Suzaku had set up the call between Nunnally and Lelouch knowing that if Lelouch hadn’t gotten his memories back, then he wouldn’t recognize her. This is the predicament Lelouch finds himself in because he feels that he can’t lie to Nunnally. Luckily for him, Rolo appears on the rooftop and activates his Geass power to cover just Suzaku. In the few precious seconds he has to talk with Nunnally unhindered, Lelouch tells her that they have to pretend to be strangers for now, but he promises to come get her. He’s barely able to tell Nunnally that he loves her before Rolo’s Geass wears off, and from that point on, he pretends to be just a student. This succeeds in making Suzaku think that Lelouch’s memory hasn’t returned, and so he ends the call. Nunnally is currently at Britannia’s California base ready to leave with her escort for Japan, and Upson – the man in charge of her safety – doesn’t heed Guilford’s warnings about Zero. While they are talking with Lloyd – who is there with the Lancelot – Nunnally thinks privately to herself about Suzaku lying, and she wonders what happened between him and her brother.

Over in the Chinese Federation capital of Luoyang, the young empress is talking with Kaguya about the outside world since she’s never left her castle before. Kaguya, however, has to leave because she claims her husband is waiting. Meanwhile C.C. is asking Lelouch if he intends to fight Nunnally or if he’ll leave her alone. Lelouch would never do the former but he can’t do the latter either because he knows that she’ll just be used as a political tool again. Refusing to let that happen, he declares that he’ll create a world where Nunnally can live happily – that’s why he wants to destroy Britannia. He then changes the subject to V.V., so C.C. reveals that V.V. is the first like-minded person for the Emperor of Britannia and that the two had been sworn together. At that moment, V.V. is with the Emperor at the Sword of Akasha temple talking about how their contract is to kill God. V.V. then asks the Emperor why he didn’t tell Nunnally about Zero’s true identity or about Geass, and the Emperor’s answer is that it was unnecessary. Hearing this, V.V. calls the Emperor young, and the Emperor smiles and refers to V.V. as his older brother.

Back in Tokyo, Suzaku heads to the Chinese Consulate General only to find out from Li Xingke that the Black Knights are already gone. Suzaku quickly realizes that they might be going after Nunnally, and indeed, that is what the Black Knights are up to. High above the Pacific Ocean, they launch a Knightmare attack on Nunnally’s transport and its escorts, and Zero tells everyone that their objective is to capture the new Governor-General. Led by Toudou and Kallen, the Black Knights successfully land on top of the aircraft, and Zero boards the main one. Reinforcements, however, soon arrive for the Britannian side in the form of Guilford and the remaining Glaston Knights in new Knightmares equipped with Float Units, and coming up behind them is Lloyd and Cecile in the Avalon. By now, Zero has reached the garden room where Nunnally is, and since she doesn’t know his true identity, she thinks that he’s there to kill her like he did with Clovis and Euphemia. She wants him to wait off on that because she feels that he’s wrong, but Zero says that it’s Britannia that is wrong, and he tries to tell her that she’s being used. Nunnally surprises him by revealing that she personally wished for this because she intends to continue what Euphemia started with the Japanese Special Administrative Region. She wants Zero to participate, and the way she asks him reminds him heavily of Euphemia.

In the fight outside, Toudou and Kallen work together to take down one of the Glaston Knights, but more Britannian reinforcements soon arrive. This time, it’s Suzaku, Anya, and Zino, and though the latter two are in their Knightmares, Suzaku still has to get his from Lloyd. Once onboard the Lancelot Conquista, Suzaku prepares to launch and prioritizes Nunnally’s rescue. Since he’s in a hurry, he uses the Lancelot’s new backpack-mounted Hadron cannon against Kallen, and it destroys the Guren Nishiki’s right arm. The blast sends the Guren falling off the aircraft, and since Kallen can’t eject, she thinks that it’s over for her. To Kallen’s surprise though, Laksharta and the rest of the Black Knights appear on their submarine, and they launch a flight pack for the Guren. After Kallen has connected the Guren to this, Laksharta also sends up a new armor-piercing bombardment right arm, and once the Guren has that too, Kallen rejoins the battle. Not only can the Guren now employ a shield against normal weapons fire, it can also fire a devastating long-range blast from its palm that has the same effect as its old arm. This destroys Guilford’s Vincent and kills his remaining men, and Guilford is forced to eject.

Realizing the threat Kallen poses, Suzaku and the other Knights of Rounds go after her, but she is more than able to handle them all at once. She uses a wide-range blast from the Guren’s palm against the Tristan and the Mordred, and for the Lancelot, she launches a set of Gefjun Net missiles. While Suzaku is fighting her, he gets a message from Cecile who has finally found where Nunnally is on the main transport, but there’s less than a minute until that transport crashes. At the same time, C.C. and Kaguya tell Kallen to go save Zero, but she has no idea where he is. Lelouch is at that moment conflicted about what to do with Nunnally, and his thoughts are interrupted when Suzaku bursts into the garden room in the Lancelot. Lelouch rushes towards Nunnally, but the winds generated by the Lancelot keep him away from her, and he is stunned to hear Nunnally calling out to Suzaku since Suzaku was the one who sold him off to the Emperor. Suzaku quickly reaches Nunnally and flies her out of the transport right as it crashes into the ocean. Thrown into the air by the ensuing explosion, Lelouch cries out for Nunnally as the Guren catches him, and Nunnally hears his voice.


Damn, the Guren got really overpowered, this week. I guess since the Lancelot got some upgrades, the Guren had to get more powerful too, but compared to everything else, it’s now god-like. Actually, now that I think about it, the Guren does share some similarities with God Gundam. In any case, overpowered or not, all the new weapons and effects used made the fight pretty exciting to watch. I’m curious now to see what the Knightmares of the other Knights of Rounds can do, and how they compare to the Guren. I would guess that the Knight of One could probably still kick everyone’s asses if he’s as powerful as suggested.

One of the other things I found particularly interesting in this episode was how the Emperor of Britannia refers to V.V. as his older brother. Given how old C.C. is, it wouldn’t surprise me if V.V. is just as old, but I didn’t think he was directly related to the Emperor. The two were also talking about killing god again as part of their contract, whatever that actually means. A shot of Jupiter was shown again at that point, making me once again wonder what they keep hinting at.

As for Lelouch, he’s lucky that Rolo came to help him up there on the school rooftop. However, I wonder if Rolo is aware of who Nunnally really is. His whole relationship with Lelouch hinges on how Lelouch treats him like a little brother, and so if he finds out that Lelouch actually only cares for Nunnally, then there’s no more reason for him to do Lelouch’s bidding. That seems like the kind of thing that’ll follow Murphy’s Law and go bad at the worst possible time for Lelouch unless he decides that Rolo has outlived his usefulness and kills him off (and that seems unlikely). Speaking of worst possible times, it must be pretty devastating for Lelouch to have Nunnally so close, only to have her see Suzaku as her savior and be taken away by him. That’s just one more reason for him to hate Suzaku, as if he didn’t have enough already. And if the episode title for next week is any indicator, it looks like that might have had such an impact on him that he’s considering throwing away his Zero mask.

Edit: Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, the PV for the OP aired earlier this week. It’s a fun watch and even has one Orange Range band member using a power that’s similar to Rolo’s Geass.


  1. Oh, wowie. A mecha-fighting-killing episode…awesome!! Shoot, is that Lelouch falling? Ah, probably survived somehow. My liking for Rollo is increasing each week >.<!!

  2. @Lithium17

    BEcause you are in process of transforming into a troll? xD

    Seriously, another great episode. Kallen for sure now is second my fav person after Lulu x)

  3. Personally, I can’t stand that douche known as Rolo, but omni, other than the flight pack, what are the other upgrades to the guren?

    Man, that bazooka for the lancelot looks ridiculous. I wonder what the energy consumption is like now? just a few minutes of operating time?

  4. Can’t wait after reading this. I guess I shouldn’t spoil stuff like this for myself, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the net yet, so…. Argh! Can’t wait!

  5. it seem the story getting good, i sure hope rolo and lelouch work as a team instead using each other, to defeat the evil twisted no-good friend- suzaku and the emperor. nunnally , she seem different from the last time i saw. anyway rolo join and accepted in lelouch’s family , maybe he well have a new step -younger sister and of course lelouch as his olderbrother , wouldn’t tat will be nice ^^

  6. i love Lloyd and kallen. finished the raw can’t wait for subs..
    bless my math paper two tomorrow..
    ps. nunnally, aisheteruze!!!!-lulu,poor poor poor lulu.

  7. Ahhh.. raw quality was terrible (guess this isn’t the place to complain but well…)

    Episode was great but still not as awesome as 1-4 IMO. It just made things more complicated.

    Impressions in random order
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. >I do not like Anya. It only seems that her machine is super powerful and she’s so full of it. Arrogant little b****. Gino seems more likable.

    Exactly what I think!

  9. @whatever

    Wait? What? Suzaku is deus ex machina for britannia? hahahha. Not really. The only thing that I find wrong with CGr2 is all the plot hax (geass) being used by Lulu and Rolo to get anything done. It’s fine if you use it a bet here and there, but it’s like, EP starts, how many people can we geass today? Hmmm, 3, 6, 10?

    Anyways, looks like a nice ep, Time to wait for subs.

  10. > The only thing that I find wrong with CGr2 is all the plot hax (geass) being used by Lulu and Rolo to get anything done. It’s fine if you use it a bet here and there, but it’s like, EP starts, how many people can we geass today? Hmmm, 3, 6, 10?

    Come on, this show isn’t called Code GEASS for no reason at all.

  11. @m-san
    > Hmmm.. how come Lulu didn’t get time stopped when Suzaku did this time?
    Probably because he can control the size/area of the Geass-sphere?

    Oh yeah, that’s right! That’s exactly what Rolo did! Wow you’re sharp!

  12. From the screencaps, I’m guessing Rolo isn’t getting any Vincent action in this ep? Lelouch really ought to use him some more if he wants to win against those KoR KMFs.

  13. Too bad Omni didn’t put a scene where Guren was in it’s new form thorough cause somehow it seem like Freedom in a way (I don’t know why) and then it just easily beat all of the strong Knightmare. Who wanna bet that Nunnally will make the same/similar suggestion as what Euphemia did in Area 11 in the next episode (I know that she did say that in this episode). 😀

  14. the best part is the ending part
    with lelouch as zero shouting/screaming: “NUNNALLY!!!!!” and nunnally responded like she knows thats lelouch voice.

    kallen’s newly mid air modified guren mk II totally own all the 3 knights of the round!
    thats the 2nd best scene compare to the one above to me!

    things just gets better!

    i have to wonder something about anya’s nightmare there is a scene where it got slash by wats her name already… i kept forgeting her name… anyways i was wondering if anya knightmare is a heavy armor type knightmare since getting slashed but has no effect on her kngihtmare + her knightmare is a slow type. it makes things rather clear that her knightmare is sort like a fortress knightmare.

  15. I think the Guren got a new name Guren Kajoshiki or something. The updates i saw are a float pack, new chead(modified not a replacment), new cheast plate witch a schield generator, the new bad as radial hand thats something like a hadron now, and mobile gefujin disruptors but probably thats not all.

  16. > maybe the Emperor refers to V.V. as an older brother cause he’s been there since the Emperor’s youthful days?

    That’s a good guess, considering C.C. [and presumably V.V.] do not age. Wow. That must mean the Emperor has had Geass since he was, what, 10?! Although Rolo has been killing with his Geass at a younger age than that…

  17. > i’m just curious does lelouch’s geass work on nunnally? (asuming someboy keeps her eye’s open)

    Probably not. Who knows, maybe it could turn out to be another Euphie incident, except that instead of having Geassed her when his Geass was about to become permanent, Lelouch Geasses her just as she opens her eyes. lol. That would be such a twist of extreme proportions. It’s possible. Usually, blind anime characters have “colorless”/greyed out eyes. Nunnally’s “closed eyes” blindness might be there for a reason…

  18. *ignores Suzaku*

    *secretly smiles at the Suzaku sucks comments though*

    Looks forward to next episode! Sympathetic-looking Kallen!
    Come on, Rolo just kiss Lulu already! XD!

  19. > Nunnally isn’t blind she youst dosent open her eyes it was explained in season one

    Blah, it’s practically the same. But I digress.
    This picture makes me wonder what would’ve happened if Suzaku rescued Euphie on time [i.e. she was not killed by Lelouch]. What would they have done to her?! Of course Suzaku hax will survive Euphie’s attacks, but…

    Oh whatever.

    Can’t wait for the next ep! Emo Lelouch lol.

  20. Gurrren = TOO OVER POWERED despite having to fought 3 Rounds…… The Gurren looks like GOD of the knightmares and its annoying because its pilot is an arrogant, hypocrite and “thinking high of herself” waco……

  21. What I wonder is now that Kallen knows that Nunnally is a Princess how will she react to Lelouch. Because she will realize that Lelouch is a (Ex)Prince.
    Or mabye C.C. already told.

  22. Things never go Lelouch’s way. This entire series has been basically Lelouch against fate.

    Rollo is a good kid – I gave him a big GJ when he came out and Geassed Uzaku’s ass. I hope Lelouch treats Rollo better, because Nunully’s definitely not going to be of any help to him for any of the forseeable future. The only one who’s going to be there to be his “sibling” and help him out is Rollo.

    Looks like next episode is Lelouch becomes a bum. He really needs to find a new reason to fight on – not just make a better world for Nunully. Because as it stands right now, Nunully has decided that she doesn’t need Zero to have a better world.

  23. Is it just me or does “Z-01 Lancelot : Marching Ever Onward To Tomorrow” sound extremely friggin lame? >_>

    Anyways…I don’t really think the upgrades on Guren made it that overpowered…if you take into consideration that Britainnia has always had better numbers + technology (especially now that the knights of rounds are out and the black knight’s high ranking officers are dying left and right), the black knights need something to even the odds. It’s not like Guren defeated Lancelot, Mordred, and Tristain all at once, it only held them off.

  24. Kallen hater much?

    Come on, the Guren is overpowered? More like “the Guren is the only powerful thing in Lelouch’s army that has a chance at fighting off KoR frames”. And there are two Knights of Rounds against one Kallen in a Guren. That’s imba?! Give me a break. The Britannians always had the military advantage and, even with the new Guren, it still has the advantage.

    So Nunnally really is totally clueless as to the whole Lelouch = Zero thing. I kinda expected more from her. During S1, I did notice that she was very perceptive [I’m looking for another term…] of her brother. At some scenes, she’d stop talking to Sayoko and Sayoko goes “Huh?” and then, in comes Lelouch. She can’t see, but she sure hell knows her brother was coming! She can even sense his feelings, stating that “Onii-sama was scary last night” which happened to be the night Lelouch killed Clovis. So I really hope she becomes more understanding of her onii-sama, primarily because I don’t want her to cross to the other side! The other side who forced them to live as political tools after their mother was killed!

    Whew that was long.

  25. i seriously wonder why u guys hate kallen and her knightmare? XD
    it doesn’t makes any sense to hate any of the characters inside in my point of view.
    i personally find kallen interesting but of course c.c. is more interesting and now i’m really interested in nunnally as well. (give me a harem of geass girl pls!! \o/)

    i myself don’t wanna see a yaoi of luluxrolo happening in this show. >.<

  26. >Nunnally isn’t blind she youst dosent open her eyes it was explained in season one

    I don’t think that’s actually the case. I believe that because of the shock of witnessing her mother’s murder, her brain has blocked out sight. And she may only keep her eye’s closed because it’s useless for her to open them

  27. Rolo + upgraded Gurren = now that would be overpowered lol

    Anyway the fact that we don’t see Rolo pwning in Vincent is that he would be to overpowered in that fight, just a quick check on previous episodes when he kills one of Villeta’s agents, Lulu scene, and finally Suzaku geassing. He doesnt have to look directly into others eyes…so imagine how the fight would look….geass – kill – geass – kill – geass – kill >.> IMO!

    And he already proved that he can use it multiple times….

  28. The Guren IS overpowered!! It’s one of those units which can fight the top tiered Knightmare frames easily but the pilot pulls it down. Kallen is too dependent on the tech to win her battles. I suspect that if we had a good pilot like a knight of round in there, we would see mass destruction of grunt units not seen since freedom in Gundam Seed!

  29. Kallen’s Knightmare is not overpowered if the Knight of Rounds have probably at least 7 Mechs more than capable of defeating it. It’s simply a way to balance Lelouch’s side vs. The Knight of Rounds. Think about it. If some of the mechs on Lelouch’s side do not get upgraded, the Knight of Rounds will own them…

  30. @ gundamjehutykai

    uh…dude…have you been watching the same series we’ve been?

    How the hell have Kallen been pulling the unit down? How has she been dependent on tech to win her battles?

    – Her first unit was a glasgow, a 4th gen knightmare, and she used it to fight against sutherlands at the beginning, which are 5th gens.
    – She fought evenly with Suzaku when they were both using 7th gen knightmares; she only lost to him after Lancelot equipped the flightpack (*ahem* who’s the one relying on tech here?)
    – Both Lancelot and Guren have upgrades now, Lancelot got its conquista formation pack which comes with a hadron add-on and an energy-shield which covers more area; while Guren got a better arm, gefjun net, and a flight unit that it’s been needing. To add on to that, there’s 2 other 7th gen knightmares helping Suzaku out, so there’s no way Kallen’s relying on tech to win, it’s skills.

  31. Could it be that rolo’s geass also affects someone only once?

    When rolo killed that dude a couple of eps ago…(where we saw the water didnt stop) we know that the lady was geased…also we know that lulu was gueassed before so this time the geasse didnt work on him and only suzaku.

    could that be the second condition of his gease weakness is it only affects someone once?

    normally he woudlnt use it twice one someone anyway. cause the idea is to kill them (assassinate them) once they have been geassed…

    bong bong
  32. @ bong bong

    Can’t be, because it has affected Lelouch more than just a few times. Just the 2nd episode alone he used it 3 times on Lelouch. The first time was when Urabe and Kallen charged the Vincent, he it on Lelouch (as well as Urabe and Kallen) once to dodge the 2, a 2nd time to dodge Lelouch’s machine-gun, and a third time to escape Urabe’s suicide attack.
    Also, if you’re refering to the beginning of the episode, Rolo purposely measured it out so that Suzaku would be in the field of influence of his geass with Lelouch just barely outside of it, that’s why it worked on Suzaku but not Lelouch.

  33. @Kevin
    Does that “balancing” not constitute technological dependency? Consider that before she had this newly modified/upgraded frame, she was essentially on par with Suzaku. And now, not only is she combatting Suzaku, she is also facing off against the Knights of the Round. Hence, her frame has to have been juiced up with more firepower to sustain an even fight against them (when the situation is not in her favor quantitatively).

    They’re both relying on technology (frames are dependent on technologically, matter of factly). However, that doesn’t deny the issue that the enhancements to the Gurren have given it an upperhand in, yet I say it again, a situation where she is outnumbered. It’s inevitable. Frames are one of many pivotal aspects of the series, and since the dawn of Japanese animation, more firepower and more flashiness is one of the major factors of a series appealing to its audience. However, I do agree that Kallen isn’t “pulling the frame down” (which absolutely makes no sense whatsoever), but rather, the frame is “pulling” (for lack of a better term) her down. As per her piloting abilities showcased in Season 1, it is nothing but a mere note to the philosophy that quantity outmatches quality (no matter how great she is, she cannot win an unfavorable match against multiple opponents). Consequently, it’s more the suit now than it is her ability to fend off enemies.

  34. @Dmo
    >so there’s no way Kallen’s relying on tech to win, it’s skills.

    and one of the most usefull advantages in war: the surpraise factor
    also: Suzaku got 2 upgrades, Karen only one, hard to call her the one using tech as advantage

    also i assume the differences between Britannia Army and the Order of black knights are very similar to the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance in starwars, Britannia/the Empire have plenty of manpower so they make “cheaper” mech to replenish all they ranks(but they also have “elite” units far far better), mean while OotBK/Rebels dont have many manpower so they need to use better skill and tactics agains the enemy

  35. @ Juvyniled

    Well yeah, I suppose they are all dependent on the technology to some degree. What I was trying to point out is that she isn’t dependent on it anymore than everyone else. I thought the new Guren’s new additions are well deserved if take into account how much of a disadvantage Kallen has been fighting with all this time.

    I think the one who’s really been relying on his mech too much is Suzaku. He was the one who received the first 7th gen Knightmare frame, with the first energy shields, haken boosters, MASER vibration swords, beam rifle (I don’t know what other category I can place the VARIS in…maybe energy projectile weapon?), and the first flight unit which completely screws enemy melee units like Guren over if they can’t fly.

  36. It’s not a matter of how many times a frame is upgraded; if a frame which has had hundreds of upgrades does comparatively worse than a frame which has had only say one upgrade, then there is quite a noticeable difference in the quality of one upgrade compared to the many others.

    Kallen’s skill as a pilot is noted as being able to handle the situation appropriately. Hence, when she has been delivered the necessities to help her overcome her difficulties, she is able to defend herself.

    This is essentially how the situation is: You can’t “adjust” one character’s capabilities too much (either positively or negatively), otherwise the balance will be shifted way too much, and attempting to revert back to the character’s previous capacity only makes the plot inconsistent. A character’s abilities are permanent (or rather should be), but technology is everchanging. It has to, to accomodate the situation. Elsewise, Kallen would have never placed herself in that situation as she had, the moment before she was given the flightpack and accomodations.

    While this will certainly displease you, when all is considered and technology is balanced, Suzaku is the most able pilot of all the current characters. It boils back down to one of the central themes of the show: intelligence (Lelouch) versus strength (Suzaku). The only factor that can really shift the advantage to an opposing side, in combat, is technology.

  37. I believe anything can happen in CG from now on…
    Emperor -> V.V -> nii-san
    Marienne -> C.C -> nee-san (?)
    just don’t forget to credit me when it happens ^^

    Kallen shined in this episode, it was due time Guren gained to ability to fly. And being able to hold her own against three KoRs, I say that’s quite a feat. It’s called pure skill. In S1, Gawain single handedly pwning the WHOLE army is what we call overpowering. But still I miss Gawain, huge ass hadrons for mass area cleaning…

  38. Sorry ahead of time for this double post, but the previous comment was for Alguien.

    @ Dmo
    I agree that with all things to be considered, the advantages of having the newest design in the Lancelot should be considered. However, as with all the variant frames, how can we denote particular advantage? Gurren fights essentially in hand to hand combat and Lancelot is not specifically designated to any particular style of melee combat. With that in mind however, I point out that in prior conflicts, Kallen was very much on par with Suzaku (as with the case on the mountain), however, she was still outmatched and could have been defeated then. When Suzaku got the flightpack, that shifted the favor in his direction. And when Kallen received hers, the advantage was as well hers. This means that battles will be determined by the better technology; all characters are dependent on technology. But the only instance in which I can recall that they were on even grounds was the battle on the mountain, and at that moment in time, Suzaku still had an upperhand over her. With the consideration of time, I can only suspect that they both improved, and though we do not know how much, I’d assume their respective abilities improved evenly. That being the case, Suzaku would be slightly ahead.

  39. @ Juvyniled

    I agree that Suzaku is probably the best Knightmare pilot of the cast, and maybe even in the series, it’s just the way the story works, like you said. And it does just SEEM he’s the best anyway

  40. Why are people acting like Kallen just took out 3 KOR in one episode? They weren’t even serious this episode if the other 2 units also have the “Core Luminoius Cone” like the Lancelot Conquestor. Anyway it’s about time Kallen got something that was on par with the best units…

  41. this is one episode where i want to strangle that useless dead weight of a sister Nunally

    somebody mentioned about her sensing her bro…but when i think about it how come she could make the connection between lulu and zero.

    she doesn’t even question her position….

    i hope she dies and lulu goes on a rampage hahahaha…..

    p.s. kallen pawns everyone…really liked the part when she kicked that obnoxious anya

  42. To the people who thought previously that Zero, Kallen, and the black knights will lose, then I hate to told you so, I knew it from the beginning that they will overpower them. The title itself is like a secret attack, so Zero for sure wont plan for defeat.

    The only thing Zero/Lulu couldnt plan for was the fact that Nunnally actually believes in Suzaku. It’s too bad that he doesn’t know that Nunnally is suspecting Suzaku to be a lying douchebag.

    Oh well, Lulu will be in depression next episode I guess, so it might not be an exciting episode to look forward to, but I’m quite curious as to what Kallen would say to him, especially when she realizes that Nunnally was the governor-general, that is if she hasnt realized it already.

  43. Anyone else feel that Rolo is going to take Zero’s mask, while Lelouch supports him from the sidelines? After all, the early season spoilers did mention something about there being a ‘fake’ Zero.

    I’m just speculating tho …

  44. Wow, that was exciting. LOL! But yeah, Kallen was overpowering, she only HELD THEM BACK. IT’s not like she wrecked their Knightmares and beat all three.
    Also….Awwww, poor Lulu, with Nunally yelling out to Suzaku while he was right there.
    Also….haha, LuluxRolo! xD
    And I don’t get why people are getting tired of Code Geass, I’m still loving it! 🙂

  45. I can’t wait for the next episode, find out if Nunnaly will adjust her plans as governor (assuming she actually figured out that Lulu is Zero and that whole gasp scene wasn’t just a big screw with the audience moment). Though considering how this show works she’ll chose the worst possible path and set Lulu’s plans back at least 10 episodes.

    As for the Knightmares getting overpowered. They’ve been overpowered since the first episode especially the “special” models. I mean seriously whenever the Lancelot showed up its like I traveled back in time with a M-1 Abrams Battle tank to ancient Rome, completely unfair. It’s just that they keep getting more and more unfair. At this point they’ve just gotten so powerful that there’s not even a point to bring out the regular units.

  46. >> DMo,

    funny you should mention that fight, as it’s a good example as to why I say Kallen is dependent on her tech.

    1) her first frame was totalled pretty damn quick by grunts.
    2) when fighting lancelot with the float system, although Suzaku had an advantage with the flight option, he only used it to make it harder for Kallen to attack him, but not impossible. He didn’t use it to fight aggressively like he could have. Also, The outcome was decided as soon as She lost her 1 advantage in the Microwave emitter. an act which didn’t use the float system. Once she lost that, she could not come up with a response.
    Compare that to Suzaku when he attacked the Kyushu fortress in ep20. Even after losing both the VARIS and Float system, he was able to fight well against an overwhelming force right until he ran out of power.

    The fact that Suzaku can respond after losing an advantage while kallen cannot, that is the difference in taking advantage of tech compared to relying on it.

  47. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! This series are the best of this season. Nothing is match for it. I didn’t like the first season that much but this season is indeed a killer. The suspensive attraction even passed over Heroic Age, and men Heroic Age was really suspensive. T_T

    P.S. I already want next week to come for the next episode.

  48. Holy mother of fucking God

    Oh my God, oh my God, oh SUNRISE, you’ll never stop to amaze me. Lelouch’s final hope was shattered by Nunnally herself with that statement; she’s decided her own path, just like her sister did and now Zero’s existence has sense no more.

    What are you going to do Lelouch Lamperuge?

    Syaoran Li
  49. Buuurned.

    It was a pleasure to see Lelouch getting his pompous a*% kicked by his own beloved sister. Go go Nunnaly!

    Will Lelouch ever learn that revolution = bad? After this episode I am rooting for the Nunnaly + Suzaku combo even more.

  50. @gundamjhutykai

    From the start the Lancelot has been relatively overpowered- you just have to look at wiki to see its immense range of weapon systems. the Guren Nishiki is fundamentally a defensive unit (at least prior to its upgrades) and its Fukushahadō is probably its only sole form of weaponry. Compare that to the Lancelot which can fight well in a melee battle with its Maser Vibration Swords AND also gain an advantage with its long-ranged VARIS rifle.

    I think there is no debate as to whether Karen is a skilled pilot. She surprised Suzaku in their first battle at Narita in CG:R1 and almost won if not because her Fukushahadō was damaged. I feel it has been pretty much a case of her technology letting her down than the other way round.

    Another point I would like to make is: note the conversations the characters have during the show. Suzaku consistently expresses surprise that his supposedly outstanding knightmare is not being superior enough in his fight (you do not have to search CG:R1 for this, CG:R2 EP6 itself has it). Think the battle of Narita, and so on. Even Gino mentioned how Karen’s level was that of a KOR.

    And to the battle against the pseudo-Japan hiding behind the Chinese Federation which you mentioned, there is no denying Suzaku is an above-average pilot. Aided with the supreme weaponry of the Lancelot, there is no alternative to him other than to fight till his power ran out. Isn’t this similar to what Karen experiences when her Fukushahadō was destroyed? Also, Suzaku has been trapped twice by Rakshata’s Gefjun Disturber TWICE. Where was the response ‘after losing an advantage’ which you spoke of?

    With all this said, again, there is no doubt that Suzaku is a good pilot. I am also not insisting that Karen is tons better than him. But to say that Karen is bad/worst is simply inappropriate. I was very happy with this episode- its time the Guren Nishiki was upgraded to even the odds between the OftBK and Britannia.

    P/s: i have been a Karen supporter since CG:R1, so pardon any bias above that may be unintended XXXXXX

  51. What up with all these young girl being leaders of a nations, what happen to older mature male who actually understand how the world works being leader, are they all becoming extinct or something.

  52. I say kick suzaku’s ass and save nunally!!!
    or nunally might be able to convince suzaku to go with lelouch…
    but in any case, someone should kick suzaku’s ass…

  53. @xd

    I’m not saying that Kallen is bad. Simply not as good as the top pilots we have seen from Britannia like Guilford, Cornellia or the Knights of the round. Hence the tech carries her in the difficult fights.

    Heck, I’d put Todou above her in the Black knights.

  54. even though i am fan of CC, but kaguya with her pattern of calling lulu husband makes me feel good, lol. Especiall in this epsiode when she says “my husband is waitting” xd

  55. @gundamjehutykai

    what evidence can you give to back up that claim?
    gino said karen was of knight-of-rounds standard. would guilford be better than the knights?

    and we havent seen much of toudou fighting either. think we are gonna too soon- apparently rakshata has new knightmares for them. but yes, i agree cornelia is GOOD. she’s definitely one of the best pilots in code geass. her puny gloucester stood up to the kick-ass gawain for quite a while, i remember.

    wonder where is she now

  56. Kallen was the big star of this episode, she pratically took on the top fighters of the entire empire and overcame them…..WOW….. That’s some terrorist!!! A pretty hot one I must confess (^_^)

  57. Jupiter is the Leader of Roman Gods, or Zeus in Greek mythology. Possible connection to CC? Let’s find out……… actually I’ve never watched a single Geass episode in my life. I just follow the blogs. Oh dear, I should start soon.

  58. How the hell is Kallen and her Guren overpowered? It’s NOT. The only reason she defeated all the other knightmares is because she had teh advantage of SURPRISE. They all thought she was a purely close-combat knightmare still and had no idea what she could do, so she was caught. Yeesh. Season 1 Suzaku was 10x more overpowered.

  59. Well damn, this episode had some funny moments. 😀 Lloyd was being so silly. XD And I absolutely loved it.

    K besides all the funny stuff, well HOLY CRAP THE GUREN GOT SUPER TRICKED OUT. Totally badass. I loved it. Ok now onto the whole lulu and Nunnally thing…I think Lulu totally forgot that Nunnally is not just a doll and he finally remembered that this episode. Now the way i think of it is ok…She hates Zero, but loves her brother…say she finds out her brother IS zero, I don’t think she will ever see him in the same light again. So i feel bad for Lulu, especially since he is doing ALL of this for her sakes. This now makes the next episode more interesting. Will Lelouch abandon Zero or or well he abandon the Black Knights. (Though we are only at episode 6…i do not think the latter will happen yet.)

    And umm what about Rollo? I totally forgot about him, especially since Lulu could care less about him. He needs to do something…
    Also, what was that whole reply The Emperor made to V>V about…calling her Brother?

    Well all in all good episode. I feel bad for Lulu cause this whole war is pointless now that Nunnally wants to make the same decision Euphie did. Now it makes Lulu look like the bad guy all over again. :/ Mannn well he needs to decide on something soon.

  60. lol, this is too great.

    Nunnaly agrees on the same method as Suzaku and Euphie. She dislikes the way Zero does things like everyone else who has shown themselves caring more about people than petty vengeance.

    Well, this ends all debate over Lelouch’s hypocrisy. He has definitely been one all along, fighting towards a goal his sister wouldn’t agree with. But I think we already knew that.

    The problem with Lelouch is how overcome with revenge he is. Even Suzaku, after having his most important person killed in front of his eyes, spared the life of the perpetrator, EVEN though the perpetrator had also dragged his people into a war most of them didn’t even want until Britainia acted in a way influenced by the same, damn perpetrator. It’s amazing how different the two main characters are…Suzaku who moves to the future to rebuild after losing everything, and Lelouch who is stuck in the past, consumed with his revenge against those who slighted him, even though his sister, his most important person, is still alive and well.

    I almost feel bad for Lelouch. It’s not his fault he has such a big ego, I’m sure his royal upbringing had something to do with it. Maybe his death can be a painless one, afterall.

    …But then, Euphemia and Nunnaly had the same…so maybe it is all due to his own failings as a character.

  61. i guess the curls run in the family..(the emperor-v2)
    Lulu is wavering again.
    the preview shows this man getting attacked by britannians and the leader looked like odysseus (i’m sure he’s not) the man looked like kallen’s brother naoto.
    probably she’ll be telling him his story.(just a hunch, i’m a big LuluKallen fan)
    ps. love cheese-kun
    can somebody tell me what’s the mascot’s real name???

    I also found this flash…

  62. @ percival

    I disagree with your use of ‘hypocrisy’ on Lelouch, especially when that terms applies better, not to mention best, to his rival, Suzaku. How would you define hypocrisy? It means saying one thing, and doing/meaning another. Lelouch has been on his single-minded quest from the start of the series. Never once did he try to justify any morally questionable acts he committed. He has his sister’s interests at heart, though very sadly, it looks like it’s gonna backfire like a typical melodramatic plot that we see so often. The next season seems like Lelouch is contemplating giving up all his strive to defeat Britannia, just because of his recent realisation of how his acts would be detrimental to Nunnally’s ‘dream’. Whilst that would be unlikely (at least I hope, since it is only episode six), it does reveal new insights into Lelouch’s character. Admittedly, the show’s protagonist has his flaws, him probably being an anti-hero. But to put him as hypocritical is simply to show a lack of understanding towards the term itself. Presumptive (of his sister’s wants), authoritative (in his approach to create a better world), revolutionary, but hypocritcal? No.

    Also, you speak of Suzaku sparing the life of Lelouch. How many times could Lelouch have killed him? He risked his ass to save him, and even upon realising that Suzaku was the pilot in the Lancelot, still tried to convert him to his side. He even wasted his Geass to force Suzaku to live, if I remember correctly. What did Suzaku do? Well he did the worst possible- give Lelouch to the man he hated MOST, and as a result caused his friend to lose memories of his beloved sister and mother, so that he could achieve his naive wish to be the Knight of One. Admittedly, Suzaku’s goal is idealistic- if he could succeed, well and good. But the emperor is the man standing between Area Eleven and a free Japan. Do you really think a gentle, change from the inside way will work? For this reason, I think Euphemia and Nunnally, despite being the attractive characters they are, are just being sadly naive. It hurt when Euphemia died, and I do not think we should forget that for all the wailing Suzaku did in CG1, Lelouch was hurt as well. The loss of control over his Geass wasn’t of his own free will, and he stated somewhere in the show, that since he had lost Euphemia, he was not going to lose Nunnally as well. Lelouch, for all his anti-hero traits, retains this bit of humanity within him, which ironically, may prove to be his undoing in the end.

    Finally, on the topic of Nunnally being alive and well. Even though she said she volunteered, I was sure she is being naive. The emperor disowned Lelouch and Nunnally. Why on earth would he take back his word and let the latter be the Governor of Area 11, if not to put Zero in a pinch? Suzaku should know that as well- and if he did care for Nunnally, why on earth would he risk her life (say even by letting Lelouch know she was there all along)? It is almost like putting her as a bait.

    Lelouch is an anti-hero, no doubt. But to speak of Suzaku as some worldly saint is simply being horridly mistaken. Working his ass off for Britannia, while the latter was responsible for the downfall of his country, in the naive hope that he could change things from within, is being presumptous.

    I am probably biased, though. Always thought the change-from-within-stuff was crap. Especially since the guy you are facing is someone like the Emperor, who will pawn your ass quite easily. All right, I just dislike Suzaku. Period.

  63. Yea I agree that this has been the best episode so far. A right balance of action and plot development. It’s crazy how the Gurren is now on par with 3 of the Rounds’ Knightmares, and Kallen is as good a pilot as they are. Suppose they are all overrated.
    Next epi might be great. Wonder what Rolo’s role will be in this conflict. When will he decide that Lelouch cares more about Nunnally than himself?

  64. xd:

    Paragraph 1: I would say that’s a very shallow definition of hypocrisy. I see it as judging others while justifying your own actions in similar topics. For instance, Lelouch geassed Shirley to forget, to “help her forget” the bad. But when Charles does it to Lelouch, how does Lelouch feel about it? Does he go “Oh, I understand why he did that, I did it too.” When Lelouch leaves things unexplained to his underlings(identity, plans, etc), he is adding to his hypocrisy here too, as he got extremely upset when his father made no effort to explain his mother’s death. And with Nunnaly, I consider it hypocritical to say you are helping someone in a way that they would never agree with. But I concede to you, presumptive and authoritative are better terms for this.

    Paragraph 2: Lol. All I will say is that Suzaku never killed Nunnaly. What would be the equivalent of this for Lelouch? Really, do you think if Lelouch saw Suzaku kill Nunnaly, purposefully, he would spare him? Even if Suzaku had reasons?

    Paragraph 3: Suzaku wants to help Japan. Getting rid of Zero is a priority not only for that, but for Nunnaly as well. As you may have noticed, life spans of govenor generals and Zero don’t mix. Suzaku loves Nunnaly, and wants her to do well. He is there to back her up, to save her. They think alike, lol, of course they will help each other as much as possible.

    Paragraph 4: I’d rank Lelouch as more evil than an anti-hero, personally. An anti-villain, maybe. Mostly detestable but with one redeeming factor morally, that’s an anti-villain. And about Suzaku: presumption with results….interesting.

    Paragraph 5: MLK and Ghandi are rolling in their graves. Rolling, I tell you. And I dislike Lelouch quite a bit myself, so I can see why his fans dislike Suzaku. I went through the same thing with Light fans, lol.

  65. @xd
    i’m not sure if she is the best if u ask me.
    yes her puny gloucester is be able to stood up against gawain but lets not forget gawain is a heck of a slow moving knightframe and gloucester is a faster flexible knightframe compare to gawain. besides that gawain is a range knightframe while gloucester is a close range knightframe who would win? gawain can only be fast when its flying but if its walking and ground battle i doubt gawain can win any of the gloucester knightframe. for your info cornelia would have pawn lelouch and c.c’s gawain down back then if it weren’t for darlton who got geassed by lelouch to shot her down with his gloucester spear.

    so i can’t really agree that cornelia is a best pilot among all in cg s1

  66. There are still a surprising number of people who side with Suzaku, and the Euphie solution. But there’s something not really being taken into account.

    How was it that Suzaku progressed as far forward as he did? Entirely as reaction from the action taken by Zero. Even if you don’t agree with Zero’s methods, you must realize that if it had not been for him, Suzaku would very likely still be just a simple honorary Britannian as a dog of the army.

  67. Agree with Dillius, people who like Suzaku only take into account of his character’s trait, not his actions; but they judged Lelouch based on his actions, not his ideals. Sure, Suzaku let Lelouch lived, so what? because he was FOLLOWING order from the Emperor and he wanted a promotion. If Lelouch died, then Suzaku’s role will be over because he is supposedly the only one who can rival Lelouch. Those guys said Suzaku protected Nunnally, but he chose Euphemia in CGR1 not Nunnally. Only when Euphemia died, then he chose to protect Nunnally. I bet on that he wants her as a replacement for Euphie and he also wants to torment Lelouch by taking away his most precious person as a revenge for losing Euphie at Lelouch’s hand. Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer. This might be my bias, but I like Lelouch better. I kinda dislike him a little for treating Rolo badly in Turn 4, but now I hate Suzaku even more. Nest episode, We will probably see how Nunnally pushes forward her plan to make Area 11 peaceful for the Japanese. Lelouch might consider quitting being Zero, but something might happen and force him to take up arms again. I hope Suzaku betrays Nunnally. Hahaha.

    Damn Suzaku to Hell
  68. @ percival

    Anger and indignation are two very different things. Granted that Lelouch did to Shirley what his daddy did to him- he would be warranted to feel angry, but not to feel indignation. Indignation is righteous anger. But I am not too sure here, what he is feeling, definitely. To avoid being presumptuous, I wash my hands off this one. If he was ranting all about how his dad wronged him, then he is being hypocritical. But if he was just plain outright pissed, then it’s a different story.

    Back to Suzaku, I always felt that there is no right or wrong in Code Geass. Who can presume to be the moral authority in the world? One is responsible for one’s own actions, and the implications that follow. Lelouch does not deserve any pity for being ‘sold’ to his dad by his best friend- after all that was the result of the choice of action he took. But we are all entitled to our own opinions, much like the characters in the series. I could feel wronged, yes, but I can never say, this is an absolute truth- you are bad and evil and you have wronged me. On what grounds can you judge others, and also yourself?

    I dislike Suzaku, yes. But I will not say, what he did was wrong, and he should have…
    I adore his idealism, really. But I wonder how that idealism could already been twisted by all the events that have been happening thus far.

    Ironically, both Suzaku and Lelouch are personalities to whom the ends justify the means. Lelouch is willing to push on further with his quest to give his sister a better world- ‘better’ in his own opinion, and would stop at none to achieve that. Suzaku is willing to slave for Britannia so as to achieve his so-called Japan at the end. Both are very much alike in this regard.

    On the point of Nunnally, I still feel, from Suzaku’s viewpoint, that it is very obvious, allowing her to be the new Governor is a dangerous thing to do. If Lelouch was Zero, and if Suzaku might not know his friend well, what if Lelouch did a Light and killed his sister? I am sure Suzaku would not grieve too much. If Lelouch was not Zero, and someone else was, is it not the fact that Nunnally being Governor increases her chances of death?

    To be honest, I do not know how their characters will develop further. I would like Lelouch a lot more, if he accepted his fate as a result of his own machinations, and then strive to achieve what he wants. Simply said, whoever wins is right. Not sure what Suzaku is thinking either. Him using Nunnally as bait wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to do. Justified yes, smart yes, but not to her good interests.

    I feel rather sad for Euphie and Nunnally though. I have a very strong gut feeling that the latter will go the way of the former.

    To the point about Ghandi and MLK, :D:D. Well, its just a personal thing. Never liked passive characters. And Ghandi didnt kill his own Indians in trying to achieve independence. And he was never on the side of the British at all.

    To conclude, anyway, both characters are simply trying to impose their own ways of thinking on the world. There is no absolute morality- the winner is the right one. I think we can only take sides and see who wins at the end. But it’s nice debating about this though 🙂

  69. least best episode so far( wont say worst because no matter what this show still rocks).
    though i surely feel in part like this because i just hate the suzaku wins episodes.
    as for nunally going for euphies way and lelouch realizing that, well hell just be really down in the next episode but hell come around by the end (and what doesnt kill u just makes u stronger so thats a good thing), after all this show is far from finished. in the end lelouch will have to find a new goal for zero and perhaps hell realize that nunally aside defeating the emperor is a worthy goal in and off itself.
    from the next episode titles ( 8- “A Million Miracles” 9-The Bride of the Vermillion City” 10-When the Shenhu Shines”) id conclude that when zero is back at the end of ep7 the black knights will go to free china first and let nunally have her special admin zone for a while.
    after that i hope theyll go with combined forces against the emperor. hes the real enemy after all.

  70. one more thing in respect to what percival said about nunaly sharing the same opinion on how to get things with suzaku and euphie. well they might believe that simply doing good things will have good consequences in the and but thats just because of theri stupidity(suzaku)/naivity(euphie and nunally). lelocuh realizes that this sort of plan (special admin zone nippon) might be nicce for a while but it wont change anything in the end, because its still the emperor and his values that are important in the end. AND hes not the only one, in fact all the “competent” members of the royality think so. cornelia says to euphie that in order to make her dreams of euqlity to come true she must become empress (she even phrases this as a question asking do you realize what that means and clearly euphie didnt at least not up to this point). the emperor himself clearly knows so, and i might as well add that schneizel who has probalby the best chances of suceeding the emperor right now, even though he seems to have a nice side, only takes a liking to euphies plan because itl rid britannia from the black knights.

    ive posted this at an earlier episode, i think the primary difference betweeen lelouch and suzaku is not their morality as often argued, but their intelligence. their different approches to achieve a better world and their differing moralitys just comes from that.
    and THAT is the point why i greatly prefer lelouch to suzaku. suzaku is too naive/dumb.

  71. #

    the main difference between lulu and suzaku isnt about morality in the first place but about intelligence and only from that comes the difference in their morality and actions.

    first of all, they want to achieve the same thing, remember EP 5 of the first season, when they explain their reasoning to euphie and cc. the anime skips between the two scenes and theyre saying the very same thing? until the end that is. when asked how to achieve such a world suzaku says he doesnt know how to, while lulu states that someone has to win.
    there it is, suzaku doesnt know how to achieve what he strifes for.
    out of that comes the explanation for their actions. suzaku just says i dont know how to achieve what i want therefore ill do the right(whatever that might be) things which will lead to a better world. he thinking from the beginning.
    lelouch on the other hand (thats said quite often) thinks about things from the end.
    he just calculates, what will be the sacrifices in the creation process of that new world. then he can compare the endresults (world as it is now vs better world+sacrifices made for achieving it) and he comes to the conclusion that the 2. option is the better one.
    suzaku isnt able to do those calculations, he doesnt even calculate the about the direct consequences of his actions, and the reason for that is simply because he lack lelouchs intelligence.

    once again it is shown that stupidity will be mankinds downfall

    olb at 8:14 pm on April 27th, 2008

    one more thing.
    about zero using the black knights as pawns ( or better chess pieces since the higher ups might be more like rooks, bishops or whatever).
    yes he does that.
    BUT its not evil at all.
    even sacrificing one of the chess pieces wouldnt be evil. as said before lelocuh has the intelligence to look at the things from the very end. if, in order to win while minimizing the losses, the plan requires a sacrife its still the logical as well as moraly right decision. it only becomes evil, if in order to win im willing to make sacrifices so big, that the “old world vs new world+sacrifices” swings to old world=better choice.

    reposting my former reasoning from the comments of ep4

    id be glad to some replies on my thoughts

  72. @Percival: how do you know Lulu will die a painless death?

    Well hate to disappoint you, he wont die at all, in fact neither of them dies; Suzaku wont die, but he wishes he did, for he will suffer a life worse than death. And that is something I am looking forward too (I hope he gets his balls chopped off lmao! – MAN THAT IS THE WORST!)

  73. I hate Suzaku for than ever….

    Well, at least Kallen kicks ass now!!!!

    Too bad for Lelouch…I’m guessing that he will quit Zero for the meantime since Nunnally is the new governor…But i think he will get back to his senses now…

    And here’s my scenario if Suzaku is the victor:

    Emperor: Thank you, Kururugi for helping me conquering the whole world and killing Zero for me.

    Suzaku: It’s my honor to serve you, your Majesty. Now, the whole world can live peacefully.

    Emperor: Yes, very peacefully…. Because now, everybody are all my slaves!! And no one will stop me!!! All the glory and wealth are mine!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!!BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Suzaku: Umm…Sir….can I ask you a question?

    Emperor: Well, what?

    Suzaku: Well, what’s in it for me?

    Emperor: Heh. I knew you would say that. By the way, you didn’t realize that I just use for world domination, you emo…Now, I’ll be the one to put your misery away….


    Suzaku: w–What—th-the–hell?

    Emperor: Now, call the Pizza Hut hotline and order a pizza for me!!

    Suzaku: Yes, your Highness!!!

  74. @Percival: I more than disagree with your idea that Suzaku loves Nunnally. If he did, why in the hell would he agree with the plan to bait Lelouch?

    The answer is simple, he doesnt give a dam about her, why would he – she is the sister of the guy who killed Euphie. Did you see the face he made when he “rescued” Nunnally, man he loves using her as a tool to torment his “friend” further and further.

    So what Suzaku isn’t a hypocrite? He’s the worst of them all! Especially this stupid line: “I wont ask for your forgiveness, we are friends arent we?” HYPOCRISY TO THE MAX!!

    So he used Nunnally to confirm if Lelouch has his memories awakened or not; so when he realized that his memories wasn’t awakened yet, didnt he consider that Nunnally would still be in danger cuz the black knights whether or not Lelouch’s memories are awakened or not will still kill/capture the new governor-general. So I doubt that he loves her, and if it is, it is his love for her to be used as a mere tool against her own brother.
    Man is suzaku having fun!

  75. “Paragraph 3: Suzaku wants to help Japan.” Percival

    Hmm… do you mean help them into slavery? Cuz if that’s what you mean, then I have no complaints. But if you say to help them get freedom, then realize the hypocrisy of your own words. Even if Suzaku is the knight of one, or hell even if he is the dam emperor of britannia, not only Japan but ALL AREAS, will still be under his rule. This isnt freedom, Lelouch on the other hand plans to destroy Britannia, that is all there is to it. I don’t hear the guy say about ruling the world, at best he says of recreating it, although I doubt that Lelouch plans to be an emperor/some politician – he hates them after all. He will simply free all the areas after defeating the emperor, and he will simply disappear – since he still needs to fulfill C.C.’s wish after all. Those two after defeating a superpower empire like Britannia, will most likely go to C.C. world and help her free her oppressed kind. Thus Lelouch of The Rebellion R3!

  76. btw, i want to add something: do you think V.V. is the real villain here?

    and another thing:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  77. Scenario: Suzaku and Nunnally succeeds on having the special administration zone

    Nunnally: I’m happy you agreed to my wishes Zero, I mean oni-sama!
    Zero/Lulu: Um..sure anything, there’s no way I can fight you after all.
    Suzaku: You’ve made the right choice Lelouch. Now why dont you and all of your black knights gather into the zone and enjoy your freedom.

    Suzaku: They are all celebrating in the special administraiton zone your highness!
    Charles: Good, at the very least I let those fools enjoy a split second of their ignorant freedom. Now I am going to fire the Sword of Akasha at the Special Administration Zone!
    Suzaku: wait!… your highness, you said that you will allow them to have their freedom!
    Charles: Oh but I am, I will free them from their pathetic hopes of having freedom! FIRE!
    Suzaku: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! What have I done, I betrayed Nunnally and Lelouch!
    Charles: You did well, Knight of seven. I shall pronounce you the new Knight of One, for performing such an admirable deed!
    Suzaku: YESSSSSSSSSSS! A promotion! Now I shall use my rights to rule Area 11!
    Charles: What are you saying?! You may have that area, but the Knight of One’s main goal is to be my personal servant. Now help me in my adult diapers! I seem to have spoiled myself from having so much fun there awhile ago.
    Suzaku: Yes, your highness!….Dam, this promotion thing suks! Is this the eternal hell that they say I am going to experience, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  78. @olb: about your opinion on how Lulu using Black knights as paws is not evil at all, is true. I agree with you. Why? Cuz they too are using Lulu for their freedom. Since I believe that once Japan is free, I hardly doubt that all of the Black Knights will still go with Lulu and fight the Britannia mainland, maybe a few sill still follow him on his quest to entirely destroy Britannia (Like Kallen). But the majority might be just satisfied on a free Japan which they will protect from being conquered again.

  79. X is right! Even in Turn 5, Toudou said he accepted Zero because of his ability and intelligence so he does not question Zero’s action any further. Ougi is also the same, they are using Zero to free Japan and they are willing to be used. However, once Japan is freed, most of them might stop following Zero’s selfish wish to destroy Britannia.

  80. Code Geass R2 – I’ma guess that the emperor is destorying the gods (ppl like C.C. etc) because it is because of them that war exists (or something of that sort) and he is probably like zero, sacrificing what is necessary to do what he believes is right. Probably creating a world of peace.

    yea… an ending suprise like that would be awesome.

    then again it’d be even more awesome if C.C. was only using Lulu and that Lulu might not even be the emperors son and that C.C. has rewritten his memories to make Lulu her pawn…. hmm… Code Geass R2 is sounding very promising xD

    hmm… things are looking pretty bad… he should of found a way to kill off suzaku and then deal with the consequenses later cus suza is probably the biggest threat toward him…

    man… i hope they have a huge surprise waiting at the end @_@ cant wait…

  81. To put this simply, every general uses his troops as pawns. Whether he cares about his pawns or not depends on the person but sometimes you gotta sacrifice some people to get the job done.

  82. @george I agree. I think the main antagonist here is VV and not really the emperor, the emperor is a mere pawn (King to be exact), the person holding the real chess pieces is VV. Now on the other side however, it is to be debated who is playing the game, is it CC or is it Lelouch? I rely on the subs so when the episode talked about VV and the emperor’s contract did it say killing “god” or “gods”? If CC is one of them or is the “god” then one of the dents to their plan is how do they kill this immortal “god”? Maybe that’s why VV and the emperor’s contract is still standing since no matter how many times they try to kill CC she just won’t get killed. If ever Lulu does relinquish his mask next episode it would require a major event for him to put it back on.. I’m guessing CC gets captured.. but we’re still on episode 6 so maybe my crack theory will be a little farfetched.
    @x and z, all of the characters here have ulterior motives.. heck even the little empress girl have having zero as her future husband as her motive for supporting him… the only mystery is what cc will get out of this.. contract gets fulfilled.. it still bugs me up to this day to know what that contract is and what her real name is.. its been 2 years already and I still have no clue and with more episodes to come, it adds more to question marks than answers! Gawd I love this show lol!

  83. @Flare Interesting pacifist theory… but I guess the emperor’s pacifism requires submissiveness to his power as opposed to lets live together peacefully on equal groumds which I think is the ultimate goal of Lulu for his sister’s sake. They may both have the same results but overall they’re both flawed.

  84. And on the other side of the show:



    …also, nunnally is amazingly adorable this ep, but kaguya took the cake with ‘my husband is waiting’. My C.C fandom is shaken.

  85. IMO v.v and the emperor are accomplices, not mastermind/pawn. their relationship’s more like lelouch/C.C, except they don’t have any seductive partner-bonding happening between them(?)

  86. Well, here some complaints and thoughts…
    First, what is Suzaku thinking when he realizes Karen’s the one on the Gurren, does he REALLY think Karen would be on a Knightmare that is under the control of a Zero that is Not Lelouche.
    Second, man, I was betting Rollo would go nuts after the call of Nunnally, after all he seems to know her or expecting to meet her.
    Oh, and BTW, who the hell did Rollo make a contract with????
    Third, OMG, that Nunnally-on-the-phone situation really affected Lelouche, I mean, what if someone else was also listening to the conversation he was having with his sister, or if suzaku was recording the call, that was really dangerous deshoo.
    No, no, no, the reason why I dislike Suzaku and also the difference between him and Lelouche, is precisely hypocrisy.
    Suzaku wants to change the world from the inside, but that implies not only being a slave of the Empire that crushed his earlier life, but also killing the not-wanting-to-kill innocent people that support Zero, USING people for his own goals (Using Nunnaly on the phone and as bait, -so please don’t say that Suzaku loves Nunnally-), lying, etc..
    Lelouche on the other hand already states he is Evil, and if there is some evil outside, he would overcome it for the good, so, it may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t.
    And the prove that he is not hypocrit, is he may stop being Zero on the nexts eps, so that he follows what he has stated before, that he would stand up when there’s evil, and injustice, and blablabla…
    Oh and I don’t think Suzaku is naive or dumb(well, maybe a bit dumb), he is idealistic when necessary and he probalby knows it. Maybe that’s what Euphie liked of Suzaku after all.
    Oh god, have we been watching the same show everyweek?
    Lelouche erases the bad things of Shirley’s memories for her good, and even on the R2 he feels sorrow for having manipulated her mind an also involved his school friends, not for regarding her as a useful tool for the future.
    A militar commander not revealing his plans, actions, etc., to his underlings who already accepted him even without knowing his identity, again for the sake of whatever, is not the same as having a mother killed not knowing who’s behind it. The soldiers put thei’r lives on the edge with their own consentment in order to change their situation, and they know it, so, what does that have to do with being upset for the murdering of Lelouche’s mother and Nunnally’s bad condition as a result being thrown of home with no explanations of that.

    Anyway, if Rollo raises up as the new Zero, then it seems to me that at at some critical point of the series he’ll die to save Lelouche in the end, after all he is on both sides according to his wings or not…
    And well, let’s see if next weeks we’ll be having or not again a Deus ex machina for Lelouche to continue being Zero…My guess is Nunnally herself will become a bother to the government and it’ll try to eliminate her, and Zero comes back now to save her sister. Don’t know, it is sth really hard to know…

    B. Prince
  87. The more I think about it, the more I consider Suzaku to be going at this somewhat selfishly, that his intentions (though never pure to begin with) are less genuine than before. It seems to me that he just wants Japan so he can make up for being the one who messed it up in the first place. So he can make it up to Euphie and Nunnally and spite Lelouch for hurting him the way he did. Suzaku wanting to change the world was never a selfless act as some might try to view it. Although Suzaku genuinely wishes for peace (much like Lelouch who is also a kind person at heart), his claim to change the world from the inside was, and always will be, something that resulted from his selfishness and naïveté.

    Sure, becoming the Knight of One could give inspiration for others to rise up and follow in his footsteps…but Suzaku’s a very special case. What boosted him up into his seat of power was not his own hard work. His efforts alone brought him nowhere. Trying to deviate from military orders nearly got him killed in the very, very first episode. It was Lelouch that brought about the circumstances that catapulted Suzaku to the top.

    Suzaku is Lelouch’s foil. While Lelouch had to strive, suffer, and work his ass off to get where he is right now, Suzaku’s so-called accomplishments were handed to him on a silver platter. He’s naturally gifted with Knightmare frames, the Lancelot is just handed to him, Euphie literally falls right into his arms, and V.V. comes out of nowhere to tell him all about Lelouch and the geass at the most convenient time. Suzaku is a very, very lucky person. The chance of anyone duplicating his success is nil.

    A Number might be able to get a seat of power, but most Britannians won’t view them any differently. It will force them to treat that individual person with respect, but it doesn’t mean they’ll think any differently about the person’s race. As long as Britannia is at the helm, prejudiced Britannians will consider themselves the ‘superior’ race. The Ashford Students are more accepting of Numbers because they are young and adapt to new ideas easier-they show a lot of promise for the future, but as long as the government keeps the youth segregated, they can still fall pray to the prejudiced views of the community. Nunnally and Suzaku might succeed in creating some peace for a little bit, but what happens when the program fails or they die? Someone from Britannia will come over, snatch Japan right back, and it’ll go right back to the old system.

    Personally, I don’t think anything can change with the Emperor in power. Both Lelouch’s and Suzaku’s methods are heavily flawed and try to attain the same goals, but I think it’s best to bring the Emperor down as soon as possible, especially considering all the things he’s been doing behind the scenes.


    I don’t think C.C.’s gonna end up anything like that. For one thing, she hasn’t demonstrated any memory wiping ability, and it would be cheap to reuse the same power on someone else. It’s quite obvious that C.C.’s affection for Lelouch has grown throughout the series so the chance of her heartlessly using Lelouch (or at least considering him as just a pawn) at this point would be an insult to her character development.

  88. @Flare – I think CC wants Lelouch to kill her. It’s the one thing that isn’t currently possible. She’s suffered through so much for so long that she just wants to end it all. That’s why he had to promise that no matter what he would help her grant her wish.

  89. have you guys ever thought that Lancelot was the most appropriate name for Suzaku’s knightmare since as the Arthurian legends goes, Lancelot betrayed his king and so called friend

    get the connection?

  90. One question:

    Is there going to be a third season of Code Geass? I enjoy the story but with the current speed and scope (just Japan/Area 11) it doesn’t seem likely they will have time to complete the story this season, unless they rush the ending (which would be unfortunate).

  91. I’ve said this and I will say it again: SUZAKU SUCKS ASSES. I don’t care about what he has in mind, but really, Lelouch is too lenient letting Suzaku lives.

    If lelouch is more like Raito Yagami, Code Geass R2 will be better without SuCKER SUzaKu

  92. Before I incur the wrath of any fellow Suzaku-haters, let me clarify this first: I dislike Suzaku.

    Now that I have put my own personal stand out of the way, I shall attempt to play devil’s advocate. I think any indignation, hatred or despise of Suzaku is only warranted at the end of the series. I feel we still do not know enough of his intentions behind his actions, especially since the show has been mostly told from the viewpoint of its protagonist, Lelouch. His feelings, and intentions towards Nunnally remain ambiguous. Much as I think he is simply using her as a bait (and therefore being a big ass doing so), it remains pretty much conceivable that his care for her could be genuine, and that him supporting her as Governor is to fulfill the dead Euphemia’s wish. Viewed this way, I feel it is quite apparent that he is indeed doing what he has been saying he wants to do all along.

    Furthermore, his hatred towards Lelouch is probably justified by the fact that whatever Lelouch’s reasons were- he did kill Euphemia. I doubt that V.V. told Suzaku Lelouch geassed Euphemia by mistake. Ever wondered what Suzaku’s reactions would be if the fomer did?

    But after all these, I do hope that Suzaku is simply using Nunnally as bait, so as to justify my dislike for him. And with him attempting to play Lelouch at his own game of intelligence, I hope the latter beat him soundly. So far in CG, the former has always been thwarting the latter with his obscenely overpowered Lancelot- it is almost embarrassing. I wish genuine intelligence and planning, not to say meticulous manipulation and organisation of troops, would triumph a brute use of force and technology. That is why I was so glad that Rakshata returned. It is time Karen had her Guren upgraded to even the horribly unbalanced odds. Even if she could wipe out three/four knights of rounds at one go, I still would not think the balance of power has shifted. The imbalance was always tilted towards Britannia to begin with, and understandably so. Lelouch should start learning from his mistakes, and think of how to deal with Suzaku properly and finally. All that crap about being friends and conversion to his side is over. He had two chances to capture the Lancelot and he blew it because of the remaining humanity left in him. It is time to harden his resolve and kill Suzaku once and for all.

  93. @MichJobert

    Here’s an interesting thought:

    In Arthurian legend, Sir Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur’s wife Guinevere. He is regarded as one of Arthur’s greatest knights, but his actions eventually contributed to the latter’s downfall, though probably unwillingly. How about this: Suzaku pisses Lelouch off so badly that the latter goes bankai and wreaks havoc at Britannia with the ability we knew he always had after he had successfully abandoned any remnants of humanity within him? That would be fun, wouldn’t it? And as a small aside, Lancelot outlived Arthur and Guinevere, as well as the Knights of the Round Table? Now, wouldn’t that suck?

    Also, Sir Mordred was infamous: his name now being associated with the term of traitor. How about Anya betraying Britannia and joining the Black Knights? That would be so fun- but I think it is pretty impossible.

    Lastly, Sir Gawain was the one who urged Arthur to wage war on Lancelot. And Gawain was widely considered as the greatest knight of the round table. Would it not be fun if Gawain returned in Code Geass and starts owning Lancelot as it probably could, with Rakshata’s upgrades and stuff?

    Well, all of these is just fantasy, I guess.

  94. hmm… taking a peek into L’s thought… it is plausible…

    hahaha… but still, this episode could be considered as the most emotionally devastating moment for zero… (suzaku sucketh!!!)

  95. @bffa… but… cc can’t die…

    okay… i had to look (and cover my eyes from the pain of zero-sama) again and it still makes me wonder whether zero will kill nunally (which is VIRTUALLY impossible) because of her will to revive the SAZ (which was, of course, the root of euphie’s death…)…

    but lelouch’s hatred for suzaku will overflow and suzaku will experience overkill, wrath, and being owned (go guren!!!)

  96. B-Prince: Rolo seems to be a special case. I’m guessing he was born with his Geass ability since he’s been using it for so long and doesn’t seem to have a contractor.
    But yeah, that was an AWESOME episode. Glad Kallen can finally even the score with her Guren. But seriously, is it just me or are these Knightmares becoming more and more like Gundams?
    The launch scene with the new Lancelot looked just like Strike Freedom…

  97. I wonder who they were refering to about killing God with all the trouble that Lelouch is case and then with their trying to use Lelouch to get to C.C., I wonder if C.C. is really the God thier talking about. Espscially since I would have been eaisier to kill Lelouch when they had him, but then they lost C.C. again.

  98. A bit late to the party, and it may have already been said, but I don’t think the Guren is overpowered at all. Had it had this strength is season 1, then I would have agreed; however, in season 1, Karen’s only real opposition was Suzaku in the Lancelot. With R2, though, she has to not only contend with Suzaku and the Lancelot, but the other knights and Rolo(whenever he decides to turn back). While Britannia has it’s special forces and their special Knightmares, the Black Knights only really have Karen and the Guren.

  99. @L
    u wrote some interesting stuff~

    as for gawain to own lancelot i personally think its highly unlikelt to happen unless its air battles we r talking about. if its ground battle gawain is surely pawned for good because of its slow movements, unless its moving speed is being upgrade as well as its armor

  100. i know everyone loved the part where kallen’s guren got modified in mid air and her owning the other 2 knights of the round while fighting fair and square with suzaku but i find lelouch screaming/shouting nunnally name is really amusing. It just shows to u how important nunnally is to lelouch. You go Lelouch!!!

    there is one part of me which i would like to see lelouch presenting himself to the whole world that he himself is zero rather than hiding his identity behind the helmet.i personally find it to be very interesting if he did that,think about all the faces that the ppl would make knowing that a britanian is fighting against the whole britania empire which is under his father. it would turn the whole thing upside down. 😛

  101. I am getting kind of tired of this anime now. I loved the first season but it is repeating the same storyline over and over and over. they modify the Knightmares more then the gundams do in Gundam and more just keep popping up out of nowhere. Suzaku is an idiot to believe the emperor gives a crap about anything. The moment he is done using him he will kill him and Nunnally or erase their memories and throw them into the garbage. On the other side Lelouch should go about things better and really start launching a full out offense against Britannia. I’m tired of these little victories and in the end they all mean nothing.

    That plus they should start revealing how C.C. and V.V. are linked to Jupiter. I have a feeling they are aliens or were people who worshiped the god Jupiter but whatever. This series could be even better if they just changed things up a bit and let one side win more then the other, preferably Lelouch’s side. If it looks like Suzaku is going to start winning all out I will probably drop the anime all together.

  102. I don’t really hate suzaku…

    But he isn’t realistic

    Even if his grand plan works….

    Even if you don’t think he is right by siding with the emperor….

    How does he know if the emperor won’t backstab him ?
    What will be become of japan when suzaku dies ? back to being area 11 ? that is not a solution for the long run.

    And last but not least:

    Is…. you are free to do as brittany tells you to do….. Really freedom ?

  103. I loved the scream that Jun Fukuyama portrayed at the end of this episode. Zero’s scream sounded very painful indeed that it seems his voice was cracking and his throat became dry. Now he lost Nunnally to his enemy. I guessed next episode, he will try to abandon being Zero to support his sister, but it will not be easy because he had promised Rolo a future. I knew that he cannot lie to Nunnally because he swore not to do so. Lucky, Rolo shown up. If it was me, I would stab or shoot Suzaku when he stopped due to the geass, but that will be the end of Code Geass with a boring ending. My heart was breaking when Nunnally called out Suzaku and Lelouch was pissed and remember Suzaku selling him to the Emperor. Nunnally wished was to be with her brother. She might actually volunteered because she hoped to see her brother again. At least, Lelouch is more decent because he does not lie to himself nor to his sister, he only conceals the truth about him being Zero to not hurt Nunnally. I had no idea whatever the heck lie Suzaku come up with to tell Nunnally, but it might not be pleasant. He used her to confirm whether Lelouch had his memories back or not, that is a FACT for all the Suzaku lover. He wanted to confirm that so he can ambush C.C. more effectively under Emperor’s order. V.V. should know C.C. and himself are immortal, so killing gods might refer to a being even higher than they are, possibly the leader of all the witch. Maybe they need C.C. as the bullet for the Sword of Akasha to attack Jupiter. I badly want to know C.C.’s real name and her wish of the contract with Lelouch, but it is still too early right now. The preview shows Kallen wearing a different clothes, maybe she was admitted to the Special Zone for Japan and she comes to talk or comfort Lelouch? Next picture having Rolo and Lelouch argue. Maybe Rolo talks about how Lelouch is backing down of his promise for a better future, I pray Rolo won’t switch side. Lelouch will probably question the need for his existence as Zero. Too bad many oppositions will be in the way of Nunnally’s Pro-Eleven stance, and one of them is Romeyer. However, WE ALL KNOW THAT IT WILL NOT END HERE FOR LELOUCH. FIGHT ON!

  104. @Z: Your dam right, Lelouch will fight on! and live on! lol

    Although for all the Suzaku lovers or Lulu haters out there will have a blast in the next episode. I bet they’ll party when seeing Lelouch at such a pathetic state, being beaten up by some britannian noble punk, while we pro lelouch will wait anxiously for his revival, and go back to his confident self.

    Somehow I keep imagining Lelouch laughing like he did in Ep. 2 when Governor Calares died, when he will finally return the favor to Suzaku ten folds.

  105. Ok it is very simple:

    Suzaku and all who agrees to his ideals = agrees to slavery and the concept that the strong will always rule/oppress the weak. So if you were to choose: which side will you be? Well Suzaku chooses the strong side, to live cuz he doesnt want to be the weak and live a pathetic life. He would rather wipe the emperor’s ass (btw lol to Ken’s comment) and get promoted, than rebel against him which is quite obvious to which side is at a huge disadvantage

    Lelouch and all who agrees to his ideals = agrees to use all the means he can, even if you need to be bad guy, villain, or evil in order to take down a far more larger evil, the emperor. Wants to create a better world for his sister, and so he fights the huge empire. He would side with the weak, he would be at a far disadvantage, and he doesn’t want discrimination towards the status (Refer to ep.1 when he talked to Kallen about him hating such discrimination) Thus he fights for the independence of all the areas.

    Ok to sum it up, Suzaku = racist bastard, Lelouch = evil rebellious guy.

  106. @HATER

    It is not so simple.

    Suzaku does not necessarily choose the ‘strong side’. He chooses the side currently in power, the side recognised worldwide as the lawful government, the side society accepts, willingly or grudgingly. His aim to get promotion is to make Area Eleven a better place, and to do that, he believes he has to betray his friend, wipe the emperor’s ass, and be quite a bastard himself. He is not out for glory or power, but rather, a supremely naive view that by doing so he could do the best for Japan.

    Lelouch does not necessarily choose the ‘weak side’ either. His raison d’être is simply to defeat his dad and his empire, so as to create a better world for his sister to live in. It just coincides that a better world is one in which the strong does not dominate the weak. He does not side with the weak because they are weak. He does so because, or rather he justifies his actions by claiming to do so because, the very weak themselves are being oppressed by the strong.

    The only difference between Lelouch and Suzaku, is their attitudes towards rules and social norms. The former is an active character, and deems pro-active action as the only effective means to see change. The latter is passive, and regards social rules as absolute (even if he might have his own personal disagreements with them) and thereby acts accordingly. Lelouch is revolutionary and wants widespread utopian social engineering. Suzaku, on the other hand supports slow social piecemeal engineering. Both seeks a similar end, but via different means.

    But what is so great about Code Geass, is that the differences between the two characters end there, even though out opinions towards them are so divided. Both Lelouch and Suzaku are characters in which the ends justify the means. Lelouch is willing to kill Britannians and Elevens (anyone) who gets in his way. Suzaku is willing to kill anyone his superiors ordered him to, so as to rise in his ranks to achieve the influence he always wanted, so as to apply change. Most say that Suzaku is hypocritical, while some say that Lelouch is as well. What makes a person hypocritical is unfortunately very ambiguous. I would think Suzaku is being naive, in believing that his change-from-the-within plan would work, and Lelouch being overly presumptious, in believing overthrowing Britannia is the best solution for his sister. Both stick very closely to their beliefs, and is therefore this that causes them to be the very polar opposites we see in the show.

    As an aside, consider where Suzaku would be if Lelouch/Zero was absent. He would definitely not have gained any promotions, heck, he might even have been dead. Now reverse it, and you get a possible Britannian defeat at the hands of Zero. This pretty much sets the tone for the whole show, and why Lelouch is the show’s protagonist, and Suzaku his anti-thesis. The latter is there to provide opposition to the former, or else Lelouch would run rampant unchecked.

    Lastly, to yout claims. Why is Suzaku a racist? The only racist people are probably the Purists in the show. Why is Lelouch evil? What grounds do you have for judging morality? Who is the absolute? Is killing evil? Or is manipulating people evil? In that case, all the characters in the series are evil. Say, except Nunnally. You see, it is not so straightforward after all.

  107. Wow, all the debating with Lelouch vs. Suzaku. I think L summed it up pretty well, hey? Well, all debating and character development is how Code Geass came to be and loved, anyway, though I would side with Lelouch. Guren got pretty knocked down, wowie, but Kallen totally pwned the rest when Guren got…very, very, powerful!! I think the only cute thing in this episode is when Lloyd shouted,”IITAAII!” when Guren hit Lancelot’s head ^.^

  108. Heh, I never thought of it like L did. They are pretty much at opposite ends for how they will change the world, but essentially believe the ends justify the means. I guess it’s just how far they will go to get there.

    Well, that’s pretty much why I love Code G. And it’s pretty hard to predict the plot now, since it could go in pretty much any direction.

  109. @skyfall: for me, i think the scense when kaguya says “my husband is waitting for me” is even cuter xd, especially with her expression. But i have to agree the scene where Lloyd shouts is very funny, um btw woundt it is a funny scenee than a cute scense?

    anyway, looking for more he is my huband speech from kaguya and of course CC with her pizza addict. I find that the china loli empress sounds very… childish even though she seems to be at the same age as kaguya. i guess the different circumstances in their lives make them so different?

  110. Yay, I like Tianzi, that little girl is cute. In fact, her seiyu is a little girl born in 1999, unlike Kaguya’s seiyuu who is born in… yeah: 1964. Hoho, maybe I got a thing for lolicon. Just kidding, but I started to get really interested in Tianzi/Tenshi the Empress of China. She lived in loneliness, no friend at all. She absolutely had no idea about the outside world’s sufferings. She is like a spoiled rich girl. Anyway, I am looking forward to how she will support the Black Knights. I wonder where Xingke’s allegiance lies. Is he planning the coup to overthrow the Eunuch so Tianzi Empress can sit on the throne as the rightful ruler not just a symbol? Xingke is planing to use Zero nonetheless, but seeing how Tianzi and Kaguya becoming friends, I wonder if China will support the Black Knights in the long run. Since China also looking to get Japan, will they give Japan independence? If Japan had independence, then will Lelouch compromise to help strike down China’s enemies in exchange for Japan?

    Loilicon fan
  111. I’d like to point something that many people seem to have missed:
    In the first season the Guren got no upgrades AT ALL while the Lancelot got the Flight Pack – quite an important upgrade. Between the seasons the Guren got DOWNgraded after losing its arm near the end of season one. The Lancelot didn’t. And in R2 the Lancelot got even more upgrades: the Hadron rifle on his back and the Core Luminous Cone (both of which we saw in this ep). The upgrade the Guren received is its first real upgrade EVER. And it was long overdue, too – it was clear that the Black Knights can’t effectively fight flying enemies. Sure, they can have some limited success (as seen in this ep), but in the end the inability to fly was too much of a disadvantage. Now that the Order also has Float units things are a bit more even.
    Sure, the Guren may seem a bit overpowered, but it’s just one unit against the Empire’s best – so far Karen has to deal with just three KoR, but that will surely change later…

    For those of you wondering if Rollo will betray Lelouch: Have a look at the OP, specifically at the Float system of his Vincent…

    And lastly, something about Suzaku: In the first season he used to say something like “It’s meaningless to achieve results using the wrong methods.” Now, in R2, he’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means using people (like he used Nunnally to see if Lelouch regained his memories). In this aspect he’s no different from Zero.

    P.S.: Is there any need to point out that Suzaku would never get to his current position if Zero did not exist?

  112. No, I guess he pretends to kiss her and geass her into forgetting him or something so that she will obtain happiness like Shirley because he does not see the need to be Zero if Nunnally is the governor and she supports Japan.

  113. I really don’t think the one who gets geassed is Karen. He has already used Geass on her, so if it works that means his geass can now be used more than once on the same person. That would be a bit too convenient. I think he’ll use geass on those Britannian guys.

  114. @Lolicon Fan
    You make a good point that. Now that got me thinking….Li Xingke is both like a Suzaku/Lelouch combo (looks is an added bonus ^.^) but since he’s loyalty lies with Tianzi/Tenshi who seems to be kind of attached with Kaguya who’s with the OotBK, then…yeah, that could be a possibility; Kaguya is her ‘first friend’ (adorable when she says that =>.<=!!) Possibility since Code Geass MIGHT show from Li Xingke’s POV/thoughts of what he’s going to do to overthrow them eunuchs, could involve OotBk. Ah well, got to see the enxt episodes.

    For now, I think it will focus on Lelouch’s problem and Nunally. Lelouch kissing Kallen!? Maybe though! 50/50 chance…where’s my cheese-kun…

  115. @shadowblack

    Likewise, who’s to say that Zero would have a fighting chance had the Japanese not surrendered?

    To be quite honest, had Suzaku killed Lelouch outright, that would’ve been more heinous than simply his supposed manipulation of the circumstances. What do you suppose he will do if he discovers that Lelouch has regained his memories? Kill him? I highly doubt it. If he hadn’t done so previously, he would unlikely do so now (seeing as he has even less motivation now than he had prior).

    With the consideration of all frames introduced thus far, clearly, Gawain is overpowered (for obvious reasons). Everything else however, is circumstantial. To balance recent battles and even those from the last show, they have had to implement technology that heavily favors one side over the other. Lancelot’s flightpack is no exception – it gave him a huge advantage over grounded suits. Likewise, Guren’s new upgrade is simply to give its pilot a chance to fend herself.

  116. Juvyniled, seem like this guy a Suzaku supporter. that is fine, but you are so wrong when you said Suzaku’s killing Lelouch is worse than taking away Nunnally? Are you an idiot? Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer, simply killing him is not enough. Read Rurouni Kenshin, it is similar like between Kenshin and Enishi. Dying is easy, but living in atonement is hard.

  117. @Z

    I’ll ignore your first comment since it neither describes my position nor does it have any relevance on the matter.

    May I ask you one thing, do you know what an assumption is? Right now, you are making an assumption on the notion that Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer. How is it quite possibly that you do know this? Did Suzaku outright say this? Do you know his innermost thoughts? I am not making this argument to defend Suzaku, but I am trying to get you to convince me that he has done so, and if you can do so, then that would simply be better than throwing accusations at me like, “Oh, he’s a Suzaku supporter, he’s an idiot, blah blah blah.”

    Consider the evidence that we have – we know what has happened from what we have seen. But as far as personal thoughts go, we know only so much of what Lelouch has thought, because he is the central figure in this series. Apart from that, mostly other sparse moments of inner feelings revealed to the audience by some less central characters.

    “you are so wrong when you said Suzaku’s killing Lelouch is worse than taking away Nunnally? Are you an idiot? Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer, simply killing him is not enough.”

    My response? How can Lelouch suffer if he does not realize that he is suffering? I am asking this question from the perspective of Suzaku, because as you say, Suzaku wants him to suffer. Let’s recount the tension between Suzaku and Lelouch up to this point:
    – Suzaku and Zero have been basically fighting and in all that time Suzaku wanted to kill Zero
    – Then Zero killed his beloved person
    – Suzaku soon found out from an inconspicuous character that Zero has in fact been someone he knows rather closely

    Now if you’re telling me after all that tension, he no longer wanted to axe Lelouch… where is the evidence, I say. If we were to wait upon this, we’d likely see how this all plays out, as any path is essentially possible.

    … BUT, if you are going to tell me that you know that Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer, that it is a FACTUAL statement, at the very least, you could make attempt to cite references from within the series itself and not some entirely different series which while using similar plot devices here and there, has no bearing whatsoever on the series in focus.

  118. Am I the only one who thinks that Charles could have made some kind of joke? Imagine a little boy (well, in this case this little boy might be quite old) telling you that you are still young. Charles just responded as any japanese kid might respond to an older male friend (if I am not mistaken).
    I just don’t think that it would make sense if they actually were brothers.

  119. I think Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer because that is the most logical conclusion. Why? Stage 25 made it clear that Suzaku really pissed off at Lelouch but keep him alive to get a promotion and lure out C.C.(Turn 2 explains that) Then he uses Nunnally to check on Lelouch’s memories. People know him as the man who executed Zero, but Lelouch is still alive, so Suzaku is a liar. Someone who used his friend, take away his most precious person (Nunnally) as a replacement for the woman that he lost. When I say Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer I mean he is making Lelouch suffer without knowing it. Sorry I did not make it clear because if my hatred for Suzaku. Suzaku does not know Lelouch already regains his memories so there is no point in tormenting Lelouch using Nunnally, but as Lelouch’s viewpoint, what Suzaku did was very much an insult. If Suzaku is really a good guy, then he would have let them meet.

  120. @Juvyniled

    “Likewise, who’s to say that Zero would have a fighting chance had the Japanese not surrendered?”
    >> Shadowblack’s point is that Suzaku’s position depends entirely on Zero’s existence. What he intends to imply is that Suzaku’s role in CG is as a foil to Lelouch. It, however does not work the other way round, i.e. it would be right to say ‘without Lelouch there is no Suzaku’ but wrong to claim, ‘without Suzaku there is no Lelouch’. What you are commenting is on the existence of Zero independent of Suzaku, which technically begs the question.

    “To be quite honest, had Suzaku killed Lelouch outright, that would’ve been more heinous than simply his supposed manipulation of the circumstances.”
    >> You are right to say that Suzaku wanting Lelouch to suffer is an assumption, given that CG’s protagonist is the latter, and all we are given is the inner machinations of Lelouch’s mind, not Suzaku. Unlike Z, I do not think you are an idiot, but like Z, I feel strongly that Suzaku’s treatment of Lelouch gives him a greater suffering than death itself. While this might not fulfil the role of an explicit thrown-in-your-face FACTUAL statement that you want, e.g. in the form of Lelouch exclaiming ‘oh-I-am-so-suffering-now-I-would-rather-you-kill-me-then’, I think assumptions need not be brought in to realise that Lelouch would be better off dead, (strictly) in terms of the emotional turmoil he is set to endure right now. I emphasize ‘strictly’, because Suzaku’s decision not to kill him there and then, provides him, perhaps unknowingly, with the current opportunity of revenge (on his father, his ‘best’ friend and the Britannian empire).

    Whether Suzaku wants Lelouch to suffer, and therefore what Suzaku’s inner thoughts are, are entirely up to our imagination. More could only be revealed as the series progresses. But I for one, find it very hard, for Suzaku to come up with any honourable justifications for his actions thus far. Intending to or not, his actions have been nothing short of despicable- using a childhood friend (Nunnally) as a bait, selling his best friend (Lelouch) to the emperor to fulfill his own naive ambition, and lastly, justifying all his actions with a meaningless ‘i won’t seek your forgiveness’.

    I am very anxious to see how the series will play out, truthfully. Personally, I hope we see Suzaku’s intentions revealed, so that it can justify my current dislike for him totally.

    Lastly, I am curious: why do you think Suzaku did not kill Lelouch when he had the chance? Could it be because of an attachment to his childhood friend? Or could it perhaps be because of his ambition to eventually become the Knight of One? Killing Lelouch would not aid his promotion, but capturing him alive would, probably. We can only guess.

    In conclusion, any dislike for Suzaku can only be backed up by the implications of his actions, not by his intentions. The latter can only be revealed as the series progress.

  121. I have no claim to believing that Suzaku is ‘good’ as that is a wholly subjective judgment call that I do not intend to make.

    Consider this, if Suzaku’s desire was to become a Knight of One first and foremost, he wouldn’t have attempted to take Zero’s life before he had known of his identity. Even knowing that his nemesis all this time was his closest friend would not likely convince him that he would receive a position as a Knight of One (unless he had known it previously). I mean if you think about it… if he captured Zero alive and turned him in, would you believe that would not warrant him demanding a position as a Knight of One, and this is all assuming that he wanted this all along. But instead, he had wanted to kill Zero.

    Now, I don’t know what V.V. had told Suzaku, but that is all very important matter that we have no knowledge of. Perhaps, V.V. had told Suzaku what to do. Perhaps he wanted to spare his friend’s life. No one knows. He could be anywhere on the spectrum from cruelly sadistic to concerned friend. What we DO know is that regardless of the circumstances, Suzaku did not want Zero to continue his campaign; everything else is speculation.

    I’d rather not make my own assumption, as that is all it could be at this point, on what I believe to be the reason that Suzaku did not kill Lelouch. But it irks me for people to simply believe one way or the other, and I mean in both cases. We don’t know whether Suzaku was concerned about his friend or not, and likewise, we don’t know if it was all part of his plan or not. I’d prefer if people do believe one or other, to please indicate that it is their own opinion instead of trying to pass it off as a fact in arguing against my comments.

    Going back to a prior point, if we are to in fact assume that Suzaku wanted Lelouch to suffer, he is doing so mentally, not physically. And for Lelouch to suffer, he has to KNOW and be fully aware that he is suffering, otherwise, is he truly suffering? From our perspective, he IS suffering, but Suzaku cannot possibly be aware of that. Why? If Suzaku wanted Lelouch to suffer in knowing that his sister is captive to someone else, then Lelouch has to know of his sister’s existence. Otherwise, how can either person (Lelouch and/or Suzaku) know that one of them (Lelouch) is suffering?

  122. Ahh, all this pointless argument make me thirty, will you all put a stop to this and watch the damn show. We can find out information that way. I don’t care whether Suzaku is bad or not, I like Lelouch as a “tragic hero” more than Suzaku. Lelouch had all quality to be one: superior intellect and error of judgment due to emotion. Because this series is Lelouch of the Rebellion we can only see Lelouch’s point of view. The manga had shown us that there are more than one alternate story to Code Geass: Lelouch, Nunnally, and Suzaku can all be considered the main protagonists if the perspectives are shifted. So don’t feel bad if your favorite character in an unfavorable situation. There are many ways to write a story, heck yeah if you grow up and become an animator, you could re-do the show Code Geass setting in an alternate world where your favorite characters is the victor. Story can be changed from time to time, that is why anime got so much freedom. Heck if you know CLANNAD, the game allow you to choose which girl you end up with, even the manga had Okazaki paired up with Tomoyo. School days game also had an ending where Sekai and Kotonoha agree to share Makoto so no one died, happy ending. But because it is happy ending, it is boring. From ancient time, people tend to like tragedy and so far I can consider Code Geass is one type of light tragedy where the tragic hero is Lelouch. He had his downfall once, but he is not dead and he is still resisting. That points out human good quality, never give up even if the odds are against you and Lelouch symbolized that. Sure he does not consider Nunnally’s feelings, whether she wants a world achieved by murders, but you cannot deny that his love for his sister is the driving force that makes him strive forward and never gives up in any situation. Sure, he is selfish, but who can deny that his selfishness does not stem from great suffering. I loved it when he said “I am not at fault, the world is” and I believe he is right at that point. He chose to dirty his hands to achieve happiness, sure no one can ever dream of doing it. Can you as an audience do it if you are put in that situation? We as human are too proud of ourselves to admit that we are at fault, sure Lelouch is the same, but do you ever admit that you are evil? No. Lelouch is courageous because he admits his mistake and regret his decision even if it is too late, better than Suzaku who is so hypocritical to admit his own shortcomings. Now I am satisfied to damn Suzaku to hell. HA HA HA

  123. @L

    The very idea of a good piece of art is the wide-ranging responses it invokes in its audiences. Poems, paintings, and plays are examples in this category. So are epic animes like Code Geass and Death Note. The various interpretations of the characters’ psychological machinations, emotional motivations and the implications of their tragic actions are what make the show connect to us, while providing us with many opportunities to reflect upon how thin the line between good and evil is.

    To be dogmatic, and label characters as ‘evil’, ‘courageous’, ‘hypocritical’ etc, is to simply miss the point. What makes Lelouch such an attractive tragic hero, is not because of the superficial determination he has. I am not even sure you used the term ‘tragic hero’ in the right way, given that the series has not even concluded yet. Anti-hero would probably be a better term. The odds were always going to be against him, and he knew that from episode one of the first series. There is nothing to hold him in awe for in this regard. If he gave up after regaining his memories, that would indeed be a big disappointment, and a huge discredit to his character.

    Also, please do not compare Code Geass with School Days. The latter is just another silly harem anime, with a simple moral of not cheating on girls, or risk getting your guts dug out. What would make Code Geass great is definitely not the tragic ending. Or else, it could and should end where Euphemia finished her massacre of the Japanese people in the first series. What makes it so attractive, is the emotions that it stirs up within one, from the tragic scenes of Euphemia’s massacre to the awe-inspiring sights of Zero’s speeches Watching Euphemia kill, was just so sad, and yet you cannot stop but feel that it would be a great move for Lelouch as Zero, but a tragic one as himself.

    “He chose to dirty his hands to achieve happiness, sure no one can ever dream of doing it.” This is simply a misunderstanding of the series. As much as I dislike Suzaku, it is very easy to point out that the latter himself fits this criteria. He dirties his hand by serving Britannia, killing his own people (and …) so that he can ‘achieve happiness'(for the Japanese and so he presumes) by fulfilling his naive ambition.

    “I am not at fault, the world is” presumes Lelouch as the judge of everything. Who is he to judge anyone? Who decides what is right or wrong? How do you admit you are evil? What is evil? What is the standards upon which morality is decided? These are the very questions that you claim to have answered, but I wish to point out that these are the very philosophical questions which have no definite solutions- but also the very ones which Code Geass inspires us to think about.

    and p/s: cant you use a different name?

  124. “Now, I don’t know what V.V. had told Suzaku, but that is all very important matter that we have no knowledge of. Perhaps, V.V. had told Suzaku what to do. Perhaps he wanted to spare his friend’s life. No one knows. He could be anywhere on the spectrum from cruelly sadistic to concerned friend. What we DO know is that regardless of the circumstances, Suzaku did not want Zero to continue his campaign; everything else is speculation.”

    I was just about to point out the same thing. We have no idea what V.V. said to Suzaku. For all we know he may have told him that Lelouch intentionally geassed Euphie and started the slaughter, and then ordered him to capture Zero and bring him to the Emperor. We don’t know that – it remains to be seen.

    What we DO know is this:
    Suzaku said HE will be the one to KILL Zero.

    We also know that he lied to Nunnaly, and she’s starting to suspect that. But there are many ways things can develop from here, so let us wait, and see, okay?

  125. *after extended preview* *screams so loud no one heard*
    although I am pretty sure lulu is going to end up with CC..
    I AM STILL LULUxKALLEN (as far as I am concerned) BIGGEST FAN.

    the comments section should ban all comments against lelouch…*gets

  126. I do wish in the preview section talked a bit more about what the preview seems to show for the next episode. I’ve heard some rumor that Lelouch will be tempted to try Refrain, that drug that makes you think you are reliving the past.
    This is one of the more heartbreaking episodes. That look on Nunnally’s face when he called her, “Your Majesty” was subtle, but so powerful.
    If that was Jupiter that was seen in that scene I have a theory. Jupiter was the Roman name for the Greek god Zeus.
    What I didn’t get about that first scene was how did Rolo know who was on the other end of the phone to know enough to stop Suzaku? Maybe Suzaku told them about his plan, but that doesn’t seem likely.

  127. Yessss!!! Though I’m a LuluxC.C addict but I still can’t resist the provoking kissing scene of Lulu-Kallen!!! Whoaaa, such a scandal ><
    And Kallen looks damn sexy too!!! WHY DOES LULU ALWAYS GET PRETTY GIRLS (C.C, Kallen, Shirley, Kaguya, and… Nunally XD)

  128. @ cy-kun:

    OMG, I was thinking the exact same thing. After watching the preview for the next ep… My hopes of a Lulu X Karen scene would appear again! KYA >.< I too am one of the biggest fan of the pair… I’d rather Lulu end up with Karen than C.C. actually…I hated her soo much because she kissed Lulu first. -_-‘

  129. @miko-chan:
    Damn it, I forgot all about that Shirley.. But I do recognize C.C., the other hime (forgot her name…she had black hair and jokes about Zero being her husband), and Kallen being rivals for Lulu’s love!

    But we all know who’s gonna claim his love-me!

  130. The battle against the Knight of Rounds is very cool, but I like the Espada better.I want to see one of the Knights that is pissed off right now about the emperor’s orders and Suzaku always showing off just like Grimmjow in Bleach.

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