Shortly after Rolo announces to Li Xingke that he’s come to kill Zero, his cell phone rings. To his surprise, the person on the other end is Lelouch who’s checking to see if he is safe. This confuses Rolo because Zero is still in the middle of the speech, causing him to wonder if the current Zero is someone else. Villetta then pulls the phone away from Lelouch and confirms to Rolo that Lelouch has already returned to school for some supplementary lessons, so Rolo decides to leave the Chinese Consulate-General. Guilford and his forces, however, arrive soon after and surround the compound in what quickly turns into a standoff. Inside, Kallen is watching the news coverage when Zero walks in. Kallen thinks that it’s Lelouch, but the person in the Zero costume turns out to actually be C.C., and she reveals that she and Lelouch switched places before the recorded speech. Kallen isn’t happy that this was kept a secret from her and the other Black Knights, but C.C. observes that Kallen is really just talking about herself.

The next day, Lelouch is cooking with the other student council members for a party commemorating how he and Rolo made it back alive. It is during this that he observes that no one remembers Nunnally – or to be more accurate, she’s been substituted by a phony little brother. This means that it wasn’t only his memories that were changed. Rolo meanwhile heads to the secret base underneath the school where Villetta is holding a meeting with the other members of her Secret Intelligence Agency team who have been keeping Lelouch under surveillance. Villetta thinks that this surveillance is so flawless that it leaves Lelouch no place to use his Geass, and she finds it strange that he would return to the school if he were Zero. She also reasons that probability of C.C. being at the Consulate-General is low if C.C. hasn’t yet come in contact with Lelouch. This means though that they still don’t know where C.C. is. Because of that, Villetta decides to continue trying to capture her and keep Lelouch under surveillance. What Villetta and Rolo don’t realize is that Lelouch is already onto them, but what he’s most concerned about is still Nunnally because he suspects that the Emperor of Britannia has her.

Elsewhere in the world, Britannian forces are conducting an amphibious assault on an EU-controlled beach when Suzaku arrives in the Lancelot. The EU forces are already familiar with the famed Lancelot and are surprised to see one of the Knight of Rounds at the front lines. Suzaku infuriates them by asking them to surrender, and when they don’t, he takes on the entire enemy force by himself. Watching the battle from a warship positioned off the coast, Schneizel suggests to his subordinates that Suzaku’s promotion might be a good thing because he has an awareness and a sense of responsibility as guides in a world overflowing with sadness. Back at Ashford, Lelouch is going through a set of student council event photos – all of which feature Rolo – and notices something about a particular photograph. Rolo walks in during this and quickly changes the topic from the photos to how Lelouch escaped from the Babel Tower after the Britannian military completely surrounded the place. After Lelouch points out that Rolo should be asking how he escaped from the terrorists (as opposed to from the Britannian siege), he reveals that he took an emergency passageway and had tried to call Rolo on his cell phone.

On the topic of cell phones, Lelouch notices the locket attached to Rolo’s phone and recalls that he gave it to Rolo as a birthday gift. What pisses Lelouch off is that it was on October 25th – Nunnally’s birthday. When Lelouch tries to talk to Rolo about it and nearly touches the locket though, Rolo pulls back and declares that the locket is his, so Lelouch decides to back off. Rolo then reports to Villetta at the underground water circulation room, and while they’re talking about Lelouch, one of the men on Villetta’s team accidentally interrupts them. Rolo reacts by activating his Geass power that briefly freezes all the people around him, and he promptly kills the man with a knife because the man could have overheard them talking about Geass. Meanwhile, still at the Chinese Consulate-General, Kallen thinks that the standoff won’t last forever and worries about not getting any new instructions from Lelouch. After taking a shower, she sees the bunny girl outfit in the laundry basket and realizes that it would have made matters easier if C.C. had worn it. With only a towel on, she goes to confront C.C. about this and notices too late that Gaohai and Li Xingke are in the room with C.C.

C.C. teases Kallen about being Zero, but Li Xingke already knows that Kallen is actually the Guren Nishiki’s pilot and explains that he is interested in them. Their conversation is interrupted by a Black Knight who has just learned that Guilford has brought out all of the captured Black Knights – including Ougi and Toudou – and is threatening to execute them all the following day. In exchange for those lives, Guilford wants Zero to fight against him fairly. Lelouch is watching the television broadcast of this announcement when Shirley comes into the student council room looking for help getting a present for Villetta’s birthday. She’s surprised when Lelouch suggests that they go out together to choose something, but she happily agrees to do so. A short while later, as he’s getting dressed, Lelouch takes out the contact in his right eye and recalls how C.C. had given it to him back when they were in the Babel Tower. She had warned him about what would happen if his Geass got stronger, but Lelouch was confident that he could settle everything by then. In any case, Lelouch leaves after telling Rolo where he’s headed, and Rolo ends up following him with Milly and Rivalz who had heard what was going on.

Shirley and Lelouch’s destination is the mall, and, aware that his friends are following him and that he’s under Britannian surveillance, Lelouch enacts a plan that starts with him Geassing a store employee. Shirley meanwhile is conflicted about whether this counts as a date or not and gets embarrassed while watching another couple kiss. When Lelouch asks her what she’s looking at, she gets flustered and points instead to large sign that has a picture of a cable car on it. This reminds Lelouch of what happened with Shirley, Mao, and the cable car over a year ago, and he still blames himself for her memories being erased. He also feels responsible for Milly and Rivalz’s memories getting altered, and he thinks about what he’ll do when this is all over. For now, he tells Shirley that Milly and the others are following them, and he proposes having her stand in front of a changing room like she’s waiting for him while he secretly leaves the store to go surprise the others. His actual plan though takes advantage of how there aren’t surveillance cameras around and how, even if this fails, it won’t affect Shirley.

Lelouch gets things going by calling up mall security and threatening to set off some bombs. This leads to security broadcasting a warning message that only the mall employees understand to be a terrorism alert. With that in place, Lelouch sneaks out of the store and waits for the employee he Geassed earlier to hit the fire alarm. Once this happens, a panic spreads through the mall, and Lelouch’s pursuers lose him in the crowds. When Rolo realizes that Lelouch is gone, he returns to the secret control room at the school but finds the place empty. There is someone else in the room with him though, and that person is none other than Lelouch with a gun. Lelouch had used the fact that the Britannians’ top priority was capturing C.C. to create a situation where Villetta had to go out to the mall, and he used his power on one of his pursuers in order to relay false information to her. He now plans to use Rolo as a pawn to find Nunnally, but Rolo shocks him by disappearing and reappearing behind him with his gun. Telling Lelouch to die with his demon eye, Rolo prepares to pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, at the Chinese Consulate-General, C.C. and Kallen suddenly hear an explosion coming from nearby. One of their men tries to report something about the Chinese Federation, but he’s not able to finish his sentence before Li Xingke knocks him down and declares that the Black Knights will perish there.


You know what’s so great about CODE GEASS? I can know exactly what happens at the end of the episode, and yet the whole thing will still surprise and excite me. If anything, the leaked segment from earlier this week just made me curious about how they got to that point, and I enjoyed watching Lelouch outwit Rolo all the way until the end. I thought he would be too busy addressing the world as Zero to care about Rolo, but he was actually thinking a few steps ahead in order to throw Rolo off his trail and used what I thought was a classic Lelouch strategy with the C.C. switch.

Rolo’s equalizer of course is his Geass power, which turns out to be not quite time-stop but rather the ability to freeze the perception of time of the people around him (notice that the water is still flowing behind Villetta while she’s frozen). If it has any limitations, once-per-person like Lelouch’s power is not one of them because Rolo’s now used it at least twice on Lelouch – once in the Babel Tower during the Knightmare battle and once this episode. And that reminds me: if the power indeed only affects people’s perception of time, then how exactly did Rolo escape the explosion of Urabe’s Gekka? Even if he used his power, an explosion would have kept going just like that water kept flowing. It leads me to wonder if there might be something else at play here, perhaps even related to that locket that Rolo is so really emotionally attached to. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how Lelouch gets himself out of the jam he’s in at the end of the episode.

Another thing I found interesting about this episode is that Lelouch actually shows a bit of his more humane side by feeling guilt over what happened with Shirley in the first series. It made me question again if Shirley is really the one he has true feelings for, especially since he appears to be referring to her when he talks about what’ll happen after this is all over. Granted, he could just want to tell her the truth or apologize or something, and he does think about Milly and Rivalz too, so maybe it’s really nothing. Still, I suspect that Shirley’s character isn’t going to just go away as the series progresses – I don’t think they’ve kept her around this long for no reason.

Aside from all that, I also really enjoyed watching the relationship between Kallen and C.C. The scene where Kallen runs into the meeting wearing only a towel was pretty funny, and the look on her face when she realizes that there are others in the room is priceless. Speaking of which, Li Xingke noted in that same scene that he was interested in the Black Knights, yet by the end of the episode he’s attacking them with no real explanation why. I wonder if it’s all part of Lelouch’s plan – he still needs a way to free all of his captured men, and that’ll probably be what next week’s episode is about.


  1. > -You know what’s so great about CODE GEASS? I can know exactly what happens at the end of > the episode, and yet the whole thing will still surprise and excite me.

    Exactly that’s it! 😀 . If there were any who thought that the fun would be gone after havign seen the spoiler: Shame on them! XD (also perhaps “Shame on those who thinks the school episodes are completely useless 😀 )

    > -Lelouch controls his GEASS via some contacts C.C. gave him.

    How convient. Well, that at least answers how he can suddenly turn it off and on…

    > Is Shirley really the one he has true feelings for?

    I rather doubt it. Their relationship has always been rather shallow IMHO. But I do think he values her as a close friend at the very least and wouldn’t want her to go thorugh anything like that time ever again (which is why he apparently tried to make his plan such that it wouldn’t affect her in any way).

  2. Looks like while rollo and viletta know lelouch was zero before, they can’t do anything against him until they have proof of him being zero again.

    Does anyone else think that Rollo or Cornelia were former Knights of Rounds. For Suzaku to have joined there must have been an opening initially or someone left. With cornelia injured and Rollo’s skills with the vincent, they have to be logical two possibilities. And technically since rollo isn’t a knight of rounds right now, it doesn’t conflict with the emperor saying that Suzaku’s the only knight to know about geass.

  3. Hmm, I still feel that Rollo is more that it seems. During the ED sequence, the artwork by clamp shows that Rollo having both white (Britannia) and Black (The Black Knights) wings, thus he might be a neutral as the series progressed.
    And more Kallen fanservice lol. For Lulu’s queen, she seems to be made to wear sexy attire way too much XD. Oh well, it’s not like i’m complaining.
    I still wonder why all the academy students, especially Lulu’s friend forgot about Nunally. Did the Emperor GayAssed them all? Doubt it really

  4. “Lelouch actually shows a bit of his more humane side by feeling guilt over what happened with Shirley in the first series and how her memories got erased. Is Shirley really the one he has true feelings for?”

    Hm, I don’t know if Lelouch really can have a relationship. I personaly doubt that.

    That I’d like to know as well. Guess they’re keeping her back for some major plot twist later in the series.

  5. Cornelia probably doesn’t need a Knights of Rounds position. She’s royalty. She’s the one who assigns her own Knight.

    And who says the Knights of Rounds has to have 12 positions filled? Maybe it’s an exclusive but expanding list of Knights worthy of such position [aside from Suzaku, who totally doesn’t deserve his place there.]

    I really hate it. How Lelouch gets the weak-but-useful-only-because-Lelouch-is-a-genius Geass, and everyone else gets, like, AOE Geass? And the Emperor doesn’t even have perma-Geass! I wonder how Rolo’s Geass would work if ever it would evolve into a permanent one.

  6. Watching this episode, I have one thought…

    Isn’t it weird that Viletta and Shirley are so close? I know she’s her swim team coach, so Shirley wanted to buy her a present… but…

    Shouldn’t Viletta be like “Bitch shot me!” ?

  7. *whimpers* Nunnaly . . . Cornelia . . . where are you?!
    uehrm .. . does this mean Li won’t be joining the Order? Coz, well, Lelouch’s army’s screwed coz he doesn’t have much strong fighters. Hell, only Todou, CC, and Kallen can fight . . . >

  8. >> Lelouch actually shows a bit of his more humane side by feeling guilt over what happened with Shirley in the first series and how her memories got erased. Is Shirley really the one he has true feelings for?

    Err, what are you talking about? He also feels guilty for Milly, Rivalz, etc

  9. The Director said that in this R2 there will be some kind of romance between Lelouch and the girls. It’s not clear who he is going to choose, I just hope it’s not Shirley. Even with Kallen and Milley it’s still fine, although I hope it’s CC. Don’t want to start any flame, anyway ^^;.
    Somehow I still have feeling that Rollo is not that evil! And I hope Li Xinghe will join Lelouch. Otherwise it would be unfair!!!!!
    Damn, I should stop reading the review before watching it myself, otherwise I’ll lose all the excitement!!!

  10. Rollo’s geass doesnt freeze time. it freezes peoples thoughts and movements and mind works for a duration of time.

    Also, ive noticed that the geasses all represent what a ruler/leader should do.
    Know what their followers are thinking
    Command their followers
    Change history.
    Teleport? A Ruler should be able to teleport?

  11. Awesome ! I honestly cant wait for the next episode. It would be cool if lelouch gets atleast 1 mroe powerful ally and a girlfriend atleast then it wouls soften the image of megalomaniacs being socially challenged. “Well yeah i should rule the world but you’re one fine piece of booty” and so on. 😛

    WingZero zxt
  12. I hope they will develop Rollo further as a neutral, rather than evil britannian, character. We have enough vileness with the Emperor and Suzaku, who killed his father and “sold” his own country and friends in the name of promotion. I hope, no matter the tone of the ending, that they won’t kill Lelouch like they did to Kira in Death Note and let that Suzaku bitch live. It’s about time someone gets the balls to make a story that doesn’t necessarily end in favor of our common justice sense.

  13. I’m happy seeing Guilford here, even though he’s gonna execute the Black Knights.
    The lack of Cornelia is worrying. I hope she’s not turned into something like Orange.

  14. >>The lack of Cornelia is worrying. I hope she’s not turned into something like Orange.

    ROFLMAO! “Euphie’s revenge is here!!!”

    Nina would suit that line [and being turned into a cyborg] better =p

    Based on the ED [characters pro-Lelouch e.g. Kallen, C.C. with ‘demon’/bat wings and pro-Britannia characters e.g. Suzaku, Knights, Cornelia with angel wings], maybe Rolo [drawn with angel and devil/bat wings — which totally reminds me of X — KAMUI!] will defect to Lelouch’s side. Dunno, just speculating here of course =)

    I’m really curious as to the specifics of Rolo’s Geass. Since it’s unlikely that C.C. was responsible for his Geass, we may not get real specifics like we did in the Mao arc in S1. =(

  15. Wait what do you mean he shows his humane side? Of course he has a humane side. He cares for his sister and despises those who killed his mother who is dear to him. He is a cold and calculating individual with a very realistic look at the current situation. I do not understand why that makes him less human.

  16. @Rauzes
    NO. It freezes ANYTHING in sphere but Rollo and things he is in contact with.

    Were it only thoughts and mind – Rollo in Vincent would not have escaped from urabe’s Suicide-explosion.

    Hell, he dodged a grenade and bullet rounds with same power in Lost Collors game.

  17. heh, ok it is all so great and all…, imagine, they switch cc and lelouch again! but what is it for? for lelouch to go back to school! man, he must have loved school doing these stuffs while he is in that position.

  18. @Kagekyuubi:
    “Does anyone else think that Rollo or Cornelia were former Knights of Rounds. For Suzaku to have joined there must have been an opening initially or someone left. With cornelia injured and Rollo’s skills with the vincent, they have to be logical two possibilities. And technically since rollo isn’t a knight of rounds right now, it doesn’t conflict with the emperor saying that Suzaku’s the only knight to know about geass.”

    Right, having his own Geass, Rollo surely don’t know about Geass… >_> Great logic.

    “Cornelia probably doesn’t need a Knights of Rounds position. She’s royalty. She’s the one who assigns her own Knight.”


    I wanted to add 2 more things for ppl to think about.
    Donno if you guys were listening to Geass’ Sound Chapters or not…
    But here’s some of my speculations.

    I can see Rollo to be one of ex-KoR, like the one whose place took sly bitch Suzaku.
    Yep I think there’s 12 Knights of Rounds.
    But I also see the possibility of Rollo being Knight of One – The Emperor’s personal knight (that position was once goal of Orange-kun’s life btw). With his attitude to his “supposed to be superior” Viletta and others…
    But either way, he’s another fucking chibi genius… for such positions…
    I don’t think he’s just a human… He shows strange reactions on “family” related things… The was too suspicious.

    2nd thing is not really related to the current events. Something that I noticed in the first series already, and I bet not only me.
    Don’t you think that C.C. have kinda double personality in the body of her?
    We could see some inner dialoges speaking aloud from her.

    I think there were some hints in this direction:
    – Marianne in C.C.’s flashbacks
    – phrase from one of such dialogues: “You can’t win against your own blood.” (while watching at Lelouch)
    and couple more small details, I’d better be silent about for now.

    What do you think guys?

  19. I dunno if I hate Rollo.. I think he’s an honest guy.. He just hate zero coz he thinks zero is deceiving a lot of people… But I guess he likes Lulu.. Probably later after he heard why Lulu is rebelling against Britannia he will probably help Lelouch… I dunno.. I hate Rollo on the last episode, but this episode I saw him as one of the “good” character and I don’t see him as evil as the last episode..

    Me love geass
  20. did u notice thing guys in season one, when lulu was with Eughie before she had geassed their was an interpiuted whic C.C feel it with a headic i think it was V.V like in the island when lulu and Suzaku and C.C faill in the cave and we see V.V laughing, and also in Eughie accident we see th emperor laugh and said he did it that idiot, the question is the emperor want lulu to kill a lot of people to be evil and be the next emperor?

    lulu must kill Suzaku
  21. Awesome episode! ^^

    I don’t know what to say about Lulu and Shirley’s relationshipp or Rollo yet. My questions are stilled about where Nunnaly, Cornelia and Orange-Kun are? T.T

  22. If Rollo and Suzaku were in a fight, I wonder which one would win.
    With Suzaku’s survive command and Rollo’s Geass, it would be interesting.
    But this was an excellent episode.

  23. I doubt Rollo could actually stop time
    It is just Lelouch’s guess, and could be misleading
    At the part in which he killed the guy, although Vinetta stopped moving, the waterfall behind was still in movement

  24. i’m currently downloading the 03 and still struggling between my drowsiness and the geass passion (i’ve been waiting for the new episode excitedly and AWAKELY for more than 24 hours) … still 90% to go

    Some personnal predictions so far from the first 2 episodes (and part of 03):
    1.Rollo will revolt to Lelouch’s side eventually because – 1)the pendant held by Rollo (the white heart-shaped one with a yellow clover appeared in the op) seems to be a present from Lelouch during his fakely-lived year with Rollo,that somehow suggests to me as a memorable for Rollo that although a sham in fact but still Lelouch had treated him as a real beloved brother during the one year.(btw the last screen shot reminded me the classical CLAMP BL style :))
    2)for character balance,look at the most-wonderful-spoiler-ever-Suzaku’s team:two new leading characters from the Rounds,plus other Rounds memebers;Cornelia?(i thought she’s dead?)and her knight Guilford;Mr.Orange haven’t showed up yet but appeared in the op.Then look at our dearest beloved Lelouch’s team: Lelouch himself – noncombat personnel(ncp)…;C.C.- ncp…;Kallen – the Queen assigned to fight Suzaku;Todo – still assigned to Guilford (can be seen in op);the four Holy Swords – Urabe just died in ep02,(i thought the other two guys were dead as well because only Chiba appeared so far but seeing the screenshot above…waiting to be rescued…);others are either ncp or just pawns…
    3)the ed illustration – white wing showing his Britannian originality as a planted secret observer besides Lelouch;the black wing showing his converted favour for Lelouch …my god 70%

  25. @golsho

    I meant that when the emperor told suzaku that he’s the only knight of rounds that knows about geass. That refers to the fact he’s currently the only one in the rounds to know about geass. That means that no one else in the rounds knows about it.

    I remember reading that there are only 12 knights in the rounds so that has to mean an opening had to exist in the rounds somehow. The two characters that we know about who could have been a member of the rounds would be cornelia and rollo. Although now that someone mentioned it cornelia doesn’t really need to be in the rounds.

    Rollo could have been a knight of rounds before he started spying on lelouch and his position as a knight of rounds was removed due to his new task. I’m under the impression that knight positions are given based on combat ability as warfare is their career. If rollo was a knight of rounds but was sent to spy on lelouch that would mean he’d have to leave as he can’t carry out active knight duties giving suzaku the vacancy in the knight of rounds. Another way to look at it would be that the emperor demoted/promoted rollo from a knight of rounds to lelouch’s knight. The idea is plausible if you consider his combat capabilities and that it’d be logical to give him a geass to counter lelouch’s geass.

    Another thing, people kept saying that suzaku doesn’t deserve the rounds position and that combat ability is what gains the position. We’ve seen knights that had numbers higher than 7 so far so that has to mean suzaku actually does deserve the position since his combat ability earns him the title of 7th strongest knight of rounds.

  26. 2.the relationship to the Chinese federation – mainly to determine friend or foe for the new character Li Xingke:so far and from the official website(ows) he is depicted as quite(very) skillful in both combat and strategy.

    Something i just found very interesting from the ows,in the character introduction section the Emperor(well,the Empress) of the Chinese federation is again a little young girl (Loli!), i use AGAIN because it reminds me of Kaguya,the girl who led the Kyoto house. The designer must be a lolicon or something that the representatives of both countries are lolis 🙂 , and do not tell me for some crazy reason that later the Empress (or the eunuches) decided that they are gonna make a diplomatic marriage between her and Lelouch in order for the Chinese federation to give Lelouch help (if Lelouch succeed, he would become the king of the United States of Japan) as similarly attempted by Kaguya in the 1st season. But when i reconsider such a crazy proposition, it seems a bit rather reasonable that the relationship between the CF and BN is nearly broken (coz the eunuch’s controlled by geass and hiding zero already), if the conflict really explode (I think Lelouch should stir it up a bit more at this stage), the CF would probobly ally with the enemy’s enemy i.e. zero.
    btw i’m still expecting the marriage staff so this anime will eventually turn out as a harem genre 🙂

    sorry for the crazy talks so late at night, i’m a bit irritated and…VERY SLEEPY ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………….wth……….60%…

  27. this episode looks like another one hell of cliff hanger, well i will just try my best to overcome the temping and waitting until ep4 air to watch both eps at the same time.

  28. Just looking at some random things…

    – Anyone notice how fast Lelouch can take the contacts in his left eye off? I’ll lol if he ever pokes his eye out… _>… or a stun grenade that works against knightmares or something.
    – Is it just me or did Viletta look sad finding out that Kaname Ougi is to be executed publicly?
    – Gaohai saying “Zero…is a woman?!” in his weird Chinese accent was absolutely hilarious (that’s definitely worth mentioning), and C.C. replying with “that’s right” was even funnier.
    – The Emperor’s Geass’ true power…changing the target’s sexual orientation… HE’S TRULY EVIL!!!!

  29. Lulu, deducted that it had to be time stop due to the fact that if it was quick speed movement, his hand would have probably been knocked out and no human could move that fast anyways. Notice that he’s in the same position in teh gun holding positon without a gun, with Rollo using the gun he had against him. Btw, its kinda hard to picture that the timewalk is ina small space of influence. The paradox lies in the fact that if one were to stand outside the space of stop time (outside of where he casts it), then I’m assuming you can still see the stopped time wtih Rollo moving around. Also, you wouldn’t be able to step into the time sphere due to some weird dimension crap. @@ So, its easier to believe that its a worldwide time stop influence, that can only have a duration of 3-5 seconds before one would need to cast it again.

    and its CLIFF HANGER! Dang it.

    Sora no Kaze
  30. It seems like Lelouch will have a VERY difficult time eliminating/squeezing information out of his fake brother, seeing as Rollo will be able to halt Lelouch’s actions even before anything happens. Lelouch has tough opponents to beat this season.

  31. @JT
    Seriously. “I’m a cold hearted killer that wants to kill my own brother to find out who I really am, but I treasure something he gave me.” Rollo seems a bit freaky.

    Shi Tsu
  32. Also, if this were Blue Drop(or something like that) rollo would be nunally. What coulour hair does nunally have? Although I say this, I don’t actually beleive it, there’s too much evidence agaisnt it, though I wouldn’t be hugely surprised to find out it was true.

  33. Just f-king great here…

    kallen is such a fangirl with her talk about not being informed about Zero’s and C.C.’s plan jajaja.

    You’re right Onmi, even if we knew the outcome of this episode, it was still ery exicting.

    Syaoran Li
  34. Oh WTF Rollo? >_> You have a “demon eye” too. And what in the world is up with him and his obsession with the locket? I’m guessing he has a picture of someone he cares about in there- but WHO???

  35. Woah noodles. Contacts? Yeah. Geass still panders way too much and isn’t nearly as clever as people like to think it is. It’s fun to watch, but other then that it doesn’t have much going for it. The animation is pretty bad, kind of a step down from 00 and 00 wasn’t that great to start with.

  36. Li Xingke put up a act in the final moments of the episode so that they can report to Britannia that they killed all of the Order but the truth is that they safely relocated them or something

  37. omg just finished watching 03…
    Rollo seemed really weird in several ways:
    1.cruelty – killing the subordinate (also mentioned by Villetta that many died that way already)
    2.lack of communication (he called Milly “student president”,knowing her,a good friend of his brother,for one year)
    3.oversensitivity to some terms such as ‘birthday’ and ‘family’.

    overall he gives me a feeling like a missionary robot or similar kind,lack of humane skills and shows irrational emotions.

    some crazy prediction:
    1.he do not have real family member,either none alive or never exist (in case of artificial human…crazy,so crazy…) one’s ever given him a birthday present or even taught him the concept of birthday (his birthday is in fact Nunnally’s)

    some doubts and uncertainties:
    his hatred to zero – he does not seem like a justice-mania like suzaku,nor a patriotist like the possible reason might be – 1)he just executes orders (like a robot)
    2)he had lost family members because of zero (this is less likely because zero’s only risen for less than two years and Rollo’s lack of family care seemed to be much more prolonged)
    3)he is truly Lelouch’s brother,i.e.he is one of the sons of the Emperor born after Lelouch (again not very possible from his lack of family experience)
    4)prior Round’s member

    enough crazy talk,still 157 hours til the next ep,i need to hypernate for now
    good night everyone

  38. … Lelouch owns ALL ^^ This is the one of the best anime i’ve ever watched and o ne thing about Suzaku, i hope he dies this seson ^^ i cant believe they created a character lik him. He has no honor he only think his own justice :S

  39. Ha ha, this show never fails to surprise me even when there’s a preview cause I thought Rollo would have used his geass on Li. I still hate Suzaku more than ever 🙂

  40. Good thing they don’t add or edit anything even it is spoiled. More Kallen fan service ^_^.

    after 3 episodes and the picture in the ending theme… Here’s some crazy speculation
    I got a crazy feeling that Rollo is actually the genderbended Nunnally (V.V. give her a GEASS which has the ability to see the future, it seems the Emperor of Britannia other GEASS is capable of changing the gender of the target, then he use his other GEASS to put false memories to her. Weird is since she become Rollo the GEASS ability changed to TIME STOPPER.) *This makes me remember VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE kind of plot where the VILLAIN BOY is in reality at the near end of the series confirmed as A GIRL who is sister of one of the main characters*

    This explains why Rollo’s birthday is the same as Nunnally.
    I hate the damn Emperor for doing such a thing. Now if Suzaku realizes this later,he would join forces with Lelouch in no time.

  41. This episode really starts to hint that Rolo isn’t what he seems to be. With his birthday coincidentally on Nunnally’s birthday, along with the reaction to his locket, it wouldn’t surprise me that Rolo is in fact Nunnally. It’s not that her eye’s had stopped working, it was that she had suffered so much psychological trauma that her vision disappeared. Thus, it wouldn’t surprise me that the Emperor changed her memories from probably top to bottom, and that V.V. gave her/him Geass. It’d be easy enough to say that Brittanian medical science advanced enough that they were able to fix her legs and err, change her gender 0_o.

  42. I think even Rolo himself doesn’t know who he really is… the confusion he has with his supposed relationship with Lelouch (Rolo really does seem to look up to him as a brother)is a sign that there’s definintely more to uncover about him… perhaps his memories were also rewritten by the emperor then ordered to help observe Lelouch or something?

    I agree that despite having the ending leaked, it was still a very exciting episode… Now, when’s the next leak coming out? 😀
    just kidding, I hope no more leaks come out again

  43. @arigatou
    “I got a crazy feeling that Rollo is actually the genderbended Nunnally (V.V. give her a GEASS which has the ability to see the future, it seems the Emperor of Britannia other GEASS is capable of changing the gender of the target, then he use his other GEASS to put false memories to her. Weird is since she become Rollo the GEASS ability changed to TIME STOPPER.) *This makes me remember VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE kind of plot where the VILLAIN BOY is in reality at the near end of the series confirmed as A GIRL who is sister of one of the main characters*”

    Yeah, thats the feeling I get too, but it can’t really be, because Nunally is supposed to be kind and sweet, not psychotic and unstable. Although, they are similar ages, aren’t they? AND they look similar (hair colour, but that IS the only thing you can tell). But somehow, I think that Nunally would appear different in the ED sequence if that were the case, right?

  44. Yeah I think the Emperor used his geass to give Nunally fake memories as a boy and got V.V. to give her geass. and the only thing left would be to cut her hair right? I mean….nunally is young so body-wise she wouldn’t be much different from boy to girl based on what we can see right?

  45. out of all the shows this season, code geass r2 is by far my favorite. i have never watched a show where i have absolutely no clue whatsover what will happen…one of the things i never thought about was that other people might have geass powers…but every ep just makes this series better and better! i am actually very interested in the “rollo” character…there is just something not right about him..the way he is so attached to the locket, and the way he says “family”…anyway, i look forward to next week!

  46. Li’s attack on the Black Knights could be his own plan, since Karen and CC seemed surprised at the end of the episode. It might be a way to buy them time with the planned executions until Zero has a chance to physically get back to the consulate.

  47. OMG!!! When Lelouch and Shirley at the liquor shop Lelouch got a Hungarian (Sopron city) wine in his hand. I’m from Hungary to. 😀 All hail Code Geass. But they write it as “Fungary” and not Hungary and dunno why :\

  48. Just some things I noticed, but did not see anyone comment on: In the scene where Lelouch was looking at pictures of the student council, it seemed he realized that everyone’s memories were tampered with, and that NINA was missing. However we see her reacting to the reappearance of Zero in Ep. 2. I wonder if she was taken away to help build/create some huge weapon, or if there are other motive(s)? Just a theory here, maybe the Emporer’s Geass is more of a memory edit/replace kind of thing? I have read people speculating that Rollo is a gender-changed Nunnally, but maybe it is possible that Nunnally is hidden away somewhere by the Emporer. He then copied/edited some of her memories and ‘pasted’ them into Rollo’s memory. Rollo’s reactions to words such as “family” and the locket are perhaps his mind feeling that there is something wrong, but he just doesn’t understand that these feelings and memories are not truly his, they are just implanted into his head?

  49. Gonna throw this out there.

    The emperor has a geass symbol on both of his eyes right? Possibly one eye “erases” and the other one “writes”. The emperor has aparrently had it for a long time so his geass has most likely evolved.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  50. when C.C warned lelouch that contact lens wont work if his geass will get stronger what did she mean by that ?? does it means we might see lelouch gaining some new abilities from his geass coz of powerup ?

  51. Damn stupid Lelouch didn’t pull the trigger in time, enough talk and do a Trinity (matrix 1) scene “Dodge this” Bam dead fake bro, oh wait I needed info from you LOL. Damn I need episode 4.

  52. I can’t wait to see Rollo when his Geass is permanently activated… and suffice to say, Rollo does not make the entire series suck now, as I thought it would.

    He’ll probably lie down in a hospital bed and appear to be permanently crippled as far as we know.

  53. I agree w/ Omni that there are some irregularities w/ Rollo’s Geass. It’s limitation is probably the area it affects. But even if it stops people perception of time, how does it stop their actions as well? I rewatched ep2 where Urabe and Kallen attacked the Vincent together and right when they were about to connect he disappears. If Rollo stops the pilots from moving and reacting to him for a second or two, wouldn’t they have overshot their target and slammed into the wall? It’s not like Rollo’s Geass also told them to step on the brake as well. From how they animate that fight, it really does look like the Vincent blinks from one place to another.

  54. I highly disagree with jounin and omni. Maybe I’m seeing it in a different way. Rollo’s geass stops the affected’s actions as well as their PERCEPTION. So, when he activated it, Urabe and Kallen (and the from the viewer’s POV) saw Kallen/Urabe going to attack Rollo standing still, but he was already moving towards Lelouche. The two likely had their hands gripped onto the acceleration controls which is why they kept moving towards him. When the effect wears off and they slash at their perception of Rollo who disappears (because he has really already moved away), they break after realizing he’s not there.

    Similarly, everyone sees Rollo stuck on Urabe’s blade, when in fact he has activated his Geass and is already quickly moving away. There was a good 5 seconds for him to do that.

    The show has switched the animation of Rollo’s geass from his point of view to everyone else’s (lelouche, urabe, kallen) twice now, so it’s not surprising. Note that he or his machine is never moving for a good 5 seconds before he suddenly reappears at another spot.

  55. Hm….that’s true. I agree with Lex, since that does make sense in the show and it shows how Rollo would be able to do all that without contradicting how he uses it while not on the Protype Lancelot.
    Also…..I still love Geass, and I do hope Rollo will go to Lulu’s side~! xD

  56. We see more foolishness from Suzaku, asking the enemy to surrender, arguing that he “cannot shoot someone who’s dropped his gun.” It’s complete BS since he probably knew the enemy wasn’t going to surrender anyway. How he rationalizes killing those soldiers when he is adverse to killing people/violence is beyond me.

    I proposed the gender-bending concept regarding Nunnally after Episode 1. Although possible, I discovered there is a flaw in that if she were to be geass-ed, she would have to be able to see. But she can’t due to the shock from the murder of Marianne.

    I also suspect that Lelouch’s geass is beginning/has evolved to a higher level. C.C. commented in Episode 1 that his geass “should only work when he looks directly into the target’s eyes.”

    Interesting that Rolo’s geass does not need to be applied to the eyes of the target directly. Villeta was under the influence despite being behind Rolo.

    Dr. Joe Stan
  57. I think a lot of these comments are overanalyzing the eps. I mean common Rollo being gender changed Nunnally, i hope thats a joke.

    When we see Suzaku in ED, you can see he is wearing a black shirt with torn white coat around. Maybe that means he helps Lelouch in the end or maybe it signifies his internal conflict or maybe i am also guilty of overanalyzing. I hope its option 1 though cuz both Lelouch and Suzaku are AWESOME (in that order).

  58. @Lex,

    I was actually bringing up some incongruities with Rolo’s Geass power if it did stop people’s perception of time. My post said that if their perception of time stopped, wouldn’t they shoot past their target. Also, wouldn’t they have noticed that they instantaneously jumped some distance since their Frames would have kept moving when their perception of time stopped. In the case of the scene with Villetta and Lelouch in ep3, the time perception theory works, but in ep2, there are some irregularities.

    Also, your theory doesn’t explain why Villetta just stopped talking when the Geass power activated. If Rolo was only projecting images of what he wanted them to see, then they would have kept moving while not noticing that Rolo has pulled out a knife. Villetta was stopped mid-sentence and when time resumed for her, she was surprised to see the agent collapsing to the ground (and a large pool of blood already spilled).

    Also, in that example in ep2 when the time between the Vincent taking that damage in its right shoulder and the Gekka exploding is about 4 seconds. In ep3, when we see Rolo use his Geass in the sewer system, it looks like it takes 3 seconds to finish activating. The Vincent would have only had around 1 second to move at that point. It might be that Rolo didn’t even use his Geass power to get away from the Gekka explosion and Omni suggested that there is something else involved (the explosion makes a good screen so anything that happened would have been hidden). We need more evidence before determining what Rolo’s Geass power is.

    Also, doesn’t Villetta mention Lelouch’s Geass in that meeting at 6:39 to a room with 4 other people? Shouldn’t Rolo have killed them? She might have been speaking to herself, but it’s hard to say since her tone doesn’t change and we don’t have a shot with her mouth moving.

    Ahhh…debating this where theories are presented and evidence weighed is much better than the senseless “I hate this character!!” posts.

  59. I had a question on Villetta and Shirley: they seems to get along just fine since Villetta is the swimming team coach and Shirley is part of the team….but isn’t shirley the one who shot villetta in season one?
    Don’t tell me they forgot about that?

    and about rollo, do you think the emperor did some sex change on nunnally? Or, i know it sounds crazy, but do you think the emperor did some experiment on nunnally like genetic enginering on nunnally and make her a boy or make a clone of nunnally but a male version? (like in Evangelion, when Gendo made Rei, who is somewhat a clone of Yui, his wife). So what do you think?

    and Suzaku, he thinks he’s doing it in the name of justice….Suzaku, you’re a sad young man….now his heart is filled with revenge and hatred….

    …and Li Xingke…..i thought he’s a black knights’ fan but later, he attacks them? I think he’s angry because on what Zero did to Gaohai….but anyway, what will happen if he and Suzaku have a one-on-one? (not on Knightmares but on kung-fu fighting..:) ala jet li vs. jackie chan)…

    ….can wait for the next episode…and i miss orange-kun, cornelia and most especially, nunnally!!!!!

  60. I had a question on Villetta and Shirley: they seems to get along just fine since Villetta is the swimming team coach and Shirley is part of the team….but isn’t shirley the one who shot villetta in season one?
    Don’t tell me they forgot about that?

    and about rollo, i know it sounds crazy, but do you think the emperor did some experiment on nunnally like make a clone of nunnally but a male version? (like in Evangelion, when Gendo made Rei, who is somewhat a clone of Yui, his wife). It’s possible that the emperor keeps nunnally as a hostage. So what do you think?

    and Suzaku, he thinks he’s doing it in the name of justice….Suzaku, you’re a sad young man….now his heart is filled with revenge and hatred….

    …and Li Xingke…..i thought he’s a black knights’ fan but later, he attacks them? I think he’s angry because on what Zero did to Gaohai….but anyway, what will happen if he and Suzaku have a one-on-one? (not on Knightmares but on kung-fu fighting..:) ala jet li vs. jackie chan)…

    ….can wait for the next episode…and i miss orange-kun, cornelia and most especially, nunnally!!!!!

  61. Jounin:
    I’m not sure what you mean. I’m saying that ROlo’s geass freezes the “scene” that the victims last see. It also freezes their actions but not necessarily their thoughts and their -perception- of them doing the actions they would do to an “unmoving” ROly.

    So when Roly uses geass to get away from kallen/urabe, he activated it even as the viewer saw Urabe/Kallen halfway towards him which would explain why they didn’t overshoot, since the effect wore off as he reappeared near Lelouch and they brake. So, they “see” him standing there (thus so does the viewer), but in reality he is already moving to where Lelouch is. If he activated it right when he was about to get slashed, then yeah they would’ve rammed into the wall. They still accelerate even if he uses his geass when they are halfway there because their bodies are frozen with their hands on the acceleration control. I think they see themselves performing the action on the scene they last see, so they aren’t confused about why they moved a great distance. They would’ve moved towards him frozen body or not. Even when Villeta was frozen, she could’ve been perceiving in her mind as saying other things before actually spitting out her last line since she was not cut off in mid-sentence.

    I think it took longer for Rolo to activate his geass in the sewer system because he had to turn his geass eye on and the activate it. Rolo already had his geass eye on since he used it to move past kallen/urabe. Also, the Vincent is godly fast/acrobatic on its own.

    This theory is kind of muddled because it shows the characters “talking”, but when they do, urabe/kallen are in the machines, you don’t know if they are actually talking or thinking. At other times, he doesn’t have to move only a small distance so it makes sense if they keep talking with short pauses. Even at the end of ep3, it doesn’t show Lelouch’s mouth or him moving at all for almost 2 seconds lol. It seems as if he’s still thinking that line about enslaving ROly to be the pawn while looking at a Roly (who is really no longer there). It appears that it even affects all the senses since Lelouch doesn’t realize his gun is taken away.

  62. Oops, when I meant freeze the scene. I mean I think it freezes their perception of what only Rolo specifically is doing but nothing else in the scene.

    Heh yeah it sounds like a lot of speculation, but it makes everything fit perfectly to me.

  63. I still think Rollo has been geassed something by the emporer. Why else would he treasure the necklace Lulu gave him? He wants to believe in Lulu. Maybe he’s come to truly love Lulu after the year he’s been with him.

    But on the other hand, for killing Zero he’s being serious, cold-hearted, willing to kill, seemingly focused and all. I think it’s because he has a purpose to do, a truth to find, a mission to accomplish or something of the sort. And that attitude is just like Lulu. I really think they’ll get along and he’ll eventually change sides. As for evil, I dunno and don’t want to think about it. Evil has become too hard a word to use to describe characters in Code Geass. I just really want to know more about his past. Who’d he get that geass from? Why? Why in the world is there geass in the world? What capabilities does his geass have? It’s really unfair that he can use it in a pulse manner (360degrees around him), no direct eye contact but the eyes go red anyway and that totally unfair unlimited times thing. I’m sure there has to be a delay before he can use it again. If Lulu gets control of the control room, he bettered look at the video cameras and give us viewers an explanation. Oh, and there are plenty of signs that Rollo won’t be able to shoot Lulu even if nothing interrupts that little scene. He’ll hesitate long enough for Lulu to persuade something into him. I can’t wait to see how.

    Here are even more thoughts and predictions: Rollo is NOT Nunnally. (I’m sure of it, it’s LOGIC.)
    Rollo will eventually die. (quite sure on this one too, strong intuition)
    Suzaku will kill him… (totally a feeling, all because the directors sure like to do everything to torture Lulu)
    Or maybe he’ll sacrifice himself. Maybe he’ll be the one who reveals what the geass contract is.

  64. Well, if Rollo is really Nunnally it _would_ explain a lot if things – such as why he doesn’t seem sure of who he is (sort of), his rather obvious attachment to Lelouch – as well as a number of other things. It would probably also be soemthing that greatly amuses the emperor: The gentle Nunally, becoming a cold-blooded killer like Rollo, possibly ending up killing her own beloved brother! However, since she can’t see , it makes it doubtious if the emperor has really ddone anything – at least as far as his Geass goes. Still, he could possibly have had VV doing something – both VV and CC seems to have powers which can affect humans mentally just by touching them, so…

  65. I got one crazy theory: what if Marianne planned the attack so that she can force her son to become stronger in order to succeed the throne? At this moment, her soul resides within C.C. or C.C. can communicate with her, however, she does not want C.C. to tell Lelouch about her planned murder for some unknown reason.
    I still wonder about C.C.’s true name, Lelouch said it is more human, I hope it will be a pretty name. If the director does not want to reveal in this season, that’s fine, too. My main concern is about their relationship after all.
    I want to point out one thing: Lelouch is trying to eliminate the royalty thus he killed his half-brother and sister, unaware of the fact that they care a lot about him. It’s interesting that the people once cared about Lelouch and Nunnally became his enemies once he declare war against Britannia as Zero. Those people included: Suzaku, Schneizel, Clovis, Cornelia, Euphemia. In fact, he declared them his enemies without knowing about their hatred of Japan stemmed from the thought that he and Nunnally had died. It is difficult to determine him as pure good or evil because his action of killing innocent people constantly conflicted with his ideal of making a peaceful world for Nunnally. In fact, I thought his enemy should be the emperor, not his brothers and sisters so he had been killing the wrong people (Clovis, Euphemia) from the beginning, but it’s far too late to regret it now.
    As a final note, I supported Lelouch and C.C. as couple seeing how both of them had suffered through great ordain in the past and come to an understanding about one another. Season 2 made their relationship goes back to the way it was before Stage 25, but I hope that is only temporary.

  66. “In fact, he declared them his enemies without knowing about their hatred of Japan stemmed from the thought that he and Nunnally had died.”

    Lol what?

    They don’t hate Japan, they’re just racist and oppressive. They do that to all their colonies.

    And it stemmed from the thought that Lelouch and Nunnally had died? So in what way was it Japan’s fault? So who was the one that decided to send them to Japan and later invade it?

    Seriously lol.

  67. No, I just say that they at least care about him and Nunnally, they do not coldheartedly discarded him, it’s just the Emperor at fault here. They are racists, yes, but not Euphemia. I thought the decision to invade Japan came from the Emperor himself though so his brothers and sisters are not at fault here. I am not supporting Britannia, but I want people to look at a different aspect to judge whether Lelouch is right or wrong by killing his brother and sister without knowing about their feeling toward him.
    One final thought: I hope he will grow to care more about the people around him instead of using them as chess pieces.
    This time, I hope he really does what he means: free Japan for real, not using them as chess pieces to fulfill only his dream as he had admitted to Karen in stage 25.

  68. Clovis, OK I won’t argue. Even I think Lulu was being rash back then. I think the reason was to seal his lips and protect his identity.
    But about Euphemia, I’m tired of people who forgot/didn’t realize/halfslept during the show so missed that Lulu never wanted to kill Euphie but the geass was a total accident which instantly made her a lost case. And killing her was the only way to stop her from killing more people.

    He already does care about the feelings of people around him and doesn’t use them mindlessly as chess pieces (even Ougi said so), even though he said something different in stage 25. Lulu well, isn’t just beautiful words like Suzaku is.

  69. I realized them, but the main point is: Can you forgive him for what he did? I know that the situation forced him to do it, but still killing them is just wrong to me. I don’t blame him, but Suzaku did not care about anything else except the fact that his best friend killed his girlfriend. I do think that he is considerate of others, but he should says it aloud so people won’t misunderstand him and think he is just a cold-hearted murderer. Have you guys noticed that there’s a contradiction between episode 1 and 2. Near the end of Turn 01, Suzaku said he will kill Zero even though it takes Lelouch till turn 02 to reveal his revival as Zero on the media though the person standing there is C.C. Anyway, Suzaku was just as surprised as everyone was, so I wonder when was that conversation takes place or is it just irrelevant to the whole episode since Suzaku confirms to Zino that Zero is dead (an obvious lie probably because the Emperor did not want Suzaku to reveal Zero’s identity to any other Knights and Suzaku should know that Lelouch is at Ashford)

  70. I am really surprised that Zero’s men are still alive and jailed. If the Emperor was as brutal as they make him out to be, they would have been executed right after their capture. Or if kept alive, then in a much more damaged condition (torture anyone?).

    Even if they intentionally kept them alive and well to use them just in case (like they are doing now) it would still be prudent to poison them. This way even if Zero somehow manages to free them, the terrorists would still be eliminated by the slow poison in their veins leading to a no-loss situation for the Empire.

    Naturally, this won’t be the case as Lelouch is the only character in this series with IQ above 70 🙂

  71. ..looks like Lelouch is now concern about his friends most especially about Milly, Rivalz and even Shirley which all of them don’t remember about Nunnally….
    he even feels bad about using his geass on Shirley to erase her memories about him.
    but i think he learns a valuable lesson here most especially about his Geass since, even though C.C. gave him contact lens and warned him about his Geass getting stronger (the possibility that Lelouch will end up just like Mao)

    as for Suzaku, i think he’s consumed in hatred and revenge.since he vowed to kill Zero personally (which means killing his best friend, Lelouch

    and Rollo, a lot of fans theorized that he’s Nunnally.I mean, duh, did the emperor did some wacky sex change? LOL.But my theory is that Rollo probably is a male clone of Nunnally. (like in Evangelion where Gendo made Rei who is a clone of his wife, Yui).

    yeah, it sounds crazy but of course he feels weird when he hears the word “birthday” or “family”. I mean, he reminds me of Rei Ayanami of Evangelion. But unlike Rei who is unemotional and acts like a robot (because she only follows orders from her superiors, Rollo has emotions but probably, he lacks some human emotions. He also seems very attached to that locket (which reminds me of Rei, who is quite attach to Gendo’s glasses because Gendo saved her before and his glasses fell when he opened the entry plug with his bare hands). So, you think that Rollo is a human male clone of Nunnally?

    And i’m getting to like Li Xingke. There must some explanation why he attack the Black Knights. Before that he admire Zero being the leader of the Black Knight. But now, he attacks the black knights? Maybe he’s not happy on what had happened to Gaohai.

  72. I don’t blame Lulu for killing Euphie so I don’t have to forgive him. I wouldn’t blame anyone who killed someone I love if it was by accident, there’s no point. Lulu already blames himself enough. I agree too, that Lulu should speak more of his mind especially to Suzaku about geassing Euphie being an accident. But it looks like Lulu doesn’t mind if others misunderstand him and I think he was saying all that in Ep 25 to make Kallen misunderstand him too on purpose.

    Yeah, and Suzaku or the Emporer knowing Zero was back at the exact moment is weird. Like the “WAHAHAHAHAHAHOOHOO That guy finally did it!” very shortly after Euphie went berserk.

    Anyone think C.C.’s hinting that Lulu’s geass can become even stronger when she gave him those contact lenses? Wonder if next he’ll get geass in both eyes.

  73. You guys remember in Stage 24 & 25, when the security of the government building suddenly become hectic when Zero declare to attack them on midnight. Somehow, his geass became strong enough to command the personnels of the building to betray the Britannia with only his voice (same ability with Rai’s geass in the PS2/PSP game). A riot started in the building and many were killed. But however, in season 2 turn 2, C.C. comment on how his geass only work by looking directly at the target’s eyes as oppoosed to the power displayed in Stage 24 at 4:43 where they actually submit to his voice. I noticed thought that not all people are affected and does he even know he has such a convenient power? Anyway, he used it to make those personnels purge the layers of the settlement and trapped Cornelia. Do you think the Emperor’s geass not only rewrite his memories, seal his geass, and make it lost the power to command people using only his voice? However, no one knows that he ever did that, they thought he must look directly at the target’s eyes. Haha, I got the feeling that this ability will come back to him and it might be his trump card yet.

  74. Kalessin:
    Well, I don’t think they’ve kept ALL of them alive for that long. However, those black knights we see there may be those that got captured last, sorta, or those who were senteced to life imprisonment only. Or possibly they were all secretly kept alive for this purpose. Anyway, this way, Lelouch will easily be able to regain the core of his black knights force and with Rollo on his side, he should easily be able to take care of his would-be captors one way or another…

  75. SpectatorBeholder:
    I disagreed, I think ALL the Black Knights are PURPOSEFULLY kept alive. Why? Because Remember Todou almost got executed back in season one if not for Zero, he would die. However, considering his crime (Britannia’s perspective not mine) of resisting Britannia and joining Zero’s force, it is not surprised if the Britannia already killed him after they captured him, however it was not the case. Todou’s crimes got to be way more than those infantrymen but he was not executed so I doubt ANY Black Knight member was executed at all. However, considering those guys spending time in jail, they do not know Zero’s true identity. I want to see how Lelouch will rescue them, make Rolo joins his side, and reveals his identity to ALL Black Knight members. If possible, told them about him being the prince but suffering a great deal and his missing sister, but seeing how tough he is, I doubt he would rely on them as emotional supports.

  76. >>Somehow, his geass became strong enough to command the personnels of the building to betray the Britannia with only his voice

    Who said he Geassed them using just his voice? For all we know, they were all previously Geassed and his voice was only used to “activate” his command. He could’ve just Geass-commanded them, “You will destroy the Tokyo settlement when I announce ‘submit to my army.’ and kill anyone who tries to stop you.” And those people did just that.

    What I’m curious about though is how Lelouch’s Geass could get stronger. Who knows, maybe it’ll be AOE like Mao’s [from which we could also speculate that Mao’s Geass might have been eye contact-only before, until it became more powerful]. Maybe it will work on a single person more than once? Who knows.

    I really hope Rolo becomes a true Lelouch ally, even though it’s highly unlikely, given that he’s working under a Secret Intelligence Service for Britannia. He seems really really concerned for Lelouch and was sort of relieved when he was made to believe that this current Zero isn’t Lelouch. This is just pure speculation, but maybe in the process of acting as his fake brother, Rolo learned to actually love Lelouch as a person. You know, he could’ve thought, “Hey, if this person isn’t Zero, he’s a really really nice person!” I mean, who wouldn’t love non-vengeful, non-Zero Lelouch? Lelouch without his Zero persona may really be a nice person, nice enough for someone as ruthless as Rolo to become attached to. Now of course he’s devastated at the fact that Lelouch has regained his memories and has returned as Zero.

    At Li Xingke suddenly attacking the Black Knights, maybe he misunderstood the panic Lelouch created as a Black Knight terrorist attack on civilians? You know how mad these just people get when civilians are wrongfully involved in wars.

  77. ALSO, I kinda laughed at when Shirley mentioned, “Villeta-sensei seems to get mad at me all the time” [or something to that effect]. LOL. You shot your swimming coach, FYI! =))

  78. SpectatorBeholder and Zero:

    That is the point I am trying to make. It seems they are all kept alive although realistically speaking (in terms of this anime and Britannian policy towards terrorists) they should all have been sentenced to a public execution for the whole country to watch. Instead they have been kept in mint condition so that the rebellion can start all over again. Its way too convinient for the protagonist.

  79. Why does anyone see a problem with Villetta and Shirley? Shirley’s mind was reprogramed just like the rest of the student council, so of course she doesn’t remember it. And Villetta is undercover at the school to watch Lelouche, so she’s not about to jeopardize that by acting either strange around Shirley and reminding her of what happened or even hurting her. It’s part of her mission to keep the past a secret.

    How is that hard to understand?

  80. Zero & Kalessin
    Well, realisitcally speaking they might’ve been kept alive for this purpose only: as a bait to lure Zero/Lelouch out should he ever reawaken. Or perhaps the emperor (if we assume that he let Lelouch live for some as of yet unknown purpose of his) saw to that the core of those who fought for Lelouch were kept alive until Zero were to return…

  81. EP 03 revealed that they mostly care about bringing C.C out. They don’t even truly care about Zero/Lelouch.

    The order of the black knights have been imprisoned, not executed in public because they are pawns used to lure C.C out while Lelouch cannot do anything on his own, being under constant surveillance. They weren’t kept alive so the rebellion could be started again. It’s not even sure how many of them will be saved by Zero, if he does manage to actually pull this out.

  82. Z:
    Well, we know that at least most of the leaders, Todou and two of the three reamining Four Blades will get through it (that old guy isn’t seen in the OP, so it’s somewhat doubtious if he’ll survive or not).

  83. Suzaku, die, die, DIE!!!
    At first I was neutral about him, he just said that he would stop war from inside Brittanian, and for me that´s ok, but then he killed every japanese terrorist, but not the Brittanian who killed innocent japanese people. And then he is kinda turned to order-freak-person, who´s follow his superior´s order without judge whether that´s wrong or right. I hate him more because of this episode. He even now go to war with EU, and ask the EU´s army to surrender and if they don´t he will attack them. He now exactly what will happen to the country that lose to Brittania, they´ll share the same fate as the japanese, and yet he´s asking them to surrender. For me it is like he is asking them “Hey you, please be Brittanian´s Slave or else I´ll kill you!”. :fury:

  84. Speculations involving Rolo usually come down to his possible 1) past experience as a knightmare pilot, and 2) familial relationship to the main character. However, I’m starting to wonder if there might be a connection between Marianne (Lelouch and Nunally’s mom) and Rolo, who has both of these traits.

    Marianne was nicknamed “Marianne the flash”, for her unparalleled speed and agility in her knightmare. Now we have Rolo, who uses a Geass to seemingly move his knightmare at incredible speeds by stopping the perception of time. It could be coincidence, but they have a similar main skill, at a minimum.

    Many wouldn’t consider this possibility because she’s believed to be dead. But how do we know the attack on Marianne actually happened as remembered by Lelouch and everyone else at this point? The emperor’s geass can rewrite people’s memories at will. The “attack” could be just an implanted memory by the emperor geassing the few who were actually there, like what apparently happened to the Ashford students who knew about Nunnaly.

    Marianne was a knightmare pilot with the same skill as Rolo (incredible speed). Marianne may not be dead, since the “attack” that supposedly killed her could have been falsified. If she is not dead, and people were geassed to believe she was, she is likely under the emperor’s control. Under the circumstances, it is more likely that Rolo is somehow connected to Marianne than he is a transformed Nunally, IMHO.

    @ ShinSenshi – Look at: approx. 15:40, lower right hand of screen.

    P.S. Speaking of noticing details. Did anyone else notice on the world map at the start of Turn 2, that Britannia doesn’t actually include England at all. The empire consists of North and South America, New Zealand, and Japan.

  85. Let’s look at the romantic side of this episode. I think that Karen might actually get jealous of C.C. because Lelouch trusted C.C. more than her. Just like last time when they switched, no one knew about it beforehand. They have a saying, “To deceive your enemy, you must deceive your ally first” and Lelouch just did exactly as it said. I supported Lelouch and C.C. seeing how they had understanding about one another: C.C. knew he is a prince and he did everything to protect Nunnally, they defeat Mao together, and Lelouch half admitted his feeling of wanting to be together with C.C. more than anyone else after seeing a part of her memories, not only that he is the only one alive who treated her better than anyone else. Evidences? The Britannia experimented on her, the witch hunt tortured her and burned her to death, the soldiers in the war shot her, all these horrible things. If Lelouch can be called a tragic hero, then C.C. could very well be the tragic heroine in the last season. I feel sad after watching Stage 25, but seeing now that they are all well and start the revolution again, I am happy again, but maybe that happiness can only wait after watching Turn 04.

  86. JW17,
    about Britannia not being in England is probably because the Amerika’s were originally part of England, in Code Geass history they just never got there independance so it would be logical for Britannia to relocate to a bigger continent for more territory than just some island. Seeing as how they are at war with the EU, it’s possible the EU took over England itself.

  87. >>Why does anyone see a problem with Villetta and Shirley? Shirley’s mind was reprogramed just like the rest of the student council, so of course she doesn’t remember it. And Villetta is undercover at the school to watch Lelouche, so she’s not about to jeopardize that by acting either strange around Shirley and reminding her of what happened or even hurting her. It’s part of her mission to keep the past a secret.

    Sheesh no need to be all serious about it. I just mentioned noticing what Shirley said and laughing at it, that’s all. o_O Can’t we get a bit less serious here?!

    Anyway, that aside, I just don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with this Rolo = Nunnally theories. On that respect, I guess I’ll just wait and see.

    On Marianne’s death being a memory manipulation by the Emperor and his Geass, wow, never thought of that possibility. And since this episode shows that he can Geass a lot of people [the student council, probably the whole school, too!], it seems really plausible.

    >>EP 03 revealed that they mostly care about bringing C.C out. They don’t even truly care about Zero/Lelouch.

    Exactly. They refer to Lelouch merely as bait, just like that Baron from ep1. They’re main goal is actually C.C., which in itself is a mystery. If the Emperor wants her so much, why did he leave her in Clovis’s hands? Was it all carefully planned by the Emperor? That is, for C.C. to create this contract with Lelouch and so on? Blah.

    Can’t wait for the next ep 😀

  88. Wow, Code Geass never fails to impress me!! Though i did watch the leak (hehe), wen I watched the episode, I 4got I ever watched the leak! Hmm, maybe coz I was lookin with subs >.> Li Xingke, on the other hand, is mighty fine and seems to be nice-guy-look-with-sexy-voice but still curious if he’s against the OotBK or if it was just a ruse. I’m a bit worried about the ShirleyxLelouch interaction, forgot she wouldn’t be dismissed so easily. But I’m still up for C.CxLelouch!! (Hmm, a bit LixKallen though his loyalty is for the loli >.>)

  89. Lelouch is the perfect housewife XD!! Err, make that house-husband, but he’s still cute when he’s in his school persona. The summaries for the next two Turns kinda suprised me, coz won’t Lelouch and Rollo be intense around each other? Anyways, this episode brought out that Lelouch is still game. Gotta love C.C and Kallen interaction.
    @Paul – it was already confirmed that Rollo is not Nunnally. Both are separate beings.
    @Watcher – This episode hints a bit of Rollo’s feelings towards family. When he said ‘birthday’s are important’ and la-di-la, he looked a tad gloomy plus the side hint Rivalz said that he doesn’t have many friends. And Lelouch gave it as a birthday present (maybe the first gift) so he’s protective of it, hence what he said, “I recieved it!’ But dunno, maybe it’s something else.
    On a sidenote: If Xingke and Rollo are on Lelouch’s side then Brittania is going DOWN! Jk jk. But it could be possible >.>…

    Seems like Rollo really loves Lelouch as his brother, even though he’s finding ways to deny it by working/hiding stuff but the end of the episode, he says, “Lelouch” instead of Onii-san. So, who knows…bah, he almost pulled the trigger on him, forget that. But he can’t kill him because he is stil the only bait for C.C to come out.. I’m also wondering at the end of m-san’s post as well. >.> Meh, means gotta wait. Can’t wait for the next episode! PIZZA HUT SUPPORTS THE REBELLION, HECK YEAH!! (View last episode, or was there another sign in this one?)

  90. OK, so the conclusion is… Actually, after the first season and 3 ep, we still only have a LITTLE clue about everything in Code Geass, right? But, that’s what make us LOVE CODE GEASS!
    It’s very hard to me to believe that Rollo is Nunnally, you know… It’s the way too out of my mind!
    I’m sure now that I don’t hate Rollo. On the other side, I start to like him. I’m more worried about that Li Xingke guy. Waiting so uch for ep 4!

  91. How did you get that screenshots? Did someone leak the screenshot at the end of episode 4? It looks to me like there’s a festival and Suzaku, Zino, and Anya came to Ashford. Lelouch and Suzaku confront. What will happen? Now I am looking forward to episode 5, but episode 4 come first.

  92. I got this info from some anime forum.
    Spoiler in Japanese:
    ス「はい 今、目の前に はい」
    ル「困るんだけどなァ、そんな偉い方なんかと 」

  93. I translated what Devilathrun posted. Sorry, it’s a rough translation (obvious, because of the grammar). It’s up to you to decipher it:

    Carrying [suzaku] which is removed. [su] “next week assumes a new post it is new governor-general of the area 11 which” in [ru] “governor-general the merely student?” In the midst of [suzaku] telephone. [su] “it is and now, is before the eye and” presents carrying to [rurushiyu]. [ru] “that [na] “it does it is troubled, but it is, [a], such a great one what”? Older brother?”

  94. Hmm, I’ve tried translating it as best as possible, so it’s now a summary of the events during Turn/Episode 5…Turn 5? What the…isn’t is supposed to be Turn 4? Although it doesn’t make sense with the leaked screenshots.(I’m sorry if spoilers tag doesn’t work!)Correct me if I’m wrong, I dont trust myself when translating:

    Apparently, there is news of some General with Suzaku on the phone. Something about Lelouch also on the phone. Something with Kallen’s knightmare and having some kind of conversation. (?) C.C is also there. Something about not knowing C.C being there (until Lelouch sees her, that is.) and Millay and a dance. (In the screenshots) He has a little contact with Karen and Villeta. It’s kinda of difficult because of the characters, but there is Villeta in a swimsuit that is (mentally?) cursing Shirley because she’s in a swimsuit. Another about Nunally? Then Lelouch teaching Rollo how to hold a knife (potato peeling like in the screenshot?) Erhm, yes. That’s all I’ve managed to get out.

  95. the screenshots are at the end of Turn 4 and they introduced a bit of Turn 5 which make me wonder why someone leaked them because Turn 4 is not aired until Sunday. I don’t hear any big fuss about the leaking at all. Wonder if the staff know that screenshots at the end of Turn 4 were leaked. I agree that they should stop doing it. Although I like to see them, it just spoiled things and reduce the tension of the show. I guessed this series is just so popular that people cannot hold back the urges to revealed everything.

  96. Agreed, there are too many leaks when they haven’t aired the proper episode for the wee…>.> Though some people agree with the less tension when it’s leaked, some say that it just heightens it because there are so many possibilites and why it’s happening, Hmm, right now, Sunrise is kinda suspicious nowadays. Anyweyz, this episode was okay, really. Just a bit boring with Lelouch back in his school life and outwitting them again, oood thing it wasn’t a repeat of the Season 1’s Episode 3. I’m looking forward to Episode 4 and 5 more now, because of all the chaos =^^=
    @miko-chan – lol. Don’t worry, I know Japanese as well but I suck horribly at translating ^^

  97. Just a crazy idea about Rolo.
    Rolo is nunnaly’s twin broder who was taken away at birth by the emperor/v.v for some reason involving geass. Result he has been raised a bit like mao only without the going crazy of hearing everybody’s thoughts and with the desire for a real family. And as lelouch being the only family he has he has come to care for him, but out of loyalty towards v.v./emperor he hates Zero.
    i know it sounds crazy

  98. fobe at 1:10 pm on April 25th, 2008
    “Just a crazy idea about Rolo.
    Rolo is nunnaly’s twin broder who was taken away at birth by the emperor/v.v for some reason involving geass. Result he has been raised a bit like mao only without the going crazy of hearing everybody’s thoughts and with the desire for a real family. And as lelouch being the only family he has he has come to care for him, but out of loyalty towards v.v./emperor he hates Zero.
    i know it sounds crazy”

    – And also maybe rolo killed Lelouch’s mother.

  99. Well, at least at this show, the characters don’t do anything they want and doesn’t matter about what will happen to other people (although *spoiler* Lelouch kills Euphie to get a good image to the Black Knights, even feeling kinda guilty)
    This because Death Note was kinda non-sense, kill people and gtfo who’s on his way (even if it was her father or something like that).

    And that’s why I like this anime better..

  100. Everything below is just a guess and I have not seen any episodes passed this one. However there’s a very good possibility my guess might be right and if you don’t want you mind think the way mine is then don’t read it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  101. I mean no offense by writing this but you Shirley X lelouch fans need to realize that if they get together, their relationship would only end in diaster because she couldn’t handle all the bloodshed, lies, and fighting that Lelouch puts himself through. Also if Lelouch somehow gets the throne and him and Shirley become a couple she wouldn’t know how to handle the responsibility given to her by being Lelouch’s wife. Besides She didn’t know Lelouch’s TRUE personality not just his zero persona but all of him. Shirley doesn’t even say why she loves him? That in itself should show that she knows little about him except he’s a genius and gambles. Again I mean no offense.

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