In an odd twist today, the final six minutes of the third episode of CODE GEASS R2 were leaked a few hours ago.

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According to a 2ch post, one of the staff members was arrested, and episode three may not air this weekend (to be decided tomorrow). Supposedly the alternatives are to air either a shortened version of the episode four or nothing at all this weekend while they remake episode three. That’s very disturbing news to say the least, but I can understand why they might feel inclined to do that since the leaked part does have some huge spoilers for the entire episode. And given that they’re thinking about remaking some of it, it’s not even clear if the leaked part is canon anymore. In any case, an official announcement will probably come in the next 24 hours, and I’ll be sure to update this post.

Update 4/16/2008: According to an announcement on the official site, the leak occurred when someone at Bandai Channel accidentally uploaded it while in the process of implementing a system to prevent unauthorized postings. The production committee apologizes for this, and episode three will air as scheduled this Sunday. While this all still strikes me as sounding a little suspicious, I’m happy that things got worked out and that there won’t be any delays, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the episode.


  1. “According to a 2ch post, one of the staff members was arrested”
    Lol? Seems to be a tough case when it comes to this. If this staff member owns a key position in the team it could affect the whole series.
    Let’s hope for the best. But to not send this episode would be nonsense. They have to air it so or so, regardless of the spoilers.

  2. Just a few minutes ago, one of the staff members was arrested.

    At the emergency meeting tomorrow, the stopping of the airing of episode 3 will be determined and announced.
    From here, we may shorten episode 4, or not air anything for 2 weeks and then air a revised version of the leaked episode 3; we will decide that tomorrow.
    This has been informed to all cast and staff, including the director.

    Source – 2chan.

  3. This does bother me a lot, but hopefully they will still air the episode on time without making too many changes, even if they have to move a few events around or change the dialogue.

  4. OMG whats the big deal 🙁 I dont want any plot changes I want to see episode 3 and no changes 🙁 I mean why did this have to happen to Code Geass? Its fcuking depressing

  5. Honestly, I think not airing or even rewriting the episode partly is a totaly overreaction, and I have NO, absolutely NO understanding for something like this. But then again, sometimes it’s hard to understand Japanese business..

  6. Is it possible that what was leaked were simply 6 mins of somthing they decided not to go with but is in actual fact very close to the actualised story and as a result ‘matey boy’ was arrested. Its just i think that because isnt it difficult to make and entire episode of an anime in 1 week (unless its simply re edited which would seemingly take less time) i know anime isnt like ‘eastenders’ where you can just make 1 episode in 45 mins provided everyone gets theyre lines rightish on the first take 😛

    WingZero zxt
  7. @ Kabitzin:

    Ha ha ha so true… as soon as I read the spoiler I thought about Jojo… and the disturbing thing is that Jotaro & co. also thought Dio had some form of instant teleportation before Kakyoin figured out the trick.

  8. Also lets look at what we know from the clip:

    1. Shirley is reconciling with lelouch
    2. The chinese dont like the Blck Kn. anymore for some reason
    3. Rollo can time skip (in hindsight that shuld have been obvious! its exactly like Hiro from Heroes! (an awesome show considering it aint anime!)
    4. Almost everyone knows that lelouch has something to do with c.c. (an obvoius fact from ep 2 considering villetas reaction and the special intel showing up in ep 1
    5. lelouch might be shot!
    6. leleouch can turn his geass off an on at will again
    7. C.c. new outfit which we alll love (and have seen 15 times already in various pvs and openings)

    Is there any spoiler that has really ruined anything for you or has it just made you ask more questions!!! personally it just makes me wanna watch it more!

    WingZero zxt
  9. Shame to whoever leaked it.
    I hope they don’t canceled it for this week – or I’d be so pissed. I am literally living life off my weekly fix of Code Geas now. I never look at any form of spoilers or leaked information for Geass anyway. Code Geass is too holy for stuff like that.

  10. “If this staff member owns a key position in the team it could affect the whole series.”
    I’m pretty sure that a key member wouldn’t risk losing his job in order to leak 6 mins of footage that’s going to be aired in a couple of days. ^^;

  11. : Shinn agami/ your comment has depressed me greatly like W-General i also sustain my life energy by absorbing Code Geass and converting it into Spiral energy (i just watched ep 27 of Gurren Lagann) that 6 mins will only sustain me for a little while and it might not even be real! this is so annoy…. [cries uncontrollably whilst muttering incoherently into distance!]

    WingZero zxt
  12. If they really go THAT far jsut because someone leaked it then it’s overkill, seriously. But that 2chan post is still unconfirmed aFAIK, so let’s not jump into conclusions until further notice. I think thye should just air it normallt and not give a goddamn damn about it being leaked; that’s not enough reason to go THAT far IMO.

    As far as the clip go, it’s very interesting :). Let’s see if it’ll remain offical or not though…

  13. wow time stop…and i can only think of one thing………ZA WARUDO!!!! Seriously, I don’t really see the point of canceling the episode. It’s not like the whole episode was leaked.

  14. Excelryu: They probably consider Code Geas too full of epic win to get leaked that easily and therefore the extreme measures XD.

    People should calm down though; until there’s any offical annoucement, it’s too early to get panicky. There’s also the small possibility that this is all a joke or something by Sunrise and that the cut we see here is an already deleted scene or something (not too likely perhaps, but it’s still a small possibility IMO)…

  15. The 2ch rumour seems kind of odd to me. I mean leaking fragments of an episode early sounds like something that would be covered by civil law rather than criminal law (unless Japan’s legal system is different) so Sunrise would be more likely to sue the pants off of whoever leaked it rather than have them arrested.

    Personally I’m betting they’ll show the episode unaltered. Given they’d only have one week to change it any redevelopment would have to be strictly confined to re-editing, and since only the conclusion was leaked I’d say it’s unlikely that it would negatively impact ratings on the show in any way. The easiest and least risky option would be just to show the episode as normal.

  16. WingZero zxt: It can be a joke, if it’s an already deleted scene they’re using as bait :p.

    scwizard: They’d redo it because that the leak tells the ending of episode 3, which ruins the surpise for the viewers – or that’d be their excuse offically, probably: that the episode of this week has been ruined because it’s ending as wella s other stuffs was spoiled…

  17. yeah why do they need to change anything? yeah like it’s a shame that that staff member leaked the information, but it’d be pretty bad if episode 3 got changed cuz well then it’d be changed you know what I mean? And what if the way the revise it completely like wrecks the story? I don’t think that they should change anything

  18. I’m skeptical about the whole redo of the episode, although I can see the arrest part being accurate. This is a pre-release leak where the insider was promptly caught before the content ever legally aired, so criminal charges are guaranteed.

  19. Why do I get the feeling that if this was say, Kyoto Animation, this would be hailed as some brilliant viral marketing scheme instead of “in poor taste”. Whatever the case I doubt strongly that the episode is going to be pulled or changed. This is the studio that loves to leak plot details via magazine interviews and to include symbolic spoilers in it’s openings and endings. Of course this is a larger leak than usual, but 6 minutes of out of context material isn’t worth that much effort. Plus it’s a rumour started on 2ch and 2ch is full of trolls and spammers who would spread this kind of disinformation about the circumstances surrounding the leak.

  20. Lol. Re-making episode 3 over a minor leak? What’s the point? It is out and it doens’t look as if it truly spoils anything of great importance. Airing the next episode instead of episode 3? Lol. That would be even more spoilerific than these six minutes of episode 3. People should stop listening to 2chan rumors.

  21. The leaked part isn’t like a super spoiler or anything… I hope they won’t change anything or skip ep3…. just air it like it’s suppose to…

    why do common people always pay the ultimate price for some dumb crap done by someone higher up…

  22. Actually, what I saw in the leaked part was nothing impressive. If it is from the real ep, then they should redo it. Therefor I hope it was just some deleted scenes.

    After ep 2 the Code Geass fans deserve something better than what was leaked.

  23. I hope they wont do it like with ” Avatar Book 3 Fire ” when some dudes leaked episodes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and the producers just cancelled all the anime after episode 13 and episode 14 never was made

    go go Lelouch
  24. @go go Lelouch

    Avatar isn’t cancelled, and all episodes have been made – just not aired yet.

    In any case, how does Time-Stop as a Geass make any sense? At least we know that C.C. gets her hot outfit in Episode 3 (if they don’t change) :3

  25. so someone leaked part of the ep and got arrested and now they are gonna change ep 3 because of it? thats dumb (if im right) code geass is brilliant, i hope this doesn’t ruin the show…

  26. Lol I think people are thinking too much Indeed episode 3 was leaked, but that was only for 6 minutes and thats not even half of the show, only 2/4 or around that area 🙂 so I have too say if the episode will be changed then the producers dont have much faith in Code Geass and its viewers. Because if they think 6 minutes of spoiler will get less ratings then they are looking down on the viewers.

  27. Actually it’s even less than 6 mins because the Ending Song is also included in this time.
    If they don’t air the episode I’m gonna travel to Japan and burn them down!!!

  28. Ok, if this was Harry Potter or Twilight movie leak, I would see the problem. I fail to comprehend why this is just a huge deal that it involves adjustment to the script, meeting, etc…ugh.

  29. Ming and ReverseFate: This leak is a MAJORRRRRRRRRR problem for them! MAJOR MAJOR. IT WILL AFFECT THE RATING. Especially the leaked video was the LAST 6-MINS of ep3, and its a freakin cliffhanger! Now people will want to see ep4 instead of ep3. This is MAJOR man..

    Now I’m NOT concern about being spoiled, I’m more concern on how this will affect the main storyline.

  30. I am quite confused with this turn out of events as well lol, i had initially thought that ep. 3 of geass came earlier than expected.

    Oh well, am I the only one who thinks that in this pic:

    Lulu and Shirley doesnt look bad together. Also while people focus on killing suzaku and cursing him to death. I myself wonder whats gonna happen to Lulu’s harem? lol XD Especially because now Kallen nows the guy he worships is actually Lulu. Shirley seems to be back in her tsundere mode again. And now C.C.’s back their relationship is now… hmmm… I guess its back to Lulu ordering pizza for C.C. again lol.

  31. All I gotta say is the events in the episode 3 leak BETTER be canon.

    Rollo, our shouta crazy badass, as a time traveler is FREAKIN AWESOME *cough*Kinda reminds me of Mikuru. It’s always the cute ones*cough*

    I know that Sunrise is all like “Oh we’re not punishing the fans,” but FREAKIN A YOU ARE MAN. D:

  32. Wow… Nice last few minutes. I really wanna see the episode now. Rollo seems freakin awesome, taking the gun in a flash. But, it does seem a bit too powerful. Limited number of uses or something? There has to be a downside to that thing.

    Shi Tsu
  33. btw, something annoys me, let’s say sunrise does not change the plot because of the leak, then what the hell lelouch doing?? it seems clear that he again pretends to be civilian/student, not only that wasting time with shirley, while it is not in the right time to do so…..ah well…..

  34. @Avexmode: Here we go, it’s lets bitch at Sunrise time in full order. Wait….aren’t you one of those guys that hangs around Jason Miao’s blog? why am I not surprised your hear to carry his torch. Stop spreading this disinformation and hate and wait for an offical announcement.

    You people that follow Jason, I swear, you only bash Sunrise because they create popular anime and you can’t stand that their shows are well received by people when whatever your favourites are are not as much, so you try to drag everything they do down. I’m sick of it. Every studio is concerned with money, it’s the life blood of the industry, but for some reason only Sunrise gets treated like satan for it. Bloody hypocrites and trolls.


  35. stop it yaoishin, why you always bring flame wherever you go, people are entitled to their own opinion, if you dont like it you could go to H……

    we know no announcement has been made, dont need to point out the obvious, k

    we all love sunrise shows, or else we won’t bother at all seeing this series….

  36. @Kamui: I don’t bring flames with me wherever I go, it’s just that in this case people are being ridiculous about this whole incident. There’s opinion based on rational thought, which is good and then there’s opinion based on pure speculation and sketchy information, and that doesn’t help anyone including oneself. People don’t seem to get this, that there are poorly conceived opinions based on ignorance that deserve to be questioned and subject to scrutiny. Sometimes it can be harsh the things I say, but if nobody says anything then disinformation can be spread and that also helps nobody and can be harmful. And considering some peoples opinions are driven by a desire to troll the series, I feel entitled to suggest knocking it off, at least the trolling part, and waiting for cold hard facts to emerge.

    By all means people can flame all they want if the episode indeed doesn’t air and they won’t hear boo from me, but until then it’s not fair to start making snide remarks about the series and it’s creators until everything is set in stone. Innocent until proven guilty of playing fast and loose with the fans schedules and anticipation, that’s all I call for.

  37. leave those trolls alone, you don’t need to bother to descend to be in the same level as them.

    I just love geass , that’s all, some people doesn’t. why I need to force my feeling to them, it’s just quite an impossible task to do.

    Like I also hate how crusader always bash gundam 00 and geass, but there’s nothing we can do to change his point of view, so all I can do is just sit here and enjoy the show, why do I have to care what ppl think about my fav show as long as I enjoy it.
    There’s a lot of problem in my life already, which should require my attention, rather than doing those …

  38. Oh no, I had hoped that Rollo would be on Lulu’s side. How can he win when Britannia have the king, Suzaku and the knights of the Round?! All Lulu has is Karen…and Toudo.

  39. Honestly, Code Geass is good but it’s not THAT good. All those people commenting on how Code Geass is their life force need to get a life =/.
    And I’m surprised Sunrise is taking it so far. As long as no-one goes and looks for the spoiler (me included) it won’t affect anybody. And anybody that does go and look for it know full well that they are spoiling themselves – and that’s their choice.

  40. i vote for the remake of last 6 minutes that was spoiled…. pecause of it we now know a lot of thing about char’s… rollo’s geass is time-stop , lelouch can turn of his geass , his classmates suspect him being zero and spying or him or they just watching him on a date 😛 , Li Xingke will be against zero ,

  41. @Kaioshin – Way to steryotype. Stop your flaming already.

    Anyways this whole thing has been blown waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy out of proportion. its 6 minuets OF THE THIRD EPISODE for fruit’s sake. So we found out bits of information 5 days in advance. Big deal! Its not like the final 6 minutes of CGR2 was leaked.

    Sure this causes secuirty issues or something at Sunrise, but IMO they should just continue to air the show.

  42. After reading couple of post I felt like, I was in 4chan… weird…

    Besides it’s just 6 minutes minus 2 minutes for ED, you get 4 minutes out of the whole damn 20 minutes for the show. Nothing to fuss over if you ask me. Still got 16 minutes to enjoy myself.

    I don’t think they will modify or cancel their moneymaker just because some bastard leaked the %20 of the episode.

  43. @Cokematic: You realize your making the exact same point I’ve been trying to make this whole time right? And where have I stereotyped anyone or anything? I’m just stating the obvious, same as you. Anyway, whatever, nobody ever seems to comprehend what I try to say anyway, so who cares. You made the point I was trying to make, that’s good enough for me.

  44. I doubt they’re gonna drop the whole episode because of this, I don’t know how long it take to animate but I don’t think they can do it in a week, plus rewriting this episode is gonna effect later episodes. At worst they may just reanimate what was leaked.
    And since when was 2chan a reliable source of information?

    @Kaioshin: You’re talking sense here buddy

  45. Could just be a promotional scheme. Leaks of the last episodes of Gundam 00 came from a sunrise staff member weeks before the final episode. If it isn’t a promotional thing then it could be a way for them to rewrite a mistake they made in the story or the guy who leaked out the gundam 00 spoilers went overboard.

  46. that is just stooopid… i dont understand what is in japanese heads… i live in oita for 3 years now, i still dont know whats in their heads… just air the episode nevertheless,,

    the leak will become useless after the episode aired rite…

  47. 2008年4月15日17時頃、インターネット上の動画投稿サイトに、放送前の「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2」 第3話の映像の一部が、漏出するトラブルが発生しました。

    これからも「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2」の応援をよろしくお願いいたします。


  48. your kidding me, what they should do is air 3 like normal if possible, if not air four then 3, after all, most geass fan have already seen the spoilers, so might as well see how and why rolo won’t shoot lelouch (zero).

  49. We apologize blabla, the error was of Bandai Channel who uploaded the videos blabla, we are going to continue the transmissions as nothing happened. Episode 3 will be broadcasted as expected, 20/4 at 17:00.

  50. April 15th, 2008, 5 PM, a part of the unaired Code Geass Rebellion of Lelouch R2’s Episode 3 were leaked and caused trouble at some video hosting site on the Internet. As the result of our investigation, it is confirmed that the staffs who were responsible for the Internet distribution have systematically uploaded the video by mistake when they were actually trying to prevent online distribution. For the ones who are anticipating the airing, please relax, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will be careful to not repeat the same mistakes in the future. Episode 3 will air as scheduled on April 20th 5 PM. Please wait for the moment. Please support Code Geass Rebellion of Lelouch R2 from now too.

  51. O well, good thing its not going to be remade. Although, I guess the problem was since the episode was leaked, it loses impact as a whole episode. Anyways, I say thanks for the the post Eleven. Now we can rest in peace that we didn’t lose a good Code Geass R2 episode.

    @Maikeru – Good point, it would probably take them 3 to 4 days straight unless they hired extra artists. And to rework voice acting plus to keep in context with the preview and a single change in one episodes may not transition right with the episodes already made. Meh, why the hell were we worrying anyways 😛

    @Kaioshin – if you didn’t notice, a lot of our blog population are narrow minded idiots. Just state your point and move on. You already proved your point with the annoucnement Eleven posted. They’re bound to not look at comments already made and spout there nonsense.

    Sora no Kaze
  52. so this is the information from the official site? if it is so, then too bad for those that spend all their passions in bashing, complainning, and insulting SUNRISE even before it has a chance to clear things up.
    GOOD luck guys, who know there maybe someone from 2chan or what ever UNOFFICIAL sources posts something like”this anime season is cancle due to blalala reasons”

  53. LMAO the staff/s who accidentally “leaked” ep 3 must have shit in his/her/there pants when he/she/they learned of what he/she/they did if the update is authentic ^___^;;;;;

  54. I don’t see why they’re making a big fuss out of this anyway. For Tv shows like Stargate Atlantis, spoilers are released all the time. They should just air the episode and let the guy of with a warning, cut his wages :D.

  55. News from Anime News Network.
    “The official Japanese website for the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 anime series has announced that human error caused Tuesday’s online leak of the fourth and final part of episode 3, which will not officially air until this Sunday in Japan. The leak of the last five minutes and 51 seconds occurred around 5:00 p.m. JST on various Internet video-sharing websites. According to the Code Geass Production Committee’s investigation, Bandai Channel (the network service responsible for posting the entire program onto the Internet) was testing a system that prevents unauthorized posts of video when it accidentally uploaded the video onto the Internet early.

    The production committee apologized to those who have been waiting to enjoy the official broadcast and promised to take steps to avoid having this happen a second time. The third episode will air on Sunday, April 20 at 5:00 p.m. JST as scheduled.

    Thank you to dormcat for the news tip.”
    I wonder if that’s true…I hope so. So just human error huh? I guess so long as we get these next few episodes uninterrupted and unchanged it’s fine.

  56. [QUOTE]According to ANN, the leaked part of R2 episode 3 was due to an error on Bandai’s part. The episode will air on Sunday just as it was going to in the first place.[/QUOTE]

    IT seems that the arrest was a bull too.

    Well Sunrise now can go “JUST AS PLANNED”

  57. Why is it such a big deal that an episode of anime got leaked anyway? People are still going to watch episode 3, the dvd sales for ep 3 will still continue..

    Can someone explain this to me, I seem to be missing something.

  58. See I told people to wait before flaming Sunrise for “changing the episode”. Heck it was Bandai’s fault all along so the sponsors themselves are to blame. They’ve apologized for the error though so I’m just going to laugh it off and cut them some slack. Obviously their system didn’t work when they tried to test it so hubris got the best of them, as it does of any man at times.

  59. i still wonder why did this “system error” leaked only the ending of episode 3 ?? do they usualy start upload with the ending part of episode ?? why not 6 minutes from middle of episode or the beggining ?
    ending must be the last part that is uploaded to the first

  60. Playa – they probably have the episode split up into multiple files that correspond to each segments of the episode that play between commercials. The final six minutes was probably one file that got uploaded.

  61. I can’t believe you guys were thrown into an uproar by a 2chan post. That board is notorious for trolling people; I bet the poster is laughing hysterically at the flame wars he/she started. If anyone seriously believed the whole arrest thing after learning where the source of that info came from, then I feel sorry for your gullibility.

  62. Man even though there was a leak i dont think its such a huge problem. I mean will it effect the next 20 episode no of course not so who cares? We already know he can teleport.
    We already know the guy with the sword had doubts lmfao. The leak wasnt that bad it just made us eager to know period.

  63. Not like we weren’t anyway. Honestly they don’t need publicity and the idea that they would leak the last 6 1/2 mins. of an episode as a publicity stunt is ridiculous.

  64. this is frickin brilliant!!! i mean the spoilers has got me wanting to see more…whoops I didn’t mean to watch it!!! promise!!!…so was GaoHai geassed?? and why was kAllen back to the brown-pink uniform??? where was the bunny costume??? she should have asked the goddess C.C. for advice!!!!!!!!!! cough… fetish….cough… yet this show still rocks my world…. Nippon Banzai!!!!!!!

  65. It is very stuped to remake an episode because of something like that, so i doubt they will. They should realize that 95% of the people didnt watch it because it would ruin the entire episode when it came out. Also they should know that the sooner it is release, the less temptation the fans will be expose to. I would not like them changing the last six minutes of the episode, and they should realize that fans dont appreciate it. Overall i dont know what their worried about, sure it isnt good for them to have leaks but they will not lose fans because of it, and people (the same amount or even more because of it) will watch it when its aired.

  66. …I just thought about it, since Mao, and Zero both lost control of their geass they were using it at all times, what if Rolo lost control? Would he just cease to exist of something?

  67. I’m pretty surprised about the leak and the fact that it was the last 6 minutes of the episode above all else. o_o

    Regardless, even having had a friend send over the leaked video to me several of days ago, I actually managed to resist the temptation of looking into it, even though I’ve already had the gist of the spoiler told to me. ‘xD

    Ah well, hopefully I’ll still be able to thoroughly enjoy tomorrow’s episode.

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