    2. Supporting a rasist dictatorship
    3 Being a huge hypocrite
    4. Selling out his best friend to his father (a rasist dictator)
    5. Escaping damn near ALL of the consequences of his actions
    6. Continuing to betray his people and his nation

    (And forgoodness sake !!!!! EUPHIE WAS AN ACCident)!!!!!! he cried for heavens sake
    WE know lelouch is evil u can be a murdeering sleezebag but backstabbing a best friend during war and it becomes PERSONAL!!! At the end of the day suzakus reasons DONT MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!! thats what qinds me up most the fact that compared to lelouch (a renowned genocidal manniac bent on revenge) suzaku is a weasel.
    ill pt it another way if you were at a party and there was a girl who you were trying to ask out and really loved Which two would you prefer as YOUR BEST FREIND??? the guy who would probably geass her to like you or (worst case scenario) ‘remove’ of all the competition or the guy who would say go right ahead but then tell (lie)to your father that the girls a hoar and have dad stomp all over your ass!!!! then kidnap the girl and hide her from you!!! i know who id choose!!! (with choice neither they both scare the fluids outa me! :P)

    WingZero zxt
  97. since the first episode..i guessed that Rollo would be the one to pilot the Vincent..why else would he appear in front of the Vincent in the OP? I also believe that Rollo will eventually join Lelouch based on the opening..Vincent is equipped with a float system that the blackknights will use ie.(Toduo’s gekka and kallen’s guren) also seen in the OP.

  98. @magnus the accident was the geass the rest had to happen! unless you would have rather seen a girl with pink hair and a machine gun gunning down people all over. HE CRIED!!!! (dont get me wrong i KNOW lelouch is evil he really is but only give him credit where its due)

    (crud i didnt finish my list)

    @ langley crud i can only think of 6 but truth be told for me its just the rasism (cant stand it) [Me weasling out: no.6 is counted by year so that makes 8!]

    (comon fellow suzaku haters help me out!!) 😛 😛 😛

    WingZero zxt
  99. Britannia has been shown to massacre innocent people left and right, including women and children. What’s the excuse for killing babies, they might grow up to be terrorists?. Brittania has been shown to massacre people needlessly. In the first episode of both seasons we see Britannian soldiers kill babies and women, along with a whole bunch of innocent people, some whom aren’t even 11s for no reason whatsoever. They can’t be considered good, you just can’t view them in that light unless they you only watch the anime through the eyes of the Britannian media, who portrays innocent women and children as terrorists. and Suzaku works with them. As far as Suzuku changing the empire internally is false hope and always was due to his Eminence the Emperor. and it Never really seemed possible with Euphie alive. After Euphie death, he dosent want to change anything, he said that the world should stay the way it is.
    He also seems to be an arrogant fool who thinks he can bring happiness to everyone on his own. Btw, I don’t hate him, he means to help but just does it in a wrong way. At least from my pov.


    Being a commander(Lulu) is being laden with responsibility, and getting close or emotionally attached to your subordinates is not one of them, nor when considering the collateral damage one needs to make in order to achieve ones defined objectives, because that clouds a persons judgment as noted when people he did care about got involved. If one weren’t willing to sacrifice in order to complete their objectives then I would imagine we would have no war in general, because no one would be willing to fight it. Did they have faith in him even when he was disinterested with them personally? Yes they did, because of that one factor that any good commander needs above all else, being able to achieve results. If he didn’t do that there would be no point in following him, but he does and that’s enough for the Order to stick by him because he provides that chance for them to succeed.

    It all really boils down to the age old question of “do the ends justify the means?”
    the Euphie thing… He did not know that his Geass would turn crazy like Mao’s, especially that Mao’s was like that for quite the start.
    There is absolutely no possible way for anyone to think “oops, i might give a geass order”, especially that lelouch DO FEEL he is activating his geass when he gives an order, and that didn’t happened.

    Yet, the order he gave to Euphemia wasn’t as strongly declared as before.
    That accident is hardly possible to blame on Lelouch.

    he didn’t really mean to do what he did. But he was a man and took responsible for his actions, by killing his first love. But that is the “Power of the King”, you will have incredible power but you will be lonely for the rest of your life.

  100. If Suzaku still wants to help change Britannia from the inside, helping Britannia invading other free nations is the completely opposite of his goal. You can’t try to stop a crime while committing the same crimes yourself on someone else. And If you say Suzaku is trying to change Britannia’s colonist ways, then he is actually walking further away from his goal than when he first started.

  101. *langley*
    I dont recall Lelouch ever use Japaneses as pawns as sacrificial beings but only use them as “human soldiers.” Never once did he consider sacrifice his comrades to achieve his goal or for his safety. (the Black Knight and civilians).

    When did he carelessly kill mass civilians in countless occasion? I think that only happen once which cause Shirly’s father’s death. And I dont think he wanted that to happen. Same goes for Euphie’s case. Even if Euphie survived, the result will probably be more devestated for herself.

    Before he kill Clovis, he was able to SAVE “many” Japaneses is Area 11. If Clovis survived, it would jeopardize his sister’s life. What else can he do consider Nunally is everything he treasures in his world? Clovis or Nunally…

  102. @langley thankyou i didnt expect you to compliment me (considering i only made to 6 😛 my morals when it comes to anime are a bit warped ! you can be a murdering genocidal war monger and its fine but if you are a backstabing rasist sell out then i really hate you 😛
    suzaku made it personal for some reason thats y i cant stand him as a char cos like i sed he makes no sense (i always feel the need too prove a point in excess my mum cant stand it lol) Also if you know of any good geass forums (usually ones where people have more than 1 point of view and dont just agree with each other let me know (i aint joined one since gg’s went down 🙁 ))

    WingZero zxt
  103. firsy of all, LULU IS EVIL. ok, I never said LULU is a heroc of justice and all good. BUT I am siding with LULU becasue LULU knew what he is doing, while SUZAKU dont got a clue of what he is doing. JUST tell me what SUZAKU had done to accomplish his NOBLE idea? beside committing all acts that go against what he said. And dont tell me that he wants to go into the knights to change brittinia inside out, we all know that all he wants now is a dead zero. The one who critize japanese who use violent against the brittinia becuse their families and stuff got kill, is the one goes on a rampang and kills everything in his path BECAUSE his princess got kill. LOL

  104. i have a question for ALL those who watched more then 10 episodes of dragonaut ( ifeel oyur pain btw) WHO IS WORSE KAZUKI or SUZAKU (remove all dragons and the lancelot from the equation) ??????

    WingZero zxt
  105. “I dont recall Lelouch ever use Japaneses as pawns as sacrificial beings but only use them as “human soldiers.” Never once did he consider sacrifice his comrades to achieve his goal or for his safety. (the Black Knight and civilians).”


    He blew up General Katase and everything that was left of the Japanese Liberation Front during the battle against Cornelia on the port. I’m pretty sure destroying an entire ship full of soldiers without their consent qualifies as using them as sacrificial beings.

  106. The Director Taniguchi. often uses scenarios where there is no good answer to explain Lulu’s and Suzaku’s characters.

    The classic “If two people are dying, and you have the strength to rescue only one, would you try to rescue both of them and ended up making them both die, or pick one person to be saved?” question.

    Lulu will calculate and see witch one has the biggest chants at surviving, and pick one person to save. It is the action he will take, not because it is GOOD, but because the alternative is worse. He can tell when there is no right answer, and chose the “less bad ” answer instead. – the ends justify the means

    And Suzaku would pick both of them… and try to rescue both of them and ended up making them both die. then he will justify his actions and say that a least he tried.

  107. Another question! ( i really have no self control over my posting at this point!)
    What will be the next bad thing suzaku does that will make him emperor! (he always does bad things and then gets rewarded for it!)

    WingZero zxt
  108. “When did he carelessly kill mass civilians in countless occasion? I think that only happen once which cause Shirly’s father’s death. And I dont think he wanted that to happen. Same goes for Euphie’s case. Even if Euphie survived, the result will probably be more devestated for herself.”

    I can think of several instances off the top of my head:

    Episode 2, Lelouch fires wildly throughout the ghetto when being pursued by Suzaku, causing massive damage to surrounding structures. We are shown Suzaku saving the life of a woman who was nearly killed in the incident. Although it is isn’t explicitly shown or stated, it’s not unreasonable to assume that other civilians in the area would have been injured or killed by Lelouch’s wild firing.

    Episode 11: Dropping the landslide on the nearby city.

    Episode 24/25: By geassing city controllers, Lelouch destroys a massive section of the city by turning their earthquake-resistant construction against them. You can’t tell me a lot of people didn’t get killed in THAT fiasco.

    I have no doubt there are other occasions where Lelouch carelessly killed civilians that I just can’t remember off the top of my head. Not that you need more than one incident of killing a bunch of innocent people to be quite evil.

    “If Clovis survived, it would jeopardize his sister’s life. What else can he do consider Nunally is everything he treasures in his world? Clovis or Nunally…”

    How? There’s no reason to believe this. There is no indication whatsoever that Clovis would do anything to harm Nunnaly — quite the opposite, actually.

  109. > Yeah, when did he do that? Never. In fact he has flatly refused orders to do so on
    > multiple occasions. Try again.

    Didn’t say he did, but he’d do it if he was ordered – and in msot situations it resloved itself before he could actually do anything (Zero killed those japanese resistance front guys before he could

  110. Here, just because there are amazingly still people trying to justify Lelouch, here’s yet another example of his evil actions: When he geasses soldiers who are after him and orders them to commit mass suicide. Sure, a lot of those soldiers are probably evil and deserve it, but ALL of them? Pretty safe assumption at least some of them are only acting out of fear of what would happen if they disobeyed orders. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that instead of shouting the order to “DIE!” Lelouch could just as easily command them to go away and forget about him, or defect from the Brittanian army, or even join him and give him their loyalty! There’s no limit to what he can order people to do with his geass. But instead, he kills them all: An obvious case of needless murder.

    It never stops; Lelouch commits evil acts nonstop. There’s really no good justification for him at all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Lelouch. He’s an awesome character and his destructive antics are great fun to watch. But he is not a good guy. It frightens me that people would actually try to justify so much wanton destruction and claim it’s good.

  111. > Yeah, when did he do that? Never. In fact he has flatly refused orders to do so on
    > multiple occasions. Try again.
    Didn’t say he did, but he’d do it if he was ordered – and in msot situations it resloved itself before he could actually do anything (Zero killed those japanese resistance front guys before he could

  112. > Yeah, when did he do that? Never. In fact he has flatly refused orders to do so on
    > multiple occasions. Try again.
    Didn’t say he did, but he’d do it if he was ordered – and in msot situations it resloved itself before he could actually do anything (Zero killed those japanese resistance front guys before he could). The only time that I recall when he has flatly refused order was near the end, when he hit his boss and wnt out for Zero despite orders to be on standby.
    For me, I side with Lulu not because I beleive him to be a “good guy” but because that his goals and methods are by far more realistic (and perhaps more justified) than Suzaku’s goals and methods.
    Though part of the reason for why Lelouch is so well-liked is that he actually accomplishes things – unlike Suzaku, who in the end never truly accomplishes anything of his own, staying just a loyal lap-dog serving a racist goverment (that believes in the “survival of the fittest” as well as that it’s own people is the crown of all creation and all toher people “lesser people”) who in the end only seeks to work for a “good goal” in order to justify his murder of his father.
    Historically it could be seen as a matter of perspective though. During the second world war (and after that) the people who resisted the Nazis in the countries they conquered were hailed as heroes, though if the nazi’s had actually been victorius in the end, they’d have been seen as little more but terrorists…

  113. If one weren’t willing to sacrifice in order to complete their objectives then I would imagine we would have no war in general, because no one would be willing to fight it.

  114. @SpectatorBeholder

    Once again, fair enough. People who attack Suzaku on the grounds that his support of Britannia is hypocritical are on pretty solid ground and will get no argument from me. It just annoys me when people knee-jerk in opposition to Suzaku only because he opposes Lelouch, who is the main character. Though to be fair he disobeyed orders on more occasions than that: He got himself shot refusing to kill Lelouch and C2 all the way back in ep 1 (now that’s some pretty major disobeying of orders), and he showed hesitation bordering on disobeying orders during the incident you referred to where Lelouch finishes off the Japanese Liberation Front. Given his track record, I’m inclined to believe he would not have participated in finishing them off, but that’s only speculation since, as you say, the issue got resolved by Lelouch blowing up the JLF before Suzaku could make a firm decision — but, there you go, Lelouch being evil and killing people again is what prevented Suzaku from having to make the choice.

    I’d still say Lelouch is far more evil than Suzaku simply because Lelouch is directly responsible for the deaths of many innocent people by his own actions. When it comes to his personal actions, Suzaku’s behavior is generally pretty exemplary. I don’t agree with his support of Britannia and I think it’s extremely naive of him to think he can change it into a better country (and, yes, that ideal of his seems to be fading a lot these days), but indirect support of an unjust regime is still not as bad as slaughtering who even knows how many people by one’s own orders.

  115. @At langley and SpectatorBeholder i agreee its as the GREAT KLING LEADER MARTOK SAID in deepsapce nine!!! History is written by THE VICTORS!!! (man i wish i could tie a line like that into my everday speech :P)

    WingZero zxt
  116. *langley*

    I dont know why you calling Lelouch a murderer, but if you havent notice, this is a war (well similar), it is “NATURAL” for opposition sides to kill each other. If he is a murderer, then progably 1/3 of the world is fill with murderers since soldiers kill wach other in the battle field all the time.

    Good guy? it depends on point of view. I would say he has a good heart but his tactics sometime is too severe.

  117. @uhhh

    Ever heard of “war crimes”? Just because you’re in a war doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. Killing enemy soldiers on the field of battle is one thing. Burying a city full of innocent civilians under a landslide is another. Yes, Lelouch is a murderer. He goes way too far on way too many occasions. Even in a war, you have a responsibility not to kill people who aren’t even involved on the fighting, which Lelouch does all the time and without remorse.

    But I’ve got exams to study for, so I’m done. It was fun, peace out.

  118. @ langley i know its incredibly biassed but right now i cant seem to shake the image of suzaku forcefully hold lelocuhes head down as the emperor slowly erases his memories of his mother and history and suzaku knowing full well his ‘friend’ is being used by his father AGAIN letting it happen. Surely that if anything is a testament to suzakus true nature! its alright to take the moral high ground when you is sitting in a palace somewhere living it p with your brittanian buddies (much like im doing in he south of england right now lol) but when crap starts happening around you you show your true character and honestly suzaku is no different from lelouch they are like two evil people with opposing methods THATS ALL!

    although suzakus reason for being evil is weak! lelouch reason =love and hatred Suzakus reason= shame and cowardice
    the THRUTH is there hasnt been a good character since Euphie

    WingZero zxt
  119. @langley war crimes are decided by your captures and during times of peace for diplomatic reasons. im fairly certain (not 100%) that noone was charged with war crimes for the a bombs which were dropped on japan by america (i dunno for sure though mmy real history is poor)

    WingZero zxt
  120. @Eugene Vi Britannia
    I understand you guys hate suzaku but lelouch is much more cruel than suzaku I’m pretty sure lelouch would have killed suzaku if he was in the same position suzaku was.

    Not ta’ sound mean or anything but . . .
    Have you forgotten that Lelouch saved Suzaku at least four times, already knowing that Suzaku was the pilot of Lancelot? We know Lelouch was planning to kill Lancelot’s pilot back at the first season; he studied Suzaku’s attack pattern for it. But, when he found out *who* the pilot was, he backed off and ordered the retreat. As far as i’m concerned, Lelouch has been the better friend between the two of ’em.

    anyways, the four times i was thinkin’ of are:
    1) When he finds out who the pilot was
    2) Stopping Kallen’s assassination attempt
    3) That time where the Lancelot was immobilised. Lelouch was still willing to give Suzaku another chance to join him, despite (probably) knowing that Suzaku really will refuse
    4) When the Chinese Federation invaded. The way I see it, Lelouch and CC could have just waited til’ Suzaku was dead before attacking. Granted, the memory of that episode’s a bit foggy, but still, Lelouch could’ probably thought of an alternative way to win involving Suzaku’s death & displaying the might of the Order.

  121. langley: Well, fair enough. If you prefer Suzaku that’s of course your opinion. For me, there was a time when I thought that Suzaku might be the better of the two, but that hope got crushed soon enough in season 1 – and season 2 hasn’t done anything to revive that hope so far. So, I’ll stick to Lelouch, thank you very much 😛
    Anyway, I don’t hate Suzaku on the sole ground that he opposes Lelouch. If there’s anything I truly hate him for, it’s the fact that he supports a racist goverment/country that is out to conquer the world and does little but bring pain to other people saves it’s own while being far too naive about his own ideas about “changing” it as you say. Suzaku may well be a “good, honest, upright and righteous man” as such, but what good has that done so far? Not much, IMHO…
    As far as civillians goes… Well, during the second world war, both the allies and the nazi’s bombarded each others cities and I don’t know if anyone got punished for that(on the side of the allies, at least…). But in any event: let’s face it, in war, civllians are BOUND to get involved in one way or another. That can’t be avoided. All that can be done is to try and keep the civillain deaths to a minimum…

  122. Wow you people have some short term memory. Lets see, Suzaku learned that Lelouch geassed Euphie to go on a murderous rampage then he shot her dead. Really now, is it THAT suprising? Which “best friend” betrayed the other first?

  123. on the note of suzaku vs lelouch’s methods

    they are both working towards the same goal, the end (through destruction or change) of the current britanian empire. I was initially leading towards change from within, since it would involve less innocent death than open war. However, suzaku would not be a politician pressuring change but a soldier, fighting to keep the current empire in power. As a knight of the round he would have to adopt the belief system of the racist government, commit murder and genocide of the unarmed and obviously soldiers fighting for their freedom. In essence i support lelouch because in the end (his reasons aside) he is fighting against the brittanian empire, while suzaku is fighting with the brittanian empire. ultimately the people who die by suzaku’s hands will be soldiers fighting for self-goverment/rebels (and innocent others in battle), while those who die by lelouch’s hands will be soldeirs fighting to maintain the brittanian empire (most of which have adopted racist policies), and again, innocent others in battle such as euphemia.

    note1: change from within through pressure only works for democracies, since the monarch holds absolute authority there is no pressure, the only morally uncompromising option for suzaku would be to convince him to change (not likely). The best he could do is control one region (japan) and improve it(assuming the emperor allows the weak to be treated justly) and thus forsake the rest of the world

    note2: if suzaku wanted an end without any more needless death, why didnt he allow lelouch to use his geass on the emperor when he had the chance (when he brought him before the emperor), they had the same end goal, removing the strong oppress the weak policy of brittania

  124. @langley

    I dont think “War Crime” is fit to describe the scene. Remember, Lelouch’s priority was destroy the mountain to seperate the Britinia’s troop and catcher the Princess or else the BK will be dead. He did not think (not intentionally) of killing the Britinians in the city like the Japanese Military brutally (intentionally) abused the enemies civilians and prisoners of war. Moreover, Cornelia helped evacuated the civilians beforehand. (Whether Lelouch knew or not , i dont know).

    Without remorse? Did you not see his face when he realized Shirly’s father is dead?

    What I dont get is you calling Lelouch a murderer everytime he kills someone.

  125. Good? Evil? It’s clear crystal to me Suzaku and Lelouch don’t fit in these categories, so it seems useless to say people like one or another based on these assumptions, since they both have taken bad decisions:
    1) Suzaku killed his father. Lelouch killed Euphemia
    2) Some say Lelouch is using the Japanese people, but Suzaku isn’t trying to use Brittania people by doing whatever it takes to rise?
    To me, the only things that separates them are personal traits. So, the reason I like Lelouch and hate Suzaku is his determination and his ideals (free people from semi-slavery, protect Nunnaly) even if his motivation is wrong (unleash revenge). I would support fight against tyranny and totalitarism any time.
    As for Suzaku, I think he ignored the suffering around him too much, even if he is supposedly trying to “change the world from inside”, he did too little, too late… oh yeah, he is also a pathetic loser.
    But I know it’s pretty useless to try to change other persons tastes and I really like to see people expressing their opinions and firmly defending their favorite characters, after all, they use to reveal more about ourselves than we presume to know.

  126. zanshun: The whole Euphie-buniness was an accident in the first place – and if anything, Lelouch was one of those who were the most horrified and shocked about it all, considering it was not his intention (at worst, his intention was to geass her into shooting _him_, not anyone else), considering he had already agreed to help Euphie with her goals. Him shooting her was after the accident the least he could have done for her – in that sense, IMHO, he was taking responsibility for the whole thing, as much as it pained him to do so. He didn’t “betray” Suzaku through that event IMHO. He may have betrayed Suzakus trust from since he knew that Suzaku was the pilot of the Lancelot though…

  127. I wouldn’t be so quick to support Lelouch. As a character I find him interesting, but as a leader I would never follow him into battle. The way he manipulates everyone around him either through presenting “miracles” or using the Geass has all the makings of the Black Knights being a cult of personality. The way they collapsed so suddenly once Zero disappeared in ep25 is proof of such. Unlike a regular army that has a chain of command, Zero always managed every battle and displayed his power to perform miracles so that they would remain loyal to him and follow his every order. This had a side-effect of making them completely dependent on him.

    Also, would you trust a leader that you had no idea what his motivations are? As the audience we know more than the average Black Knight:
    – Ep05 is the most telling of what Lelouch and Suzaku’s final goals are. Lelouch believes that the vicious cycle of conflict will end if there is a definite winner. By winner, we know he means himself, but what makes Lelouch think he’s the answer to the world’s problems? It’s the Geass that Lelouch thinks gives him, if not the right, at least the opportunity to change the world. Suzaku has no idea how to end the cycle, but feels he has to do something to atone for his killing of his father even if he doesn’t know what the end result is.
    – Ep12 is truly telling of Lelouch’s motivation. Kirihara asks what Lelouch’s motivation for fighting if he was not Japanese and it is the destruction of Britannia. We know that it is all to protect Nunnally and he states that he will win at whatever the cost (including unknowingly killing his friend’s father).
    Lelouch is not a freedom fighter, he only pretends to be one. Even in ep02 of R2, I still can’t believe that his goals are justice when he is really searching for a power that can crush his father, the Emperor. Do you really want to be a tool for someone’s revenge?

  128. Anyone else hoping that MS. “Ooooh Euphemia-sama *orgasm*” girl Nina will die a pititful death by the end of this series?

    At any rate, Suzaku’s haters are going to grow in numbers as this series progresses. Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into a “shin asuka” character like in GSD. O_o…

  129. back to the episode, i dont quite get what the pink girl of the knights means when she said “they are both hell ants.” can someone explain it pls?
    and if this is a comedy show they would have make zero reappear and said “hello everyone, long time no see” with a funny face and expression. ANd nina would have shot water out of her mouth xd.
    a little pervert though here, but anyone find the maid’s breasts become bigger with chinese dress? O.o

  130. @Sux How can’t you hate Suzaku?
    He killed his own father and thus his country and all it’s people got owned by Brittania
    He wants to stop fighting with fighting by supporting a racist king
    And if you didn’t notice Lelouch saved Suzaku’s ass like 3-4 times meanwhile Suzaku goes and sells Lelouch to the king for a position in the Knights of Round
    As for Euphie that was an accident ok?
    But Lelouch will probably die at the end of the season :/

  131. Jounin:
    > Do you really want to be a tool for someone’s revenge?

    Depemd son. From what Urabe said, many of the black knight knows that they might well be little more than pawns – but they still fight on because it may in the end benefit their country, as they see it. If I thought that me and other people could benefit from someone’s revenge (depends on the circumstances and reason, but still), then, yes, I could imagine myself becoming a pawn. Most of the black knights seems to be sort of like that too; they have in the main two purposes for which they joined the black knights: the restoration of Japan and the destruction of Brittania, so most of them have more or less the same goal as Lelouch.

  132. I wonder who Rollo is? I am guessing that he belongs to the Brittania Arm since he polits Vincent. Also in the OP, we see him siding with Zero, in other words Lulu. I am positively sure that Rollo is definitely not Lulu’s younger brother since he was not introduced in the first season. Maybe the purpose of him being in this show is to substitute Nanally’s character with Rollo.

  133. Also i wonder who gave Rollo the locket..could it be the lulu who has no memory of nanally and him being the zero.. I really want to know more about Rollo…can’t wait for the next episode

  134. Suddenly a question comes to my mind: What is better, do the right thing with not-so-good intentions or do the wrong thing with good intentions?
    Personally I think it doesn’t matter if you remain true to yourself, since in real life intent and outcome are rarely coincident

  135. Suzaku’s father was an overzealous leader bent on the philosophy, “Do or die.” But I can understand that any of us (with the beliefs and values that we hold now) would act much differently. He killed his father because there was no other means of changing his opinion (as most old people are, their methodologies do not change even the slightest bit regardless of how irrational/illogical it is). Unfortunately, everyone is so narrow-minded that they would factor in such an act as a basis for hating him. Mind you, personality-wise, it is quite clear why people hate him (he believes that he is “right”).

    But I still do not understand the motivation for hating him because he apparently “betrayed” a friend. They’re both soldiers of war, if they hold different beliefs are equally opposed to each other, I’d call it fair game. Betrayal is clearly gaining someone’s trust and then using it against them when they least suspect it. They knew that the other person was at their throats, and if anyone of them let up, the other would take that opportunity.

  136. Does it really matter if some like one and hate another? To be honest, I would support Lelouch only to stay at Kallen’s and C.C’s side 🙂
    Well, Lelouch is cooler than Suzaku anyway…

  137. @Juvyniled: apparently, lulu didnt kill suzaku at least 2 times when he knows suzaku pilotting lancelot. But when suzaku gets his hand on lulu the first time—>sale, deal, done.

  138. I’m surprised people can really hate Suzaku for what he did to Lulu. I mean, this IS the guy who just horrifically manipluated (he didn’t know it was a stupid mistake) then killed what he saw as the kindest person on the planet that he swore to protect. Little bit of rage after that, I imagine. Just a tiny bit. Now, I still find the guy to be an idealistic and blind idiot, but he still had every right to be rather pissed off at lulu.

  139. @jounin

    Through acheiving miracles thus the Black Knight follows him because he has the ability to destroy Britinian. There is NO manipulation involve, but to prove whether he is worthy or not.
    “Even Messiah has to achieve miracle to become one”..(or something along those lines)Lelouch.

    Unlike the Britinia’s army which have been together for years and years, the Black Knight is a new form group established through unskill civilians. A Strategist like Lelouch is neccesary to accomplish the goal. Or would you rather let them try to do missions by themselve and get themselve kill?
    (the series will not let the Black Knight train together for a few years)

    Lelouch is going to destroy Britainia which is both for revenge and change the world to a peaceful envirnment for his sister and he believe he can. There are many scenes show that Lelouch doesnt agree with “the powerful” abuse “the weakling.”
    Like the American Revolution, what make the colonists think they can make a better place for their people? Dont they have to try and throw out their enemies first? That is the same thing as what Lelouch did the similarity, United State of America, United Sate of Japan).

  140. Just finished watching it…OMG.
    Go Lulu. Anyway, I agree with a lot of you. Lelouch’s motives are dead set, yet because of that, Zero has a bit of leeway in what happens. Trying to be split persona in season 1 was good and all, but now that he has his perma-geass back, I highly doubt that anything will involve an active school life from now on.

    Lulu FTW!
  141. Wow! That was a great episode. I didn’t think they’d reveal what happened at the end of the first series so early on in the second. I wasn’t shocked that Suzaku won that struggle, but I was surprised that he brought him to the Emperor, and that he still remembers that day. I was expecting both of them to have forgotten. But in a whole, “wishing that Suzaku dies in the end” viewpoint, it’ll make it more climactic. Still, I hope Lelouch hates Suzaku now, and that he doesn’t still think that Suzaku is just mistaken (stupid) in his ideals.

    I also hope that in this season, Rollo would eventually come to Zero’s side after somehow finding out that the Emperor is the cause of all his troubles (if he has any).

    I really like Li Xingke. He seems like an older, more physically fit version of Lelouch.

  142. Today’s episode, sub or in default Japanese implies more than enough clues that the teleporting of the Vincent has to be one of (or only) the abilities of Rollo. For one Lelouch points out that “it’s something else” that is making the vincent disappear like that (surprisingly, he didn’t deduce it was Geass), no way a big physical object such as a Knightmare could move like that. Second when one of the Dark Knights is surveying the Vincent, it’s obvious that it didn’t begin a movement, just plain disappeared–so it has to be something else. Last but not least you have the last 30 seconds of the episode before the ending; with all this mysterious business about that instant disappearing Knightmare, we have Rollo coming out and we find out that he has Geass. All that happened in the episode was a showcase of how deadly Rollo’s geass is combined with a Knightmare. Also think about it, if the Vincent was the source of that instant disappearing, would Rollo get out of it? I mean, he probably just as weak as Lelouch! He has to be the internal source of instant disappearing. He’s the only Geass so far that can be conveinent with external weapons–let alone machinary–unlike Lelouch’s and it seems the emperor. Add the fact he showcased the SAME ability in the Code Geass R2 game, it’s a wrap: Rollo has a teleporting ability with his Geass. Is that all? We have to find out…

    While this is too late, People should have known Lelouch was a pilot of a Brit. (looking)Knightmare; just as they shown Zino and Anya with their respective knightmares, so did they with Rollo and the Gold Knightmare. However, I thought the Vincent was more blue colored than the Knightmare shown next to Rollo in the opening, so I thought in this episode that was someone else–only to find they are the one and the same. It wasn’t rocket science though to figure out he was a Knightmare Pilot—and almost certainly siding with Brittania. However, when he spoke to the guards, and still referring to Lelouch as his “brother,” it seems to me that the Emperor may have scrambled his memories too…

  143. @Lelouche
    she probably just like the outfit… or maybe she’s serving Diethard

    as for Rollo that guy is hack seriously teleport? I’m not sure if even Suzaku can stand up to that

  144. Man, Suzaku is CRAZY!!! what the HELL is he thinking?? The Emperor is the one responsible for the fall of Japan, indirect cause of his father’s death, cause of his best friend’s mother’s death, and he betray Lelouch’s friendship and work with THAT heartless father of Lelouch. WHY!?? WHY????

  145. Somebody in this dicussion said that the Knight of One has the power to “control” an Area he choses…if that’s true, then maybe crazy Suzaku has a “little” justification… but I admit, Suzaku is a little too ignorant of the fact what the Emperor has done to his country… did he not see the slaughtering of his own people that the Brittiania did to his nation’s people? They even shot him before!!! Yet he acts almost ignorant of all this! Too be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Emperor betrays or (erase Sazaku’s memory) Sazaku in the end. If Sazaku’s true aim is to be a Knight of One, how long is he willing to wait? The Black Knights and the EUU is sure enough to shorten their numbers, but how Suzaku can compete with the top 3’s skills? He has something up his sleeves; Anything thing could happen, we’re talking about Suzaku here!!!

  146. Cripes, I don’t get all the Suzaku hate being flung around. You have to admit that the guy has been through HELL. And if that’s not enough to satisfy his actions, then you have to agree that BOTH Lelouch and Suzaku have are completely lost in their own motives. I just don’t see why there is so much bias for Lelouch. He’s screwed up quite a few times, and you guys are just letting that slide? Everyone just blindly jumps on the bandwagon that supports the main character or any character that starts some crazy, overly ambitious revolution. Before you say that Suzaku has screwed up as well, let me remind you that everyone seems to like to make that perfectly clear but most fans… hate Suzaku. Sigh.

  147. I also forgot to add:


    I realize that I’ll be hated for this. “Suzaku is a hypocrite, a tool, a douchebag, etc.” Take a look at Lelouch before flinging around comments based on pure one-sided hate. Lelouch, despite having a few seemingly good intentions, has done the same. Neither of them are perfect. TBoth Lelouch and Suzaku are trying to change things, but by different methods; Lelouch through revolution and direct confrontation towards Brittania, and Suzaku, through hope of changing things from the inside of the monster itself. Neither method is 100% correct, and again, I say, neither of them are perfect.

  148. I don’t think Suzaku has any hidden cards mate maybe he has one or two new weapons for Lancelot but I’m pretty sure they won’t give him a geass or something along that line but then again Lancelot itself is a formidable opponent I’m not sure if even Kallen can take it on especially with the current condition of the Gurren

  149. @Ran. I agree Suzaku’s hated a bit too much. Yikes I can come up with reasons why I hate Lelouch. @.@

    I was a bit surprised when he showed up with Lelouch in front of Charles. Bad-@ss. Go Suzu.

    Alpha A.
  150. Really, I have to agree with all those people defending Suzaku. Both Suzaku and Lelouch in Geass are really attractive in one way, but really unattractive in their mental states. They’re all so naïve.

    It’s really unfair to judge any one of them based on their hypocrisy. They’re just mixed up idealists who don’t understand the real world. Fortunately, we’re all romantics who can see past that and admire that, and that’s what makes Code Geass so much fun.

    BTW, I still like Lelouch better. Suzaku is no fun. Go Lelouch!!

  151. All I have to say is wow to this episode. I hope the whole geass user thing won’t go out of hand because if everyone starts having the power of geass then I think it’s gonna get dumb. As for the Suzaku and Lelouch hate, personally I don’t care, it’s kinda fun reading all the flame. I’m actually more interested in seeing who will succeed in their goals at the end because both have the same main goal but both are using completely different methods and I’ll say both are doing them well.

  152. Oh yeah, forgot to add that while the show has us focus on Suzaku and Lelouch, don’t forget about Schiender(I think that’s how you spell his name) because remember, even Lelouch can’t beat him in a game of chess and in Season 1 he really had a shady vibe to him. So I say keep a lookout for his move.

  153. My views of Rollo and Suzaku:
    Rollo: …He scares me for some reason. Isn’t he around 14? WTF is he doing flying a Knightmare and killing people? And does he even know Lelouch isn’t his brother? And how did everyone at Lelouch’s school get used the the ‘little brouther’ that suddenly appeared?
    Suzaku: “I will change Brittania from the inside. To do that I must betray my childhood friend, turn on everything I know, and become a cruel, cold Knight.” Somehow, that doesn’t seem quite right. What happened to the idiotic suicidal lovestruck soldier we knew before? Oh well. I still hate Suzaku.

    Shi Tsu
  154. Well there is quite a difference between Light and Zero. Light would have won already, but Zero goes into combat with his pawns and directs them. In the end it seems as if Light is superior then Lelouch in that he has better speaking skills, and would not have made that stupid careless mistake of saying “Kill all the japanese” knowing that his Geass had not been functioning 2 minutes prior.

  155. QUOTE” It’s also possible that Jupiter is the God that the Emperor is referring to, but it’s less clear why he would want to destroy Jupiter. In any case, with everything connected like this, I’m curious to see what the ultimate scope of the series is (i.e. are they eventually going to be fighting on a different metaphysical plane).”

    I’m pointing out that Jupiter is the king of Gods in Roman mythology.

  156. @Landaren
    The King doesn’t have 2 geass mate, Mao had the geass thing going on in both his eye but all he could do was read people’s thought the kings power I’m guessing isn’t absolute order like Lelouch but to rewrite peoples memory which probably Lelouch can’t do but as we all know that got over ridden by C.C.’s kiss

    @Shi Tsu AHAHA My thought’s exactly! did the king rewrite everyones memory or something? lol
    as for Suzaku I don’t know I just can’t like the guy I tried but I can’t oh well


  158. I never said I hated Lelouch, just stating he made a careless mistake with his power knowing it was acting up.

    At this point Suzaku is a lil bitch ass mofo, but in the end I think he will realize his wrong doings and sacrifice himself for someone, whether it be Lelouch or Nunnally. It seems that the emperor might have cloned Lelouch when looking at Rollo. Same eyes colors, but the Geass is on the right eye, while Lelouch’s is on his left.

  159. Err… how is Suzaku doing the wrong thing? They’re both doing the wrong things. L deceived and Geassed S, oh and managed to somehow work Euphie’s death in there too. That’s backstabbing already. And all of you are just screaming about how S is backstabing L… when at this point they’re mortal enemies, so you can’t call it backstabbing anymore.

  160. C.C. is probably the only threat to the Emperor since she can give others the Geass power and that’s why Lelouch was kept alive since he’s the only person C.C. has any connection with

  161. ritchan: There can be many reasons for why the emperor did as he did. Perhaps he just wanted to draw CC out. Perhaps he just wanted to give Lelouch a last chance. Or perhaps, as soem have suggested, this is all a part of a plot of his to test if Lelouch is worthy enough to succeed him. Or perhaps he believes that Lelouch’s actions will create good opportunies for the empire of Brittania (because of Lelouch’s actions, China may find itself forced to declare war against Brittania for example). Or it’s something else…

  162. Maybe Lelouch has a secret power in him or something, I mean C.C. knew his mothers…. Corneilia and Euphie loved his mother……Clovis loved Lelouch…… There is a missing link somewhere here. Also, remember that Nunnally had said Schneizel beat Lelouch at chess, so he can not be underestimated. The only other one to do that was Mao, but he used the Geass to predict his moved which is kinda cheating…

  163. @SpectatorBeholder,

    You assume of course that he sees his actions through. Ep 25 of season 1 revealed Lelouch’s most important goal and weakness, Nunnally. He abandoned the Black Knights without much of a thought (he asked Kallen if his identity mattered since Japan was going to win even though it was already collapsing before she pursued him). What’s to say he won’t do that again? I guess at this point in R2, the Japanese are in such bad shape that they have nothing to lose by going back to the guy who got them there. At least now they know to protect the loli in the wheelchair next time if they want Lelouch to focus.


    You miss the point that Lelouch made the Black Knights into a cult centering around him. You can see how the Black Knights started to collapse when he disappeared and how all they did was ask where he was. The Japanese would either succeed or fail based his whims (and they failed because his sister was more important than millions of people). And as far as revenge and creating a perfect world, they do not necessarily have to be linked. If Lelouch’s revenge means the destruction of the world and millions dead, do you think that will stop him? Lelouch has always believed that the sacrifices can be justified by results and if it just took a few more here and a few more there, that was perfectly fine. If those sacrifices meant my loved ones, I couldn’t easily say yes. While it is fun to watch how Lelouch’s destiny plays out, I can’t accept his actions as any degree of noble because I don’t know if he has the scruples to know when to stop. We won’t know for another 23 episodes if Lelouch will lay the world in ruins for the chance to put a bullet between his father’s eyes.

  164. Suzaku ~ betray his father then betray his friend, all around he is doing a great job of being a traitor. Even if both Suzaku and Lelouch had selfish reasons for their actions (w/ Suzaku being fueled by Euphemia’s death), Lelouch is leading a rebellion for the Japanese while Suzaku, what has he done so far that would be considered beneficial to the Japanese? Like nada!!! It’s been a year since he became a Knight of Round, what reform (which is what he was aiming for, right?) has he accomplished? It’s more of a revenge for Euphemia’s death than anything and now he’s an even greater traitor to his country. He has got it all wrong.

  165. You know truth be told I don’t see how Lelouch will win this at all although I am a Lulu fan but for now he lacks people… he barely has anyone left in the Black Knights maybe like 20 or something lack of Knightmares and if Kyoto is one you know there gonna get there assed owned unless he geasses the Chinese into giving him some another thing is simply the number of talented pilots the number of pilots that could take on a Suzaku level pilot is 2 Todoh and Kallen the end, and I’m pretty neither of them can win since we saw on 24-25 that Kallen got owned by Suzaku even when they were both serious, as for Todoh we never see what he can “really” do but seeing as how he got captured what am I suppose to expect?

  166. @People defending Suzaku

    Suzaku has become the most hated character in the series, in the first season he wasn’t a likeable character, but now it’s almost impossible to like him, if you like Lelouch you can’t help but to dislike him,and in R2 he’s a villain,so don’t be surprised if he gets killed.

  167. Hei: Well, in the OP he’s seen having way more people at his command, so I assume that he’ll eventually manage to rebuild the Black Knights to some extent…

  168. Can you idiots stop fighting over Suzaku and Lelouch already? they’ve both betrayed and killed others for their goals… this is why it’s a show, childhood friends, now enemies. This episode was awesome though full of wtf moments … and it seems like Rollo is Lelouch’s second geass now 🙂 or well until Rollo betray him later 🙂

  169. Allow me to explain why I hate Suzaku:
    It’s not because of what he DID, it’s what he did NOT do. He brought Zero to the Emperor and made a deal… but he did NOT ask to become the new Governor-General of Area 11. Yes, perhaps he would get ‘no’ for an answer, but the important thing is that HE DID NOT EVEN TRY. Instead he asked to be a Knight of Round… but ANY number, not number 1, which would give him the right to rule over an Area. Again, he probably would get ‘no’ for an answer, but, again, HE DID NOT EVEN TRY. It seems reasonable that he wouldn’t succeed even if he had asked because he is an Eleven… but we don’t know that for sure because HE DID NOT EVEN TRY, and it seemed just as unlikely that he would get promoted to a member of the Knights of Round, and yet he was.

    One year has passed. What has changed for the Elevens? Ah, yes, they get publicly executed as ‘distinction’, and their lives are worse than even before. Wow, what an “improvement”! And what has Suzaku done in that one year? Nothing!

    Also, Suzaku seems to care about nothing but revenge, so he’s no different from Zero. He’s become precisely what he hates most, and he doesn’t even realize it.

    at this point of the serie xD i cant even guess what’ goin to happen next :O, Rollo not being lulu’s brother?? (maybe xD) but since seeing how much they love plot twist…. who knows… Rollo might just be Lulu’ half brother on his mother’s side!! and Lulu doesnt know about him :3, i know it might not make much sence… but x.x seeing how much Rollo cares for Lulu… how he treasures the bday gift lulu give him.. and at the ED where we see nanully and Rollo in the same screen, just makes me wonder!! xD also~~ did anyone see that Rollo having a damaged angel wing in the ED?? maybe it’ a sign saying he will join Zero later in the show :3 i cant wait!!

    another thing… i remember hearing Rollo saying “to find out the truth (about zero??)” at the last 30sec of the ep…. the truth?? hehe this will be interesting xD. just that one sentance… gives sooo many possibilities xD, i mean.. what truth? does Rollo have something personal againest Zero? since he donest seem to care about orders much… he himself is willing to rush into the enemy stronghold if it’s to kill Zero… dont you guys find that odd?? if he really is put there to watch Lulu by the Emperor… he should already know about Zero’ idenity… why say “find out the truth?” maybe it’ something else his looking for?? who knows… it’ all speculation… but good… just this one ep… gives us soooo many questions about the serie xD

  171. Hmmm… if this season of Geass is following the same kind of structure as the last one, (there are lots of similarities between episodes, although that could change), I can only imagine one end for the series. Especially if there’s another one-on-one confrontation.

  172. wow, 297 comments…

    allow me to be the 298th haha

    i think i’d like to re-hash the questions from the commenters about Lelouch & Suzaku:


    my take in one sentence: to make him a bait for capturing C.C.


    my take in one sentence: for exactly the reason we just know in this episode, to trade Lelouch for the Knight of the Round position.


    my take in one sentence: for his final revenge he has not accomplished yet, to “recreate” the world in his own way.

    The Suzaku-hate waves are a given, and the writers, in my opinion, have accomplished their purpose. People are SUPPOSED (or “SUGGESTED” by the writers) to hate Suzaku by watching him. Because by now, I think of him as a really, really fleshed-out “villain”. He was made to be a villain; twisted with his ends and hypocritical personality with a good explanation of the origin of those traits from the past 25 episodes, the built-ups.

    All villains or anti-hero are self-justified; if not, then there will be redemption at the end of the story. Then we can classify both Lelouch and Suzaku as anti-hero (not just Lelouch).

    and @Razz, wow.., that’s a really good write-up on lelouch/zero personality

  173. Uh, Wow. After watching the super creepy video of Rollo, (link again, for people that didn’t read like, the first page of comments:, I’m thinking he’s going to play a bigger part in the series as an antagonist, (Maybe the kind of ‘surprise’ antagonist where they act sort of good for the entire series then turn out to be the one stabbing the main character in the back?)

    … i think differ 😛 i dont think the emperor let lulu live because he wants to capture C.C. why?? easy…. he should know that C.C. and their kind… can… not… be… killed… by a gun >.> geez… C.C. cannot even be killed after her kightframe got destroyed/water pressure… (why he knows?? >.> he prob got his Geass before Lulu or even mao….) so… even when he knows that C.C. can not be killed that easly… he did not include special instructions to those Royal guards (or who ever they are) of how to capture C.C. or that… C.C. can self revive xD, remember?? they were shocked! when they thought the dead were walking >.>

    what i think why Emperor let Lulu live… is because… well… there might be a few reasons….

    1. maybe the emperor is just bored… he let Lulu live so that Lulu can prove to be entertainment to him xD (what a evil bastard xD)

    2. maybe the emperor thought Lulu is worthy to take the throne.

    3. Fatherly love? (haha… right…possible tho :P)

    4. he knows that he can not defeat the “Gods” (if there are any…) therefore he angers Lulu knowing Lulu will surpass him (by killing his mom… etc). and in the end letting Lulu defeat the “Gods” (speculation?? xD)

    5. or his just a big dumb dumb :3

  175. Actually I like Suzaku more now he’s more of a bastard that’s willing to do anything to achieve his goals (like Lulu)
    What irritated me before was that he was such a darn goody two shoes only living on ideals.

  176. Suzaku is a pain in the ass bastard, but he is okay. I do hate him, with the “I
    m going to change Brittania from the inside, while betraying my best friend and trying to kill him.” But, he does have his good, albeit naive, intentions to change the country. From the inside is pointless, and Suzaku seems to have set that at priority #2, killing Lulu would be the 1st. Now he is a murderous traitor. Lelouch is no better. He kills recklessly on many occasions. he is even willing to kill his family to protect one person, leave the Black Nights to die, and abandon the war for Nunnally. Yes, she is the one he is fighting for, but still. If the war dies then, it would take a lot to get it going again. I hate Suzaku, and love Lelouch, but just because lelouch is a sick, twisted bastard hell-bent on revenge. Twisted, I know. But Lelouch has results too. Suzaku doesn’t. So, Lelouch is my preferred character because of the cruel, calculating leader he is, and how he brilliantly kills many people without blinking.

    Shi Tsu
  177. watch Suzaku become more evil and calculating -_-. Anyways we got another dose of characters becoming bad ass. O and its great to see that Kaguya is alive. I wonder though, does this mean that Lelouch geass can be turned off now based on what I see in the preview or am I completely wrong?.

    P.S. I wonder if someone noticed, but I just realized that the blue hair bunny girl in the 1st episode was actually a member of the Black Knights in the first season. Dang it! I can’t believe she died Q_Q.

    Sora no Kaze
  178. WAR SUZAKU! He’s on the right path to power that one. Good to see he gave Lulu a good manly beatdown. Seeing Lulu get geassed by the Emperor was divine karmic retribution for all the people he cruelly geassed in the past. Talk about comeuppance man.

  179. This doesn’t exactly go with this episode, but… Did anyone else notice this? Millay is part of the Ashford family, and wasn’t Lelouch’s mom from the Ashfords or something? Wouldn’t Millay and Lulu be cousins?

    Shi Tsu
  180. @killer3000ad: and to think that LULU spares suzaku on so masny occasions, and then SUZAKU sells out LULU in the 1st time he gets his hand on lulu, TALK ABOUT BEST FRIEND MAN.

  181. stop hating suzaku. all it does is shows his resolve lelouch tried to get him to join him in a coward last attempt move. and this is a stupid guess, but could rollo BE nunally?

  182. Yuki:

    Both hypocrite? While Lelouch used people in some extent, he never hided himself under false idealogy. Even if it is for Nunnaly primerraly, his “change the world” goal is rock solid, be it “evil” or “not”.
    Lelouch also proved that he isn’t giving himself excuses and do things he set from the beginnin.

    Suzaku was the utter opposite: he hid himself into the ideal to change the empire from within, as he simply cannot fight along with japanese due of his own “sin”.
    It is hardly logical to approve that “helping the very empire to change in conquering others country” is good for his own goal.
    What about overpowering the Emperor and beat pulp out of him while he was alone with him? after all he is a super human, literally.

    Suzaku’s goal is just completely a false ideal he created and couldn’t follow, especially after euphie death. His actions are going straight into the opposite result he wished for.

    And seriously Suzaku went on, and on about how Lelouch was the Scum of the Earth, and how he didn’t deserve to live, and how he’d kill him, and avenge Euphie but then just knocks him out, and takes him to the Emperor to be Geassed just so he could get a promotion and more power >_>

  183. Suzaku is a very sad character. He sold his friend to become a higher rank, that’s pathetic.

    It doesn’t matter how much of a douche Lelouch was theres a difference. By selling his friend hes become as sad as Lelouch or even sadder. He really deserves a whipping.

    Anyway, last week i wasn’t really looking forward to CG2 but now i kinda am. The second ep got me hooked.

    Llednar Twem
  184. Somehow i feel like the teleporting might be more of his geass causing an illusion rather than actual teleporting. It would make more sense that the geass has something to do with the mind rather than bending physical laws dont u think? Since all the previous ones were like that.

  185. Lol, and “flame” wars start again. Always astound how much people comment on Code Geass O_o
    Interesting thing on the Jupiter and Greek mythology thing. I think I’ll grab the old book I have of Greek tales again, maybe some of them can give me an idea how they wanna continue this series.

  186. Anyways – my random curiosity =p – I haven’t watched first season so… i don’t know much.
    1. Suzaku – trying to reach the same goal through a different means -> maybe get to know the inner workings of the system (prior knowledge) to attacking it or defect some people to the other side?
    2.Why is the emperor of britannia so powerful? They had to discover how he is so powerful – to discover that he has a geass.
    3. Is there a pre-requisite to obtain a geass? like – japanese descent? -> Is this why they are considered 11’s? Why the number? Is it possible or foretold that there’s 11 people of this descent can use Geass?
    4. Why is Nunally blind? somebody took her eyes away (possible geass?) She’s a significant figure because she can’t be affect by geass because she’s blind (i believe)
    5. Emperor still has/needs use of his son? Why is that? (Again certain pre-requisites?
    6. Each Geass has a different nature -> Emperor -> memories (but why does he have two? Perhaps one’s is Nunally’s?) Rollo -> [time?(slowing down time?)/Illusion?(I say this because Geass effects seem to alter the mind so I presume it can’t be time) – maybe that’s just the affect of his mobile/nightmare] So have we seen it yet? Lulu -> can’t describe exactly, but commands?
    7. The truth, what is it exactly? Will Rollo defect? Has his memories been altered by the emperor?
    8. Rollo is most likely one of the knights -> this is a sample of what we should look forward to…
    9. Does every knight have a geass(counters my japanese descent req. of geass, but supports certain numbers of each descent to have ability)?
    10. What defines each Geass?

  187. Me thinks Suzaku needs his ass kicked HARD. I just KNOW Lulu will kick it, then they will be on the same side. This is Sunrise….it WILL happen. And when Suzaku and Lulu are on the same team……too bad for the other side

  188. There is someone who can take on Suzaku, if not own his ass, and that is Xing-Ke. His reflections and actions seem faster then Suzaku’s, and in the intro it seems as if he has a mobile suit to fight in.

  189. Seriously it is quite a disadvantage to Lulu having decreased his army greatly, he just lost Urabe, and most of his supporters are gone. He’s practically back to square one, while that gay fuk suzaku has more allies friking 11 of them + emperor + vv + whole brittania army. While Lulu only has CC, Kallen, and the few members of his army.

    Lulu needs to get someone stronger to protect him and help him out, he should get Maid Guy and that hot maid Fubuki lol, to make them beat Suzaku bloody.

  190. everyone here happens to be dissing suzaku but i don’t really see how one can really say he’s more evil than lelouch. Afterall what would you do if your best friend turned your girlfriend from an angel into a homicidal maniac?

  191. True while I do hate Suzuka as much as most of you, you’ve got to remember that him and Lelouch are aiming towards the same goal in the end, and I must say he’s doing a pretty great job so far. Even more people including me wish to see Lelouch’s way work because you know, we just love the violence and anti-hero since it pretty rare. The one reason why this is my number 1 anime is because the way they make us hate Suzuka so much even at most time we tend to forget he’s going pretty far and has got some great connections for a Japanese(Eleven). Btw just to let you all know I hate Suzuka and hope for Lelouch’s way to work just that I hope people don’t forget to view the situation through Suzuka’s eyes.

  192. you guys are only thinking one sided, suzaku had someone very important to him killed by his best friend, so his actions are pretty understandable. i am pretty sure that Lulu would do the same if Suzaku had killed Nunally.

  193. Possible Suzaku is part of the plot and will reveal himself by the end of the series, where suzaku is determine to “know the enemy (Emperor of Britannia)” and the writer will relinquish the idea of lelouch and suzaku fighting side by side against Britania, who knows?

  194. yes, even i would do the same as suzaku if my lover got killed, BUT then SUZAKU shouldnt have spouted all those nonsense of jutice, forgiveness as a hero of jutice. And for those that want to say “lulu also said the same”, yes, luu also said that but he knows it isnt true and only said it to get japanese support (well, if u dont like the way he does things then up to you.)

  195. True that… it’s been a year and we still haven’t heard anything from Suzaku ‘internal change FTW!’ KOTR. Obviously Lelouch is the one to go for here.

    I also agree that there’s got to be a better reason than the Emperor wanting to capture C.C. This is too roundabout to get anywhere to capturing C.C.

  196. Theres a huge different between a girlfriend and a childhood friend in which you’ve known all your life. Thats a huge act of betrayal on Suzaku’s part. Not only that but Lelouch didn’t mean to do what he did to Euphemia. Suzaku selling Lelouch for a rank is something he wanted to do himself.

    Llednar Twem
  197. As someone stated before me. If he’s going to do such a move he shouldn’t use ”Justice”.

    It’s not like Suzaku can’t find another lover anyway. Theres also a huge different between a girlfriend and your sister.

    If you had a sibling in which you cared for and he or she died you’d literally go insane. If you’re girlfriend died you’d go through a depression phase.

    Llednar Twem
  198. *at Llednar Twem*

    JUST a depression stage for losing a lover? Seriously? I think not.

    Filial love and that of lovers are both types of love, but very different. Lelouch was born as Nunally’s brother: he was given that role. Suzaku and Euphemia chose to love each other, it was a conscious intentional choice. That doesn’t say that either of them are not as strong as the other, but think of this:
    Lelouch left the Order of the Black Knights to face the Brittanian army themselves because of his love for Nunally, and because of that action many of the Knight were killed, some were captured, and the resistance crumbled.
    Suzaku, who, mind you, witnessed Euphemia being murdered for whatever reasons by Lelouch, gave him in to the Emperor for a position as a Knight of the Round, and had his memories erased.

    Both of these are serious issues, but both of these are caused by great amounts of love. Can we blame either of them? Because one makes one bad move does that brand them for life? Lelouch through his carelessness caused Euphemia to die and had her reputation unjustly tarnished for practically all eternity, and yet people still rally to his cause and call him Japan’s saviour? And Suzaku punishes Lelouch for his careless actions and we’re so eager to jump on his case? Talk about double standards…

    Anyways, my two cents. Going to bed. All the Best everyone, and have a nice night 🙂

  199. Well Suzaku had said he really wanted to kill Zero. When it came to pulling the trigger, he spared his life and offered to take care of Nunnally, but Lelouch cut him off. Instead of killing him, he spared him and knew the Emperor would not kill Lelouch. I still hate him for turning him in, but it seems as if they are still friends. Not sure why he didn’t tell Suzaku about what really happend with Euphie, maybe he did in the ship or something……….. Also that whole act of turning him in to become a Knight of the Round could be them working together, but prob unlikely.

  200. the emperor said himself that the only Knight Of The Rounds who knows about geass was suzaku, so rollo can’t be a KOTR.

    my prediction on rollo’s geass was image manipulation to other people’s view, not really teleport since every time vincent frame does it, it doesn’t move for several second, which means it’s most likely a leftover image while he’s actually already moving somewhere else.

  201. wow dude you guys sure hate Suzaku here….lol this is simpily unnecessary….
    well to tell you the truth i kinda felt happy for Suzaku. Suzaku and lulu are both amazing characters as we all know… lulu is some one with strong resolve, back up by a calculating mind, and good composure. His geass provided the opportunity he needs to take him to the top, this is why we have the zero today. Suzaku is too very gifted with amazing dexility, reflext, and strong combat instincts, making him an almost invisible solider. However he suffer from deadly indecision often throws him self in to impossible situaion, and don;t know the direction he should take for his goals. that is his major down fall in geass r1

    but now as we all know it… this indecision was replaced by a strong resolve.. his own purpose it clear to him and he knows what he needs to do to get there. perhaps now will he will be come something more…more then the soilder he use to be.. senselessly following orders

    as for sacificing his own friend well that is accually totally acceptable… i am sorry to said this but some time in order to produce results a man is got to do what a man is got to do. betray his own country.. pffh countrys are just lines on maps anyway. friends? what are those again? a stone on the road you happen to cross. may just make use of them well you are at it :P. and pride + what so ever such as honor and craps like that….. lets just said they can;t be converted in to currency so they are useless. and that is how it goes. i love geass cause it show the reality of our world power if everthing those who don;t realize this can suffer. those who realize this can go for it or not go for it and suffer……. so what do you want to do?

  202. I never understand how a company can write such great stories like Code Geass and Zegapain, yet would have such lame scripts for their last two Gundam series(Destiny and 00).

    What’s really amazing about Code Geass is how unbelievably packed it is. There’s almost zero dead-time. Perhaps it’s this rush which makes it such a great show. You’re just never, ever bored. And every ending is a cliffhanger.

  203. I am actually glad that almost everybody hate Suzaku, and Lulu is not gonna die and he is not Light. Light want to be god in his own right, Lulu is doing all of this for is sister. Anybody would become the devil if it means to protect your family and friends.

    Is Nina going for the mad scientist look, because it working for her character lol. Maybe she will get nice fine woman by her side to calm her down, or just try to rape Cornelia Li Britannia 🙂

  204. although he didn’t want to kill euphie, he still created that whole massacre and told all the elevens that it was all a trap, so i understand why suzaku must be really pissed about lulu and sold him out for a higher rank

  205. Even if we assume Suzaku is true to his claim of changing Britannia from the inside, there are still problems.

    First, he is in operations on the E.U. front. So he is killing people (E.U. soldiers), which would be in contradiction to his moral standings. If I recall correctly, he was an advocate for peace and non-fighting. Incidents of such are when he killed his father to end the war, and when he used the Lancelot to shield Mr. Orange and Co. during the ambush in season 1. I recall he said something to the degree of “fighting is useless/ don’t fight.”

    Second, wouldn’t the Emperor be aware of Suzaku’s status as an Eleven and would probably have some tricks in hand? After all, Suzaku did say in front of the Emperor (to Lelouch) that he would change Britannia from the inside.

    Even if Suzaku does succeed, will he really be welcomed by the Japanese? He technically did join the enemy…

    In my opinion, I believe Suzaku is the more foolish character. There is the blatant contradiction of killing one group of people (the E.U. front) to save another group (the Japanese). He is just sacrificing people (though indirectly) to reach a goal.

    Dr. Joe Stan
  206. Feels kinda weird reading those Sanskrit reference.
    You know my language (Thai) is mainly a mixture of Bali and Sanskrit. The word Akasha is pronounced Argard in Thai (Spell with an equivalence of “S” as in “Akas”) and jupiter is “Paruhasabodi” which when pronounced (Paru is pronounced very fast, Pri-Bri), also sounds the same. (I never knew the Sanskrit for these word so it’s a bit exciting for me :P)

    Anyway, this is looking to be another great season, now if Menclave would just release it already, lol. Love their quality sub, kinda worth the wait.

  207. Suzaku is such a traitor, betraying his father his friend and he still think hes doing something right because he wanna change the world from within. If you have to sacriface family and friend to change the world then the world is not even worth saving in the first place. For any normal human family and friends are the world not some stupid strange you are gonna save without them even knowing it. Suzaku really deserve to die, I have no problem with villian but asshole like Suzaku who is nothing more than a traitor act like hes all honorable and righteousness is the worst kind of human garbage there is.
    Second thought dying is too easy for him, Lelouch should crush his dream right in front of him to make him watch everything he wanna achieve is destroy seem a more fitting end for him.
    I was sad when that princess die last season now I change my mind and think thats a good start to crush Suzaku dream, kill the only person that he love in this world.

  208. i think Suzaku shows mercy to Lelouch because he can kill him in that place, but he chooses to bring him to his father’s place. So, his life is safe. i think Suzaku still think that Lelouch is his friend

  209. hey everyone, why are you guys hate Suzuku? Don’t you guys remember that Lelouch killed Euphie. Suzuku loves Euphie so much and Lelouch killed her. Because Lelouch killed her, Suzuku hates Lelouch so much. Please remember the story in Code Geass part 1.

  210. Lol, Suzaku really is awesome. I love how he did this. Not only is he still completely just unlike Lelouch in how he goes about his methods, but he kills two birds with one stone: He gave Lelouch to justice as he deserved for brainwashing and killing Euphemia, and he got closer to achieving his own goals as someone able to change society from the inside for giving him up to Emperor Charles. SO unlike Lelouch who has to balance every good deed with a bad one and barely come out even. I would have just killed the guy, after he did such a thing to Euphie, but Suzaku really cares about the Japanese so much that he would swallow his anger and work towards the betterment of his country…what a guy.

    On another note, can’t wait for episode three. Lelouch is going to need some serious DUES EX MACHINA to defeat Li who is as smart as him, Rollo whose Geass is superior to him, and Suzaku who is in the right. Hopefully when that last match occurs justice will prevail, Suzaku wins and is placed as the Knight of One, and then gets governorship of Japan. I really wouldn’t want to see Nunnaly sad, though. Maybe Lelouch could become blind and crippled and she could take care of him in a sort of reverse role…I think that would be a nice ending.

  211. ;_; ahh…nearly 400 comments
    *cries a stream of tears because I so wanted to join the Suzaku v.s. Lulu debates*

    @Razz, kamui, Kain, mysterious, WingZero … (I’ve only read about half the comments)
    You all rock!!!

    Anyway, I’m so delighted at the rapid increased Suzaku hate.
    And somewhat surprised there are some people who can still root for a such a betrayer.
    The above post is just unbelievable… like it must be from a seriously mental nutcase.

    I say Suzaku deserves WORSE than death!!
    Living hell crushed by his idiotic hypocrisy, betrayed by the world because he betrayed it (yeah, Suzaku is such a hypocrite for saying that to Lulu) and not even being able to commit suicide.

    My guess about Rollo: He’s another guy who has been memory altered by the Emporer. His memories were altered to hate Zero. He’ll continue acting like he’s on the Britanian side but later on it’ll be revealed that he changed sides a while ago and he became Lulu’s trumpcard.

    Please remember the story in Code Geass part 1, that goes back to you.
    Suzaku and Lulu were best friends 7 years ago. Lulu has for countless times saved Suzaku (and Suzaku knows atleast one -the Orange incident- but obviously isn’t the least bit grateful), tried to talk to him onto his side-so they wouldn’t have to fight eachother, went out of his way for him, let him live when he could have killed him and even GEASSED HIM TO LIVE FOR HIS(SUZAKU’S) OWN SAKE when he could’ve easily given him a “save me” or “get us out of here” geass at that time. Lulu considered Suzaku as a best friend until Suzaku denied Lulu’s ultimate existence before he shot him. And Suzaku? He met Euphie for only a little time and they weren’t even very deeply in love; although Lulu seemingly geasses Euphie into a mass murderer, shames her name and kills her; that Suzaku doesn’t bother trying to understand why Lulu did that, or ask the truth from Lulu’s lips but so easily succombs to hatred, throws away all that friendship like it was nothing and betrays Lulu in the worst way a human could possibly betray another? And the truth is Lulu didn’t betray Euphie either: the geass was an accident, killing her was for Euphie’s own sake -to stop her from killing more people and realizing what she had done and shaming her name was for Euphie too -it was the only thing he could do for her=create the peaceful country Euphie had desired. Er, may I as well point out that Suzaku is betraying Euphie now, because Euphie would never have wanted Lulu dead or Nunnally separated from him?

    And in the end I couldn’t stop myself from a long post…

  212. Percival:
    “Not only is he still completely just unlike Lelouch in how he goes about his methods”

    Oh, I don’t know; in season one Suzaku preached so much about how using other people for your own ends is wrong, yet Suzaku did much the same thing here: he sold out his best friend (who saved his live many times over to boot) for a high rank – in other words, he used someone else for his own gain. Bah…

    “but Suzaku really cares about the Japanese”
    Does he now? I thought season one made it clear that he’s working towards one two goals: either death or the assimilation of the japanese into the empire of Brittania because it would justify him killing his own father. But he more or less ignore the sufferings of his people at the present, apaprently not even content with letting them making their own choice. For him, it’s assimilation into Brittania or nothing, more or less.

  213. Spectator:

    lol, Lelouch had already left Suzaku to the Black Knights to die at that point. Suzaku really wasn’t using Lelouch for his own benefit, he was putting aside his immediate benefits to help the Japanese. And controlling and killing innocent lives because of personal ego is what Suzaku fights against and “preaches about” and he has yet to do it(the island episode).

    “I thought season one made it clear that he’s working towards one two goals: either death or the assimilation of the japanese into the empire of Brittania because it would justify him killing his own father.”

    Well, you thought wrong. You seem to have let fan opinion and your blind devotion of Lelouch sway your memories of the actual dealings of the show. If Suzaku was just after death, he would have killed himself, or not fought as well has he had and died in battle. And justification? Suzaku knows what he did was wrong. Hell, this is the reason he fights for Britainia now. He doesn’t try to justify it, he tries to keep other people from having to justify killing. You speak about choice: Japan has chosen its current suffering. By siding with Zero. By not taking the path Suzaku held open for them.

    You don’t understand Suzaku because you think pride in a country is more important than life, or pride in oneself. What you don’t seem to realize is that Suzaku’s way really is the way of life. Lelouch starts wars, Suzaku ends them. Lelouch’s family member does something wrong, Lelouch kills him, and forgets about it the next day. Suzaku’s family member does something wrong, Suzaku kills him, and devotes his life to keeping other people from doing the same. Assimilation into Britainia isn’t something to be enraged about. Especially when it can save millions upon millions of lives. Nationalism to the point of meaningless slaughter is backwards and idiotic. Causing countless children to become parentless, for the sake of a name is illogical.

    You know what is the likeliest path that would happen in Geass, should Lelouch win? He ends up killed on his throne by one of those children who didn’t have a father or mother, because of his ego. Remember the cycle of violence Lelouch preached against? His way just strengthens it. It is absurdly hilarious that Lelouch is hypocritical to the point where he would promise his sister a better world when he is denying half the people in that world the same thing by his war, and this is even MORE amusing when you consider Nunnaly’s pacifistic manner and how she would think of his methods.

    Yet what is Suzaku doing? He’s on a path which not only reduces casualties instead of multiplying them, but also gives the Japanese a model they desperately need. Sure sure, he may be denying the Japanese their heritage, but think about this: If you had the choice of either letting your entire family be brutally massacred because you had to fight and die for your country in a hopeless terrorism act or having to become a citizen of the country who by all means won against your own, which would you choose? We all knew what Suzaku chose. Me, i’d take the latter and try to raise my family as well as I could. And even if you would choose the former, you might have a different idea of things if you knew what real war was.

    And as a final note, remember the new ED and the first two episode titles of Geass S1. Suzaku with angel wings, Lelouch with the wings of a devil. And the first episode was named “The Day the Evil God was Born” and “The Awakening of the White Knight.” If these aren’t clear-cut hints of who is in the right to you, I am at a loss for words.

  214. Percival, I have one word for you: Bugaria.

    Our country did not exist for 500 years. And it wouldn’t exist today either if our ancestors had chosen the latter, as you say they should have. However they chose the former, and that is why we have a country today instead of being assimilated.

    Suzaku has no right to decide what is best for the Japanese. Yet he’s doing just that. He betrayed everything and everyone, including Euphemia. Despite all that there are people that support him. I’m at a loss for words.

  215. what about nanally? i think that rollo and nanally have some strange connection…. because in the ending, the way they put both images of them… dunno… maybe means something

  216. @ Shadowblack:

    The situation in Geass is much more apt to be compared to the Roman Empire than of Bulgaria. Or maybe the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan. Remember what happened when people in these empires tried to rebel against the whole?

    But even if you would like to compare Britainia to the Ottomans, think of this: if your country was home to the greatest martial mineral in the world, and this mineral was not to be found anywhere else, do you honestly think Russia would have helped you then gone on their merry way? Of course not. Russia would have dispersed the Ottomans and then taken your little country for their own purposes. If you were in the same situation as Japan is now, Bulgaria would still, today, cease to exist in name.

    And Suzaku has no right to suggest what is right for the Japanese. Lol. Then you or I have no right to suggest to an angry child to put down a knife before he ruins his own life and the life of somebody else. Suzaku has yet to betray anyone, except his own father, which disillusioned Suzaku from the small little world he lived in, and which Lelouch still lives in. Yes yes, I’m sure Euphemia would consider it betrayal to bring the man who killed her and spit on her name afterwards, whom used his propaganda to influence the masses which she gave up everything for, to hate and despise her as a symbol of all that is evil in the world. Yeah, I totally understand that Euphemia would not condone Suzaku’s actions, even though Suzaku swallowed his anger and gave the rotten bastard a chance at life. After all, when Euphemia hear Suzaku’s plans to change things from the inside, lawfully, she did nothing but criticize him and his ways of thinking. You make an excellent point.

  217. “lol, Lelouch had already left Suzaku to the Black Knights to die at that point. Suzaku really wasn’t using Lelouch for his own benefit, he was putting aside his immediate benefits to help the Japanese. And controlling and killing innocent lives because of personal ego is what Suzaku fights against and “preaches about” and he has yet to do it(the island episode).”

    Dunno if he’d left him to die; most likely left him to be captured rather. Personally I can’t agree with that point of view of Suzaku; for me, he’s hardly as selfless as you say he is. But that’s just my opinion (and the opinion of several others by the sound of it) 😛

    “Well, you thought wrong. You seem to have let fan opinion and your blind devotion of Lelouch sway your memories of the actual dealings of the show. If Suzaku was just after death, he would have killed himself, or not fought as well has he had and died in battle”

    Isn’t that rather _you_? 😛 . Suzaku is certainly after death, but from the looks of it, he doesn’t have the guts to do so himself, but is rather following a path were it might easily happen…

    “You don’t understand Suzaku because you think pride in a country is more important than life, or pride in oneself”

    Oh, I don’t give a damn about nationalism (althrough to be honest, I’d be rather pissed about both myself and my country being called a goodamn number). Freedom, however, is another other matter 😛

    “You know what is the likeliest path that would happen in Geass, should Lelouch win? He ends up killed on his throne by one of those children who didn’t have a father or mother, because of his ego. Remember the cycle of violence Lelouch preached against? His way just strengthens it. It is absurdly hilarious that Lelouch is hypocritical to the point where he would promise his sister a better world when he is denying half the people in that world the same thing by his war, and this is even MORE amusing when you consider Nunnaly’s pacifistic manner and how she would think of his methods.”

    Maybe, maybe not. No one can says for sure until it happens – and even if he indeed becomes king, he may yet take a different path than those before him. At least, it’s not impossible. Ín any event: I do not deny that if Lelouch wins, he might indeed become what he hates/fights against, but we’re not there yet. Let’s see what becomes of Lelouch and what happens to him in the end.

    “Yet what is Suzaku doing? He’s on a path which not only reduces casualties instead of multiplying them, but also gives the Japanese a model they desperately need.”

    Oh, so the ideal model is “become someone who is the lapdog of a tyrannical racist goverment who opress your country, wages war on the whole world and stays loyal to it even after it attempts to kill you”? Suuuuuuuuuure.

    “And as a final note, remember the new ED and the first two episode titles of Geass S1. Suzaku with angel wings, Lelouch with the wings of a devil. And the first episode was named “The Day the Evil God was Born” and “The Awakening of the White Knight.” If these aren’t clear-cut hints of who is in the right to you, I am at a loss for words.”

    So you see things only in White and Black? Hah! No wonder you’re such a die-hard supporter of Suzaku then. But as good old granny weatherwax says, things are never as simple as black and white 😛 . Also: for some jobs you need a straight, honest nail, for some jobs you need a crooked screw ;).

    From your arguments to both myself and others, I wonder if you could summarize it like this: You mean that we should always bow down to oppressors/tyrants everywere, because in your opinion, fightning is utterly useless in the end and that “greater good” is the best, even if that so-called “greater good” is that of the invaders/oppressors themselves, hmm?

  218. @Spectator:

    On your first point: Wrong. Lelouch specifically said “do what you want” and Tamaki was definitely going to kill Suzaku. And you still say that Lelouch was honoring a friendship Suzaku tossed aside, lol.

    “Freedom, however, is another other matter”

    Britainia is not oppressive to its people. That said, every Japanese person had a path to take which could have vastly improved their life, every Japanese had a chance at freedom, given in full by Britainia. Also note that Japan also “wage(d) war on the whole world” and their people “stay(ed) loyal to it even after it attempt(ed) to kill (them),” by their actions before the Britainian invasion. It is obvious to anyone without a skewered vision of events in the show that Suzaku has done nothing but put aside his own pride for the life of the Japanese people.

    “Oh, so the ideal model is “become someone who is the lapdog of a tyrannical racist goverment who opress your country, wages war on the whole world and stays loyal to it even after it attempts to kill you”? Suuuuuuuuuure.”

    Do you want to know what Suzaku’s choices were? Either to do nothing, fight a losing battle against a power which uses the most effective means against rebellion, like Genghis Khan, or give up every ounce of personal pride and fight for the future of his people by becoming a soldier of the people who conquered his own. As a selfish individual, you probably couldn’t rationalize the idea of giving up yourself for other people: don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Suzaku is a model because he is showing the Japanese a path without pain, without oppression, without unnecessary bloodshed. The “greater good” is most definitely for the Japanese, as loyalty is highly rewarded in Britainia. What does Britainia have to gain by Suzaku liberating the Japanese? Sure, they might benefit from his fighting a bit, but overall Suzaku is working to bring some humanity to the people of Britainia. Is it impossible? Well, it was said pretty often by people like you last season that it was impossible for Suzaku to rise the ranks because he was a a Number, so probably not.

    The whole “Personally I can’t agree with that point of view of Suzaku; for me, he’s hardly as selfless as you say he is. But that’s just my opinion (and the opinion of several others by the sound of it)” made me lol quite a bit, I must say. You can go to any anime forum and hear the “Light was right!” drivel from the members. Many people just like to see the bad guy win and despise morality. That is Lelouch, the man who will walk the path of carnage for nothing more than his ego. Oh, he may like to use Nunnaly to justify this, but it is obvious she is just his excuse, the one way he can say to his father “I’m better than you.” Which still ties into the whole ego thing, lol.

    “Also: for some jobs you need a straight, honest nail, for some jobs you need a crooked screw ;).”

    Oh lol. So what, Lelouch and Suzaku are trying to hang a picture, or build a house? Lets go with the latter, shall we? Building a house for some japanese orphans: In this case, Suzaku is building a house with nails. Lelouch is building a house with screws. Suzaku is using a hammer, Lelouch is using a power-screwdriver. Problem is, Lelouch is running out of wood for the central structure, because he had to sell some lumber to buy the power-tool. Suzaku otoh has joined a union which supplies free timber, yet tends to treat the patrons like second-class citizens. But Suzaku grins and bears it, and gets the house done in a few years. Lelouch however realized that he had no reason to finish the house, considering the ulterior motives for the project were fulfilled. But it really isn’t like he could have finished the house even if he wanted to, because by his rash actions he no longer had the means to finish the structure.

    “So you see things only in White and Black?”

    Don’t be foolish. Of course I don’t. But lelouch being the “Evil God” and having demon wings can’t be interpreted in any way but as a sign to the credibility of his methods. The reason I know I am less simpleminded than you is because I can see that Britainia isn’t all bad…for all we know, the Emperor is just trying to unite the world to save it from the alien race, the people of the Geass. Meanwhile, what is Lelouch doing? He, under the jurisdiction of C.C., is starting global war against the strongest country in the world. It really makes you think that Lelouch is nothing more than a puppet who will fight in the current world while ignoring the supernatural, while it will be left to Suzaku to fight the real threat to humanity. With strain, of course, given that Lelouch is weakening humanity’s fighting potential.

    Whatever way it ends up, it is pretty obvious Lelouch is a tool: A tool of the Emperor, who laughed at his actions against the SAR, or a tool of C.C., who is using him for the sake of her people. Meanwhile, Suzaku has shown himself to oppose the ways of the Emperor, and the Geass. I just hope Lelouch discovers what he is before too late, so Nunnaly doesn’t have to suffer too much. I’d hate to have her see what her brother really is. :/

  219. @Percival

    I still can’t stop laughing after reading your post last post. “the Emperor is just trying to unite the world to save it from the alien race, the people of the Geass”. You don’t say! It is still unclear whether C.C. is really an alien, but let’s say that she is. That means that the Emperor has also made a contract with such an alien (most likely V.V.). So he’s no different from Lelouch. In fact, for all we know he might be trying to conquer the world because the aliens want so, and C.C. is trying to save human kind. That is as likely as your idea.

    And you do see everything in black and white, or at least that’s the impression your posts give.

    P.S.: You might wanna watch the first season again before talking about what how “every Japanese person had a path to take which could have vastly improved their life”…

  220. Except the Emperor is trying to “Fight the gods.” There is a good chance VV and CC are these gods that he is describing, as we have seen CC display powers of immortality. There is a very good chance the Emperor is fighting against all of them, including VV. Or, maybe he has bonded VV to himself. Either way, the emperor has a plan to deal with Lelouch is in complete ignorance of.

    And yes, all Japanese have the chance to become Honorary Britainians, and thus gain a rank in society. You seem to have forgotten this, but don’t worry, mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂

  221. Like I said, have a look at the first season. Clovis ordered the massacre of the Japanese using an non-existent poisonous gas as an excuse. People (including children) were being killed just because they were there. Japanese were treated badly just because they were “elevens”. Suzaku – an Honorary Britannian – was greeted quite coldly at Ashford Academy just because he was an eleven, despite being an Honorary Britannian. When he was revealed to be piloting a KnightMare all the Britanian journalists were like “why is an eleven piloting a KnightMare?”. When Suzaku was presented as Euphemia;s knight no one present was happy about it, and everyone started clapping only after Darlton did. No one realy cared that Suzaku was an “Honorary Britannian”.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the reaction of the brittanian students when the Specially Administrated Zone was announced. That said more than enough. And even after the Zone was announced brittanians were still treating elevens badly, just because they are elevens.

    I haven’t forgotten about “Honorary Britannians”. You, however, seem to have forgotten a number of things from the first season. So watch it again before you continue arguing, please.

  222. Lol, Clovis massacred the Japanese in the ghettos because the resistance has hiding there. Clovis might have given the order, but it was the resistance at fault for hiding in the ghettos behind women and children, and thinking they were safe. The only times Britainia has ever attacked civilians was an effect caused by the resistance. If Ougi and his men had never stolen C.C. in the first place, nobody would have died.

    On the other topic, the Honorary Britainians aren’t treated as kindly by some Britainians as they do other Britainians, this is true. But they have the privileges of a Britainian, as Lelouch told Kallen quite clearly. And who knows…with Suzaku as one of Britainian’s top knights, maybe more Britainians will see the potential and the worth of the Japanese…which Lloyd and Cecile, the student council, Euphemia, Darlton, and even Schnitzel and the racist Cornelia had seen and acknowledged. And looking at Villeta and the noble, King, whom Lelouch played chess against in the first episode of R2, I somehow doubt that Britainia would keep the Japanese as second-class citizens for long. The two I mentioned sure don’t look Anglo-Saxon to me, so Britainia must not be as racist as the Nazis…

  223. LOL, this is the most ridiculous excuse for massacring people I have ever heard. Watch ep 1 of season 1 again, especially the end, where a baby started crying and was immediately killed by the britanian solders. There were no terrorists there, but the soldiers didn’t care. Just like they didn’t care that Lelouch was a civilian who had nothing to do with anything and was there by accident. When Suzaku refused to kill Lelouch he got shot, and later the soldiers were going to kill Lelouch if not for C.C.’s interference even though he was just a student.

    This is my lost post here, so bye. *moves to the comments for ep 3*

  224. They follow orders. That is the job of a soldier, which Suzaku only follows to a degree before killing civilians. But the resistance started the massacre nonetheless, which is the sole reason any of it happened.

  225. Don’t say Suzaku betray Lelouch because he turn the princess into a murder psycho then kill her.
    This is the order of which event happen first:
    1. Suzaku betray his father and kill him
    2. Suzaku betray his country by joining the brit army
    3. Lelouch made a mistake and create a crazy princess then kill her
    4. Suzaku capture Lelouch then betray him for a promotions.

    So can any of you still say Suzaku is not a complete bastard that deserve nothing more than his dream crush and a torture death.

    I hated Suzaku from the moment he betray his father and his country, betraying lelouch was just an add on, and I am glad something bad finally happen to him with the death of his loving princess and all. For all those betrayal he totally deserve all the punishment he receives, the death of his loving princess should have been just a start, he totally deserve alot more.

  226. Wow I can’t believe you are all taking this so seriously. This show is almost equal to ecchi anime in its excess of plot nonsense. You should just take it in, and then let it go.

  227. Originally Posted by funny at 8:18 am on April 21st, 2008
    “Wow I can’t believe you are all taking this so seriously. This show is almost equal to ecchi anime in its excess of plot nonsense. You should just take it in, and then let it go.”
    You all right¿

  228. Is Suzaku tiring to help the emperor to destory god himself. I mean think about it, if he do that the universe will be destory. After all, god is the one made everything. That I don’t like.

  229. THAT’S more like it! Lelouch trying to patch things up after being (selectively) outed is a far better character beat, though I didn’t like the return of his evil laugh. Rollo already is the most interesting mystery villain introduced on the show, he’s also the cutest thing in the OP. And incidentally… fuck Suzaku, fuck Nina, and fuck this show’s prospensity for bloating the cast without culling it properly first. Urabe should’ve stuck around, he was really cool, but nooo let’s keep the other plot devices around instead. Sigh


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