With the dangers of Zero being a vampire, the chairman gives Yuuki a bracelet that can let her subdue him if she brings it close to the crest on his neck. This is the condition that Kaname set to let Zero stay in the Day Class, and Zero is okay with it. The following day, Yuuki’s class gets a new teacher – a man named Yagari Touga. Zero is surprised to see this person and ends up leaving class before it even starts. Yuuki chases after him, and, at the school gates, the two are met by the chairman who sends the two on an errand in town. They end up making a stop at a cafe, and Yuuki tries to find out if Zero knew that teacher, but before he can tell her, they are interrupted by the waitress who mistakes Zero for a member of the Night Class. This bothers Zero to the point that he goes outside because he realizes that he might smell like a vampire too now, and it is at this point that he suddenly senses something. It causes him to run off, and when Yuuki emerges from the cafe, Zero is gone.

Yuuki searches around town for Zero and pauses only when she accidentally cuts her arm on the railing of a rusty staircase. While she’s standing there, she suddenly gets attacked from above by a vampire, and she’s barely able to defend herself with her pole. When the vampire tries to lunge at her a second time, Zero shows up to protect her. He doesn’t immediately kill the Level E vampire though, and it is Night Class member Ichijou Takuma wielding a sword who actually does that deed. Ichijou’s appearance is capped off by him telling Yuuki to come to the Night Class dormitory tonight if she wants to know why they took care of the Level E. Both she and Zero show up that night, and Zero first gives Yuuki a gun to shoot him with for when he loses his humanity and goes on a rampage. Though Yuuki understands and accepts how he feels, she also says that she doesn’t want to think that that day will come, and she tries to get Zero to promise that he’ll resist it so that she won’t have to use the gun.

Zero and Yuuki are met by Aidou and Kain, and the two lead them to what turns out to be Ichijou’s birthday party. Yuuki, however, quickly gets to the point by asking about the Level E, and Aidou explains that the Level Es are not the same as the vampires of the Night Class. Vampire society is ruled by a handful of purebloods and nobles, and though everyone in the Night Class is a noble or higher, there are a lot of ordinary vampires under them. Further down the hierarchy are ex-human vampires, and at the very bottom are Level Es – ex-human vampires who have lost control over themselves. It was actually, Kaname who sent Ichijou to hunt the Level E today, and he now appears before them and has Yuuki sit down beside him. After asserting that being with him is the safest place for her, Kaname explains that ex-human vampires shouldn’t have been created. Back when the battle between vampires and vampire hunters was at its height, vampires dragged humans into this by trying to use them for combat. Since then, vampires of nobility have controlled the ex-human vampires, and they have to kill them sometimes.

Having listened to all this, Zero insists that it’s the vampire hunter’s duty to hunt vampires, but Kaname counters by questioning why Zero didn’t kill the Level E earlier. He suggests that Zero might have pitied the Level E, and this infuriates Zero to the point that he pulls out his gun and points it at Kaname’s head. Kaname diffuses the situation by taking responsibility for what he said, but what Zero did angers the other vampires who revere Kaname because he’s a pureblood. Yuuki is surprised to learn that Kaname is a pureblood, and she admits to being a little scared of him, however she isn’t able to say much more because Ichijou then turns everyone’s attention back to his birthday. Zero eventually runs out of the party because he gets sick from watching some of the vampires suck on each other, and after Yuuki goes after him, Kaname asserts that she’ll come to him sooner or later. Yuuki eventually finds Zero by the pool with blood tablets on the ground beside him. Unable to control himself, Zero is attracted to Yuuki and almost bites her neck, but she flings them both into the pool, and he returns to normal. However, when the two emerge from the water, Yagari Touga suddenly appears and shoots Zero in the shoulder. He comments on how he’s shooting his student with his gun, and a shocked Zero refers to him as his teacher.


Well that was a nice cliffhanger spot to end the episode on. For a moment there, I thought Yagari Touga actually killed Zero. That of course didn’t happen, but all of it highlights how, despite his overabundance of angst, Zero’s character has the interesting conflict of being apparently trained as a vampire hunter while also being a vampire himself. That’s portrayed as mostly a bad thing – and in the case of facing his former master, it probably is – but I have to think that there are some benefits to being both an ex-human vampire and a vampire hunter, like strength, healing, etc. The story probably won’t go down that path until we learn some more about vampire hunters and more conflict is shown between the vampires and hunters. On a related note, Yagari Touga reminds me a bit too much of Van Helsing.

What bothers me about this episode is how Kaname (and the purebloods in general) wields so much power over the other vampires. He’s basically sitting on his throne during the party, having just chosen Yuuki as his queen, and the only discontent is towards Yuuki rather than him. Aside from saving Yuuki multiple times, he hasn’t really proven that he deserves to be the king, and I find it unsettling that everyone just does what he says without ever questioning him. I wonder if something like that will ever come into play or if the Night Class will just continue following his every command.


  1. “when it looked like he was about to bite her there at the end…”

    You should get used to it… she never does use it >___>”

    I think though, Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Taiyaki is right Yuuki doesn’t stop him cuz she wants to help him in the only way she can.

    Another chapter of the manga was also released a week or so ago, c39. Good stuff for those who have read up to c38 etc.

  3. Pureblood are directly related to the “first” vampire who didn’t intermingle with the humans
    Kaname’s clan I guess also known as the Kuran came to bear the role as king but a past head king disliked the concentration of power so it was abolished
    This is information I found in Volume 6 Chapter 28 of the manga

  4. …because she probably wants him to bite her. Anyways, I think the anime is progressing relatively fast. I’m pretty certain now that they may have an anime-original ending. Still, I’m curious on how far they’ll follow the manga.

  5. that ep was awesome! the look on zero’s face when he got shot! omg! ^.^ though, didn’t understand what they were talking about at the party… does anyone know? did’t have the time to re-read the manga (yet)…

  6. It’s not just this scene- the whole bracelet/tattoo combo is NEVER used anywhere in the manga after being introduced. It kind of seems like the author had many ideas but failed at properly utilising them.

  7. The anime is going to have it’s own ending, I’m pretty sure of it at this point. For those who are up to date with the manga you should know, it’s not even close to ending anytime soon. Seeing as how the manga is also monthly! We’re talking 2009 at best if it ends soon, and maybe 2010 if it drags out a bit. That timetable in itself shows that the anime will use it’s own ending.

  8. Well, he looks like many characters I would say. Like people said, he looks like Cross Marian in D.Gray-Man as well as Sven Volfiel in Black Cat, and a couple others. Still looks pretty cool to me so whatever.

  9. I believe Yuuki does use the bracelet, once, and actually really not for its intended purpose. But I blew through the manga quite quickly, so I might be misremembering.

    Hooligan: he looks a little like Chad from Bleach, to me.


  10. he looks like the guy from cowboy beebop, and the guy from bleach too 😮

    these episodes are kinda cliche lol
    *something sad happens* -> *main character is very sad* -> *sad background music (that doesn’t nake you cry)* -> *main character says blablabla i never understodd you and blabla i always followed you in my entire life blabla* -> *happy end*

  11. Purebloods have a certain power. If they give an order to a normal vampire, that vampire must obey them. At least that’s what I understood when I was reading the manga.

    In the last shot, he looks alot like Cross Marian from D.Gray-man.

  12. 1. Yuki needs to stop being saved by people, one episode! Just one! Where one of the guys doesnt save her from a vampire.
    2. Kaname is a prat. Watch the whole scene on the couch, he acts like he owns Yuki. She’s obviously uncomfortable. I liked Zero a whole lot more for standing near by and watching over her. I think Yuki would have been even more uncomfortable if she had been aline.

  13. nice info RandomD…..;p….wer’d u hear it?but what does being bitten by a vampire have to do wid ur virginity? i min is it all the bloodsucking thing? YAY!!!!!!!!! zero’s staying in the day class! X) its sorta gross,vampires can suck on each other’s blood so y do dey attack humans?……thou i’m starting to feel sorry for the level E i min fortunately deyr not real but…i min remember dat kid in d 3rd episode.he was only a kid!!!!! n what exactly r kaname’s powers anyway?…..n wats up wid shiki n ichijou?

  14. [quote] the whole bracelet/tattoo combo is NEVER used anywhere in the manga after being introduced [quote]

    Yuuki tries to use it once… then Zero stop her = useless

    Lanelle B
  15. @senefen:
    Completely agree Yuki needs to get a backbone. Unfortunately despite her posturing with that stick thingy on a regular basis she never does do anything impressive.

    Has anyone else noticed a drop in animation quality? The characters still look fine but the action scenes are pretty minimal in terms of no. of frames. Not sure if this is my imagination…

  16. The night class obeys Kaname’s every command because he is a “pure breed(blood)” Almost like nobility, just higher? It is the very reason why the vampires bothered to attend the school in the first place(due to the presence of Kaname).

    Oh, read a few more posts, and realized someone said it already, lol.

    Anyways, is it just me or is Kaname’s hair kind of odd in this episode?


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