With St. Xocolatl’s Day coming soon, the girls of the Day Class are excited over the thought of giving chocolates to the guys of the Night Class. Yuuki claims that she’s not thinking of giving out any, but when her friend Yori notices that she’s got a magazine that details how to make a chocolate cake, Yuuki tries to dismiss it as a present of thanks to someone who helped her. Regardless, she hasn’t even decided to give it to the person. After class, her father calls her and Zero in to a meeting to warn them to be diligent because something could happen to expose the Night Class’s secret. Zero thinks that they should just prohibit the event, but Kaien just launches into a speech about humans and vampires getting along. He and Zero don’t see eye to eye on the issue of vampires, so Yuuki breaks the tension by giving her father and Zero IOU coupons as presents. Still, she wonders why her father says things that deepen Zero’s wounds, and she remembers how he had brought Zero home with him one night four years ago. Back then, Yuuki had helped Zero to the bathroom and had cleaned up all the blood that was on his left shoulder.

That evening, Yuuki has to keep a horde of the Day Class girls at bay in front of the Night Class dorm, and Zero helps by saving one girl who falls while trying to get over the wall. When the members of the Night Class come out, Kaname greets Yuuki, but he stops walking completely to ask Zero about his health and to suggest that he take care of himself. Later that night, Yuuki tries to make Kaname some chocolates and is still telling herself that these are to thank him. Zero overhears her working and making a mess, and as he walks away from the kitchen, he feels a pang that causes him to lose his breath and to feel a lot of pain. Kaien discovers him in the hallway like this and, knowing what’s wrong, suggests that avoiding or running away from the problem won’t change anything. He then tries to give Zero a glass of water along with a blood tablet, but Zero just knocks the glass away. Instead of being angry, Kaien just observes that these fits have been getting more frequent and warns Zero about continuing to refuse the tablets.

The next day, Yuuki reveals to Yori that although she tried to make chocolates, she ended up just getting store-bought ones. More importantly, she notices that something is up with Zero and wonders if he’s going to do something to Kaname. She doesn’t have time to worry about this though because she’s in charge of the event that evening where girls line up at specific gates in order to give chocolates to their favorite Night Class student. This proceeds fairly smoothly except that, in having to deal with the Day Class girls, Yuuki at first misses her chance to give Kaname her chocolate. When she gets knocked over by some girls though, the chocolate box tumbles out of her pocket and onto the ground where Zero picks it up. He then throws it to Kaname, and Kaname accepts it as being from Yuuki. She is angry with Zero for doing this because she thought that it’d be troublesome for Kaname to get chocolates from her. Yuuki still thinks that Kaname is different from her and that him saving her ten years ago was a trivial incident for him. What she doesn’t know is that Kaname actually gets rid of all the chocolates that he was given except for hers.

Zero meanwhile gets an urge while staring at Yuuki’s neck and quickly leaves for the barn because he starts suffering from another fit. There, he is approached by the girl he saved from falling earlier who wants to give him a chocolate, but he rudely sends her away. He’s still not feeling better a few hours later, but he’s aware of his surroundings enough to realize when he’s suddenly surrounded by members of the Night Class led by Luca who wants to know why Kaname is so interested in Zero. Cain tries to calm both sides, but Zero reacts by throwing Cain over his shoulder, and he challenges the others to come at him. This gets Aidou and Cain angry enough to activate their elemental powers, however before a fight can start, Yuuki jumps in and gets the Night Class members to back off. She then questions what Zero is doing since he’s been acting weird, but he just ignores her and walks off, telling her to leave him alone. She nevertheless worries about him and finds him later just sitting on the bathroom floor.

As Yuuki buttons Zero’s shirt for him, she comments on how she’d like him to talk to her more, and she then remembers to give him a chocolate. Popping it into his mouth, she explains that it was the only good one out of the failed batch, but Zero doesn’t look like he enjoys eating it. When she’s not looking his way, Zero once again gets an urge, but he backs off and tells her again to leave him alone. After Zero exits the room, Yuuki notices a blood tablet on the floor and wonders what it’s doing there. What she doesn’t realize – and what Kaname is meanwhile explaining to the other vampires – is that Zero’s life changed from that incident four years ago.


Well, I think I’m beginning to understand why people call Zero emo. I don’t hate his character though – at least not yet. Unlike Kaname who comes across as very sinister (I’m always suspicious of the character who seems perfect in every way and commands a lot of power), Zero feels more like a victim of his past who needs someone to get him over it. Still, if he is “cursed” with being a vampire (and I say cursed because he hates them so much), this angst is only going to get worse before it gets better. This episode shows him wanting to bite Yuuki’s neck and suffering from what appears to be lack of blood, and if he continues to refuse the tablets, then something’s bound to happen. What exactly happens to a vampire if they don’t drink blood anyway? On a different note, I would have liked to see Zero fight the vampires, but that’s only because I’m curious about their powers (which are apparently elemental based).

In flipping through the manga after I watched this episode, I saw that this covers chapter two and part of chapter three, though they mixed up the order. Doing this reminded me that the manga’s still ongoing, so I wonder if the anime will try for an original ending if it doesn’t look like the manga will finish in the next half year. For now though, they appear to be keeping fairly faithful to the manga, and the episode title for next week (“Fang of Confession”) makes me think that we might finally see someone get bitten.


  1. This story has the capability of being deep, sinister, dark, and evasive all at once.

    However I have noticed that 99% of anime requires one to have the mental capability of a 13 year old, so I do not expect anything plot heavy from this anime.

  2. From what I’ve learned, the vampirism takes over the host more and more as they go without drinking blood. As in, they will lose control of their sanity and become more of a monster. At least that’s what I think. :O

  3. They will not Jay.

    They have already thrown hints at us the size of a country that Zero is a vampire.

    That tells me the show will be mediocre at best. Except a show that requires the mental capacity of a preteen.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a series so quickly. I watched episode one and then ended up reading all the completed manga chapters. Yes, it does drag on quite a bit and I’m sure some parts in the anime will end up being slow but there’s definitely plot. I’m curious as to how this will end though, and whether or not the manga will be completed before the end of the anime. I hope so. I don’t mind when anime’s deviate their endings from the original source but I would hate for some crappy conclusion to pop up out of nowhere here.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE VK. Animation is great, and I love seeing Mamoru Miyano as Zero’s seiyuu. BUT, I think I might agree with dan. I think it would be mediocre at best. I dunno, we’ll see (don’t flame me, my opinion =P), but I think other shows like Nabari no Ou and Toshokan Sensou could surpass this one.

  6. I actually like Zero, but I admit Kaname has a more appealing quality. Zero is probably my fav though.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    If they do follow the manga, the plot will eventually get deeper.

  7. Wah, the anime is going so slow! I was expecting for teh plot to go a bit faster so they can get to the awesome plot that the manga finally deveoped. believe me this anime/manga is way more developed and messed up than it seems. The manga prolly started to get good around teh 4th volume and so far it’s coved 2 and a half chaps, and they didn’t get to the best part of the other half of the 3rd chap. >_

  8. It is a very good shoujo manga though, I imagine the pace will pick up to cover more of the manga (at least I hope, they had better get to vol 5+ in the anime pref all the way to the end).

  9. They’re showing his dark past way to early. btw, he might have, just that it wasn’t clearly shown in the manga until later on, which gave us the revelation that he is a vampire. I hope it gets heavy plot development.

    Sora no Kaze
  10. Why is everyone so impressed with the anime?

    The anime so far has required its audience to have the mental capability of a 12-13 year old. We all KNOW that Zero is a vampire by watching the gigantic hints that were thrown in our face time and time again.

    There are no deep plot points. Zero’s past was not investigated slowly. His tragic past was thrown in our faces and the producers basically said “here is his past. learn about. now we move on.”

    This anime is mediocre and I file it with 99% of all the other crap I watch. It had potential but threw it away in the very first episode actually.

  11. I am too inlined to agree. The anime isnt impressive yet. The manga is much better and it really depends on how well they can stick to the manga.
    I’m quite disappointed with the art – it was a turnoff for me. I’ll probably follow this for a few more eps…if it doesnt start getting a grip, I might drop this.

  12. What’s so wrong with the art? It looks pretty close to how it does in the manga to me. And the anime is following the manga pretty close also, changing the order of minor events is of little consequence at this point. Those who’ve read the manga know very well that the story gets deep as time goes on and more mysterious etc.

    As for Zero being emo? I mean what do you people expect? I’d like to see how happy and cheery you’d all be if your family was killed in front of you and they left you for dead at the age of, what was it, 12 or something? The fact the guy is fighting himself from hurting Yuki is also a big part of it all.

  13. No 8ghosts, he have then but he does not taken then … in fact even after it still does not take then.

    And yes, Zero is a vampire or going to be one soon … the REAL twists come later about Yuuki and what exactly is her relation with Kaname.

  14. So far, I think the show is okay. I can’t wait to see the really crazy parts later though.
    How Kaname reveals his relationship with Yuuki, and who Yuuki really is. Not too surprising. Vampire Yuuki was sorta hinted at, but the incest with Kaname is a bit much.

    Shi Tsu
  15. Zero’s not emo… not when you go into a fit as and when (much like the real me). this is anime, not 2D manga (and shojo manga at that)… angst is such an adult word… sigh

  16. Zero beign a vampire is not a big secret. That comes out early in the Manga also. The big secret is…

    Yuuki is also a vampire, with sealed powers and memories. Kaname is her big brother.


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